Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 16, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Thurs., Jan. 16, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts Planners seek to review proposed freeway signs Taxpayers' group to hold meeting on school needs Announcement was made today by Stephen P. Rchwald, .President, that the San Bcrnar- Creation of a three - mile'way 30). Reparations are required. 'dino County Taxpayers' Associ- "sphere of influence" in which] The freeway agreement n o wj —Request the State to provide, at i on> as a public service, is the city could review proposed I being worked out covers the lo-a bridge over the Santa A n a sponsoring a county-wide meet- signs for the future Tennessee]cation and type of streets, grade!River that will not block vchi-!j„g on Monday. "January 20.; Street Freeway has been sug-j separations and interchanges. A J cles and construction equipment. ! a t which time Eugene Mueller' gested by the city Planning!second agreement on the actual;This is necessary to work the |W j]] present a Stanford Re-j Commission. location and wording of freeway gravel beds on city owned lands;search Institute report of long-i Planners recommended thisisigns will be formulated at aon both sides of the freeway. j ran ge statewide and county! week that a stipulation permit-jlater date. j —If the State removes Northj_ school building and operat-j ting Commission review and ap-1 Planning Director W. C.'Orange from the state highway '; n g ne eds an£ l costs. I proval of freeway signs both in-;Schindler reported that he hadjsystem, the city should request! ,.j^ e Association invites the' side the city and for three milesIbeen informed by the State that)that North Orange from Colton outside the city be included in the city-state Tennessee Street Freeway (State Route 190) agreement. Such an agreement would prevent another freeway sign hassle as occurred with signs for the Redlands Freeway, the Commission believes. "We were allowed to review, agreement, only the signs inside the city | last time," observed Planning! actual construction of the north- souUi freeway "will probably be not less than five years in the future." The suggestion regarding review of directional signs is but one of nine recommendations forwarded to the City Council for inclusion in the freeway! avenue to the north city limits be widened to its ultimate width, and should further request that either San Bernardino avenue or Lugonia avenue between the freeway and North Orange be widened. —That the freeway be specifically identified as a landscaped freeway. Other recommendations are: j The State has made the fol- —Construction of a frontage .lowing proposals: ROBERT E. KAHL general public, as well as school administrators and offi cials, to attend this important meeting because school costs, which have been increasing rapidly, already account for 40 to 60 per cent of local property taxes. It is vital that we all take an interest in the future school needs and how to finance them," Mr. Rchwald; said. j "Presentation of t h c report! ,Dallas Richins has been re- VARNUM E. CLARK W. D. HERKELRATH Richims heads SB county GOP group was the signs outside the city,the freeway from Lugonia ave-erleaf interchange at the June-' that caused the trouble." inue to Pioneer avenue. tion If the state agrees to the; —Construction of grade separ-j —Construction of a grade scp three-mile sign review by the'ations to permit the westward jaration at Lugonia avenue, city, the Planning Commission extension of Pennsylvania conceivably could make signnuc. and at the Santa Ana — _.. recommendations for the Ten- cr bluff for a proposed scenic;off ramps at San Bernardino j! hI! \ re P° rt na f Deen presented year, ROBERT G. WiENS Photo by Arznand Kahl again heads Redlands Federal, three promoted chairman E. R. Hales, "and it road paralleling the east side of| ^pfetaof the Ml clov-, ^ ^ - ^onjelected president of the Republi- ion with thP RprihnHs Fr PP wav and answer session. All public! can Advisory Council of San Robert E. Kahl was re-elected;tary, has been with the assort-sets to S46.301.304.69 ; -Const™^^^ j president of the Redlands Fed- ation since 1956. iccmber 31. 1963. J westward aration at Lugonia avenue ' i Tax Association members, and! The Ontario businessman will;eral Savings & Loan Associa- Promoted to Assistant viceistated t ania ave-' — Construction of a diamondi Ulc general public arc urged to head the organization during thelUon at its annual meeting held President was Robert G. Wicns.:sents a Ana Riv- ! intcrchan"c with both on and' attend - Tnis is ,hc first timejeoming presidential election;yesterday at the home office at Manager of the Beaumont ! ° v er to Fifth street I in Redlands. as of De- Mr. Kahl Assistant vice! state ^ that this figure repre- a considerable increase 0 __ „ t total assets reported one and Citrus avenue!Branch since its establishmcntjyear ago, and lie attributed the nessee Street Freeway all the drive |avenue ! in this arca - 11 ma - v wc " sen ' c i Named to serve on the Coun- m Redlands. |in 1962. Mr. Wicns has been em-!institute's continued growth to way to the junction of Highland) -Advise Stale of preference -Construction of a grade sep-! as a basis for ncw lax laws b >;cil's executive committee with! Several promotions werejployed with Redlands Federal:economic prosperity in the corn- City Creek road (State High-.'for undercrossing where grade,aration at Pioneer avenue. i^e next session of the State Richins were Robert L. Henley!made withm the organization.:since 1956. |munity. the confidence on the iLegislature," Mr. Rehwald; 0 f San Bernardino; Dr. Paul'These included three officers' Officers re-elected in addition,part of its members, and the ] added. JDeeb of Loma Linda; Charlesibeing named vice presidents.!to those above who were pro-'Association's ability to expand Membership in Sky Roamers now open to flyers A gay happiness child Final report of Jubilee shows financial success ! Following weeks of organiza- A wonderful, fun-loving guy .Diamond Jubilee giant to an tional planning with the noted came to the end of his days yes- end. jsky Roamers private flying or- terday. There was nostalgia, perhaps, Jganization, W. A. Fanning, II. He only lived for 18 months. but n0 sadness. For he had done| announced that memberships in But during this brief span, he' ms J° b weU and served h i s| the prospective Sky Roamers In- brought a memory-laden happi-jpurpose- His lieutenants wercjiand Empire Branch are now ness to the community that nur- S lad oi this - But ^ey were al-i available to pleasure and busi- so happy to return to their reg-iness pilots from the Redlands, ular pursuits. JSan Bernardino, Riverside and Hs deedis will not be forgot-: surrounding areas, ten. For his cabinet decreed that| ji r . Fanning, who is spear-: a permanent biographical file : heading the organization of the tured him He was responsible for the creation, coordination and development of some 46 events and activities last year which brought a renewed zest to the people of Redlands. For he was the child of the Chamber of Commerce who grew to maturity and became a corporation to arrange the Diamond Jubilee celebration in commemoration of Redlands 75th anniversary. His active civic duties spanned the period from Nov. 26, 1962, the Jubilee committee's 74th birthday dinner, to N o v. 9, 1963, the Grand Ball. Since that time, he has been in semi-retirement, awaiting only a report on his financial) status before full retirement. J Yesterday, he finally discovered he was a financial success as well as a civic and cultural success. His work w a s done. But what he did he did not do alone. His chief aide was A. R. Schultz Jr. who headed his "cabinet." And A. B. Drake was second in command. The man who was everywhere, working quietly and efficiently. its services to meet the needs of t h e service area. He also stated that he felt savings and loan institutions have now achieved a critically important place in our total economy and ing is at the new Holiday Inn: mg party"phi&^ ^J^TJSTa!t^ in Colton at the octopus free- 1 achievements. It has also served;be will still retain. I mreciors re eiecieu inciuaea.i .. . e way interchange. Reservations for the luncheon Sandlin of Upland; and Harry|They are Varnum E. Clark, W. moted. include: William T meeting can be made through!Reynolds and Burt Law, both oi|Dewey Herkelrath and T. Doug-jHartzell, vice-president; Madie January IS by calling the San'. Redlands. j las Rowsey. |E. Dague, vice-president; Bernardino County Taxpayers'! The Advisory Council was! JIr - Clark has been with theiGladys D. Simon, assistant sec- Association office in San Ber-jf 0 unded in 19G2to assist Repub-] ass °eiation since 1952, and hasi retarv ; J. Edward Harp, treas- nardino (TU 54251). The mect-'ij can p ar ty groups in publiciz-jbeen serving in the capacity of^rer; Joan M. Soto, assistant Marines again accepting recruits idLlllfVCIllUIW, 11 UU3 d!3U SL 'nt'U]"- **—— * ' . -kl t, * (to help encourage and select Re-! Mr. Herkelrath has been with Mlss „? a | :ue - Ur - Kahl - Clar-|able future publican candidates to run forRedlands Federal since 1954 ence ^' . y « ."I. Mr ' Kahl P redl ? ted a furtnor I office. Youth Center to be finished at Ontario by 1967 should be maintained at thejsky Roamers Branch said thatjc 'orps"is"now "acccp7ing "a"ppii".[ Special To The Daily Facts Chamber of Commerce and filcdj W ith the establishment of Skyications for three vear enlist-! S\CRAME.\TO — (PCNS) — in the A. K. Smiley Library. ,Roamers Air Travel within thejmcnts from all high school• February 1967 has been set as Staff Sergeant Gerald McDonald of the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Office, announces that the Marine Then, when his son is some-;i oca l arca, prospective members day created to help Redlands ; can expect and will receive the .February, 1967, has been set as graduates and non-graduates;the target date for completion alike. Applicants must be be celebrate 100 years of existanceJbcst in flying equipment at ajtween the ages of 17 and 2S and in 1988, his experiences can be reviewed for helpful hints. City Fathers were also cost comparable to operating in good health. the family automobile. Backed by 17 years and mil- At the present time the Ma- of the first phase of a major new Southern California Youth Center near Ontario, the California Youth Authority an- rine Corps has a limited inounced today, amount of openings in the avia-j Heman G. Stark, CYA direc- jtion field, which can be guar-:tor, told the Daily Facts that and has been serving as Assistant Secretary and Branch Manager of the Yucaipa Office since 1958. Mr. Herkelrath will also continue serving as the Yucaipa Branch Manager. Mr. Rowsey, Fontana Branch Manager and Assistant Secre- L W. Roeder passes away Funeral services are scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow for Leonard William Roeder, 63, a roofer for the Lee Roofing Company in Redlands for the last 17 years, who d i e d in Loma Linda Monday. Mr. Roeder, a native of Ne- pleased with Mr. Jubiiec. For ; ij ons of a ir miles of safe flying, not often is money given, lhen |it is expected that this move rC BuT e the citv nut him on a ; m , cnt , w5 J} significantly contrib-; an tecd^ bcfore ""eVirtmcnt .°Th'eithe' huge ncw 'juVcniteTorrw.l br ?ste ; was a resident of Yu•aw Yccoun of S3 000 lieonlv . l ° , th4 ? " nt ^ u ^ d <- veIo P"!men selected for aviation dutyjtion facility, to be constructed j «'P a f « ma ^ his tooTsisToriLairand ves < m ?\ ° f R Mumci.. arc scnl t0 Memphis. Tenn.. to'adjaccnt to the existing Ontario i home at 12774 Thirteenth street. erday he found he had S673 P a ' Au "" ort ' . ,. .. . . [attend one of the various avia-j Youth Training School, wiU Het « s \ mem ^ ^ lhek Sev " ft to cive back Th ,«? orsan«alion,wnich is o P ; tion schooli -. Icvcntually become one of only]e nth -D a y Adventist church. This too he did not do alnno 1° a 'i mlantl , Cmp ',!' c rcsldents ;i Any voung men desirin" more'two such highly centrahzed «e leaves his wife, Mrs. Dor- lms. too, lie did not do alone. nas becn continually supported-acsirdi„ more Authoritv institutions in ! °tby J. Roeder of Yucaipa; two' He had several successful side-; ov the jtcdlands Chamber 0 f; inform ation on either of the i 0 " 111 Autnoruj institutions in x r_„ :l ... mann, Charles O. Pierpoint, W. i increase in housing and home Eugene Malone, and W. E.j financing activities during 1964, Shollenbarger. With perhaps some difficulty Redlands Federal Savings re-! with an oversupply of housing ported an increase in total as- 1 units. Rely _ — , lIu . j Vcalal i as Luaniuer oi , . . .. . ,i,„ lines during his celebration. I commerce and has been en-! abovc P r °5 rams - contact the lo j Ule state ' More than 3500 of his friends !rf nrc ~» ),.. i? i> si-rrin n„n i eal ^' ar 'ne Recruiter located in i Stark disclosed plans for the j I lUinatu II. • J'ltlllll, Jl(-U-,,.„ n . „„. |,,.:IJ:„„ c ,r,„, — ;„ „„: > „,„i, „„„.,„.1„ toured historical^homes ai |d: lallds director of aviation. Mr. the Post Office building, San (Ontario project simultaneously UJ ^ „..«^u. ""Bernardino or call TU 5 -1278.! with announcement of a Feb from this he received a net m-ijierritt has long been a prime, •><> W.A -..n t~- n n nctr..M,-«n «i come of $3,099. | ar)c ] aggressive advocate in pro-! The big community Fourth of, viQrag improved flying service; ClflSS TOr July celebration also earned him^ lne j oca i community. W i t hj w $583 above expenses. this support, it is expected that u/MwMAn flf And those hats and souvenir! addcd stimulus will be given to; WWHICH Ml buttons resulted in a profit of: l0 business and pleasure fly $338. ' Some things he didn't do to ing within the arca, Mr. Fan- - - - , „ . ,. .ning declared, mostly in the background, was;make money. The gigantic pa-j Based on , he enfliusias ti c rc . Larry H. Hendon who functioned as his chief administrator. Others on his official cabinet were Lee Simmonds, his business manager; Wendell Morrisset, treasurer; Mrs. Stewart Hotchkiis, secretary, and mem bers John Pike. Harold McMillen, Zafon A. Hartnian, A. T. MacAIistaire, W. Eugene Malone and Robert Wagner. H i s volunteer legal counsel was Charles Bierschbach. It was this cabinet, meeting yesterday, which took steps to bring the career of this jubilant radc was one of them. He spent sponsc received to date, Mr. Adult school daughters, Mrs. Ivan Namihas of Bakersfield and Mrs. Dale Anderson of Stillwater, Okla.; three brothers, Kenneth Roeder ™ tin '^"^"^'1,.^,^^!^ Azusa, Carl Roeder of Den- 128 bid call for construction of' _ , ' . T _ , , ! a "sister" Northern California i^f', Co '?" f an ? Jess fRoed \ r , of .vouth facility at Stockton. ? nuia £ lsta; tw ° f ste "' M . re -. j- ' Irene Bechcr of Los Angeles | The northern youth center | and Mrs J|me Champaign ofj (project will get underway thiS| New Y ork State; and five] j summer for completion of its i grandchildren ay onvour PHARMACIST QUALIFICATION Your druggist's certificate as a Registered Pharmacist shows that he has passed the California State Board of Pharmacy examination and is fully qualified to dispense drugs. WE DELIVER ALL PRESCRIPTIONS Daily Hours: 9 a. m, to 9 p. m.; Sunday: 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. I REDLANDS i first phase by February, 1966, jonc year before the initial sec- Personal Development forjtion of the Ontario facility is Women is a new Redlands .'ready k FOE WEST COAST THtATW • 133 CejM SUM* PY.3-OH VFcek Day» Cont. from " r .M. SBC ind Sun. Cont. from S T^I. HELD OVER WALT DISNEY eisgwiUD^ihrfjeaa TECHNIC01.0R8 ALSO "TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE" SUoO to sponsor ; the para d.c-Fanning cxpccU to begin opera-'Adult Education class sched -J Noting that the two correc- whicn brougtit joy to an esti-: tion bv carly spring with a flcet !uled to start on February 6. actional institutions will be built mated oO.OOO adults and chiI-; of four aircraft Prospective Wording to Jack Binkley, Coor-; under similar plans. Stark dis- I candidates who qualifv for char-jdinator. !closed that the Stockton plant i, c4? M th° rC i- ,. e °^ rn j iter membership will receive the I The course will include pcr-'will eventually contain J2 sep- cn . m u , C l '" )ac , i !,i benefit of a membership share ,'sonality and appearance, ward-iarate instituUons of 400 boys Ball, too, but who counts do'-! a t a reduced rate. Due to organi-lrobe building, physical and so-|each. The plant will have com- 1 ™i ?II ^ 1a ,! As0 , mu , national reasons, the number of;ciai graces, grooming, poisc, ! mon administrative and service gooa mn lor tne 1,00 who at-j char(cr mem bers accepted willifigure control, dressing to-the!buildings, tended. ! be limited to 40. However, Fan- 1 occasion, personal motivations, He said the new concept of a He provided street decorations, for Jubiiec week, and they, too, cost him $950. But what gay flavor they added to t h e downtown district. And so, with his civic burdens behind him and his finan- Tomorrow's services will be conducted by Elders E. H. Emmerson and L. R. Scott of the Seventh-Day Adventist church at Hughes Funeral chapelin Yucaipa. Interment will be in Montecito Memorial Park. REXALL DRUGS NO. 1 E. STATE PHONE PY 2-7174 W« Giv. S.J. H. GrMn Slampt COURTEOUS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE ning stated that additional mem-! and getting along with people, j "constellation" of facilities|| berships will be allowed at a! The class will be under the;served by a single administra- later date as growth plans clu-: direction of Ruth F. McCuIley. mtnate. .'She taught classes privately for Prospective candidates who;several years and has worked are interested in becoming char--as a matron model. * i v. r- H tcr members are urged to con i The class will meet on Thurs- cial burdens finally resolved. i tact Mr Fanning. 1302 Ccnterjdays. 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. for 17iindependent institutions. Mr. Jubilant Diamond Jubilee. Crcsl 132 . m3t or E . o. Gra- weeks. The registration fee forj According to Stark, all future °!f r „„.!f,P. Ca " '?!.." c mston ';ham, 533 Eucalyptus. 793-4061.:the class will be S4.50. For|expansions of Youth Authority commu ''for additional information andfurther information phone 793-;facilities will be confined to the application. j 2256. IStockton and Ontario sites. live complex will make possible the saving of "millions of dollars" it would require to duplicate these services scat- j tcred throughout the state at TAINT cal archiives of the nity. But he will never be forgotten by those who knew him. REDLANDS FOOTLIGHTERS present LIVE THEATER "ROMAN CANDLE" A COMEDY By Sidney Sheldon THURS. - FRI. - SAT. Jan. 16, 17, 16 TUES. - WED. . THURS. FRI. - SAT. Jan. 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 2 SHOWS SATURDAYS 7:00 & 9:30 Other Nighfs 8:15 ALL SEATS $1.95 Special Season Ticket S5.25 Box Office Hourt 4 :00 • 8:00 Except Sunday GROVE THEATER 20 E. Vine St. — Redlands PY 2-9022 Services held in Whittier Funeral services were con ducted yesterday in Rose Hill Memorial Park, Whittier. for Fred C. Dooly of Alhambra father of Mrs. William Jacinto of Redlands, who died Sunday after an illness of about a year. In addition to his daughter in Redlands, he leaves his wife, Mrs. Georgie Dooly of Alham bra, and two grandchildren Gary and Terri Jacinto of Red lands. Mr. Dooly was a native of Missouri. La Carrera Field Riding Stable ON NORTH ORANGE ST. • HORSE BACK RIDING * HAY RIDES Horses Bought — Sold — Boarded For Hay Ride Reservations PLEASE CALL 792-3114 JOHN PLONSKY, Manager DICK DOYLE. Owner Los Rios RANCHO Open Every Day 9 AM.-5 P.M. Co/a" Crisp Apples — Pure Raw Apple Cider Los Pios RANCHO Oak Glen Road OAK CLEN Yucaipa, Calif. 7 MILES EAST OF YUCAIPA 10 MILES NORTH OF BEAUMONT SOMEONE STARTED A RUMOR!! ... and TAINT SO! Paul and Vesta Schaefer Have Been For Many Years and Still Are Owners and Operators of HOCKRIDGE FLORIST 106 West State Sr. Redlands Howerfene 793-1331 We are sorry for this confusion and having to 1 make this statement but someone is attempting to undermine our business. We wish to let our friends and customers know we still have the finest of'flowers, corsages, potted plants and gifts and have the same old courteous service . . . and free delivery. Paul F. and Vesta Schaefer Owners Hockridge Florist

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