The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 24, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 2
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B AKmSKBLD GMJSWfBHUHt SIWWU* , 24, 1M, Issued Kvery Ironing but Sunday* at KaKerstirdd. Kern County, California. City and County Entered ill 1'ostofllce Cal., as S< cond-olas I Saturday, Oct. 24 'DEAR TOM:- Don-t you think that official Paper'your «'best girl 1 ' a..' H i 7k,,.«n,M.! Would en J°y a bOX ° f Mail M.itter. 1 Gruenho gen' s onndyr u .,,„:,".) Of course t-he would BO cents ,i month ; $.~> a Y«;\r in • — '; so buy her ALFRED HARRELL, Editor ,ind Prop. | n -j~^ .{. Q ^ a box Telephone to' S . BILL For President. WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66(h District, ROWEN IRWIN" For Supervisor*—First District, Wm, HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH j I ma si eel •• '..I' the I' ' Stales mi i cuss t h-- I a (Tail's ul : H is n p i n IT tn < I iand the idered mi T!ie the for ' nati'in .' \..t cabinet Cnitcd To dis- .' The at all. Iltc- ililieal back mom nieet- i polities Cur Iho (rusts, i-abiliel members lire or- tn Irv to save the (lav. J. B» Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Qyotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street Fifth District, J. A. JA8TRO •"ttATttt i> AY. 6<T6MTi ii TALKING NONSENSE. Don't the people think it is time for a change:' Is Ihe administration In lie- alloved to dictate to the- voters. SHALL THE HI({ KTU-'KOK THE I'KOi'LEKrLE? ii—« • • ... _,.,,. Tt now looks very much as though Mr. Roosevelt would be entirely care-free after March 4, And maybe Unit will not be ft bud. tiling. It might be embarrassing to have to kfcep one fcye on the g'm wjtU Ing game In sight in Africa, ami the other on the ad- 1 ministration back in Washington. Bryan will not need a guardian when he becomes President. is noiug to vote this vear? The morning paper quotes its editor as saying in a speech in the Oil fields: "Protection lias in-I creased waires, shortened hours! and made wane earners receive $12, | $2.50 $:{, and to $">, where they; earned only hall' that amount years back.'' Protection has not done anything of the kind. The men who work in the non-protected industries arc receiving (In: highest wages. The hands in factories where the output is protected receive the lowest wanes in the land. Within the last twelve months there were hori/.ontal reductions in wages throughout the mannfactiiring districls of Xew England of from 10 to 20 per cent. Carpenters, painters, printers, hric.kmasons, and workmen in kindred trades are receiving much higher wanes than formerly. Why? Because of the tariff? Not at all. And the claim is arrant nonsense. The wane earners have shortened their hours and increased their wanes P.KCAl'SH THEY A HE ()H(iANlXKI>. The unions have- done more to improve the conditions of th" ,. . i . , ., i , ,-• I eamlliliiCV workiuirmen than all th' 1 lanli taxi's ever imposed. In fad. \v. question it' (In- c--litor e;m naiu- a siii'dc instance where a tanli VOld'XTAKl ; \VA<;ES OK Hay is selling at $20 a ton in the oil fields, says the local trust paper. Krgo: vole the Republican ticket. It wouhl be too bad In throw the Kern county funnel 1 into competition with the pauper hay oi' the Mexican mesas or <>f the desert of Atacamn. If wool is not worth as much as I he tax imposed by the tariff, what becomes of the protection theory that taxation insures big returns to the grower? Carrying a Republican convention for an Ohio candidate appears UT have been a innch easier task than Carrying Ohio for the same party. Has anvhodv seen anvbodv that the Hearst ticket Mr. Yioofieyelt IB in favor of naturalizing the Japanese. So, of course, is Mr. Tftft, We haven't heard ye.t what the piprning paper thinks about if. ...-— • _ — « »» • '"*— -' '--31 The local trust organ is not very consistent. It praises the local elnb men because they are for Taft and it. sneers at James D. 1'helan because he is a club man. Colonel Blood Talks Tariff With a Man From Rosedale \V. E. Shepherd, the Democratic nominee for Congress, is pledged not to vote for Joe, Cannon for speaker. +•«»'.. The tariff is not half so interesting to the morning paper as it was! before it started a discussion upon it. WHY I AM FOR BRYAN ([{>• 0. .1. Bradley, Secretary and Ma their existence. If naper California Tariff Association) misnomer, a snare 1 am for Bryan not because of bis personality particularly, but because he represents the principles as expressed in tb«-' Democratic platform. It is conceded that the personal character of both candidates is above re- is the word the masses. "It sliorr-ly is the bcatenest thing." said Colonel Blood ns he dropped into a chair in the back room at Charlie Ueal'tJ, "the (rouble I'm a havln' to satisfy fellers that they'd orter vote our ticket this year. 1 ain't ever seen nothin' to equal it since I come here more'n twenty years} ago, I jest been, talkln' to si tellM 1 (hats n llvln' out here in the Rosedale country, and me knowin' he was a jjrowln' prunes and grapes and things that away that our party is prntectin' I says to him, 'We pot to go party strong for Taft,' 1 nays. 'The Democrat party is fer free tradi.'.' 1 tells him. 'Prunes and jj;rapes wouldn't be worth no money,' I I says, 'if William Jennings was to get in,' I says. And what do you reckon the toiler answers me. and him enjoyin' the advantages o' protection like he's been a doln' ever since Grover's time? He says to me as we pours out our licker, lie says, 'I'm troni Mlssoury, Colonel,' he says. "'Air yon a meanln' to tell me,' I says, actooally stopping my glass on the road to its destination, 'that you got to be shown,' I says, purty het up like. " '1 ain't wantin' to give offense, Colonel,' lie answers In a ca'am sort o way,' 'you and me has been votin fer protection more years'n we can remember,' he says, 'and I been ever there was a and a delusion it protection as applied to Our present tariff has protected no one but the rich manu-l usin' this here argument about pro fucturer and the trust baron; do not tcctin' American Industries and Amci be deceived by their appeals; they'lean pro-duco,' he says, 'fer all there know tiiat organization by the wage ; is in it,' lie says. 'lint coufldeutia menby they can git a buyer for that Uosedale man's crop. Somethln' ought to he did to straighten that fel- ler out. "Util," continued the Colonel, ns he beckoned to (he man at the bar, "they's some encouragin' features ft jsliowin.' up in Uiis campaign, 'I meets a fellor todny that's a goln 1 to vote fer tho major fpr supervisor, and 'yesterday I soon an oil feller from Midway that thinks Mannell Is a runnln' purty good. I buys a drink for both of 'em and we has a pnrty sociable time. It's mighty refreohin' to find a feller now and then that is a votin' our ticket, same as we always done back In Lebanon, Ind., where I como from, and ain't askin' no questions, I alnt got no patience with fellers ns is wantin to know the whys and the wherefores o' things in politics. If they don't want Colonel Blood to vote r a pore candidate fer office, all they ot to do is to keep him off 'n my tick- i t, and if they was more fellers feel- that away, we'd have a dum site j etter party here In Kern county 'n ^hat wo got. "1 dunno If Smithy's in town or not," :ontinued the Colonel, as he rose to ;o. "If you see him you tell him Colonel Blood Is a lookln' fer him. I ain't shore whether he's a goin' to vote fer Cannon, but I'm a goln 1 to Bay to him if he Is. fer him not to fell nobody about it. Though I reckon it ain't really necessary, Smithy beln' purty keorful not to say uothin' to hurt his- self none. proach. There Is among some of our earner is responsible for high wages benelieiai'v EVEIJ LY RAISED Till HIS HELI 1 . But there is one has done. It has (Teased t hi- ens! ol advance has he--!i ( the advance in \v i ioiiism. That the eont radiei. figures are Tai'ilT in Ask any v, will In- i|u: but Ih The- paper case in point, publisher for Even K maud n maud, i'4 the tai'l'1 enormously i:, liviitL' and Ih'- ar nrcatcr than 'es thfoiiuli un ICSK intelligent liopubllcan friends | ,,nd uo (. Hie tariff. The Republicans a tendency to ridicule Mr. Hryan's | will not publish the source of their campaign contributions before the Why? let tin because lie has twice before heeii the nominee of his parly; it may be ueus lo ilieiu thai Thomas .leiicr.-i>n. silioui we all recognize to have been an ideal President, was a receptive candidate three timew lie- Tore lie was successful; Henry Clay was twice the candidate of bi.s parly, and yet his ability was not questioned. One thing i s certain, Mr. Bryan was the overwhelming choice of his parly. Can Mr. Taft say as much? Now, as lo the platform. I am thoroughly convinced that the real live i;;siie i- tariff reform. We hear , mm h iiboiil the trusts and what, we are 1,1 do in < iirli them, but our Re- puldi' an hieiiils .-ludiously avoid rof- .11 IK i to the liniif in connection with Colonel,' he says. Tin about makir up my mind they ain't nothin' in it he tells me. " 'Air you a going to lino the frc Simply because they traders? 1 I says, so plum forget tit people know that myself ns to take a swaller o' wate interests art- engaged on top o' my licker. 'Air you a fi III! and it|i thorn, and wisely so, for they Know Him i he liepnlilicati prliu'ii :iii!ii laril'l 1 is alone respousibl 1 I'; lief Col'eed to dl victims. ;| lii ,\'a \'. v, hieli i 'o; I ! in I'll down i. I'ill ! h protectecl trust, only r< ordered a ri-dnctton of per cent in wnues. The men w ot'L'ani/.ed, .mil tiny ivsMed tin- i cut. A strike wa.s threatened and the men linally compromised by i ' HCceplinu a • > pc-r cent reduction, j But meantime the extortion prae- , ticed on tin- publishers by t he | trust continues. The editor know-. 1 , it, and he knows the trust and not i the workinu'iiien are the ben,•I'n-i- uries. lie cannol eonli'adii't it. lie, is talkinn nonsense when U-makes the absurd statement ed, and what is move, the inldli geid. wane earners know lie is \-,\ iftf nonsense. WOULD WAGER $100 ON CONGRESSIONAL Kdiinr i '.ilifornian: - - I sec ili.-u a prominent Republican wants to wagt-r $l')n that C'on- I'.ressmau Smith will be dieted. Perhaps. Hi- oil-lit ti) be alili- lo pull ihrough in a dis 11 id so nii-ongly Republican. 1 am willinu to wa:;er $inn even moni'.v tboic.;b. that he will not carry hi- own co.inly. My monej <-.iu be cu\ i : ( -\ al tin C,ilifornian otllcc A Slil.'.l'lll-'.HD tU'.I'l'lU.ICAN HOW IS THIS? A dispatch from Washington tinted Kriday. says: "As a result of today's caliinei ineelillt; every llX'tlihci' of (In- I'l'esideiil 's ollii-ial family will v.o out some time m-xt Avcok to make- political speeches in tho states where there is dunht as, to the outcome of the campaign in favor of ,ludye Tafl, 'flic President ojinieslly disctis.setl the sit nation 'vvith six niciiiln-is of his inet and at the end of the nieetinn il was learned that each of these otlieials next \ve,-l< will make several mlllpai^ll speeches, Mow is this/ What are these eahinet oflicmls, the hired servants of the peoph', paid to attend to tho hus'mess of the people, <l(jing|'' leaving their wor\ a'" 1 'iV-eoi''-' offensive purtisttns? Where is the Just Coffee, but perfect Coffee. Your grocer will prind il — better if ground at home — not too lino, election, dare not these protecte in a n effort, to buy the presidency. Who is the real patriot, the citizen who contributes $1 to the success of a principle, or the trust magnate, who secretly Kives $li),OUU to perpetuate a Koverunu'iital pulley which will make h'.H already fat pocUet fat tor still, and ut (hi- expense of the coasumer? 1 have faith, however, in Abraham Lincoln's axiom about, fooling all the peo. lilc- nil the time, and although tiiey have lii-en pretty badly fooled by the Kepnhlican parly for a lung time, I believe they arc- nt. Icasl awakened to their real condition. There has not been a •»:.•?-.• in tin. 1 lias! I wenty-tive years that 1 have he-en a voter, thai the issue has been ! as i b-arly defined as HOW expressed FIGHT. |in the Demoeratie platform, while the I Keptildlcan platform is weak and eva- :-ive. \Vliut relief do they offer the people? llcretotore they have been fortunate In the cry of the "full dinner pall" but not so now. Note they say they will revise the tariff, liut do they say how? Noi cine of them. Ml". Taft suys it will probably be reduced, and yet he knows ibis will bu done only in the- event of a Democratic ma- jorlt\ in Coimies.s lor In- well knows tliiu the Republican Congressmen represent [u'oiei led interests and they are the servants of their masters. They dare not von- for reductions in the lanti .-chedulc unless it be on I sonic- commodity imported only by the "Shall ihe people .rule?" is of more Importance at this time than ever before.. The- Republican party IB tho party of a special class, and this class has been in control so hum they have hceomo arroKaut in (hat . xtc-nt that they question tin- rU'.ht of the people to have a voic e in tin- -nverntnent. The- handwriting is on Hi-' wall; al- dy they sec- defeat aln ad, and even lily and Hie MK stick cannot stop Hie stampede. In bis wl i,| despair ho descends Horn the exalted position of the President of tin- I'ni'i ,\ Suites to (he ward politician, :nt:n kl'iK riRhl and loft, bin like the nueldened rattler, striking lilinself in the recoil.. I'resiilonllal use of Federal patronage and executive power in the effort to achieve victory for a candidate or n party will hu resented by the American people, and rightly no. Tho I'real- doncy belongs to the whole people and not to any ODO party. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 •Rational. 'IBank BAKTRSFIELD' CAC ironNiA A checking account with the First National Bank haa •o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with ua we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it for yourself. ' ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. vorin' the pauper labor of Kurope?' asks him. " 'Pauper labor, be dam,' the felh says, a raisin' bis voice some. 'Wh< am I ke.prin' abuut pauper labor,' b ways, 'when they ain't no market t'i my raisins and prunes,' he says. 'Nobody wants to buy 'em,' lie tells me. 'They won't tech 'an at any flgser,' he says. 'What yciod is the tariff, to me,' he auks UK buyers,' lie say nway,' he says, he tells Die. "I trie* no 'when they ain't 'I can't Hive 'cm 'let alone sell 'cm, Mrs. O'Brien, who served such excellent coffee at the social, says: "Keep the- cover of your Folger's Colden date tin closed tight. The flavor and aroma is In iho coffee when you buy il." Handed Down From Father to Son. In th<>ii'«uil» of fjiiulll™. nil over tho Hui'l, tirhenok'i Man- dr»ko rill« Ii»vi>, thmiiKh Unco gMinnitiunn, given profif <.f, unt only their cnrntfvo propertf«e. tint HI-" their Purity, and ""SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'S DRUG STORE, corner of 19th street, and Chester avenue, for L. GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located In Bakersfleld for tho last eight years. You may be assured that he will put your instrument In first class tune and order at reasonable rates. Phone Main 39 the feller by tell in' him that our party was a goln' to j re-vise the tariff, bin be- 'lever waited | I le appeared to be in ' humor, and as In - door In- savs some (o hear me out. a powerful bad goes through ibc thins about votin' t'er Hryaii. "1 was a readin' !n our orsan the other day." continued the ('nlmi'-l, "that raisins was sellin' for 4 cents. I never said nothin* about it to the teller, on account o' thorn '.vritln' feller,, niakln' so many mistakes o' late, i ut I'm a t?oin' to ~ee 'em abo>i! ',-• and PAYNE ;& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers 4MbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night Schenck's Mandrake Pills are For Sale Everywhere 25 cents 8 box or by mail. Now Is Heater Time Don't delay longer we have them to suit you in both sizes and prices. Also complete line of Ranges Cook Stoves and fittings PHILIP W. MEDERAUR The one jr ice furniture store 1408-10-19 St. Phone Main 173 timi.Mi-kli llflirUiurn. I'lutu! u. Tlic.y "Liven Ihe Liver" DR.-I.H.SOHENCK&SON Philadelphia, ~ % .;. .;» .«. ^. »;. .;. .;. ^. .;. .-. .*. j. .*. SWEET BROS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything in the nursery line . ee them at their ranch opposite Producers' Kefln- • ory on Benrdslcy canal. \Vrllo them Rural No. 1, Hox K. Or call them up, Black Ml. .;. .;. .*« .;« .J. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;, .j, .;. .;» .;. .;. /* * BAKERSFIELD * «• EMPLOYMENT BUREAU * 1L — *^ When you want reliable Help of * any kind at ao cost to you call * ¥ u» up. We ilso supply Chinese * Hnd Japanese help. «!• * Phon» 313. 1219 19th St + QB&&O®&8Q^^ OR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. OLD 1IL1ABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING BIQNg . Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall 8t •ak«rtfl«td, Cal. \

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