The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 28, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: 1 year , $11.00 6 months '. 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. . SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 l^ound ^3own a n cl .^Jlie C^loch lAJit /i the ribune HATE TO SPOIL HOLIDAYS it \ ) By R.D. Money * Four Killed (Continued from page one) of Kokomo. Jesus J. Chavez, 25, and Alta Chavez, 12, both of Gary, were, killed in a two-car lieadon collision on a Gary street Saturday night. Kirkland S. Barnett, 17, Gary also was killed in the collision, authorities said. Kimberly Poplar, 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Gillespie, Gary, was killed when struck by a car as she and her 7-year - old brother Michael were playing with a Christmas sled in front of their home^at- urday morning. Michael suffered a broken leg. • Robert McClintock, 16, Freetown, was killed Saturday night in Seymour. Authorities said the McClintock car rammed a Penn Central freight train engine. Two other youths were injured. Mrs. Jesse B. Fuller, 80, River Forest, 111., was killed Saturday when a car driven by her husband, Judson, 83, car reened 9ff of Interstate 65 in Scott County, went down an embankment and struck a culvert. ' Mrs. Linda Fay Hall, 21, Gary, was killed Christmas Day • when she was thrown from a car after it was struck by a train a mile and a half soutlr of Gary. Harry Hall, 26, .the driver and the Hall's 4-year-old son Kenneth were injured. Gregory A, Ambrose, 19, Dale and Henry L. Luebbehusen, 23, Ferdinand, were killed Thursday night in a headon collision one- half mile west of St. Henry on a Dubois County road. Three persons, -died Saturday of injuries suffered in accidents earlier this month. Allen W. Walters, 10, Hymera died Saturday of injuries suffer. ed Dec. 22 when • hit by a car in front of his home. Stephen Brouwer, 22, Lafayette, died Saturday of injuries suffered Dec. IS in a flaming car-bus collision on Ind. 25 in Tippecanoe County 2 '2 miles northeast of Lafayette. Twenty- five farmers on the chartered bus escaped serious injury. Fred D. Marvin, 18, Gary died ' Saturday, in Daviess County Hospital in Owensboro, Ky., of injuries suffered Dec. 24 in a pre-dawn crash on Indiana 66' four miles west of Rockport in Spencer County. THIS WRITER sort of hates to spoil your holidays with a news item that seems to have 'cropped up* on the scene, but the United Nations has really DONE SOMETHING, only this time we figure they have moved in the WRONG DIRECTION.. .and at the WRONG TIME! But our solons in Washington, feeling the spirit of Christmas. . .and giveaway again, have gone for it; hook, line and sinker, to use an old pre Civil Rights 'get ready* for (?) fishing. And we stand united with a certain Representative from Iowa, who terms the United Nations the "MOOCHERS SOCIETY". . , WHAT'S THE HUBUB ABOUT? Well, it seems the splendif- . erous Tower of Babel called the United Nations building, built by the United States in order to be sure we would be 'host' to the nations of the world is not large enough. . .and a proposal was made to build a NEW ONE, as soon as a site could be found, in order that the U.N. WOULD NOT have to be moved to another country.. Ha! Ha! Pardon the levity, but this seems to be a rather poor joke at this time; no nation in the world, would want to build it, then pay most of the rent throughout the years, while the rest of the nations, not all, but most, take pot shots at you! NEW YORK CITY, which has had enough money trouble in the past to do a LIFETIME, would have to shell out, in addition to YOU, the taxpayer!' Naturally we would have to BORROW the money to meet the bill, but then in this day of IDIOT CARDS, laughingly called 'aids to the spender', where CHARGE means TO YOU, not a warlike term, they probably would tab it "United Nations" Medicare! . AND CAN YOU IMAGINE the concern of certain forces in Washington, and the U.N., if we did not build the slab of Masonry, laughingly called UNITED? The rude, insolent, cloak and dagger Commies would have to INSULT people in another country, when after all, over here, they can get away with it much better, especially the Russ! Let's don't fool ourselves, other countries don't want to PUT UP. . .and they know when they have a FALL "GUY! HOW MUCH? Well the cost would be about $63.13 per square foot. WHY DO THEY WANT the new building, when after all, the major work through the years performed by them, has been about enough to fill a bachelor's quarters of about three rooms? Lack of space they claim. What they are really after, is a U.N. building with space enough for the more than thirty PRIVATE CLUBS now INTACT, to have a room for each. We note there is one for SELF DEFENSE. . .one that Uncle Sam should have used years ago, against this carnival of louts, who spend OUR MONEY, the vote AGAINST US on the side of IVAN.. who at times owes enough to build a new building for them, or at least a parking garage for the overlords! ~ WE DON'T THINK they need Chess Clubrooms, Cricket Clubrooms, Gun Clubrooms, Radio Clubrooms, etc; but the House does. . .and they voted 152 to 134 to give it to them, at a time when-we are faced with a monetary problem that should make them blush, if this is possible! THE UNITED NATIONS at this time, according to the latest • reliable report, has $200 MILI ION in delinquent dues. Why not latch onto this, and let the American taxpayer lick the wounds he has in peace? We don't know, but would be willing to bet that some of that money is OWED by the SOVIET UNION. We also . would recommend that delinquent members either 'pay up' or get outl That might save the world, especially Uncle Sam a wad of both trouble and money! AND INCIDENTLY, did the Congress protect the people who elected them? They did not; they voted AYE! Shucks, after all, some of the Congressmen figured all the U.N. wanted was $20 MILLION to get the BOONDOGGLE off the ground! ADAIR and ROUDEBUSH did not vote! Voting against were Bray, Langgrebe, Myers, Zion. . .plus.Andy Jacobs from the DEMO side. Voting for the DONATION were Brademus, Hamilton and Madden and G O P DENNIS! BoyI This was no EMPTY SOCK for Christmas, it was LOADED. . .and guess who is the winner? If this really disturbs you, while we are in an inflationary period, when all senators and representatives should bg SAVING us money, tell it to Washington, and tell it like it is! If you don 't... blame yourself, when,both the WELL RUN DRY.. .and there is no PRIMER leftl ADVISE MR. HARTKE and Mr. Bayh, in addition to your REPRESENTATIVE. Tell them that sending good money after BAD is not your idea of statesmanship.. .and advise that all UNITED. NATION MEMBERS PAY UP before a dime is advanced of the bill is made into law. You might also advise, that perhaps a move by the United Nations to another country, might just be in order; after all, we don 't want to HOG it all, especially when it comes to paying the tab for those who mock the very club they belong to. . .and are remiss in their dues! IT SEEMS TO ME IF PARENTS CANNOT CONTROL children in the home, it does seem like quite a chore for the government to control them on the streets. Gas Company Announces Revenue Increases ' In its 25th anniversary year,Indiana • Gas Company realized substantial increases in revenues and earnings according to the utility's Annual Report to shareholders. For the fiscal year ended September 30, 1970, revenues amounted to $50,058,711, an increase of $9,416,625, or .23.2%. and net income amounted to $5,708,258, an increase of $1,869,546, or 48.7% over the previous year. Earnings per share of common stock reached $3.07 compared with S2.CS in 1969. The Company-commenced operations 25 years ago, on September 1, 1945, under the name Indiana Gas & Water Company, Inc. On that date it purchased, gas and water utility properties in Indiana which had been operated for many years by predecessor companies. The corporate name was changed to Indiana Gas Company,.Inc. in 1967 following the sale of "the last water properties. The Company's progress during its first quarter century as a corporate entity is indicated by the following: gas revenues increased from $3,701,171 in 1946 to $50,058,711 in 1970; earnings • per share of common stock increased from $.52 to $3.07; total gas customers increased from 60,974 to 164,347, while space heating customers advanced from 3,649 to 146,054; the number of communities served increased from 42 to 126; and utility plant increased from $13,591,.280 to $98,511,355. - For fiscal year 1970, total operating expenses of $42,251,346 were up 20.9% over the pre- vius year. The cost of natural gas purchased from pipeline suppliers, which accounts for 53.8% of total operating expenses, amounted to $22,740,897, an increase of $3,317,173 or 17.1%. The total of all taxes paid during the 1970 fiscal year was $8,396,901 which is $2,297,466, or 37.7% higher than for 1969. Colder than normal weather and rate adjustments accounted . for much of the improvement in revenues and earnings in the 1970 fiscal year. Winter weather during the year was 7.1% colder than normal and 8.1% colder than the previous twelve months. As . of September 30, 1970, 89%ofthe 164,347 customers served by the company used gas for space heating purposes. The 'number of space heating customers increa- • sed 5,861 or 4.2% over the same date a year ago. . A general rate increase that was placed in effect on June 3, 1969 ;had little influence in the 1969 fiscal year because it was not in effect during the heating season; however, it was in effect during the full 1970 fiscal year. In addition, following an emergency rate proceeding, rate adjustments authorized by the Public Service Commission of Indiana were made effective on December 13, 1969 and January 12, 1970 to offset respective increases in costs for gas purchased from pipeline suppliers. The Annual Report indicates the Public Service Commission has under investigation the matter of permitting a purchased gas^ rate-tracking' provision in the rate tariffs of the gas utilities in Indiana. On December 11, subsequent to the printing of this report, the Commission issued an order which authorized- each gas utility in Indiana, including Indiana Gas Company, to recover increases, and to pass on reductions, in the cost of gas purchased from interstate pipeline suppliers by making appropriate adjustments in existing customer rate schedules. Such rate adjustments may be made following an informational filing, with the Public Service Commission, and would become effective thirty days after the date of filing, subject to the Commission's approval. ' Although gas consumption in the nation has been increasing significantly in recent years, exploration and drilling by producers has declined sharply, placing the industry in a "shortage" position. Very large reserves of natural gas exist in the United States, but wellhead prices must furnish incentives for producers to increase exploration and development activities. The gas industry is confident that so-, lutions to the supply problem will be found under new federal regulatory policies that are now being effected. The Company's pipeline suppliers have indicated that additional volumes of gas cannot be contracted with them after November 1, 1970 until their reserve situation improves. The Company expects its supply of purchased gas, supplemented by the use of its underground stor- ' age facilities and peaking plants, will be adequate for its present firm customers and for normal residential and commercial growth. However, it will be forced to limit the amount of gas for new large applications. The Company's common stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange ownership and increase investor interest in the Company. Previously its 1,862,371 shares of common stock had been traded only in the over- the-counter, markets * State Safety (Continued from page one) to believe an offense contributing to the accident has been committed. * Temperatures (Continued from page one) Wayne, 29 and 16, and Terre 1 Haute, 28 and 14. Lafayette had a high of 26 and Evansville's low was 15. Precipitation during t h e period ending this morning was light, with onlz Fort Wayne registering snow. The forecast called for little chance of precipitation except in the north. Fort Wayne, however, had what the rest of the state missed. Eight of inches of snow was the depth iii the northeastern Indiana community at 7 a.m. The extended outlook called for variable cloudiness Wednesday and Thursday with a chance of rain in the .-southern two-thirds of the state Thursday and snow" in the north. It was expected to warm up a little Thursday and become fair Friday. * Regular Rabies (Continued from page three) If the animal is identified and the owner can verify the pet has been vaccinated against rabies, danger to the individual is minimized' 1 and treatments may not be necessary. Children, especially, should be warned against petting stray dogs.' They also should be cautioned about picking up or petting wild animals, such as squirrels, chipmunks, etc.. When wild animals come near humans, they are acting unnaturally; and unnatural behavior in all animals is one of the first signs of rabies. Teach children how to handle and care for dogs and cats. Do not permit children to bother- pets that are eating. Be particularly careful in handling injured or sick animals. Keep the face away from the animal's head at all times. If someone you know is bitten by an animal, make sure the identity of the animal, is learned and maintained. Wash the wound with sdap .and water as soon as possible. Then contact the local health officer, veterinarian, or your family physician for further instructions. In Indiana this year, more cases of rabies have been reported in wild animals (skunks and foxes) than in any of the demoesticated animals, Wein- land says. So protect your pet by seeing that it is vaccinated regularly. This also protects you, your family, friends and neighbors. 5. Expand' and improve the State's, private and high school driver education . programs to provide a high quality course of training to every eligible student and out-of-school youth. . A. E. Huber, executive director of the Indiana Traffic Safety Council, Inc., indicated that several representatives of the Council have been actively working with both the State Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (the interim legislative study committee, for traffic safety) and the Governor's Motor Vehicle Bureau Task Force in developing recommendations for improvements in Indiana's highway safety program. The Safety Council will develop material for the public media and organization meetings in conducting a program of public information regarding the priority traffic safety legislative needs. MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1970 obituaries Lena Dpversberger Buried Saturday Trojans Ready For BB Tourney Tri-Central Coach John Harding said his Trojan chargers were in good condition for the Lebanon Holiday Tourney Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and many followers figure the Trojans even choice to take the .tourney crown. Mrs. Lena M. Doversberger, 75, 704 W. Ricketts Street, Kokomo and former Tipton County resident was buried Saturday at Fairview Cemetery following funeral services at Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer in Kokomo. She died Thursday in the Howard Community Hospital following a one year illness. Born April 25, 1895, in Arcadia, she was .the daughter of Herman and Emma (Heimlich) Waltz. She had lived in Kokomo since 1956. A member of Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, she was a member of its Ladies Aid Society and the Lutheran Women's Missionary League in addition to the Riley Hospital Loyal Birthday Club. On Sept. 2, 1919 she was married to Clarence F. Doversberger who preceded her in death in 1956. Surviving are .two sons, Kenneth of 400S-46E, and Richard of Peoria, 111.; one daughter, Mrs. Richard (Florence) Moeller, Kokomo R.R. 6; eight grandchildren; two brothers, William Waltz Atlanta and Raymond Waltz, Indianapolis, and one sister, Mrs. Alma Fischvogt, Tipton. Jesse Coleman Rites Pending c;ilon<- docs IlilVI" * Study Labels (Continued from page three) from juice III drink."" Miss l 'irrii- .-niil tluil tin- phrase ""viiK -ript'iicil. ulicn applied In tomatoes, mean? the tomatoes remained on the \inc. only tl 11 til tile jin'-ei; color «;b just ln 'jrit 'iriiiijf to. turn pink. "That's certainly (lilfercnl Irom liomcinakcrs" mklcr.-taml- in<i of "\inc-ripctic<r - meaning left on the viui' until fulls', ripe. "ldixl shoppers often eon-, elude that ice milk lias.fewer s than ice cream. Milk Ic.-s huttcrlat than cream, hut to make an accept- ahle product, ice milk manufacturers ailcl extra milk solids and su>;ur. "'Measure for measure, ice milk contains only a few less calorics than ice cream. "looil shoppers iiltcu assume that non-ilairv cream suh- sliliites, whipped loppings ami .-our cream lonpiuus arc much lower in calorics than their dairy counterparts. "'In most cases, the suhsti- tutes arc not siffiiilii anils lower in calories than the products they are designed to re place unless the lahel states so clearly." "I he information heeded to make s\ise food purchases is usually on the looil lahcls. If not, ask ipiesti.ons." Funeral services are pending at Leatherman-Morris Funeral Home for Jesse W. Coleman, 78, of Pinellas Parn, Fla. The Tipton County native died at 11:25 p.m. Saturday at Bay Pines Veteran's Hospital in Florida. Friends are invited to call at Leatherman-Morris Funeral Home after 2 p.m. Tuesday. Burial will be at Elwood Cemetery. The deceased was born May * Prep Tourneys (Continued from page 4) No. 13 Evansviile North may get a strong challenge from rival Central in the Evansviile show Wednesday. 1 Bosse and • Harrison round out the field. No. 18 Peru rates as the team to beat in the Kokomo Haworth tourney but the Tigers must get by Logansport, which handed Peru its only setback of the season. Maconaquah is the fourth contestant. No. 15 New Castle and No. 19 Muncie Central rank as the teams to beat in the New Castle tourney Tuesday and Wednesday, where the opposition will be supplied by Anderson and Muncie South. Fourteenth - ranked Indianapolis Attucks figures to get a challenge Tuesday and Wednesday from host Lafayette where the rest of the field includes Ccown point and unbeaten Rochester. . 10, 1892 in Normanda, the son of Joseph and Ida (Sharp).Coleman. He was married December 24, 1920 to Miss" Hallie Hurlock. The couple resided in Tipton until 18 years ago when they moved to Florida. He was , a member of West Street Christian Church and attended Tipton County schools. He. was employed at. Nickel Plate Railroad and a former Tipton Chief ot • Police. He owned the Manhattan Cigar Store. Surviving with the widow is one son, James Ebert of Gulfport, Florida and one brother, Roscoe Coleman ofSummittville, Ind. Four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren also survive. A DOZEN DROWN BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - suid today at least a dozen persons drowned over Christmas at Argentine and Uurusuayun beaches as thousands sought • relief from temperatures in the mid-90s. . Nine persons drowned in the Parana River .'-at Rosario, Argentina,' officials said. Two other persons were missing. Poiice in Moutivideo, Uruguay said . three persons drowned. Tiie mercury reached 95 Thursday in Buenos Aires and a rainstorm Friday night dropped temperatures, to 87. 1 COMMONWEALTH LIFE { INSURANCE COMPANY DANA SUTTON 628-7930 •GEORGE CARTER 675-2751 Tipton Windfall I OILD HAM EMGE and YELLOWCREEK FULLY COOKED COLONIAL BREAD 5 $m 1 1/4 lb. loaves § Colonial Brown & Serve Rolls * Crewmen Rescued (Continued from page one) . dawn. Two other .ships were standing by near the Ragny. The missing Ragny crewmen included the master, chief mate and chief engineer. While a Coast Guard spokesman said the Ragny was fully loaded, it said it did not know whether it was carrying oil or gasoline. A third ship, the freighter SS Maria Leonardi of undetermined nationality, arrived at about the same time as the Platte and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Escanaba, which was delayed on its trip from New Bedford, Mass., got to the scene later. The Ragny, out of Mariehamn, Finland, was bound for Trondheim, Norway. Its last port of call was Freeport, the Bahamas, on Dec. 21. TONIGHT & TUES. B # 675-4300 uuva OPEN -1 6:45 STARTS 7:30 BARBRA STREISAND WALTER MATTHAU 1000 tt* tm, COtW 11 DUU«t»l6] i STARTS WEDNESDAY { FUN SCORES A NEW HIGH! —r Walt DiSney '& FUJBBER IPIOSI WALT DISNEY productions LMLUJ ^ i jjyi ] S&W SMOKED JOWL BACON 3 lb. for only $^|| Home Made HOT or MILD BULK SAUSAGE 3 lb. for only $^ FRESH [3 pkgs. for only $1 PORK TENDERLOIN BONELESS A M{ CAP ENDS OFF lb. YELLOW CREEK SEMI-BONELESS HAM P0RITI0NS 69 OLD FASHION DRY CURED FULLY COOKED lb 0 CENTER SLICED HAM * 99$ CUBED PORK TENDERLOINS S&W 500 BRAND BACON ,99 TRAY PAK 39 TIPTON MEAT MARKET 117 S. WEST ST. PHONE 675-4410

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