The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1908. BAKERSFIELP, KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA, The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES Brew-ars of Celebrated Red Ribbon Wurzburger A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 The best beer of all—a $1000 guarantee for purity and quality. Free delivery to Bakersfleld and Kern. Bottled Beers will be seen here at the BaUersfleld Opera House on Monday evening. tliat li Is generally conceded one of i Hie funnies! evening's rnterlnlnmonts ! ' vi-r shown ii;. ;i piece (if tllo NVeber- ' i'i M Iy|i,\ \s a mutter of I'm I ft! ' in iill last M'uson al Weber's Mm;:c '!;>!!. |, Is inleri'.'-'tli)!'. I" "nlf t!i:it ""' • same wonderful iivoiliK limi \\i!l 11 ••'••II li'-n . 1'iii' and r'ndy atv :-u;> r<irt|.,j i,y n company of forty p«"i|-l... '';<-'.liilinL' Vay J'lielps, Maude I.e K«v. II"." l..,|i,.. Miizie Trnmlnill, William Ma •"! •. llnny fihunU. Tll'is. Mi,n:|v, .11:.I UVlij'KMon Cross. l WE NOW HAVt STEAM HEAF ._ MAIN 12H-:—- —-—-= PRICES 10c, 25c, 35c, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, 10o, 250. Everybody is Going of Course The demand for tickets for the Elks' Show is increasing daily. Reports have come in from the oil fields that a large crowd will attend from there. Box parties are forming and the Bakersfleld Opera House will be the scene of a huge social success for this engagement. What will probably prove to be the most representative audience ever seen here will be prsent for the Elks' frolic. The directors are very much pleased with the work of the committees and with the talent which is participating and more especially from the fact that every member of the company belongs to the Order of Elks and it will be strictly an Elks' show in every respect. The advance sale of seats opens at the box office Monday morning at 10 o'clock. The tickets that are at present being purchased from the Blks are exchangeable without extra charge at the box office for reserved Beats for eithr night. All holders of tickets and others are hereby notified to be on Rand early and secure teats. Since it has been understood that there is a partial change of program on Thursday night many people have signified their intention of attending both performances. It is now a certainty that the Elks will realize more handsomely from this engagement than from any previous benefits. Charlie Lee guarantees to shake hands with all who come down town to see the parade, which inducement will bring out the entire population of Kern County. Seriously, the parade ia worth more than a trip to town to see it, as the boys will be fully costumed and will march In true minstrel time. COSTUMING IN "THE ROYAL CHEF." HANDSOME CHARLIE LEE, Notifying Elkdom and lt» Friends to Come Down Town Wednesday Noon and Witness the Grand Parade. On Wednesday at noon fifty of the best looking Elks, with Handsome Charlie Lee In the van, dressed as the above picture represents, will proudly march through the principal streets of Bakersfield and Kern City, with bands playing and banners flying. When the curtain goes up at the Bakersfleld Opera House on the presentation of "The Royal Chef" tomorrow evening, people will be treated to some of the handsomest crca tion s in fashions and styles that have been seen in many a day. Miss Mary Malatesta, the prlma donna of the organization, will wear what is said to be some of the handsomest gowns ever worn on the stage. The models of Miss Malatcsta's gowns came direct from Paris, where they were secured hy Mr. Harry H. Frazee while over there. One of Miss Malatesta's creations is a beautiful gown of orange pompadour silk. .„ The sleeves are made of white chiffon pleated, and MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE'OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Admission lOc No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "A Woman's Jenlousy" "Trip Through Rt'ssia'' "Buying n Title" "Minstrel Mishaps" "Millci ^rr! His Son" "Mrs. Toney'& Suitors" SONGS—"Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May?" ]'.:ii'>'• i. ;!a:t'.;c oi' ;':-,.u-raiu Mmnlay and Thursday nigh'.s. Matin i Satin'lay au>! ^imday. Cou.r. r.:, given every night. At end of month tho holder of ttie lucky coupon is entitled to a gentleman's $25 overcoat or a lady's $25 cloak. THIS IS THE CAR Now try and coniVive a car almost as silent, as the. photograph itself— (•!!• vilii-aul with pi-nt-up power under flinger-tip control; a car that will Rllde noiselessly up ;iloiiKsid«? .Ihe aristocracy of motor,loin and lack not'ihi'-: tlrif Hir> latter possesses ii hlt-her price ^and you will \\i\\t- formed a Uiii mental picture of the revelation thai awaits you. IHsni^ri from your mind tho idea thai you havo ever seen a low-priced car \yljK!} wu« In t!"- 1 saiue class as thU $1550 four cylinder :jli hors(;pow- f>r fiulillaC Whorr Vftti have seen little I'ar.-, al a low price, you will now .see ,1 \I\K car at a low orice. ' \\hoiv you have iiilhertu seen sp diM'.v ouilim-s and bandbox proportions;, you w'll now see ai/.r- ami «t '"'ii.-tli an.I dignity. Whc're ynu linvt? senn Indifferent material r'-kimped and saved to make possible ,i'.|ow ju-ieo, you will now nee a car built of the Uncut steels money can buy, used in full and p-uerous incasuie nnd the saint' p ifnslaU- an?-', conscMentious system of construction, down to the last nut and boil, that II.'LS been lyfdeal ol ihr ('.idllbn plant from the tlrst year of IIB lilhtory. I)«dlver:o* farly next month. First >:ii loaij already si.ld. C. E. Getchell. Agent, Bakersfieid Auto Supply Co. 19th a»* 0 8M. Tel. Main 1260 ROYAL CHEF FLOGS 8CKIPPEKS I. .StrasslrrrEer of San Francisco, a. member of the firm of Strassuerger & \Vrampelmier, which Is in dispute 1 with the McCutcheon brothers and others over the possession of certain Midway lands, regards the efforts of his rivals as scrlpping. "It is a steal, pure and simple," said Strassberger In conversation with a reporter this morning. "The oil men should get together and run the sctippers out of the country, like they did ten years ago in the Kern River field. I have had some trouble on section 30. One of my men has been arrested. I came in from Midway to see my attorney and find out just what procedure the other people are taking, I will give them no quarter. Whin they come to prove up they may find themselves In serious difficulty. They can not testify without perjuring themselves. For the past week 1 have been i; Midway tearing down wire fences that have been erected In the endavor to steal the land outright. I was prepared for them, however, and had materials all ready to be hauled on the ground. I have a rig up on the southwest quarter of section 30 and expect to be drilling shortly. I saw a number of well known oil people on my lands and when I accosted them to find out ' what they were doing, they said they ,had no claims against my land. Nobody out there seems to know what the other fellow is doing. This showj the stealth and fear with which they are trying to put through their clan destine schemes. "This Is one of the biggest fraud ever perpetuated. I think it is th work of an Oakland scrip broker. W have shown the srrippers once be fore what we can do to them and no\ it's time to show them again," Mr. Strassberger asserts that th 'time for doing work on his large lo | callous bus not expired as yet He does not nntleipnte mud trouble about the end of year, for he says ilin oil men are taking steps t< protect their holdings and will be pre paved to meet any emergency thai arises. The eondillon of Mrs. Irwin Tup man continues to Improve and the physicians entertain bright hopes foi her recovery. THIS WEEK A GILDED FOOL around the top of the bodice arc two ruffles of the white chiffon, trimmed , with narrow rows of oraiw velvet | All around the top of ihe bodice are j lo'ds of orange \el',.-t. The .,-;h, is j ornamented with h.-ind -Iliad 1 ' yc'NiW I chiffon roses. A lar^c white , iiin'on ; muff and shoulder hna, mnde of .-i.'V- ' eral ro\\i.: of ihe chiffon "'' " : ''' an- • plaitei) oie i arri''d, A r-rn-lii'd '.'Ir-j (lit? of orunKi' chiffon velvet ir v.'.irn on the dress and tht waini i> irimmedi with pcai] ornaments. Th",- hat U or j orange \<:\\c\ and •!••••.im lure. "I am ['Ken! of ill-- lact thai my | KO\viio in ''.'s j:i>diict!on fire iil'^olute models and ii" ; < "\<\<-f ol iiujtliltiK that has In- .1 ;-r-(ii before." su>^ Miss Malatesla. "Thcie is soitii'thiiii; in originality when it is shown in dresses which is bound lo be nttnn'ivH to the public eye. Of course ev.-iyone llkeg to sen a well tlrofwil wmnan ; ft lid when one fe(.. ;- to see some a production as 'Tin. H' (me tmturally oNjiecls to »"•'• j finest creations of the rnodi^ ; Tli<; entire company, svlii* Ii is con- j i Bpiciioiw for mi.lit, is Ihe "illy and. 'original oi'KaaiiiiUioii that appeared i for four months ai the Lyric Tlmater, ' New York, and will lie S;H-II tn-ro I'om- pb'te in every dulall "Hip! Hip! Hooray!" l^augbtcr come* with »uuli i»p!U-llre force and Bpontancit; In IU<:» and Catly'o "Hip! Hip! Hoontyl" which Dr. J. S. Weiser «f the Wciser Optical Co., 10W 1 street, Fresno is in BakersfieUl Ibis week conienciii"-, Monday, October 19, 1908, and will stop at the New .Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free AH Work Guaranteed Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday "THE WESTERNER" Friday, Saturday and Sunday "A FORCED PAYMENT" Prize Matinee Saturday LADIES' PRIZE CHILDREN'S PRIZE A SILK SKIRT A PAIR OF SHOES GAMBLERS DARKEN STREETS OF RENO. UENO, Oct.. 22.—Tho business portion of Reno is dark tonight, caused by the owners of the gambling houses and hotels turning off the lights to show what the city would look like in case the Anti-Gambling League drives gambling out of the corporate limits at a special election on October 24th. The usually brlliant commercial row looks like a tomb and some of the gambling houses are using candles to further emphasize tho contrast. The fight between the Anti-Gambling League anil the gamblers is very bitter and both sides arc making vigorous efforts lo place their respective views before the uon partisans. The pamblon; claim they, will place themselves just over the city limits in rase they are defeated and open In full swing. The limits of the city are very close to the center. *- present busine The regular weekly dance of tta Eagles was well attended last ev«- ing and everybody had the usual goo* time. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable hdl& of any kiiu'l call up THE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, We ulso employ iJhiwse an£ Japanese help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 3B FURNITURE BOUGHT AN» SOLD WINTERS, BRIDGES, SIMPSON C(X, 1800 K street, phone Main 134; WSW and Reconil hand furniture boagitt and sold; houses furnished an -easy Installments; furniture rent** monthly; special granltewarw anW kitchen utensils. 25c. "It BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE BOBT 0. BAtTON, M«n»0f r Saturday, October 24th H. H. FRAZEE'S u Original Production—the Musical Cocktail with a Menu of Music Direct from a 26 Weeks' Run in Chicago. THE ROYAL CHEF With WM. H. CONLEY, and the following Big Cast included: Karl Stahl, Herbert Carter, Donald MeKenzie, Walter B. Smith, Mary Malatesta, Julia Curtiss, LaBelle Laurette, Mabel Wilson—and the Famous BROILERS 60—PEOPLE—60 80—SONG HITS—86 TRACES AND COLLARS Are the main factors of a liar- leuthor and worotuoiimuhmliUiiiib ties.s which ivquircH 111'- best Iwttli- (•r and workmanship! that's where wti exeell as well its every oilier detail of (lie hurncHH. We, curry tho best draft and bug^y collars to he hud in tho market. Out trimming department is uomphUc uud all the latent) seasou's good* are eoiiHtatnly kept on bund at tho HABJTES8 8HOP MATTWMI MMM. A Perfect Production Presented in Perfection. Pricea SEATS NOW ON SALE. 50« to $1.DS Monday October 26th THOSE GERMANS OF QU ALITY RICE and CADY In Joe Weber's Musical Girl Success Hip, Hip, Hooray Ma« Pbelpc. Harry Hhunk, Wm.lf. ("Hill') lta*K. Uoal« TruiafcHll, Tto Murra/ SVulllnMtoii Cross, Maude Lero», ,l«>M>pbta« Orow ' PriM. . Seats on Sale Saturday.

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