The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 24, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1908. TUB bAKlBSPIBLD CALtFORNlAN. Dependable Good* at Welll'i DOES YOUR BED NEED MORE BLANKETS AND COM- PORTERS? The cold weather is here to stay and it's time yon were buying more blankets and comforters if yon aren't well supplied. We carry a full assortment of blankets and comforters and can please you both as to price and weight. Don't run the risk of catching eold or endure the unpleasantness of sleeping cold these nights, bnt come down and let us supply you with the best. All prices! Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. REV. SANFORB TO DEIIVERJSERMONS Rev. Mr. Sanfurd, secretary of the j Eighth Department of the Episcopal Church, will arrive from San Francisco tonight to participate In the Sunday services tomorrow. He will be in attendance on all the services, addressing the Sunday school children at St. Paul's at 9:45 and preaching the sermon at 11. In the afternoon ho will address the Rosedale congre- ga.lon »nd at 7:30 conduct the evening services at St. Barnabas church In Kern. Rev. Crabtree has a Bpclal request to tnako of the Sunday school children. He desires them to bring their pledges and pledge cards for the payment of the new maps so that the prize awards can be made. The services for the day are: St. Paul's, Holy Communion,, 8 a. m. morping prayer and sermon 11 a. m Sunday school, 9:46 a. m. Afternoon services at Rosedale at 3 o'clock. Evening sermon and prayer, St. Barnabas, Kern, 7:30. —. « . » ENJOY A QUAIL SHOOT. Prank Keller has as his guest today j for a quail shoot south of town C. J. Berry, F. C. Berry and H. F. Berry, who arrived from their home in Selma last evening. • Fortunes of the World Are Founded on Oil •loo Chanslor, now several times ;i millionaire, was. not ^o long ago, n clerk in Los An- Kflos. lie. borrowed sonic money for Hie purpose of operating in California oil; the result, was that it made him one of the wealtliios men in the state. .John A. Hunting, formerly fi on the Southern 1'aeilie. through the investment <>!' $170.00 in California oil land. liocame a millionaire. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply to the State Board of Prison Directors for a parole from the state prison at Sari Quentin, according to law. Signed. ARTHUR H. SAMUELS 78 No. 22407. ''"""For' Chronic Diarrhoea. "While in the army In 1863 I was taken with chronic diarrhoea," says George M. Felton of South Gibson, Pa. "I have since tried many remedies but without any permanent relief, until Mr. A. W. Miles, of this place, persuaded me to try Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * BRYAN TO BE VICTOR SAYS THEODORE BELL More Than Enougn Is Too Much. To maintain health a mature man er woman needs just enough food to .repair the wasla and supply energv and body heat. The habitual consumption of more food than IB necessary for these purposes Is the prime cause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you wiH soon be all right again. For sale by Baer Bros.. Btkersfleld; & ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft .;. ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft + CHESTER AVENUE * * NURSERY * ft ft * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * <t> First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, •?• + Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flc.- * * al Designs. Orders promptly filled 4 + Corner Sixth St. and Cheater A^-e. * + 'Phtne, Main 745 * ft ft ft ft ft ft .«..;. ft * .' f ft ft 4..;. ft ft •:• (Continued From Page 1.) Labor has asked that the writ of injunction be restricted to cases of threatened violence to person or property, and not used in industrial disputes when neither intimidution or fprce has been used or threatened. The Democratic party has taken a courageous position against the abuse of injunctions, and for that reason is receiving, and is justly entitled to receive the almost solid support of or- ganizod labor. The Hard Times. 4. The recent panic and industrial depression that has followed ;ire militating strongly against the Republican party. In the neighborhood of L!,OUO,000 men are out of employment distress and misery this ioss of employment has entailed. There are now more men sleeping In public squares and parks In New York City than ever before In the history of the city. .The Republican party cannot escape, its just share of responsibility for these conditions. If it disclaims responsibility, then It must retract every charge It has ever made against the Democratic party for the hard times of 1893-4. After twelve years ot Republican rule In all branches of the federal government we find soup houses, bread lines, smokeless chimneys, silent spindles and machinery, and a great army of unemployed, testifying more strongly than words that the Republican We could tell you of Innumerable others. Why were Hunting, Chanslor and many others, who made their money through Investments In oil, successful? Because they were shrewd, level-headed, observing men possessing unbounded confidence in the groat future of the California oil fields and the nil Industry. The demand for oil Is Increasing dally. The consumption far exceeds the output. Several oil companies paid substantial dividends when oil was selling al fifteen cents IHT barrel. Oil is now selling at SIXTY CKNT8 PKR BAK- RKI. at the well. The total dividends for the year inns from all the oil companies now doing IxiRl- ii'^s in California, not including the Standard, will probably reach the $6,000.000 marie, and reach the $1i'i,ono,000 mark for the year 1!)0!». Therefore, the natural conclusion to arrive at Is INVKST IN Oil/ SKCrRITIKS; INVEST AT ONCK. We are of- ferine for sale a limited number of shares on what we consider to be one of the best Companies operating In Kern County, in fact, In California. Wo refer to iho stock of the KHUN ASSOCIATKD Oil. COMPANY. The stock of the KKRN ASSOCIATED Oil, COMPANY Is the best oil proposition ever offered the Investment public. This Company owns free of incumberance FORTY ACKKS IN THE VKRY HEART OK THK KKRN RIVER Oil, DISTRICT, nnd situated on the Southern Pacific Railroad. H adjoins the San .loaquln Oil and Development Company's properly, which was recently merged with the Associated Oil Company, whose STOCK IS NOW SKLUNC, AT $IM.OO PER SHARE. It also adjoins the justly famous Discovery well, where oil was first discovered in the Kern River oi! fields. THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY has two wells on Its property. Well No. 1 IS IN OIL and 'gives about sixty-live barrels of oil per day. With a greater depth and a more approved pump, the production will be- largely Increased. The company desires to sink four more wells ana to Install modern compressed- air pumps. We believe that well No. 2 will, with greater depth, produce H large and Inexhaustible oil supply, as are the other wells on adjoining properties. We are offering a limited number of sharovs in this Company at 20 cents per share. Do you realize what that moans? H means that In purchasing this stock you become interested In a company that can produce the oil. It Is not a case of'"They may. Phey should," but "THEY ARE." Let us apuiu impress upon you these highly Important farts: The- property Is a producer; Is entirely surrounded hy reliable producing properties; that there Is sufficient acreage (forty acres) to jus- tlfy the drilling of forty more wells, all of which would be In the very core of one of the richest oil-producing distrids In the world. Remember that Kern County produces as much oil as any other three oil-producing counties in California. Shipping facilities could not he better, for the property adjoins the Southern Pacific tracks. The company luis valuable- assets In improvements. Two wells, derrick, tanks, tool and bunk houses, etc Before accepting the fiVal agency of The Kern Associated Oil Co. we thoroughly Investigated every detail •<; rlaiiilng to the Company and Its properly. We did not take snap judKinent. we never do; consequently want to assure yon that the stock of this Company at twfenty cents per share is the most unparalleled opp6rtunity for the Investor (liar ever came under our observation. We sincerely believe that, the Kern Associated Oil Co. is destined to pay dividends as surely alid as rcmilarly as the Associated Oil and other companies operating on adjoining properties, and we see no reason why within twelve months the stock should not be quoled ( at many times its present selling price. We unhesitatingly advtso you to buy every share you can possibly afford. Watch the stock advance, from twenty cents to two dollars. Do not delay. I5et your order In to tis quickly. $ 20 will buy 100 shares, par value $ 100. $ 00 will buy 2!>rt shares, par value $ 2. r >0. $100 will buy 500 shares, par value $ 500. $">00 will buy 2,500 shares, par value $2500. From the above cash price you may deduct five per cent. If you are not prepared to pay cash, then buy on our easy payment plan of one-fifth cash and one-fifth ttionthly. 100 shares for $20—pay $1 down nnd $1 monthly. 250 shanes for $50—pay $10 down and $10 monthly. GOO shares for $100—pay $20 down and $20 monthly. 1,500 shares for $"00—pay $00 down and $60 monthly. THE STOCK OF THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIL CO. IS THE BEST BUY ON THE MARKET TODAY. ACT QUICKLY, BEFORE THE SHARES ARE ADVANCED IN PRICE. . , ,. . ' cluitn of prosperity lias been an impos- and ol these GtW.Omi are qualified vot-I , , , , , , ,,, ' lure and a snare, ers. Besides, thousands wno Ktill re- | lain employment have been forced toi ljl " ( ' vc " " ICHO lhlnss {i " not s( ' ( '"' accept a cut in wages or reduced ! '" silence our friends on the .subject hours. It requires no great stretch of j of Prosperity, for lust the other night l he imagination to understand what V1 «' President Fairbanks made this remarkable statement at one of bis Indiana meetings: "Prosperity is not an accident. It is due to sound poll! cies and efficient administration." "Just as though" a ooy*~lii~"tn"e~"iTigh school could not add the natural conclusion that "panics yt d hard times (such as we now have) are not accidents; they are due to unsound policies and inefficient administration." What stronger arraignment of the Republican party can we find than that implied in Falrbank's statement? Blames God for Adversity. But It is only fair to state that TUB REAL REPUBLICAN ATTITUDK VOW IS THAT THE REPUBLICAN J ARTY MAKES PROSPERITY AND JOD MAKES HARD TIMES. God also nukes the trusts, according to Senator Dolllver, and God alone will regulate \nd control them. WHAT SORT OF A GRUDGE HAS JOSEPH J. HOGAN COMPANY, 802-3 Metropolis Bank Building SAN FRANCISCO To Heat a Cold Corner Don t sit in the cold—a touch o( a match— a steady How oi genial warmth and in the corner that's hard to heat you 11 have real solid comfort with a PERFECTION 00 Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) Just what you need to help out in a cold snap or between seasons. No smoke—no smell—no bother —it's the smokeless device thai does it. As easy to operate and clean as a lamp. Brass lonl holds 4 quarts—gives intense heat lor 9 hours, Finished in nickel and japan—every heater warranted. is the best ""• round , mad( , Equipped with latest improved central dralt burner. Made ol brass throughout, nickel plated. Just the light to read by—bright and steady. Every lamp warranted. II your dealer doesn't carry the Perfection Oil Heater and Rayo Lamp, write our nearest agency lor descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Incorporated) COUPON JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. Please send me full particulars about the Kern Associated Oil Co. Name Street City JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. I enclose $. for part pa>Tiii'iii ' full payment shares of the Kern Associated Oil Co. Name Street .. City banking Institutions tnat will call millions of dollars from hiding and place WITH THE ELIMINATION OF FEAR AND DISTRUST A. RUN ON A BANK WILL. BECOME A THING OF THE PAST, AND PANICS WILL. BE A VERY RARE OCCURRENCE. Bryan Himself. I have reserved for the last an element of tremendous effect In this campaign, and that is the splendid personality of Bryan, Ho has gained so wonderfully In THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GOT the publl< , estimation, that the busi- AGAINST PROVIDENCE. ANYHOW? j ,, 08S WO rld that once regarded him When a poor worklngman in a New ' wit)l somo ^mct, nuw believes that York meeting asked Taft what was ho c . an be sate i y entrusted with the to become of the unemployed, he re- adra | n | 8 t l . ttt i On o f our laws. With his New York and Ohio. BRYAN IS GROWING STRONGER There Is nothing In the report that EVERY DAY, AND THERE IS NOW plied, "God knows." line sense of justice and his clear Tammany is trading off Bryan for Chanler in the New York flght. I have reason to know that the Democratic organization in New York Is loyal to Bryan and is doing everything In Its poyer to secure his election. In Ohio, the treatment accorded to Furiikcr hy Tuft and Roosevelt has created a great defection In the Republican ranks, and In connection with j other elements of strength that Bryan possesses In that state, IT WILL UNDOUBTEDLY GIVE BRYAN THE ELECTORAL VOTE OF OHIO. It was slated a few days ago by; very good authority that Hamilton j County, Ohio, the home county of, EVERY REASON TO PREDICT HIS ELECTION. CASTOR IA For Infanta and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Do they think that an Intelligent pen . eptlon of ,.| gnt llnd wrou g, It is Judge Taft. will give Bryan a plural- people will accept the kind of rot that n(Jl liellevcd thttt honest business will Ity of 25,000. declares that the Republican party is ()c jeopar( , lzed by h , B olec tion. the author of all our blessings and the Diety alone Is accountable for all our afflictions? The Bank Guarantee. !>. The Democratic demand for When we apply every test of honesty, manhood, high morality, will, Intellect and conscience to his private character and his public career, we find him to be THE PEER OF ANY greater 8 ecurlty to depositors Is meet- N TRAT THlg COUNTUY HAS ing with almost universal approval, j All classes endorse this policy, for U appeals to every sense of Justice and , A ^' , 1KODUCED AND BY PAR m ^ HOUNDED MAN OF All the straw votes taken in the east Indicate Bryan's election. The | night I spoke In Baltimore, the Balti- 1 more, News, a Republican newspaper, polled the olght theaters in that city, and It resulted in a vote of 3% to 1 In j favor of Bryan. | I>ust Friday night tho Globe Theater fairness. It. Is readily seen that when bank deposits are made absolutely se cure, It will create a confidence, in our TUB THIS at Broadway and Sixty-sixth street. New York, was polled. There were 327 j His honesty and sincerity of pur- votes for Bryan and 51 for Taft. On I Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET pose, his high ideals of private and the same card the voters were asked public life, have Impressed them-{to Indicate whom I hey voted for four selves Indelibly upon tho hearts and : years ago, and It appeared that of minds of our people. In response to ( these, votes Roosevelt had received 333 his appeals for higher and better; to Parker's 4<i, showing that Bryan NOW IS THE TIME HERE IS THE PLACE LITTLE IS THE PRICE To get the Only Roofing. MALTHOID ROOFING Will cover it multitude of holes in your roof. You cim root' your house in H day tit il doesn't lake a week's wuyes to pay for it. Once on it lusts for years See us. Pioneer Mercantile Go ; Phone Main 98. GUI lohtmblin things In the administration of our public affairs, millions are flocking to was receiving practically the Roose- volt vote of four years ago. , his (standard, aud when the hour ar- This accords with the Chicago Rec- rives, their votes will raise him to a | ord-Hcrald'h tests in New York, position of power that will be used The Cincinnati Enquirer has been only for the betterment of our point- polling I he vote I" Cincinnati and [.•al. Industrial and financial life. neighboring cities, and the results With Bryan's election will come a »h'»w a loss of over 20 per cent to the; new era In America. Our theory ot, Republican ticket. equality before the law will receive. Many oilier Instances of this char- practical exemplification at his hands ucter might be cited, aud by u resolute and even handed | THK RKI'UBUCAN LKADKRB IN execution of our laws, it will be im- NKW YORK, OHIO AND INDIANA possible for the predatory Interests of America to continue to prey upon millions ot their fellow men. ARK PANIC STRICKEN AND FRANTIC EFFORTS ARE BEING MADE TO STEM THE TIDE, BUT NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. Under tho old management, at the old location, but' New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect 150 Rooms. Private Baths, Stoam Heat. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. Pioneer Hotel of San Franolwo.

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