The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 18, 1923 · Page 16
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 16

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1923
Page 16
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16 A THE BKOOKLYN DAILY EAfiLE. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1923. A!)VI:ktisi,mkt. AI) I'.IITIMOIICXT. SjMITH ST. MAN ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT "HIS RECOVERY FROM RHEUMATISM Vets of Boro Posts In Many Activities In Interview With Weldona Representative ' Says He Is Going Back to Work. - "I have certainly ot to give Vt'el-dona credit for v.ha. it has accomplished in my case," said Mr. Wil- jfam white, who lives at Hi? Smith jr., Brooklyn, to the Weldona repre- Titanve at Liggett s arug store, .ten uiton st.. nexj to rvamm s, tsrooK- lyn. Mr. Vi'hitc continued: "For ten years I suffered from rheumatism in my shoulders and knees and could not raise my hand over my head to comb my hair, put my collar or coat on. Aly knees were sore and stiff and it was almost impossible to go up or down stairs. A friend of mine who had been benefited by U'eldona told me to try it and 'J am glad I did for after taking W'eNdona a short time the pain in my arms disappeared so that I can put on my coat and raise my hands above my head. The stiffness has gone from my knees and I can go up or down stairs as well as ever. I feel so well that I intend to go back to work again, and wish others to know more about Weldona and what it has done for me." Weldona is put up in tablet form onlv. Send to Weldona Co., 132 Boylston St., Boston, Alass., for free book, "Germs of Rheumatism." Weldona is for sale at Liggett's drug stores, also at Liggett's drug store, -tiki Fulton St., next to Namm's, Brooklyn, where the Weldona representative explains more about this preparation and gives out free books to all who call. Advertisement. I phnlil Uuhr Alliance. At tho last meeting of Kinfrs County Post, .'00, American I-ckhiii. a resolution was adopts! uphoMins the French I iovcrn nicnt in its ad-anrc into the TSuhr to collect reparations from Germany, on the ground that "France has the entire support of lli; American Legion in litr '.efforts to make tlermany pay her war tM.s. If wo must tahe a yUl 1 say lake the side we took in the war." Siciii'i-U I'ust Hall. Pt. Henry Win. StenecU Post. 601. Veterans of KorHirn Wars of the t'nited Slates, liehl its second annual hall at Prospect Hall last merit. The success of the afi'air was largely brought about by the t rTorts' of the Women's Auxiliary under the leadership of Mrs. Kdna Hotter, past president, and Mrs. L. Payne, the newly elected president. A Ycrmarlen PoM. program of continued MS W Vlll M-iKT Kf iiV VWJUV INDUSTRIALS HOW Thousands of smalt stamps bearing a (l'iyn reprosontirije, the htrenpth and acop of Brooklyn's industry and prosperity, will bo used by nuuny of the city's banks, public s?rvii-e corporations and other largo institutions on their mail next veek to cmphsisizt' (he importance of the industrial exposition to bo held at the 23d Jlrjrt. Armory, April 7-14. urtder thcauspict's of the Chamber of CnmiiK ri-v. Arthur S. .Somfrs. president of the Crianiber. ami T. I. .Umes, president of the exposition- ar ben cling- every effort to injfif vitality and life into the propram Vr t ho week. In an effort to inrrejivc the attendance this ear far iiliow, the lti'J.OOO admissions oi Itftfi s vi-n, Uie boro oii;-cials themselves are loUins the in- iliative. Kvrry phasf. of activity will be shown iu tjrh a graphic way thut t!ic isitor will be lntormrrt at a Klantr 1 a tnu.ltitude of interesting d-Sails. The Voter- Department will dGiiKuistratf 1 hf mrtfind of instant hroud'-aMin? uf nit! news by radio, the Fire - .ttnt's evolution jipm a buck. -I hrijjud' to an organization op-rntini? with the latest truek appanttus, vijl he shown, while tn.e s'lrjr'-ry :t it Is practiced in the citv -today viD te the con-tvibnrion 'of the Department of 'arl;s. Moving pictures are to be utilized to pcytray the transit fac.ll-lies in the cit;-. Kadi kind .of manufactures wilt be m-ouptd. thai visitors interested in any iiarMouiar line can find m'anv points ofUitt raction in one. s r tion of the armory's drill hall. The fifuupn will lu' ,as follows: Machinery and ineUi! products; elolliing, tejrtih'S and knit irr-,(dK: blioey and b-aiher products;' paints, oils, var-ni;;h''s and iflo-s; rubber poods; Imiidinc- matt-rials:. iumbrx and wood products; stone, ciay and glass products; port:'l-li 1 mi if ilins; rmipbnild-n, an J d rydncks; musical inst rn-nlents; turs; I way -td wagon builders; nutomohil" p.'UiK and accessories; oliit e accessories apti school supplies; odU''fitv"Pal ' i'r c- p; n' t:is and iiultirhers; - furniture and house furnishiners: jewelry; nmvW ties and tos; paptr products; chem-icats. drugs and m .dicines; Hush Terminal L'omyttjfcy; ftovs MmJ. Compass; Krwmrn TVn 'oin-pany; Brooklyn I'nion litis t'om-pany; inisceHaneous. The following is. an .incomplete list of exhibitors; American Safety Uaznr t'orpo ration, Adriance .Ma'hine Works. Inc., I-tush Terminal Company.' William Hiichanan. Louis Hossert & Sun. Inc., (ieore W. Baker Sho1 Company. K. R. Blackford Brooklyn- futon' Gas Co in pa n v. Bay Kid go Sheet Metal Works. Cheek-.eal C-ofl'e . Company,. Corona Sales Company.. Inc.. Brooklyn. Citizen. 'ross, Austin & , . I :eapd. Lumber 'ompany. Decorated Metal ' Mfjr. ("ompn'ny,' I T. T. 1 avidson Company. Uotdiler I Mr Casting- Company. Iievoe Beyn-olds Company, Inc., brake lire irst John II. Duncan. Inc. Brooklyn Daily Laple, Elliott Water 1 leat op 'orporation. Kinder- print Machine Corporation. Flagler Company, Inc., Kberhard Faber, Fi delity and Deposit Company of Maryland, First National Bank (For industrial Home for the Blind), 'iroup V Savings Bank Associa tion; tlasan-Tompson Company, Robert tiair Company. the Hoover Company. Hurley Machine Company, Holland Laundry, Haines Brothers Corporation, Joshua Horrocks, Inc.. Benjamin i. Hitching. Inc., Wallace B. Hart. New York Evening: Journal, Johnson Brothers. Julius Kayser & Co., Kasper & Koetxle Hardware Company. Knox Hat'' Company. C. Ken-yon Company, Inc., Louis Kaliseher, Jnc. M c K 1 rea.v y & l a u c k C o m pa n y . Morse & Burt Co.. inc.. McLnery's. Mason. An & Mapenheinier Confectionery Manufacturing Company, Benjamin Moore & Cov Marko Storage Battery Company, J. H. Meyer Hros. The Prudence Company, Inc.. A. Pearson's Sons. Ileid Ice Cream Company. Broge Holland. Self-Winding Clock Company, Schaefer & Buden-ber; Company. A. Schrader's Son, Inc., Shults Breari Company, Shipley '''nnstrur t inn and Supply Company, Singer Sewing- Machine Company. The Torrinirton Company, Taylor & Co., Todd Shipyards Corpora tinn, K. J. Trum, Inc., Brooklyn Daily Times. Turner Construction Company. George Weiderman Klectric (om- , pan". Zimmerman Stove Heater I Company. social ..ctivity during the Lenten season was I'pre. d on at a meeting- of the Set. John F. Vermaetcn Post. -112. Vet erans of Foreign Wars, held Wednesday night at the beadquarl ers. .". 4 8 Franklin ave. A larse numher nf veterans attended and look, up the matter for an extensive drive tor increased membership. The post also made final arrangements for the annual ball to be held on March Hi. the proceeds of which are to be applied to the sick and relief fund for veterans. The plans for the membership drive and the u;dt iirran cements are in eh a rge of ! Ios ph F. Quinn. commander, and I .eneea A. Lioesin;,er, a ijusant, assisted by a large, romnuttet; of vet-I erans and members of the post's I ladies' auxiliary, j Liebninn lot. - The Lt. Col. Morris N. Liebninn Post.. 110. Veterans of Foreign Wars. .meets at 81 Hanson pi., has opened the year of 1 -3 with a plan of action that bids fair to make it one of the most active veteran organizations in Kings County. The newly installed ofilcers. led by Commander ('apt. Charles H. Rogers, are working along constructive lines and are experienced organizers full of spirit and life. The schedule for the first quarterly period uf the sear includes a' barn dance held on Friday evening. Feb. Jtj; on March 2, a class initiation of 20 new members; thp annual memorial services; una a plan arranged by the Ladies Auxiliary for the- welfare of disabled veterans has been completed. Brooklyn PoM. Brooklyn Post. 211. American Legion, held its regular meeting at 123 Sehemierhorn St., Thursday evening with a record attendance to greet the newly elected officers. Nine applications for membership were received and passed upon. In view of the fact that the next regula r meet ing was scheduled lor Washington's Birthday, it was voted o suspend it. Kxpert Active Year. The Kiny;s County organization of the Amtriean Legtnn anticipates a most active year under the plans as laid out. by th'- present administration, headed l-y Col. Hdward A. Simmons us county commander, and .it efforts- are being made to surpass the successful years of Hie past. The ollieers who are associated with oiitmandcr Simmons are; First Vice Commander Joseph F. Murray.. J t h Post ; Second Vice ''ommander Francis J. Sinnott, Democracy Post; Third Vice Commander .1. A. S. Mundy, 06th Infant ry Post; Treasurer, Raymond M. Kipp, Reveille Post; Assistant Treasurer. Charles J. McWhortcr, Fraternity Post; Adjutant. Peter A. Drum, K. '.J. Boll Post ; Chaplains, Father I'M ward J. Higgins and Capt. Thomas Swann. C. S. A. The executive committee is composed of Kmil N. Baar. 4!ttb Infantry Post; Conrad F. Dykeman, Fraternity Post; N. J. Fisher, Heisser Post; Harry T. Horn. Roesenberg Post; "Win. J. Schwartz. Brooklyn Post; X. Solo-man. Finnegan Post; T L. Sten-struin. Old (ilory Naval Post; T 'nomas F. Ward, 106th In fa n t ry Post ; and James F. "Williams of Sentinel Post. Hoxinx Tournamciit. Thursday evening. Feb. 15, the Corporal Sydney Uoscnberg post of the American Legion conducted an amateur boxing tournament at the Broadway Exhibition Association, Halscy st. and Broadway. The committee in charge consisted of Phil Weiner, A. R. Krissell, und Jack Gold. . Be!l Post Dance. Next Wednesday. Feb 21, Washington's Birthday Eve, a dance and en-Urtainnient will be held by the Edward J. Bell Post, '790. American Legion, at its headquarters. 719 Bnshwiek ave.. corner of Hart st. The recent annual dinner of the Bell Post was a huge success. Past Commander John F. Fitzpatrick was presented with a handsome ring containing the emblem of the American Legion and suitably inscribed for his faithful work as commander of the post during 1 922. A,mung the sneakers were: the I lev, - J. Roger Smith. C. At.;' Sheriff Peter H. Sr evy; County Commander Edward A. Simmons. Past Commander Andrew J. Diver, present Commander William J. KennarU, and the toast -mauler. John J. Scaulan. Auxiliary Installs. Installation of officers was the feature of the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary of the Bill Brown Post, No. 507, held at the clubrooms, Jerome and Ocean avee., last Wednesday evening. The ofilcers installed are: President, Mrs. Mary Duffy: tirst vice president. Mrs. Mary Winters: second vice president, Mrs. Eva Brown; third vice president. Mrs. Katherlnc Sweeney; past president. Mrs. Mary E. Uartt; secretary. Mrs. Florence Adamson; treasurer. Mrs. Helen Leonard; historian, Mrs. Anna Cunningham; chaplain. Mrs. Bridget Bryan ; ser-geant-at-arms. Mrs. Georgia Lov tiring. On the executive committee are Mrs. Mary A. G ra ham. Mm. Jane Iieilly and Mrs. Loretta Casey. Sons of Veterans, The Kings County Memorial and Kxecuiivc Committee of the Sons of Veterans will hold its annual meeting in Boio Hall next Tuesday evening. Feb. 20, when financial reports for the past year will be heard and officers for the year UR'.I will bo nominated, elected and installed. F G. Henry Bennett is president, of the committee; Fred II. Keiicrman. see. rotary, and Frederick II. Oliver, treasurer. Democrats to Hold Ball A regular meeting of the Brighton Beach Democratic Club, Inc.. was held last evening' at the temporary headquarters, 6L7 Brighton Beach ave. Tho club 'was recently organ ized and will hold Its first annual entertainment und ball at the Shelburne Hotel, on March 24.' The ofilcers are: pernor Greenberg. president; Max Thomas, vice president; Mrs. ' L. Friedman second vice president; Paul E. Lange, third vice president; Mrs. G. Rofa-enzwejg, fourth vice president! Dr. I. XV, Ellman, recording secretary; Moe .Weitz, financial secre-, tary; Adolph Loebelsohn, treasurer; Frank J. Byring, sergeant-at-arms; Joseph Scarpa! i, assistant sergeant-at-arms. Board of directors, Joseph' 1 nomas, chairman; Hamuel Green-berg, Simon Horowitz, Louis Friedman, Dr. Alex S. Manne, Irving J. Berlin. ST 1" DENTS AGAINST VOLSTEAD. Only tivc students out of a class of U0 in the advertising department of New York University voted in favor of the Volstead Act when their opinion was asked by. Professor Frank Alvah Parsons in the course of a lecture on "Autocracy vs., Democracy." The class is about evenly divided between men and women, and the pro-Volstead vote got three feminine adherents to two masculine. True Worth and value you tret in the dental work done by us. We give you the best scientific and careful work in filling teeth, making well-fittinp, lightweight and satisfactory plates, and, above all, inserting bridge work to replace missing teeth that look us natural as if Nature herself re placed them. HOYT, Dentist FULTON ST. (near Jay or Smith Zt.) Brooklyn DO NOT MISTAKE THE NUMBER Beautiful Artificial Gum Sets of Tivtli. f'JoUl Crown h :kJ HrMg Work. Natural teeth reatorid by fi!llr.(, or inlay et. Dr. L. J. 155 Stor Hour,9 A.M. toG P.M. Duly V Myrtle Ave. and Bridge St., Brooklyn February Furniture Sales "ALL'ES like this on sale tomorrow at yirices that speak for themselves, do not happen along every day. They're-special for a grcr.t one-day sale; and wc want every home maktfr needing new furniture to read the items below and then come in tomorrow and actually sec what oul-of Ihr-ordinnry bargains they are. 3-Piece Suite (Pictured) Yanily, Drcssrr and Dow -l'.ml fled (In Walnut), m i Esmm Suit Pre, $225 Open a Charge Account on Your Purchase and Pay for It on Our Monthly Payment Plan "5 10-Piece Suite (Pictured) r.ufTet, China Clnscl, Obliuifs T.ililr, Server and six Cliairs (In Walnut) Sale Pr;ce '259 iSfiii' "'jsib m rookhn's Oldest and Most Reliable Furniture House TELEPHONE "S1SSMAI37- ESTABLISHED ISM. OS 81HH1TII Wearoleum Reg. 69c A Yard 36c Th most econimieni ain most t:attfyine floor covering; biehly ma nii'lcl, absolutely t or proof, biya por-tiftly flat on the flir, nfelH no t-kintc; in a 1h rse varlpt y rf ijo-nit; ii f : priRct coed,; cut Irom full ro'.U. Axminster and Wilton Velvet Rugs New Designs and Coloring 9x12 Feet SVixlOy,, Feet Value $54.00 Monday only 39 .00 Shades Spft-ial Mude 1 Order 89c An amaxt'iR vulue. N'ot in j'rara have wo heun :o fortunate as to offor tu-ii high quality Ftiadew. complete, at Much an aniHXingly low prii'. A inerioan Hol-lund SlmdcH. moaHurod and huiif? within city limits. All colors, hemmed nn both Hides am) mountod on truaran-locd rollers. Sizes up ti 34x72 inches. r 1 V FaTa 1 m mi m vL J I I ft it 1 nw4 w ail BRm 91 1 fifii J i IrJ li "I B tf f k 1 "11 a jfJ I Fll "i wt4 i f it m Lighting Fixtures Direct from MILLER'S at Big Savings We will wire your 8-room house complete, including Jap gold C 1 O fixtures, as illustrated. . P liU Save money by calliag at our Showrooms, or k to have our representative call. , Mil 1 71?' Q WUIoughby St., Brooklyn 1 JU Li i JLV tJ j) OU (Near Borough Hall) You Are Going to Need ! American Flag Sets On Sals Now for Washington's Birthday Mail NBBaste. C.O.I). Orders US I Set Consists of 3x5 American Flag of fast- color cotton cloth, with raaess. , s e w e a stripes, can vass headings and brass teeth grommets. Jointed 2 - piece pole, complete with ball, truck and rope. All packed in a neat,- strops box, easy to carry. All Complete for 89c BRING THIS COUPON turn 838-840 Broadway 1319-1321 Broadway CCR. PARK AVB. NKMt O.VTKS AVE. 334-340 Livingston St. I'lH:. NEVINS ST. Drooiajn. Open;, i;voiiin,'s I ntll 10 P. M. Itronldyn ssncsn ORIENTAL RUGS in the Mid-Winter Sale 38 Hints Rue Furniture A Chinese Rug, 4x2, for $18 less than two-thirds its regular cost BEFORE THE SALE, this Chinese rug, which measures four feet by two, was priced at $28. Now, during our Mid-Winter Sale, even this moderate price has been reduced by more than one-third, and the rug is now offered for $18. It is of extraordinary thickness, and is a splendid example of Oriental weaving. This is indeed an exceptional value; and yet, in another sense, it is quite typical for there are many more such values at Flint & Horner's Mid-Winter Sale. SAROLK RUGS.averging 6'J ft. x4'j'. formerly $:9.i.aro reduced one-third, to $130. L1LLIHAN RUGS, 7ft.x 5, formerly $195, are now 5130. MOUSSOL RUGS, averaging 5 '4 ft. x 3 ft 2 in., a fev.-, more than 6x3. are now one-third off, $32.50 and $37.50. KERMAN RUGS, ty. ft. z 4, formerly $187.50, ara now $125. CHINESE CARPETS, 12 i 9, from $249 to $297; 10 x 8. $ 1 86; 9 x 6, $ 1 30 a third off their original prices. Persian carpets, too. at reductions of one-third, starting at $245 for the 12 x 9 size. FLINT & HORNER CO., INC 20-26 West 36th Street AWNINGS ORDER NOW More care can be given to the details of manufacture at this time than is possible during the rush of the season, and in addition the Awnings will be ready when you need them. Members of the Canvas Goods Manufacturers Association of Greater New York ' Arndt Mfg. C'o 795 Flatbush Ave. Art Awning & Mfg. Co., 372 Ridgcwood Ave. C. A. Brandt Co., 36 Flatbush Ave. H. Dunn & Co, 583 Fifth Ave. Jacob F. Fuessel, Inc, 95 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, L. I. Flatbush Awning Works, 1512 Flatbush Ave. C. E. Gustavson, 110 Seventh Ave. Paul N. Hoffman, 395 Autumn Ave. H. G. Maybeck, 2396 Jamaica Ave. Frank G. Meyer, 909 Gates Ave. E. F. Sullivan, 606 Fifth Ave. , John Van Ranst, 309 Fifth Ave. Makers of Awnings of Dependability It's Not Too Early to Think of Spring Though today the wind is blowing and the ice is on the .streets, it's true that Spring is just around the corner. That means that you will soon have to give a thought to fixing up the home, for the. warm weather days. Here's a suggestion ! Why don't you buy now the furniture and home furnishings you will ' need later? Prices are lowest in February our suggestion, if you take advantage of it, will save you a goodly amount of money.. Besides, we will hold your furnishings here, if you care -to have us, and make delivery when your home is ready to receive them. , The Batterman February Furniture Sale IS NOW GOING ON Take Advantage of It Hundreds of opportunities to save money this month on the things you will need and have to buy later. REMEMBER, YOU. CAN. BUY . ON OUR HOUSEHOLD CLUB PLAN A small amount clown then prompt delivery. A small fee for the Club Plan advantages. The balance weekly or monthly ten months or more to pay. SAME PRICES AS FOR CASH. Free Fire Insurance. Surety Coupons (a discount of almost 2) with all payments made as agreed. , It is easy to get to Batter- man's 4,000 cars a day stop . ; here Broadway "L" or Reid, Ralph-Rockaway, Simmer, Broadway, Union, Flushing, , Graham Avenue Trolley conic . . direct to Battcrman's. A Great Store for Over a Half Century a Greater Store Today BROADWAY AT FLUSHING AVENUE, BROOKLYN A few ard from I'lfih Avtous

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