Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on July 10, 1950 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1950
Page 2
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TEEN-TALK Girls Are Warned Against Summer Time Romances rpHlS is the time of the year -L when the nicest girls get the silliest crushes. Old Mr. Sunshine "can give the sallowcst looking youth a healthy coat of tan — Which acts like a Venetian blind over his real self. Boys you wouldn't take x second look at during the cold ••winter months look awfully good ' under the summer moon in v.-tiitc jackets — and with smooth talk. But don't let their purring fool . you. Remember all the preparations Red Riding Hood's wolf made to deceive that poor little girl. Some boys hibernate all winter lone, save their money for summer weekends and vacations when they can strut their stuff . and add another little scalp to their belts, • • • The thing that makes it so - easy is that girls are more recep- live to romance during the sum- ^mer months. They invest a large -portion of their savings in clothes ?and vacation, and they've just gotta make it pay off. They feel _Lthat if they can't find a "fella ' when they are at their best, they'll have (o wait for another . vacation. * * * ^" ' i_ •"• Is it any wonder, then, that they listen to the small gibberish nt thr professional vacationer — and they want to believe what they hc;ir. After a few years nf " soaking up this sort of patter, a -gal gets smart. Fortunately, she •will not marry'any of these vacation cowboys, because they're ..'not the marrying type. You'll recognize them by n pat- ten, — the steady, smooth rlccp- -Ihroatrd drawl, always quick to pav ;i compliment, they listen tolerantly and show interest in everything* you say. They arc thr tender kissers <a deep warm kiss nn your hand or forehead.i They hide time with you whether it is >a juke box or an orchestra, anri -almost immediately there will be "a song for "just us two." • V * The trouble with identifying the spots on this type of Romeo is that he always seems - ro nice. He is solicitous about - your Mother and Aunt Tillie^ 1IIBBOCK MOBNIN8 AVAIANCHE e<?i-l. Pope. and loves to talk about home life. Sometimes he'll compare you with Mom or Sis or maybe his favorite actress. * * * That is thc crushing thine about this romance. When it is all over, and the Casanova drifts off to a new prospect, he'll slill look perfect in the eyes of his discarded chick, because he is adept at leaving these situations on friendly terms. The girl will wonder i just why she couldn't hold him,: and blame herself. * * * : OOMETIMES a girl who is likely ; •J to pass up the boy who wants to have fun on a vacation or a weekend or even a day's outing : but isn't a "mush mouth." Chalk ; this up to inexperience or dignity ; or respect for female companionship. But don't pass up the boy. ; Jf he Kda to like you. he can be- ; come adept at sweet nothings — but he'll mean them, sincerely. You can have more fun with him in thc long run and not a scarred , heart to show for it when the sum- rner is over. , He might be tangiefooted on the • rianee floor, not so glib under a : pretty mnon and not try to hop • all your time when other boys are around. But you probably can have fun with this boy on the tennis court. Rolf links, picnicking, fishing and at baseball games. : If he holds your hand, it prob- ! ably will be because he's fond ' of you, not because it represents ' ;i challenge to him. It is only by understanding and, experience that one learns about character. Give some thought to it and you will be able to differentiate between the boys that count and those that dr> not. Then feel complimented that you can depend upon a nice boy for companionship — one way a relationship can develop into true love. "PAGE TWO, LUBBOCK. TEXAS MONDAY, JULY io,isso Nunnally Johnson Confers With Widow Of Rommel On Movie Of Nazi General's Life Br LOUELLA O. PARSONS ' INS SUff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, July 9. (INS)— Frau Rommel, widow of the German general who gave our troops such a bad time in Africa before he, himself, was trapped, received ' a visit from Nunnally Johnson, spend the remainder of the summer in Europe. Spence stays here to prepare for his next picture, "Father's Little Dividend." Hullon RoKianc* Cools Kay Kayser a n d his pretty Georgia and their two children, get back tomorrow to spend the He'wenYto Frau Rommel's Ger- i remainder of the summer, but I Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Curfman and 'children, Melba Sue and Pat. of Beaumont are the guests of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. R. Z. Abell, 1704 Thirty-second. Mrs. J. A. Burnett, sister of Mrs. O. B. Trinkle, 1602 Aye. O, has returned to her home in San Antonio after a three weeks visit in the Trinkle home. j Mr. and Mrs. Steve Etter and! son, Jerry, 2120 Thirty-first, have j returned from a ten day vacation j to Yellowstone National park. In | route they visited their son and brother, Pfc. Gene Etter, in Cheyenne, Wyo. He ^accompanied them \ on to Yellowstone. ! man home at the suggestion of I Da Ayl Zanuck, who is makjng " SUNDAYBHIDE — Mrs. Charles I. Forrest was Miss Mark Syna Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed D. Allen, jr before her marriage read Sunday at 12:30 p. m. at Trinity Baptist church, ihe Forrests will be at home at 1710 Main following a trip to Ruidoso, N. M. WOODFIN'S IOOT t SHOE SHOP for fln« Western Clothing 1110 Av«. J Woiw 4J12 tor CUSHMAN SCOOTER CUSHMAN SCOOTER SALES ?3|0 19th LI-BROCK DES ABBOTT - VIKGIL DEES Visitor Will Be Honored Mrs. D. L. Pemberton, 2623 Twenty-seventh, will entertain with a tea honoring her mother, Mrs. Steward Mahan of St. Petersburg, Fla., from 2 to 5 p. m., Tuesday in her home. A color scheme of cocoa brown, 1 chartreuse and white will be car- ricd out. The centerpiece on the table, laid with a lace cloth, will be two candlesticks, decorated with a daisy, on each side of the punch taow-1. Invitations were mailed to 60. ' Ragsdale-Rasure Vows i Are Set For July 15 j SEMINOLE, July 9. fSpccial)— ' The wedding of Miss Quida Ann | Rasure, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I W, L. Rasure of Kermit, and J. R. i Ragsdale of Scminolc is sched- [ uled for July 15 in the First I Methodist church in Kcrmit. j Miss Rasure is a graduate of I Kermit High school., Ragsdale at- pioncrr Memorial Metnoiw wscs. 3:3o j t en d c d Fort Worth' schools and I m - church. v , scrved wjth thc Air Force during • Coiiece Avenu« B«pii«t WMS, 3:30 p. i World War II. HE currently is em ployed by an oil company here. . ..t-e-en.hoClrr.lr8 3 D •»••«"•.«; °- wnnri* *r 21 1.1 Seventeenth: <• r 30 p m" FVl'.nwshlo hall: Circle I. T.JO p m. Ml.« M»ttie Clark. 210; Twenty- Circle t- 1:31) P- m- "M«- T - M Roy, 80S Avt. V. Womtn'« Fellowship of First Christian rburrh Monday, circle 1, 3 0- rn.. Mrs. Allan R, Marcus. lloj-B Boston: Circle 2. 11:30 *. m.. Mrj. Jot Nls'ar, 231B seventeenth: Circle. 3. 3 i). m. Mrs. 8. H. nob- Inson. Shallower. Circle <. 3 p m-.Mrs. Cecil Cusle. =311 Tenth: Circle 6. »:30 n m , Mrs. .7. W. Brovmt, -Ills Twrrjtleth: Circle 6. 3 r. m., Mrs. Clyde F. El- kln,« U03 Thirteenth. sorry to say they have to return to New York in the fall for The Desert Fox,", the iifT "oi jp>'s television show. I don't Rommel, based on Brigadier Gen- ^ow of anv people we hate so eral Young's novel, "Rommel," in ; much to see leave Africa next spring. , j From Paris there's talk that J asked Darryl if he is using j Coleen Gray is flying to Paris Mrs. Rommel in the rn.ovic, anri ' from London every weekend to he said the actress \yho will play j see David Stein, brother of Jules, her will be only in the early | Miriam Hopkins and Alan scenes, I Campbell, Dorothy Parker's ex, Rommel (convinced Hitler was | were at a ringside table at the Bar crazy) was put to death by the! O f Music. mad dictator after he learned j Same nlant same place—Ann General Rommel knew of. the plan | Sheridan wRh Jac q U ' cs Mapcs. to kill him. The general was given ; R , g s . ;u nere _ and Ann is the his choice of suicide, which he ; rcason refused, or of: being^put to death.; R " obert sterling at the Encore .".._, i with Beverly Stoncr, who is here Filming Movie In Tokyo i lesUn g at 20th. Betty Mutton, who What a thrill to talk to George , has coo)cd with Bob _ al lhe yam,. Breakston in Tokyo. It was three lace wjth Mm Pickman . o'clock in the morning m Japan. | K T . . aU t o d a v. See you He is there to film "Tokyo File j tornorrow ' 212" for Eagle-Lion, with' Florence j , J Marly and Robert Pewton. Break- i - , - . ,. . ,,,.,, y « ston said there, doesn't seem to be j rreiKn'JOCiallJIS Will 1*1661 ^^Korwn^ndi'tio" Tok> ° oveT \ ^ Decide 0" " ew Oovernmenf ' r -As°far n as°i n can see," he said, I PARIS, July 9. i.-?> — France's "conditions are better under Gen- < hard-to-plcase Socialists will meet cral MacArthur's regime t h a n ! tomorrow in national council to when I visited Japan before the"; decide whether to help form a tt-ar. The people seem happier and : new French government, the poor are better fed." : If they back Defense Minister Writes Enlerlaining Leliers '' Rene Pleven as France's next pre- Next time Frances Bergen goes i micr, the 15-day French govern- to Europe with Edgar, I most cer- j mcnt crisis may well be over, tainly will put her on my pay roll, j Pleven agreed last night to try She writes the most entertaining j to form a government. If the So- letters, so chatty and descriptive. | cialists say "No," the French po- Franccs says that Cesar Romero ! litical crisis may be prolonged is creating interest with his at- i indefinitely, tcntions to Nancy Chaffcc, our: France's anti-Communist social- California girl, who is playing ten- ; ists have chosen the downfall of nis at Wimbledon. ' (seven cabinets in the past four Our other American tennis j years, including that of George beauty, Gussie Moran. Frances I Bidault two weeks ago. They haw says, hits the front pages .regular- ! stated that any new premier must lv~ but without lace panties. j accept a Socialist "reofnn pro" Edgar's new dummy, .Podinc | gram" as condition for Socialist Puffington, flown to Paris, and j support. gowned by 'Balmain, attracted a i Pleven is a member of a small lot of attention. I right-of-centcr splinter party — Other news from Frances is her | thc Democratic and Socialist account oC, lunching with Sharman j Union of thc Resistance <UDSR). Douglas at the Embassy. ! Parents Will Continue Search 'or i OKLAHOMA CITY, July 9. <f> —A Texas mother and an Oklahoma father will lead a search of i Gil island off the British.Colum- i bia coast for thoir sons, declared ! dead after a B-36 bomber'crashed ; last February. ! Mack F, Phillips, Garbcr, Okla, 1 and Mrs. Xeal > Stralcy, Fort • Worth, were scheduled to leave Prince Rupert, Canada, today for I the island. The missing airmen are Capt. Missing Air Forte Flyen : William M. Phillips, 29, navif«- Uor,' an<-'Sfit.' N««l A. Strtley, i chairman. • Three others *re missing and 12 • others were rescued in the Queen Charlotte island group about 85 i miles south of Prince Rupert. i Arrangements were made with | the Prince Rupert chamber of i commerce for a trawler with * captain and inciian guides. The . search wi!) continue for at least three weeks. Old Time Texas PSAQH 1 Ib, dried peaches 4 cups water 2 oranges 1 cup seedless raisins Y) cup chopped crystallized ginger 1 lemon, juice 2 cups Imperial Pure Can* Sugar \'i cup chopped w»InuU church. Crntrnl BsptUt WMS. 2 Arnfl'.-Bfnson WMS. 3 ». m.. church. Defends Mady Christians Two-thirds of the road mileage ' ! in the United States has not been | m., church, church First Methodist WSCB, 3 0. m. parlor Lucilrs' Bible Clusj n! Broddvsy Church of Christ, 3 p. m., Annex, J>!!f Sanders, teacher. i SEATTLE, Julv 9. (/P) — Two wrslcvun Service i , , -. . . , Mejdames Archie. | more planeloads of Americans be- Refugees Reach U.S. From South Korea i .»%. . and Rubs- KnrcbD.i, hoslcssrs. i Camp Fire GlrK Day r.amp. » a. < 30 p. nv. Mackenzie 8ute nnrk. i Matrons 43 club. 2:30 p. m.. Mrs. - Peery, 210.^ Proftdwar, Pin Emery Family Stage Reunion Here Mr. and Mrs, Pitt Emery of Idalou were joined by their children I and grandchildren for a reunion recently in Mackenzie State park. i Children and grandchildren who i attended were Messrs, and Mesi dames Cecil Emery and children iof Arenas Valley, N. M.: R. H. Co.x and children of Roswel!, •• N. M.: Frank Emery of Miami, i ing brought out from the trouble ' spots in the Far East—including , (the first sizeable contingen tofj i Korean evacuees — funneled through here last night and today, homeward bound. Among the refugees from thc Korean war zone were two missionary families, Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Smith of Nashville, Tenr... told of a har-1 rowing two-day trip by jeep and j truck through the guerilla-infest-1 ed hills of South Korea, protected i by their faith in God—and a cou-' pie of six guns. Smith, manager of a missionary hospital at Chunju, 120 miles litk thif Amaiing NEW Unolin-Scfuning Cream I Sir Cedric Harciwicke has taken ! reached by road improvements. up the cudgels in Mady Christians' i defense. He tells me that he and Mady have always been good i friends and there has been no friction between any members of: thc "Getting Married" company. '. "Reason for closing the show is not because of any battles," said Sir Cedric. "We have been doing no business. If we had been throwing brickbats at each other and the box office had been paying off we wouldn't have closed." ; Both he and Judith Evelyn think it's unfair to Mady, who has been | accused of making trouble. Mady, • herself, said she is utterly distress- \ cd about all the talk. Marie Windsor To Wed Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: ' Miroslava, Czech actress, and Cantinflas, Mexican pantomimist, have discovered each other. She's been in Mexico with the "Brave" company. Marie Windsor has set her mar- Brings S-WAY RELIEF! d i a i BAIT'S RIGHT — It's a lucks- fish that'll be hooked by Hollywood actress Terry Moore. From any angle, Terry looks right, for fishing. Fla., Harold Emery of Sterling City; Lee Emery Idalou; and H. J. Graves an P. C. L. R. Jolly and children and C. E. j Jones and children of Lubbock, \ , south of Seoul, said Communist | riage to Alex Lunciman, Beverly Hills stock broker, for October. 1. RELIEVES BURNIN5 J. SOOTHES. COOIS 3. LUBRICATES SKIN . 4. MAKES SKIN SOFT f 5. PROTECTS SKIN k. PROMOTES HEAUNG Yes, new Mexsana Skin " k Cream quickly comforts nunburn misery'- Grca«e- Itis, gently medicated. £>ss-2 5SSf.WJSTl^^n^"^:*:=~.i --..•— l,l-3VfC 3nn - __. . . - L... UA>*+ ...UAA rU«'r,/^ ^ m ^BiMW "We didn't know what me | into. I came out with 1 each arm," he said. The Rev. and Mrs. M. M. Miller 1 and Mr, Wayne Emery of Olton. Frame Your Favorite • 01) Painting • Photograph • PrlnJ • WaUrcolor Far Ftn»r Plctuxt Framlas LATTIMORE'S 1708 Broadway Phon« SS01 ROL » PROPER VENTILATION • DECORATIVE BEAUTY • SUNLIGHT CONTROL PRIVACY CONTROL IIFETIME QUALITY SEE THEM TODAY! TONTINE THADE.SHOP 1107 . -19»h ST. Horn* of rh« "Blind" PtcpU DIAL 7151 and their two children, Michael, 5, ! and Genie, 3, of Biloxi, Miss., had | much the same story to tell, but i they had no trouble in getting out I of the hills from Kwangju; Rev. j Miller was head of a mission there. i Both families were in South Korea under sponsorship of the Presbyterian church in the United States, a southern denomina- I tion, Thc Millers had been there ! nine months, the Smiths three weeks. : They' said several members of | thc mission staffs, mostly medical I personnel, still are in Korea help- ; ing staff American Army hospitals. Among those mentioned were A. B. Lindlcr, Columbia, S. C., and Mary Ella Talmage, sister of David Talmage, Houston, Tex. Both arc believed in Chunju. come by heat when she visited | Tom on location in South Dakota, | says that the only vehicle avail- j able to take her to the hospital '• was a hearse. Qpito an experience, i Mrs. S-oencer Tracy and the two i children.' John anri Suzie, will 1 u,ed by millions tn checlf ildi »l i HOP peaches; »dd water; let stand overnight. Sliet \*^^~**v^ orange thin; remove seeds; add with raisins, ginger, lemon juice, juice of remaining orange and Imperisl Sugar. Bring to boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer until thick, *tirrinf frequently. Remove from heat. Ladle into glasses. Paraffin it once. Yield: about twelve 8-or. glasses. made better with IMPERIAL SUGAR For succtitM conning ond preserving ut* Iht freiher, pure cant iugor und by 103 )W prii* winner* fn Stott Foir Cyll- nory ContesI*,., Imperial Pur* Cane Sugar, conning booklet containi yield chorlt •—new recipet—tofeif mcJhpdi. SEND FOR CANNING BOOKLET TODAYI IMPEKIAI SUGAI CO., D*pt, Endcted ii lO^'do t>>* r»d block mcrlt rial Si/gor boe or c of "$• You'rt ^r Milofl* and hentftlni Ctll) 9*4 pwr» to««" Irem «« «mp»r l»»n, for which i*nd Ht* p«l(frei4 • MEXSANA - FREE / FUMOI MOTH PROTECTION UVf! CIOTHIS—UVES MONETI • 2418 • 17th Dial 2-2062 B« «ui« tc luteo to Unclt Arch and th» Funny Pip«r Gang •r«ry Sunday morning 8:30 lo 9 a. m. KFYO. REWARD NOT CLAIMED YET The Cel!« 5 « Avenue Church of Christ hai eff«r»d a Themswd Dollars reward for acceprabk evidenc* of ent ease of miraculous divine healing of cancer, tuberculosis, withered limbs, or paralysis. In view of the fact that a long revival campaign has juit con- eluded, in which claims wert mad* both over the radio and through the mails that many had been healed of the above named diseases, the phurch of Christ felt compelled to take this means of bringing out thc truth that NOT ONE SINGLE CASE OF MIRACULOUS DIVINE HEALING CAN BE PRODUCED. College Avenue Church Of Christ 2601 College Avenue America's Biggest Washer Value—a genuine Maytag— only 5J2995 So why put up with your old washer any longer? Get the finest washer you can buy—a wonderful new Maytag—today I We have the complete Maytag washer line-every one at a NEW LOW PRICE! Square, roomy tub. You'll whiz through a week's wash! 514995 Th» Moytoj Automatic. Completely automatic. Gyrafoam washing action getg clothe* "really clean! No bolting down! / 527995 I OPENING EVENINGS j gy APPOINTMENT Finest Convention*] Washer you can buy^ Out- waihes — outlaitt them all! »184 M SEE OUR WINDOWS VISIT

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