The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 26, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, October 26, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, .MONDAY, OCTOBER 2(5, 1'lfls. GEORGE MAY HAD A HARD GAME It required all of the beef ana' brawn George May, the husky transfer man, possesses to try and collect a bill this morning at the Southern Pacific depot. And then George did not collect It without the aid of the law, which was called In later, According to his story, George was awakened early this morning to haul the baggage of the Brltt-Nelson moving picture show to Kern In time to catch the 6:60 train. When he presented the bill, Harry Monahan, who •was In charge of the show, according to George, refused to pay it, saying • he did not have the money and that when he came buck this way in tvvo weeks he would hand over the required $3. This did not go worth a cent with George and when he remonstrated Monaham argued and In the meantime the two other members of the show got busy. One secured the tickets and the other checked the baggage and when the train began pulling out the three made a dash for the coaches. But George was not to be out done without a struggle, so he grapped Monahan and pulled him back which was the signal for the two others to break into the milling, which they did with a vengeance. It wns a hot scrap while it lasted, but as no one came to George's assistance the three men got away. George immediately took the recourse offered by the law and he declares that if Monahan does not come through with the three dollars before show time tonight, there will be no fight pictures in Portervllle this day, ROWAN IRWIN -"•• STOPPED A HOLD UP. •> Rowan Irwlu prevented a •!« holdup Saturday night. Two if men wore attacking one in HIP •*• roar of the Masonic Temple, •5* when Mr. Irwin came along. Ilo •!• called out and put the robbers *!• to flight. The man held up •5- also disappeared, and Mr. lr- •$• win, after aniline; himself, * took the trail of the bad men, •8* but could not find them. RESENTS ROOSEVELT'S ATTACK ON LABOR CLOSINBWEEK'S STRUGGLE AT HAND WASHINGTON, Oct. 2b'.—Presidorif Kamuel Oompers, head of the American Federation of Lalioc, today made reply to President Rd'osvvelt's assault upon the working people for supporting Bryan, fie decUiros that the President has completely "changed his position of at least an apparent friendship for labor, to one of BITTER, INDEFENSIBLE antagonism. Mr. Gompers declares that in many conferences, never before did Mr. Roosevelt ever hint that the measures advocated by labor were "lawless, brutal and wicked." The President nvnetienlly fnvored. in his message to Congress, the very things he now denounces, and which are approved in the Denver platform. 1 The labor leader emphatically declares that Roosevelt's letter is a specific attack on labor because labor is aroused and is. determined to control its own vote. This, he says, is what, led Mr. Roosevelt to make the "worst exhibition of demagogiKin" and display "impotent rage and disappointment." "It forms," says Mr. Gompers, "an awful descent from the dignity of the high office of President of the United States," does this attack on the men who toil. Taft is directly referred to as the "injunction judge," and the statement bitterly resents the enmity to labor expressed by the President. NEW YORK, Oct. 26.—The present campaign, which Is entering upon Its last week ,ls to have a real whirlwind finish. From the highest to the lowest, alt the spellbinders of all the par. ties will be out in force during the next few days, and wavering voters will ho urged by eloquent advocates to cast their ballots "right." In practically every state In the union rallies and mass meetings almost without number, 4 havc been arranged, but it is lu Now* York with its large number of electoral votes at stake, that the real battle will be waged. There practically ail the leading candidates will concentrate their efforts, ably assisted by a large BELL-PHELAN MEETING The greatest political event of the roll, Mrs. J. A. Hughes, Mrs. C. B, POSTAL TELEGRAPH COM. PANY IS STRINGING WIRE. The Postal Telegraph Company's gang of linemen camped a few days at Keene on their way stringing a new telegraph wire Into the Tonopah country via Ludlow, on the Mojave desert, and Beatty, In the mining district. The ABE VALENCIA ARRESTED AGAIN Abe, or "Cinco", Valencia, the Delano youth who gained his freedom Saturday after a jail sentence for threatening an officer of the peace In the northern town almost a year ago, was arrested in Kern yesterday by Deputy Sheriff James Quinn on a charge which is the outcome of the previous trouble. V. II. \Valte alleges 1 that young Valencia also threatened I to kill him. The cluirse was sworn to before the Delano Justice and the warrant sent here for service. Thirty Days for Vagrancy. F. K. \Vagnor was brought down from Mojave yesterday by Constable eKdd to do thirty days for vagrancy. route taken Is a very long one but as the Postal has no line of poles east via Reno, but have via Mojave, It la much cheaper and when completed will insure instantaneous service between San Francisco and the rich mining country.—Tomahawk. AUTO RACE MEET NEXT MONTH An automobile race meet Is being planned for Sunday, November 15. Ed Fussell has the affair In charge and for the past week has been In communication with well known auto agencies in regard to the entering of cars. The Howard Automobile Company of San Francisct has promised to enter u Buick car. C. S. Howard, the general manager, is expected hero this evening. The Cadillac agency of Los Angeles also regards the race meet favorably and if it has the cat j In stock by the time the meet occurs, will probably make entry. Frank Free.,' the driver of the speedy Sunset car, has promised to return and Ix:on Shettler, ngent for the Reo and Kissel Kar, will undoubtedly place a car. Bert Latham, before he departed for Los Angeles after the race during fair week, stated that he would like to return with the Reo "Bird" and If there number of forceful and campaigners. Ohio and Indiana also will be given considerable attention. Among the speakers who will urge the voters of Ohio to support Mr. Taft will be sev-1 eral members of Mr. Roosevelt's cabi-' net—Secretaries Root and Garfleld and Postmaster General Meyer—and the Republican candidate for president himself will deliver two formal addresses at Cleveland and Youngstown on Saturday. Vice President Fairbanks will head the Republican forces in Indiana, which will Include Senators Beverldge and Hemenway, Edward H. Osman, consul general of the United States at Constantinople; John L. Griffin, Unit- campaign will be the coming of the llell-I'helan special train tomorrow night and the speaking which will follow at the Bakersfield Opera House. The (rain is due at the Kern depot at 6 o'clock and there it will be met by a reception committee, and the speakers will bo escorted to the Southern. The speaking will begin In the Opera House at 8 o'clock. At the train will be the Union Band, and a salute will be fired. Before the speaking an Impromptu parade will form In front of the Dexter stables, and headed by the band will march to the opera house. M. T. resourceful j Kean, president of the Bryan Club, has called a meeting of the club for Colby. The reception committee will takff Our Show of New Fall Clothes! Have you seen it ? If not, a treat awaits you, for we have a gathering of L. Adler, Bros. & Go's Rochester-made ready-to- wear suits that are a perfect revelation of style and quality. No matter how critical a man may be; he cannot withhold his approval from the fall modelsj of this great establishment, for m them are embodied the latest dreams of tashion as interpreted by a design-•; who ranks first in his profession. We invite you to call just to look at the new things. THE the 5:30 car at the Southern Hotel and proceed to the train to meet tb.t speakers. The committee is composed of the following: | Reception Committee. M. S. Platz, Rowen Irwin, W. W. Harris, M. T. Kean, Jean Eyraud, J. H. Stevenson, L. E. Nelson, J. W. Brlscoe, George Brundage, Florence Oleason, John T. Basye, H. W. Klipstein, J. M. Goode, Charles E. Bar, James Stone, W. G. Ratctlffe, W. P. Davis, T. E. Owens, E. L. Foster, James Magulre, J. H, Murphy, T. E. Shomate, J. W, Mahon, J. W. P. Laird. I. L. Miller, M. Carrlere, Fred Llnd- berg. C. E. Real, Ed. Helbltng, J. A. Hughes, A. (?, Kahler, F. G. Munzefi George Flournoy and Warren Miller. Ushers for the evening have been Roberts has secured the appointed as follows: Jack Mahon, there being no other j Jr., WJii Simpson, Johnny Moore, Earl the engine house in Kern at 8 o'clock this evening, when steps will be taken to have the club represented In the parade. Chairman opera house, building l n the city with capacity to | Harris, Lisle Withlngton. Special attention will be given to the ladie§ to see that they obtain desirable seats. Fred Tegeler's big gray team will be used for transporting the baud care for the crowd that Is expected. Among the committees named to look after the details are the following: Chairman of Transportation, J. W. Kelly. Chairman of Finance, J. M. Jameson. Chairman of Fireworks, Lonnle Davis. I^adles committee to decorate speak- ed States consul at Liverpool, and [ p >' a ' stand, Mrs. May Gladys Mghtner, Miss Greer, Bernlco Miss! Har- Representative Gardner of Michigan. William J. Bryan, after four days lu j New York state, will close his long, j hard campaign by a series of speeches • In Ohio, Illinois and Indiana? ; Doth Mr. Taft and Mr. Bryan were j ; in this city Sunday. All (he forces | " , the Democratic national commit I co j Tlio Dcmocniey will nuike ran summon have been brought to | whirlwind finish 'in tilt- lor;il r;in boar to secure the electoral vote of Jifiign during the six days that ai New York state for William .1. Bryan. ! to Follow. Of course (lie event i Led by the presidential candidate | t lie Week will be the bin Hrll-l'lu to and from Kern. The fireworks display will be elaborate, and the Impromptu parad* promises to bo an Imposing affair. Th9 lommittee on arrangements urget every supporter of Bryan to gather on .East Nineteenth street and take place in the line of marchers. MANY MEETINGS IN THE COUNTY points. Arnoiiir himself, who will speak four days In this state, an army of orators will be sent Into every county and town. Mr. Bryan went to the cities ami towns! throughout in the southern tier Saturday and af-M'i'iiiu hch ter two' days' campaign in the greater city he will stump cities and towns that line the east shore of the Hudson River, which seldom are visited by Democratic candidates In gearcn of support. The Democratic campaign lu the state, it is explained, will receive its impetus from the meetings tonight at Madison Square Garden and In Brooklyn Tuesday. Beside these meetings,many others at which Mr. Bryan will speak have been arranged In different parts of ihe city. Tammany Hall has planned to mako tin. 1 Madison Square meeting the greatest demonstration given tho candidate in this campaign. This forenoon Mr. Bryan visited cities and towns in the near vicinity of New York, after, a flying visit to I'.tti'rson, N'ew Jersey, Tuesday will he spent in Brooklyn and o n Wednesday the Nebraska!! will turn up state. Following a meeting in Syracuse, Thursday night, Bryan will leave the Empire state to devote the closing days of his campaign In Ohio', Indiana and Illiiols. Meanwhile all the prom- liicin campaigners the Democratic siaie and national eommlttoo men can ; enlist have boon sent to the sixty-two Ifountles of Now York state and to | doubtful states of tho Middle West. • Among the leading speakers In Now i York state for the week will bo ex- Mudge Parker, John Sharp Williams, < Senator Bacon of Georgia, Governor ; Hoko Smith of Georgia, Governor J. ! H. Hlgglns of Rhode Island and Uov- i ernor Ansel of South Carolina. The Republican wlndup of the campaign In thin city calls for twenty-two mass meetings to ho addressed by speakers of national reputation; a pa> 'nesdiiy to this the will he the comity, iit, niiinv iiuhl. hut liOSpl'l 1)1' preached nieetintts different ie speakers who will Criminal Cases Set for Trial fn Judge Mahon's court this morning a number of case* were set, for trial for December, and that month will be a busy one in the hearing of criminal cases. .las. N. Witt, accused of murdering Bradford I'ecli, plead not guilty and will be tried December Ul. Other discs set for trial wore Frank Valencia, Dec. 1; William Nasser, Dec. 7; Morris Previs, Dec. 10; K. Reg- nosla, Dec. It; Thomas Levelling, Doc. 15; Hilda M, Smith, Dec. 20. Oil Companies, The .lame Oil Company, itndthe Sapphire Oil Company have field articles of incorporation; also the Illco Oil Company and tho Temblor Oil Company have filed lliolr Incorporation papers. t;ilk for Dryun and Kern arc: Sen. K. O. .Miller ./. W. ]'. Laird Tli.,s. Scott .Matthew S. Pint/ Ffowan Irwin K. L. Foster The places and dates of meetings will he as follows: Monday -Teliaeliapi. Tuesday—IJundsbnri,'. I Wednesday—Mojave. Thursday—Delano. Friday—Kern River Oil Fields. Friday—Maricopa. .Saturday—McKittriek. Saturday—Panama. Saturday—Hosedale. Rowan Irwin and others left today for Tehaehapi where the meeting tonight will be held, and this parly of speakers will also address audiences at Handsbnrg and MOJMVC. .Matthew S. 1'lalx, .Mr. Irwin and other speakers will tour tho west side nil fields, and on Friday night there will he a mounter meeting iu the Kern River fields. Local committecincn at each of I lie points named are making all needful arrangements and the week promises to be one of the most stirring in the political history of tile conn) V'. nuie of the Republican Clubs of Greater N'ew York and a great parade of the. UiisliK-HH Men's Republican Association. The big Republican event of tho week will bo the Madison Square Garden meeting on Wednesday night, October 28th, at which Taft arid Gov-1 ernor Hughes will bo the principal 1 speakers. The others will be \V,m. | Atdcn Smith of Michigan, George A. i Knight of California and United i States Assistant District, Attorney At- • i wood of Chicago. Taft and Governor! TOGGERY IOWIU « tkOOM are no contemporary meets during No- .Hughes will address four day meet- vumbei- It la considered more than IUKH on tho 28th. likely that Shettler will send his crack! Other Republican meetings of the week will be addressed by Secretary Hoot, Secretary Cortclyou, Secretary of Commerce and Labor Straus, Attorney General Bonaparte, James S. Sherman, tho vice presidential candidate; Senator Dollivor, Congressman Herbert Parsons of New York and driver and car here. Fussell has promise of at least three or four runs and an Australian pursuit race. In addition, a couple of good motorcycle races will be arranged and probably a running race or two. Such a card would be highly at- tracelre and should give much ex Congressman Francis Burke of Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. •• Y'»u would hardly believe that Kticb iieautlful things could be made of leather as we are now showing. The following goods can he found here in variety. No better gin. could be thought of than something from this line. Ladies' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices aro moHt reasonable on everything. Come In and lot us *how you the goods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phones Main 64 and 74.

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