The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Truman Ready to Take Campaign Orders as Nominee Takes Hold . SPRINGFIELD. 111. IJfj—n appeared nlmosl certain today that Gov. Adtal Stevenson and President Trumnn will wage double- barrelled "whistle stop" campaigns against Hie Republicans this fall. Stevenson's press secretary, William J. Flanagan, told reporters the Democratic presidential nominee will make a train lour I orders, through the country in the com- I As ing weeks. accept the President's retorted offer to make a whistle stop campaign such as he did In 1W4. By .JACK HI-:LL WASHINGTON 1^1—Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois lightened his command over his presidential drive today, with President Truman ready to take campaign Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Gorton result of an historic—if somewhat indecisive—-White House And Stevenson Is expected lo conference yesterday, Stevenson had assurances he could count on Truman ns a subordinate member of his team. And It was strictly up (o (he Democratic presidential nominee as to wlicn nnd where he would Insert Truman In the lineup. That was to be determined later in line with Truman's statement thai "details will be worked out at a later dale." The President was quoted by an authoritative source as offering lo Open High Low Close undertake a whlstlestop lour for Oct 3825 3850 3820 3832 ' tile Democratic ticket, bill as tffll- Dcc 3813 3843 3666 3840 j ing Stevenson: Mar 3726 3832 3706 3320 I "You arc the one who has got 3773 3814 3777 3812 New Orleans Cotton Oct . Dec . Mar . • May 3719 Soybeans High Sep Nov Jan Mai- to run Ihe campaign—It Is uj» to " May 325 ..... 314 315 ! 315 ..... 313 New York Srocki A T and T Amor Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cocn-Col.i ,. Gon Electric Gen Motors .......... Montgomery Ward N Y Central Inl Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studcbaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears U S Steel So Pac Livestock you." No Direct Ileply Made Open High Low Close | stevtiiscn apparently made no 3820 3847 3820 3«M | t |i rcct reply 3812 3838 3810 3835 i D ut some of his Iriends believe 3802 3825 3(!02 3:28 ; about the last thine lie now wants 3310 3779 3810; Uic president to do Is lo take to j the whtstleslops, since any such | move might distract attention Irotn the nominee's own efforts to carry his cause to the country. I Apparently left unresolved In a three-hour session publicly acclaimed by its two lop participants as "very satisfactory" was a con- ilict in tentative speaking dates 154 1-8! f°'' Labor Day. . 57 I Slevcnson had planned le open . 46 3-1)' l»s campaign Sept. 1 with a speech M 1-1 ! in Detroit, where Truman began Low 313'i 308's 3CB'. 307»; Close 323'i 312'i 313'z 312'i 3104 NEITHER RAIN NOH STORM, ETC.-The rain didn't bother this young McMath enthusiast during yesterday's Democratic ruberna- torlal runcff. He carried his sign in picket fashion in front of "the City Hall voting precinct in periodic showers In spite of Ihe fact, that he had no liat or rain coat. The young picket is on Junior Aycock nine- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Aycock. (Courier Ncu-s IMmld) Reds Accused of Endangering UN POW's in Unmarked Camps 81 11? C3 7-3 .61 1-4 65 1-8 MUNSAN. Korea W—Te United further delay Nations loday accused Ihe Reds ofj The rcnuest cmlaneentifr the lives of (J. N. sol- Waj. Gen \v diers In North Korean prison chief U. N. Ii- A *T '™" Harrison. ilils successful 1948 drive. Truman camps by failing to pinpoint cam|: j tentatively had accepted a date to """" talk in Milwaukee llio same day. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. Ml— (USD.A) — Hogs 6,500;. open slow; later moderately.- a&Jivej barrows and gilts 50'to ^s'ioi^l thnri-Tesday's average: sppr'vi.W to 1.50 lower; bulk choice 190230 Ibs unsorlcd for grade 22.2522.50; top to packers 22.25; 240270 Ibs 21.25-22.10; few 270-300 1 20.50-21.25; 150-110 Ibs 19.25-20.75 with ISO Ibs largely around 21.75; •20-140 Ibs 16.75-18.80; sows -100 Ibs down 17.50-18.00: few 18.25; heavier sows 15.50-17.25; sings 13.5015.50; boars 11.50-15.00. Cattle 2,300; Calves 800; opening moderately active on a few loads of steers at steady prices; good to low choice 28.25-31.00 in- luding two loads high commercial western at 28.25; utility nnd low commercial 23.00-25.00; few cows Steady; utility and commercial 17.00-21.00; canners and cutters 13.00-17.00. Sparhman Sits In Although this mutter was dis- 10 1-2; cussed at an hour's meeting at 33 1-1 j which Sen. John Sparkm'an.or Aln- 68 i bnmn. Hie vice presidential nomi- 41 1-4 I nee. sat In. no decision was said 25 5-8 to have .been reached. 37 1-2 Stevenson said on his return lo 38 5-8 - - -• - 78 5-8 55 3-4 59 1-8 41) 1-4 j xhe tentative bookings had been '•° made without each other's knowledge. Stevenson described Truman as The U. N. asked the Communists to furnish the inform atior. "without Springfield, 111., lhal If arrangements can be worked out "I think we both may spoak on the same ELECTION (Continued from Page 1) W. M. Thompson 5405. Chancellors First division: First district 161 of 185 boxes: Rodney Parham. 24.631; Murray o. Reed 21,492, First division, sixth district: 227 of 273 boxes: Qcsley Howard 16,035; A. P. Steel li.169. Eighth district 224 of 288 boxes; being "just as co-operative as he can be." anil he added: "All he •y<'anls; ; ta ti do is what we want him *o do.' -\ : , i ;s -. 'Askcrf if Truman would play the role of "buck private In the rear ranks," Stevenson said, "That's what he .said ho would be " The dramatic White House ineet- Ing- was the first in which a rc- llring President met Hie nominee of his own party to discuss campaign plans since the late Calvin Coolldge did not choose again in 1928. to run CHERRY (Continued from Page 1) Elsenhower saw In McMath's defeat an Indication Korean Gen. Nam II, uce delegate, to North top Red ' How County Votes Went For Governor County Arkansas Ashley Baxter Bcnton Iloone Bradley Calhoun Carroll Chlcot Clark Clay CJeburne Cleveland Columbia Conivny Craljjhead Crawford Cj-ittendcn Cross Dallas Desha Drew Faulkner Franklin Fulton arland rant Greene ilcmpstead Hot Springs Howard fndcpd'ce laard Jack.son Jefferson Johnson Lafayette Lawrence Lee Lincoln Little River Logan Lonoke Madison Marion Milfer Mississippi Monroe Montg'ry Nevada Newton 'iuacliita ^el'ry Hhilhps TP 24 26 26 41 25 27 17 30 18 40 27 20 ie 36 26 34 31 23 22 23 21 32 31 36 21 51 21 35 31 33 35 36 35 50 33 21 21 33 22 18 20 37 39 21 24 43 60 23 24 27 28 31 28 pa 24 24 25 41 25 27 17 30 18 40 27 29 13 36 24 34 31 27 13 23 21 32 31 34 21 51 21 35 34 32 26 35 30 50 33 24 21 31 22 18 20 36 30 19 U 43 60 21 24 25 28 3! 28 C 3798 3332 1392 4531 3282 2773 1310 1111 1693 33B3 2809 1783 .1483 2252 2180 7284 3290 •"*°"««.r. ' " * Poinsett Ihe letter was handed over at a \ Polk Pope Unison officers' meeting this after noon at Panmunjom. The main delegations are in recess until ' Prairie Pulask MISSCO (Continued from Page 1) numbers of Communist prisoners [ Searcy camps after (he Reds shifted some ! Sebastian pposed candidates. Including one ; , clr cn "\l's, including the one : Sevier TT ' 1 Randolph Harrison said he asked on Ana SiSaiin- for information on the location and! Scott" 1169 1545 2035 1504 4492 2007 982 14 DO 2204 4050 3540 3318 1742 3328 1077 3122 7338 2218 539 2857 1597 1353 1855 2478 2503 ICO 393 4390 6282 1459 1088. 1851 294 45!2 1169 28 28 3034 19 17 882 35 15 3817 2392 3367 1092 25433 2352 3853 1135 755 congressional, seven state, one dis- [jo'dins 'Maj. Gen. , William F. trict. 20 county and two township races. Included in the county listing were nine unopposed condidatcs for Democratic county committeemen. Dean. Harrison told Nam that failure to "p r o v i d e this information promptly endanger.? the lives" of Allied soldiers in North Korea ,?">-:.- < T -> «-.»""?« ™ u^JSn 3 ;^ 08 ' 1 ^- chior showed sibie" the zone and "to that extent" we accept responsibility for this incident." that Gen. Eisenhower will carry Arkansas In November." The director, Verne Tindall of Stuttgart, said the whooping majority for Cherry "is a complete repudiation of the Truman administration." ler. Dr. James C. Guard and Ral- Unions Endorsed MrMalh cJoh Sylvester. All are from Blvthe- Besldes Truman's approval — ex- villo pressed on a visit to Arkansas early | Judge cherry carried both Blvliie- in July—McMath was endorsed by v:!le and Osccola by nearly three- Clayton, Mrs. Jack Ci» nrs of Cain- den, national committcewoman, A.-'sociate Justice Paul Ward. Unopposed county candidates were state. Sen. J. Lee Hearden. County Judge Philip J. Deer. Sheriff William Berryman, Treasurer Frank Whitworth. Assessor Herbert Shiripen, Coroner E. M. Holt, State Rep. James J. Edwards, Rep. L. H Autry, Rep. E. C. Flceman, Miss Gernldlne Lislon. circuit clerk, and Mrs Elizabeth Blylhe Parker, county clerk. H. G. Partlow of Blytheville was unopposed for prosecuting . attorney yesterday. He. Sen. Rcard&i rtent following a flast en nnd Mr. Deer won majorities in the Ji:ly 29 primary. F, 1 e c t e d county committeemrn were J. Louis Cherry, Chester Cahi- wel). Jesse Taylor. \V. J. Pollard. J. W. Adams, James Roy. Oscar Fcnrt- tnvcstisation Allied pinis were firim; south of the Pannuinjoni site mi Aug. 3. He said "ii is entirely pos- some fragments fell Negro Dies in Bus, Flood Accident CAPE GIRARDEAU Wi — The lone fatality d, Tuesdays bus acci- Sharp St. Francis Stone Union Van Buren \Vashinglon White Woodruff Yell Totals 27 37 16 83 30 41 30 19 49 29 25 24 29 35 22 49 47 18 31 27 37 12 19 30 41 30 17 49 29 24 24 S3 35 22 -12 35 18 31 9036 1884 1136 3033 1053 8274 1509 5448 2251 1683 22C9 M 1313 1533 1085 2354 1338 1090 912 1848 1525 1887 1114 670 733 2774 2298 2782 1012 623 016 1179 2039 1171 104G 1371 800 4C16 •J53 2054 2006 1560 186! 18131 1214 I 2709! 5111 | 1683! 544 | 1473 1200 1131 836 2219 1492 1G02 272. 25G5 4177 896 781 I 1336 953 2957 j 454] 2283 I 782 j 2378 815 ! 1930 • 259 ! 11373 1415 2157 1308 i 414 ! 3151 773 1133 j 1889 i 839 2671 863 2052 1795 1446 1510 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST IS, Obituaries Paul Yelverton Dies of Illness; Services Friday Services for Paul Yelverton ol Dell will be conducted at 10 n m Friday In the Del! Baptist Clutrch by the Rev. M. R. Griffin. Mr Yelverton died in Blytheville Hospital here yesterday following an illness of about two months. He was 67. A native of Halls, Tenn., Mr. Yelverton moved to this area In 1916. During his lifetime, he was an employee of the Dell Compress. He Is survived by two daliRhte-s Mrs. Olady.s Lyle of Decalur lil' and Mrs. nelty Ruettiinami of Denver. Col.; four cons, Howard Yelvcrton of Sterling, col.. Buford Yelverton of Decatur, Paul Yelverton, Jr.. of Quincy. III., and Elvis Yelverton of Decatnr: and two sisters, Mrs, Hana Potter of Blytheville nnd Mrs. Lucy Southard of San Diego, Cal. Pallbearers will be Earl Matters. Taylor Freeman. Roy Brinkley E'i Hnrdin. R. n. Crawford ami c A Praith. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. • • « Rites Tomorrow For Mont Hurst Services for Mont Elmore Hurst will be conducted tomorrow at 2'30 p.m. In the Sleele Church of Christ by the Rev. J. R. Braswell -Mr Hurst died at his home in steele, yesterday at the age of 82. • lie was born in'McNarry, Tenu I and had moved to Steele to engage i in farming near there ! Survivors include his wife, Mrs Winnie Hurst; a daughter Mr; Jessie Barker of Blythcville; anrt Ike Says Stevenson To Continue Policies Of President Truman Bv EDWARD O. ETHEI.I, DENVER <A-D wight D. Elsen- hower says Adlat Stevenson's White House visit shows the Truman administration is determined to continue its policies through a hand-picked successor. These ' policies, Elsenhower charges, have carried the nation to a situation "of bewilderment, indecision and fear for the future." In his sharpest attack on the Democrats since his own nomination for the presidency, Eisenhower declared last night in a written statement the Washington conferences between Gov. Stevenson of Illinois and administration leaders presented these "far-reaching implications:" 1. The question as to whether the President anrt his Cabinet "can possibly contemplate using resources of the federal government to influence the judgments of voters." 2. An Implied decision to involve non-political officers, through the inclusion of military and national security personnel in (he meetings, in a political campaign "in which thev have no part." No Changes Seen . "The obvious fact that the Democratic party, if given another four years to control our destinies, would not change its policies." "The American people want a four sisters, Mrs. Minnie Goodman of Steele, Mrs, jenny Manns of Hornersville. Mo., and Mrs. Eula Moore and Mrs. Ella Hurst of McNarry. Burial will be in Mt. Zion Cemetery at Steele. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. 3311-1 2195 22640! 120832 Negro Deaths h II.;od near here has been identified os'tht M, H. Thompson of Sikcston. Hudson Bohannan I Services for Hudson Bohannon. 57, of Blylheville will be conductet in the Home Funeral Home Chapel iit 2 p.m. Friday by the Rev. T. J, James. Survivors include his wife. Annie Lee Bohannon. tour sons. Fran!: and Hudson, Jr. of Elytheville and Charles of Cleveland, O., and two daughters. Ruthie Tiggs and Lucin- I da Dixson of Blythevillc. ! Burial will be in Burton Spur! Cemetery. Home Funeral Ho in charge. , me js and drowned as the Dixie Orev- KEN'TVILLE. Canada M>,-Mavor hound bus was hit bv - ._ — ' ""»"' flnnrt,.H n ' '" Vi ' nt -"' s "t' R- W. RotliEr did more than lay flooded Ramsey Creek near Aneell.ithe cornerstone for the new ele- the "ccidm l " S - d "'""" nf "' r | n!Entar J' ^hool here. He had prev- the bus' no i'l. somc yards from iously donated the stone and per__._!___: serially cut the inscription on it. both the APL and CIO political affiliates. Cherry, a native of Ft. Worth. Tex., and a former resident of Okin i lahoma. is serving a second term as Math. MS. , chancery District. He left the bench P. S. v^uuuiuviuim lo.uttt' fjean P ' (nHnn r,f Houston 8,690. I J - BD Of Bob'T.ilev 151 ,,"™ 1 ^ 0 ' 118bo «' 5: !" ! nU'»»'''lV <° serve "two years In ferLi lick S * °' Pi "~ > the Nnv >' »" Worl " War IL Prosecuting attorney Ninth district 65 of 129 boxes: to-one margins. In Blytheville the voting was as follows: Governor — Clierry, 1.834; Mr- Arkansas I Attorney general — Gentry, 1.311; Wnvfrcd Lake 3,16! R. c. Thomas The .state's only congressional race ycMerday saw renomtnatlon of Rep. Broois Hays of Little Rock, a Barton. 972. Commillceman — Ciill, 2,053 Clumbers, 303. i Supreme Court — Rccd. 1,361: ; Smith 918. ] Surveyor — Cobb, 1.631; Shanks • member of the Ho-.ise sir.ce 1943. , 18th Hi.-ri-t -a . c-, ! ' ov " Amls Gll '*i"dge. Little Rock ] Representative — Sulcer, 1,255: isth o9 o; 63 br>xcs: W. J. i. 1WV er. Griffin. 960. Cherry 1'reriiclion Confirmed i In Osccola. Cherry polled SSI Cherry's ever-mounting margin j vtllcs whll ° McMath received 228. bore ova his pre-ele:tlon "prediction > '" ""' Cralghead County race to that he would win bv 75000 'o 100- dmri5 •I 1 ' third state senator from the 24th District (Mississippi. Crsig- head and Poin.sett Counties^, Marvin Melton defeated Don? Bradley 5.425 to 4.567. Both are Joncsboro Hcbert 2,460; H, A. Tucker 4,003. State senators Third district 55 of 91 boxe.s: W \V. Bean 5.167; J. s. Smith 3.119 Fourth district 49 of 49 boxes Flff " ' "^ '""" ""'" Sam 1 - cf °' rf " m "' r '>"don<ally. 1>t>fnrc »"•*'»'»• It was early today reported total went e polled In the Tenth district 5J of 91 boxes-F f .^Acrce 3037; Bob Bailey Jr.. 143 33 nth district: Position of 155 boxes: w. E . Armstrong S,3a; Q. B. Hurst 1191!7 12ih district 67 of 67'boxes- V« Bryan 4637; Dr. E. J. Byrd attorneys, The Mississippi County Drmo. Thi combined totM for the two ^,0^' .^SST M^ sr.t J3 ^ M «,r'gyu Psh t^i" w ""»"- " rttty ' h ' ret "™- weeks ago. Most speculation had;.. - , been that the earlier figure would : Negro School Official Armorel 13th district Wayne Srr 35 of 35 boxes The Chfrry headquarters was filled with chfcrini. 1 crowd of supports ers and well wi.shcrs. among them I two of bis former opponents. Atty. aync Jewell 2713- M ar-h»ii X , opponents. Ally. —artlc.'ord Jr 7801 " i k ° Mllrr - v nild JnCk " olt " '" 14th district no of 111 h^v cont1 ^ 1 lhp McMath headquarters G. H Jones 7354 i V .TT v " s '^""^- even gloomy, nl- 5599 ' J ' '' Purllc lhol 'Sh the so^e™ 0 r himself I7.h dislrir-l 104 of 103 boxes,' n ^.f S " 9: Tom Lo " n i!»«. J ; 0. Cheney 6735; y. M . Mack MOT 2«h district oulw.-urtly undisturbed by his dc- this brie! state- responsibilities Clierry Isfiied nient: "I recoeruze Ihe P' 121 boxes: L. Rogers 18th district: 114 C. E. Bell 4107- L, 3131. , 2 p h nd v trict D * of ns 'ww---:* L^?" Jr " ^ °- °' ^' :o. i rr- .-. ----i> •- ii tt, i i^)^uiiMi/iui jy> •;. J. i. uu.uer placed on me. I deeply appreciate of « im. III 6 wondcrlul support given me bv _ 01 34 boxes: the people of Arkansas. I shall trv , ..anin Mel- to be worthy ol the confidence they have placed in me." McMath expressed "sincere appreciation to the people of Arkansas for electing me to two terms as their governor," Rr ,d added: •T plcrtec support to 'prancls Cherry and to his administration, M. C. Arrant, state supervisor o' N'ecro elementary schools, ycstrr day ended a two-day visit to Armorel Junior High School. The visit \vns for the purpose n' Inspecting teachers In the clas rootm and assisting In the teach frs instructional program. A Jolt meeting of elementary and h i c. 1 school tractiers was held yeslcrda- at which Arrant -spoke on tcaclir: anri principal relationships. and r will s\ipport Democratic nominees on the state and national ticket. ".Yattirany, T am disappointed but I can't say that 1 am unhappy, Vm looking forward to Betting acquainted ivjili tny family." On the basis of incomplete rr- tunw McMath was ahead in only five of Hie state's 75 coinUI«; Carroll, his native county of Columbia. Conway, Madison and Scotu EY'S MORNING SPECIAL! SIZES 29 TO 34 Entire stock of tropical slacks reduced for clearance change," Eisenhower said fl at1 _ Then he gave a hint of issuw he will pound at during his c .,» palgn by declaring: "They want a change In order to replace corruption with honestv reckless spending with economy inflation with economic stability mismanagement in foreign affairs with clear-cut policies and programs for positive peace; brazen assertions of 'inherent power' with constitutional government, both in spirit and deed." The last remark was an obvious slap at President Truman's seizure of the sleel industry under what Truman termed the Inherent powers of the government. The Supreme Court later held the seizure unconstitutional.' Eisenhower and Sen. Rchard Nixon of California were making it clear they will do everything they can to tie Stevenson to the Truman administration in the minds of voters. Before he left for his speech at Ihe Illinois State Fair today at Springfield. Stevenson's home. Nixon told a Denver news conference that the White House meeting was proof Stevenson Is "part and parcel of the Truman gang." He culled the meeting "the fatal mistake" of Stevenson's campaign and said, "I'm just surprised It came so early." With the Courts Circuit Court: State vs. Alice Todd, perjury L in first degree. * State vs. Carrol D. Ruth, perjury In first degree. State vs. Ada Betterton' Ruth perjury in first degre« MOVING! Air Bas^,,Reactivation ' •""• • ^ •'j*-' * ' ''',",,, * \f '-^ Forces Us To Move! Here's your opportunity to save on Trenkle Paints! We're having to move to a new location and want to reduce our inventory before we move ... so we're offering 28% to 40% reductions on all paints. Drive out to the Air Base and take advantage of these tremendous savings! HOUSE PAINT Formerly 5.78 Per Gallon Trenkle Paints are equal in hiding, non-fading and dura! ilil.v lo any nationally advertised brand on the market. COLORS NOW WHITE 4.10 Per Gal. 4.25 Per Gal. 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