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Brooklyn, New York
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BROOKLYN D'AILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, TUESDAY, 'AUGUST 9, 1932 SEATS 44 MORE THAN OLD COACH I il li iii' irnii nTir ri i im I "IT Buster Kcaton Says Wife, and Gets Divorce 36-HourSearch Bares No Trace Log Aug. 9 (F) The as China Cabinet Out in Protest As Wang Quits Resigns in Body When Premier Refuses to Return to His Post Rome Decrees Confirmation Order Change Must Precede CommunionModification May Be Requested Here Vatican City, Aug. 9 (IP) The Congregation of Sacraments of the Catholic Church issued a decree today providing that confirmation must precede first Holy Communt-ion. Issuance of the decree was an Of Corn Doctor Fear Eccentric Man Who Carried $5,000 and 4 Guns Met Foul Play terribly. I could not sleep and would pare the floor for hours." Mrs.

Netcher corroborated her testimony, declaring Mrs. Keaton frequently telephoned her In the middle of the night, asking her to come over and stay with her, because Buster was not at home. After listening to the testimony of Mrs. Keaton and Mrs. Netcher.

Superior Judge Joseph Sproul granted her a divorce and approved an agreement whereby the mother was given custody of the two boys and 300 monthly for their support. The terms of a property settlement were not revealed. The couple was married in New York May 31, 1921. E. C.

Blum Protests Maxwell Training College Closing Unwise and Uneconomical, He Tells Ryan, and Civic Loss lo Brooklyn Boro Edward C. Blum, president of Abraham Straus and of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, today added to the larga number of protests against the closing of Maxwell Teachers Training College in a letter to President George J. Ryan of the Board of Education. "Brooklyn Is the borough with the largest population," he wrote. "Its school enrollment far exceeds that of any other borough.

It is he borough of homes, from which it Is desirable to recruit its teaching body. Maxwell is the largest as well as the oldest teacher training col serted nocturnal habits of Joseph F. (Buster) Keaton, solemn-faced film comedian, which kept him away from home fires several times a week, have cost him his wife. Accompanied by her sister, Constance Talmadge Netcher, Mrs. Natalie Keaton came to court and testified at a divorce hearing of neglect and the worry she had been caused by her husband.

"My husband was impossible," testified Mrs. Keaton. "He would stay away from home, many times all night, and would not tell me where he had been. It upset me nounced by Mons. Arturo Mazzoni Under-Secretary of the The decree will be effective in the United States.

Pinchot Pays Fine For Jailed Woman Uniontown, Aug. 9 Mrs. Anna Chess, who was convicted of killing a flicker protected by game laws) to feed her family, and was Confirming what was reported yesterday, Monsignor Mazzoni said: "This decree is designed to make Brig. Gen. Edgar Is Dead in Paris Paris, Aug.

9 Gen. Goodloe Edgar, Detroit, well-known sugar manufacturer and In charge of aviation construction operations at Washington during the World War, died at the American Hospital today. His death was due to a cerebral Special to The Eagle Quogue, A'i. 9 After 36 hours' search, there was no trace today of Frank Tuthill, 63, the eccentric, itinerant corn doctor, who disappeared Saturday night from the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Fillmore Dayton of Riverhead Road. An airplane and all the forces of the law, including State troopers, local police and men from the District Attorney's and Sheriff's offices, have been pressed into service. The woods around Quogue have been thoroughly combed. In the belief that Tuthill met with foul play at the hands of persons who were aware of the fact that he carried about with him more than $5,000, trusting to his four revolvers to protect him. Courtney Rogers, special constable of Southampton Town, late yesterday flew his airplane over the Quogue Canal.

Shinnecock Bay and the surrounding woodlands in an effort to trace Tuthlli or his dilapidated automobile. V. was at first er- I lege In the city. The closing of this college would be not only a hard- 'a If -v ft so the order of these sacraments uniform throughout the world. In the major portion of Italy the custom always has been to administer confirmation before first communion.

sent to jail when she couldn't pay her fine, is free today because Governor Pinchot paid for her. The Governor's check for $17.90 was re-cevied yesterday. Mrs. Chess had served four days of a 20-day Naples, however, has a custom of I ship for Brooklyn citizens but a i civic loss to the borough, i "I consider this plan unwise and! uneconomical. The discrimination is unfair and will be resented by I every good citizen of Brooklyn.

Rep-j resenting important interests in th hemorrhage which followed a brief illness. He was 60 years old. General Edgar arrived only last week. He came for a rest. Shanghai, Aug.

9 OT The entire Cabinet of the Nanking Government resigned this afternoon. Members of the Cabinet In Shanghai sent a joint telegram to Nanking announcing their decision. Members in Nanking joined In the action. This crisis which upset the government resulted from failure of efforts to induce Wang Ching-Wel to withdraw his resignation as Premier. Wang, president of the Executive Yuan, and as such virtual Prime Minister, resigned on Saturday.

That in Itself was a dramatic and unexpected development. He stepped out because of his dissatisfaction with the "passive policy" of the northern military authorities with respect to Manchuria. Chiang Threatens to Quit To make matters still more complicated, word from Nanking said the government had received a telegram from Chiang Kai-Shek, former President and now virtually commander-in-chief of the army and navy, in which he threatened to resign Uo unless Wang Ching-Wei reconsidered and consented to remain as Premier. Chang Hsiao-Liang, the young Peiping war lord, who submitted his resignation yesterday as a result of Wang's criticism, was reported today to be determined to relinquish his authority. eroneously reported that the car had ft 7 ft "niiiiiwiiriTf miri- commercial as wen as in me eauca-tional field.

I wish to enter my pie with you against carrying out this project." Thp college has also announced that the Gerritsen Park Civic Association has gone on record as opposed to the closing of the college. I KO'FF ot 142 UcDonoum Si. died Sunday at hts Summer home near Port Jelferson. L. I.

He wag born In Kew York Cltv and leavea his wile. Hn. Esther K'ldurf: five riaushters and two aona. He a a member of Ihe B. P.

O. Elks. The funeral will be held Wednesday witu a requiem hum at 10 a.m. In Our Lad of Victory R. c.

Church. Commits Suicide By Drinking Poison Walter Sumner, 67, of 49 W. 53d Manhattan, committed suicide shortly before 1 o'clock this morning by drinking a quantity of poison in his room. He was discovered by his wife writhing in pain in the bedroom and she summoned an ambulance from Flower Hospital, where he died a few minutes after being admitted. The police, who listed the case as suicide, could find no motive.

ThatcherOpens Drive For Governorship Hannawa Falls. N. Aug. 9 (TV-Mayor John Boyd Thacher of Albany, opponent of Lieutenant Governor Lehman in the lattcr's Roosevelt-indorsed campaign lor the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, today informally opened his own campaign with vigorous public support of the Presidential candidacy of Governor Roosevelt. administering confirmation Just before matrimony.

"In the United States, the chief difficulty heretofore has been the large size of the diocese which has prevented the Bishop from getting around frequently to the parishes to administer confirmation. To Be Published Soon "The decree now states that confirmation must be given as soon as the child reaches "the age of that is. about 7 or possibly 64 years. Then the first communion follows." Monsignor Mazzoni said the present custom In South America and Spain of administering baptism and confirmation simultaneously would continue to be tolerated but that the decree expresses the hope it would be discontinued gradually. He said the decree would published in a few days in the Acta Apoltolicae Sedis, the Acts of the Hoiy See.

Here is interior of new double deck car which Long Island Railroad will try out beginning Aug. 13. Note novel seating arrangement which adds 44 more seats than old style coaches carry. L. I.

R. R. to Test New Car Seating A Great August i 44 More Riders President Pays High Tribute to James F. Burke Funeral Riles for G. O.

P. Counsel Will Be Hehl in Pittsburgh on Friday been found abandoned near tne Quogue Canal. To Dredge Canal Nevertheless, It is still the intention of the authorities to dredge the waters of the canal and the nearby ocean. They are preparing to put that plan into execution at any moment. Toward dusk last evening a man and his wife, who occupy a bungalow on the Quogue water front were questioned by Assistant District Attorney L.

Barron Hill and Investigator Howard V. Lane. They denied that they had made any demand upon the services of the "corn doctor," addlnp that they had been in Islip Town over the weekend and had not returned until Monday morning. Grand Jury Probe Planned in Small Escape Attempt One Alleged Aide of Con 200,000 Worth of Has 2 Tiers of Seals at D.if ferent Levels To Be The Nanking Cabinet was formed In December, 1931, and since that time has functioned with only three changes In personnel. Wang Ching-Wel was made President of the Executive Yuan on the resignation of Sun Pu; T.

V. Soong replaced Huang Han Laing as Finance Minister, and Lo Wen Kan became Foreign Minister, replacing Eugene Chen. I Put in Use on Aug. 13 George Le Boutilicr, vice-presi Washington, Aug. rP James Francis Burke, counsel for the Re publican National Committee, who dent, announced today that a passenger coach of a wholly new type, embodying principles of design and construction never heretofore employed In railroad use, has just been completed for the Long Island Railroad at the Altoona Peiping, Aug.

9 VP) Censorship was imposed here today on dispatches relating to political events. Regarded as Extreme 'The decree was regarded by prominent prisest of the diocese as one of the most extreme changes from long-established practice in the United States that has lome from the Holy See in years. Prom the establishment of (he Church here it has been the practice of administering Holy Communion to children several years before confirmation. Reversing the order ltw as pointed out will mean exceptional demands upon the bishop of the diocese, and especially as large a diocese as Brooklyn, which at present is without an auxiliary bishop. It was intimated that the hierarchy of this country may ask for a modification of the ruling applying to the United States, or else request that the faculty of administering the sacrament of confirmation be given to priests of lesser rank than bishop.

At present only bishops and their auxiliaries here have the authority to give confirmation. Cites Difficulty "From time immemorial, th sac shops of the Pennsylvania. It will vict Held Without Bail Two Others A Final District Attorney Colden of Queens today was preparing for a grand Jury investigation of the attempted jailbreak of George Small, notorious convict and pal of Arthur Barry, Long Island gem thief, from the be placed in operation between New York City and various surburban points on Long Island commencing Aug. 13. The coach is now on public exhibition in Pennsylvania Station, and may be inspected in the morning, afternoon and evening, Aug.

9. 10 and 11. It is parked track number four. Two Tiers of Seats The most notable feature of design is that the car is constructed with two tiers of seats at different levels. The limitations of cvlear- Clearance SELBY ARCH PRESERVER SHOES Queens City Prison yesterday.

Three others, according to the In vestigating authorities, were Involved died here last was praised today by President Hoover as "an indefatigable worker," who "labored for the country he loved up to the hour of his death." The President, a friend of Burke's for many years, said also in a statement: "I feel deeply the loss of James Francis Burke. He was an ardent supporter and a high official of the Republican party. "In addition he was Identified with a multitude of public movements not only in his own city but over the country. For many years he gave his time and service to matters of public interest in every direction in the public good." Burke conferred with the President twice yesterday and had bade him farewell prior to starting upon an intended trip to Europe. Noticing that Burke felt ill, the President called Dr.

Joel T. Boone, the White House physician, who nttended the Republican counsel up to the hour of his death. At the White House It was said Burke's body would be taken to his Pittsburgh home this afternoon. Probably on a special car. The body will be accompanied by the eldest surviving son, Francis Scott Burke, who left Pittsburgh by automobile yesterday upon learning that his father was ill.

He arrived here during the night. Presidential aides said funeral services would be held in. Pittsburgh Friday, probably some time after 11 a.m., In order that many of the Republican High Command taking part In the notification ceremonies for President Hoover Thursday 'xMHtwk choose your fur coat! 'am 85 in the plot. Although the grand jury adjourned sine die in July, Colden said it planned to reconvene this month. One of the alleged ploters, Norman Stein, was arraigned yesterday in court and held without bail for a hearing tomorrow.

Stein refused to answer questions pending consulta tion with a lawyer. The others were not arraigned because they already are prisoners. Stein is alleged to nave nrougnr, saws and wire into the prisoners' Black Caracul Silver Muskrat Hudson Seal Northern Sealf Leopard Cat Russian Pony ance and height in a railroad car make it impossible to construct double deck coaches of the type ordinarily employed in motor buses having two entirely separate floors. Hence, in designing this car, a new plan of locating the seats has been adopted. Seat 120 Passengers The new car, which Is 62 feet In length, has seating capacity for 120 passengers, as compared with 76 passengers In a car of the usual design and equal length.

Both tiers of seite are built in pairs facing each other. To deal with the problem of head room, the seats of the lower tiers have their floors fourteen inchs below the center aisle of the car, and are reached by a step down. The seats of theh upper tiers are placed above them, and are reached by a step u. Ample space is provided between the seating cushions for convenience In entering and leaving. Both the upper and lower tiers of scats have two windows to each pair, with suitably located parcel racks.

pen In Ridgewood Court on Aug. after falling to pay a fine in a traffic 81 trrd cone' American Broadtail case. He is alleged to nave given the wires and saws to another prisoner with instructions to turn them over to Small. rament of confirmation has followed the reception of holy communion in this country and the decree Is certainly a radical change from custom," said the Rev. Raymond Kearney, chancelorl of the Brooklyn diocese.

"One of the chief fdifficulties in carrying out the provisions of the decree, it appears to me," said Father Kearney, "is the size of many of the dioceses in this country. Take, for instance, the Brooklyn diocesj covering the distance from the East River to Montauk Point, with only one bishop with the authority to administer the sacrament of confirmation. At present, confirmation is administered several years after the reception of holy communion. "However." remarked Father Kearney, "if the decree is final we, shall adjust our conditions to its' requirements. The new order has not as yet been received officially end until it has been published and promulgated nothing definite can be said with reference to its operation.

May Ask Modification "It is possible that a modification of its provisions with reference to this country may be asked so as to allow dignitaries of a lower rank than bishop to administer confirmation. "At present the usual age for the rcrption of Communion is 7 and Tools Found In Cells The other two alleged to be In night could be present. Formerly In $12.50 a jmir One of the President's secretaries said it would be impossible for Mr. volved are Otto Weber, 18. and Hy-man Krupnick.

Weber is awaiting trial on a petty larceny charge. Krupnick was transferred to Queens City Prison from the penitentiary They're ready now, after three monthi of steady planning, a really beautiful and luxurious array of fur coats. Furs that we will not be able to reproduce for 20 to 30 more later in the season. Hoover to attend the funeral and that the White House representative at the obsequies had not yet been named. where was serving a sentence ior burglary imposed in Brooklyn.

Weber is alleged to have taken the saws and wire from Stein and if Cardinal Verdier Here Tomorrow on! Mrs. Bruce Starts Endurance Flight Portsmouth, England, Aug. 9 (JP) Mrs. Victor Bruce took off today in her third attempt to establish a new endurance flight record. Flying with two co-pilots, she is using an elaborately-equipped amphibian plane.

is to have passed them on to Krupnick. Krupnick is alleged to have kept some of them and to have given the rest to Small. The tools were found in their cells when a search was made early Monday morning. The window bars of both cells were sawed almost completely through. it 1 Nine Days Visit Buy Now Pay Later! A 1 0 deposit will hold any one of these coats storage free! We have such confidence in them that we will gladly refund your deposit if you can duplicate these values later in the season! Cardinal Verdier, Archbishon of i Mi APPAREL SHOP mm Paris.

France, and Superior General nf the Sulpician OrdPr of the priesthood, will arrive in New York tomorrow for a nine-div visit to this country, during which time he will be received by the Most Rev. Pietto Fumasoni Biodini, Apostolic Delegate at Washington. The Cardinal was scheduled to leave Montreal some time today, where he has been visiting one of the houses of his order. While in (A BpecialiMation for mothw-to-beX -1; woI'! Hudson Seal. Natural Siberian Squir.

Teh, Leopard Cat, Beaver, Gohien Muskrat, and Kid Skin. '125 Manhattan he will be the guest of closcout Summer Frocks At $3.85 Pat ent leathers. suedes and kids in black, brnwn, Hudson Seal Trimmed with Fitrh. Krimmer and Ermine Some, Self trimmed, Russian Pony and Black Carnrul. etc.

Sizes 4 to 10, AAAA to predominating. All genu-ine Arch Preserver Shoes. I49 the Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament, 76th St. and Lexington and on Thursday he will be the principal guest at a luncheon in the Empire State Club. Cardinal Verdier will leave for Baltimore Friday to visit one of the houses of his ordpr.

St. Marys Seminarv, Roland Park. He will return to New York next week and on Aug. 18 will be a guest at a reception to be given by the Formerly priced $15 to $25 You can't afford to miss confirmation about 12. between the two periods, the chiluren Hre assembled in larger and prepared for the latter sacrament.

This is an advantage to children not attending the Catholic schools for they are returned to the classes of religious Instruction." Mons. Thomas J. O'Brien, rector of the Church of Our Lady of Victory, Throop said that while the decree is a new ruling in this country, it has been in existence in Spain, some parts of Italy and in South America for many years. In these localities the child in many Instances receives confirmation shortly after baptism and Holy Communion as early as 6 years of ace. Matter of Custom "There has been no absolute law regulating the practice in this country, mostly a matter of custom, but In vogue since the early days of the church here.

It has been found advantageous to the youth to delay confirmation until its later years for It is returned to classes of Instruction and better understands the real meaning of the sacrament to make them better and stroneer Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ." "In this country, where many of the children not attending the Catholic schools are deprived of systematic religious instruction after they have received their first Holy Communion, the practice of bringing them back to prepare them for confirmation, supplies them with helpful rd lasting lessons in theier catechism taught to them by trained teachers." Mention Eagle When Shopping this opportunity! Leopard Skin and Fitch, Persian Lamb, Black Super-Broadtail, Hud- 9o iron Seal, Siberian Squirrel. Alumni of St. Sulpice, a society .95 At $5.85 Spectator types Sheers, prints, washable crepes end rough silks in many smart styles with jackets, fichus, capes or becoming rever effects. 6 which devotes Itself to the education of young men for the secular priesthood. in white and brown or white and black combinations, linens in white or natural combinations, beige kid in both strap and oxford models.

For street and Other Luxurious Fur Coult from $495 to FLOOR For the Neic Baby' A stunning SUt er Musk rat coat moulded in fi twie pencil Silhouette with fullness at the el-hoits and flattering Badger collar, $89.50. dress wear. Practically every size in this group. 56-Piece LAYETTES 9.75 Everything essential to the newcomer's comfort, assembled by our registered nurse MARKELL ARCH PRESERVER SHOE SHOPS Lindbergh 'Clue' Stirs New Brunswick St. John.

N. Aug. 9 A de- I posit of American bank notes in the Bank of Nova Scotia created a brief furor here when their serial 1 numbers were found to correspond with those on ransom money paid in the Lindbergh kidnaping case. The excitement ended when Inspec- 1 tor John Bird of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, after making a check, announced that while the serial number conformed the plate numbers differed, ARTIN 11-13 Bonl Brooklyn Fulton 4 Bridge Brooklyn (Oppotile Lorirr't) LANE BRYANT, exclusive separate specialization 13 Hanover Place 283 Livingston St. SECOND FLOOR 39th 3 New York (Wrtt of fifth Arrnut).

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