The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 19, 1932 · Page 6
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 6

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1932
Page 6
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BROOKLYN DAILY iTA'GLE, NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JULY 19, 1932 'The Chameleon' Opens at the Masque TheaterRadio News Reverting to Type' Reverting to Type By RIAN JAMES TODAY'S GI'EST COLUMNIST IS JACK OSTERMAN I'M TELLING YOU, RIAN Well, It certainly was a kick when you asked us to write a column for you while you went away to Hollywood to forget hat-check girls, crooners and all the various other characters you wrote about last year. But even out on the Coast you will probably find that love is still a racket. In these days of depression it's a pleasure to read of something going up, and that is why we were' " glad to hear you decided to go up'thusly: THOUGHTS WHILE VIOLET K. COOPER to the Coast. Understand you closed your sea son by breaking your hand boxing with your trainer, who visits you daily. We have the inside dope on that gag, Rian. Your trainer is a spy for those guys that publish your books. Even a publisher gets tired, and you were writing them every twenty minutes, so they decided to put a stop 10 u. sorry we oian i make y'our preview party at your penthouse, but we forgot that we had a previous engagement with a cub reporter to go to the fights. The kid's name was Winchell. He had ringside ducats and he asked us to go as official answerer. The Idea was that when anybody said to Walter "Glad you're back: you're looking fine'' we were commissioned to answer "He's glad to be back and feels swell." You see, Winchell really came back from Hollywood in the best of health, double-crossing- a lot of his friends. Mark Hellinger was in the party too, Rian, so you can see how us columnists hang together. Cry from the mob: "They all should!") Being a guest columnist is a novelty for us, and we really don't know how to make our debut. Having played every theater in Brooklyn, this is the first time we can feel safe in buying The Eagle, knowing we will receive a good notice from ourself. We were thinking of writing a column for you something on the Oh! Oh! Mclntyre style, STROLLING . . . Bert Wheeler al ways looks so sad. . .Manny's steaks on Forsyth Street. . .the appreciative audience at the Bushwick. . .Sulka ties don't hold their shapes... what's happened to Dooley and Sales?. . .the grill at the Orpheum when the late Percy Williams owned it. . .Bernarr Macfadden resembles "The Music Master"... the Century Roof now replaced by an apt. skyscraper. That, Rian, was one idea we had, because we knew Mr. Mclntyre when we were a kid and lived at the same hotel on 72d St., but we gave up the thought and figured we would steal Hellinger's idea and write: For want of better names, we'll call them Mary and Joe. Mary was an ambitious show girl and Joe was a hard-working ticket speculator. They were madly in love that's Broadway, Roscoe and everything went smoothly until the opening night of the new revue Mary was in. Joe had been married before to a girl treasurer who double-crossed him by giving choice seats to McBride while Joe was working for Tyson. There was a daughter whom Joe had not seen for fourteen years. Mary was much younger than Joe, but then, Roscoe, who isn't? Then came the big party in honor of Mary's triumph. Wine was flowing and a good time was being had by all. It was the first time doe had ever seen Mary in an evening gown; little did he surmise what was In store for him. While An important member of the repertory company playing al th f lierkthire Plarhoute, Stork- bridge. Mam. dancing he noticed a mole on Mary's left shoulder, about a half mile up from where their engage ment ring rested. Joe turned white, took Mary to a secluded corner, asked several questions, left the party, and has never been seen since. No one at the party ever knew that Joe had been dancing with his own daughter. Episodes, Roscoe, that's Broadway. Not wanting to infringe on our pal, Mark, we next thought that we would do a Sidney Skolsky tin type for you, and, even if he complained, knowing his size, we knew we could lick him. For our subject we figured on delving into the private life of the doorman at Billy LcHiff's Tavern, but after getting Today's Radio Programs 860K. WABC 349M, i 4 00 P.M. Boston Revue. 4 30 Dancing by the 6ea. ft.OO ;eorgie Price interviewed. 615 Virginia Arnold, pianist. 5 ao Skippy. 6. 43 Thora Martens. soprano, and Phil Porterfield, oaritone. 6 oo-Geome Hall Orch. 0 15 Rets and Dunn. SeeinB Speue Home. On the Merrv Oo Round. Please Handle With Care, orch. Comeay Number. Am I Wasting Mv Time? Rain. Rain. Go Away. 6 30 Jacfc Miller Orcn. 6 4 T Noble Sussle Orch. 0OSid Garv, baritone. Cabin in the Cotton. Susie. Another . Night Alone, orch. 7:15 Ke'enan and Phillips, piano tram. I Bear Your pardon, Mile, please Handle With Care. Country Gardens. Londonderry Air. Shepherds Hey! Vhy Do I Love You? BUI. Ol' Man River. Make Believe. Can t Help Lovin Dat Man. Cubalero. Good Ni?ht, Mv Love. 7:30 Connie Boswell. It Might Have Been You. fhr Kisses. Wv Down Yonder In New Orleans, orch. I It Was So Beautiful. I Eleven-thirty Satur day Night. 7:45 Oeorgie Price and Bennv Kreucer Orch. It Was So Beautiful. Me and My Shadow. Chopinola. The Spaniard That BHphted Mv Life. Imagine Mv Embarrassment. 8 00 Edwin C. Hill. 815 Abe Lvman Orch. . 30 Kate Smith. 8:45 Joe Palooka. 0:00 Bfn Bernie Orch. 9:30 Crime Club, "The Avengine Ikon," 10 00 Alex Gray, baritone, and Nat Shilkrft Orch. Todav I Feel So Happy, orch. My Silent Love. Gray. The Peacock, orch- Two Grenadiers. Gray, March Slav. orch. 10:15 Musical F;itt Freieht. Jo 30 Isham Jones Orch. 11:00 Irene Bcaslpy. contralto Under a Shady Tree With You. Why Did You come Along. Tom Thumb s Drum, orch. i St. Louis Blues. j Come On and Sit Beside the Sea. 1115 Freddie Martin Orch. j 1130 Howard Barlow Orch, Overture Irom La Prin-cesse Jaune." Mazurka from "Wanda.' Song Without Words. Andante mocWato from "Fourth Svmphoriv. " , Vivacissimo from "Scenes . From an Imaginary Ballet." 1 1J OO Lit jack little. Holding "v Honv Hand. . In a Shanty in Old Shanty i Town. Blue Aza:n. Your Eves Have Told Me So, piano solo. Sleep, Come on and Take Me. 12:15 A.M. Harold Stein Orch. 12:30 Harry Sosnlfc Orch. 1:00 Orch. 1:30 Tommv Tucker Orch. 4:45 p.m.- Hoadliners Generation," Failh -"The Younger Baldwin, WJZ. 6:45 p.m. Bnck of the News in Washington, WEAF. 7:15 p.m. Kccnan and Phillips, piano duo, WABC. 7:45 p.m. Gene Austin, tenor, WJZ; Georgie. Price and Benny Kreuger's Orchestra, WABC. 8:00 p.m. Talk by Edwin C. Hill, WABC. 9:00 p.m. George Bass, v ust; Alice Mock, soprano, and oth WJZ. 9:30 p.m. Ed Wynn, WEAi: , Goldman Band Concert, WJZ. 11:00 p.m. Emerson Gill's Orchestra and Art Jarrett, WEAF. Dance Music WABC, 6:00, 6:45, 11:15; WEAF, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 12:05; WJZ, 7:15, 12:30; WOR, 6:30, 8:30, 10:15; WMCA, 10:45, 12:10, 1:30. The Eagle's Lost and Found Advertisements are broadcast every Tuesday at 12:00 noon and every Friday at 3:30 p.m. over Station WLTH. 660K. WEAF 454M 4:00 P.M. Slow River. '' 4 30 John, baritone. 4:45 Lad? Nevt Door. 5 00 i.arden Melodies. 6 OO Orch. 6 30 Male Octet. 6 45 Back of the News tn Washington. William Hard. T OO Hv.rm Sir.g. 7 15 Rollicker5 T-30 Rav Pcrit'.ns 7.4 5 The Goldbergs. 8 OO Julia Sanderson and Frank Crumit. soloists. Hoid Mv Hand. duet. Up Among the Chimney Pots. Sanderson. Billv Bov, Crumit. A Media Luz. orch. Foolish Facts, Crumit. Telling It to the Dalies, duet. Billv. Follow On. Crumit. Whv Can t This Go On Forever? Sanderson. Aondalia Galante. orch. Nothmf on Mv Mind but the Moonlight, duet. S 30 Walter Smith Orch. 00 National Civic Artifts. Cvrena Van Gordon, contralto; Sadah Schuchan. violinist: guest artists; Ce-sare Sodero Orch. 9 30 Ed Wvnn. 10 00 Walter O'Krefe, master of ceremonies; oohce drama: Anson Weeks Orch. J 1:00 Orrh. and Vocalist. 11 30 Jack Dennv Orch. 12 00 Ralph Klrberv. 12 05 A.M. Paul vhiteman Orch. 7f0K. wTzSM. 3 45 P M. Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Oman. X Prancn Traiff Orch. 4 4 "The Younoer Genera- won," Faun imwia .. i SOO Harold Stokes Orch. 5:13 Eunice Lotto, pianist. ,V30 Sinaing Lady. 5 15 Littie orphan Annie. OO Ted Black. Orch. ft 30 Romantic Sketch. ft:-5 Lowell Thomas. t OO Amos 'n' Andy. 7 j5Frankie Masters Orch 7:30 Stehbins Bovs. 8 OO Chicago Association of commerce, neip ov jour Country," Col R. R. Mc- Cormick. & HO Wirpes and Kahn. piano duo; John Cali. guitarist ; Curt Peterson, baritone. 8 : 1 me Froman; Song Fellow? Quartet. 0:00 Geore Bass, violinist; orch.; Alice Mock, soprano; trio. 9 : 30 Goldman Band Concert. Choral and Fugue. Overture from "EKmont." FuRue. A Minor. Introduction to Act TH, "I.ohengrin." Overture from "Ruy Bias." Country Dance. Moment Musical. Spring Song. Death and Transfiguration. Wra1tz from "Wedding Sounds." 10 OO Phillip Lord in the "Country Doctor." 10 15-Tun Detective, Sig-mund Spaeth. lO .'IO -Princess Ivanova Obo-lenslcv; M;rielon rie Gist, soprano; Pierre le Kreun. tenor; Bertrand Hirsch Orch. 10 ." "Tish Saves a Life." with Marion Rarnev. Helen Lowell and Mav Bucklev. 1 1 OO McCrarv Brothers. Ill 5 Cesare Sodero Orch. it no -Dancing in Milwaukee 12 :;n A.M. Charles Agnew Orch. 710K. VOr1-422M. 5 05 P.M. Frank Stuart Orch. 5 .in Piano Twins, with William Mullen, baritone. 5 4 5 Marlun Marita, soprano. 5:5fT!me; Weather. O OO Uncle Don. , to Will Osborne Orch. T 00 Marimba Band and Dorothea James, soloist. 7 15 Henry Burbig and Jefl Sparks. 7 :?o Jack Arthur, baritone. T 4 5 Three-Piano Ensemble. H OO Chandu, the Magician. 8 1 5 Verna Osborne. soprano; Annette Simpson, so- f prano: Veronica Wisgins. contralto; Percy Hcmus, baritone; orch. .TO Buddv Rogers Orch. ft OO Enmble Smphoniaue 10 15 Irving Conn Orch. in 5 .Inliv Jugglers. I 1 no Time: Weathrr. 11 naDecn River Orch. with W:ilrd Robison. II .10 Orch. 570K. WNYC 52fiL 6 OO P.M. Aviation Report: Prr'.ude. f) o 5 "Exercise for the Busv Man." Joe Ruddy. t 1 5 Revue. ft :to --Crime Prevention." Deputv Commissioner Henrietta Additon. 15 Henry Lefkowitch. Too Prof, William B. Guthrie, "1 5 - W. Orton Tewson, "Little Stories About Big People " 7 ISO Time; Alarms: Scores. 7.:: 5 Smriu Atbu. violinist. 7 55 "Unwritten Stories of BKievue Ho.pital." Jnck Iewis: muM( ale by Nurse Johanna Oilman. 9 15 Mildred Cole, contralto. 8 .TO Dr John Oberwager. s lO Kenneth Firld tenor. 8 SO Liliian Beni-Kh, contra ito. 9.00 Orcn, . 1 570K. WMCA 526M. 4 00 P M. "Your Dog and Mine." Capt. Ernest En-gerer. 4 is Nalda Nardi. contralto 4 30 Vocal Trio and William Kelgard. 4 5 Beauty Talk. a 00 Teddy Hill Orch. . . Rlnir onrt Pottv &30 Clarke and Craig songs. 6 45 Howard Butler. 8 30 String Orch. and So loists. 10:0O Israel Orphan Asylum Program. 10:30 Three Little Funsters. 10:45 Eddie Lane Orch. 11110 Nardi and Russ. 11:15 Don de Leo. 1 1:30 Bellhops. 12 00 Bide Dudley. 1210 A.M. Eli Dantzig Orch 13:30 Teddy Hill Orch. I OO Nohle Sissle Orch. 1:30 Blue Rythm Boys. 81DK. WPCH 370M. 4 00 P.M. Joan Andrews, songs. 4 15 Carrie Lillie, songs. 4 30 Da vp Olman. violinist. 4 45 To be announced. 5 on Jack Bchulman,. violinist. 5 :30 Francis Forbes, songs. 5 45 Quartet. fl nn Serenade. fl:.'tO Eimo Rns. organ: John Redmond, tenor. : 4 5 Flmo Rliss. 7 OO Contract Rridge. 7 01 Nrws Talk. 7 : l 5 Mvsterv Drama. 7.30 "Business and Poli cies." Sevmour seigal. 7 15 Wilton Sisters. A: 00 Shorthand Lesson. 8 1 5 Nobodv Bovs. 8 30 Dorothy Weatra and Radimer. A 45 MickT Yonko. p. 15 Three Dreamers. 9:30 Gypsy Music. 1180K. WINS 254M. 4 OOP M. Musical Sketch 4 1 5 Uncle Roscoe s cals. 4. no Rhythm Makers. 4 4 5 Mark Epstein, violin ist. txnn Talk. 516 Cowboy Tom's Round up, 5 45 Banjo Four. A niVAnorti Review. e 15 Mansa and Garland. songs. 30 Ensemble. 8 4 5 Lullabv Baby. S'eep, Mv Dear. . Oh. Little Child. In the Gloaming. 7 00 Weather Report. 7 05 Music Fnsemble. London Symphony. Alabama. STcnade. Intermezzo. 7 30 Globe Trotter. 7 4 5 Bell Hons Orch. H l Vincent Mondi. ''One- Man Band. R 30 Crime Hour. H 4 5 Hollvwood Collegiates O OO George Haefley Orch. 4 5 Orch. Ras 1010K. WRNY 298M. A 30 P.M. Hawaiian Ram-biers. . 5 : 4 5 Sketrhes. H 00 Walter Pickhardt, baritone. pinno duo. n 15 -Seeman and Schllder. 30 Diann Revnolds. O 15 Quartet. 7 no-String Quartet. 7 15 - Joseph Zatourlnsky. pianist. 7 30 Nohle Sissle Orch. OO Quartet. s 15 Tricks of Trade. H 30 QuartM. 8 15- Bob Martin and Stuart Vin Jnv. sn" s. ft OO String Ensemble. 9 30 wee Ortffln and Har-04 fowler, song. ft 4 5 Musical Crew. 10 0O Nino Ruisi. basso. 1015 -loe Daniels. 10:30 Balalaika Orch. 1300K. WEVD 230M. 8:45 P.M. Studio Program. 4 15 Music, x 4 ;3o Carmen Cortes, soprano. 4:45 Music. 5. 00 Zdenka Duflcova, songs. 5:15 Frank L. Palmer, talk. 5 30 Clara Spaet, soprano. 5:45 Paula Lea. 8 110 Jessie Wallace Hughan, "Socialism and Women." g : 1 5 Julia Lawrence, soprano. 8 30 B. H. Haggin, "On Music." 8:45 N. L. Saslawsky, baritone. 10 0O CUv Affairs Committee, 10:15 Benita Lordly, soprano. 10:30 Tom and Jerry. 10:45 Tomorrow's News," Howara D. Wheeler. HOOK. WLYVL 272M. :00 P.M. Garden Trio. :30 Maja and Myna. 6 45 Frank Flanagan, violinist. T 0 Lucien Tamur: 1UQ "Founders of the Middle Ages." Samuel F. Telfair. 7:45 Garden Trio. 1400K WLTH 214M. 7:30 P.M. William Marsh mever, tenor. 7:45 Four Commanders. H OO V. F. W. Program. M l 5 Jewish Program, g : 4 5 Esther Field, songs. 1 400 K . VVBBC 2 1 4 M. 6:00 P.M. PhiylHs Van Dint, soprano. 15 Brooklyn Safety Council. 1 0:3O American Legion and Auxiliary. 0 45 Jewish Hour. 7:00 Tom Flanagan Orch. 7:15 Danco Music. 1400K. WcuC 214M. 3:45 P.M. String Trio. 4:15 Ruth and Peggy Fields, harmony. 4:30 Weil J, Bonner, baritone. 4:45 Gussie Blomberg. 5:00 Uncle Frank. 5:30 Tim Marks. 5:4 5 Block-Aide Players. j:0O Jewish Recital. 0:3O Entertainers. 10:0O Jewish Program. lauuiv. tviuisj awui". 4 00 P.M. Dance Music. 4 15 Studio Program. 4:30 Clare Schor. piano. 4 45 Studio Program. 5 00 James Desmond, tongs. 1 5:15 Marioneiie Laay. 5 30 Bells Berman. songs. 6 45 H. A. Harrison. 1500 K. WMBQ 200 M. S OO P.M. Polish Big Five, ft: OO FranR Jusko. 9:15 Dance Orch. TOMORROW MORNING WABC 7 30 A M. Organ Reveille. 00 Salon Musicale. H 30 Bud Collar. 8: 15 Banio Bill-ft:0O Little Jack Little. ft l5 Melodv Magic, ft 30 Merrymakers. 10 no Oordon, Davt and Bunny. 10:15 Artells Dickson, songs.. 10:30 Meioay faracie. 10:45 Four Clubmen. 11:00 Morning Moods. WEAF B45 A.M. Health Exercises, 8:00 Claude W- Moye. 8:15 Morning Devotions, 8:30 Cheerio. ft OO Glee Club. ft 15 Top 0' the Morning. ft. 30 Kav Donna, contralto; Doc Whipple, organist; Joll? Four. ft 45 Our Dailr Food. 10 OO Thru Lighted Windows, sketch. 10 15 Food Talk. 10. 30 Kii7aoetn May; vee Lawnhurst, pianist. 10:45 Cooking Talk. 11:00 Breen and De Roe. WJZ 7:30 A M- Song for Today. 7 45 Jollv Bill and Jane. 8 OO On the 8:15. 8:1 5 Sunbirds. 8:4 5 John Fogarlv. tenor. ft: OO Strlnt- Ensemble. 91 5 Pollock and Lawn hurst, piano duo. ft:30 Vic and Sade, fl.45 Harald Hansen, tenor. 10 OO Beauly Talk. 10 15 Clara, Lu and 'Em. 10 30 Our Daily Food. 10 45 Irma olen, organist; Charles Howara. tenor. 11 00 Singing strings. WOR 0 45 A M. ivm Glflsses. 7 :. Time; Weather. H OO Al Woods, ongs. w 1 5 Worthless Talks on Worthv Subjects. S 30 -Martha Manning. H: 45 Musical Noelettes. ft OO Kath'rtne 'n- Calliope. ft 30 Mrs. Reillv's Common sns. ft 4 5 Jean Abber. 1 0 OO -Sherman keene Orch. in 30 To be announced, in. 4 5 Tree l.adv 11.00 Parents Forum, all set we found out there wasn't any doorman, so we had to give it up. Ed Su1' -in came to our weary mind next ad we dashed oil a few lines in his vein, thus: MEN AND MAIDS OP MANHATTAN:... Sally O'Neil was dancing last night at the Pierrette with Peter Arno, while Harry Pierrette) Rosenthal played tunes for Marjorie LeVoe at the Pierrette... Louis Shurr walked into the Pierrette with a party of eight... the Pierrette had a great gathering, with the volcanic Lupe Velez doing a Mexican dance under a table at the Pierrette. . .last night we were at the Pierrette, a place in the Hotel Pierre. We decided that maybe a trip on Louis Sobol's Merry Go Round might make a swell column, so we started: HOLD TIGHT EVERYBODY! HERE WE GO! Leo Michel and Vickl Cummlngs have been seen nightly at Reuben's... what wealthy estate has guards around it now?. . .The moon is coming over the Empire State Bldg... the breadline on the Bowery... Snapshots, the1 al-BUM of MAD-HAT-ON ! Summing the entire thing up, Rian, we came to the conclusion that to be a hit we would have to swipe a bit of Winchell. You'll notice we held off as. long as we could. So we dashed off a few lines in Sir Walter's style:... The Chase and Sanborn coffee and the Maxwell House doughnuts have phifft! ...the third floor of the Waldorf Astoria expects a blessed event... a tenant. . .what Hollywood couple will have it Reno-vated? What Hollywood couple hasn't? Next year's Ziegfekl finale will middle-aisle it... it's a new boy over at the Lawes (Sing Sing) Prison.. for ten years. . .although it will be denied, Jack Pearl paid all the checks at Moore's yesterday... it's been denied. After striving on our typewriter to try to write with a different angle, imagine our surprise, Rian when a copy of Variety dropped off our desk, reminding us that we are a columnist in our own write, with our own title, "I'm Telling You." How silly of us to try to imitate these other writing guys when we can take a couple of gags out of our own Variety space and send them to" you. That's Broadway, Roscoe, but who doesn't? Here, then, goes Osterman in person : Prosperity may be just around the corner, but right now the world looks like a round house. . .the modern theatrical mother now tells her daughter to go to school and learn her N. B. O's. . .Fatty Arbuckle has recovered from Hays Fever would you call it Washington, De ceit?... and don t you think people would have a better time in this world if it weren't for people?..., ARE YOU READING? Thanks, Rian... any time at all. By JACK OSTERMAN. Radio Dial-Log By JO RANSON Tom Ctkrtin It Right on the Spot Colonel McCor-I mick Over W JZ-tSetc Features on the Air Tonight Other Events ' AUTHOR! AUTHOR! Jack Osterman was born in TO' ledo on April 8th, 1902... his first show was "Oh, Boy," fo Comstock, Elliott and Gest at the Princess Theater in New York. . .Marion Davies and Justine Johnston were in the same show... next came "Parlor, Bedroom and Bath" for Al Woods. . .always ambitious to do a vaudeville single, he got his chance on the Western Vaudeville Circuit. . .his first act was written by E,ddle Cantor, his first big-time dates the Palace in Chicago and the Royal in New York.. ..he played four consecutive weeks in Brooklyn, two at the Orpheum and two at Bushwick, and was one of the few single acts ever to do that ...was with the Shuberts five years, opening at the Majestic in Brook lyn with "Night in Paris," and is the only actor ever to be in three legit productions at one time... at 10:20 he'd leave the Century Roof, where "Night in Paris" was playing, for the Imperial Theater, where he appeared in "The Merry World" with a specialty. . .at 10:45 he was in "Great Temptations" at the Winter Garden... to fill in time he worked at the Casa Lopez and appeared in the Sunday night Winter Garden concerts. . .he's the son of J. J. Rosenthal, once considered the foremost theatrical press agent and at various times general manager for George M. Cohan, Sam Harris and A. H. Woods... his mother is Kathryn Osterman, for mer star... he s married to Mary Dolores Daly, formerly in "Three Musketeers," and is writing a new musical comedy for himself... he may call it "Betcha I Do It"... he's the world's readiest wit, and would ratner write tnan act...nes now leading an orchestra and mastering what ceremonies there are at a swanky Long Island resort... he's a columnist too on the theatrical weekly, Variety. will Talk about lucky breaks. There was Tom Curtin, author of those New York police thrillers you hear each Tuesday night at 10 o'clock over WEAF, Interviewing Capt. Michael I. Silverstein of the Mount Vernon police force. It was Captain Silverstein who captured five of the six bandit-killers in the celebrated trolley car pay roll robbery a few years ago. The telephone rang. Captain Silverstein picked up the receiver and spoke for a few minutes. Upon hanging up he turned to Curtin. "You know," he said, "that was the sixth man! And where do you think he is? He's on a boat bound for Australia to the South Seas!" "That'll make a great finish, Cap-- tain," exclaimed Curtin, who was readying the script for the air to night. 'Yes, I suppose it will. You're welcome to that Incident," Silverstein replied, "but I've got to radio the Australian police that we don't want our man, because all the witnesses are.dead and we can't convict him." Curtin will incorporate this detail in "The Double Murder on the Owl." Tomorrow's guest columnist be Grace Hayes. Add to the Long Island roster on the Radio: ' Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson. Olsen hao his home at Malverne and Johnson at Beechhurst. The Real Singers Believe it or not, but the bird songs you hear In Cheerio's morning programs come from ten real ca-narits who sing at the direction of Miss Elizabeth Freeman. She teaches them melodies by playing phonograph records and she says it takes about three years to make a real good songster. We Also Have With Us Today The splendid Mormon Tabernacle Choir, directed by Anthony C. Lund, at 3:45 p.m. over WJZ. Edward P. Kimball Is the organist . . . still another stage star who has succumbed to the lure of the micro phone is George Price, who will be interviewed by Bob Taplinger on the "Meet the Artists" broadcast at 5 o'clock over WABC. It is safe to say that Massa' Price will offer a few Impersonations of well known stage stars during the interview. . .. William V. V. Stephens, "the soldier pcet," at 5:45 p.m., over WMCA. ... the Knights of the Piano, Seeman and Schilder (both Prooklynites), at 6:15 p.m., over WRNY. . . Ray Perkins, better known as Gagman Perkins (no relation to Dagmar Perkins), will offer a dissertation on "Yachting" at 7:30 p.m. over WEAF. . . . Col. Robert R. Mccormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, on "Help Save Your Country." 1 This program was suggested and planned by the Chicago Assor elation of Commerce and Is pre sented under the auspices of the National Organization for Reduction of Public Expenditures at 8 o'clock over WJZ. Col. Ben Bernie and his musickers in gay half hour starting at 9 o'clock over WABC. . . . Cyrena Van Gordon, contralto of the Chicago Civic Opera Company, and Sadah Shu-chari. violinist, will be soloists on the National Civic Artists program at 9 o'clock over WEAF. . . . "Russian Echoes" at 10 o'clock over WRNY. ... the Israel Orphan Asylum program with speeches and music at 10 o'clock over WMCA. . Howard Barlow and the Co lumbia Symphony Orchestra will play the second, or andante mode rate, from Brahms' Fourth Sym phony at 11:30 p.m. over WABC. New Features Tonight (1) Edwin C. Hill. New York news paperman, in the first of a series of comments on current happenings at 8- o'clock over WABC. (2) Walter Smith, band leader, directs his players in the first of a series of concerts from the Sheil In Quincy, Mass., at 8:30 p.m. over WEAF. (3) Howard D. Wheeler, editorial writer, in the first of a series of broadcasts in which he "will stress newy that concerns the welfare of the average man and woman fighting for an existence." The program will be heard on Tuesdays, Wednes days, Thursdays and . Fridays 10:45 p.m. over WEVD. . at On the Doited Line The King of Belgium will speak to America on Thursday at 6 o'clock over WEAF. . , . Major Edward Bowes' estimate of radio listeners: "Friendly, indulgent, appreciative and discriminating. They demand, first and foremost, sincerity." . . '. WINS is now in its new building at 114 E. 58th St.. Manhattan. It was formerly atop the Lincoln Hotel . . . Stella Unger, "The Cheerful Earful," believes that what this country really needs more than anything else is less people who say "what this country needs " ... Leonard Joy. who gets a great kick out of life conducting a dance orchestra, spends his weekends at Ocean Grove, N. J where dancing is taboo by the authorities. The Theaters By GEORGE HANSOV, 'The Chameleon' at the Maque Theater Is a Colorless Comedy on the Changeability of the Movie Star Temperament The doors of the Masque Theater opened last evening to let in "Tha Chameleon," a Hungarian Importation. They might just as well have remained closed until some amusing or w;orthy native product had been polished up In some country theater for the Broadway market in the Fall. Perhaps the critics and an opening-night public went out of curiosity to see a real live chameleon on the stage. Something of the sort was promised in an advance press notice. All they saw was a pretty creature representing a moving picture star, whose changeability consisted in little more than various changes of apparel, in pastel shades, from after noon frocks to pyjamas. Wanda Alba comes to the private sanatorium of a famous surgeon to visit her aunt, who for apparently no reason at all has had an operation. The Interne and the nurse are all flustered over the visit of the screen idol. She sets her beret, however, for the great surgeon him self, annoyed at his imperviousness to her charms. Unwilling to be put out of the place when the visitors' hour ends, she puts on nurse's garb and finally becomes a patient herself. Wanda tricks the interne into allowing her to stay and persuades the surgeon into removing her appendix. His chagrin at being inveigled Into cutting out a perfectly healthy appendix changes into admiration, first, for Wanda's beauti ful appendix and . then for the Tb. ChMncl.on A romtiiv by Ad.m Oostony. Adapted from the HunB.rian by Oi.a H. vnn HesRfn. PreRent.d and .taR.d v Lionel A. Hyman at tha Maaque , Theater. THE CAST Aunt Reglna Delenhene Eaton The Nurse ......Frances Armstrong A Patient Hazel O'Connell The Interne Earl Eby The Attendant Robert Walker Wanda Alba Virginia Byron Doctor Peter Allen Forth gains publicity for her new picture) and a husband as wel. One -expects something clever or I something good from the Old worm, as lor uius cuiegcu wuicujr, even Hollywood couldn't beat It for; triviality. There was not a good laugh in it, though the situations at times might have provided sucli opportunity. There was not a moment of real drama. What wondef if the actors appeared throughout beautiful Wanda herself. Wanda totally uninspired? Vredric March, Lilyaii Tashman- . They're Typical, hut Not Types Hollywood -Tell nig on By ROBERT GRANDON Lounging in my library the other evening, a statistical friend ... let him be nameless, for statistics are odious . . . glanced through my proofs of recent releases and pointed an alert eye on the one dealing with typical Hollywood extras. "Bet you two bits you can't tell me who the typical players, are among the stars," he challenged me. "I'd give $2 to know," I retorted. "Fair enough," he returned, They're Fredric March and Lilyan Tashman. And here's the proof . . . " whereupon he started to elucidate. Forty-eight typical players were chosen and their characteristics averaged. . . . For the men, the sum and substance showed an individual 164 1 4 pounds in weight; 5 feet 11 inches tall; with blue eyes and brown hair. March weighs 165; stands 1 inch under 6 feet, and has brown eyes and hair. Among the women, the average totaled at 115'4 pounds; 5 feet 44 inches in height; with blond hair DINE and STANCE ARROWHEAD INN nine Dd Dane on the Terrace. Dinner S2.50. W. 246th St and Rlverdale Ay. Tel. Klngsbrldge 6-2000. BEATJ RIVAC.K. Sheepshead Bay. ANTHONY TRINI and his Orchestra. SHORE DINNERS, Sl.50-2.25. No Couyirt Tel. BHeepshead, 3-2310 Y.Enrico & Paglieri - .""A " "t- Liineh S. DlaiHf O.Lan JI.25. Muili GREENWICH Villa.. Inn 5 Sheridnn 8.. I N. C.imrt Ultlnn Havre jHvatc r crlel, J-444I Ja wohl and sure the old maestro and all the lads (including the German Quartette) broadcast for the Alma Malta everyTuesday night. Ja wohl and sure you'll agree with Ben Bernie when he tells you, in his unforgivable baritone, that the finest malt extract made is none other than Blue Ribbon, good old Blue Ribbon Malt. TUNE IN BEN BERNIE a TONIGHT at 9 Eastern Daylight Saving Time Hotel Bt. Morlta on 31 at floor. Sky Salon overlooking Manhattan. Dinner and supper dancing St. Morlta orchestra. Minor and Root. and blue eyes. The fair Lilyan weighs 115 pounds, is 1 inch above the average, and has the hair and eyes to a nicety. Both have homes outside Hollywood, which is another average trait. March, In fact, so dislikes th-5 confusion and bustle of the place that he has located at Laguna Park, 43 miles away. . . . When engaged in a picture, he makes the drive daily. . . . Lilyan has her home at Mnlibu Beach- and spends all of her spare time there. Both started on the stage. . . . March came to the studios from the spoken drama . . . and Lilyan found her start in musical comedy as a great many of the average players have. . . . Both are happily married and have no children, which is another characteristic. . . . Flor ence Eldridge and Edmund Lows are the respective spouses. - Finally, both have played a rangel of parts from heavies to leads, and, acquitted themselves with honors. After which information, my statistical friend boned me for the $3 and kept it too, the hound . . . But I got even with him ... I gave him a $2 bill and hope it brings him bad luck. "A Farewell to Arms" will bJ filmed as a love story rather than a war spectacle, according to Frank; Borzage, who will direct Ernest! Hemingway's story for Paramount! with Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper and Adolph Menjou in the leading roles. The R. K. O. Theaters Corporation and Fox Film Corporation have) Just entered into an agreement! whereby the former obtains a 5-year ' franchise embracing 100 percent of the Fox product in all of the 48 R. K. O. theaters operating in the greater New York area. . AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN I m w .w v r af (MAaMaSitMla New frires ON 1HK STAGE "RIO RITA" Cait of (li. Not a Vlrlnre. at LOEW S VALENCIA, Jamaica Av RED HEADER WOMAN, with JEAN HARLOW TODAY WITH LOEW'S "ACE" VAUDEVILLE TODAY Mm WTON.iMITH 13 fcffl UiviNtiSTOn ITS I Vande' HEADED WOMAN" Jean Harlow ville Demaresl 4 Collette Other. LOEWS GATES, Gates Ac Broadway. . Edw. 6. R.bmion, Tw. Setoiidi: Harry Rn.f TODAV ON LOEW'S PERFECT TALKINO SCREENS TODAY LOEW'S KINGS, Flatbush TUden. . CTA RF APP SHAME OF A NATION I.OEW'S PITKIN, Pitkin At Saratoga..! OV,ftrrnvL Patl Mnn. 4 Chase Com. LOEW'S BAY RIDGE, 72d St 3d Edward G. RoblM.n. Tw. Sst.nds; Pitt. A T.dd Camtdy LOEW'S BEDFORD, Bedford-Bergen, .Stanwyck " Edna Fwber'i S. Ble A Faraldd.n Com..ny LOEW'S 4fiTH ST.. 46 At N. Utrecht. . . Edward 0. R. hi nun. Tw. Sae.ndi: Pill. A T.dd Cmd KAMEO It Open Roof, E. Pkr. Ac Nost'd . . Sylvl. Sidney. Fradrl. Mirth; Marrlly w. G. t. Hell LOEW'S MEI.BA. Livingston-Hanover N. Lv. and L.v. .1 M.lly L.uvala LOEW'S BREVOORT, Breroort-Beiiford.Si.nwyik la Edna Fa-bar'. S. Bli A Farblddea C.m.n .pWJ.awi AlBCl SQ BKtYN my ml iivvhiii Guhmr E n tlljtM I WHIUVuftfo JULIAN WOODWORTH AND HIS CLINTONIANS are featured In the Refrigerated Grill rZ HOTEL GOVERNOR CLINTON 31 M St. 4 7th Arc, New York Clly During dimipr and .unper niRlitly except Sundiy. So Cover Charge at any time. a 0 O ff L V W' tumMrLPrlcw WARREN WILLIAM m "The DARK HORSE" World'. Gr.ate.t Entertainment Value CONEY ISLAND To Hell and Bark." "The Juncle" and 6 Rtl.LMUTS. Arbloerat. of the Air LUNA PARK 'MONTS CARLO M i a .Itarrtaf aaaaaw J ai OH THI ITWI "Villi ifclBA SAHTUT wf AU STAt CAVT AONESS" I u MAjmA 1 n'lf ' Vl t4titrCoxtnJt "LADY AGENT" with Q0crg Bflr.croff Wynn 9 Gffrwoit On Slog. Col. Stoopnagl & tudd Eddio lowry Sylvia Froot m LafiMaV EEPLECIIASE. CONEY IMANW Da, ni Nirht BathinC MOULIN ROUGE SbrrpillMl Bar DINNERS-! 1. 1, . j... ('hlrkrn II. SO DANCING. REVUE No Cnvrr of Minimum Chirr. 1l. sn.-nnh.ij 3 in.',5 PAVILI.ON ROYAL, Valley Stream. L. E. Guv Lomhardo and his Roval Canadiant OINNER 2 NO COVER CHARGES AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN si h n I 1 irt -"T ' I I .. Ill 1 t-M aTtawa W m I WABC and CBS H.iJ-fSSs. I '-:if';"f 't - it" ANOTHER LANGUAGE with Glenn Andera Dorothy Stirkne marR-wrei wycneny jonn Heal A WlrtHlid achievemtHt.' AtkittHnn. Tim BOOTH. W. 45 3t. Era. 8 :S(I. Mali.Wrrt iSot. 2 :10 POP. MAT. TOM' W BEST SEATS KM r. MADGE KENNEDY U K KlllAI WISk with - iwu JAMFS RFNNtE uort, w. 4. Matt, tint w. .t.. 2:40; mil. 1:40 QF THEE I SING A Nav Mutlaal Camady with . BAXTON. L.I. MORAN. Vlftar MOORE MUSIC FfDX Them.. W. 4.1 8t. E... at :S MATINEES THURS. A SATURDAY 1:30 ALL SEATS AT BOX OFFICE The Only ZIEr.FEI.D Shnw In Tn.n SHOW BOAT iZFVZS. I U'llk All at .. CASINO THEATRE. Ilh AVE. at 50th ST. COOLED BV RKFRlriFR.TCn air Mat.. Wed. Cflo 9 EVERY Cni and Sat. t. NIGHT 30 , J Seat, at Boy Office Mail Order. Filled TAYLOR HOLMES and J. C. NUGENT In THAT'S GRATITUDE r""k c"" 1 -,., Camady Mil .. i..uunr inn,, wiin St.. ... Of IS WmJ .".niVlat.. Wed., Thur. & Sat. GRAND HOTEL BABtVHAtr yficwwrow VBttRf AS TOR M.ii.(.e.Si i " -. s $t. 50c le S1.0O BARRYMORE Evcninn SOcto $2 pluita 2i90 SO Thrt Tirnti Sun. 3-6-9; 90 Four Show Sat. 2:90-6.0:90 t Mtdnkr FEATURE FILMS SHOWING TODAY BAY K1DGE SECTION Forlway, 68th-Pt. Hamilton Pky.... It'a Tomb, to Re Famoua; also Roadhooe Mnrded ' BEDFORD SECTION Apollo, Pulton St. ft Throop AT Nlrht Conrt: .Ian No Greater Lovo Art. Marcy Av. and Pulton St State. Attorney; also The Heart of New York NallonalThea..720Wa5hinB"nAv.. Behind Ihe Mask; alto Snrlety Girl Rerent. Pulton Bt. ft Bedford Av.... COOL Greta Garho In A Voo Denire Mo Savoy, Bedford Av, ft Lincoln PI. ., , Bif Tinier; alao Weekend Marriata BOROUGH BALL AND DOWNTOWN SECTION Doffleld, Dtlffleld ft Pulton St Ferruion Cae; also Mlaleodinr Lad Momart, S90 Pulton 8t Ralri.arated Th. World and tha Flath; whil. Pari. Slaei si. Pineapple.. Miratl. Man: Rlth Ar. Ala.ya With t Terminal. 4lh Av. ft Dean St Merrily We Go to Hell: alio Steady Comnanv BRIGHTON BEACH SECTION Tuxedo, Ocean Pky. nr. Brighton L.. No Greater Love; ala Sky Bride BUSHWICK SECTION Colonial, Broadway&ChauncejSt... A. You Desire Me; alio South of i n Slo Grand CROWN HEIGHTS SECTION Conrre..,8t.John'Pl.-BuffaloAv...A Yon De.lra Me: alio Tela. Cvelone Klvera.St.JohnaPl.atKlngatonAv..Il'a Touth to Be Famou.; alio One Man Law FLATBl'SH SECTION illion; alao Cnr.a per. Boat '""""' """"nojrarsiaeAV.. .Mouthpiece, with Warren William and Sidney Fo AVENl'E V SECTION Avenue V Theater. Ar. D ft 8. 16 St. .Steady Company; alao Sky Bridet PARK SLOPE SECTION Carllon. FIathush7th Avs steady Company; alao Street of Women Sander.. Pro.pect Pk. We.tftMthSt. Nl,ht Conrt. with Phillip! Tunlm..! WaTler ALBEE t . . Albee Square Buddy Ratava "WHAT PKlrr u.ii...,.., AlAnisnv w..ii..ufi,( U..;L 7VT.W,,T rrllCE HOLLYWOOD PROSPECT . 9th St.-5th Ave K "." V" Br"" ..! "TMI TENDERFOOT KEaunaa r. . si. .1 . . - DYKER . 86th St. nr. 5th Ave. uatrHKi'M . rultonft Rockwell I jnp laiidHuriiar ii' u V KEITH'S . ." . Richmond Hill ( T,,E TENDERFOOT T1I.YOU . . opp. Steeplechase 1 with GINGER ROGERS GREENPOINT 825 Munh n Ave. f SHORE ROAD 8Uth St-5th Av.. GARBO la "At Van M.';; and "FwfddTcWp.w Browa In "THE TENDERFOOT'' E. BROWN In TliluJ UNASHAMED I I " ' ' !'" 1 alth HELEN TWEI.VETREES On atMlMk a.nnv. Una aiM.!. Jaaa Harahelt. Lew Cady. Ann. May W.n, Arailda, Ab. Lyaaaa A Hi. HaMy.aad Orah. Patio, Flatbudh ft Mldwood". t ingsway. Klnns Kgy.-Conev Isl. Av. , Avalon, Kinirs Hirv. ft B. 18th St. . .. Mavfair. Conev Ial. Av. ft Ave. U. . . . Rialto. Plathush Av. ft Ave. C , Farracut, Flalbush ft Rogers Avs... Mid wood. Ave. J ft B. 13th St Marine. Fiatbush Av. ft Kings Hgy., Sheepshead. Sheen. Bay A- Voor. A v. . , SaprM, Empire Blvd. ft B kiys Ar . . , ."Tha Tendarfoot." Jo. E. Bran. Ragara. Tha Tandarfanl." Jna . Rmwa a.. ."Nnht Court." W. Huilan. P. Halmai. A. Pa. 2 Fa.luraa ' S. Bl" and "Sinnara In tha Bun" ,2 F..I. -Fallar Nrrda a Friand." "Laya ef Molly .! Faalura' Tha Silar Linlni." "tr.n.ra al lha , 'Tha Miracla Man." Sylv.o Syitnay. Cheater Miyrl Sinnara in tha 8un." Crola Lanihard. Mi 1 "rallar Nrada . Frl.nd." "Sinnara In ,1 rturw-"M.a Wanted" and "If. Tau.h U . Law Carff Law Cmlw L. Lativaln' Evanlni'. tha SnnJ INI f

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