The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 26, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1908. THE BAKERvSFIELT) TALIFOR NIAN. Deptndablt Goods at Welll's DOES YOUR BED NEED MORE BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS? The cold weather is here to stay and it's time yon were buying more blankets and comforters if you aren't well supplied. We carry a full assortment of blankets and comforters and can please you both as to price and weight. Don't run the risk of catching cold or endure the unpleasantness of sleeping cold these nights, but come down and let "* »»pply you with the best. All prices! 23 FOR THE 10WN TEAM Phone*—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. 'THE TARIFF FROM THE STANDPOINT OF A FRUIT MAN N, Editor Callfornlan: blandly asks If the Democrats would ie willing to have the tariff removed rom wool, raisins, etc. The query impels me to give the result of some thought on the tariff as that monumental fraud presents It•elf to the people. First, I will ask, "Does protection, as represented by the tariff now In force, protect the producers of the country?" and, before going further, I will answer my question by saying that It does not. Then, as a Democrat, I will answer th Echo's question, by saying that I would willingly see it removed, as imperative, on such things as I am engaged in supplying to the markets. "Tartiff for protection" sounds well, and looks all right in print, but who but the monopolies and trusts reap any benefits from it? The big manufacturer may succeed in keeping off foreign competition, but when profits soar high what do his laborers, those who produce his wares, get by reason of it? Why, the same old ratu of wages. Tbe manufacturer Is a unit, and can maintain his position The farmers are as small particles, scattered over the entire country, and can accomplish nothing. As an illustration of protection, I remember that for years the people desired a railroad commission. It gvas argued that then the great trans- 'portation monopolies, octopus, oi whatever one might call them, would be under control. The commission •was established, railroad rates r» malned high, the people pay the salaries of the commissioners, and other expenses of the commission; no benefits have been derived and nothing is more needed now than that the commission be abolished. But It said that the railroad companies will not submit to its abolition. The tariff as a protector has been a More Than Enough Is Too Much. To maintain health a mature man or woman needs Just enough food to .repair the waste and supply enorgv and body heat. The habitual consumption of more food than Is necessary for tbese purposes Is the prime cause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you wll soon be all right again. For sale by Baer Bros., BtkersQeld; (By George W. Wear.) The Echo failure, at least so far as • can reason and I will say that If the raisin grow-1 ' The Baki-rafleld i : ootbail team was skldooed in prop-t .abhlon Saturday alternoon by the eleven classy lads r/flii make up the High Scheol aggregation. The game, the first one of the season, came up to all expectations and while not productive of what may ~e called fast football, served its purpose In getting a itue on tre youngsters Coach Griffith !s fast whipping Into shape for the coming^HIgh School championship series. The Bakerafleld High this year will surely have a strong team lu the field. The lads played good football Saturday. John Stroud, who promises to be one of the stars of the team at the left half back position, was absent from the game because of an injured ankle. Robinson took his place, substituting well, despite a lack of practice. To sum up the game, the town play, ers were outclassed. Not once did they make their distance. Individually they are a good lot of players, but like ail teams of the kind, lacked team work and condition. Wesley Drown, oue of the fastest half backs that ever represented the High School, %vas oue of the back field of the town team, and met with his usual misfortune. Near the end of the first half his right kree was badly wrenched, developing a severe case of water on the Wes, who Is the only original "hard luck kid," will be on crutches for a couple of weeks. The school boys made two touchdowns and a goal in the first naif and w< Are Founded on Oil Joe Chanslor, now several times a millionaire, was, not HO long ago, a clerk in Los An- Pe'es He borrowed some money for the purpose of operating in California oil; the result was that rt made him one of the wealthiest men in the state. John A. Bunting, formerly a brukeman on the Southern Pacific, through the investment of $170.00 in California oil land. became a millionaire. the vinc-s had all better be rooted from the soil and the ground put into any old thing, for anything will do better. I know that the tariff Is not selling my raisins. A neighbor told me the other day that if an offer of any kind for raisins should come floating around my way to gently waft ft over to him. The fact of the matter IB that the Republican party found that by continually parading the tariff question before the people, they could be deceived, but as Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can not deceive the people all tho -time." No, the tariff Is not er is protected by it and can get no 7, """"""""•"" twc " B " u ' uls '" better prices than are now offered Ule 8eCO , ndf ?,' °, by tW ° touc , hdown8 u and perfect kicking of two goals. Coach Griffith seemed pleased with the showing his lads made. Drury jWelman at full back was the star of 'the game. He scored two touchdowns and kicked three out of the four goals. The full back's line bucking was the feature of the game. Little Lefty Stoner, who is now attending school In Berkeley, was missed at quarter, but Grandy, after a few more games, should develop Into a valuable man. If the town team stays together and manages to get In some work, it should make a formidable aggregation. It has individual players ami weight and all that is lacking is practice. benefiting the producer. protecting or It is merely liis ' aSH ' stln S the trusts, at the expense of the laborer and farmer. So far as the latter arc concerned It has proven a theory that lias not been borne out by application. I believe in a tariff that would give a revenue only, on diamonds, silks and such articles of luxury as are indulg- ] eel In by the rich. But our Republican manipulators would say, "that is a tariff for revenue only, and won't do" and while winking an eye at the trusts will say, "No, we must have a tariff that will protect the laborers and the producer." and Mr. Trust, winking his off eye at the Republican political manipulator, wll say, "Yes, of course we must. The laborer and the farmer must be protected. Stuff them with tariff." CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY * } * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. » Flrst-clasB Nursery Stock. Trees, * * Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flu* al Designs. Orders promptly filled * * Corner sixth 8t and Chester A"». * # 4- 4 'Phene, Main 746 + •}••'« A * .fr 4. fr .{..;..{..;..;. For Chronic Diarrhoea. "While in the army in 18C3 I was taken with chronic diarrhoea," says George M. Felton of South Gibson, Pa. "I have since tried many remedies but without any permanent relief, until Mr. A. W. Miles, of this place, persuaded me to try Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co., Kern. • ROTARY DOING GOOD WORK AT COALINGA. Porter and Scribner, section 7, 2015— old Nathan Lease — have their well This well was started about six- a 14 inch hole and no casing in the well. This well was started about sixty days ago and is being drilled by the rotary process, which Superintendent R. C. Baker regards as being a much faster method of sinking a hole than is the Standard outfit commonly in use. Wells drilled on this property in the past have been very expensive affairs and have taken a long time to drill. Evidently the rotary Is making good on this lease. — Coallnga Oil Record. SATURDAY'S FOOTBALU GAMES UP THE VALLEY. At Fresno Saturday the Ralsiu City High School defeated Tulare In the annual football game. The score was 2 to 0. A touch-back In the first half gave the victory to the Fresno boys after a brilliant contest. At Selma the Portervllle and home High Schools played a tie game. Wo could tell you of Innumerable others. Why were Bunting, Chanslor and many others, who made their money through Investments In oil, successful? Because they were shrewd, level-headed, observing men possessing unbounded confidence In the great future of the California oil fields and the oil industry. The demand for oil Is Increases "ally. The consumption far exceeds the output, several oil companies paid substantial dividends when oil was aelllng at fifteen cents per barrel Oil IH now selling at SIXTY CENTS PER BARRE I, at. the well. The total dividends for tho year JJOS from all the oil companies now doing business in California, not Including the Standard will probably reach the $6,000,000 mark, and reach the * 10,000.000 mark for the year 1909. Therefore, the natural conclusion to arrive at Is INVEST IN OIL SECURITIES; INVEST AT ONCE. We are offering for sale a limited number of shares on what we consider to be one of the best Companies operating in Kern County, In fact. In California. We refer to the stock of the KERN ASSOCIATED OIL £°M pANY - Th e stock of the KERN ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY is the best oil proposition over offered the investment public. This Company owns free of incumberanco FORTY ACRES IN THE VERY HEART OF THE KERN RIVER OIL DISTRICT, and situated on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It adjoins the San Joaquin Oil and Development Company's properly, which was recently merged with the Associatod Oil Company, whose STOCK IS NOW SELLING AT $34.00 PER SHARE. It also adjoins tho justly famous Discovery well, where oil was first discovered in the Kern River oil fields. THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY has two wells on Its property. Well No. 1 IS IN OIL and gives about sixty-five barrels of oil per day. With a greater depth and a more approved pump, the production will be largely Increased. The company desires to sink four more wells ana to Install modern compressed- air pumps. We believe that well No. 2 will, with greater depth, produce a large and Inexhaustible oil supply, as are the other wells on adjoining properties. We are offering a limited number of shares In this Company at 20 cents per share. Do you realize what that means? It means that In purchasing this stock you become interested In a company that can produce the oil. It is not a case of "They may," "They should," but "THEY ARE." Let UH BRuin Impress upon you these highly Important facts: The property Is a producer; Is entirely surrounded by reliable producing properties; that there is sufficient acreage (forty acres) to justify the drilling of forty more wells, all of which would be In the very core of one of the richest oil-producing districts In the world. Remember that Kern County produces as much oil as any- other three oil-producing counties In California. Shipping facilities could not be hotter, for the property adjoins (ho Southern Pacific tracks. The company has valuable assets In Improvements. Two wells, derrick, tanks, tool and bunk houses, ftc. Before accoptint; UK- fiscal imenny of The Kern Associatod OH Co. we thoroughly investigated every dotiiil 'unamlng to tho Company and its property. We did not take snap judgment, we never do; consequently want to assure you that tho stock of this Company at twenty cents per share is the most unparalleled opportunity for the investor thar ever came under our observation. WP sincerely believe that the Kern Associated Oil Co. Is destined to pay dividends us surely and as rot-ularly as the Associated Oil and other companies operating on adjoining properties, and wo BOO no reason why within twelve months the slock should not be quoted at many times its present selling price. We unhesitatingly Hdvise you to buy every share you can pouslbly afford. Watch the stock udvance from twenty cents to two dollars. Do not delay. Got your order In to us quickly. $ 20 will buy 100 shares, par value $ 100. $ 50 will buy 250 shares, par value $ 250. $100 will buy 500 shares, par value $ 500. $500 will buy 2,500 shares, par value $2500. From the above cash price you may deduct five per cent. If you are not prepared to pay cash, then buy on our easy payment plan of one-fifth cash and one-fifth monthly. 100 shares for $20—pay $1 down and $4 monthly. 250 shartes for $50—pay $10 down and $10 monthly. 580 shares for $100—pay $20 down and $20 monthly. 1,500 shares for $300—pay $60 down and $HO monthly. THE STOCK OF THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIL CO. IS THE BEST BUY ON THE MARKET TODAY. ACT QUICKLY. BEFORE THE SHARES ARE ADVANCED IN PRICE. JOSEPH JL HOGAN COMPANY, 802-3 Metropolis Bank Building SAN FRANCISCO COUPON JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. Ploase send me full particulars about the Kern Associated Oil Co. Name Street .. City JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. for shares of th< part p(iyni"iil full payment Kern Associated Oil Co. Name 1 Street .. City '' THE WES TERHER "AT THE UMOII THEATER TONIGHT E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE Because it does not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous and injurious drugs. Because E-RU-SA CURES PILES. U. S. Dispensatory recommends every ingredient of E-RU-SA. Drug laws make "false or mis-leading statements" a crime. All old or narcotic pile medicines affect the brain and spinal marrow, produce constipation, never cure and are therefore illegal. E-RU-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, Cal., July 3, 1908. Dr. L. Griffin, Dear Doctor: We certainly can NOT conscientiously recommend or legally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or narcotic Pile medicines except upon prescriptions. Yours truly, Muller & DeMerritt, University Pharmacy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Taylor Graduates in Pharmacy. Only druggists of highest standing sell and endorse, E-RU-SA. / Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET The Cunningham Stock Company enters on its fourth week at the Union tonight. Miss Cunningham has been very careful in the selection of, tho pieces she offers the public and tho success the company has met with (during its recent engugoniL-nt is largely due to thld fuel. The new bill tonight will be "The Westerner," a high class melodrama, with many Interesting and exciting Kltiiations. Thj i-iece however, is not a western play, as one would Imagine from tlio title, but the action of the play takes place lu Now York. Mr. Brac<:ott will play the part of the Westerner and in the character Is ex- cpptloni'.U good. The scene In the third a>'t is 'h». office of tho Block brokor;Vs exchange and tho excitement Is worl\e-1 up lu a climax when the tuinln•? f.tock again reaches its old fii?me and the heavy K< defeated by Jim Errol, \vhi is In love with Law- tun's ilAughier, Ihe btock broker whom they have tried lo ruin. There IB any amount, of comedy all through tho entire play, un.! will afford a number of hearty laughs. FURNITURE BOUGHT AND BOLD WINTERS. BRIDGES, SIMPSON CO., 1SOO K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easy installments; furniture ronled monthly; special granlteware and kitchen utensils. 25c. tf In view nt the tnny requests lhat huve boon made to that effect, the company will present a change of pro- grim in the middle of the week. An entirely now play will bo put on each Friday, running ovor Sunday night. Monday nights another change will be made. 4, * * Wholesale Produce Merchant * * Hay. Grain, Potatoes, Beans, + + Eggs, and all farm products. + +*+****+*******+*+ CASTOR IA For Infants and Childitn, The Kind You Have Always feught Bears the Signature of i * > PAINT YOUR HOUSE • House painting IB my special*• ty. I UM nothing bnt the beat • material*, guarantee my work • aad charge reasonable price*. • I. 0, MEREDITH, Contractor . • <11> • VI Phww Main 178. *++++*+++*+++++++$ AUTO DRIVERS HAD A GOOD DAY C. S. Roy, a prominent aulomoblt- 1st of Seattle, Washington, passed through here yesterday at noon on a tour from, his home In the north to the southern part of tho state. Accompanied by his wife and a Japanese servant, Mr. Roy left Seattle for a four weeks' hunting and flshing| trip, Ho drove over the Cascade Mountains and through Kasturn Washington to The Dallea In Oregon, and from there made his way through Fort Klamath, Altman, Susanvlllo' and Chlto to San Francisco The tourists Intend to visit Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and others of the principal cities of the south, winding up tho trip at San Diego. Yesterday was a fine clay for auto mohllists and nearly every machine In the city was on tho road. Auto hunting parties were numerous and it was an unfrequented country road that could not boast of an auto well laden with quail or cottontail during the day. W. S. Boggg drove down from the north In the Studebaker of the Imperial and Thirty-three Oil Corapan- leg yesterday. NOW IS THE TIME HERE IS THE PLACE LITTLE IS THE PRICE To get the Only Roofing. MALTHOID ROOFING Will cover a multitude of holes in your roof. Yon can roof your house in a »liiy at it doesn't take a week's wages to pay for it. Once on it lasts for years See us. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. GUI lohamblin NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. ITatVr the old management, at tho old locallon, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect 158 Rooms. Private Baths, Sloam Heal. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. Pioneer H«t«l of Ban Francisco.

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