The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 24, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 5
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Get One of Our Handsome New Catalogs Our new full catalog is ready I'or distribution now iind \v<; will lie plwisod to <riv<> or send vim oni'. We're ipiite pi'intd ot' our catalog anil we're sure you'll ]u'vnsiii£ its contonls. Kverytliinii 1 is beautifully illustrated, with prices. A catalog like ours will help you plan your Christmas gif's. Don't forget—but get one right away. American Jewelry Go. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street READ THEIR PALMS. Mme. Inez gives some characteristic utterances. Come this way! This way! Careful of the furniture there, It seems darker than It really Is, having come directly from the light. The An Insurance doesn't cost much, and it's money well Invested. If your home la insured 'and Ore should destroy it, the loss Is covered by the policy, and you still have that money to start over again. Bakercf ield Abstract HAY; MOT. Am, wid 19th «t. Basement. Kern Cityi CK>XKXi&iy&»3^^ Hamilton's .!, NOTES AND PERSONALS. ENTERTAINED BY MR. ROY McKEE. ANNUAL RUMMAGE SALE. e animal rummage sate ot the Congregational church will begin Saturday at tills week at the Stoner build- lug, corner Chester avenue and 17tb street. Everybody Is Invited. The committee IB charge is Mrs. F. W. Wartbort, Mrs, E, D. Buss and Mrs. Jas. Ogtfen. 71 is good— but it's better still when made of KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR Of all flours, this is the best. Learn it's goodness immediately. At all grocers. KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR electric switch Is just above your head." I made one or two false gest ures with my hands In the air, and finally succeeded in turn'ng on the light. A form was lilting before me. I have just finished my day's work, and am trying to recover." Then after a momonf s reflection, ' Not that' the Bakersilfld people are unusually hard on me, hut it invariably follows that the first few days after my ar rival In &ny town (he ilempnd on uy time is such that I must pay some attention at regards if>st-ng and the common m*«e of hsaUh" Her voice seemed as if it had been very much cred of late; still 1 cou)u see nothing rayst-jrlc^s about Mme. Inez, t!w t-n'inent r'niivojt'nt, as sho sat in a ha'f-ieclhiin^ rosltlon before me. "V.ww visloaj," 1 suggested. She T\AS suffoilng tr.mi the fashionable disease. , "Vagi»« vision.! I aUtttit I have had of late," the noted palmist laughingly answered, "but then I have most excellent cause for them; those in office wished to know if they would remain, and those standing for office wished to know if they would be fortunate." "And your answer to them?" 1 asked. "Oh, make no mistakes. Their palms teld their own tales. I can say no more along this line. I began to .'eel there was after ail something mysterious about the woman. "How long will you remain at the Arlington," I saked. "Oh that's hard to sa.y. You see, I have promised the people across the way," she gestured with her thumb toward the west, "that I would remain a few days longer; there are several hundred engagements made." The more she talked the more something of the mysterious come from the palmist and as I left the room I felt certain after all there was something mysterious about the woman. COUNTRY BOYS WANTED FOR BUSINESS POSITIONS. Business men of Oakland and San Francisco, and other large' cities, want young men reared in the country to prepare for commercial positions. Experience has shown that the average boy from the farm has habits of Industry and Integrity that make for success The Polytechnic Business College of Oakland, Cal., has made a phenomenal record in training and placing young men and women in business positions and the College is so located as to provide homelike accommodations at very low rates. • H is said that uvpry young- man who has taken the complete course in business training at this College has received remunerative employment upon graduation. An illustrated Cat aloe-no will be sent '••i,,* »r> ;>m- 'in" who will write to .)•• \v. v,. Cibson, SOU Twelfth street, Oakland, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. .loo Curia of HIP Vineland district were in town today. K. 1.. (ifhvick is relieving Night Chiel Dispatcher I'eckhain for a lew days and Operator Meyers Is taking his place. Great reduction on all new fall dress goods at Ardizzi-Olcese Co. 72 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nesblt loft yesterday on an extended tour of the state. Ten per cent off on all gents and children's shoes today only. Ardizzi- Olcese Co. 72 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Miller have come here from Los Angeles to reside. Bailey Olpner and B. Cohn returned last evening from Hanford. L. H. Yeager came In from McKittrick last evening. A. Fraser returned from Loa Angeles this morning. D. Rintoul made a trip to Stevens yesterday. Ten per cent on on all trousers and overall at Ardtzzl-Olces* Co. 72 H. H, .Cardwell, representing the Associated pipe line, returned to Fresno this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cassldy and son, Walter, are l n from Buena Vista lake. Mr. and Mrs, F. Ensign will leave this evening for Santa Ana. Mra. Ensign will remain for a few weeks, hut Mr. Ewlgn'-wM return Monday tnorn- ing. .. ~~' : i •. • . -. '• E. r. Epjnan went to Los Angeles this afternoon to spend Sunday with his wife. .,., > • , Assistant . Superintendent J. B. Dodds went to FJ-eeno this morning. Mrs. H. F. Murdoch and children spent the day In Rosedale with friends. Just received, a large assortment of gent's underwear In all and pattern*. Ardtezi-Olcese Co. 72 The Royal Chef Theater Company will leave special tonight for Loa Angeles. ' 0. R. Pecbham, night chief train dispatcher, Is relieving Chlet Dispatcher Sheridan. Mr. and Wre.' F. H. Holman will return to their home in San Francisco tomorrow morning.' Mrs. Holman has been in Kern' for the past four months to assist in establishing the division accounting bureau. Miss Lily Billings, assistant postmistress at Santa Clara, is visiting her brother, W. E;. Billings. Trainmaster Crpy returned from Los Angeles this 'morning. 1. F. Blalock of the Kern Fruit Company is preparing to move his store into the Metropole building in the room formerly occupied by A. P. Lites' men's xfurnishlng store. Mrs. E. C. Ralston is here from Fresno on a business trip. E. i,. Bogy has returned from a few weeks' visit in Portland. Oregon. . Mrs. O. A. Burton and son, Osmond of Keene, are the guests of Mrs,. Oj Darrow. Charles Premo Ut on this after noon's train for Long: Beach to spen Sunday with his mother. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Bowden am son, Teddy, left this morning for Oak?' land, where they will visit for a short time with Mrs. Bowden's sister, Mrsi Oliver Coates. At Ills iiunii' (in .1 srvci l!r.y .Mi'Ki'i-' 1 Mi'i-liiini',l tin- iiifllllx'v • ot iln- !''l. -lim dull Uisi evening i:i :i vci-y i!t>. , li,'lit fill niaiiin'i-. (if -'iiVinMs j '•nits formed [];,, evening .inn s-nicnts,! •'"'•I ullirh IvfiVKlimtMltH W" .• seiw.l.j I,ii; I night's nffnlr was a cHc'.o-.ttjon of; t'u- anniversary of the fo'indin,^ ol inci <'!»li. ii having been organized just on. j :•<•••.!• ago last ni^lit. Amou; tlios..-: liic'som wpi-o Mrs. O. A. KtMy Martin.) U.ilph Waldo, Allan WhUMi-r. Rarl Owen I'arl Si'hal'er, Server 1-aar, Rob'-'i-i Stlckiiey, Ward Herring, Walter .lames and Hoy McKee. THE SABBATH DAY IN THE KERN CHURCHES. Methodist Episcopal church.—Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Rev. E. E. Damon. , St. Barnabas Episcopal Church— Sunday school at 10 a. m.; evening services at 7:30. The boys of St,', Barnabas Sunday school met last evening at the home of Mrs. Kate McArthur and organized a society to be known as the L. O. T. C. Society. Mrs. McArthur was elected chaplain, Vance gtroble, president; Frank Hess, secretary 'and treasurer, and Allen Craig guard." The boys will meet every FrMay evening. FRUIT SHIPMENTS. The shipment 6f citrus fruit from Portervllle to eastern- markets will begin November 1st, and it is expected that there will be «t least 3000 carloads this season.- .This will be an increase of j'bout 600 car loads .over last year's shipment/ : • • •*«» .. , .. A PLEASANT SOCIAL. A very pleaxant. time waa-en joyed last evening by those who attended the Hallowe'en social gi%en by the Ladies Aid of the Methodist church- There was a fair size crowd In attendance and the evening waa <pleUKnnUy panned in playing games and light refreshments were served. The "proceeds will go toward* repairing thel church KERN VALLEY BANK SELLS VALUABLE LOT. Late yesterday afternoon the Kern Valley Bank sold, for cash, to Mrs. C. F. Hambleton, property, 2ft feet In width, o n Chester avenue. . adjoining the Hall of Records lots. While the exact price has' not been made public It Is understood to be- more than 13000. The bank has been endeavor- Ing to sell ttie lot to r tH5' county for some time past, ,bnt.. $«-supervisors did not seem inclined to purchase and the deal with Mrs. Hambleton was consummated yesterday. It is understood she will erect a .Building soon. Our children's coats have arrived. We have them in navy,, brown, tan and red. Prices $2.95 to $7.50, Come and get a pretty little street hat to match your tailor suit. We have a new Hue in *?" black, brown, navy and greys, trimmed in ribbon and wings $7.50 TEL. M. 309--UNDER GRAND HOTEL Chester Avc. at 20th St. BuiiheU Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. Alt classes or harness, saddles, watys, rtbea, bUokBts; buggies and everything belonging to the haraesa and saddle; trade are on sale at the bankrupt sale of the United Harness Company, corner Chester avenue and Twentieth street. tf POWER HOUSE SHUT DOWN The power plant of tb» Power, Transit and Light Company 'will be shot down Monday morning 1 , October 26th, 1908, from 1 W 5 o'clock. It NEW PROGRAM AT THE MAJESTIC NEXT WEEK. Following IB the new program at the Majestic for the first part of next week, beginning Sunday evening: A Nervous Kitchen Maid (comic). A Child's Revenge (drama). A Tragedy at Sea (Drama). Buying a Donkey (comic). Poor Little Mites (comic). The Police Dogs (special). Songs—Is There Any Room In Heaven For a Little Oirl Like Mu?" "Honcv Bov." s. O'ikland. (JnlTfornla. e Is hereby oven that at it reu- etinc of tho nos'i'd of Directors the 15th rlav of October. (90S. Oakland Oil and AsnTinliuiii Com-l tmnv. Location of •>i-iuclnul nlace of bi'«ln«-5s. O'iklanrl. (Jnlifornla. Notice Is hereby ular mee" held on t-. ..... _. , an assessment of one cent ner bharo was levied avion the subscriber! raoitnl stock of the corporation uavable Ini- iiipiMntotv in Unitml StfitPS cold com to the secretary of said Coimmnv. at iln office, room 7°. ;it fiofi Broadway. In the City of Oakland. California. Any stock unon which this assijsi-ment r.hall remain unnnld on tho 17th dav of November. 1'KiS. will 1m delinquent and advertised for sain at nubile auction, and unless navninnt is made foe- fore, will be sold on Monday, trio 21st rliiv n' December. 190S. to Dav tho ije- llnouent assessment, tonpther with the costs of arlvertisinc and oxnenses of sale, 1ll-?3 .T FV'N'IS SorrplHrv ANNUAL. MASQUERADE BALL. Ladies Aiuxilary to the B. of L. E. At A. O. U. W. OCTOBER 30, 1908 MASKS MUST BE RAISED AT DOOR PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED f t Bakersfield Opera House K j[ ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY Wednesday and Thursday, October 28th and 29th ,,^ LODGE No. 266 PRESENT T11EIR=^ ~^^ Augmented Orchestra and Grand Chorus of 40 Male Voices PARTIAL CHANGE OF PROGRAM THURSDAY GRAND STREET PARADE WEDNESDAY NOON Special Scenery, Gorgeous Costumes, Dazzling Effects, New Songs, New Acts, And New Faces. The "Grand Transformation Scene/ The "Veath^f the Gladiator" The 'Minstrel Man and the Porter' The Moonlight on the Mississippi" NOTE—No person will be allowed to reserve more than ten seats for any one performance. The box sheet will open absolutely clean. First come, first served. Advance sale of Seats opens at Box Office for either night at 1C a m Monday, October 26th. PRICES, 50c, 75c and $1.00

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