The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 3, 1934 · Page 41
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 41

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, June 3, 1934
Page 41
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BROOKLYN DAILY EATTLE, NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JUNE 3, IS3'4 E 3 Enoch Ardcn Law ' Holds in Divorce. Not for Insurance Juliet? Steinbrink. Rules Decree of No Value in a Suit Over a Policy j How valuable is an Enoch Arden I decree? Mrs. Nellie M. Hayden obtained i one in 1929 in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Her testimony was that her husband, John T. Hayden, an auditor, left home, then at 25 S. Oxford St., on Sept. 4, 1923. She never saw him again, nor did she get as much as a post card or a telephone call. She hunted high and low, she told the court. At his office they had no news of him and not one of his friends or relatives had seen or heard of him after the day he left home. All Trace of Spouse Gone The Enoch Arden decree dissolved her marriage after an almost continuous search for six years yielded not the slightest clue as to where he had gone or what had happened i to him. From time to time, Mrs. Haydpn appealed to the newspapers and the police, but never got news of her husband. Some time after the decree was . granted, she became the wife of Edwin A. Howe. 1 Then she brought suit in Supreme Court against the Mutual Life Insurance Co. to collect on two policies for $5,000 each on Hayden's life. She had paid the premiums until the suit was brought. In the complaint against the in-lurance company, she set forth that she was awarded an Enoch Arden decree and also that she subsequently married Mr. Howe. Ordered Stricken Out The insurance company asked Justice Steinbrink to strike those two allegations from the complaint, on the ground it would be prejudiced at the trial of the suit for the insurance money. Mrs. Howe contended they were allegations designed to prevent the jury from thinking that she was a bigamist and to establish that she had the right to sue, even though her name is now Mrs. Howe. Justice Steinbrink ordered them stricken out. saying: "To establish a presumption of death in this ease, plaintiff must prove at the trial that the insured has been continuously absent from his home, and has not been heard from by those who. had he been alive, would naturally have heard of him for a period of at least seven years. "The fact that the plaintiff had obtained a so-called Enoch Arden divorce from the insured has no bearing 0n the issue to be tried. The company was not a party to that proceeding and was consequently not bound by anything therein decided." Oldsmobile Speeds Auto Production Oldsmobile has built more cars during the first five months of 1934 than during the entire year of 1933, according to a statement by C. L. McCuen, president and general manager of Olds Motor Works at Lansing. "The Oldsmobile factory is running day and night on a double shift to keep pace with car orders," said Mr. McCuen. "Factory payrolls have also reached a new all-time high, with employment even exceeding the peak in 1929. "June production schedules are being set at an even higher mark than May. Every indication points to the fact that 1934 will be one of the two biggest years in Olds-mobile's entire 37 years of manufacturing history." Tompkins Named Tire Manager L. D. Tompkins, for many years prominently identified with the United States Rubber Company, has ten appointed general manager of the company's tire division. This division includes all tire sales find the operation of tire plants In Detroit, Indianapolis, Eau Claire and Los Angeles, along with cotton mills In Winnsboro, S. C; Hogansvllle, Ga.. and Shelby ville, Tenn. Mr. Tompkins entered the service of the United States Rubber Company Nov. 1, 1916, as assistant to the managing director of plantations. Since then he has held various posts. Including that of president of the General Rubber Company, a subsidiary, and vice president of U. S. Rubber Plantations. Buick Building 500 Cars a Day Swinging into production at a rate hisher than in any period thus far this year, the Buick Motor Company is building an average of 800 cars a day and will produce more than 11.000 units in June, the largest month's schedule during 1934, according to figures made public by Harlow H. Curtice, prest dent and general manager. With the announcement of the new series 40 Buick in a lower price raiisc, a large bank of orders is on hand nt the factory requiring peak production to meet the demands of the sales organization. French Authors Get Rise in Royalties Pans OPl The French Authors' Fortety. which claims to be the most powerful in the world, reports that it collected more royalties for its members in 1933 than in 1932, the Increase being mostly in fees for moving pictures and broadcasts. World WaPMine Found After 20 Years Cuxhaven. Germany P Experts from this city recently went to the Lsland of Sylt in the North Frisian group to dismantle an English World War mine washed up from the North Sea after floating around lor probably 20 year. Xew Buildings Sheepshead Bay, famous for it3 eating places in the heyday of the race tracks in the vicinity, which was dealt a vital blow when prohibition put a ban on beer and oral betting, is renewing its past colorful glory under the "new deal." The shore resort's innkeepers and restaurateurs are preparing for a return of prosperity not experienced since the passing of the old Sheepshead Bay race track, around which much of its former activity centered. New and modern buildings have replaced many of the frame Brooklyn's Divorce Record Last Week Final divorce decrees were granted during the past week by Supreme Court Justice Edward J. Byrne to the following: Zara Heller from Arthur Heller. Erma L. Valentine from Ralph E. Valentine. John 8. French from Peorl E. French. Michael 3. Burke from Oiga L. Burke. Anna Garnnkle from Joseph Garfinkle. Feiga Levy from Teddy Levy. Catherine McEnaney from Russell Mc-Enanev. William schoenberger from Edith Schoenberger. Hannah Blecher from Jack Blerher. Maude B. Werner from Ralph M. Werner. Supreme Court Justice John MacCrate granted final decrees of divorce to: Samuel Budowla from Ruth Budowla. Frank F. Rose from Susan M. Rose. George R. Hinton from Georgiana Hin-ton. Mary Jackson from William A. Jackson. WhatDoYouKnow About Loans for Home Repairing? Continued from Page 1 be kept fit to live In must be put in good repair periodically. Re pairs made often need not be expensive. They will generally add enough value to a home to permit a higher appraisal and a larger loan. 'Some types of remodeling and modernizing, such as the addition of a bathroom or the installation of running water and an indoor toilet, are likewise essential to the American standard of living. How ever, they are usually more expen sive than basic repairs and may be impossible to borrowers in financial distress. Before a borrower from the Home Owners Loan Corporation applies for a loan to re model, enlarge or modernize his home he should consider the cost very carefully and get advice from the corporation on the following points: "Can he really afford to make the larger monthly repayments on his loan necessitated by an expenditure for remodeling and modernizing? "Usually the home owner should not spend more than 25 percent of his normal income in payments on his home. , "Does the neighborhood justify the expense of remodeling? A $5,000 house in a $3,000 neighborhood is a poor investment. "Will an expenditure for remod-ellne tend to extend the life of a house which is irredeemably bad because the lot is too narrow, some rooms must be blind, or the like? "Is the proposed remodeling sound from architectural and engineering points of view? Remodeling should never be undertaken without competent architectural or other technical advice. "Remodeling and modernizing free from criticism on these grounds CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Auctions STORAGE SALE Turdy, June Slh, 10:30 A.M. At Roth's Anotion Rooms 690 Fullnn Slrerl Cor. A. Portland Ave., Brooklyn. N. T. FURNITURE 1IOILSF.IIOI.D GOODS Wm, J. Hilh, Auctioneer STORAGE AUCTION SALE FURNITURE HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS Of F.v.rv D?rrlltlAn. ComnrlOnv CARVED LIVING ROOM SUITES Breretiirv Denies, Bookcases, Mirrors, Clorkn. DraperiPH, Books, Linens. China. Glassware, Player nd Upright Pianos, fflertrlf Radio. COSTLY DINING ROOM SUITES Gateleg and 2-in-l Tables. Occasional Furniture. Wlrker Rets, Trunks. Lamp. Sewing Machines. Breakfast Sets. Cednr Chests. FINE BEDROOM SUITES CoRswell and Scoop Seat Chairs. End Tahles. Studio and Dav Beds. Davenports. Bedding. Rugs. Carpets. Cutlery. Bric-a-Brac. Pictures, To Be Hold for Warehousemen' Menu AT THE BROOKLYN FIRKPKOOK WAKKIIOrxFS IS Snyder Avenue Nr.r t'latbll.h Avfnu.. Brooklyn ( fimmf nrlni 111:30 A.M. Shnm Tueidny June 5th Tuesday Transforming Sheepshead Day lilt ' ISJkl Hi W,IIU1' M .UK, i.'L. If! structures and hundreds of one-and two-family dwellings and large apartment houses now occupy the site of the old race track. Better thoroughfares have been built through the activities of ,the property owner organizations. Emmons Ave., the principal business thoroughfare, is being transformed by attractive looking restaurants and stores. The picture above shows the new restaurant of William Boyle at 3161 Emmons Ave., who for many years was proprietor of Jake's Restaurant on the opposite corner, one of the most popular Justice MacCrate granted final decrees of annulment to: Ida R. Balbert from Bert Balbert. Thelma H. Feldsteln from Nathan Feld-stein. Belle Delter from Harry Deiter. Margaret Mackay from Harold Mackay. Justice Byrne granted final decrees of annulment to: Flora Costa from Thomas Costa. Yetta Secter from Charles Justice Byrne granted interlocutory Judgments of divorce to: Sadie Siegel from Joiin Siegel. Anna Schwab lrom William A. Schwab. Supreme Court Justice James A. Dunne granted an interlocutory degree of divorce to Edith Vasconcel-los from John Vasconcellos. Justice Dunne granted decrees of separation to: Jennie Zuppello from Augusto Zuppello. Ida Daly from William J. Daly. Nora A. White from Thomas White. must be sound, and. if sound, they will prevent obsolescence and make for a higher standard of living. The home owner can make no wiser investment. Technical Advice and Supervision "Expert advice is essential in remodeling and often desirable in repair. Home owners have frequently suffered from the lack of such advice. The corporation is providing free to you as borrower the advisory and supervisory services of experienced builders and architects who are employes of the corporation. They will advise you on the need, desirability and probable costs of reconditioning your home. Where extensive reconditioning requires the services of an outside architect the home owner will have to pay the fee. "Bids for the job will be asked from at least three contractors selected by you from a list of approved contractors. The corporation will investigate the reliability and qualifications of all contractors and mechanics desiring to bid, and only those whose qualifications are approved will-be allowed to bid. Approval will be solely on merit. The corporation will supervise the actual work. In short, it is the purpose of the Home Owners Loan Corporation to establish a model advisory service on home reconditioning to reduce the danger of Ill-advised and irresponsible work of this type. Financing Terms and Costs "Practically all loans for reconditioning made by the corporation will be in addition to loans for refinancing. Except in very rare instances, all loans will be incorporated in a single first mortgage. The total amount of all loans made by the corporation to any one home owner cannot be more than 80 percent of the appraised value of the REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Long Island Property Long Island Property CULROSS BEACH LOG CABINS $2995 $295 CASH, $25 MONTHLY With water frontage on Long Island Sound RIPARIAN RIGHTS PRIVATE BEACH VIEW MANY MILES 5 Rooms, Studio Living Room, 18x25, bath, fireplace, etc. Fine trees, Christian community. WRITE FOR PICTIRES OTHERS $1,995 TO $2,350 READY FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY DIRECTIONS Take Jericho Turnpike, Route 25 to Middle Island (60 miles from Penn Station) then turn left, follow signs to Long Island Sound ond Culross Beach. CM-ROSS BRA CI I ROCKY POINT, LONG ISLAND CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Auction Sales Auctiotii CITY SALESROOM 2.'f-2.-27 Booruni Place nt Livingston Strret (l'.:nlliliril Nearly a lliuulrrcl Yenrn) WM. POLLAK, Auriionrrr Soils on Wednesday, June 6th. at IO:.'lO A.M. An executor's snip of the contents of an (Venn Ave. Hwollinp furniture, antiques, fine china, hric-st-hrnc, oil pHintineM. tenk-wonrl tah'ircls, nooks, kIhsswiiic, draperies, andirons a very fine assortment together with consignments from the trust and finance companies, from storage and installment houses. t.;iQJ I f dining places during the mauve decade at the Bay. Mr. Boyle has spent upwards of $35,000 on improving the new res taurant. He has installed a bar 65 feet long, and a dance hall adjoin ing the dining room which accommo dates about 200. The old restau rant built by Thomas Jake more than 35 years ago, and later taken over by Mr. Boyle, was demolished to provide for the widening of Emmons Ave. Anyone who hasn't been around Sheepshead Bay way in a decade or so, would be astonished at its transformation if he were to visit the resort today. property nor total more than $14,000. "The mortgage held by the corporation as security for all advances usually runs 15 years. The borrower pays back the loan, principal and interest by monthly installments. The rate of interest Is 5 percent. The monthly payment covering both principal and interest is $7.91 for each $1,000 loaned. "The corporation makes no charge for the services of its employes. The home owner is required to pay fees for all outside services (such as those of appraiser, architect, attorney and recorder) necessary and incidental to the making of a loan. If advances for reconditioning are made at the time the mortgage is refinanced and are added to the amount of the loan, there will be little or no extra cost. If the owner already has a loan from the corporation and now applies for a reconditioning loan, he win have to pay a new appraisal tee and the costs of making and recording a new first mortgage. These costs will be kept to a minimum." TO SHOW WHEEL SPRINGING The first graphic demonstration of the advantages of individual springing and the sturdiness of this new type of construction, will be given visitors at A Century of Progress this year by the Plymouth Motor Corporation. Sand pit tests will be conducted at the Chrysler Motors exhibit at the Chicago Fair this year, according to N. S. Hadley, chief engineer of the Plymouth Motor Corporation. A lodffe of native stone and rustic timber, similar in design to the one illustrated. having spacious 11 vine room with loa- burnlnjr fireplace, two bedrooms, kitchen. bathroom and la rue porch custom built and lined throuehout may be dupllca'ed for :,'".", which includes wooded plot of t.MHt square feet. Other lodces of stone and rustic timber at from KI.K.MI. Drive nul While Street In Oanburv. Conn., to Route " thenre 10 miles Inward Xew ! Mflforri. where direct. omil sins will t'ie Toll. PHOTOS AND MAPS ON RFOt :ST. ; BIRCH GROVES -! 551 Fifth Avenue, New York City Suit. 3IH. Tel. Jll rrav Hill 1-o!!T. REAL ESTATE Out of Town Property i 1 1 " AT . I f" " i Rl'STIC LODGE OF NATIVE STONE AT JEtt MlJTlbv' t ..uuivu UCIT.UTt I El C il l m fi BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Tl gnooXLYN HEIGHTS I ara&wis M lii sV : p,erre?ont st. 24 0NAcrrZc "KE Sifa mm monroe place 'T A's7,,r":' AV":r":' """" 8 R00MS-3 BATHS ! 1 7 rqoMS-3 BATHS I LiliW1'"! 3-4 rooms 4.6.7 rooms II 4 ROOMS 2 BATHS 1 I c ROOMS 2 BATHS I t i'sif 1 SLJTES BATHS .:r I awrtments. real fl""1'"5- 1 1 wood-burning fireplaces. erv 1 ! S'P - iiL I1 ;: I I 5ftr modern In eveiy respect I 1 conceivable Improvement. Only I K 1 I V. representative on I I wavs. Aonlv to represent- j V,! ! DismcTioy with ixoom I "' " Sees Vast Field Here for Use of Federal Funds Continued from Page 1 the tendency to bring more business to the neighborhood and give a greater rental value to the stores, thereby increasing the income from the property and improving the neighborhood generally. "Owners with whom we have been coming in contact are impressed with the attitude of the government advancing money for remodeling their properties. There is. however, a general feeling that the city would be unfair to them, for if they went to the expense of improving their properties, ttie city-would increase their taxes. "It might be well, since it is the vW1 in FLATBUSH Modern Apartments Mechanical Refrigeration THE ALIIAMBRA 417 OCEAN AYE. Corner Caton Ave. 3. S, 6 rooms and 3 baths: larire, lifrht. airy rooms; 24-hour door and elevator service; one block from B. M. T. Church Ave. station. 101 WOODRUFF AVE. Between Ocean Ave. and St. Paul's Place. 1. 2, 3. 6 rooms and bath; all modern improvements. 770 OCEAN AVE. Between Cortelvou and Beverly Roads. Eltvawr apartment; 24-hour door serv-ioe; 4 rooms and bath; moderate rents. 478-182 E. 9TII ST. Near Cortelyou Road Modern apartments, mechanical refrigeration; 3 rooms and bath, $35: 4 rooms and bath. S40. Close to Cortelyou Road station of Brighton subway. 3102 AVENUE 1 1103-13 E. 34th St. Strom heat, hot water: parquet floors; 3 rooms and bath, $40: 4 rooms and bath. $45 up Frank M. McCurdy Co., Inc. Managing Agents 1 r,S Bemsen 9t. TRlamle S-2266-7-B crritiseiv BEACH HONES Now is tli lime to buy one of these home An I deaf plici to live, arijotninf th New Murine Park, cur ivn but h(n a brarh. Club hou. rhain itwei. ehurrhfi, etr. Tha Seathore Horn! in tha city. 43 Hornet rented In lait twa mnnthi, leavinf very (fw hnutfti for tale, eiftipt hfiuiM with Un- ant n ihnrt twm lemm. 4 Room Apartment with heul. ?.'l. Takr EJrithtnn Bearh Subway Ave. "U" SUImn, Gemttitn Bin t Whittl'v Avr In Ottlre 2380 GERR1TTSEN AV. Tel. Sheepshead 3-8300 169 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS A Uulit RnldcnlUI Nilghbortiocd 1 and 2 Room Suitti Furnlvhed or Unfurnl.hM l Re.Konabl. Rental. H Hinutei id Wall at. bu ill Sui.wmi- Private Dining Room for Bridge Parties, Luncheons, Dinners IL It Hour Hull Umlf Phone MAin 4-4288 WW K it lira f Convenlenllr .roe ,il,le via blh .ul,ay,.. Munificent I IfiUN 17 AMkV JPr CflWV IMP I Tirws. door and elevator service. I JUllil L, JlTldj OL jUll.J, lllVsa' I CHARLES PARTRIDGE COMPANY established is.-.s I j am fi.atm sh avknte NEviNg -.ino j 193 MONTAGUE STREET TRiongle 5-6200 j I" '" 1 I f FLATS tSH APARTMENTS f III I " "-T1 Eagle Ads Bring Results purpose of the administration, under the Municipal Housing Authority, to exempt all slum clearance projects from taxes that they might consider exempting the improvements from an additional assessment and levying a tax on 8he ' basis of what the properties are taxpd for prior to the improvement. This will be an added inducement for owners to consider renovation. "Remodeling the old tenements will not in any way interfere with rebuilding the slum areas, for there is room for both projects. The population of the borough is increasing by nearly 15.000 families a year. Since construction practically ceased four years ago. it is essential that provisions be made at once for more housing facilities. Unless this is done, we will find ourselves with a housing shortage. There will then not alone be a demand for low rental accommodations but for rent laws. Real estate men recogniza this situation, but unfortunately new housing is not being financed by private interests hence the only -flp-fwm-errr new ju Apartment Rentals are Going up DELAY in selecting your new apartment will cost you money. It is generally conceded that the fall renting season will hring substantial increases in rentals. Take advantage of the present low prices. Inspect these apartments today The Brooklyn Daily Eagle carries more Brooklyn Apartment advertising than all other metropolitan ilaily newspapers combined. This assures you of the widest possible selection of Brooklyn's choicest rental values. -w n .. - - - - - - m i wr- c I i wars 7 ii m .in d if t .i.j. m m ilffi- Wll 1 1569 OCEAN AVENUE fi lli... :.... D I I II T TO 7 jpatiuui nuuina l 7-room rcninuuic la Best in Brooklyn If V? 1 7 3 to 10 Rooms I I 7-Room Penthouse If Exclusive I 1 Dnritnl alli. I an Prrmiies I J 1 'honf NETlnt J K 36 ond 50 PLAZA ST. 1?-ST(JKV riRf.PROOr BEAUTIFUL VIEWI II PROSPtCI PARK KXCEU.PNT SFRVICF AVA1LAIILF. St ITKS NOW OFFERED AT REDUCED RENTALS 6 roomi, 3 baths 4 roomt, kitchanett 3 roomt ond kitchen 3 roomi, kitchonctto 2 roomi, kitchenctto Altfi 4 ietni 7-foowi . Ins euinet ttpnrtnttnt Al.t ReiHnUllvfl .. Pr.mltf. m Phone STrrhni 1-KBH7 M. C. O'BRIEN, INC. UANAIIHiO AIII.ST 79S Noitr.nd A... DEcatnr 2-2600 hope lies through government assistance. "In remodeling the existing buildings, the question of accumulating sites is not a factor. The buildings are there what is needed is to put them in condition so. that they will j be readily rented. While there is much opposition to new construc tion financed by the government, on the theory they will come in competition with existing properties, this objection cannot be raised against renovating the old buildings. "With the desire for safe and more sanitary tenements. It is well to note that property owners must Uake into consideration the fact that under the law, the stairs and halls of the old tenements must be fire retarded by 1936. William T. McCarthy, an architect, said that he has alrealy renovated a number of old tenements, which are now fully rented and bringing in an excellent return to the owners. "There Is a growing demand for s-eL-ecnons Cor. Af. K. Electric red iterator. and S rooms. $ (S and S60. up 1921 AVENUE K Cor Ocran Are. levator building, rot) tut. t'tf, up. 259 PARKSIDE AVENUE , Hnthnh .4r. (-5 ronm. IJJ-JtJM tip Call at premises or lnDTlTTlED mm ff W Il I III b mm SteiiifelS 2101 CHURCH AVENUE Krnm.rr Blriff., Nr. Flathuh Ave, Thnne Bl'rkmlrnter 4-JflflO 87:i. II Y lIIKUAY ".1 rrsidnilial apnrtmrnt hnitsr in a rcidriitial vririhhnrhnml" nnr hlnck tn Park and llnthina. Ovcrlonkinn Dan. 4 ROOMS. . . . .$60 Also Now Available A 5-Room Suite. . .$70 FEATURES Linoleum, rlrrtric refrigeration, two elevators, rro ventilation, incinerator., doorman, dinette, eolored tile bath. 1 Blorlc to Bay P.rkw.v Slullon West End B. M. T. Agent on Premises, or The Colonial Realty Co., Inc. MANAGING AGENT 690 7 4th At. SHor Ro. S 6300 VftAV TO AWARD MECHANICS Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University. wiU speak and present Certificates ot Superior Craftsmanhip rwi sold hmmns to mechanics who are to be honored for their excellent work on the new Columbia Library. 115th St. and Broadway, at the New York Building Congress Craftsmanship ceremony to be held at the building, Tuesday at 11:50 a.m. Sl'BlRBAN LEASES Lewis H. May Company leased at Lawrence. L. i., for the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank premises at 380 Central Ave. to Eugene Yanelo: for the Inter-County Title Guarantee and Mortgage Company premises 105 Harrison St. to Samuel L. Goldman, and at Cedarhurst, I I., 450 Oak Ave. to Sam Scheff. low rental apartments. The re modeled tenement may solve tha problem." 'MODERN CORNER. Grands, Putnam , Avenues, Bklyn. Large, Handsome Cheerful Roomt Big, Beautiful Kitchem Plenty of Sun and Air; Open Viewt New Refrigeration Newly Decorated Throughout On Block with Nice Hornet Few Steps from Transit Sta. First-Class Management Inspection Incited. 3 Rooms $ W 4 Rooms $45 ,T Rooms $60 6 Rooms $65 Resident Supt. Tel. MAin 2-1 882 "Brooklyn' SmarttMt New Addreti" at SOUTH OXFORD STREET 17-Story Fireproof Building Economy Plus Luxury 1-2-3-ROOM SUITES CDrC GAS FOR COOLING REFRIGERATION Convenient Location. Spacious moms. Unusual Close' Space In a Kfsirien-tlHt District Yet Near Transportation. Theatres and Depart nient Stores. Ownership Management ;cnt, JACOB MARK, on premliei STcrling 3-2184 An Invitation To Visit Flagg Court Where else con these conditions be found? Membership in a tenonrs' social onH recreational c'vb, with no other payments than a nominal initiation fee. Electric cooking at less than the cost for gas. Exceptionally fireproof construction, magnificent swimming pool, automatic Otis elevators of the latest type. Liveried doorman, immense recreational roof area, with toilet facilities and where children con ploy in safety. Restaurant, billiard and bowling alleys, superb view; coolest part of the city, perfect management and other advantoges too numerous to mention. At rents os low as these: Rooms $40 up 3'2 Rooms $64 up Restricted to Gentiles Rldgt Blvd., 72d and 73d Stt. Tel. JIHnre load VOno zfi L Hi J I Aucll.DMrt DAtona i-0141 Aparaiiera V I T

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