The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on September 2, 1922 · 9
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 9

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1922
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s t i d I Vt! rb I I Z 9 I Si idt L E1 1 5 2 :eck Far L El 0 1 3 1 Jon Ma 57 !I Ime El 6 41 16 1 let() lwdy mNENNI ts-afilr(ir- 'Se)t el-nber 2 1922 OeSP MIEN THEY MEET Ad Club—Tuezday Liern—Wedricsday Kiwanis—Thursday Rotary—Friday pip' VII nrripoTo wi'41 1 kuP 2 12 ''' PpilEACIn plinirilp -1i:it11 il7ifti IjJ1111ill 1-1 zg 14rtyr yEgq 54 --!1111 activity during the Auz-7:: if shown by the me-nt7-ly rt:tr)rt of J T inSiseCtor An - inc'rea-“ rif :7121 over August 5-:Town tbe report Dur1221 the toTal - 17-le ts1 crlJ:T771 wall ileit:rt It- e t ootatl f or ' - I '- 1 T----to '‘ ere '''' permits 4-i's-- - -- i el - - i 11S-16 Union county which recent- t ly produced several hundred bar- I rels of oil before the packer on 1 -- Sexce J:rry 1 Ifi22 the reporti which the casing was set gave waY 1 - - tl-':' ttal valuaiou to be ' and permitted the entrance of salt I I 'c777 ! water -:' -7-1-! P:rt ::nr1 t:-1 cost of fwellings! In section 12-16-16 In the north- il ' - f--: - v Lt-s- 1:7-orinz ti w-- e month a t ern portion of Union county Green- I I 1 ::-- - i'l-:- an I for - negroes $37420 wood and McDuff are preparing to 4 - t t-- tc7:al I ein:: :71310: Repairs make a test of twenty-five feet of i zt-)---r---1 T n -:01:'7t1 sand encountered at a total derah I T5hil is feet w well their is lolcia lions c 1 Jug :: - - e Tr171 pirurpl-ft 0 r :1 s4--) !117pIltbtle art building ton n No around 2'0 i taw" to-cot- $11-5-17: s?ven business! about half way between the Union' vv- --1-1 -bCclinr-"s- 4-27'-'1: four temporary county gas area and the El Dorado i 7-::" :) two fillin:z sta- I Natural Gas Company's Vinson I tr: z77!i4 0 and C-Arty-nine pri- Tatum well in section 11 of the 4 vc-to T7ar-4:-s$Sn''5 i same township which recently fail- ! 17nri7Z the Nye :k ending Septem-1 ed to produce after showing consid- I be-r 2 there were 7p1 permits issued erable quantities of both oil and I EE :- : for a tt:1 valuation of $11291 The! gas 1 I : -lasTet ps'r:-It issued being to Perry and LeGrande are stringing! 1 : - R-r1 Serpinski for the erection of up to bail their No 1 McKenzie in )ch -L:: - -n onc-zitory brick (1wc11ng at 510-1 section 313-15-16 Ouachita county ! Lem L--- Crcy:!'C47 FtreE t t'l cost $220')O !which is said to have penetrated o fifty feet into an oil sand cncoun- I LE ::- ----: Rcal Pt--Ite Transfers ) tered at 1935 feet ! g S- - I o 1 - Easterly and wife to C 111 CArtIDIATE3 To - 1:m71 ccrrr-cqlon to 29 Jot 1 - hinck Queer-borel:gh AP WI 1 PI Ath El 1 to T It Tomlinson lot SPEttK TONIGHT -4:ixSO feet at intersection of Lvncr- - T1 1 " P:rns to T It Tomlinson lot 4:LxSt) feet at intersection of Wcst-xn avenne and T and P Railwa7 Johnny Johnson to Nathan Ratict Prtrk Addition : with improvement 2J ) Margaret S Esterly and Husband I() S R Buswell correction and —ratiffeation to lot 2F block 5 ! meetings during the present tnuQue--nstorouzli E - u b f:n 7 i ' 1 o n 1 nicipal campaign under the ans- 71ittie 11 Ford to Iv F Den- i pices of the Precinct 13 Community Throw-north E-alf 3ot3:i extension i Club J C Mahlen president will -of C11-2scil Adclition Belcher La I be held Saturday night (tonight :1 in I the State Fair Coliseum The pub- - Forest Pvrk Crmetory to 1' H I is is invited 17!1127-2-1y ltt :: soction 1 $13750 1 Candidates for commissioner of - 17- 1 Hunter to Nathan Itatcliff' streets and parks and for commis-lot '!1 Perrin rnd Zlealer subdivie- !stoner of public safety fourteen in inzl tan :-cre lct 6 Allendale subdi- - - all have been invited to address 1 -41---a A I 9cO i the gathering - l"Mrs a V Er1-7-1111(1 et 1 4 '-o ! Candidates for streets and parks Thomas T Iicard east 1 9 left lot 9 1 W F Thoman Chas D Evans --r:r1 west 4) f--et lot 10 hlock S1"4- " " ' - ----- ---- — ---- s7ily:iivislon fn Nckellar W T Tooley I Holmesvill? $7001 Al - Dayfr1 M Lfl' to Mrs Harrlet 1 F NVelf:h' J E Levasseur John Tiu-luy lot g and south 20 feet lot I Howat 5 Hoc k- 5 Howard Cole subdivision' For public safety commissioner $7750 candidates are: R IA Stringfellow R W (Vle7 tfl Julius Garnrn 1:j il A- E Bickley Henry Hunsicker intcr?st in lots 11 lg 94 5 30 n11 Ben Ingouf Joe C Cleveland and ll3 :-:7 :-'z n5 -'n soIth lillf of south I Earl H Craile Will Mercer solith Lalf of south 1-z--! of tcrthwozt el-Garter section 21-15 1 and other consiCerations Building Permits IThbfriFon re-Ta!r dwelling S T25 Dr J F 01a7-v repair dwelLnz 717 Rnch-71 artilNon to :4 E Collr'ge SFS P':tir T2ii ' WASITINGTON Sept ll--The Pr J F 011ear-v repair dweld Pomerene bill regulating campaign LT 77 (:-Iri:It!an r“) expenditures of candidates for elec Rach-71 GrIIer:bc'rz atir!Non to tion to the senate and house was dt-1nr-! :4 E College T71fl passed today by the senate The MI F n- Ilic!-3 glrage 1133 measure takes the place of the law rrc4pe-t --:-b I held unconstitutional In the NewIi A O'Nf-21 repair dwelling Si'3 berry case It now goes to the Kings Ilig-o ay !27 house - Frank 1!Inr:-rt 7P':"!? f'tC:E' ------Cr---a----- 2r:P Texas avenue c27 Mrs Frank 120-11e repair dwel- Are Plugging Avinger 11rz 12xnes'ffon avenue $2201 IXTs11 Ii ria-i :Mr Fran!: Lo(hle dwelling and garage Exotion avenue T3209 F L Dy-r two dwellings 2991)- -1S Barret 170-01 A DcLatte dwelling 2509 High land Vciit :‘1-Nr1 ñwefling Patzman 17)01 FOR pFNT-APART111ENTS TOR JIENT--':eNt unstairs apartment N ronis c‘ory convenience Garlon St I'llene II E Tolvrs!rT Ihfo-!ck Even Earla Claus Is Profiteering WASTINGTON S:pt 2--Santa Cla71 tie profiteers ac- t) a report to the cornu--Eree drpar:ment today from Ber- why- advied of mounting 1! k r--t-f-s for German toys Pricr'3 cannct be fore-fat t r pert declared but an in-! crPaFe çf 17n sr cent in the price i -rf Gc-rraan to::s to take effect in thT fall has ten dec:ded upon' !th furtlir incrrases expected ! 7Iil:tariEn tile report added has trif:i?:1-(!ar1 from the Ct-Tman toy indury and t1-ie army corps of lead ! f uluerly 1urnel out by the urcrntio:q factrris have been supcyrsc(1(J1 by tribes of American in- ! dians - -I ? 1 ci 1-11::cy A T - 1 1Iquora t21zez1 NEW CPWEAN-S Sept 2—Liquor If114'-(1 was captured toty whc-n a rnitor Ligger Nvith a rarzi cf 1r74 clarts of wliiskey ornr:r 1qI2crs ft boarcl Tras by Hugh Larre as: of prohibition 7fc-rt m depui les were Lprre liquor ve9F01 lrriviioh said he did rf-:t t'7e natilre of the cargo allt! ti 11s vcssel had been rented In a man whoFe name he did not Ptro7ich arc1 the four tilezaLers LiS cLew were teld TEST MILLER WELL I! IVIILLLII IIMLI LI 1 liNtitilill rilitilLd PLAZAS BEAUTY SPOTS OR PLAY- of our departed are but of little or GROUNDS AND NOT INCREASE no service or benefit to any one siritilG FRIDAy: To LutTioll 3 MILES YOUR STATE PARISH OR I I pwhen l he e ns tjouns et a liatrtkleinignextLenseipveet elbe- CITY TAXES I neath which sleeps our loved ones Ili HILL PLUG SO 0 N FHOM LOYD ililliHIS Plans to secure small tracts of nated would go toward purchasing I would answer every reasonable I and sensible purpose and desire BY D R SHARP! And even then our graves are too often neglected and in time the land throughout the city for corn- small tracts of land for public costly monuments and tombstones munity parks plazas beauty spots park purposes as well as the inexpensive simple lal to The Journal Special to The Journal or play-grounds The committees would have the ones crumble and fall But on the DORADO Ark Sept 2---The SAREPTA La Sept 2--The The plans of procedure would be power and authority to locate a other hand a tract or plot Of orado Natural Gas Company is Standard Oil Comp-ny has 'made a to first organize an association to park or parks in their respective ground donated to the city for ig casing today preparatory location for a well to be drilled on be 'mown as City Parks Play- districts - t cts to which they have been such magnanimous purposes would the Rawls land in :the northeast grounds and Improvement Asso- Ming the plug in its Miller No assigned be preserved and kept open and en-quarter of section 1'5-22-11 Webster elation ' composed of as many mem The Mayor of the city to act in oyed by countless thousands who deep test located in section h I t '1 )ca t )u parish I- t three miles J a hers as it is Possible to secure an advisory capacity whenever would praise the name of the do- nl 6 Union county which recent- south of Licyd Harris' recently among the ladies throughout the the president or secretary of said nors until the end of time 7oduced several hundred bar- completed discovery well in section city and after perfecting the gen-' association deems it necessary to (Advertisement) 24-22-11 i of oil before the packer on a ic and Laske3r are building eral organization divide its entire call upon him o ii the casirg was set gave way Ilex membership into as many commit- The Mayor will also have the DR CHARLES E REW a derri in ck the northeast corner permitted the entrance of salt scton 23-10 Webster parish i tees as might be deemed necessary right and full authority to settle Physician and Surgeon Room 400 of ei 25-' I r ' in order to avoid making the work any dispute question or differences Hutchinson Bldg Office phones on land belonging to the Pinewoods section l'-16-16 In the north- too laborious for and one of the that might arise in the said associa- old 2163 new 156 Residence I Lumber Comninv being about one lortion of Union county Green- 1 - ' - ' - - - committees Won between any of its members ehones old 2C29 new 427 ti CASING FIIIDAY: TO Special to The Journal Special to The Journal EL DORADO Ark Sept 2—The I SAREPTA La Sept 2---The El Dorado Natural Gas Company is I Standard Oil Comru-ny has 'made a testing casing today preparatory i location for a well to be drilled on e to drilling the plug in its Miller No the Rawls land in :th northeast quarter of section 15-22-11Webster 1 a deep test located in section parish located about three miles 11S-16 Union county which recent- south of Lloyd Harris recently ly produced several hundred bar- ccmpleted discovery well in section rels of oil before the packer on t 24-22-11 which the casing was set gave way I Delchic and Laske3r are building a derrick in the northeast corner and permitted the entrance of salt water of section 25-23-10 Webster parish In section 1246-16 In the north- on land belonging to the Pinewoods r n norttrin nf rrslIt Lumber Company being about one P nx- and McDuff are preparing to mile north of th ewell r 1 ecently coin- I ''""1-1"1-3' 1 aLA ow VT - LA GA j IV a test of twenty-five feet of 0 LAAL-LAL10 rected by the Wood or cemmittees ley Petroleum Each committee to have a separ 1 encountered at a total depth Company in section 2--10 which ate chairman or head whose duty I In the future when a sub-division showed und 2050 feet in their lions- a considerable quantity of it will be to preside over their re-I is put On Or opened up the presi- c1 1 This well is located :l oil along with the usual gas and spective committee meetings and I dent of the said association will half way between the Union saltwater report their work and progress to l study its location etc with the y ga area and the El Doralo The Humble Oil and Refining the president or secretary of said view of determining whether or s al Gas Company's Vinson Company beiled dry yesterday in its association at certain stated or not it would be a suitable location ' n well in section 11 of the Illcks e ieleat in section 10-22-9 in fixed intervals for a little park and if so a corn- which two feet of sand was being mittee will be appointed by the township which recently fail- tested e t a total depth of2S7S feetlb The duty of each committeee will produce after showing eonsid- e to solicit cash donations and president of said association to call The has as been pulled and the ? quantities of both oil ang subscriptions and all moneys so upon the owner or owners of any well will be drilled deeper I collected or donated would be used l and all such sub-divisions to do- t purchasing the ne- Ty and LeGrande are stringing The Arkensas Natural Gas Corn-x leclueivele i n purch nate to the city a plot of ground in bail their No 1 McKenzi in pany is (ementing a string of 5 3-16 ' ear - - - grounds for public park any such subdivision for public )n 33-15-16 Omichita county e v inch cosine at 2e:015 e pur feet for th- purpos'es only - 1 ti park purposes and any park so do- pose of teiting three feet of sa i is said to have penetrated ' encoun nted or established will carry the e a total depth f nd - Any tract or plat of ground do- feet into an oil sand encoun- tered t o nated to the city for such purposesiname of the donor of course at 19'35 feet 07p0 feet in ite No 1 Louisiana Oil would bear the name of the donor' Numerous little community Company located near the - center o And not only that but a befitting I parks and play-grounds scattered and appropriate record of such a 1 throughout the city would fill a I ef section 24-23-10 -o DIDTE3 To It generous and thoughtful gift would !long felt want that could not be i New Orloans Man V C !be carved and recorded on a mar-!supplied or filled by the larger i T - AT COLISEll The third of a series of public Campaign Expense Measure Is Passed Well In Claiborne zppcial to The Journal HAYNESVILLE La Sept Thee Simms Oil Company is plugm ging its No 1 Avinger in section 25- ! 22-S Claiborne parish which was drilled to a total depth of 3509 feet without any encouraging shows of oil or gas The Ohio Oil Company is drilling at around 3200 feet in its Smith! No 1 located in section 5-20-19 Co- ! lumbia county Arkansas about ! three miles northeast of the Haynesville field J V CHANDLER oil and Gas Well Drilling Contractor Shreveport Louisiana Old Phone 4630 802 Ardis Bldg R O KILLGORE GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND REAL ESTATE 500 Hutchinson Building Old Phone 1711 M t-‘e! 11 HORSES a MULES S A Big Supply Always on Hand Every Animal Guaranteed Exactly as Rzpresented W H ALEXANDER Texas Ave and Murphy St UY i i 9171151itP10 MARES LOUT11111 3 MILES Veteran Organization tiCA I ble tablet consipicuously and perm- parks and playgrounds For the lantly located and displayed in any ireason that the poorer families Captnin E Jr Dimitrv of New Or- Park so donated together with the ling beyond walking distance of any leans v-as elreted sKnior vice corn- names of the chairman and commit-lot the larger parks or playgrounds rnanclor nt thc rntinnnl ennypntinn tee members through which the would depend almost entirely upon mander at the eational convention 11 l""no"rs tureuga v lova Lii - VI ULtiLt UCFL-LICA 1111-11uou -1-LL'Il ave of the 1-nited Snanish War Veter-ldonation came the nearest community park in ans which met in Los Angeles on Each committee will be assign- their respective districts for their August 21-'5 aceording to A IL ed to a different part of the city Irecreation and outing on account Perry a delegate from the General to avoid any confusion I Of the car fare expense and walking W H Mabry carp of the veterans 1 The names of the president and distance Lore Mr Perry has just returned I secretary of the said park associa- Through the proper methods and from los Angeles Captain Dim- tion will appear on all Marble tab tactful handling such an organizaitry Is the only Louisianian bolding i lets in all the parks or play-Ition In my opinion would serve a a national office in the organiza-!grounds throughout the city i great purpose In securing valuable time and will be in lino for national I Now in order to be suceessful reservations and contributions for commander next year Mr Perry I in establishing and locating such Public benefit and good sail 7 0) delagates and 10-1 i parks or play-grounds in the poorer' Such an organization would not There were congested districts it will in all l very likely get immediate results V() Spanish war veterans at the Los Angeles cenvertion Mr Perry I probability be necessary to set l but it would more than fulfill its said e ' aside a sinking or general fund for mission in the near future The Whil the next national con- v awill Ie held n Chatta- - i i 1 that purpose in case we are un- wealthy and middle classes of peo- nooaanooaa l i Shreveport v-as urged as the place able to get the larger land owners pie in our midst 1 am quite sure l r Perry stated that 1- ' soon those districts to donate the rewould realize its noble cause for tbe next ennvention by of s a numi quired amount of land for such 'which would enkindle in their gen- ber dcleation New Orleans e con- l i purposes erous heatts the spark of benevo- was a strenz bid ler for th vention l'Ir Perry said that through that ennobling spirit In my opinion the poorer dis lence and love of mankind and $0! triets that are thickly populated a Ofel was ra Ise 1 bv Les Angel trr should be taken care of first (as -ould come donations and liberal entertain the conv(ntien they are not only worthy and de- contributions in time — 4-) serving citizens but we owe it to 1 Nvould much rather have a mon- BODY OF CONRAD HEYSE HELD ourselves as well as to those who ument of this kind erected to my — are perhaps less fortunate than memory than to have a marble Eros La who died at a local sant- The tody of Corn-ad Hers Gt of some of us) from a health and or granite shaft standing by the side of my grave lifting its majestic tarium Frenie night at S:30 o'clock sanitary point of view There would be no salaried of-is being held at the Wellman un- ficers or employes In other words dertaking parlors pending the ar- no expense whatever would be at- rival of IS daughter Mrs Frank Iiinten of Eros fore to the organization There I fore every cent collected or do-I Phrk 2 CrPpr T THE RhilSitS CITY SOUTHERN RAiLWAY COMPANY LEST WE FORGET The strike of railway shopmen and associated crafts has now been in operation two months and we wish to get before our patrons and former employes the following facts: First—The leaders called the strike against the decision rendered by a leeally constituted body of our government after full investigation Second—The wages fixed were higher than those In manufacturing and other industries for similar work Third—The striking shopmen were notified that unless they returned to work by July 10th this company would be compelled to engage other men to fill their places and the seniority rights of former employes would be abrogated Fourth—The leaders of the strike announced that all equipment would be out of service by August 1st It is now September ist and our August reports of freight handled to destination will be the largest of any month this year Fifth—Mr B M Jewell is reported in the press to have sent out a message August 29th to striking shopmen as follows: "Our reply to the Railway Executives is We'll see you in hell first before we accept your conditions' IF THERE BE ANY AMONG US WHO REGRETS THE STEP THEY HAVE TAKEN LET THEM TURN BACK NOW BECAUSE THIS HAS ceased to be a pink tea or a vacation but a real he-man strike from now on and if you can not measure up to that standard this is no place for you However keep in mind our policy that the laws of the land must be obeyed but there is so much that can be done that has not been done without violating the laws that you are now asked to get on the Job Fir do your damndest and then a little bit more If you are not in this game to do your full duty THEN STEP ASIDE AND LET A MAN TAKE YOUR PLACE These may be harsh words but this is war iidustriaI war and no place for kid gloves or soft talk" A majority of our former employes are men of good character excellent workmen and loyal citizenswhom we are sure do not believe in the anarchistic statements of Mr Jewell and therefore should sunder their allegiance to his guidance and direction and make applicationior employment with us before it is too late - - J A EDSON President SHRET'EPORT JOITRNAr USINESS 16' EVIE WHEN POSSIBLE ADE PLANS TO SECURE COMMUNITY PARKS head a thousand feet heavenward o I Costly monuments at the graves PLAZAS BEAUTY SPOTS OR PLAY- lof our departed are but of little or CIROTTIVTISt ANT) NOT MORT! A SIF1 no service or benefit to any one Office of the President Kansas City Mo Sept 1 1922 1 I Clark & Greer DrillingColince Well Contractors and Oil Producers 502-3 Merchants' Building Shreveport La ASK HOUSEMAN If it's made of Sheet Metal then Houseman Sheet Metal Works can do It'at a saving In cost Cisterns Water Tanks Cornice Work Metal Roofing Slate and Rubber Roofing Radiators Guttering Ceilings Oil Tanks Garages Fenders Auto Bodies 1549 Jordan Street Old Phone 1514 Fire IIN Automobile W M Petrie Insurance Agency 102 Majestic Building Phone 848 Bonds Casualty pout NOTHING DR CHARLES E REW Physician and Surgeon Room 400 Hutchinson Bldg Office phones old 2163 new 156 Residence phones old 2C29 new 427 tf Benoit Construction Co General Building Contractors Ring 3010 and Ask for L'h- Benoit SNYDER WAGON CO (Limited) Auto Painting Tops Seat Covers and Truck Bodies "Red Hot Stuff for Good Work" Old Phone a& 1400 Winston OEM Triangle Drilling Company Inc Drilling Contractors and Oil Producers 301-2 Ardis Building Phone 493 we Make Mirrors All Shape s and fre Sizes D J Anderson M W McDonald A & M Construction Co Specializing In Permanent Construction 10 Cahn Building Phone 4764 tklooateg 11-50-rolieuro Otrpars9: WAT-tH US W A McMichael C 1 Rate liff McMichael Construction Company 301-302 Ward Building Phone 3767 Specializing Brick Tile and Concrete Buildings Brown-Mason Oil Co (Incorporated) LUBRICATING OIL AND GREASES 2508 Southern Avenu OId Phone 389 New 365 01 Vulcanizing Battery Recharging a Speciatty Phone 6065 Doll Auto Supply Co "Ever Ything For Your Car' ROAD SERVICE ON TIRES Cor Western Ave and Anna St Gila Gaso lines Greases J V CHANDLER 011 and Gas Well Drilling Contractor Shreveport Lcutslana Old Phone 4680 802 Ardis Bldg Is so conducive to the upbailding of any community than its public utilities The most important of which is the means of good transportation facilities at a reasonable price as evidenced by the Shreveport Street Railways SHREVEPORT RAILWAYS CO COMMERCIAL FIN AN C IA L INDUSTRIAL HREVEPORT A F TARVER OIL WELL CONTRACTOR Suite 1216-18 Merrhante Bldg P O Box 687 SHREVEPORT LA EAT Take no other kind El US FIGURE ON Y011 !UMBER No matter If you want cue piece or a car load Our Prices Are Right CYPRESS SHINGLES All Grades Prompt Deliveries to any part of Shreveport SIBLEY LUMBER CO BOSSIER CITY LA Office Old Phone 4378 Yard Old Phone 5054 Power and Fuel SOUTHWESTERN GAS-ELECTRIC COMPANY W DOWNS SucceaRor to Arthur J Newman Manufacturer of MARBLE AND GRAN ITE MONUMENTS 1611 Texas Ave Phone 803 JORZAN—GLASSELL INSURANCE AGENCY Inc Ground Floor Merchants Bldg PHONE 6050 THIS DOESN'T COST A CENT If you need packing moving shipping or storage let me know Our experienced estimator will came to your house free of charge and give you an estimate This free service doesn't obligate you to employ us But we welcome the opportunity to convince you that our charges for highest grade service are as low as any - l'uttNITURE Warehouse located in retail district MERCHANDISE Warehouse located on railroad tracks - AUTOMOBILE TRUCKS and TEAMS for every purpose CADDO TRANSFER & WAREHOUSE - COMPANY Inc BOTH PHONES 417-CITY OFFICE: 615 MARKET ST NOTICE! EFFECTIVE SUNDAY SEPT 3 1922 THE LOUISIANA RAILWAY AND NAVIGATION COMPANY Announces the Following Passenger Schedule: - No 1 No 2 Lv 6:30 pm SHREVEPORT Ar 7:50 am Lv 11:50 pm ALEXANDRIA Lv 2:20 am Lv 5:35 am BAYOU SARA L 9:03 pm Lv 6:55 am BATON ROUGE Lv 7:50 pm Ar 10:05 am— NENV ORLEANS —LI pm These trains operate Pullman-Buffet sleepers between Shreveport and New Orleans also standard drawing-room Eleeper between Alexandria and New Orleans For further information regarding tickets or reservations address— IL W DEPUTY City Ticket Agent Youree Hotel Lobby Phone Old 386 - Advertisers on tMs page ere InvItel to contribute items of interest to their friends patrons and the business world Changes In interest or firm names notes of large contracts secured Improvements in plants novel advertising or sales methods or new lines marketed are bits of business news for which the editor of this page cart reaVy find specie !terns need not be tkritten in full but may be sketched out In the note form nn1 trailed to The Shreveport Journal" Simply note on the envelope "Editor Weekly BUSinel8 Review Page" DRINK Or J N CAMPBELL General Passenger Agert Lake and Commerce St Phone Old 4850 DEPENDABLE BUILDING MATERIAL Builders Supply Co Inc EITHER PHONE 336 1GE TN'TNE How's Business? IF- wATER Phones Ord 289 New 130 1626 Southern Ave JETER INSURANCE AGENCY Inc JETER JR Manager Ard le Bldg Old Pltone 87 New Phone 381 Drink— Ven-Vaci The Year-Round Drink Bottled by GRAPICO BOTTLING WORKS Manufacturers Renovators Retaitors American Hat Co Alt Kinds of Ladles' and Men's Hats Renovated Expert Panama Bleachers 610 TEXAS AVE Both Phones 263 Old phones 259 3299 New la C Fowler B Rothschild SHREVEPORT BOILER e TANK WORKS Eu Ild Steel Tanks and Smoke Stacks WE REPAIR BOILERS Foot of McNeil St Shreveport At T J P Crotlatna La Box Open Day and Night AMERICAN AUTO REPAIR COMPANY General Repairing and Storage—Washing Cars °iliac Cars Old Phone 4596 215-217 Fannin Street DON'T LAY UP YOUR CAR Let us repair or rewind your Burned Out Armateures Motorst and Generators We Exchange Armateures Shreveport Armature Works 222 Texas Street - 1 14 I i I 1 I 1 :)1 i i 1 1 I 1 1 Emnial 1 - - -- : 1 i I 1 4 I I I1 in :11 F 1 : :: - 1'1 ::'ic )( i 1 ' a ' 2 ( I We Rend Wee We Make Mirrors 4-s NI 1 rro rs All --' '' Shapes and i' 4A 4 Sizes - - - 1 ' - - 71011-' -' -di 8 81 128 I I A! S -"‘- t a tq n 1 A le3C ' - N ' :vo tv 4 ''t41 -: -- - ' - Phones ' 4 216 Old 3463 Texas SZ ' New 754 - 1 1 1 t - - 2 t : I : 1 n - r 4 " T 1 - 1 i7 tr -wwi titt F::11 E y JL4 Jo - tt-7 -‘ 4 es m A - - AP-- :4t T 17 4 (1("kil -"h e74 - ' ' g t oh ?ROD 1WNdC11 :LIC7S -IPir - I 1 T4 ? c2) -z s ÷t- 4 Alt 114 4k1 ac 1111 ktx

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