Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1895
Page 3
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of Your Time, Please. P rices *TNOT8 TH •••-.<*^ >;<;?• '.'•"•:•"'•' $1.38 Tan or Black. Silk ing. Made for ,|2 DO Gpr- QQ« Misses' Tan or Black. Others vvv ask sjl.00 for 'em. Bargains in Men's Shoe?, Too. ARE THE BESTI OUR GUARANTEE: Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back! DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, O13 Broadway. Dr. E. H. Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. New Ideas In Gold Crown and Bridge Work. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING MAY 2. Rooms lor Rant—Second and third floors—Hsrry Frank. Pensioners will receive their quarterly payments next week. For Rent—Cottage on 17th street, Apply at southeast corner 9th and Race streets, John Maurice is preparing to put up a brick business house on the property adjoining his meat market on North street. The party that left hla h»nd basket on the pavement in front of the Journal office, can have same by calling for it at this office. Get your silks for waist, your dresses from wash goods now, the moat boiu- ttful line over shown In the city—first selections best—Trade Palace. MUs Maud Wlrrick, assisted by Miss Gertudo Hill entertained friends Tuesday evening at her home on west Broadway. Progressive pedro occupied the time. Lunch was served. Mm. Charlotte Green died at her home In Georgetown April 281h. Mrs. Green was born la South Carolina in 1820. Her parents moved to Ran« doiph county, Indiana when she was a Child. She married Zaohariah Green In 1842. The family moved to Jefferson township In the early fifties, where •he hu lived for more than forty years. Mrs. Green WM the mother of fire children, four ot whom survive bar. Interment in Georgetown cem« «tery Tue«d«r 30tb. May me Last oftfie Three Great Months The Cjose of Nature's Year- ly Revival Season. .Recovery 1» Xow the Most Rapid and Lastiugr- Painc's Celery Compound Makes "Vigorous .Nerves, It Purifiies the Blood as Nothing Else Can Possibly Do. Aa a spring remedy, Palne's celery compound standd easily first in the careful judgmeni of tha physicians of thla country. This remarkable discovery of Prof. Edward E Phelpp, M. D. LL. D., of Dartmouth college, is In fact so certainly first ID ibe estimation of thinking men and women in every calling throughout the United Stales today tbat iherecun fuirly bs said to be no second. For s'.rengtbenlofr the sick, reator. Lr.g iht) epent energies of those who bavfi bicoma mr-'ous'y exhausted; for purifying the blood acd making people well, Palne's celery compound has never yot been approached by any sareaparUlu Ionic or nervine. It is as superior 10 them all as strength la superior to weakness. Tha remarkable results from the uso of this great remedy are today known at Grot hand In every city and village in America. The people are today thoroughly satisfied by personal experience that Painu's celery compound makes people well. Whore the nerves have not been properly fod and neuralgia, nervousness, Inability to sleep, rheumatism and suuh evidences of debility have entered, Palne'a celery compound has created a new appetite, restored lost strength Md given courage, new blood, and a s'.rong, healthy wlllto)livo and get well. Try It. Tlic' Jloltht of Clouds. The very highest clouds, those called cirrus and cirrostratus, rise to the uv- cragc height of about 30,000 feet. A second class kucp at a height of from 10,000 to 23,000 feet above the earth, while the lower clouds usually float at n hciffht seldom exceeding 5,000 feet. In the case of the last mentioned class of clouds the lower surface may be at a hoiprht not exceeding- 3,000 to 4,000 feet, while their towering- summit will be removed from the earth by not less than 10,000 feet. Trof. Jlollcr says that, the vertical dimensions of a cloud will often exceed 10,000 feet, and that ho has observed those which he had every reason to believe were not less than 23,000 feet thick. Women l-iiwj-ort In Aincrlcn. The Icg-al profession was the last of three so-called learned professions to bo opened to women in America, not because of reluctance on the part of the- courts, but because women did not so easily apply for admission. There are now not less than eleven law schools open to women and twenty-five states and territories adrait women totho bar. There are over two hundred women lawyers in Arneriea, nine of whom are admitted to practice before the supreme court of the United States. Excursion Rlitos. Mrs, Glimpps— Was not the. trip to Dakota rather expensive? Mrs. Sceall— Oh, no; I went on one of the regular divorce excursions. — N. Y. Weekly. niclvi for the .HUllon*. Call at George Harrison's, 617 Broadway, and see the largest line of hammocks in the city. Prices, from forty cents up. Insurance, Loans, S. M. CLOSSON, 319 Paarl street. Maxlnttnekee Cottage for Sale. Eleven room cottage, 100 feet lake front; will give a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BnKFORD, Indianapolis. VBNO telllgelit ponies and brilliant dogs In this city under their ;ent at the corner Speaks to Logansport People. Hundred! of Foojile In LosriDsport litre Been Cared by Veno's Medicines. He 1V11I He- turn tic ]Ionry to Anyone not Cured. Tne Fairest Offer Eyer Made by a Doctor Since Veno Ifft Logansport hnndteds have bought his medicines at the drug stores, and letters are being received daily [rom people w 10 have been cureil. He Kuanmtees VK.VO'S CUBA- TIVE SYBUP (50c i. 'bottle), to completely care nervousness, dyspeos'a, poor appetite and aleep- essness, liver, kidney, blood mid stomach disorders, and when used wlttj VBXO'S ELECTKIC FLtlU (6«c a botUe), wlU positively core the worst and most desperate forms of rhenmatlsm. paralysis sciiitlca, neuralRla, backiche, weak muscles, stlfl joints, all aches and -pains. SItt JIORRILL McKS.NZlE'S GACAUKD AND HE1D AC«K CUBE (lOc a bottle) Is an Instantaneous relief, and will cnro catarrh, cold In: the bead, headache, sore throat and bronchitis. Soldbr Johnston. Xeesllnz and Ben Fljher, droaUti, with a guarantee to cure or reread the money. • of Hi(fhand Tenth streets three beginning Monday, May 6. Iclsindeed a happy family. They are handsome intelligent, educated, and they make you lauph. They will surprise you. Tbelr every action is wonder ful. They perform what no other company of animal actors ever attempted. Taay have appeared in every city cm the American continen before millions of the best people in the land. They have amused moro children than any other one attraction l> the' world. The? are particularly fond of children. They love candy, apples, and all kinds of sweetmeats Matinees will be given Wednesday at 3:45 p. m. _ Notice to Confractora Sealed proposals will be received by the Common Council at the office o the City Clerk, up to 12 o'clock noon. of Wednesday, June 5, 1895, for the construction of all unfinished cemen sidewalks an Xorlh Sixth street, ao. cording- to the ordinances of tbe City of Logansport, and according- to pro file, placa and specifications on file in the office of the City Civil Engineer Proposals must ba slg-ned and inclosed in a sealed envelope, marked -Propo sal for Cement Sidewalks on North Sixth street," and addressed to the City Clerk. The successful bidder will be required to execute contract and give bond to the approval of the Council for doing the work The Common Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. JOEW B WINTERS, City Clerk. Lbgansport, Ind., April 30, 1895. Two Kmall Flreg, The fire department was called yes torday morning to Wilson, Humphreys & Go's printing- house on North and Fourth streets to put out a small blaze under the floor of the press room. The floor was damaged slightly. The building is insured. A short time after the Wilson, Hum phrey blaza the boys were called to Heth street, a residence owned by Mrs. Donley having caught fire from a defective fluo. The roof waa damaged to the extent of $15. The house Is Insured. Whooping Coupli. There is no danger from this disease when Chamberlain's Cough Semedy In freely given. It liquefies the tough mucous and aids Its expectoration. It also lessens the severity and frequency of paroxysms of coughing, anc! Insures a speedy recovery. There is not the least danger in giving the remedy to children or babies, as it contains no Injurious substance. For sale by B F. Keesllng, druggist. JlliodGs-lttnrtln. Frank Rhodes of Hartford City and Mies Meda D. Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Martin of Monroe street, North Side, were married Tuesday night by theRav. T. S. Freeman. An elaborate wedding supper waa served after the ceremony, which was wltnesseJ by about twenty-five relatives and friends. The happy couple received a number of presents, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes will live at Hartford City, leaving for that place after a few days' visit here. While in Stockton, Cal., sometime ago, Thomas F. Langan, of Los Banoa, that State, was taken, very severely with cramps and diarrhoea. He chanced to meet Mr. C. M. Carter, who was similarly afflicted. He says: "1 told him of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and we went to the Holden drug store and procured a bottle of it. It gave Mr. Carter prompt relief and I can vouch for its having cured me." For sale by B F. Keesling, Drug-gist. National Educational Association aieeilujr, Denver, ^olo., July 5 to 1Z, 18D3. For this occasion the Wabash Kail- road has made a rate of one fare for the round trip to- Denver plus $2.00, added for membership fee. For full particulars in regard to this meeting, time of trains, rates, route, etc., call upon or write to any representative of the Wftbash R. R,, or connecting llnei, or C. S. CRAN-E, Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Ag't, Wabash B. B., St. Louis, Mo. A Malt on Note. The case in which Cheater D. Woolsey IB protesting the payment to W. H. Wharfiold of a note for flSO, was being beard before Judge Lairy and a jury yesterday. The defendant claims he waa a minor when the -note was drawn. Baekleu'g Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, eores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin. erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For ttle bj B; F. Keeillng. ' farmer of Mutkegon county, -person ally appear before me. a Notary Public, thla day, and deposes and says "That for the past year or so he was afflicted with weakness, trembling heart failure, extreme nervousness, headache ana general debility; tha' he has consulted with physicians anc received no benefit. He was persuad ed by a friend to try a sample bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vilallzar, and he says that the trembling and nervous feeling was .immediately stopped by its use, Afserwarda he used two bottle of the same medicine and says be is entirely cured and froe from thai trembling sensation; bis heart gives him no trouble and he sleeps well. He further says that his general healih is much better, and that he is calling the attention of bis neighbors and friends to the remarkable value of Dr, Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer." Signed. W. WIXDECKNEUK. Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary Public for Muf kegon county, State of Michigan. JAMES MOKKISON For sals by Bee Fiuber, Druggist. Critdics for mulan 15;ii>ics. When you go through ;m Indian camp you can sec red r.iid green sacks standing against the sides of the tc- ptics, carried on the backs of little girls by means of a blanket which is fastened at the waist with a broad leather belt, or being rocked to and fro bv the wind in the bo-jg-hs of the cottonwood trees. These sacks arc Indian cradles. Sometimes, if the catnp is going on a long journej r in search of game or for water, or to escape a war part3', two of these sacks are fastened together by stout straps and swung over the back o£ a pony, one dangling- on each side, like the baskets on a pack mule. But as a rule the horses are left for the men and boys to ride, and the papooses are either carried by the girl.M or packed away on a ''travoisc." which Is the only wagon the Indians have. All Free. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know Us value, and those who have not, havo cow the opportu nlty to try It free. Call on the adve'- tlsed druggist- and get a trial bottle froe. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr, King's New Life, pills free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free All of which is guaranteed to do yon good and cost nothing. For sale at B. F. Keesling's drug store. XIow to Buy a Sprnylnj; Tump. If you hare an orchard, you can keep the apples from being- wormy by spraying with paris green. A pump for this purpose costs about fifteen dollars, and you think that you can't afford it Well, bow about your neighbor? If ho has an orchard, it may be that he thinks about as you do. So how about getting a pump between you? Then you can "both have the use of it, and when you come to dissolve partnership, let the one have tue pump who is walling to pay the most.—Southern Cultivator. - _ Jlow'x Thift! WeoffarOneHutuirad Dollars Reward for any case ot Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's :atarrb Cure. K. J. CHENEY ft CO., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, huve known K. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly jonorable la all business transactions and financially able to curry out any obligation made by ;nt)lr llrm. WKST&TBUAX, Wholesale Dru?«lst3, Toledo, 0 ALBINO, KIN.IAN & MAUVK, Wholesale Drug gist. Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is token Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of :he system. .Price "5c per bottle. Sold by nil druggists. Testimonials free. Did you ever see one of the famous waterproof Interlined Collars or Cuffs? It's very cnsy to tell, for they are all marked this way TRAD? „.. MARK- They ore the only Interlined Collars and Cuffs, and arc made of linen, covered witli waterproof " CELLULOID." They'll stand right by you day in and day out, and tiicyareall marked this wav •"^ " TRAD? The first cost is the only cost, for they keep clean 'a long time, and when soiled.you can clean them in a minute by simply wiping off with a wet cloth —that is the kind marked this way • These collars and cuffs Trill outlas' six .linen ones. The tvcsrer 'escapes laundry 'trials aad laundry bills— ao chafed neck and no wilting dowa if you ect a collar marked this way **- TRAOf ^v u . * Ask your dealer first, and take nothing that has not above trade mark, if you desire j>crfect satisfaction. All others ore imitations absolutely. If you can't find collars or cuffs marked this way, we will send you a sample postpaid on receipt of price. Collars, 25 cte. each. Cuffs so cts. pair. Give your size and say whether stand- op -or turned-down collar is wanted. THE CELLULOID COMPANY. 437-30 Bnwdwar. HEW YORE. For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has Riven wonderful results, , Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Long Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cure* when everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. - , . Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtJhe Medical and Surgical Institute. 417 Market SI, - - Logan sport. Ind Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WfVLKER & Rf\UCH Where quality is our first object at prices 1 make them GO. Aluminum In TfViilr Taper. The uses of a.lu:ninura do not seem to have been exhausted yet. It is now coming 1 into use in the decoration of wall papers, many beautiful conceptions being shown, in which this metal is a conspicuous figure. In floral striped ejects the motives are printed on beautifully embossed grounds, which gives a buriiished oll'eet to the aluminum that is very desirable. An-efTectSve arrangement of daisies and fern leaves around the metal line is said to make a choice decoration for parlor or bedroom. The use of aluminum with colors, with or without the- addition of gold, is spoken of as another special feature of this new class of papers. Any one who hfi8 ever had ao attack of inflammatory rheumatism will rejoice with Mr, J. A. Stumm, 220 Boyle Height?. LOB Angeles, over his fortun ate escape from a siege of that distressing uilaiont. Mr. Stumm is foreman of Merrlam's confectionery establishment. Some months ago, on leaving the heated work room to run across the street on an errand, ho was caught out in tha rain. The result was that when ready to go- home thai night he was unable to walk, owing to Inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken home, and on arrival was placed in front of a good fire and thoroughly rubbed with Chamberlain's Pain B*!m. During the evening and night he was repeatedly bathed with this linlzaent, and by morning was relieved of all rheumatic pains. He now takes especial pleasure in praising Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and always keeps a bottle of it In the house. For eale by B. F Keeellng, Druggist. Stoo rind the Evidence. A novel piece of evidence was introduced recently in a breach of promise case in Bavaria. The defendant obstinately dcniod the charge, and stated that his accuser bad nothing to show to prove her •statement. The latter, a buxom village maiden', asked one day to be permitted to bring- in her evidence. The court granted her request and adjourned until ten o'clock the next day. At the .appointed time she was on hand, and upon the query of the judge where her evidence was, she opened the door and four lumbermen brought in a tree trunk, upon the bark of which her faithless adorer had incised both their initials within a flanj- ia.g heart! She won her case. Free Fill". Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co-, Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. K.lng'8 New Life Pills. A trial will continceyouof their merits. These pills are |eaey in action and are particularly effective in the cure of jonetlpatlon and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance- and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken oy their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c per bos. Sold by B. F. Keeallng. druggist. • Ton Don't Unvr tj Sw«»r Off says the St. Loui* Jou -u-d of Agriculture in an editorial aoout No-To-Bac, the famous tobacco habit cure. "We enow of many esses cured by Ivo-To- 3ac, one, ft prominent St. Louis arch- ied, smoked and chewed for twenty rears; two boxes cured him 80 that even the smell of tobacco makes him aick." No-to-Bac sold and guaranteed by B. F. Keesllng, druggie;. No cure no pay. Boole free. Sterling lemedy Co., New Tork or Chicago. White ihirts, 8 cents; .cuff*,' per pair, 4 centt; collari, 2 cent*. 'Cut i >rlce»—Lee W»h Sing. ' •th«$ A Thankl-El Old Solilior. BKU.MOKK, 0., Aug. 23,1S&L Bayer JtfdlclneCo., Toledo, Ohio; I -was a member of Gen. Gibson*!'.'£$g regiment—10th 0. V L— and hav« ^ been a constant su/Terer _-_ji rheur ^ umtism since the ciosi the war. . I: have spent hundreds of dollars in ; i^ doctors' fees and medicine, but have' "^| suffered until Mr. James Robinson,.:! Mayor of the town, called uiy atten-/J| tion to your Dr. Bayer's Penetrating \i Oil. A 20-ininute application ot has freed ine from terrible suffering, j|| and I feel like a new man. It not appeared again. I thank next to God, for my cure. Yours truly, W. E. MlLLHOUSK. Attested: JAS. Romxsox, Justice ofi!^ the Pftice. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug:J|f store, 25c. and-OOc. per bottle. \Vubn*h I«»v Kile Harvest E.vcur- NloilN, 1S1>.1> will be run from all stations on Railroad on May 21st, to the West, XorihweivH South and Southwest. For full particulars, apply to nearest ticket agent of the Wabash dis connecting lines, or to C. S- CRANK, G. P. & T. A., Wabnsh E, A. B. B. EitRfjieer Struck Ike Might ThUir.- ".',',''| CBICAOO JuKCTioy, 0., Sept. 29,18M.V: !• Bayer Medicine Co., Toledo, Ohio: ^ Gentlemen—I had contracted rheaj* matisui in my occupation as B.. .... engineer in 1802, and suffered with'it| severely at times. I heard ot your celebrated Oil, and had your agent Dr. Miller, apply it to me. I coal hardly walk to the hotel to see ht without assistance.. It cured .me-.liij one-half hour with a few applt tions, and it has not returned. inmkethis statement hoping others with similar aiTlctiong will '\ your Dr. Bayer's Penetrating Oil, i that it will benefit others as " done me. JOHN BUTLER, ,: Engineer, B. & O. R. Ri* For sale at John^M. Johnston's dr store 2uc. and 50c. a bottle. Have Yon Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble?;^ Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAR.?*" Sold by BEX FISHEB. Dru«gl«t. CBICAGO, March'", UMiS DB. BCRHMAS, CHICAGO.- ''iiiij" MT DEAK oJB—Mjr atwnUon waa flret c*U«d-1 SAN-JAK ISM year in tlie case ot Captain J,£l Broslus. »t Tsrre Eimte, tad., who was •tt" 1 "" In this City with acute nephrltU and cfttlti flammattonol We bladdor and IctdnerD. < prescribing tbe aauil remodlen wltnoat srall -.. _ Jak f-'us suggested, and tn* improvetnenc wwi marked alter Use flrat dose,!ind a complete,n followed so speedily, that I at once commsoow i Investtsatloo of its merits and have slnoe •"" scribed It In almost every fcoowo term of " bladder, urethr*!. vazlnal nod eatarrhal tr followed In e»ch Instance br th« happiest li»m» A case of «noresls(lnTOlantary now ol nrtoeV-J my own tamlly waa very much Improved by »i™ doses, and radically cored In less than a wl From pracHcal experience In a nntnber otjm caws of Jeaoorrhoea lam free to nay that I MM found no remedy that Is eqail to SAN-JAt .^'gj- And while 1 have never before given » pwf- 1 Blonal ludorsemeat to » proprtetairremedy,!! unbesltatlnclT and without reserre ihat. I <• gld^r SiS-J AK a veritable boon W DumioltJ i afier anslrtoj? It to the surest pro(es»loa»l -. J* can sar wl-.h coafldeuce. It Is Iwtter thaurt .I*,': commended to be. . , -•" 1 shall continue to prescribe It In . all c genlto-nrlnary or catarrhai troubles, In ence to an other known remedies. is a SKKVK TOSIC, SAN-JAXcan be reUed-v, fully and fnllr^ly. Th9 dillcioos tg*t«> .-<*'._ medicine Is ilso In its fevor. In prescrlbliw tt;l children, I am at present using SAiWAK tK' alterative In sWn diseases, and In sever* OUW chronic eczema have yielded »ore*«lj-W,tt««;l Huence that I shall continue to use It la tlmt camiTle«llD!C conddent that It will m»st «U ; Indications In «nch cawL ^" : Yoom Blnoerely. tt»0. W. S.-ram, M.1 <Me*H\ •V BEN FISHER DRWJGI

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