The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 26, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 4
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ufc^^^H* THE CALrPOBNIAN M6Nt>AY, OCTOBER 26, 1908. FIGHT PR THE fERS Nearly for Father Frund's ITochheimcr's—Bakcrsflelcl's +. best store for men. the Bryan Fund IT thoutih JO the L'e( iu Those who want to couivibMte to the Hryan fund through tln> C.ilifornian must do so hy noon tomorow, for the At Fr fh; : : ' MI!;* very much as are KOIUL' f <> tho little en ( j of th (i hum i,-;:iH'T of ji show for N'".' ml-r, )];ist n - ml uance that is to ).<• made by (o thr. I.OH AnuHf!. raj.ers. _thlH paper will be forwarded by that hour, ('as U'alyr, of WaJl:")*'s Hash), swelled ih< fund by $!" today, $.' bc- mj; for himself ami $." for I*. W. Wai- sr-r, and the contribution^ to dalo stand: i \\YU-h and MaunY* — m !i Mi" loeal prnmott i s had land, are beini: tomed Tor a ,os Anv*-leK car'v mxt rnonMi * «»» ran Me! nn there it Were at 7 One hiii present a •*,> \ver. f'J.'ir - S -' eer'am •!,<> will not come fo Makers- My /Iran to MM mm JUddei !'."'itiny Murphy writes that he I). \V Walser ;-t. ej- . . $lK:j.MiI| )( 5.00 ua i ]Ii Ull'i! Ion i- : pi >iuipl night .ii.d is edly take a tiip rawt o try his hand at moot ICddie White hero A. Hryati Uepuhlirnn but White will not fi^ht ' C. n. Morris m ; >. r. when a go with Hun-JA Hryanite h i m, I^'\v Powell Thursday wins he will undouht- l.oO Bedell Smith 2.50 the round Johnny should do Total The California n $199.00 sincerely hopes that tho amount will pass the ivol] af tills gam<? itijd his frlenfls pre-lniark by tomorrow at noon. diet a suvews for "MOTHER' 1 IS BACK TO SPEND THE WINTER, "Mother," (he peanut and TruH ven- arrived from Stookton today to Bpcad tbe winter in Bafcersfield. She has been a familiar figure on the Streets i n y«mrs gone by. After a tour Tehachapi Raises Fund. Tehnchapi Tomahawk has lik°- wise been raising a fund In the pood cause, and Kciitor Heath reports $25 subscribed as follows: .John Kelt $2.00 C. R. Brite 2.00 Chns, Heath 5.00 HrHc 2.00 R. D. Williamson 2,00 t,. F. Brite 5.00 through the «t«te she says she i s glad w - T - WiffS^s 2.00 to get back to this city, as nowhere! R c ™ f >™tcle 2.00 does she «ee any brighter signs of \ ' 1( M .larktey ., 1.00 proHl*rHy. "Mother" will be on the ' F M ^»'W«»on job thin afternoon, Mr. Wm. .7. Bryuo rn;iv i>e bearO to speak oe the tHBues of the day at NJederour'B Furniture Store, 1408 H»th street. Come in wid near Win Davenport 1.00 Joseph Soberts i.oo NOTICE. Notice in hereby «lvr*n that I intend to apply to Uu» State Board of Prison Directors for a parole Irom thf state prison at San Quentio. according to law. Signed. AKTltmi H. SAMUELS '* No. 22407, . Atolfttoly Vegetable SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS Tiny ur" ilit^T'-ttt ri'iii'dv f..r »ijy of thes* iifti*i'tii>rit, uiul ItjliiiiiHiifH", 1 luligeetii'h. ('(in* ttii>itU»'i, £iek H.'iuUfht', JftMinikf, Malaria, SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS tho Liver." n Ihfclf M •\ k v-«; *• --n^. Purely Vegetable -Absolutely Harm(c»» F-»r Siih* Kvi'ivntim', IMatn «/r Su -uuJ. 25 ct-fitH a box, nr I' 4 V inaU, Ur. J. II. Srhucck & SOD, PhiA, Pa, t*A, .- i, 'tl STUM IttVt ***-•'* * ^ E «' MAIN 128 - PRICES MATINEES SATU-.UW, WEEK Tuesday on nesday, Thursday Friday, Sun dsiee Saturday CHILDREN'S PRIZE LADIES' A PAIR OF SHOES WAlS'i hnnnu and Strong Sermonj l St. Fram•;> yesterday , < • and J 1 a. in. i niiti t an t hiMrejj were ' Children's ina^s and • tn at the raiechetirn! mays. Tho following - j'mi.- 1 far selected for Sunday school; Moth- i S'-t<T dVrtnidt' of the ; >, Miss Tiimnons. Miss 11. Mcvvltt, Miss Cher- ; r-r Loo. Forty boys' ii; ; . ii.- iii ih*' fhiss for first holy .union. l-'iKh'i' Knind stated yos-' y ill,it it ih only a quostioTi' of \vln-n 'hf parochial school at St. •is will I)** opened. Father Frund'a Sermon. ( At tho 11 o'clock mass Father i Frund delivered the sermon, taking for his subject "The Holy Rosary." Among points taUen he said, "The world and mankind is ever seeking for favors. It is a part of the nature of man to ask for temporal'and spiritual favor's. The little child at its mother's knee begs for a delicacy and will continue until som understanding Is had. So in the churcb tn the reciting of that beautiful form of prayer, the Rosary, we are saluting the Mother of God uncl asking at the same time her intercession to the Divine Son. KNOWIMQ Genuine Priestly Cravenette Over coats For rainy days or sunny days--overcoats that keep form our petition in temporal affairs according to the one of whom we are to ask the favor. So with ttfe church. The Rosary, my brethren, is a manner of prayer that cannot be excelled. AH you hear the congregation repeating with priest and altar boy the "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" you are at once made to feel that the One whom the Rosary is addressing cannot but answer the petitions that are made during the same recitation. No practical Catholic is found without the Hosary upon his person. No practical Catholic will dc other than recite the same Hosary often during the time of their liven. He who recites the Rosary often is not found among UK* despondent or the class of dissat-j isned. They are made to feel that Is One to whom all may be referred and from whom all consolation flows. Be faithful, dear brethren, to your Rosary and when the last hour comes those frequent "Hail Mary" on your dying Ups will bring joys a nun- fold in ihe world to come." New Pall Underwear New Pull Shirts New Pall Hats New Pall Neckwear you warm and dry, no matter what the weather. ^H ^% s overcoat time now— and overcoats are less expensive than doctor bills, So come to, overcoat headquarters and be fitted out. Pay the price that best suits your pocketbook— $12.50, $15, $18 $20, $22.50, $25. $30. I I \ Uist ovoniug the St. Francis Altar! SoriHy me) will) Father Fnnul after h j benediction. Much husln* i ss of importance was transacted aft«-r tin ol the- last meeting was read hy Miss Ti mmons, the per rotary. The new sanctuary, which is a gilt ol tho sod- Hy, way examined and a report made on t!n» acceptance later fjy IJIH committees selected. Meet With Father Leo. The Children o| Mary met Father Leo at't'TiH rv Francis hall at '! oVl'M K. tt j \siih in the i WELL KNOWN YOUNG i COUPLE ARE MARRIED. | A quiet wedding accurred at the Baptist parsonage last night when A lur;; aUt'tntancp was had for ihe tuture <lev< members as . hurch t,oers. \v«rk rh< T Th • Los Angeles Times ha.s rompll- 1mm rt-liahle sources all over the state an estimate of the probable oil output of the state for 19US. While the total appears hirjzo, perhaps, to , , ., ... x , . . * jiit, its (jlhce, room No. . ., some, it is conservative, compared with ri . K Sa\inuh Hank building. EUoY ON THL MOUNTAIN TOP. r > _ _ ('('* h.-i. li.ipi 'lonm n:i- *\\'elit'i|| and .'-lir L I « \\ ; u- inn, i e n tn* ou the \vild jiucssc? made by many of th" several Holds. The figures are chocked in the larger fields in several ways. The total output is -lt;,.^Mi t (tno bars, a i^aiu over IJtuT's i",: 1 .!!,171—exact lit;urr's of the state mining bureau —of 5.H7S.SHD tmrro.!s. The division of this amons Hie variotis fields is as ;w a i ;-•<•!•>' , JoJlows: Kern Iliver, M.r.uii.tmo; Sun- AMdxvay ami McKittrirk, 4,r»nu,- DEATH OF MOTHER OF OF DR. EMMA PULLIN. Mrs. Lucinda Pullin died a) 529 California street, Los Angeles, Oct. 10, a^'ed 72 years. She leaves two daughters, Ur. Kmma Pullin, ami Miss Eva , IMilJin of ibis c-ity and two sons in the j AUss Sylvia Crnyne last night when of James F. Graham. Rev. L. C. Smith performed the ceremony. But a few relatives and intimate friends wore in attendance. The happy young couple arc well Known in this city f having hoen employed at the Bon Bon for some time past and have a host of who wish them well. NOTICE OF MEETING. N'otiee is horeny javen t ; (a : the an L' of sU>cki>ohl":\s of tin McKittricK Oil Company will bo held Produc- Baker- .slk-bl, Caiiloi'nia on Monday, November iiih. I'.tfis. i\\ 1 o'clock p. in. »if said day, I'm ihe eleellon of a hoard of directors ami such other business as may lie iu'MliiU helore the meeting. C. IUU)\VKK, Secy. Oll'ice, room \o. ;'.ti7, I'roiiucers Savin*;:- Hank building, corner l!'fh and ( ,sMvets. MakersMej-!, California. I Appointed Deputy. r. M. Chit\vooi< has been .'i i deputy constable at McKfttrlok by onstal)h> Ihibbard. ;;i Redwood City;0ud; Coalinga, 10.."oo,mm; Santa Ma;- 'Juih. it- 'V. Ch-.uM Kirthmd ( ia, S,5iHt ( OtiU; Ventura and ! litlojiuii; Fullc-ruui, iiiciiidinti and tlie Coyotes, Il.tHiO.niMi; L, MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue \\jiji i.h ai'd ) ii ol ihu th S. P honu , V 1 it \V. idi»u is a native nl" A!f iiiid Mel . N yoimi; pei • h a r m iuiuhtc les (city, Salt Lake and Sh 4,n(t(t,(HM(; WhitHei 1 , O.IMHMI. .1; ers, Hu.tKMj. South of the 'IV Los Angeles, WhitUer, Fuilertnu Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P, M. Admission lOc f \ V(*ntura County, 1)1* proiliu-t • < ti^'i '•••' d"i»artnn ut, is on ;u. I lor M du mtioU heen ; last return hall will bo li.iHjojiliii bari-els. of U)e staff m last year wore 7,!!t7,7n LOK Angeles, Orange Counties. Tin h I fo and i "i- •) *f & -^ 1 , 4 * ^ , _ ^ I to "-M UlitKe 0)r .M' ii»)'ily. their IIOUM U{ Keel}*- h;i> , I" 1 ! 1 nl' I'riond-- n! hist \Ved)n-sd;iy »-\ t nln -V;>' ' l-'.ili i InJd and M r To enable a * made as to prices when rem win;-' contract the Independent Producers tK'ine l-uildiuRJ Agencies of Kern Hiver and Coallnga with aro r( )!)eciing data from a!! possible i sources as to tho ci>jis'!i:ipi;i>n and t ' h IIIV ' (jntput, so tlu-y Hiuy l-f n a [/u.siiiou ai \ ; - v \ h T I MI. married • i" - * ' I i •. !"!' of , v.ho 1 ; i!M'in». ! to bargain the - -n '» tv. o or .uinj; th For s;il Kern I timt s tho cur- Liui- and inteliigeni <\ • * aim to a? < ei i su]tply av i •• (he demand is as rlo:- t . - u l nnd ».s y.rnwitm as j-apidly l)ers(»np say. fur st ill n other tho ox, It upply \vell i ehnn next vear. c is a prices Optimists aro hinting at and Coal- AS THE DAYS GROW SHORTER t Kern lU'Kers- HAD NOT SEEN SON FOR FOURTEEN YEARS. )>ixinj t t Suns ibis moi-nnu; n-ceived ,i if tier from Mr.-,. .\J. L. t'uoi'ef oj' I'esry, ti'a.. uuuhi-r ol' ,luKu N.tvis. die it had is inert a>inu (no drop. The I-, Y. i ish Stantlai ! is, taiifp. :» there will he activity of ![i" a hopeful liea\ i' r yd licsil.-ile \n |MU'*'ll;is( weight. Xiit rifi'ess;;r\' • ",}'t'illL! 's sltll iiefe \\t\ , cieaiiiiiir juui ,s ?nl w 11 put it in shape to Wea eyes, l).i\\' t 'Y<-r er a IK! and Oil WUiV he '. i::\. 1/erl) \j i »•]' \vrM**H ^ f us since ,-b e (mm; man \vhn dfe.i o!' tduo.i poison- lav( saw h.-r son, huf ih*- r.»nj?iins * hore, some, weeks agt» and whose S o well e>tred Cor that ffcoguition wus wory whipped to hU homo perfect. Piooeer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacob sen, Proprietor* * * *' ' ~ "~ \ ~ f.T._,.^« •" -*-^ . • I' -.t- ^ -< COPVHtOHT. Office, 1519 lUth St, Phone Main 17B Works, 129-133 20th SL Pbone Main 168

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