The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 11, 1923 · Page 60
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 60

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 11, 1923
Page 60
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THE liHOOKLYX DAILY EAGLE. NEW YOHK. SUNDAY, KO YEMHEH 11. 102.3. D 17 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE IjOIs For Sale 1JA ill LL J!D. Mini (siiit-. lMt ft. south of Av four choice lots, KOxl'JO. Anything residential permitted. Sign uo property. 'herrlngton. 734 Cravesend nv. K. 7TH ST, southeast corner IUBBe Court, 4xltii; KidiuaikH; saci triced ; l,3ay. owner. 72't Av p. Shepsheal 671&-J. K. li.TH HT, between N and O. plot 32 front. 7i deep. 10 rear: $975 cash; worth double, owner, 721) P. Shetpshea I K. 41riT ST ami Linden av: fxl"0; ne. Chamber Realty. Main 2H2K, 1- LATBI 8H Albany av between UU-nwood rd and Av H; 40x100 with extra width In rear; will sacrifice for $1,275; also 40x100 on Troy av near J fop $1,176; also E. 39th near Glen wood rd. sewered at reft, single lot. beautifully located between two fine houses. Till lake $7j. K- 8. Fisutr Co.. !."S Kfatt.jah av. 10-HC FLATBUSH Av. 1, near K. 42d. SOx37.6. $3,20; E. 42d at, between I and J, 4'xl"0, fl.T.OO; Corner I Hnd E. 4:d. 40x97. . J.50; corner J and K. 4 2d. 40x7.. $L'.5o0; Av B. 100 ft. urit of Flatbush av, 4HX1H0. $2,500. 11. S. Fisher. Inc., IfitU Flat hush av. t 9-2 1'LATBL'KH Builders' opportunity to pur-i lmne four 40-fooi corners at $2.T0Q each; located southeast and northeast corner Av. 1 and K. 4i'd st. and northwest corner Av. J and L. 4-d st, and northwest corner Av. J and E. 43d at. It. H. Fifher, Inc. 1.1S3 Flatbush av. t -8 f ?u v FLATBl'SH 40x100 on Linden av and K. 4'Jth at, 40x100 on K. !ixth st and Av I, $10,500, terms; 100x130 rorner Ocean I'arkway and Neck rd; terma; 100x1 00 K. 2th at. between Avs I and J; terms. Knox Realty, 14UI Flatbush av. Mantt-Ilelrt 0fir3. Open Sunday. ll-HC "LATHCSH Business coiners along i."os- trnnd av. on av K and Av L; givat oppor tunity for store builder tn control lhne of tb host corners: tmtlder's terms " !.; made. K. S. Fislier, inc., 15S3 Flatbush venue. J'LATBfKH UHt side E. 18th st, 340 ft. north of Av N; asphalted; 40xlf'; f.r $3 3o0; close to Brighton subway; fine l.T two family houses; none here ; will well quick. Guldey, owner, i'Sl Flatbush nv. ll-t-sua FLATBl.SH LO'IV Beautiful site for a home; 40x1(10 ; bet ween 2 high-class houscH ; improved street. M ust be sold. Bargain. 1 4l'0 K. 21 ih at, near Av N. Midunod OL'Hti. t 11-7 1 LATBl.'SH A V, between P and Q, 40x1 0i. fr,i.0ii; Flatlmsh av triangle, near J, ood frontage, price $25,000. it. S. Fisher, Inc. i:n;t Fiatbu.h av. 1 1-2C FI.ATHUSH Corner J and K. 4 id Ht; 10. ix 100; $6,2jO; with only 15 percent chuu; balHiieo juihordinatlorA R. S. FhdnT, Inc. inf Flatbush av. 11 -St-BututhC FLATBUSH A V Plot 100x12.", $1IH.OOO; good spot ripe for stores. Geo. 1-3. Jant-zer, 13h Flatbush av. Office closed Sun- ' days. FLATtiCSM GARDEN Six lots on Ryder st. 180 feet south of Av Q; $70 each. Store, 89 Fulton st, Brooklyn. Tel. Alain H.ATKt'SK corner plot; u-ry dcsirablo rrletilars Raymond P. Trundy, 137' av. Mansfield 571. FLATMl.'SII Plot 200x200; prominent corner Nostrand av : $10,000. C.eo. Vi, .lantuer. I3V2 Klntbtish av. Offtce closed Sundays. K LA T BUSH -Ken more ?d. E. 2'2d st : nea S; tvo cholc Irtts; only fl,K.i0. Chas. K .Miller, 1S9 Moivtague Ht. t FLATBl'SIl Three corner lots. Av R and East '.'5th st (Bedford av). Owner, lti Woodruff av. FLATBlTSH Plot 411x100. E- 27th St. Geo. i;. .lantzi-r, 13S2 Flatbush av. GRAVESEND AV, near K.luga Highway: several large nnd small plots; little cash required. N. Clay, 116 Nassau st, New York. HERKIMER PL, west of Nostrand; phu 60xF. ; rare chance; not restricted; price $5,000 per lot. Vauyhan, 909 Fulton st- 11 -3 su th sC II L" NT I NGTON, North port and plots for snlo at yur own terma. pione Astoria 3123. f M i n eo I Owner. -3 JAMAICA corner plot, fiOxloO, Suiphln rd. f:i...00; will also exchange for income property. Witzel, 601 i:i(Uh at. Richmond HHI 9237. t 8-7 KINGS HIGHWAY 30 lots close to Brighton subway; fl.l'SO each; suitable for 1 or -family houses. F. M. Mc-( 'nrdy Co.. 15S Romseit st. U-jC MOW DORP, fcitaten Island; plot 150x1 02. ii-ar depot and trolley; price $4,200. Clarence B. Smith, 1424, Fnt1onsL NoSTRAND AV Pour lots, food business locntlnn. Cham-p for hullder or sneculator. 1'rlce $2,500 each. E. M. HolllHter, 13H0 Nostrand av. t 11-3 J.OSTRAND AV, near Foster, fiOxlOO; . worth $;t,000 per lot ; sacrificed $tf.500. Owner, 201 Prospect Park. West. South 4341. iV'CAN' AV Large plot near park; suitable for an apartment. W". H. Bourne, ti' Court t. OCEAN A V- Plot' T.Ox 151. near Kings Highway. Owner, 2 H S Fcnlmom st. OCEAN PARKWAY. K lots, suitable for modern 2-family houses, select section. Box H-592, Eagle Flatbush branch. t Rot 'K V I LLE CENTRE Choice conv-r lot, 100x1 40 f beautiful Hempstead av ; corner Irving pi: near station; !t,000. Chas. F. Miller, ISA Montague st. t KT1LLW ELL AV. corner 86th at. 33 lots, $06,000; piortgage $35,000; terms; release clauses. Kegel. 201 Prospect Park West. WEST ST. near Ave. W, 40xl0i), $1,1 $i0Q cash. Abate. 26i6 E. 2th Bklyn. t!onny Island 247B-K. ATTENTION, builders! Kings Highwa block; SO lots, surrounded 3 subway stations; Av 8 and Av T, W, flth and lOt'i bis; -will sell with subordination or exchange for new Income property. Lamport Really Co., 305 Broadway. Worth 2!tH2. ' t 1 1 -2 su tu BARGAIN East 2Sth at, east Bide, 140 feet south of Avenue J; 4 0x10(1 feet; worth $3,000; will seH for $1,250. Edw. J. Shea, 32 Court st. BI'lkDERK" NOTICE Lota near Sea Beadi subway; easy terms. Spencer, 154 Nassau st, N. Y. Beekman 285. t 11-3 su tu th CHOICE BUSINESS LOTH Jamaica av; 123x100; one block from Jamaica L. I. R. R. station; near new Corn Exchange Bank Building; other good Investments. J. A. Stvles Co.. Inc.. 147-30 Jamaica av. Tel. Jamaica 7H13-W. CHOICE business lots, 105x100, corner 18fh av and 77th st. . L. Greenfield, 2100 80th st. Hensonhurflt 4 7 fid. ; 1 1 3 CORNER LOT; fiOxlOO; northeast ror. Avenue M and- East 31st st; worth $4,500; will sell for $3,500; sireets nnd avenues are sewered, has cement sidewalks, etc.; within walking distance to nubway station; Title o. policy guaranteeing property free and Hear. Edw. J. Shea, 32 Court st; brokers protected. CORNER Ft. Hamilton av and 80th st; RO" subordination. Also block front, Colonial rd, 7ath to 76th sts; terms. Apply G. B. Roach. 16 Remsen st. Main 8371. Foil SA LK Business frontage; ready for utores; builder's terms. Box J4, 96 3 Broad way. Brooklyn. 11-7 FOR SALE, 4 -grave plot, Section Mtspah, Evergreens ( 'emetery. For part iculai s, p. o. Box 217. Htcksvllle. L. L ll-2t-su GARAGE PLOT, 1"0x 100 ; splendid location In Williamsburg; price $27,000; free and clear. Thomas Miller, 758 Lafayette u v e n 1 1 e . t GOODNESS gracious, 9 lots, 76th St. between 19th ana 20lh avs. $150 each, half ftubordlnatlon. Jones, iaa Montague st, .Main 6322. , HAVE A PLOT 40x100 for sale on East flth Rt. he t ween Avenues S and T, reasonable terms. Apply to Levy, phone 56 4 4 En layette. JON ES. business Brooklyn 53 years: lots, corner 3d av and 100th st. $4,000, bargain. 1S9 Montague st. Main 6322. IjvT. 60s lnO. corner Kv 2d st and Brighton Court. South Manuoro. junies oweeney, 7,T Washington a v. JOTS FOR SALE Feniinore st. corner Brooklyn- nv; also Inside lots; cheap: easy Icrms. Attorney. Box R-3 15. Eagle office. 3'LO'i'. 6'ixllo ; best location. Rock villc Centre; bargain; cash or ternjfl. Box Z-3 4 It. Eagle office. SPEC17LAT(RS. investors: 240 lota at $200 each; Van Siclen av, East New York; first come, first served. Fiona r Realty, 2ti0 "test 70th st. N. Y. City. t TAX EXEMPT A part men t site, w ;tn plans; rxoa-aied and part of footing: 2-1 fJtrt-ilien; 99 rooms, plot 60. 9x1 51. 6; best section Ocean av, near Av .1. Buy this and save price of Innd ly tax ex-mpt ion. An unusual opportunity. Terms arranged. Ascut-ney Realty 10.. 1721 A, Tel. Midwood 7264. f 3-3tsu I N 1; ESTR P TED Atlantic av and 1-ogwn st ; t hie ' good money ; 50 fu frontage, owner. Wells, 232 Sunnyside av. WE OWN stone well-located lots along th route of the tt h av subway extension; l-rieen and terms moderate. iiuivl 1!' MltV 1 ?6 Court s. 1,1. SELL ptot 4n unrestricted sectiou. '.lislOO. tiultahlc for garage, repair shop, f;t.'ory; reasonable. Box C-352, Eagle ofllce. TWO ilesin.ble plot.-! rpp for Iniprov.'puml; southeast cornT 19th nv and 7flth st, ooi thent ' orer 21s. av ami 59th st ; u-ruiH r -lie M- luiibters ; lirokTn pro-t-ctcl. II. L P.rcslaii. 50 Court st. C REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Iots For Sale FI V K Ui on Aoi h kt. near Hea Beae eiprwi station; good term to builder. Ji'iin 11. UelacH, l9 Montague mi. 1 LOTS North side ttGth Ht between 13t nn 1 1 tit avs. ogiiuy, to rant Barclay. 30 Lti'IS. Ktnita Highway and Cravesend av. K0 each; free and clear. H. I. Ben ward. K47 Bedford av. i LOTS on 7ith st. near aist av. near Wt-Ht Knd afMLinn- aood terms to builders. L. Greenfield. 21titi 0th st. Benijouhurst 47?ti. h, I. and QupensKor Sale 88 AM1TVV1LI.E BARGAIN Collate. Heven rooms, bath, all Improvements, befit dition, beat location; full price $K,OoO temiK. For rent, cottage. 7 rooms, all ini pruvemenis, $50 month. Slack Co. Realty ugeiu-y omce, near n. n. station, Amity villc, L. I. T 7-3t-wf' ASluRIA, 1 1. -U Wolcott av; beauti tut A neigh house ; arranged its; arranged 2, 3 fm-Owner, lftO Slut st, ilies or suites. Brooklyn. BALDWIN Modern -room house; largt it lot ; near mutton, stores, schoot, etc. must be sold ; price $5,400; terms arranged. Prentice, opposite railroad sta ll on, iaiuwin, l.. 1. BALDWIN Vacant plot; 7nxI25; three block to (nation ; ready for Immediate development ; & good nuy ; price -jou. rrciiucB, opposite ranroau station, jjuiu win. u, 1. BALDWIN Now In the time to buy prices are. now at the lowest; have several ne.11 rati m nouses aim bungalows at alt t act Ive ju ices and terma. Prentice, opposite railroad station, Baldwin., 1 I BALDWIN Cozy 6-room bungalow; nrovement s: laree tilot: handy to sta tion. sclnml. etc.: price M&); only $500 cash. Prentice, opposito railroad' station, uuiuwin, Lt. 1. BAI.OW1N New liuuw. aix rooms: atli huihr's pantry: hardwood; tiled bath Intent im in ovement.-: steam heat : sav cmtnlsnlon ; ii'-ar station; fioxlOO; lmine dlate poMseslon. Owner. 132 Harrison av 'I el. Kreeport lliiS-K. T BALDWIN. Freeport, Garden l'lty and Htrnpsteud; rrad my specials In disfilay col urns, l.uerssen, o liiami a V. imme flfuielv to riwht r.i von Bet off train. Bald win. L. I. Phone Freeport 1048 or 2014. f BALDWIN For r,ai bargains at rig-fit prices itee Place & Co., S South urar.n av; near depot. CAI.VERTONa4 acres woodland, front ngc on Peconlc Creek nnd railroad; price $.'..000. Clarence H. Smith, 144 Pulton at, FLORAL PARK 8 rooms, electricity. improvements; garage; BOxlOO; price $.500; small cash. Levering, 15 Kenmore place. FI.I'SH ING Ba 1 nain. act ouick : tax tnipt, new bungalow, 6 rooms and bath ail ItnDrovements. heat, etc.; lot 40x10' garage; Ford car; all flew furniture: house completed, teady to move tn; price $7,500; cash needed, $5,500. Cm II Flushing 422:.-.I. FLI'SMING New tax-exempt one-family house ; bargain ; 2 -family house, J.i.suu also some lots; reasonable; no age.ntj. Ann v- 1 9 J Burlfne a v. Flush in k. L. 1 t 10-1 FOREST HILLS Ideal tax-exempt 6 and 7 -room detached homes: modern im -pro enients; steam heat, parquet floors, e ectric tv. driveways: SDiendia transit 12 minutes to Penn Station, N. Y. Price ran br. $7,500. $8,500. 110.500 : convenient terms. Cor with Bros., 147-14 .lama lea av, near Sutphin blvd. Phone Jamaiia R ft fill. 10-4f FREEPORT Six rooms and bath, eiec trie, heat, water, etc.; plot 40x126: bargain at $3,600; rash 91,100; 7 rooms and bath; all mod.Vn improvements; $7,500, terms to suit; "-room Colonial house In finest section of Freeport. every conven lence, $13,000; cash $1.00o. Phone or write. Pioneer Realty Co, Freeport HH3-M or Jamaica 3:us. n-i' FREEPORT Special: bulldeCs sacrifice new cottage: large living room, dining room, tiled kitchen; 3 bedrooms; tiled bath ; ell modern Improvements; near aiation. stores, schools, for only $6,700 worth much more ; terms. Stephen P. Pettlt. inc.. 54 W. Berrlc't rd, Freeport. Open Sunday T FREEPORT $500 cash, price a6.800, will buy 6-room house, 3 bedrooms, electricity and gas, heat; 4.800 square feet of land, select section, every Improvement. George E. Whieler, 15 Railroad av, opposite depot, Freeport, L. 1. open daily and Sunday. Tel. Freeport 438, t 9-3 FREEPORT $700 cash fcuys a pretty ( 'ullforiila bungalow ; large living and timing room, kitonen, 2 iiearootn. oatlt open attic, full cellar; modern in 'every rtiauect. for on y r&.suo: investigate to day. Stephen P. Pettlt Inc.. 54 W. Mer rick rd, Kreeport. open Sundays'. t FREEPORT. L. I. Exceptionally fine house on plot tiOxlOo- 7 rooms and hath all Improvements; hot wa ter, tiled ( floor ana waiisi nam; inea Kiicneu; locatea at 32 Onslow pi. in the exclusive Bay lew residential section. Inquire L. C. Allen, on premises. KREEPORT New cottage, nice sertion near station, 6 rooms, tile bath, pantry launuiy, h 11 improvements: plot sux 1 ti price $5,900, cash $1,000. Freeport Realty Co., 22 Brooklyn av, treport. 10- FREEPORT, Lt. I. Six-room houses and five-room bungalows;, every Improvement; near station; $6,000, cash $600. Owner, A. II. Courtenay, Hempstead, L. I. Tela. Hempstead 644 and Hempstead 17S. FREEPORT New; 6 rooms and bath; all Improvements tiled floor, kitchen and bath; plot 31x90; 2 blocks from sohool; snermco ror principals oniy, it r in.uuu terms. Owner. Phone Freeport 1479. t FREEPORT Bungalow near station and schools; f rooms; tile bath; attic; all Improvements ; garage; plot 5 Ox 100 ; low price $5,200; cash $2,000. Freeport Realty Co., 22 Brooklyn av, Freeport. 11-7C FREEPORT. L. I. For sale two-family house and four bungalows; with large barn; plot 65x321 ; good Investment or to live In. with Income. Apply to D. Heath- cote. 7 .Montague st. G A RDEN CITY Cnusual opportunity tc k. cure a heauCful S-room Colonial house, with 3 baths, every modern equipment; new neavy nnoieum in Kitcncn and pan try and lull coal supply at a low price on very liberal terms; plot 1 00x150 ; excep-tionally well laid out, with beautiful SMiutmery ana treei and a 2-car garaee will also consider renting at a reasonable ngurst v rite or pnone. wiugott Kiing- nerg. ia Hampton ru, or 119 North av Gftrden City, N. Y. Phone Garden City 1 492-R. $ 10-2 GARDEN CITY Must sell or rent, attractive stucco house, 7 rooms, 3 baths; hot water heat, weatner strips, screens, awn lugs, etc.; best location. Chichester, Nas tytu Boulevard stutlon. Garden City 1 1S5-W. 10-2 IK H. LIS Colonial house; finest residential section: six rooms, tiled hath and k tchn. sun parlor, large attic parquet floors. ciectricity, nanusome decorations, steam heat, open n replace: large plot : tax ex etnpt ; Immediate possession ; near depot ; "0 minutes renti station; 19,850: c $1,600. E. V. Brand & Son. 188-30 Jamaica av. opposite l3Ui st, Holus. Closed Sun "lays. 10-7O HOLL1S For quick sale, beautiful lonlal house of 7 rooms, tiled bath and kitchen : beamed ceiling; built-in book rase, fireplace, sun parlor, laundry In cel lar; extra toilet; 2-car garage; plot 60x 100; elegant location; price $ll,80o. Farley Realty Co., Jamaica av ami 1 l5th pi Phone 3676 Hollis. Operj Sunday. C HOLLIH $500 cash, $34 monthly principal, buys Colonial home; plot 40x100; six rooms, sun parlor, steam, electric, par quetry; tile bath, kitchen; 30 minutes Manhattan; near railroad, trolleys, churches, school, stores. Murray, Maple and Manor ava. Phone Hollls 6826, dally, evenings nnd Sunday. t 9-3 HOLLIS Special. $roo cash buys 6-room 1-famiiy house, steam heat, parquet floors, glass-enclosed porch, laundry In cellar, detached, well-built, ready for occupancy; size of lot 27xlou; price $7,200. Rameay & Son, 196-17 Jamaica av. Tel. Hollis 7447. 7-7C HUNTINGTON, L. I $1,000 buys new 7-roorn. house, improvements; about half acre ground; garage and chicken coop-Ideal for chick farm; price $5,000. essy terms. John F. Semon, near depot. Tel. Huntington 1052. J 9-2" HUNTINGTON 10 minutes from station, plot 40x160. 5 room house, hath and electric lights; immediate possession; price M.650; easy terms, ('has. E. Sammls Jr., luntlngton. L. I. Huntington 43). JAMAICA $600 cash will buy a fi-room-tax exempt house with all Improvements such as steam heat, gas, electrlcltv. tile kitchen, tile bath, sun parlor, private driveway: plot 25x100; convenient to all lines of transportation, schools, churches arid stores; price. $5,250; carrying charges $55 per month until paid. Acroyd Healty Co.. 525 Fulton st. corner 169th st Jamaica, 1 block from end of "L." Tel Jamah a 7607. Open Sundays. i 8-7 JAMAICA bargain : tax exemnt huuw. 60x90, exclusive Hillrrest section; 23 minutes Manhattan ; fireplace, aim parlor parquetry, garage; sewer; gas, electricity) paved streets, Bidewalks: $1,000 rash, $60 monthly principal. Beal. 4S6 Fulton .it. Jamaica, over Fulton Dm Store. p'hnti- Jamaica 92S3. t 10-7 JAMAICA -Tax exempt; new 6 rooms. hath; sleeping pon h nnd sun parlor; parquet and steam hest; readv for occupancy; driveway; price $8,200; cash $1,500; eny terms. Builder, 9016 18 2d pl, or phone Jamaica 4717, $ 11-7 IAMAICA Two-family tax exempt houne, 11 sunny rooms; enclosed porch a: tiled kitchens and hath rooms; latest Im prove-ments: separato heat; driveway; near tranFlt; must sell. 103 Kaplan av; 144th street, f REAL ESTATE FOR SALE I j. I. and Quri'tis For Rale A JAMAICA North side, tax exempt. -room ho dm; enclosed porch, driveway, sieitm heat, electric, parquet floors, tiled kitchen arid bath, with showers; price $7,250, terms. Giand R-al Es'.itt-. uwn-r and huilderw. 490-A Fulton s. $ s-S JAMAICA Best section; 15 Lake st, near Ocean View av; 10 rooms, parquet, steam etc.; tine condition; 40x100, with driveway; make offer. Open on Sunday. Ph'.ne Kush-.vkk 424. JAMAICA. L. I. Two stury detached, six rooms, attic and cellnr, enclosed porch, steam heat; $6,750, easy teims. Wygant, lh -Montague st. 11-4 JAMAICA Corner plot 60x100, HutphHi rd. $:t5,000; will also exchange for income property. Osborne, 400 Hiiislde v Jamaica B098. t J A M A li 'A Must sacrifice 8 -room house, steam, electric, enclosed porch, $4,100; free and dear; in iialfcley Par. Phoii? Jamaica 40I2-M. $ 10-2 JAMAICA Bargain; in Hill section; 9 rooms and bath; lot 72x135; 12 minutes to station; near schools. Apply Owner. Phone Sterling 4465. J JAMAICA AND Vl 'I NiTV Real estate for sale, rent or exchange. Edw. Pear.all, 147-1$ Hillside av, Jamaica, N. Y. Phone 2476 Jamaica. LONG BEACH Stucco house. ;o large rooms, X baths, excellent cellar nnd hunting plant. South Park section: near school and bearh: exceptional bargain, $16,000, easy terms; Immediate possession. See F. J. Knob, Park a:, opposite station. 10-2 LONG BEACH Bungalow, furnished; '$2,900: also business lots for sale. Tho. J. Walsh, 3 Park pi, at station. -3 LAC R ELTON" Bui Ider will sacrifice 5-room detached, tax exempt home; $500 cash; balance $85 monthly pays all carrying charges; built up section; near store, schools and rhwehea; 3 blocks from station; ail modern improvements; large plot: price $4,750; worth $6.00". Write H. Ja-nnis, 1133 Broadway, N. Y. Cltv. t 11-3 LVNBROi iK BARGAIN Beautltul r.t w semi-Colonial residence. rooms, tlb-u bathroom; convenient pantry; spe.i:illy built cedar-lined mothproof c!oset; steum heat, hand soma eas ranee. etACtrh; light. vacuum plugs. parquet floo-r. large porch, cementel cellar, large piol. good nelrhboi hood ; a complete artistic home; price $7.350 ; only $S00 cash required, balance easy. This advertisement Is i.ot a fake, and if the house Is sold when you get here, we will have duplicate built for you. Thomns F. O'Connor. I he.. 47 Atlantic av. Lvnbrook. N. Y. t3-p,ssututh LYN BROOK Built by owner, who must sell quickly: 6 rooms, bath: steam, gas. electricity; spacious porch; fine locution; very attractive semi-colonlfll cottage, f'nest construction throughout; worth immediate Inspection; price $7,800; cash $1,500; easy terms. Wm. K. Schrut-wleser. 70 Atlantic av. Lynbrook. t LYNBROOK Owner sacrifice new 6-ioom house; bat h, stearn heat, gas, elect rlc. open fireplace, breakfast room; uhade t-ees; excellent location; large plot: $9 500; easy terma. W. H. O'Brien, 19 Atlantic av. t LYN BROOK. I, f. House, 6 rooms and baLh; gas, electricity, furnace; inrgeanic; cofWrete sidewalk and street; plot 40x100; 7 minutes to station; price $,000; your terms considered- Box H-351 Eaglo office. 11-2 su LYNBROOK New 6-rooro house and bath. heat, gas ana electric; sun porcn; two lots; $7,200; cash $1,500; balance easy monthly payments. W. H. O'Brien, 19 Atlantic av. t M ASSAP EQI'A 10-K-room all - year- round nomes; noiiow tne, siucco, r-pauisn tile roof; 3 baths; all modern Improvements; plot 100x125; 3 minutes walk t station : 30 mile from New York ; ba r-galn $1 0,500. Inquire M. J. Leonard, southeast corner Ocean av and Mllfurd pl. Phone Massapequa 410. t MERRICK RD. Cottage, every improve ment ; garage; beautiful Shane trees; lano worth price, $9,500, terms. Welin, Main st. Bay Shore. S-7 M1NEOI.A AND H V R KO L' N D I N f J S Htnvs from $;i.ii00 to $ Ho. 000; lota. Rcreags. farms, llorists, nurseries; businesses of all kinds. See F. ITnser. Mineola, It. I. PORT W ASH INGTON House. 6 rooms. bath; garage: improvements; about one acre of land; ideal place for poultry business; 5 minutes drive to rnllroad station; price $10. 500 ; cash $2.0tl0. A. B. Cowley, brick building at railroad station. Open Sunday. ) 10-2 PORT WASHINGTON House 7 rooms. hath ; garage ; every Improvement ; desirable location; near railroad station; price $9,000; terms; houses for rent from $50 up. A. B. Cowley, brick building at railroad station. Open Sunday. 10-2 PORT WASHINGTON Frame house, 8 rooms, hath; all Improvements; lol 50x 145; $12,500. Moftlurl & liegeman. Tele- QUEENS $5,250: unusual buy; $500 rash; nice location; stucco; private drivewav; $60 monthly carries all. MacFarlane 14 7-07 Hillside av. Jamaica 6977. $ 6-7 WU EENS 6 su ostan t iai rooms, enclosed porcn, steam heat, hardwood poors, inea bath, tiled kitchen, complete decorations; tine exterior; ample ground ; refined Christian neighborhood. 4 blocks from L. I. R. H. station; will sell for $8.5u0. cash $1,000, or other terms. Phone Bradley at Hollis 7466. 9414 217th st. Queens, L. 1. t o28-4t-su QUEENS 1-family hrick, 6 rou us, en closed porcn, parquet noors, inea Kitcn-cn and bath, steam heal; beautifully decorated ; price $9,500, cash $2,000. A. J. Ktindwoilh. 211-47 Jamaica av. Hollis 8587. 5 9-3 QUERNS Owner will sell 6-room, bath. new nonse, neons, sf.zuu; reuny ror use. Tel. Richmond Hill 3754. Improvements, parquet. 10-7 QITKEXR $200 cash; 1 -family; electric light ; detached ; ti rive way ; tax exempt, 2-story. Richmond Hill 0247-W. Ludwig. 5 11-7 QUEENS VILLAGE -A fine recently con structed one-tamiiy colonial home in best residential section ; must sell ; need-cash; asking IIO.SuO; valued at $1 1,500; location, Jefferson av and Spruce st. Builder, Vandetbllt 8180. $ QUEENS VILLAGE. L. I. Colonial house; corner plot; s?ven large rooms; fireplace; tiled bath and kitchen; parquet floors; every improvement ; garage; three minutes to station; will sacrifice, jinx A-362, Eaglo World brat'.vh, Manhattan. QUEENS VILLA OR Tax exempt house. six rooms, sun parior anil nam; driveway; steam heat, pa ram t floors, -awnings and Screens; live tons of coal; owner leaving town; price $6.700. Hollis 23. $ 11-7 RICHMOND HILL 1-family house, cor ner, eoxHo ; 8 rooms a no nat u ; elect ric light, steam heat; 2-car garage; upper part equipped for addltiona I family ; exec-Dent condition; must bo seen to be appreciated; price $12,600. 1219 134th st. Phone Jamaica 9386. 9-3 RICHMOND HILL One-family house; ex empt; bargain: must he sold ; six rooms; driveway; enclosed porch: everv Imnrove-ment ; convenient all transit; lot 30x100; excellent location: terms to suit. Pho:ie Richmond Hill 9422-M. RICHMOND HILL 117th st ; 1 -family fra me ; ca n be made Into 2-famlly ; 3 -car garage, steam heat, electric; ill.uoo; cash $3,000. Olenmore 8700. 8-7 RICHMOND HILL Exempt. 7 rooms. $5,900. cash a00, $30 mommy; detached; driveway. Builder, Zinls. 48b Fulton st. Jamaica S137-W. t S-Ht RICHMOND HILL 1 1150 llr.lll "t : 10 room house, 2 baths, ail modern miprove- 5 i-A ROCK VI LLE CENTRE 35 minutes from Broadway; the beautiftd suburb with every convenience for your comfort and er.'tertatnment : see I liese specie l offerings; $7,000, seven-room Dutch Colonial, pipeiess heater, electricity, beautifully decorated, plot 4 0x100 or larger. garag; $7,500, six-room Dutch Colonial, all Improvements, hardwood floors, fl replace, 50x100; $8,750. six rooms, hot-water heat, all Improvements, plot 50x170. fruits, chicken houses, largo garden; $,00o. dainty Colonial, six rooms, tiled had, open fireplace, gas, electricity, Fteam lieat. These houses are located In nice residential sections, convenient to station, stores and schools. John A. Power, Inc., 229 W. 4 2d st. Chlckering 2959. 56 Front st, ROck-ville Centre. Phono 17S3. 0 ROCK V I LLE CENTRE "OUK With five bedrooms, tiled bath, two targe living room, sun parlor, etc.; every mod ern convenience; bhihk". mui jvuxiiu hanutifii) uhade trees, shrubs, etc.; re stricted neighborhood ; can be purchased at a sacrifice, ax owner must moo; terms can be arranged to sun. n. n. acai, jui nroadway. Rockvllle Centre U'7-J. ROCKVILLE CENTRE Exceptional house. 9 rooms, sun parior, eieciricny. (t.s, ijjir-age, garden; convenient location; vacant; modernto price. Seen Sunday. fail 68 Ravmond av. R. V. C, or phone lUd-dingway 6448 weekdays. No brokers. ROCK V: LLE CENTRE "If it's for sala We have It. numee hhu nuiuo ojioa i all prices and terms; 10 years experience, E. w. Henniiigs, inc., 51 Park av, near R R. station. Pbone 1301. ROSEDALE, corner plot, 50x100. Washington and Union av. James Sweeney, 738 Washington av.. .Brooklyn. ST. JAMES, L. 1. 10 lots for Male on easy terms. Owner. K. L. Cody. Phone Lafayette 3798; evening, j 11-3 SOUTHAMPTON 15 acres, north of depot; good road frontage; $1,260. Owner 720 Av P, Brooklyn. Shoepshead 6715-J. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE I;. I. and Qupfn Kor Sale 8 SOFTH JAMAICA 5-room bungalow fur sale at sacrifice; 3 minute fioru sta tion; $5,800. Box K-3U. Eagle. i 9-' HPRINGF1EED Owher sacrifices beautiful home, seven room. 4, tiled bath, shower; parquet; sun rarlor: large plot; two mm ut station; $7,800; terms. E. M. Hmilh, corner Merrick rd. Springfield av. Laurel- ion ;V.itt-K or 803ft. I VAIjLE Y STREAM BARGA IN8 Ba-rfulns to he had now ; come out ana we us houses at all ntices from 14,901. upward small amount cash; halanve on easy termnr rait unit hm i-nnvilu-ed. WW. Armstrong. 254 Roc ka way av, V'all.-y Stream, tpen daily and Sunday, t WANT A OH BeautWul Edgerton Bqu&re development: lots formerly $250 now $K0 earn rrom mortgage. av rtruuv lyn. ' WOODHAV EN 2-family detached, 9 rooms, large attic, cement drlve.vay, 2 car garage; lot 3.1x10: 2 cabinet gas ran res. i furnaces, hot water heaters, lame unclniwl unrrh electrlcltv: neifect condition ; 1 floor vacant; Income $1,620 yearly; 3 minutes Jamaica L, 7 minutes L. 1. R. R. : 110.500. $3,000 cash. This fs a bargain. Owner, J. A. Thompson, 734 Chauiieey st. Olenmore 9135-.1. 9 WOOUHAVKN 7th at.. Bovd av. station. Fulton st. L,: new modern, tax exempt, i and 6 room detached houses; $6,660 to $7,250; parquet floors, steam heat, gas oiin electricity; garage space, au uuwu, balance ft.i rent. See K. C. Dillon, on premises. Phone Richmond Hill f82fi. J, K. HRMtroMS Co.. Inc.. 291 Fulton St., Brooklyn. t 11-7 WOODHAVEN North of Jamaica av. near Forest Park; corner t-family frame, 6 rooms, attic, tile kitchen and bath ; pantry, fireplace, side lights, floor bases, parquet: bargain, $12,000, Box U-597. Eagle Manhattan branch. 8-2 th su WOODHAVEN Six rooms; all improve ments; two-car garage. T all V irgtnia 177M-W. t 1 V.'YANDANCH. L. I. 6-room cottage v.ater In house; full cellar; garage; shade 1 1 ees ; at station ; $25 per month ; good conmiuMng. ('has. L,. Wat hi lis, liox iu, Y.yandanch, L. 1. WYANDANCH 6-room bungalow: fur-race; water and tub In kitchen; garage; Pi minutes from station; $20 per month; gt.nd commuting. Chas. L. Wat kins, P"X 10. Wyandanch. L. I.. N. Y. AT;. OLUTE BARGAIN Must sell my Id r-ie plot of 5 lots; unrestricted, in fast- oijildmg commuting section or ixng Island; total price $370, on small terms it dealred; perfect title. Wm. .Schneider, 9?j E. 24th et, Bklyn. t 10-7 ALL READY tn move In; coal for winter In cellar; Floral Park; S minutes walk f f rom Bellerose. electric service, station; new home: plot 50x100; on corner fronting stone roads; first floor has large living room with fireplace, sun parlor, dining room, kitchen, pantry and Icebox room; second floor has 3 bedrooms, tiled bath with Pembroke tub, pedestal lavatory, syphon .let toilet; stairway to attic, which is floored; extra toilet and tubs 'n basement; copper flashing, gutter, leaders and screens; price $11,600; reasonable terms. Edward Bialla. builder, 41 Remsen lane. Phone 360 Floral Park. 11-7 ASTONISHING BARGAIN Home and business location.; corner State automobile road-; fine S-room house; garage; fruit,' shade; 48 miles out; $4,500. $300 cash, $26 monthly. Bowen, 381 Pearl St. Triangle 5416. BARGAIN 8-room house In heart of Jamaica, all modern improvements, small amount cash. 177 Shelton av. ' Phone Jamaica 3326. t 10-2 BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT WATERS A dandy little home and chicken farm; eight-room bungalow, with bath, steam heat, electricity; screened porches back and front; two-car garage; chicken' house 100x16 cn cement foundation with incubator cellar; shade nnd fruit trees, berries, large grapo arbor; nil on plot 850x385; facing oil two streets ; bargain for reasonable cash payment and easy term3 for balance. Phone or write 245 W. 43d. New York; Lacka-wamva 7740; Apt.. 12. t BEAL'TI Kl. L COLONIAL HOUSE, 7 rooms and bath, tax exempt, well designc! home; select neighborhood, restricted; Inrge plot; garage; steam heat, gas. electricity, tiled bath: large enclosed porch; tine fixtures; artistic decorations; rooms all large; ample closets. Do not overlook this chance. Price and to-."s rea Konahlp. 1 69th st. north of Briarwood rd. Hlllcrest, Jamaica, L. I. Phone Jamaica 2S1B. 9-8 BUILDER sacrifices less than cost benu-tlful tax exempt Colonial house; plot 6,000 square feet; garage, driveway; Hill section, Jamaica's finest residential park; 20 minutes Manhattan1; 400 trains dally; 5e. fare: sewer, gas. electricity; pavement: steam,' parquetry, open fireplace, sun parlor, tiled kitchen, tiled bath; aitts-t If decorations, fine fixtures; $1,000 cash; $33 monthly principal. McNeece, 30 Union Hall st. Jamaica; Union Hall station. Phone Jainnlca 4195. 10-7 BUILDER'S OPPORTUNITY Very fine building sites to be had on easy terms in tho fastest growing section of Hollis. John K. Alien, J97th st and Hollis av, Hollis. L. L 10-3 BUNGALOW Freeport: $7,000; with six rooms, bath: glass enclosed porch: corner plot; near depot and Merrick rd: will take $760 cash from responsible party and motithlv payments tor oaiance. write , M. Frederick. 258 Broadway, New York, Phone Barclay 5698. t. U-3'Ui m w BUNGALOW" PLOT bv the Sound, hour out North Shore: wonderful views over the water: fine beach included for Datning size 50x160: price $6n0, easy terms. Francis E. Ruland. 47 W.-, 34th st. Fltz rov 4983. 11-3' CHEAPEST MUDLE VILLAGE BUY Two-family semi-detached stuccn houses, with cemented drlvewavs; part v wall eight Inches; noiseproof; tiled bath, finished floors: shades, white metal polyehromed fixtures, Vulcan1 smooth -top gas ranges: brick stoop; sewers, etc.; price $9,750; cash $2,500; hank mortgage $4,000. A. Hendel & Hons, inc., Morton av and Hosaek st. Middle Village, N. Y. Tel. Junlner 061 3. - in"2 COLONIAL type house, corner plot 60x100, 2-car garag, 7 rooms ami num. t . i Baldwin. Wilson av. Westhurv, L. I. 10 CORNER PROPKRTY- Two-storv eight-room house: hot. water and steam hent. hardwood floors; two-story garage: one block from Merrick rd, two blocks from station; on nicest street In Baldwin. Box G-346 Eagle office. 11-3 su vaui -) ttiri.a- neAr Htatimil 22 mi lea city"; opportunity for high class rlvelop- menr ny realtors, uox r.--" FINK three-story concrete house; In tons - f nnerete PA rn ire 1 f TUft WPM St fiw iirti rrAunri : views: retire I $6,500: terms: list. Codling, Nortliport L. T. . FOR SALE 1-family; $500 cash will buy a new 6-room and bath one-family houi U tU hnnfnn Be,-tlnti. on B. ulol 23x100. with driveway; house has hardwood .ft, nn eleetricltv and steam heut ; first mnrttraire 14.000: second mortgage van be jald like rent. Call Taylor, Main 8400 for anuointment. T -T FOR SALE 6-room bungalow with Improvements; suitable for all year around; plot 40x100; price $4 600, with $600 cash; also 6-room houses from $6,000 up. J. L. Mott. Franklin Square. L. I. Tel. 119-R Floral Parity f FOR SALE House, completely furnished ttuld be used as boarding house or high nluua a narlnmnt hnitfiP : "Salllia Apart ments," situated on boardwalk. Long Beach. L. I.: Hotel Nassau block. John Loskeavo Realty Corp., Long Beach Phone Long Beach 82L FOR SALE Good income property. 10- rnnm Itmine nnd Crouiid. 56-foot frotlt, 2 feet rie-p. facing Hempstead Turnpike; nil Improvements. Sandtrom, Stop 11. Elmont. Ifl- GENTLEWOMAN returning to Fur ope must nel her home in heart or jnmaica nil Imnrovements: $1,000 rash; balance like rent. Information Room 4 146 Ash land pl. opposite L. I. Depot, pnone nlngs. Laurelton 1804. 3-7 I.oth for hhIa nt Stetnwav: unrestricted all Imnrovements. H. Ci. Sims, 105 Punly st. Stelnway, L. I. l0"3 GREAT BARGAIN 8 rooms and bath. 4 bedrooms, llvlngroom. nmmgroom. mi-tlngroom, kitchen, hot water heat, electricity and gas; fruit; corner plot. 80xU0; 2-car garage; $2,600 cash, price $7,500. This is one of the best buys 1 ever offered. George E. Wheeler. 15 Railroad av. opp. depot, Freeport. L. I. Open daily and Sunday. Tel. Freeport 438. t 9-3 LARGE PLOTS, high, wooded land, overlooking 1 I. Sound; Ideal for summer bungalow ; near splendid beach, station, stores; JuFt right for commuting; yet real country; $600 to $1,000, easy terms; camp first build later; home Saturday and Sunday, otherwise by appointment. L. B. Hammond, owner, Glen Cove. Phone 1567. 11-3 an tu th MUST SELL AT ONCE my two lots in Garden City. $195 each; $ao down.. . monthly, located near railroad station and only 34 minutes from Pennsylvania station. P. J. Brasch. Room 1126. 47 W. 34th st. Fltzroy 2356. t 11 -3 su tu th NEW six-room house on plot 60x125; hardwood floors, tile hath, steam heat; In an Ideal restricted community; 3S minutes from Pennsylvania station; an opportunity for a real home; $8,500; on easy term-": C. Franv Reed. 47 W. 34th st. New York City. Fltzroy 2355. t 11-2t-iuw REAL ESTATE FOR SALE r.. I. and Vopetm For Sale M NEW 6-ROOM HOf.SE. wide lot. g JO 'atlon. .Mrs. I.uyton. Bavnort. ; RARE CHANCE Beautiful 6-room colonial house; plot 100x420; 30 minutes to R- R Mtatn.n: price $6,930. Address . C. 2'M E. 23d at, Manhattan. H-I th su READY To MOVE IN Floral Park: $l.y')0 cash, $-j:, monthly, buys new six-room house; all improvements. Joyce, 48 Tyson av. opposite school t $-7 VERY ATTRACTIVE houses In the 11 1. est ecuon or Mollis to be had at aorriotive ierm. inquire John E. Allen, 197th st and Hollls av, Hollis, L. I. 10-3 WHEN YOU CAN HAVE mony by buying now. why watt until apring before lookltig at my small homes of every description, with from 1 to 2 acres, and chicken farms with 6 to 10 acres with hennery, and with sto' k or without ? Prices now are from $4,000 to I7.00U; all on easy terms, it. H. Watson. Brentwood, L. I.. N Y. Phone 115. WILL SA( RIFli'E 2 lots in Garden 'lty $160 each. $40 down. $5 monthly; within 5 minutes' walk of station, stores an schools. Write for particulars. Daniel Gleeson. 15 w. 42d et, X. Y. City. t 11-7 VI I LI sacrifice 13 rooms. 2 baths, garaga house, ul table for remodeling Into 2-family nous-; hest location; plot R4xl00. Phone Richmond Hill 2230. 10-2 YOUR OWN HOME 221st st and 97th av. Queens Village: price $6,060; cash $760 ; detached, 6 rooms, bath, inclosed porch; decorate'!, parquet: all Improvements. Creed Bhlg. Corp. liecatur 7347, R. H. 0448-J. t 10-U ssu 2-FA M 1 E V ba RGA 1 N Tax exempt. 1 1 rooms, two sun parlors, electric light, steam heat. parquet floors. tile bath nnd kitchen, sewer connected; large driveway; price $I2.h00; also one 2-fam-lly. same Improvements, semi-detached, $11,760; easy terms. . Geo. H. Shoch, owner and builder, premises. Meti o polls av, at 122d st, Richmond Hill. Take Fulton L to Lefferla av station, walk 3 short blocks to premises. C 2-FAMILY, 11 rooms; t w o heating plants, parquet, hardwood trim, electricity; 2 tiled baths; beautiful section; semi-detached; lot 22x100; north Jamaica av; $9.650. r0hb A Co., 16 Court st, Bklyn. $ 5 AND BATH, all improve men it; new building; tax exempt; $300 down. 128-14 146th st. South Ozone. Jamaica 7120-J. 8IX-HOOM HOUSE. $5.600 Wit h all improvements; near depot at Bellmore; plot 60x120 feet; only $1,000 cash; balance $25 monthly. C. J. Campbell, Bellinnre, L. I. Phone Wantagh 28. t 11 -3 su m w $600 HUYS 6-room stucco house; ste-ini; all Improvements: tiled bath nnd kitchen; driveway; wide street: fine location; near church, school and transportation : best construction; price $5,2 50. Rich ter & Kennedy. 34 Union Hall at. Phone Jh-maica 7739. 1-71 $1,000 CASH New Colonial. 6 comfortable. well planned rooms, filled bath and kitchen, built-in shower, parquet floors, fireplace, music room, white enamel trim; plot 40x100; restricted location ; price $8,500; 6 minutes to station; So minutes to city. Farley Realty Co., lS'ith pl and Jamaica av. Hollis 3676. Open Sunday. S-7C $1,300 CASH, price $5,800. will buy 6 rooms ana hath, heat, electricity; every improvement; 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen; 4,000 square feet of land; garage, George E. W heeler, 1 5 Railroad av. opposite depot, Freeport, I,. I. open dally and Sunday. Tel. Free-port 438. t $10.2f.O BUYS beautiful two-family, 11 moms; double garage; all improvements. Klueg & PetersoiL fv3 Jamaica av. 2-14C Now .IrrscY For Sale Rfia ALLENDALE. N. J. On Franklin Turn-iike, main auto road to Buffalo, suitable tor residence, roud house, tea room, htand, etc; l acre, lfiO ft. road frontage. 360 ft. deep; house all improvements; 9 rooms and bath; large barn, fruit and shade trees; owner must hell ; price and terms right. A. E. Wlmins, Ramsey, N. J. BOGOTA. Teaneck. Englewood Absolute tall bargains nv new homes, Ave, six. seven rooms; prb-es $6,800 to $3,500; small cash payment and easy terms; act quick. Chas. H. Reis, West Englewood, N. J. : near West Shore station. Englewood 1873-W. 10-7 CALDWELL, N. J. Sacrifice; best location; eight rooms and bath; large sleeping porch, glass enclosed; all improvements; large nlot ; two-ear gar.ige; building and lean mortgage; convenient, to train and trolley. Phone Ci. Id well 771. J, W. Mollek, 14 Ravine av. t 10-2 CRANFORD, N. J. Practically new modern 7 -room house, lot -15x170; all Improvements; 2-car garage; fruit trees; good section; near trolley. R. R. and school; $8,300: B. L. mortgage $4,080: cash $1,000, balance second mortgage to quick buyer. Take C. It. R. of N. J io Garwood IN. J.t station. Phone Cin-ford 375-R and car wl 1 call at station.' CR ANF Ht I) Builder moving, will sacrifice one-family, 6 rooms, tiled shower bat h ; parquet floors ; tl rep lace ; 2-car garage. Make offer. Pfiueger, 21 Mansion Terrace. GLEN RIDGE Well constructed 7-room home In high-class restricted residential street. A p ace you can call home and mean it. Plot 60x150. Room for driving. Price $1 3,000; mortgage $7,500. A. M. Robinson, Inc., Si, Washington st, Bloom-field. N. J. MAPLE WOOD The Stevenson Company (Eugene S. Van Riper, Pres.). 163 Maple-wood av, opposite Firo Hall. Builder's bargain. House built to pell for $ lit, BOO and good value at that price; purchasable this wpi k at bargain; well but t, attractive style, fine location; 9 splendid rooms; tile bath; beautiful porch; only $2,100 rash; see this property. A res! home. Not Inrge but complete, compact, charming ; 6 lovely rooms: large living room with open fireplace; wonderful bath with built-in tuh and fixtures; 2 porches; lavatory on first floor; interior decorations and fixtures like those In a $50,-ooo home; beautiful for situation: magnificent trees: 2-car garage; only $11,-450. English type, unique and uncommonly -attractive ; beautiful lines all allowing style, careful planning and character: entrance hall, stairway ami li . ln? room form a rare combination : 6 rooms and full tie bath; porch setting delightful: will make a strong appeal tu those looking for something different: almost any one would appraise this proo-crty at around $15,000; we can sell It at n'mnit 12 000 lenn. tinrirnln no "mountain side, 100x150. for $3,000; many others 'from $25 per front foot up. r MAPLE WOOD T L. & W. Railroad; ?,n minutes N. Y. ; real home; builder's sacrifice; new; C rooms, breakfast nook; open fireplace; all improvements; worth $10.-000; sell for $8,500; $1,200 cash. H. Flournoy. 828 Broad st, Newark, N. J. Tel. 1061 Mulberry. MIIjLINGTON For sale, country boarding house, L'4 rooms, and t acres; itirnisiien ; Improvements; established 13 years: two gcod springs; tennis court ; beautiful grove ; large porches ; cows, chickens, ducks, pigs and automobile; large barn, chicken houses; 30 miles out. on It.. I.. & W.; price i 14.000, half cash ; or would consider trade for rooming house property, lull Information, apply Box 119, Route 2, Milllngton, New Jersey. MONTVLA I R Excellent -.'-family: $IT.- 000. This Is a real opportunity to purchase a high-grade 2-famlly house In tin-right locution ; large dining and I vlng rooms, fireplaces, sun parlors, airy bedrooms, good kitchen; every modern Impt. ; choice lot; double garage; occupancy of one floor, If wanted, within short time. By all means see this property. I,. W. imrstlne 4H1 Hioomtbdd nv, Montr-lair. Phone office. Moiitelair vl.'ij. Phone Res. Mnntelalr H003. M()NT( LAIR Desirable brick veneer co lonial; large living room, brick llrep!av; dining room; gas kitchen; breukfast nook ; spacious sun parloi ; 4 bedrooms; tiled bath with shower; larg lot; refined location: price rerfu.ed for quirk sule to $13.r.00. Griffith. 124 Wild wood av, Montftnir. t MONTCI-A1R. V J. 9 -room house. 5 bed rooms on second floor, ba t h, la rge open attic; modern Improvements; redecorated: screened porch ; garage ; fruit and shade trees, lot Jt'.:xt;0; price iu,tvi. Troutvetter, A'27 drove st. MONT' 'It A IR 9-room home. p.i-nieul.irt nnd photograph upon request to nvi Dirlus, 1 52 Valley rd. Broken; recog nized. 1 NTTI.HY Unusual opportunity ; fi-roorn resilience, fine condition, all improvements ; Ideal location : refined neighborhood; $!,600; terms. 27 Maple pl. Phone 9S9-J. PLAINF1KLD 1-family house, ti rooms, cat n ; not water, neat; -.'-car stone garage; large plot; abundant fruit. Wm. S. Schaefer. 91i William at. New York City. Tel. John fifibU. RA H WA Y 271 St. Georges v; detached 1-family house, 7 rooms, bath, steam heat, electric light, gas, on Lincoln Highway; schools and churches convenient: Newark and Elisabeth bus pass door; lot 50x150; excellent train service on main line Pennsylvania R. R. : newlv deco rated; partly furnished; Immediate possession; price 17.600;. Address Mrs, N. wrtnug. 144 p. Portland av. RAMSEY Freme semi-bungalow, 5 rooms and bath; electricity: city wateY; plot 75x2K0: fruit: $4,500; good terms. Other bargains. Wilson Itealtv Co.. Ramsev. N. J. Phone 61. IIIWKWODU, N. .1. Beautiful home fr sale or lease; 9 rooms, bath, garage, every modern Improvement; lot 7.200 sq. ft.; massive oak trees; near depot, .fl Grand-view pl. Apply owner, 39 Jefferson av. Sterling 71S5-R. f R I DUE WOOD Fine neighborhood, near high school, 2-story, attic: 7 room, bath all Improvements: oak floors; fine order; large plot; sale or rent: Dosseasion. Be dell, 90 West Broadwsy, New Yo-k, f T-I wfsu REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Xow .lTi-y For Salo HAa HI'THKHPoKU-Sklr '.P rem. m-w 6-room hoiiHe; Iw-.t con.truriton an-l !or-llon; all Improvements ; bjtrK.t n. 111.000. Voj... 42 Hawthorne gt, Kutherfurft. N. J. el. 511-lt. t t su l:i."Tlii;;t.'' .RU. x. J Fr, . lisi .,t i,.,u. s for aal an, I rent: 30 mjnut.-d N.-w York City. Write Van winkle to. o.,. mntion. 11-V SOUTH ORANGE In most attractive and convenient location : modern 1 3-room house; tn AI condition; center hall; large living room and sun oarlor: tiled kitchen: 6 masters rooms and 2 tiled baths on 2n- noor; exclusive of service wing containing 1 room and bath; 3 fine rooms and bath on 3rd flour; lot 100x170; heated irsraicfl for 2 earn; $45,000. The J, ( has. O'Brien Co.. Rcultois. Established 18Sto. South Orange, N. J. t SOUTH (.IRA NOR Three new, well constructed R-room houses, complete in every detail; sun parlor, breakfast nook, fireplace, ttle shower, bath; near trolleys, busses and railroad. Pfiueger, l'JO Holland rd. ASTONISHING BARGAIN All Improved cottage. 5 rooms and bath, steam, gas, electricity; large plot; newly painted and decorated; full size screens, porch and windows ; shades; immediate possession. Write, call, phone. Rutherford 173 or 2440. Nicholson Company, Lyndhurst, N. J At either station. t BUNGALOW plot. 40 feet front, 105 feet deep; fine neighborhood; fully Improved st reet ; convenient to station ; will :iac-rlft:e for $1,000; good title. Owner, Box 11, Nutley. N. .1. t COMMUTER'S farm and home on the O. L. & V. R. R., 1 hour from Ne-v York: 1 0 -room house, all improvem Mils; 27 acres; garage and outbuildings; all fully equipped ; everything in first -cliis: sha;if' ; a beautiful home, high elevation, no mosquitoes; near schools, stores and churches, on good road, 1 mil to town. Bargain for quick sale. $17.00f or tern. 1. Owner. Box H-360, Eagle office. ; FOR SALE Eight-room house In most attractive nectlun of Rldgewood, N. J. Modern In every respect : elect rictty and gas in each room; hardwood floors, open fireplace, garage, shrubbery and many other niceties: lot 100x150. Can be neen by appointment only. Box T-266. Eagle office. FOR SALE Modern ten-room house and garage, in Weslfleld, N. J.; best location; IiTge living room, line screened porch: ail onveniences; lt 65x175; n in cellar. C17 Lawrnco av. Phone Wei-tri-dd 221 -M. POULTRY FARM On troll., y line, on State road, mar New Brunswick; 1 L acres; Kjdendtd 6-room house; fruit; water, gss, street sewer; $l.0i)0; $ 1.500 cash. Commuter's ideal home bargain. Hatson Farm Agency. 4x9 5th av. N. Y. t SEMI-BUNGALOWS, two, 6 rooms, kitchens equipped with gray enamel combination ranges. 10-foot tile sinks, with cabinet and kitchen dressers, bath, tile floors and base; one fireplace, bookcases. Particulars. Owner, Win. H. Johnson, West-field 869-M. f 16-8-au SEND FOR illustrated booklet of Summit. Ambrose Powell. Phono Summit 380. t au5-52t-su $9,500 New f-room colonial, tile lath, steam heat, fireplace, hardwood floors; select location. Orth & Coan, Inc., West-wood. N. .1. Tel. 33H. Out of Town Property Snlt h7 GREENWICH-STAMFORD Real bargain; former price $40,000, take $25. "00, Interest, taxes, insurance paid to May. 1924. "Stony Crest," pretentious .residence ; fou r ba t h s, large ga ra ge ; t h ree acres, beau'lfullv wooded; hilltop, western views: surrounded by splundtd estates. Richards, I mrien, t 'onn. ( MOHEGAN TRAIL Boarding house; 19 rooms, completely furnished ; bath, electricity, running wnter; plumbing; veranda; heauiitully located on Slate highway; half hour from Catsklll; big moneymaker; first time offered ; price $1 0.0 CO. part cash. Hatson Farm Agency, 4HU 5th n v, New York, t PLEASANTVI LLE For property in this vie ml t y write or rail on Sic A voy St Co:, 14 Wheeler av, Pleasantville. N. Y. t 4-14 STATE ROAD Auto Inn, Berkshires; acre ; 7 -room house ; 80 fruit trees; mile station; a beauty; $3,000. half cash. Bat-son ln nn Agency, 49 6th a v. N. Y C-tv.t WHITE PLAINS $10.50o; attractive suburban home; pre-war built ; splendid condition : 7 rooms, bath ; all improvements; plot 50x100; high elevation; fine view; t on veil lent to station and school ; terms. Wm. E. Lawrence, 6 Depot Plaza, White Plains. N. Y. Tel. 3S67. f BAHIiAl.WMonroe, N. Y. ; 20-room house; all improvements ; 6-room cottage, outbuildings; 90 acres of land ; high elevation; suitable for camp or boarding ho uw ; In the heart of lake region of Ora ngn County ; price $ 12.000. Brooks Age n t-y, M onroe, N. Y. FARMS, village property, country seats, vlllago stores, lake property and tailors business with a nice d we) ling and also doctor's estate, with practice and residence in a nice village. Dean's Ron! Estate and Ins. Agency, Mlllbrook, N. Y. 4-4 su FOR SALE Boa tit t fill modern house, on main State highway, between New York City and Albany, N. Y. ; In catskill S't untai n section. 95 miles from New 1 ork City. House has 12 rooms, with bath, gits, telephone, hot and cold running water, etc. Also bungalow, garage a nd 3 harm; 6 a itch land, with oxer 100 fruit trees. Cultivated berries, grapes, etc. ; omnibus line passes door every hour ; price $8.000 ; terms. H. A. A heel, Sa ugertles. N. Y. FOR SALE Near Ocean City. Mil., 20 acres best trucking soli, fine house of 15 rooms, cottage of 3 rooms adjoining, magnificent simile and fruit trees ; con ve tile nt 1 v nea r railway sta t ton ; sacrifice ; $s,ono, terms. Mrs. Aahcraft, Berlin, Md., or It. Mainland, owner, 201 W. 109th st, New York city. GAS STATION One acre; 6 rooms; c.h $660. S7-acre poultry farm, complete, many extras; cash $1,000; only $5,000. i 'ou n try homes. Tel! us what you want. A. Scliellenherger. Danbury, Conn. H A V E Y' JU I in j) roved proper! y in Brook -lyn or nearby New Jersey? Would you like to dispose of this property In pan payment for a beautiful English type ho us'-?, 7 rooms and 2 baths, io course of construction In the popular Green acres section of Scnrsdale? Price $26.O0(i; only the inHn who sincerely wants a Westchester home ned apply: no speculators; will ro-operale with brokers. L. W. Prince, 342 .Madison av. Tel. Murray Hill 0555. t 1 l-:i nm HEALTH SEEKER Sale or rent, 8-room f tirmshed house ; mountains. Sullivan County: $1,200. Box 47. Sloatshurg. N.Y. IKU'SE '23 Academy av. Middletown. N. Y. ; 3 story ; 12 la rge rooms ; modern, up-to date In every way; also barn and guru ge ; Ideal for rooming house ; price JI0,rO0, with appropriate terms. Imjiiire Henry Schelbel, 44 Court st, Brooklyn. Main 77HI. 1 1 - i MODERN Colonial, 3 acres; ft rooms, bath, heating, electricity; purest artesian water; barn. hennery ; fruit, shade, brook ; $l.HO0; fine condition: real bargain. Marshall P. Richards, Darien, Conn, t M'll'MA I X CAMP bungalow. .(0-mile iew, 3 rooms, furnished: chicken coop, fruit, acre, 3 miles Warwick. fl..'"o. p. Houghton, owner, 364 E. a 1st .it, Rkivn. 1-7 50-ACRE FARM in town of New lurgb. Beautiful view, high location : large 12 room house, h'gli under the celling: large porch : suitable for boarders, chicken or flairy farm. Stock and tools and cur. M:iil delivered at the door; near school, church and store. For more information write owner. Edward Mathisen, Route WHlkiU. X. V. CS-4t-su Ileal Kstfttc For Fxchange SS FEATBl'SH LOTS wanted; builder offers corner brick 2-famtly in excaange for lot.- ripe for improvement. R. F. Pratt & Son, 21.18 Nostrand nv. Junction Kluttuit-h av. Phone Mansfield 1O202. 10-TC HAVE YOl small or large properties to exchange? Have good exchange proposition. Will add cash. Brokers protected. Phillips, 41U So. 4th. Brooklvn. Stagg 00-1T. t WANTED, hut. Brooklyn or l.uug Island. Offer 2 family frame. electricity. II ronini, 2 bat hs : East New York section. C- Smith. 147Barbcy st, Brooklyn. WILL EXCHANGE a good automobile and 10 lots on Long Island, price $-'.800, for 1 or 2-famlly tax exempt house In Ri'h-niotid Hill. Jamaica or vicinity; will give 'hack sveond mortgage on house and have same discounted at once. Real Estate Brokers Exchange, 1S95 Fulton st. WILL exchange choice i-fatull; r.-nt $3.7tiS; for ono or two-family; consider good mortgage or other offers: cash re-ouired. Apply Room 511, :'ti Court st. v Wanted Real Kstalo 80 APARTMENT HOCSES wanted. 3. 4. 5 stories, double and single; Immediate purchase; preierily In Williamsburg. Nathan Stern, 7"ti Flushing av, Brooklvn. Pulaski 2711. ll-3suturh Bl'NGALOW OR HOVSE wanted. 5 or 6 rooms, about 1 acre of ground, preferabty North Shore of Long Island; about 1 hour out. Richmond Hill 5325-W. S725 lOKth st. Richmond Hill. $ GARAGE SITES Quick action on plots suitable for ga ra "te construct ion anywhere In Brooklyn. Send full details. Harrv M. Lewis. 19 Montague st. t GARAGES or garage plots. We have buyers waiting ror Dotn. William r . Taylor Realty Co., Inc., 631 Nostrand av. Lafayette 243. C.-7C HOUSES and lota bought, sold or exchanged; canh for sellers; lota for builders; bargains for horaeseekers; opportunities for operators. Cherrlngton. 734 oravesend av. Je3-31t-su REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Wanlol Roal I-Xale 8J READ ESTATE WANTED In Bedford section: buyers waiting; 2 and ;( family A. J- Fusco. 144 Putnam av. Phone Sterling HM SO. HI. A It EST AT E W ANTKD-buyers waiting. A. J. Fusco. av. Sterling 10490. LAV Rl hOE Real" wanted V. H Rraun Co., 001 3d a v. Shor Road 653 Opn evenings and Sundays. BEOFORD HILL section; good stieet; half cash, about 4,u00; 3 and basement no agents. Adams, 1154 Fulton st. BEDFORD SECTION Owners, we have many buyers for property In the vicinity or tins omre. uiuos, J4,u uiton at. i-a-fayette 6jS5. K-7 BROOKLYN LOTH Suitable business o t wo-famll v : cash nald : state urlce. loca tion, restrictions. H. R. Co., Box Z-570, Eagle, office. S- H EIGHTS Private party will buy residential Brooklyn Heights property: $50 i to $1,500 cash down. Box E-342, Eagit- office. LONG BEACH Will buy lots, homes, bungalows; cnnh ; full particulars, lot and block. T. B., 75 Eagle office. ACT QUICK Bay Ridge; quick results, list your property with Blehl, 5622 6th av; open Sundays and evenings. ADULT christian family, small, desire o rent, with option to buy for all cash If satisfactory, small single or 2-famtly house, vicinity of Prospect park plaxa preferred. Full particulars. F." 62 B. 41st st. Manhattan. f 10-2 BUSINESS PROPERTY wanted on 4th. 5th or 7th av. H. Rowohlt, 640 Carroll st. Phone South 725. 8-7 C CLIENTS ready witn cash to purchase; Bay Ridge preferred; $30u,000 for apartments. $100,000 for business property, $50,000 for one or two-family houses. G. A. Roherg. 46B 6th av. Brooklvn. t DAVENPORT REAL ESTATE Co. INC., wants listings of property fur sale in any Section of Brooklyn; have buyer. Main office, corner Fulton and S. i iford jt. Fiatbiish office, s31 Flatbush cv, HAVE BUYERS for one ;u,d t wo-i.unily houses in Stuyvesant section. For 'iul' k sale mail particular to us. John P.. Pipe, 2CH Rcid av. Brook'vn. N. Y HAVE BUYERS List your property with us ror quicK action, lyons & .M;ion, b9 Washington ave. Tel. Sterling 8312. HAVE $3,500 ranli, desire a 2-famlly houe In Bay Ridge section. Send particulars to Box K-313. Eagle office. t-7 HAVE CASH buyers, us for quick action, f'ourt st. Room 211. List prop-arty Willi Molloy Jacobs, 2b I ASI IN THE MARKET for apartment house; Lent section or Flatbush; over $100,0 00. Chas. lleymann. 212 ! av, N. y. C. Madison Square 1736, 11 to i p.m. 51 INVESTOR wants 8 to 16-famlly house; give all details In letter. Box E-31J. Eagle office. 8-1 4t C LARGE CASH PAYSIENT Want two-family, seml-def ached, hrick house, Ray Ridge, Benson -linrst or viclnl'y. Near trains and stores. Sf ust have enclosed porches, garage and 3 large bedrooms on upper floor. Limit $17,000. Principals only. Buyer, Box D-346, Eagle ofllce. LIST your tarnished house or apartment with us. Our clientele Is select and carefully Investigate references. John Rein Co., 805 Flatbush av. Telephone Flatbush 1400. t 10-7 LOOKING for houses In Brooklyn? Wo will buy quick If you w-fll offer us up-to-date houses in Brookllyn; $10,000-$a.0n0 investment ; submit detailed particulars. Anchor Realty Corporation, 2 E. 2X1 st, N. Y. fit v. t 11-3 su in th MY SPECIALTY" tlie 'management of colored tenants. What hao you to offer? John D. Moaeley, 3S7 Cumberland st. 11-7C MY 1,250 buyers have $10.i'00,00 cash to buy small p: opertiea. Send particulars. Bogossluu, 87 Lafayette av. Nevlns 1960. o25-28t OWNER, list your property with us; buyers watting for 2. 3, 4 and 6-famtly houses. Alcala, 17 Chauucey at. Decatur 6674-J. $ l'J-7 OWNERS' TR E Have quick buyern with generous amount of cash for 1 an I 2-family; alo detached houses with garages. David Porter, Inc., 32 Court st. t 11 -J OWNERS, what have you to sell? Plenty of whit" and colored buyers waiting with from $1,000 to $5,000 cash. Redmond. 59 Putnam av. Prospect S788-J. $ 11-2 OWNERS What have you to sell, 1st T Colored buyers waiting; results assured. W. A. Young, 409 Waverljr av. Pros. 8321. mh4-30tC OWNERS I will buy a location If reasonable. Prospect 7650-.1. hme In a goo J 131 Ashland pl. PIPERS REAL ESTATE SERVICE Write out what you want In the lino of real estate and we will get It. No cost for this service. I6u5 Coney I Bland av. Midwood 7313. 9-7C PRIVATE PARTY has $25,000 cash to invest In good income) property; private houses or business property ; many sections; pleaso send full particu'.ais. Bu. Ti-312. Eagle office. PRIVATE PARTY wants 2 family frame or stone, In Bedford section ; have $4.oi0 cash; from owner, no agents. Box K-327, Eagle Uc.lf ird branch. $ PROPERTY of all descriptions; Kt. .Mark's ami Kastern I'arkway sections. T. GIpiiz, 645 Franklin av. Phone Prospect 5li2N-.1. 11-7 Ql- Ii K Al'TK ). Have cash buvnrs for property, any section of Brooklyn, Send full particulars. Dell'Osso, 44 L'.iurt st. 1 1 K A L ES T A T K O W NER f5 H s ve you a piece of property that is difficult to s?ll or rent ? I can offer suggestions that .will produce the highest possible returns. I have several colored clients that have the cash In exchange. Write or cull. R. I). Martin, 7-J pulton st, Brooklyn. La-favette "5S4. $ n4-7t su t-TRK'TLY PRIVATK purchaser desires m invest j:;.00O tn $4,000 In property; possession unnecessary ; prefer tlcaihtg direct with o.viier. liox G-35.1, Kagle Jtli st Lrnr.-ch. WANT :-ram'.ly. J"J."00 to $3,o0n down; want 1 -family or 2-family, 15.000 cash down ; want houses, apart mem houses; good lots: deposit in 2 hours if reasonable. Room 511 2-i f'ourt st. t W ANT to buy 10 or lU-room house, Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights section. Dr. Morrison, 2Z: W. 103d st, New York. Tel. Academy 5727. t WANT NICE one-family house in Hcdfjrd dist riet; quick purchase ; must have possession; mean business; brokers protected. Box E.igle office. WANT '' or 3-tnmlly house.-.; good section: price re-aaonable; cash $3,io0. C. M., 985 Bergen st. WANTED Apartment house property for est meat; sta'.e cash and full particulars: no more than $::0.00- cash. 1'. S'hlansky. .r721 4tli av. WANTED. 1 family brownstone or brick, from owner: will pay all cash to mortgage; in B-ford section: no dealers. Box ( ;-3 J7. Engl-'- B ilfortl branch. 5 WANTED, small house, about 5 acr hour out. Long Island; not over $3,000: commuter. Box U-327. Eagle Bedford branch. WANTED Nice 2-famlly; will give choice corner plot. 100x100, In exchange. Owners only need apply. Room 511, 2 Court st. y WANTED 1 20-famlly house; also apartment houses wanted at once. Have buyers watting. G. Kosofsky, 141 1 4 Hi st. -pen Sunday. South OaS .1. ANTED One. two, three-family hoii.-i also investment property ; cash buyers; ouick res-uus. Bourne, 67 Court st. 11-7f W ANTED. 1 and 2 family house, Flat bush. Colah'iii 4- Roessle, 1444 Nostrand avenue. ; 11-7 WANTED J-family house; garage. Flatbush . on Brighton line ; cash to. 000 'o invest; no agents. "Windsor Sl'4. ; 10-2 Vv ti MAi b casn buyers ana Uesiraole tsQ- nts for all kinds of properties in the Bel-lrd and Sjtuyveaant sections. Studwtii burkhard, 40u Nostrand, at Gate. WE WANT lots for Immediate develop, mvnt. Sullivan & O'Connor, lt Court st t 1"-7 WE WILL buy residence and businesf Hunkcl. property in Brooklyn and Queens. Ttealty Court sf. WILL Invest $10,000 in business or apartment property; consider cold water :part-ment ; must be well located. Box F-3 1 1. Eagle oirlce. JJ WILL BUY apartment houses or business pro per ties at reasonable prices; cash no object Write Levlson, 1635 Union at. WILL BUY house immediately if rea cheap; pay nil ca?h; I mean business: in trifler. Box R-O. Ksiple oftVe. t 10-i WILL PAY CASH for well locitcl loU mail particulars. Box S-aM, Kagle Flatbush branch. WORKING MAN. with $ 1,000. wants simui home In Flatbush: give full particulars. Box O-Sll. Kagle office. $ 9-: WORKING iiian with jl.fliiO wants small home in Brooklyn. Send address, price and details. T., 6 Cornelia st. !t-7C TWO-famlly brick house; 43th to Ttiili st. 4th to fith av. Box W-333, Kagte 9th Branch. KIiiHT FAMILY" Hut'SK Cold water oi tit earn: for Investnunt; from owner; prtct must be right ; cash to mortga ; ni agents. Box 11-3:7. RaIt; H'dtor branch. 5 f ' l.r Halliwell Hobbes Stratford-on-Avon has always been noted as the birthplace of tlio immortal Shake.spcarp. But of Iuf. the little Knplish viiluRe has taken on a new importance, for it produced not only a prreut bard but a, great actor Halliwell Hobbes. Ho plays Father Hyacinth in Molnar's comedy, "The Swan," at the fort Theater. This fs not, reports to the contrary. Mr. Hobbes' first visit, to tho L'nited Ktates. He was in New Yorfc some ten years ago with Forbes-Robertson in a performance of Shaw's "Caesar and Cleopatra." nt the New Amsterdam Theatre. Whiln Forbes-Robertson was ill Mr. Hobbes assumed the star's role. Mr. Hobbes has touched the far corners of the enrth in his experience as an actor. In London at nearly all of the West Knd theaters he played in Shakespeare, modern comedy, drama and farce. Australia, and New Zealand, the West Indies, Canada and South Africa know hia work. He has also appeared in sev eral motion pictures. Halliwell Hobbes was educated at Trinity College in Stratford-on-Avon. As a youth he had his mind set on two professions, those of soldier and actor. Ho realized both ambitions, tho one in his present vocation, the. othea during- the war as an infantryman in "The Huffs." He is not of theatrical family. His creative work is entirely con-. fined to the theater, Mr. Hobbs says. Outside, he Indulges in strenuous sports like tennis and riding. At. home he devotes Mmst-lf to gardening. Mrs. Hobbes, who through t h influence, of her husband bp-fame an actress, is known in 'Th Swan," whrrf she has a small part as Xancie Marslund. Both Mr. ami Mrs. Hobbf-s are interested in play-writing and production, training which he inf'-ntls to utilize if he should t'vT have a theater of his own. as he hopes to have some dny. The Hobbeses have a youn.r son. Mrs. Hobbes appeared in London with Phyllis Neilson Terry and in other productions by C. K. Cochran. Shaw's "Saint Joan' Bernard Shaw's new written play, . "Saint Joan," will be given its world -premiere by the Theater Guild as tho . third production of the season, fol- lowing "The Failures" by II. K. I?normand, which opens Nov. ! at the Garrick. "Saint Joan" was given directly to", the Theater Guild upon completion, via Lawrence Langner, a director of i the guild, who was summering n broad and has just returned with t the manuscipt, the only copy in"' America. The other guild directors, upon reading, decided to give the J play this season. Its production will anticipate tho publication in book ' form, something novel for a play by -; Shaw. The guild falls heir to the 1 play before ever it has been produced,' or even read, elsewhere, because, an Shaw explained, they dared givo: "Back to Methuselah" two seasons- ago, and because he appreciated his royalties last season from 1 he Dev- . il'a Disciple." which is even now tour- ' ing the country. "Saint Joan" is the legnnd of Joan of Arc, and into it Shaw has put all the tragic and comic and ironic values which only he could" ' see. He makes Joan the first great;, nationalist and the church is brought , in fgr some interesting treatment in theUght of history. The play, un- like "Back to Methuselah," although in five acts, will be one, not live, 1 evenings' entertainment. Joan herself is the only woman. Twenty men , ocmplete the caRt. THE EQUITY BALL Plans for tho Fourth Equity An- . nual Ball are proceeding with great enthusiasm among Equity members The association which numbers over 15,000 members from all over tho 1 United States will be represented by its most notable stars at this annual ,. jollification which will be held thi'-( year at tho Hotel Astor, Saturday", evening-, fov. 17. The management . of the ball is in the hands of Geo r go ;j Le Guere. assisted by Robert Strange. The program this year will be arranged by Hassard Short. He will pre-sent some unusual effects in lighting. rnd surprising novelties for the pro-. pram of the "Midnight Jollies," which . was his origination for the first Equity.-ball and so successfully conceived it was voted to retain the title for ail future balls. Tim Jollies will com- -mnnce at 12, midnight, and supper' will be served from 1 until 4 o'clock. There will be three orchestras, otin of which will be Paul Whiteman's, , "; with Paul conducting. One hundred stars will take part in the program, the exact character of which will be kept secret until the night of the ball. It is an-,, nouncod, however, that Ethel Harry- more will again be the "Spirit .f ' Equity" and lead the pageant as for-,; merly. The oldest Equity member. ,' William H. Crane, will be present. -and the youngest member. Equity's . "Jackie Coogau," little Alexander " Lewis. With these will be seen Elslrt 1 Ferguson, Florence Iteed, Laun-ttu Taylor, Margalo Gillmore. Yiviennn Segal, Emily Stevens, Fanla Martn-off, Blanche King. Helen Ware. Madge Kennedy, Helen MaeKellar, Irene Bordoni and Xora Bayes. DEMAND FOR VACANT LAND ; William K. Harmon & Co.. Inc., sold in their Kings Cluh dislric, fermerly the old Oravesend nuv track, the northeaat corner of Avenue U and K. 1st st. to A. S. Abidson; southeast corner of C.ravcs-end ave. and Avenue S to lleo. M. Hutel; southeaKt corner of Cir.ivcs-end ave. and Colin pl. to X. Kdel-man; northeast corner of Avenue T and E. 5th st. to Chess X. Simmons: southwest corner of Kings Highway and K. 6th st. to John M. Foster: southwest corner of Kinprs Hiirhway and K. 7th st. to John R. Woodr: southwest corner of Kinps HiKhwny and 4th st. to Hose Goldsmith; northeast corner of Oravescnd ave. and Avenue S to Kuti-ne Kramaro: 60-foot plot on Ocean i'arkway, near Avenue to X. J. l.ani-; 80-foot plon o;i Ocean Parkway, between Ave-noes K and T, to 1'. &H. Bernhardt: 40-foot plot on Avenue S, near Cravesend ave., to Chas. J. Kbcr-hardt; 40-foot plot on Avenue near K. 3rd si., to Dr. Alex. K. Mannc; 50-foot plot on Ocean I'arit-. ,v ay, near Avenue It to Mart in Young; 40 feet on Cravesend ave., near Avenue S, to Fannie Simonsou' 40-foot plot on K. I'd st., near Ave. nue S to Morris J. Mornsen; io-ftf,i. plot on Kings Ilichwav. n. ar K. 4'ti St., to J. C. & Harry V. Hyde; 40 feet on K. 5th St.. near Kings High way, to Geo. .1. Itoliins; and a 40-foot plot on Avenue I', near West hi.. to Anna Jansen and 4. feet on Avenue L near Gravesend ave., to John J. Moore. , Torter Co. hav.' sold for Alexander John to a client lor iuvesl-ment the tive-slory apartment !o cated at 522 W. 123.1 st. on a plel. 33x100. Sales in li ill" !!! Schtttz & Jacofsky sold for An-orge Realty Corporation tn Dr. Mlumejistein ami Harry and Sam t.ipchik three one-family stucco louses, 3(JS, 400, 4u5 Quenlin I'd. ft

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