The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 31, 1928 · Page 6
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 6

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1928
Page 6
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Ml THB BROOKLYN DAILY TACT ,T.E. NT,W ORK. THURSDAY. MAY 31. 192?. 6 VmHE most" definite fc:"a-:A information on funeral cost ever published ij in tUe Fairchil J took-let WU Will a Funeral Cost Me-copy jent for tne aAin. FAIRCHILD SONS Morticians 86 Lffferts Fiice, Brooklm lb4ih Street, Jimiici ) BIG BORO DRUG HAUL GOES UP IN SMOKE $2,000,000 Worth of Narcotics and Pipes Destroyed. Drugs of a street saie value estimated at nearly $2,000,000 went up in smoke in the boilers at Manhattan Police Headquarters, under the direction of Acting Capt. Henry Scherb. Inspector Lewis J. Valentine, Ralph Oyler. representing the Federal Narcotic Division and a representative cf the Commissioner of Accounts' office. Pipes, packages, various implements and containers were in the lot, which represented drug seizures by police during the past year. The largest single items were a lot of 7,901 ounces of heroin and 696 ounces of pure morphine, with an Illegal sale value of $1,000,000, which Here confiscated last July in a house on Battery ave., Brooklyn, by detectives under Inspector Valentine. Al Smith Will Be Elected As Roosevelt's "Spirit" Told Him, Says Hindu Seer Dr. C. C. Braganza Also Foresee Mayor Walker as Fallen Idol When 7-Cent Fare Goes Into Effect Predicts Scorching Summer Starting July 4. By ALIC E -COGAN. Al Smith is to be ths next President, and no less an authority than the late Theodore Roosevelt is responsible for the prediction. The spirit of'the Colonel, it seems, appeared in a dream to Dr. Calviu B. Braganza. "world's foremost Hindu seer," and told him all about it. The "doctor" is one of the features of the G. A. R. Historical Exposition, which opened last night. The seer hails from Boston, where he is the head of an "Academy of Science in Back Bay," and he describes himself as an "astrologer, psychoanalyst, telepathist, graphologist, numerologist, crystal gazer, wonder worker and society's favorite." He claims no kinship to the Duke of Oporto, wnose family name happens to be Braganza. The "doctor ' a native of India and came to this countrv in 1897 with his family mer chant princes, he says to attend the World s Fair. He is a graduate oi tne University of Bombay and holds honorary degrees from the Institute o'. Science at Rochester and the Academy of Science at Paris, he says. His predictions run the gamut from national politics to next week's weather, and he can tell you all the hot rid things you don't want to know Manual's Fniilssl 6 PASSENGERS HURT IN TAXI COLLISION G. A, R. VETERANS GIVEANNUAL DINNER Six passengers were injuieii last Bight when a taxicab in which they were riding was in collision with an other taxi at Marcy ave. and Floyd at. The injured, all of whom were from Brooklyn, were removed to the Beth Moses Hospital, but left after being treated. They are: Meyer Kesselheim. 42. of 18H0 52ri St., injured about the knee. His wife, Rose, suffered contusions. Samuel Kesselheim, 58. of 173 Starr St., and his wife, Anna, injured about the body. Jennie Jacobal, 42, of 52 Morrell St., bruises. Isaac Chipman. 119. of 5110 19th ave., bruises. They were riding in the cab driven by Joseph Torre of 73 Engert st. when it collided with the one driven by-Benjamin Berrenfeld of 524 Powell si. No arrest was made. Dr. Lovs Sees Science Extending Their Span of Life. Doctors disagreed a little last nign: at the annual Memorial Day dinner nf the U. S. Grant Post of the G. A. R., which was held in post headquarters, 489 Washington ave. There were only 20 members of the post present, and Dr. Lewis T. Pilcher. himself a G. A. R. veteran and a former National Commander, said he feared that next year there would be no more than 12 at the dinner. But Dr. William L. Love, former State Senator, disagreed with him. He said that "modern medical science has extended the -span of life of the individual" and told Dr. Pilcher and the other diners that "a man of 80 today is no older than a man of 60 at the time of the Civil War" because of the advances in modern medical science. Senator Love referred to Commissioner of Elections John Voorhies in Manhattan, who will celebrate his 99th birthday on July 27. And he also referred to insurance statistics:, which show that the span of life has been lengthened, to prove his point. Of 327 one-time members of the post, only 50 now remain. The dinner last night was presided over by George R. Brown, the youngest member of ' the poLt and its commander, who is I in his 80th year. The average age of ; the diners was a little more than 84 ! years. about yourse:: just by mentioning a lew numbers. By tubbing his hands over his tur ban of gold clotn and orchid rayon, he can tell you in a second that a 7-cent fare will go into effect within a few months or elf there will be a complete change in the subway zone system. Not onlv that but Mavor Walker fill lose all his popularity with the working classes when the increased rate goes over. He (Joeon't go so far as to predict Mayor Hylan's return to politics) however. "Dreams Are Prophetic." With two or three strokes of his pointed black beard, the "doctor" tells about his dream in which the spirit of colonel Roosevelt appeared. "Dreams and visions are prophetic." he insists. "Any one who doesn't dream is out of sorts." Well, anyway. Teddy Roosevelt came in a dream and said: "The next President will be a man from my State or from my Cabinet." And since Smith comes from the Colonel's State, it is as plain as the nose on your face that he will be the next President. Real Summer by July 4. About the weather well, it took several attempts at numbers to bring out the news that the city can expect rainy, cloudy and unsettled weather until the Fourth of July. Then the real summer will begin. And it will come with such a vengeance that every one will wish It hadn t, says the seer. His personal observations are even more clear cut. It- took but half a dizen numbers for the great Hindu seer to reach the conclusion that this reporter's friends consider her eccen trie. So glad they only think so. Among other things Dr. Braganza claims that he predicted the World w ar in a poem he wrote in ibio, aedi rated to the American Red Cross. He is also the man who advised President Wilson that a League of Nations was bound 'to be the world's aftermath" and he says he is the person who suggested the Disarmament Conference to President Harding. During the war, he admits, it was his suggestion to the War Department that launched the Chateau-Thierry offensive. He said he told the officials that unless they protected their left wing, the enemy would have them in 48 hours. The reason he is certain that Smith is to be elected is because the stars tell him there will be no room for a dry candidate In this campaign. "It will be a long and bitter campaign." he predicts, "and a very close or.e, but Al Smith is the next President. I can 6ee him now in the White House." f RUSH TO PAY TAXES TO ESCAPE PENALTY Miss Jean Smith, Her senior classmates at Manual Training High School have chosen Miss Jean Smith as the most beautiful girl of the graduating class. She is a member of the Arista, honor so ciety of the school, and is active in athletics, having won recognition for her achievements in various sports. BANK OF UNITED STATES OPENING 15TH BRANCH The Bank of United States wthVopcn an office at 100 2d ave. on Saturday, June 2. This office will serve as tem porary quarters prior to the erection of a new building at 107-109 2d ave. This is the 15th branch unit of The Bank of Unrted States, one other being in the course of construction dependable attractive Ecklebe & Guyer's STEAMER BASKETS Read "Scarhaven Keep," a GREAT mystery story by J. S. Fletcher, starting in next Sunday's Eagle, Two novels every month In The Eagle. 1 DeKalb Ave (Albee Theater Building) Tel. Triangle 3331-2 Prompt Delivery to All Points 25 DeKalb Ave. (Adjoining Dim. Savings Bank) Fruit Baskets & Gift Boxes! "a to your traveling friends ON TRAIN TIME J Friday Saturday Only SPECIAL OFFERING JTOcks NEW SPRISG MODELS 18.00 Originally priced at Sli.75 to $29.0 mm rock I FROM REGULAR STOCK 28,00 Originally priced at SU.75 to $49.10 Dclihrfully chic interpretations of the utmost in Spring and Summer modishness . . . Party Frocks, Dresses for Evening Wear, for Town Wear . . . Chiffons, Prints, Flat Crepes ...all the fashion-favored Fabrics, in all the desirable Colors of the Sej-son ... every garment taken directly from this Season's new stock. ..and re-priced for this Special Seasonable Event. 3 9 0 SHOPS RtOU.SPAT.OrFlu" FULTON STREET Rrtu ten Smith & lu nnd Stttn ALSO ON SALE AT ALL NgT YORK EMILY SHOPS FIFTH AVENUE AT 35th ST., AT 42nd ST., O AT 46th ST. MADISON AVENUE AT 46th STREET, O AT 56th STREET 47 WEST 42nJ STREET Many at City Office Before It Opens Today Last Day. An hour before the Tax Receiver's office in the Municipal Building was opened this morning hundreds of property owners were lined up in iront of the doors to make the fliit r.a:t of the tax assessment payment to escape a 7 percent penalty. Meanwhile a large clerical force is i necking the thousands of payments sent in by mail. The force worked of Decoration Day. According to the Tax Receiver's office, if payment Is not made today the interest rate of 7 percent will start from June 1. A deduction of 4 percent on the second half of the taxes will be allowed if paid todRy. The second half is due Nov. 1. The entire month of November will be allowed the taxpayers to make the payment. 2 WOMEN TRAMPLED IN PANIC ON TROLLEY Two women were knocked down and trampled yesterday by excited passengers on a Jackson ave. surface car. in Jersey City, with a fuse box in the forward part of the car was short-circuited and filled ths car with thick black smoke. There were about 40 nawrrerj in the car at the and Mtri. cf made a rusil for '.lie cxiu. Mrs. Emor Christie of 131 Garrison ve Jetsrv City, and Mrs. Helen Flynn of 164 Park ave Brookhu. who were tramulsd. were removed to the Jersey City Hospital. Firemen were called but there was nothing for them to do when they arrived. mm 1 IDISOXS FINALLY WIN. i.1(J F,rn,, blji iaf 5 , , Tlli, The Brooklyn Ec"uon Cub baseball is tne n.ird . g-ime plaved bv tfc$ Lraui von its initial v.ctorv cf the ie;uicians this season, the oilier f current season by defeating the Shei-1 1 aving ended in ties. H TOTOR out to the il Half Moon Ho. tel ihis evening. Dine liesidc the ocean, dance to tlicnui.-ic of the waves and Harold- Stern" de. lihtful orchestra. No couvert ; hot and cold salt water hatha; rooms from 81; special season rates. HALF MOON HOTEL CONETf island AARDWALK al 29lb TRCST Oku V inirab, Mmntiginf Dirtctdr I . Tel. Conn leUad 3800 l t I Wfl t .1 J2J FULTON AND SMITH STREETS, BROOKLYN Will Close Out Friday and Saturday 200 HA TS For Misses and Matrons. Included Are About 123 $t&3MZ' Hats NO CREDITS Formerly $30 to ,S7J NO EXCHANGES tMUWUUIKJSCa P, I.N G S BwOOK.XVTr SINCE. 1865 ABRAHAM STRAUS THIS WEEK Only Special . Offer PUR-COATS MADE TO ORDER from Superb Quality SIBERIAN SQUIRREL Skins of Your Own Selection Sizes 16 to 38 Larger Sizes, 10 Additional . CQL'IRREL coats at $393! A rarity. O Squirrel coats made to order at $.'195! A coup! U'e have obtained a quantity of natural Russian Squirrel skins... as fine skins as we've ever seen.. '.and, in order to keep our CNpert furriers busy during the warm season we are offering to make these skins into coats for you. . .at a saving of many dollars. You pick your own skins... you select your own lining... you choose your own style... and your coat will be made with the individunl attention of cvston tailoring! v Convenient Payments May Be Arranged You lluu XowSave Xow and Complete the Payment in the Fall, When You Want Your Coat! v. A number of new imported canvaie$ are here for you to choose your model. Illustrating three new ar-rangementt of skins . . . horizontal . . . vertical . . . herringbone. A. A S.-rrf, Mrn4 FlMr, OnlraJ BlUln. Smart Styles in Fashion's Accepted Types of HANDBAGS for the New Season - Special Values at 2.95 ALL1 the leading new . styles r.T.: any one of . which is a chic . . .. and inexpensive . . . addition to your costume Sports, Street and Formal Styles ' Smart new pouches in large and small sizes, ths clever back strap interpreted for Summer, ths new YOKE bag, hundreds of copies of import models. All with interesting frames. V Colors and' Leathers You'll Want AII,;;ator for taillcur wear, trout, galuchat nnd pin seal for daytime, pigsTdn grain for country. In black, blue, green, tan, blonde nnd gray. A. Mrl riMr. fnltl Huiiilmi. George Bernard Shaw's Remarkable Book The INTELLHiKNT WOMAN'S (illlDE to SOCIALISM and CAPITALISM The title of this remarkable work alone will put tho modern woman on her mettle. The announcement of this hook is dramatic, Tor it has been some years since Shw has written anything half so important. Prciumahly this is his last ( QfX "will and testament" on modern events. dsJJ A. St ft. Mrfranlw Itoak Ml Bnll4ifi. Long May She Wave! A permanent wave vow by one of the several methods employed o successfully here at A. & S., will be your charm insurance for Summer week-ends and vacation days. Swimming driving dancing flying or what will you? - you will want to be at vonr best. Try the steam or electric waves by F.ugenc, Nc tic Circti-line or l.e Nur. Make an Appointment Now! . t . Mrl Ion, film ntr, iOllicr A, & S. SLotc Ac a on I'aycs 12 unit 8Ain"ii:vmm tl I V

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