The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 26, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1908. CALH?*RNIAN. ••••i^lBBHI^BHBMHMMHHBBMBBHHHnHMBHMMHHnBMHHHMHKMBHM| Special Professional Visit of Physicians and Surgeons Representing the Electro-Medical and Surgical I Institute of New York and Los Angeles Our Specialist from New York CURES ALL THE DISEASES OP MEN. He makes no misleading propositions; promises no impossibilities, but performs all he promises. Pair dealing, moderate fees, faithful service and speedy cures have won for us the confidence of the afflicted everywhere. We Have Cured Thousands and Can Cure You WE HAVE NO SPECIFIC CURE-ALL PREPARATIONS, BUT TREAT EACH CASE SEPARATELY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, ACCORDING TO ITS PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We Cure the Cases Others Cannot A bold statement, but just, as true as it is bold. Not all cases that others fail to cure are cur- ibk by our methods, but fully 85 per cent of them are. Tbe Tray to learn if your case is curable is to consult OUR SPECIALIST FOR MEN. He has bad years of experience in treating diseases of men. He knows what he can do for you. If your case is curable he will treat you. If it isn't he -will not. Consultation and Diagnosis free. Our honest and candid advice costs yon nothing. Nervous and Chronic Blood Diseases Cured to Stay Cured Last Manhood, Fits, Insomnia, Rupture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affection*, Kidney Trouble*, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Heart Trouble*, Liver and Bladder •Olsdrden, and any affection* of the Vital Organs hitherto thought Incurable are successfully treated. •• / ,' ALL CONSULTATION BY PATIENTS STRICTLY PRIVATE. CONTRACTED DISORDERS Of aM diseases peculiar to men contracted disorders are the most abused by cut-and-try, hit-and-miss treatment administered by good friends, druggists, doctors !'n genera! practice and most of the would-be specialists. It Is certainly Interesting to hear the story orihe average patient tellimg his experience with the different Mods of so-called treatments he has been "up against." A large majority of our patients come to us with the original disease and part or all the complications resulting from delay and mistreatment. We generally have to cure them after some or all of the following symptoms have developed: Stricture, or all of the chronic bladder troubles, diseased prostate, sores, swellings, etc., besides a patient whose confidence and mind are so diseased through failure and disappointment. Don't trifle with these disorders; go to a doctor who knows how to cure you; it is the cheapest, surest and shortest way out. We have been 25 years In the business. N. B.—We with it distinctly understood that we do not claim to perform Impossibilities, or to have miraculous ppwer.. We claim only to be skilled and successful Specialists, thoroughly informed in our Specialty, CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. All applying to us will receive an honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee a Positive Cure in every case we undertake and do not accept for treatment any case we are certain we cannot cure. Dr. Frederic Bell, Ph. D. The well known orator and lecturer, will deliver lectures on the cure" ' ' ~ of many of the above diseases before we leave this city. ~~ Electro Medi- n rr- IT IT and Sugical In- 0fflCe N ° W °P 6n lOtol; 2 to 5; 7 to 9. StltlltC. An(i by appointments Grand Hotel Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable help of any kind call up THE'BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. We also employ Chinese and Japanese help. » 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty. I use nothing but the best materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. .. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 * "1 have used cnamoeriam's Colic, Cholera and jjmrrnoea Kemedy since j it was nrsi introduced to the pubnc in ! 1S72, and hnve n^ver fouri'l one in ! etanee nhere a cure was not sj,r>eil>Iy effected bv Its use. I have been n commercial traveler for eighteen year* and never start out in a trip without this, my faithful friend," says II. S , Nichols of Oakland, Ind. Ter When B man has used a remedy for u:iriy-fiv« , year lie knows its value nnd is compe , tent to speak of It. For sale by Baer j Bros.. Bake.rsflekl; Kern Drue Co IN CATTLB CAN Bt PatvtNTto PUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCUIB California's favorite, the most successful, easiest used and lowest priced reliable vaccine made. Powder, strinR or piU form. Write for free Black Leg Booklet. THE CUTTER LABORATORY BBRKBLBY, C«L. If your druggist does not stock oui vaccines, order direct from via. H. C. HARNESS With J. W. BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal THIS IS THE CAR Xow try and conceive a cur almo-t UK silent as the pliotnuraph itself-car vibrant with peni-up power under flliiger-iip control: a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside the aristocracy cil mo'.oriloni and lack nothing that tlie latter possesses except a higher price -nnd you will have formed a fall' mental picture of the revelation that awaits yon. Dismiss from your mind tho Idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which wa.s In the .same class us this $]!iF>0 four cylinder ?,» horsepower Cadillac. Whore you have seen little car:- at a low price, you will now see a big car at a low price. Where you have Hitherto seen sp'dory outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see sl/.e and st-i;ugth and dignliy. Where you have noon in different rintoria! skiinpw) ;m<l saved to make possible a low price-, you will now see a car built of the finest steels money can buy, used in full and goner ;<is measure--,ind the same painstiik- ang, conscientious system of cons'ruction, down to the last tint find bolt, that has been typical ol tlie (.' idlllae plant from lh«- llrst your ut' its history. Deliveries early no\( month, I-'I •: car load uln-udv .-.oM. C. E. Getchell, Agent, Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and 0 Tel Main 1260 First Case a Rash Which Itched and Stung—Threatened Ten Years Later With Blood-Poison in Leg —But Both Times the Sufferer's RELIANCE IN CUTICURA PROVED WELL-FOUNDED "About twelve or fifteen years ago, while living in West Virginia, 1 had a breakiriK-out, amiititehwl and stung eo badly that 1 could not have nny peuco because of it. I saw three doctors und they did not agree on what it was, so ono of them Rave me BomethinK that ho called medicine, but 1 colled it coda water. 1 might just as well have, washed in rain-water. Then 1 got some Cuticiira Soap, Cuticuru Ointment, und C'uticura Resolvent nnd beRnn to Ret bettor right uwav. They cured me and 1 have not been bothered with theitch- IUK sine*, to amount to anything. About two years ago I had la griiipe and pneumonia which left me with a pain in my side. Trent merit run it into my leg, which then swelled und began to break out. it cot in prettv bad shape, HO 1 went, to (i doctor, fie was afraid it would turn to dlond-poison. I used his medicine lint it did no good. Ho i will for another set of the (uticura Remedies. I ined them tlin-*- times ftnd cured the breaUing-ont on my leg. Now 1 won't bo without ditiuura. J. F. Mennen. H. K. D. U, Miluri, Mo., May 13, 1UU7." BABIES ON FIRE With Torturinjy, Disfiguring Humors, Cured byCuticura. EcwmHo. rallies, itching*, irritations, and chafing* lire iriHtantly relieved and speedily cured, in the majority "f CHSIW. by warm bath* withCuu- eura Soap ntnl gentle {application*-' <'l Ciitl- /cura Ointment, the great Skin Cure. This IreMlnicM j'l-rinitR rest und sleep. ini'l poinU to a speedy ciiru in the m».-< di-t rousing eating, when all else fiiiN. linnran- t<H'd absolutely pure ami may be used from the hour of birth. romplpt* r.sti'rnnl and Intrninl TrpMmcr.t for KVITI- Iliunnr nf tnfunls. itnMn-i, mitt vluil* rial' MtHtJi of Cllttntni Simp (if5r ) I.. r I-HILS*- Uti- Skin, Oullr-iffl olnlmi'tii t.'.iV i l»i Hi-ill UM> i-kln ami cml- ctira Ki-Holvciit <Mii' i. n»r In tin t^rtn <,r riuM'nUitc Ojntnl I'll)*. 2.'ir IKT vWI uf Oil) t.. I'urify Die UliKxl. Biilil DiniuKhoilt file W'irkI I'dll.r UtUK d ''licra. Corp Holt> l'rn|w , Hnplitn. MftK« , CuUcurii )it>uK 0! SKID 1 A COLD FROST IN MOJAVE Mojavo, Cill., Oct. ::::, l!i"s. i Kditor ('alitomian: Mr. Kiivc, P. K.I 'S IS NOW FOLLY ASSURE! .Mamie! and Hon. S. (', Smith ilin| in our "I urg" last night anil uillie our ciil/cns 'in the "supposrii" i.- of tlif day (nnd night also). 'I lie nu-eliiiK opened about ML in. HIM at that time Hie audience sisti-d of eight Democrats ami one He I'M Mica n—the chairman. Mi'. Kaye was the first, speaker, ami it any Intelligent, person could follow his liiu.- of talk lie did not show tip on our streets today. His talk was on the old line (stereotyped). He used two words and worked them to death, viz, "achieve and achievements." j Mr. Smith wound up the "talUfest" and it will be remembered by the Mo- Jave residents and voters as worse than "the night of the big wind." We (the Democrats) went to the meeting to be educated on the Issues of the day; instead we heard nothing but flimsy excuses and sore throat. When our Congressman tried to explain his position on the Owens River project his excuse verged nearly on the pitiful. Poor "S. C." The Republicans here today have no explanation to offer on tho frost of last night Sena us more Republican talkers of last night's ilk nnff there will be no TaftjTotes i n this growing and progressive town. SUBSCRIBER, t This ailment Is usually <aused by rheumatism of the musi les of the small of the back, and is Quickly cured by applying Chamberlain's Llnl- uient two or three times a day and the parts at each applies- National Chairman Mail; of the Democratic national committee has authorized a statement in which he claims the election of \V. ,1. Hryau by a landslide. He announced bis reports showed that Mr. Bryan would receive at leas' l>01 electoral votes, or lifiy-nine. more (ban Is necessary for n cboice, Mr. Mack's forecast of the election follows: "The rumblings mul thunder of the Bryan landslide in the west are already heard in the eastern states, and I can confidently predict the election of Mr. Bryan, for the inevitable land slide In the west will extend to the shores of the Atlantic. "It means the Democratic national ticket will carry every doubtful stale In this section, and 1n rock-ribbed Republican districts the majority of that party In recent years will be re- dnced to a minimum. "Basing my forecast on the mast conservative lines, In view of the optimistic reports I have received from all sections of the country, I fignre, that^r. Bryan wil have at least 301 electoral votes, or fifty-nine more than Is necessary for a cboice. This comfortable majority will be Increased rather than decreased when the vote Is counted. "In addition to the 166 votes of the Solid South, and in this I include Maryland, I am confident that Mr. Bryan will carry New York, New Jer se.v, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Indiana, Ohio, Delaware, Kansas and South Dakota, a total of 301 votes. "All over the country there Is a change of from 25 to 30 per cent from the Roosevelt vote of 1904 to Mr. Bryan. stoud Hi" Republican organizatlo had iicciininl.ited $.'),000,000, wHc would be used In several of the del able stales, "liut," Hiiiil he, "tbe cannot defeat us with $50,000,000." Mr. Mack said: "The action President Hoosevelt In sending out 1 entire cabinet on the (stump shows President Is frightened to death, they don't put topes on the Preside or nail him, down, lie will be out the stump, too. If Hoosevelt goes the stump the people will know Bryan will be eleetdd," WANT AUTO AENTfi TO PAY LICENSE Protests have -been flled with City Marshal McKamy and City Attorney Plata, by local automobile dealers, against the present practice of out. side agents coming into the city and selling the machines Uiey represent without paying license. Both the marshal and city attorney have taken the matter up for consider, atlon and from all probabilities another ordinance will have to be enacted to meet the situation. It is the opinion of the officials that the ordinance referring to transcient peddlers cannot be made applicable in ttfe-^ase of automobile agents. It is the only or- dinace on the books which pertains to traveling agents. At present there is one outside agent here demonstrating a machine and according to report he has several pros-, prospective buyers. He has paid no Mr - Roosevelt. In each state, partic- minus OPENS NEffjnm The strike of the Nicodemua Company, at 1340 feet, in the east quarter of 4, 31-22, which lithe supposed break between the way, and McKJttrlck fields, last Is .gffmtfcb' Importance, «s it proves; | good stretch of country that many i men had condemned. Superintend Quarre states that there is a showing of oil at the depth and be' pecte to land a good well. 'The company is a Los Angeles cern and has 160 acres on the ah section owned In fee. It has a t« year lease for one-eighth royalty i forty acres, comprising the east of the northeast quarter of 3<.S the old Belgian Petroleum prot on which are two wells, one 1050 the other 1100 fet, which have cleaned -out, and are declared to yielding. They were drilled years ; and left unworked because of j prices. There is a four-inch pipe ' "The result is no longer in doubt In from here to Asphalto station on New York. The thirty-nine votes of Southern Pacific. the state are assured for Mr. Bryan. is doubtful with the "Illinois chances in he wins it will be by a greatly reduced plurality. "The Pacific coast states all show a Bryan trend and a disgust with tlie extravagant, destructive policies of The officers and directors are J. Kellenmin, president; Willis favor of Mr. Taft. bin. If j Emerson, vice-president; W. IA Tnlih 'secretary; J. E. Wiekhatn, treasnr J. R. T,ane and 3. W. Bishop. license, primarily because (here is no provision for such in the city lawn nnd secondly because he has not been approached oy [lie city collectors. 'Our business is not different from an.v other." said a local giimce man today. "A grocer or a clothier is protected and why should not an automobile dealer? Of course we would like to have a license pertaining to automobile agents that would lie probihi- live, but this is not possible. We believe that we should pay something for the privilege of doliiK business in the city." The matter will be brought to the attention of the trustees at their coming mooing. tlon. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co. Kern. • 4 « » i . KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR ulai'ly Oregon, state issues are iin important factor. "The mountain stales, from information I have received within forty- eight hours, will, I nm confident, lie counted in the Democratic column." Mr. Mack also said that he tinder- PEOPLE Will Charles A. Son, the Sun Francisco oil man, was in town yesterday on business. Golden Coffee Always uniform—our best product—sold in 1 Ib., 2 Ib., 2$ Ib. and S Ib. cans. Your grocer will grind it— better if ground ut home—not too fine. Oct. 24.— An arte flow of water and oil was struck sundown last evening on the Sluul farm, two miles east of Anderson *n| the people are wild today over prospects. A well twenty feet sqsi and twenty-eight feet deep failed give the amount of water needed irrigation, KO the owner of the fa Dr. E. Frlsbio of San Francisco, Hded to horo for water. An c.vj driller from (lie southern part of state was set to work. At a depth <if only l!iO feet an tesian flow was struck last '.o The water overflowed the top pipe and fell Into the big well On bottom whi re the drilling had commenced. The water was alive wit Imhhlcn. It was M«;I; discovered the bubbles wcn> really globules of The water in the. well is now cot with n stratum of oil an inch de The oil snnd has been penu'tated osrti a foot. The boring will be continue to a greater depth. NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given that I Int&UJ to apply to the State Board of Prli Directors for a parole from the prison at San Qiientin, according law. Signed. ARTHUR H. SAMlTf 78 No. 22407(Irani McKay. m« is In town todav. warden at Amala Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of (ha Weiser Optical Co., UW I street, Frc-NiKi is in Bakerstiold tliis week conn'iicing, .Monday, October If), 1908, and will stop at tlif Now Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All Work Gua renfecd BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE Unl\I.HUI IL.LU , KOKT. G BAITON N... a , r KOftT. 0. BARTON, Htnigtr TO-NIGHT THOSE GERMANS OP QUALITY RICE and OADY In Joe Weber's Musical Girl Success Hip, Hip, Hooray Mae I'i,e.lps, Harry Shurik, Win. II. ("Bill") Mack, Mauie TrumbuII, Titu Murray, Wellington Cross, Maude Leruy, Josephine Cross SEATS MOW ON SALE, 25c to #1.59

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