The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 28, 1970 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDI/NA) DAILY TRIBUNE i Regular Rabies Shots For Pets Vital WASHINGTON: The White. House would neither confirm nor deny December 24 a newspaper report that President and Mrs. Nixon will announce the engagement of their oldest daughter, Tricia, over the holidays. The Philadelphia Enquirer said'in its editions December 24 an announcement would be made of Miss Nixon's engagement to Edward Finch Cox, son of N.Y. socialites Col..and Mrs. Howard Ellis Cox. Tricia and Edward are shown arriving at the Waldorf Astoria in this/December 29, 1969 photo. . UPITELEPHOTO With a new season at hand, habits and activities of animals are changing. Therefore, special attention should be given to regular vaccinations and health aids for all pets or companion animals. Rabies is the most publicized disease among animals. Contrary to popular belief, rabies is no more prevalent during "dog days" than any other time of the year, points out K. M. Weinland, Purdue University extension veterinarian. It knows no climate or season. Rabies is a fatal disease to which all warm-blooded animals' ^-especially pets like dogs and cats—are susceptible. Since dogs and cats live in close proximity to the family, they should be vaccinated regularly against the disease. Rabies is usually transmitted from animal to animal and * from animal to humans by biting. Consequently, unvaccinated Jollyette Club pets that come into contact with an infected animal may contract the disease and then expose members of the family. • Each year nearly amillion people are bitten by dogs and other animals. Often the identity of the biting animal is lost. Then the individual is required to take the Pasteur treatment. Lutheran Ladies Entertained At Christmas Party Emanuel Lutheran Laaies were recently entertained at the annual Christmas party. All ladies of the congregation were invited. A dinner was served in the fellowship room of the church. The tables were beautifully decorated with candles and holly. Other decorations included a Christmas tree under with gifts; were placed for exchange. A program consisting of skits, readings and Christmas carols was given, following the dinner. The Christmas Holly was used as the theme for the party. The following ladies served as hostesses for the evening; chairman, Mrs. Omer Sloan, Mrs. Don Sandman, Mrs. Charles Smrth; Mrs. Louis Teuscher, Mrs. Wayne Teuscher, Miss Edna Weismiller, Mrs. Harold Weismiller, Mrs. James Weismiller, Mrs. Walter Weismiller, Mrs. Louis Wandt, Mrs. Franklin Wray and Mrs. Phillip Yontz. Page 3 i J on C +xcliaiuje lAJeclilinfj \JowS Christmas Party (Continued on page six) Women To Step With Best Foot Forward In Spring Woman's View By GAY PAULEY UPI Women's Editor NEW YORK . (UPI)— One thing the longer hemlines certainly accomplished in addition to creating the great debate of 1970: They put a woman's foot forward. Her best foot, say-delighted shoe manufacturers reporting - on their new styles for spring. The American Footwear Institute confirmed the new accent on underpinnings in its spring fashion show in New York this week. "The longer lengths are drawing the eye to the ankle and foot," the institute decreed. "And what emerges there, under the flounce and the frou, better be drop dead dandy." The institute, representing manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, took a look first at toes and heels. Toes, it said, were slimming down, away from that chunky, looking bluntness of the last few seasons, but not to ' the* exaggeration, of those pointed jobs still around iu some closets ... going unworn. Life is Worth living Wonders To Behold Thou art the God who workest wonders, who hast manifested thy might among the peoples. (Psalm 77:14) God has revealed His marvelous power to mankind through nature as well as through individuals. In each there is a lesson to learn about our Creator. He is able to bring all things to pass which will aid or help mankind in someway. We do not always look beyond the present moment to realize God is at work in our lives for a purpose. Individuals have a tendency to sway ... to weaken ... to doubt along the way but the right hand of God is constantly stretched forth to draw us back to Him. New confidence is gained each time we set our attention upon the power of God. We gain new insights and are granted wisdom to - understand the ways that we travel as we draw near to Him for guidance. It may be days or even years before a certain issue is clear in our minds but we can trust that God knows what is best. He constantly leads us to our goals and purpose in life. How. much of God's power is available to us? We can ask-the mountains to be moved and they will be moved. We can accomplish any task set before us by turning to God for direction. We can cross all hurdles and stumbling blocks along the way as we trust in God to show us what to do. The power and nature of God is a wonder to behold." And the greatest confidence we can have is to realize that this power is unleashed to accomplish the -seemingly impossible every time we call upon God to see us. through. World's Most Accurate Wrist Timepiece 1 \i diem r ui .i liiilov .i . (ll)lU-(ii')ll ill lini- \v.iu lit-.. Clonic NCC tlu-in. 'Diamond fcmctMiency "A" — A diamond enhances this eler.ant watch. 17 jewels:Fac- $55.00 Heels were on the rise and at the institute fashion show I actually found a four-inch heel, but not the spike of old. Rather, . high heel with open back, and the heel pretty firmly planted on concrete. Most often, howev- ' er, heels settled at the two-and three-inch level. There were wedges, too, and shapes that could be described only as half- heel, . half wedge, but as the institute said "a look - to watch." Spring promises to be a season for stringing or strapping 'm up. The T-strap ran throughout the new collections on either sleek low heels or new highs. And the side-buttohed instep strap, a la small girl's Mary Janes, became a style for grownup girls. Watch for revival of the ankle strap too. And speaking of strings, some designers lace slim thongs up, and around the leg in the manner of the Roman gladiator footgear. In fabrics, watch for things you never dreamed of for footwear. Include starched gingham, rough canvas, and suede standing alone or coupled with reptile, crinkle calf coupled with' canvas, glazed kid paired with soft patent. Suede A total of 33 were present for the annual Goldsmith Jollyette Club Christmas party on December 14. President, Pat Bath presided over the business meeting after a delicious meal. Vice president, Bernice Shook, presented Pat Bath with a Christmas corsage on behalf of the club members and Emma Bitner was given a money tree as the surprise shower gift of the month. .. A Christmas poem was read by Bonnie Messick before gifts were exchanged and mystery pals were revealed. All members received gag surprise gifts. Carols were sung accompanied by Mary. Cole and all joined in fun and games. Officers for the new year are: president, Carol Ploughe; vice president, Bernice Shook; secretary, Bonnie Messick; treasurer, Waneta Foutch; newspaper, JeanMcFar- land; cards, Loretta Lee; and gifts, Mary Cole. Food Up; Income Up More Last year consumers spent $511 per person for all food, a 34 per cent increase over the 1957-59 average. Personal income, however, for the same . period rose 68 per cent, from -$1,846 to §3,098. Thus, people who spent 20.6 per cent of disposable' income on foods durinjr '57-'59 period spent only 16.5 per cent in 1969, a decrease of over 4.% for food. either silky soft or tough- textured seemed the oncoming fabric. Both lengths for spring started at the ankle and went right on up to the knees, sometimes even above. Some were wide open at the front and laced like the classic ghillie. Others presented a solid front, with laced opening at the back. Merry Mini Tarts Trim Calories ACCUTRON- by BULOVA ^ It goes hm mm m. Earl G. Rhodes jeweler tWe will' adjust timekeeping to this tolfr. •nee, if necessary. Guarantee is for on: year. The Yuletide season can even be.'fun for dieters. True..sweets tempt us at every turn and the general merriment in the air makes diet discipline even harder to maintain. But there is an answer. Make delicious treats that are easy on the waistline. Fruits— especially the new low'sugar fruits on the market—can lie turned into delectable desserts that .catch the. Christmas spirit without gathering in extra calories. These Merry Mini Tarts, for instance, can be enjoyed by everyone. Calories reduced 'applesauce* and fruits for salad form the filling and artistic topping, with melted low sugar apple jelly spooned over as a glaze. The best bonus of all: each tiny tart is only 83 calories of healthful eating. ' Merry.Mini Tart* 1 cup sifted all purpose flour cup calories reduced •a teaspoon salt applesauce 2 tablespoons chilled 1 can (li> oz.) calories shortening reduced 2 to 3 tablespoons ice. water fruits for salad, drained U cup low sugar imitation apple jelly Mix flour, with salt. With pastry blender or 2 knives, cut in shortening until mixture is consistency of coarse meal. Sprinkle on water and stir with fork into n ball. Chill pastry. Roll between 2 sheets of waxed paper until about '» inch thin: cut out 12 flinch .circles of pastry. Cut 12 3 -inch circles of double-thickness or heavy duty aluminum foil. Place each pastry circle on a foil circle and turn up edges slightly. Prick with a fork. Place on haking sheet and bake in 450°F. oven about 12 minutes, until pastrv is lightlv browned.' Cool. " . Fill each tart shell with 2 teaspoons applesauce. Slice peaches and pears thinly. Arrange slices, apricot halves, and pineapple on tarts. Decorate with cherry halves. Melt apple jelly and brush over fruits to glaze. Makes 12 miniature tarts: Approximately 83 calories each. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel-^Post Mortem On Office Parties Dear Helen: what some might think, office parties sans mates still exist, but the little wives blame the wrong people. As a soon-to retire female executive, I can tell you that single secretaries and other office females don't plan Christmas "orgies." If spouses aren't invited, look to the brass, who lay the ground rules. Even with Women's Liberation, the-brass is still male. I've sat in on enough party-planning to know the nice guys who want to bring their wives get voted down about seven to one. Believe'me, older females in the office aren't enchanted by the men they work with. And the cute mini-skirted kids would much rather bring their YOUNG husbands or boy friends, than be businessman-bounced around the floor with someone else's oyer-the- hill husband. The man who comes home smeared with lipstick wasn't attacked, no matter what he says. He got gooped up as some unwilling female tried to dodge his big sloppy ego-restoring kiss without hurting the boss' feelings. She should slap a vice president? Sure there are types, males and females, who run around with a sprig of mistletoe, but I doubt this out-in-the-open kissing ever broke up a marriage. The average office provides ample opportunity for amatory stalking without waiting for the Christmas party. Wives who deeply regret being left out should get together and have their own parties that night (while their husbands have a fit). Husbands who really want to bring their wives can generally do so by coughing up a few extra dollars for the party fund -- or they, can put in an appearance and go home — to their own festivities, ?s many do. A good husband-wife relationship was never wrecked by an office party. They aren't that exciting. — SOON TO RETIRE AND GLAD OF IT. Dear Helen: I get a kick out of those Susans saying, "The over, Stanley doesn't hold the door open for me any more." How about us poor guys? I'll tell them when the honeymoon is over: Just try to be a little friendly some morning. She says, "Are you crazy? The children will heart" Before I remember the kids are across town visiting Grandma, she's down in the kitchen fixing coffee. Next, one rainy afternoon, while working the home area, I stopped at the house and merely suggested a little attention. She: "Who do you thinkyouare, Jack the Ripper? I have a washing to finish!" Yes, Helen, I'd say the honeymoon is over! However, being an old-fashioned husband and a firm believer in home cooking, I still love her and who can tell — there's a strange wind blowing tonight from both the north and south. Maybe, just . maybe, the honeymoon is still on? — SAM Dear Sam: - While there's hope there's life... Bring her champagne and roses, and remember women need to feel loved, not merely wanted. (Viva la north-south wind!) -- H. Dear Helen; • : I am a fireman. I once had a fine looking bushy moustache and sideburns. They made me shave them off, as they were ''fire hazards." Now if my facial hair might go oup to flames, how about • the hair of my head? So I shaved myself bald, and got chewed out '. for insubordination, or some such. Fair?--CALLE ME BILLIARD Mrs. Ralph Jay Johnson .Miss Beth Ann Planck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Planck Tipton and Ralph Jay Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson, Chelsea, Michigan were united in marriage on Sunday, Dec. 27 at the Kemp United Methodist Church. Rev. William Simpson officated at the double ring ceremony. Mrs. Phil Cochran and Mrs. Leon Earnest provided the music, "The Lord's Prayer" and "One Hand, One Heart." Bride, given in marriage by Mich., and is presently a designer draftsman with Rohr Corp. After Jan. 10, couple will beat home at Chula Vista, California. (Crowell Photo) her father, wore a floor length gown of English lace and carried a bouquet of white roses. Maid of honor was Miss Barbara Becker, Muskegon, Mich. She wore a crushed velvet green gown trimmed in antique lace and carried red roses. Bridesmaids were Miss Marsha Johnson, Chelsea, Mich., and Mrs. Phillip Planck, Berkley, Mich. Their gowns were the same as that of the maid of honor.' Best man was Tim Eiseman, Chelsea, Mich., and ushers were Bennett Planck, Holly, Mich., Harlan Johnson, Chelsea, Mich.; irnd Phillip Planck, Berkley, /Mich. Reception followed the ceremony in the fellowship hall of the church. Bride is a Tipton High School graduate and attended Purdue University and University of Oregon Medical School. She is presently employed as a dietitian. Groom graduated from Chelsea High School, attended Washtenaw College, Ann Arbor, Study the food labels HF.UKF.I.F.Y , Cai.i. (i TI> "Food shoppers anil processors sprak a different latifiila 1 !!',' savs l!iiivi"r.-itv of < California agricultural market expert Maria Ferrer. "For food processors, certain ordinary words have lr«al anil restrictive meaning. "Take orange jnicr anil orange drinks, for example. The popular ilrv anil frozen drinks have oran»r flavor anil color and ihrv are swirt. . "'lint the drinks may contain lilllr or no natural orange juice. So Watijrr' dors lose soiiiriliiiiir in the translation (Continued on page six) (SarnieI (ji^ rijj Two girls, one from Hamilton County and another from Delaware County, have gained state 4-H honors for their expertise of the home and will attend the National 4-H Congress. Robin Hinsnaw. 17, uuughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hinshaw of Carmel, earned the Indiana 4-H award for project work in home improvement. Her work includ- Robin Hinshaw ed major improvements and redecorating of several rooms in her parents' home. ' A high school senior. Miss Hinshaw plans to study art and interior design. As winner of the award, she earned a trip to the National 4-H Congress in Chicago, Nov..29 through Dec. 3, sponsored by The S&H Foundation, Inc. Also earning state 4-H honors was Rebecca Sue McNutt, 19, daughter of Mrs. Maryalice McNutt of Yorktown, who was given the award for consumer education-home economics. Let's you and the Fire Department Dear Bill: Not fair, but kinda funny, compromise! — H... This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. : Menu Please! A recent survey shows that people eat 1 out of 7 meals away from home, and that families with higher incomes eat out more often. As might be expected, city out more often people. dwellers eat than rural In fa.-hion, tin- s,|>rinj£ spirit is imr ui' softness, color, less construction.and more fantasy. Start the New Year right! Remember your wife with a. beautiful corsage. Say Thank You to your hostess with a colorful centerpiece from Flowers by Jim Shields 122 N. Main Street Always Appropriate Because of our many years of experience, we are thoroughly familiar with the funeral customs of all churches, as well as the various lodges and military organizations. Leatherman-Morris FUNERAL HOME 314 North Main S}r««t DIAL 675 -7449 SERVING TIPTON SINCE 10O1

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