The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 26, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 2
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TUB BAHBRSyjCBU tALUNMlMAN MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1908. the BaKtrifleid Kvcry Evening Inn Stimhiys at i'fifiei.i, Kern County, Cnllfornia. City and County Entered in PoKtofflce at Cal., as SecoiifJ-class .Mail Official Paper l;ak"iH»i")d, CO cents a month; $r> a Y>•:•; i:> .Vlvaiic.- ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone Main Monday, Oct. 26 DEAR TOM:Don't you think that iyour ''best girl'* iwould enjoy a box of JGruenhagen's candy? ) Of course she would so buy her a box tonight at i/eroney's. BILL For President. WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KEF.N For Congressman—Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN 'i li 'j full I!'I. all ••rii s| -h \ IMtlll. Tl men are. sni'h rcl'iin strongest a elei:l inn n! ilives tin COtlVOntlOll I )cimierat ie in his west- d tarilt"re- ie statidpat conmvss- nf cniirse, nirainst any ii, and therein lies the r<_ r umeiit in favor of the Democratic representa- J. B* Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street ^ For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Ftfth District, J. A. 4A8TRO MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1908. KERN COUNTY TYPICAL. Tbc locial Democracy and the supporters of Bryan have been greatly encouraged through the forced abandonment of first one position and then another by the organ of the opposing party, but no one defeat in the discussion has \\'e say the party is handicapped. It is worse. It is tied to the starting post. It launched a campaign that was to he fought nut on reform lines, and Mr. Taft wns selected as the particular Moses best fitted to lead the party out of the wilderness of trust government. But the reactionaries were, after all, in control, at Chicago. They conceded the nomination of Taf't as a sop to the Roosevelt senti- 'ijnent, but at that they stubbornly I halted. Every reform that had jbee.n demanded, or which the present executive claimed he espoused wns turned down by the party and to add emphasis convention, to the fact that the interests were i-n tint the t-iriff ex j I w<> weeks iii;o. and ever si the , (',,11111 v Land Company and leaves | a'desire 'to talk I'""" 1 "''-"',' ll{l . s '',"''" l ' ll ""' il V 1 ^ the rest of the mads in a dan-er- ,,,;,. u . i,. ...r.i,.,. I fymu lo hreak the |,,rce ,d the ,,ns eondil I.HI. Ihe Californiaii llJlJlli'l^ 1 '- II. •"'"'ItM'lj,. .. l''l V II i i i been quite, so signal aw that with reference to the tariff. Only a week ago the morning paper averred that Democrats would not discuss the tariff, because it was a home issue, and its bone-tits came directly home to the wool grower and the orchardist. The Cali- forninn was <piiek to point out that the prices of some protected products are away below the rat UN fixed by the Dingley bill/ that raisins, prunes and wool are a drug in the market, and it was shown that the theory that the tariff fixes prices on Ihe products of the farmer is exploded by the present unfortunate condition of the market. The arguments of this paper were ably seconded by intelligent fruit growers who demonstrated that the price ,,|' dried fruit today is below ihe actual of curing. It was th poncnt evinei about sunn took up the subject of the benefits of the tariff to the working people. Hut he has not yet explained those hori/ontal cuts of 111 and -0 per <?ent throughout the New Kuglaud states, <MI!S that are not yet twelve months old. lie will not explain why many of the mills are working half time, and the employees, therefore, roeeivinu half pay. lie will not find a rc;iM>n fur the mil'e- Jhat are ''closed." ur lur the dU t'haru'e nf Ilionsands uf radwav employes thi'oUL'hont the I'niled States. The California!) feels safe 111 iissel'l inur he eamio; eite an in stance where a larilV-bred trust, of its own volition, raised the wai." 1 * of its employes. !!'• knuws. a- does every iiile!lu>-nt man. lh,> the tarill' has bred hiyb prices, and that labor could not live at the old wage rale. I'm labor had its redress and il on.'1'iivd ju-sl as had capitid, and throned its or^ani/a- tioii members of uni'-n.s foreed 'b |V tariff-fattened employer to give liiem a daily wae-- Miiii-'ient to enable them to live, Hilt even so, the cosl of liviliL' lias beell Illcrea-i in twelve years. point to a wa<j'e i come has increase, the same length <> The latin" <|oes n,,; wool and prunes an does not establish i! nle for labor, fieiaries by lion, and il the people i vantage o vantage hire skill The truth is that the ,, party organs are so badU •capped this year that they cannot advance sound arguments to sustain the position of the party, and this was never better illustrated than it is in the, treatment of the tariff question. The demand fur a revision of the tarill' has he- come so widespread ill the I'nited States, that cvev Mr. •WaS forced to trlVe !leed clamor. He r-'* ••: ::.• nd ion to Camion '> < '• •>.:"• .satisfy the pop,:-: " •!• commission \viis .in; v::.; iV.ssedIy to repot-', -M .evision. I»!' course this is only a blind. There will be no revision sn !-'ing as the friends of the, tariff, which means tho friends of the trusts, are on in the saddle, James Schoolernft Sherman. Joe Cannon's handy man at Washington, corporation fat fryer for the party in past campaigns, head of a big trust himself, was placed on the ticket as Tuft's running mate. Should flie party win at the polls, and even conceding that Taft means well, if he should be called hence, this same Sherman would be President of the I'nited States. Sherman for President; Cannon dictator of the house, Aldrich boss of the senate. Shall the people rule'.' Why, if the management of the. party means fairly by the people, were the so culled Uoosevelt reforms turned down'.' The California n, in all seriousness, asked Samuel Shortridnc that question [He could nol answer, though like jiiie loyal party man he is. he made i the ell'orl. That has been some each voter has already reached a' verdict, and the result, in thisi count \. compared with four years' a»'o. may be applied with perfect fairness to the many communities iu the nation. Pour years since the independent voters believed that the interests of the people would be best served by the election of That feeling was prevalent in Kern as elsewhere, and it gave the Republican nominee 630 plurality. This year, the blindest man knows that the same independent element of the voting population is convinced that the interests of the people will be safest in the hands of Bryan, and that peerless champion of popular rights will reverse the vote of four years ago. He will receive fully as large a plurality as did Roosevelt, with a bright i prospect of carrying the county by at least 750. And Kern is no isolated community. It is a part of the great body politic of the nation. The same arguments that have carried conviction here, have onvinced the independent voters elsewhere. What is to happen liere will happen elsewhere. The people, the thinking people, the people who decide elections, are going to vote for Mr. Bryan and the Nebrnsknn will be elected 'resident. THE PEOPLE WILL JUDGE. Does the morning paper defend statements that are not true, simply because they are voiced by some partisan in the interest of a party candidate? It would appear so, since it iiives much prominence to ibe assertion of the chairman of the central committee of its party to the effect that II. A. .1 astro builds eoo.l roads along the lands c; the property of ihe Kern Some of Those Who Will be in Black Face Wednesday The Elks' Minstrels, which has occupied BO much of the public's attention the past week, is ready for presentation. The orchestra rehearsal was held yesterday afternoon and It was entirely satisfactory to the directors, who are very exacting. The first part will be in conventional style with Charleg A. Lee in the center as Interlocutor. He will be flanked on either end by JLhe comedians, who are Messrs. Fred Gunther, Prank Munzer, services being always In demand by reason of his infallible good taste and ability to make good. The end longs are all new and are being well ba died, and the Jokei are localized throughout The second half of the show opens with a good sketch by Messrs. Miller and Draper entitled, "The Minstrel Man and the Porter," and this will surely pleue. Then comes Frank Robineon, who does the monologue (different each night). He t ridev failur s,-i v it has made a wiii'M'. and its editor •ail t'l command att hey ,-nv lack inn; mi-lit, thill must he iirirumi'iit- • sincerity. hor iv;ili/es the Weakness imsitiiin, and that is why il i ii lied In ahamloii position Misit ion. fter What the readim; public has oh- served here at home is what has happened throughout the country. •'rom b'oosevelt ,|o\vn to Ihe cross- ,'uads orator, every exponent of 'he party of special interests has ••en beaten in fair argument. The 'resident himself, accustomed |o 'aviuir his own dictum accepted, found to his astonishment thai \\m. •leiminu's llryain. eliampioii- ;n .'. the ri'.:hl. was his master in a i'<j uinent and hi'_ric : ins eet ive '!::,; had serve,I him so welI in many a controversy in which he came oil' the victor, failed in Ihe lace of ||]e dispassionate presentation of facls. and logical dediic- t ions of Bryan. it parly that has been llsei| to success, tllll arrayed against il. party ;-, wroipj' and incut knows The -real the Voters rt to si ren<ji In n ,lll sllcceed re is Imill ,i| s the people because the the prou-rcs- the party is independent know it. S'o the failing because till '"ii the sand that such statement s not true, and the mornini; paper says ill etVeet, " \\Tia1 of il .'" One ne]elihoi' may. sometime, learn lhat there is nothinq' to be uiained by saying the thiii'_r in polities that is not. It may learn that there is a wide difference bi'lweell ui\ r inu a legitimate support to its parly and repeat HILT statements thai are baseless 1 . Tile ('alll'oriliiill by with a simple denial the statement that personal abuse, or misrepresentation may he sanctioned because this paper lias resorted to such methods. The (lies of the Cal- ornian are open lot he inspection a refnl perus- y are entire- l abuse. This j l some clever car- j dialect stories tO (hey exist ill tiie opposing ieiileil them voters of the i Me flllly Calil'ornian i nation, as is in the elec- past several per docs not sent. It is truth : and it .i an untruth Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Jfirst Rational ' IBank A checking toooont with the Fin* Nation*! Bank hM •o many advaatages that yoa will fi^d it a great aid in your financial affain. If yoa have not already such aa account with ua we •hall be pleased to have yoa open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street*. THE REAL TE»T Of It • Tk«*> Herptclde !• la Glvtmg aafh TrbtL There is only one teat by which to Judge of the efficiency of any article md that Is by Its ability to do that which It la Intended to do. Many hair .'Igors may look nleo and smell nice, but the point Is—do they eradicate Dan- tirult and stop falling hair? No, they do not, but Herplclde does, because It goes to the root of the evil and kills the germ that attacks the papilla from whence the hair gets its life. Letters from prominent people everywhere are dully proving that Newbro'3 Herplclde stands the "test of use," It is n delightful dresHlnff. cle:ir, pure anil free from oil or grease. Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c. in ntamps for sample to The Herplclde Co., Detroit. Mich. MILLER and DRAPER in "The Minstrel (Wan and the Perter." Sam Fcrsusnn, "PinVie" Hamilton, il. V. FollRttp, I.PO Panly, Clint Draper and Harry Millcj'. Tlieso men will entertain with song and story, some 01 them sinful; \Veitnesday night, and some Thursday nitlii. On tho second night, i he Htories or jukes will he different and In thai way :i consld- v able oliaiiRo of propram is effectei). The ballads are iu Uie lapable hands of Clem Wilsuii. Ollie Ctotchett and "Hob" Sinill). Clem Wilson will he liean! lo jjivat advnr.taue and a prf!- ty cffecl i;i tin- u ay ' f ,i seenic trans- t'ornunioM will he set 11 \vitji his closing song. Ollie Gotdiell, whose voice is too \vrll l<nown to need i-ninmeiii, will add ID ills laurels in Ihi^ show, 'h "Hob" Smith will sine a siiniim |,a triotic song, which will \i<- etnl)"]>N!i ed with a pretty march by ihe < i:,l men and will set everybody's ii<t to keeping lime. Cm Thur^d: 1 ) :\'. -..!•.( p ij- ulnr Harry ThomiiP his | will have a good line of "dope" and is ' certain to deliver the goods. j The next act is the "knock-out" of the show, "The Death of the Gladiator," and is presented by Messrs. I ! Han-ell, Stone and Kins. This stunt | I i; : a iniiton-burstiiig, laugh-releasing j j aci thai has no equal and those pre- ' seniiiiii it are "eating it up.' | The performance closes with a beau- ' tiiul moonlight plantation scene en- i titled "Moonlight on the Mississippi" j and will introduce Leo 1'anly in song, assisted by a down members of the 1 company. The curtain will descend on I a waih-aromid that is best described ac a "whirlwind finish.' 1 The curtain I •.•M -• tip promptly at S: 2ft and the and- ' ••••-.' " is requested to be In their • •'•.'.•- by that IImc, as the opening is | a pretty feature which should not be i rni-sei.1. There- are plenty of good seals left, HO get in line and gpt PAYNE |* SON Funeral Directors Embaltners AMBUUGNC Phone Answered Day or Night V SWE]ET BR*0&'' V v Are Agents for • THE ALBANY NURSERIES * I If you need anything In the •»• ] nursery line ,-ee them at their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Beurrtsley canal. Write them Rural No. 1, Box S. Or call thorn up, Black 511. 4" <• •!* <• <• »!• •!• •?• «i« <• <• •{• >'. •{,.;. .;. .«. ^. «• WM BAKERSPIELD * EMPLOYMENT BUREAU + When you want reliable belp of •» any kind at QO cost to you call •> ua up. We ilso supply Chinese + and Japanese help. 4 1 Phone 313. 1219 19th 8t * ** assimii's no liaVJUe; Clllll- iHiteiuporary cnssion. With the in sit-iht, this that the strength willin The morn Mr. -last ro, not l'a\or 11 Compan.N in knows that he , nale in il,,. impr in fa\or of thus Land Company • i 1 ' 1 :" ' a Mil- Kern ( us ofiii • dues knows rs isor, u fearless deelarat ion and to a leader who higher than any f<i ID statesman. the slowest l eonie vietii with stii-li a eaiiilidad'. ' to a strong of principles, towers it head other Jiving •eat attributes i !nan and a ••si pen and not bill be- •1'iitroversy such a thai does 'oiint.v Idind :al acts. It } ii,,t disi'tMiiii- i i,! ,,i' roads jniM.nt to tile oldings. It ,ii upon what have been iiads pllblic Illollev ex|>endei| in the past, and it need lo the pnbli- •tatement be'• uttered by not have »veu spai- cation ul' an nut rue cause it chanced !•> a public .speaker. It need not ha\. .last I'D of iiiytrarilly schools, i: have ascel'tililled 1 1." Kern .'Miinty may he considered as fairly represent!!/ve «t' the nation \sith ret'ereace i<i the eoiinnfj election. The arenmeitts 011 oithcr side have heen freely disetissed through the press and among individual oitix(inH. Practically ably make ils eaii own way, a.s il fore, and the people will render a verdict dict il will be the diost emphatic one in (he political history of the county. aecnscd Mr. treutnjent of .,nld reatlily !;;ets. n will prob- paii.Mi in its iia.s done be- in November and we pre- Now Is Heater Time Don't delay longer we have them to suit you in both sizes and prices. Also complete line of Ranges Cook Stoves and fittings PHILIP W. MEDERALR The one rice turnlliire store 1408-10-19 St. Phone Main 173 DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakerafleld. J. C, WtUser is down from Wnlkers Basin. OLD ULIABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting 1 in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTINO SIGNS Phone M*ln 1138 1527 Wall 8t •atnnfltld, C«U

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