Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1895
Page 5
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:esponsibility! OUR GUARDIANS. Which in your mind carries the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. WENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. A LOSG SESSION OF THE CUT COUNCIL LAST NISH1. I Save This Coupon .... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at'our store and we will make to your order the [handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornedj-our body. TUCKER & YOUNG, THE. PEflRL STRBET TfllLORS. A Xuniber of OnllninveN of Minor Importance Panned.—I'curl Street Will Bo Paved With Brick.—Water Hnliirt to be Extend*don Itace, Mtite and Flflh Streeln.—The College Property Taken Into the City UmltK.— Other Matter*. Until 10.40 last night the gunrdlans of the city labored and perspired in her behalf and the result of their labors was about as follows: The finance committee reported on the claims for remitting and refunding orders as follows: Remitting orders Win. Crochet, $6.20; John Kuyjath. $1.51; Joseph E. Grain, 68c; Mahlon Kerns, $5.54; Wm. B. Garth. $1. Re. funding orders were recommended as follows: D. A. Stough. $1.38; B: F. Keesling, $25 60; M. & E. Kardes, $5.02; Caroline Spllznagle, $5.76. The bond of F. P. Rogers as clerk ol the electrio light department, was approved. The request of T. J. Adams, who alleged disability as his excuse for non-payment of poll taxes, was ra fused OD the recommendation of the finance committee. CLAMS ALLOWED. Street dept pay roll IS35G 00 I'ollce •>;'£! W W King Drill Co crates for se Stevens Bros, lumber stre S-l 40 liU 70 7 03 •2 IK) 11 32 ;i 05 ngs.. ESTATE INTELLIGENCE TICE. LOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. W. BODEFER, Midway. Over Hauk's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W. SeLEGUE, Matchmaker and Engraver. nor window Johnston's Drug Storn. Brond- J and yonrt.ti streets, yormorly with J. D. lor. All work nnrnmted. tilvenlniucnll. >AILY JOURNAL JRSDAY MORNING, MAYS. IcKeen'sstoamlaundry—good work fo Mr. and Mrs. George Wester- late of Logansport, now of Fort ne, a daughter. hen so many people are taking .deriving benefit from Hood's Sar~ trilla, why don'* you try It your- It la highly recommended, oh a Larraway, lor five years coned with the Western Union Tele. ph auilon here, severed his con. with that Institution yeater- through the blood, Hood's Ilia not only cures scrofula, I rheum' etc., but gives health and 1 to the whole body. theater Hadloy. who has been for leral weeks confined with a sever i of typhoid /ever, was able t re out yesterday for the first tlm i his iicknass. be Trade Palace will, for the res i week, sell a $1.25 silk vestfo onts. Don't miss this or you wll et It. See other vests 5 oenti i lOo each. Gent's, 25o—good, the North street hose cart lost i while on the way to the Wer i fire yesterday morning: Severa ihe men on tho rear step sustained Is hut no one was seriously hurt. THE MAY POLE DANCE The Fortnlclit IlevelorN Give Another Illicitly 8unce»Mfnl Hall. The Broadway rink was again filled with merry dancers last night. The crowd was Immense and the enjoyment WIB more than sufficient to go around, It was a May pole dance. Five gaily decorated polea were surrounded by the light-footed dancers, who handled the bright ribbons of yellow, red, white und blue, while Steinhart'a orchestra made sweet muaio In the big stand on the north side of the haU. The floor . was in good condition, BS was caller Ouster's clarion voice, and the crowd was unusually select for so laige a gather- Ing. 2J61 UD 7U 17 30 1-1 (iO M J-l 0 Awarded test Honors—World'* Fair. DR; POWDflt JMOST PERFECT MADE. W Grape Cream L ' Tartar Powder. Fret I Ammonia, Alum <x viy other adulterant YEARS THE STANDARD. Manager Patter* on'H Benefit. Manager Patterson's benefit was not so well patronized as It should havo been In recognition of his efforts In procuring many good attractions during the season now drawing to a close. Frederic and Mario Murphy, two young artists of Indiana birth, made their first appearance before a Logans* port audience. They are beginners In theatrical lines, Mies Murphy,' who Is but fifteen years old, practically making her debut. In judging their production of "P/gmalion and Galatea" much al lowanoe must he made for this inexperience, While not displaying great talent, their acting In these ambitious parti at times showed much promise. The audience was well pleased with the little comedy "A Bed of Roses" which followed the heavier production. Hh«K«pt a Secret. Edward Stuoker, who is known here as Edward Stocker, ia declared by his wife, Eliza, who lives on Railroad street, to be a bigamist. She has had knowledge of It, the claims, since a short time after she became Mrs. Ed. Stucker, in 1890. They were married at Delphi by 'Squire J. H. Wilson. She says that Ed. told her of his alleged former marriage and failure to obtain a divorce. Stucker is supposed to be either at Poru or Manton, and hie wife Eliza, is inclined to obtain hla punishment for alleged bigamy. She claims that her tmsband made an attempt to sraln poi- •esiion of. their marriage license the last time he was In Logansport. World'i Colombian Exposition Was of value to the world by illustrating the improvements In the mechan- cal arts, and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal importance, and as.a strengthening laxative that Syrup of Figs it far in advance of all others. H«me Seekers' Kxeuralou to Mlelil- xaa PolBta, via T«nd«lU IJue. On May 7, 1895, Vandalia Line will ell to various points in Michigan, ixourtlon tickets at one fare for the ouod trip. For full particulars call in any Vandalia Line agent, or address I. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, »t. Louis, Me ;ewors street (frollei Reocl ninds J. S, Reed ;um'oer " CbHo Youml sumls " A. H, llcUuiisilU cement cross Krurik Peterson street John Anderson " Jolin Benson <i!ley lllclmel Nnvln reijalrlTJK sldewnlka Chiis. B, GslMon cement /ninkBeum street crosulng Jllcluwi Klllaon street crossing «" 3-1 DnKlel Corydon " " " M Sliiry Holler, washing lire dept - uu Stevens Bros, -lumbar " •• 30 Logansport Nat, Gus Co. sumls lire Utpt 0 fo Joseph Xenoy aunds lire Uept - M ChiisYouiiC 1 230 Gamewell t Ire Alarm iTel, Co lire alarm box 1U5 00 Chiis PuterbiuiRti hauling polea E L dept,. H *0 Stevens Bros lumber E L dept -! <I3 Loutbuln it Biirnua printing E L dept 6 CO into BlassiHgimm, iisst engineer ~. J- 1 ) <H) Melnolte Beb'eo " " 1375 (ieo W Smltli watching >"orest Mill 3 ~a Logan. Nut. Gas Co, sundu police dept 1 95 •• " " " gas EL dept 107 CO Stevens Bros lumbar Spencer park 1 68 W. H. Porter suiuis flre dopt 8 10 City treasurer rrelidit park dept 50 Interest EL const, orders.... 3045 " " ItlecbtE L dept ffl n« " " j,0fctage etc :.. 225 •' " If ed, etc. Ore dept 35 1)3 Boston Woven Hose Co sunds lire dept n 00 Constructing race wall, material and liibor 43-1 07- Water Works dept sund account (JC(i (M City trnasnrer redemption W W order l" 00 J. B. Shaver simds street dept 1U 15 The following was presented: LoGANSrOKT, IND., April 19th, 1895 To the Honorable llayor and Board City Coimcl of LOBiinsport, Ind, Genvle.aoen: We the undersignei property owners, representing a major Ity of all property owners on Pear street In the oity of Logansport, Ind. do hereby petition your honorable body for the paving of said street with brick similar to that used on Fourth street In said city." The prayer was signed by James P Henderson and six others. The engineer was instructed to prepare plans and specifications In the usual way for the work of paving Pearl street with brick. Only one property owner on that thoroughfare failed to sign the petition. The report of the street oommlB' sloner for April was placed on file. The following waa (he statement of the clerk of the electric light depart meat for April: ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPAKTJIENT. Amount received April 1st to Majlst $557.99. . For wiring |24C 30 For lampi .• w & Rent tor meters 7 W Kent for lighting 250 46 By treasurer's receipts , 657 99 "I Irish to state that at the present time the demand for lighting IB greater than at any time within the threa months past. We have already reacb ed the capacity of one dynamo, with many orders ready to take our light ing as soon as the current is extended to where they are located," The report waa referred to the finance com miitee. Tbe preliminary report of the city commissioners on the question of opening of a twenty-five foot street from the south end of Sixth street to Erie avenue, waa received and place'd on file. Tne bond of Patrick Walsh, engineer of the water works, in toe sum ol $1,000, with Raymond C. Taylor and Allen Richardson as sureties, waa approved and ordered placed on record. The report for April of the water works department ehowed that the receipts were $5,426.92, which amount represents the disbursements. The water works committee recommended that extensions of the water mains be allowed on State street, a 6 Inch main, 1, SOO feet in length; OD Race itreet. a 2 Inch pipe; and on Fifth street a 2 Inch pipe. Tbe report was concurred In. 'The pipe Is paid for and on the. ground' for the extension on State street. The estimated oost of the Race itreet line la 1120 and of tte Fifth itreet extension is $200.. ... ' The final estimate of the assessment Xarler Maoris and Anna Cair have I of the costs cf the Improvement of ieen Uoomed to wed. | Ash street, WM read by the engineer and was referred to the street committee. Robert Radabaugh was elected park policeman. He received five votes, James Chideater three, and Mr. Hadlock one. The claim of John Wolf for ailing the wash out at the head race, $500, wa3 allowed. John E. Barnes & Sons were also allowed two claims one of (178.20, balance on the electric light building construction, and another of $100, the balance for the excavation ia the head race. The committee reported that the outlay on the electric light plant and race was by these allowances stopped. The appointment-of Ernest Warner as minute man In the fire department, vice Bert Williams resigned, waa approved. The changing of the location of the sewer put in by Mrs. D. .C. Elliott in the small alley at the rear of her build- Ing on Pearl etraet, was concurred in. The work has been completed. ' Tbe secretary of the city Board of Health submitted the following: LOGANSPOKT, Ind., May 1st 1895. Totbe3Iayor and Council: The Board of Health reports that there are no epidemic diseases prevailing, except amiid form of measles. Diphtheria and scarlet fever have disappeared. Many complaints of tbo stench arising from Routh's packing house on the south side of the Wabash rivor, led the Board to make an investigation of the eald premises. Tbe most offensive stench aroso from the use of crude oil in cleaning the boiler of the steam engine A separate, but nearly equally offensive smell was caused by cocking refuse left over from the Saturday before. Mr. Routh las promised'to discontinue both these ausesof offence, The old canal bed lying west of Sycamore street is a constant menace to the health of tho city, on account of the large quantity of stagnant water that has no escape. The Van. dalia authorities express a will- ngnefs to pay their share or constructing a suitable ewer, and the Board of Health earn- istly recommends that Immediate teps be taken to draw off this stagnant water, and lay a sewer that shall effectually prevent the collection of a similar body. J. HERRMANN, Pros. J. H. SHDLTZ, ' N. W. CADV, See'y. • Tbe matter of building a sewer, to drain the old canal was referred to the sewer committee, and the report was placed on file. The following ordinances were .passed oc the second reading: an ordinance providing for the Impounding of animals found running at large, which covers the ground Included in all previous ordinances on this question, an ordinance renewing the char, tor of the Logansport Artificial Gas Light & Coke Co., an ordinance prohibiting '• the sounding of gongs similar to those In use on the fire wagons; and an ordinance settling the question of the transfer of any city license by making them non' transferable. The report of the oity commission^ ere on the matter of vacating an alley between Eleventh and Twelfth streets from Market to Spear strtet waa received. It shows the space to be vacated is 330 feet long by 10 feet in width and that Its value is $92, A resolution was adopted which provides that an approved bond be furnished by petitioners for the vacation of alleys'or other city property, to guarantee the payment of the costs of the proceedings had in the matter. A resolution annexing to the city the property known as. the Smlthson college property, now owned by Prof. G. W. Michaels, was passed. The plat of John Medland'a addition to the oity was accepted. Tbe matter of the transfer of the liquor license of Geo. Helvie to apply to the room at No. 312 Third street instead of N"o. 404 Market street, was referred, with power to act, to the city attorney. Tbe city clerk was instructed to notify Mrs. Conrad to put in a cement sidewalk at her property on the north side of Market street between 19th and 20th streets, or the city will do the work as provided by the Barrett aw. , The property owners on Miami street from North Sixth to Plum street were ordered to put in cement Idewalka. . The -water works committee was authorized to purchase a water wheel o replace the alleged inadequate wheels now furnishing power. There » said to be an emergency. Herman Bunker, waa allowed $45. balance, of his contract- price of $85 or ailing fifteen lots in Mt Hope ttmetery. Johh'P. Uaher and John Wright who Were «ald to be charged with axes on real estate long ago pur- chwedjlrom them, by the city, were allowed remlttlDg,orders. The,street commissioner WM in tructed to lay tile In »' certain alley off Twenty-third street, and to iPBtore the grade of that street. gjThe residents of North street, between Third and Twelfth streets, SG in number, -said ia a vigorously worded petition that they had suffered great annoyance from the North street dust since that thoroughfare was mcada mized. Among other things tbey said: "This dust is harmful to our health, destructive of our carpets, and repulsive to our sight." The demand of the petitioners was that the city pay the expenses of sprinkling North street until the rains shall wash off the alleged improvement, or until the city shall have the top layer scraped off the street. The residents said .they were not responf ible for the condition of the street, and so ask the city to keep the dust settled and settle for the sama. The matter was laid over. Ill* Filed *CroH«CompIiilot. Mrs. Carrie Van Buren Smith, whose husband, W. W. Smith, the Pan Handle baggage man, has sued for a dlvorcr, is in the city, and has filed a cros»-complaint, demanding a legal separation, alimony and the care of their children. Sbe charges cruel treatment. The case is set for next Monday. Cared for HC tho .lull. Hrry Joaes, a lOyoar-old bov, who claims to ba au orphrn, and to have come to Logansport a yenr apo. from Carlisle, Ark., has been in the care of the sheriff a day or 1*0. hn.viok- no home 10 wh'ch De can turn foreteller. The boy is anxious to secure work. JJTCSKMKKT8. D OL.AN* OPKKA HOI7SK. S. B. PATTERSON, ONE NIGHT ONLY. Saturday, May 4th Tbe American Travesty Company ami Eddie Foy In the Fantastic Operatic Travesty. OFF THE EARTH. 100 PEO- PLE 100 People—;Ul e<xxl. 100 tuns of Scenery. MiiKalllctuil Calcium and Electric Effects. Advance sale be-fln» Tburedar morning at Johnston's Drurf Store. Prices.—HI swics Jl-EO, 327 seats JI, 211 sents75c 200 seats 50c, Liust 2 Rows In Balcony -5c, Boxe«- <j Chairs i'J. RESCUED FROM TORMENT EVERY JOINT IN HIS BODTT ; RACKED BY RHEUMATISM. The OlioHen Tbe socal last nijrht at Progress hall by tho Order of Cbosen Friends, was attended by a large crowd. The floor was filled with danctrj until a late hour, and ico cream and cake was served between dunces Every Girl In Her -Teem 1 ' Needs at times a safe and gentle tonic to counterbalance the extra drains on tho physical and nervous system. Zoa- Phoia (Woman's Friend) will give health and freshness for weakness and pallor. Sold by B F. Keosllng & Coulson & Co. Could \ui 31%>v« Iltn Arm «uctl Wan- In Tonxtrint 1'Mlu.—A True Story of * Ui. murk u 111? «'<irr. NEW GRAPE DISEASE. It bead* to the Unaccountable FiUlln™ Ofl of Borrlen. What is called by some a new disease ,was developed in the Lake Eric grape region of western Ne^ 1 York last year. The Grape Belt discusses it at length. It is the unaccountable falling off of berries before or as soon as they have attained their full size. Profs. Bailey and Lodeman, of Cornell university, have investigated the matter at length. Dry weather at the critical time seems to have been the chief cause, though, this was made more injurious by lack of potash. It is well known that vines require a large amount of potash in ripening their fruit. If potash is deficient and wet weather follows, the grape mildews or rots. If tliere is too little moisture for mildew tho berries drop from their cluster. In some vineyards last year the loss.by shelling was fifty per cent, of the crop; in others it was not more than five per cent. The dropping of tho berries came on late in August and early in September. Vines which shell their crapes almost invariably have leaf blight, brown patches appearing 1 on the leaves. As the grape is nourished through the leaves the dropping of the berries from the cluster was an indication that the vine had undertaken a bigger job than it could finish. Even those grapes which remained on vines where tho shelling was worst were of poor quality, though they grew to full size. GARDEN AND ORCHARD. Do NOT plant an orchard on poor soil. Trees must have food. WHEN near a good market string beans, peas and sweet corn are profitable. RJ^PBEKKIES, currants, gooseberries and small fruits generally will profitably respond to an application of phosphates. IT is said that pruning potatoes to two stalks in the hill has produced larger tubers and a greater yield. This is done on the theory that we prune vines and trees and pinch back melons and tomatoes. The theory is all right. Too much energy can go into tops.— Farmer's Voice. William F Maier. IS Pa.:k illo, Oaio, writes: "About a year e.g-o 1 baa 10 quit work on account of rheumatism. I had the disease la my hips, back and arms, in fact, ID, . every joint in my body. The pain was iatecss, and I suffered the mod excruciating agony. My doctor could ; not do anything for me, and I tiled every remedy that could be suggested; nono of them did me any good, and finally my joints became sli/fened and sore. At times I could not move my! right arm, and was In constant pain. I procured a bottle of Munyon's Rheumatism Curn, and within a short while was completely cured. I an ! free from stiffness scd pain, and can cheerfully recommend Munyon'a Rem- j edy aa the best I have ever known." Munyon's Rheumatism Cure acts almost instantaneously.curing 1 many obstinate cases in a few hours. It is guaranteed to euro rheumatism in any part of the body. Acute or muscular rheumatism cured in from one to five days. It never fails to cure sharp. shooting pains in the arms, legs, aide, back or breast, or soreness of any part of the body in from one to three hours. It promptly cures lameness, stiff and swollen joints, and all pains in ihe hips and loins, chronic rheumatism, uciatloa, lumbago or pain In the back are speedily cured. It eel- dom fails to give relief after one or two doses, and almost invariably cures before one bottle has been used. Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Remedy Company of Philadelphia, put up specifics for nearly every disease, . which are sold by all druggists. ' mostly for 25 cents a bottle. A LAND WITHOUT STONE. A Strong TVlr.d. Mr. McSpat^-IVs the mosbt terrible sthorm Oi remimber of, we're a hovin' now. Mrs. O'Flewerty. Mrs. O'F.— Ah, yez forget the big wind in Oirland, Mr. McSpat; 'twas the day Uncle Dennie got hurted. \Ve lived fifty moils from the say, sor, and the wind blowed the red herrin's into me father's door till the flare was tho color o' blud!—National Tribune. Hummer JtBteM ta iW«.rino»l-I<ake fflaxlnknckee. From Logansport, Ind.. beginning May 1, tickets fold Saturdays good returning Including Monday following date of sale $1; ticket«,'good returning ten days from date of sale $l.60;t1ckete good returning thirty days from date of sale, $1.65. Family tickets good for any cumber of purchasers, family including servants and limited to September 30. following date of tale, 16 trips, $37.50; 40 trips. $20 . In addition to the above there will be party tickets (old to parties of tt n or more, going tod returnicg In a body. Bates can be had upon application; to J. C. EDGEWOHTH. Agt. Flnt Dwillcn In Babylonia W«r» Forcsd ; to Make Brick*. When men first settled in Babylonia there was no stone. "Dig- where you will," say Chipiezand Perrot, "you will not find a stone in the country, fron\ Bagdad to the sea, larger than a nut." But they found ready to their hands In the river most abundant materials for making- bricks, with which their temples and towns were built. This clay they mixed with chopped straw. In some cases they merely dried tho bricks in the sun, and such was the consistency of the clay that it is even now difficult to break these bricks. In other cases they were burnt. In the case of the burnt bricks they intercalated layers of reeds, and bound them together by bitumen, instead of mortar. This was chiefly brought from Hit, on the Euphrates, where it still abounds. The bricks were beautifully made in molds, and in the normal pattern were about one foot square, four or five inches thick, and rectangular in shape, and sometimes triangnilar or otherwise formed; so as readily to make up into arches and vaults. Many of vbern bore the names of the early kings impressed upon them, aa may be seen in specimens in the British museum. lirickmaking 1 was truly aa important art in these early times. >Jme. De Sta^l't XV iu Mme. De Stael had fallen out with Viscount De Cholscul, owinjf to certain. malicious reports, circulated by the latter. One day the lady anil the viscount ; met in company, on which occasion .' good manners required that they should speak to each other. Mme. De Stael commenced: \ "We have not seen yon for a lonjf while, M. De Choiseul." ] "At! Mme. TAmbassadricc, I Have been ill." . j "Seriously, monsieur?" - f "I had a narrow escape from being : poisoned," j "Alas! PossibJy yon took a bite at your own tongue." » ^ This joke fell like a tiranderbolt on i the viscount, who was a notorious back- i biter and mischief maker. The lesson was a severe one. bnt he richly deserved , it, and had not a word to say.

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