The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 29, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY. TRIBUNE TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1970 Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: 1 year...: ..: $11.00 6 months 6,50 3 months s 3.50 •Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under" the Act of Congress of March '3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON. END. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 " Phone 675r2115 nvn l^ound fJo and With tlie OriLun e Bv R.D. Money A LITTLE HERE - A LITTLE THERE! THE OTHER DAY we mentioned the GIFTbestowed on Speaker of the House John McCormack. "Sand the fact that this type of SPENDING by the Congress was in fact what is wrong with this country today, a reckless, devil may care attitude'toward the • people who are responsible for the election of federal government officials. NOW .WE ARE SURE that he is. not begrudged his regular pension, which is $44,000 per annum, quite a sum in itself; and out of line with regular pension sums in ordinary business, but to add a $38,000 per year sum to this, to finance an office in Boston for two years, is a waste of.taxpayer's money.. .and an utter disregard for the situation now existing in this country. A COMMITTEE did just this. . .and what we wish to point out is that it can be done with every'retiring* Congressmen if the body so' desires. . .and most often without the GENERAL PUBLIC KNOWING anything whatsoever about it. A REPRESENTATIVE from IOWA (the middle west is sort of on the conservative side you know).. .protested the move.. .put a man from MASSACHUSETTS, used to boondoggling, asserted "the American people owe it to the respect of the office." He also added, (the solon from the Bean Country) "if the gentleman from Iowa was to retire, I would try to get the same thing for him." Therin lies the CRUX of the matter! It is another step, taken by the elected members of Congress, done WITHOUT the KNOWLEDGE, and certainly without the affirmation of the voters, to feather the nest of a fellow Congressman. PROPER RETIREMENT yea! Improper boondoggling with taxpayer's money nay! An off ice in Boston.. .with $38,000 per annum, to pay the help; it makes one blush just to think of it at a time when the country is in a financial strait jacket! A CRUDE JOKE . AFTER JANUARY 1, Cigarette advertising via the TV will be eliminated by federal law. WHY IS THIS? Well, to this date no one has actually advised the general public, except to use some ads on TV itself. . .and rather crudely, showing the harmful aspects of the habit of smoking cigarettes. NOW, let's get the matter in focus. We don't smoke anymore, but that doe's not make us feel that anyone who so desires, should not do so. It is getting so; that in this country we allow bands of DO-GOODERS to rule over the majority, not too surprising! THE F C C seems to wield quite a power over TV and radio. We. always thought the BILL OF RIGHTS allowed people to nave. rights, and certainly a business, which pays taxes in the millions, does not deserve to have a few (kooks) toss them off the air, with half baked charges of contributing to the bad health of the land. The industry, in a way, deserved to get a slap with the lousy commercials they sometimes perpetrate on the viewer, but then again, the slanderous commercials used by the T B association are not any better.. .sometimes real disgusting! For the benefit of the citizen we are glad the power of the Federal Communication Com mission does not bringthe newspapers under that control, if they did, John Q. Public would be in a quan- dry indeed. Naturally, most new papers feel they will get additional ads from the industry; this is business. But whether or not this happens, it is clear that no government agency should have this type of power. THE FIRST AMENDMENT is violated.. .all media have a right for freedom of speech and press. There's nothing equal in the WIPING of the TV cigarette commercials from the air.. .with nothing done about the other media! FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY at its worst. . .the Supreme Court-Congress. . .and F.C.C. are taking over in a territory in which they don't really have proper credentials to do so! GOOD LUCK TO NEW OFFICEHOLDERS! . THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL newly elected officeholders in Tipton County.- The people who were responsible for your election will be expecting the BEST from you. . .and we are sure that best will be forthcoming, in all cases. WE SUGGEST the people of the county, if they have not done so, become acquainted with the newly elected officials.. get to know the people YOU put into office.. .and let them get to know YOU- After all, it should call for a better understanding by the taxpayer .. .and the elected officials themselves! TODAY'S TIDBIT WE ARE SICK of hearing from the people who expect to get to Heaven because they'don't do things'! HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS SAT., DEC. 26, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Robbie Yeary, Cicero; Alton Shaw, Greentown; Herschel Powell, Tipton; Dorothy Wisher, Arcadia; RuthArm- strong, Kokomo; NoraRipberger Tipton. DISMISSALS: Vonda Rednour, Arcadia; Doris Morris & Infant, . Tipton; Dorothy McClellan, Tipton; Ralph Wilburn, Tipton; AND DISMISSALS Smith, Kokomo; DISMISSALS: Opal Duncan, Tipton; Delana Smith, Sharpsville. SUN., DEC. 27, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Frances Eliz. 'Colter, Sharpsville; Larry Joe Knotts, Tipton; Agnes Head, Tipton; Panzie M. Courtney, Elwood; Earl V. Gruel, Atlanta; John Scripter, Greentown; Mary A. Runyan, Kokomo; Cornelia obituaries I TELEVISION IN REVIEW Tipton Native Dies In Minnesota David Compton,. 219 West Washington street, and Dr. George Compton, 221 North Independence street, have received word of the death of their aunt, Mrs. B. V. (Edna) Moore, Minneapolis, Minn. Jesse Coleman Rites Thursday • Jesse W. Coleman funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m. Thursday at the Leatherman- Morris Funeral Home with interment in Elwood City Cemetery. He/ene Houser Rites Wednesday Mrs. Helene E. (Pearce) Houser, 83, 420 West Madison street, died at 6:25 p.m. Monday at Tip-, ton County Memorial Hospital following a • seven year illness. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Young-Nichols Funeral Home with Dr. Warner Muir officiating. Burial will be at East Union Cemetery. Friends may call after 7 p.m. Tuesday at Young-Nichols Funeral Home. The deqeased was born June 12, 1887 kn Debrin, Germany, the daughter of Ferdinand and Augusta Marie (Laube) Koepher. She was married to James Pearce July 5, 1905 who preceded her in death March 23, 1920. . She later married J. F. Houser in 1929 who preceded her in death in 1940. She.was a member of West Street Christian Church and owner of Dad's Restaurant for over 40 years. Surviving are four children, Miss Marie Pearce, Mrs. Juanita Calvin and Robert A. Pearce, all of Tipton and James L. Pearce of Montgomery, Ala. Also surviving is a sister, Mrs. Frieda Landseadel of Arcadia, four -grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. * Grand, Petit Jury (Continued from page one) ton; Billie J. Forsythe, route 2 Tipton; Patricia Ellis, route 2 Sharpsville; Dale Burton, route 1 Kempton; A. J. Stoffer, Tipton; Ernest B. Talley, Tipton. Also: Phyllis M. Orr, route 2 Windfall; Betty. L. Tharpe, Tipton; Jane Boles, route 1 Sharpsville; Donna Carroll, route 2 Sharpsville; Victor Fuller, Sr., route 2 Sharpsville; Joyce Bettge, route 2 Sharpsville; Joyce A. Henderson, route 1 Sharpsville Eunice Dunn, route 2 Sharpsville; Keith Ewing, route 1 Sharpsville; David M. Brumbaugh, route 2 Sharpsville; Shirley Flick, route 2 Sharpsville; Richard O. Abies, route 1 Sharpsville; Perry Cole, route 1 Sharpsville'; Ernest M. Cleaver, route 2 Sharpsville; HelenCloud route 2 Sharpsville; June Gist, route 1 Sharpsville; Donna Lorts route 2 Sharpsville; Robert C. Orr, route 2 Windfall; Edward Quear, route 5 Tipton; Dorothy Renie, route 1 Sharpsville. uuva Starts 7:30 FINAL NIGHT mio, -£ DOLLY! ~ T000 AO* COIN BV DELUXE* ' L5J rOPENS TOMORROW IPS OUT OF SIGHT! MON., DEC. 28, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Penny Jacobs, Tipton; John Henry Freeman, Kokomo; Kirby Frank Brannum Tipton; Patricia Ann Oldham, Tipton; Kelly R. Forrey, Kokomo; Alissa M. Phifer, Atlanta; Madonna Burget, Tipton; Perry R. Clark, Windfall; Grace L. McAninch; Russiaville; Edna A. Miller, Tipton; Bonnie Ellis, Windfall. DISMISSALS: Kirby Brannum, Tipton; Glen Chadwell, Tipton; Agnes Head, Tipton; Ruth Armstrong, Kokomo; John Freeman, Kokomo. Walt Disney son OF RUBBER AND MORE FAR OUT FUN! WAIT IIAII,CMI BE KORKOW TICHN1C0L0R' fHK CAK7 t IIH man fl wn »IWIW NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW GREGORY PECK TVESDJLYM/MLD UTELLEtWUONS r »fJILK THE M.t»£ Doors Open 11:30 Show Starts 11:45 Mrs. Moore, a native of Tipton County, was the daughter of George V; and Sarah Haynes. She lived in Tipton County until her marriage to Bernard Moore. They resided in Minneapolis where .she was buried. Surviving children is a son, Alan, Minneapolis, and a daughter, Dorothy Hoskin, Los Angeles, Calif. By MIKE BATTENFELD NEW YORK (UPI) -The Grade B (and below) movie. rides again on (he late, late show. To those who either don't trust the television listings, or don't read them, some old movies can be confusing. The following guide might help. World • War 'I movies: Because of a phenomenon called the "foe's follow through," the viewer is advised to check only the date of production. Before about 1947, the Ger­ man officer, bloated, a dueling scar on his cheek, is a true heavy, with strains of Wagner thundering in the background as. he cheerfully sips cognac while the Gestapo tortures an Allied spy (always played by Van Johnson). But after.the follow through date; the. officer gradually comes to resemble a reflective Oskar Werner. "Ve haf failed as human beinks," he moans as he apologizes to the local priest for shooting 37 hostages. Wagner is heard no more. In the Pacific Theater, there is always the "bullet-proof battalion," which manages to storm the beachhead, through Japanese artillery, riflemen, mine fields etc. and captures the objective, just before the tide comes in. Campus movies: In the 1930's the plot usually revolves around the brawny ex-factory worker football hero who transfers from oiltown college to Classy U. Determined to pursue his horticultural studies, he steadfastly, refuses to join the Classy football team. Finally,. in last ten minutes of the last quarter of the big game, he caves in to the implorings of the dean's daughter.. Fleetfooted, he runs the winning touchdown, and gets the girl. The musical: Unchanging and nfailingly plotless, the musical features the leading lady (who always seems to be Alice Faye) singing her way into the heart of the leading man, who is named Blackie, or Dingo or something. Also worthy of mention are those many fine British movies, all made in dark cellars at midnight (don't touch that dial, folks). "There's " been some unpleasantness on the . crumbles," Inspector Worthington- Smyth says as he attempts to find out who dissected Miss Jones in her bath. It still means something at Penneys. Our fantastic sheet sale. Penn-Prest white muslin 50% cotton/50%" polyester Twin 72 x 104" flat or "•77 Elasta-fit bottom. B Reg. 2.39 Now • Full 81x104" flat or Elasta-fit bottom Reg. 2.99 Now 2.37 Pillow cases 42x36" Reg. 2 for 1.67 Now 2 for 1.37 Penn-Prest muslin prints 50% cotton/50% polyester 2$ for Penn-Prest muslin fashion colors 50% cotton/50% polyester Twin 72 x 104" flat or 2$ Elasta-fit bottom " Reg. 2.99 Now Full 81x104" flat or Elasta-fit bottom Reg, 3.99 Now 2/7.00 0 AQ Rillow cases 42x36" Reg. 2 for C,*V!f Now 2 for 2.00 5 or . 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