The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE BAKBR3FTBLD CAL1FX)BN1AN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1908. Friday, Oct. 23 DEAF, TOM:Need a pipe? Then get In on Meroney,s special pipe sale. 40% off regular price 1 BILL DREAMLAND RINK TO OPEN AGAIN JONES RESIDENCE IS BURGLARIZED WILL HAVE TRIALS SET ON MONDAY. K. Rlgnosa, accused of robbery, nnd Morris Prevost, accused uf burglary. were arraigned In Judge Mahon's court this morning nnd plead not gull court this morning and plead not guilty. They will appear on Monday j to have the date of trials set. j PREPARE FOR MASK BALL. Prized for the masquerade ball to be given by the Indies Auxiliary to the B. of L. T. on the nl«ht of October 30th are now on display and the committee in charge Is working hard to make this annual event a great sue cess. NO DIRT in onr bread. It's elean Roiled blinds of the cureless bilker does not di'_' into the doiifib. Its mixed by machinery, baked twice a day and is always fresh, olean aud wholesome. Annett'sBakery 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 ('. K. Smith, manager of tlie Recreation Pork signing rink in Fresno, which h;is just closed for the season. Is here and will re-open Dreamland skating rink next. Friday, a week from tonight. Smith has leased the local rink from George A. Tilton, the owner, for a term of six months, and promises to conduct it on a high plane and make, it the popular amusement place it was In the past. Mr. Smith is an experienced skating rink man and has many novel attractions )>lanne<i for the season. An orchestra of six, five of wh'om will be local musicians, will furnish the mu- Bic. There will be nightly exhibitions of fancy skating and each week some other form of entertainment. A strong polo team will be organized and Bakersfleld probably given a place In the valley polo league. Smith Is now cleaning out the big pavilion, repairing the skates and making things ready for the opening next Friday. ANOTHER RESIDENCE FOR 19 STREET John Redstone, the contractor anJ builder, this morning secured the contract to erect a new cottage on Nineteenth street between A and B streets for Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Condley. The structure will be strictly modern and will be begun as soon as possible. Work was begun on the residence of Walter Burke In the Chester tract this morning. Redstone also has the contract for to' 8 building. ANNUAL RUMMAGE SALE. Tlie anntliil rummaKo sale of the Congregational church will begin Sat unlay of this week at the Stoner build' ing, corner Chester avenue nnd 17th Btreet. Everybody la invited. The committee. In charge Is Mrs. F. W. Wurthort, Mrs. K. D. BUBS and Mrs. .law. Ogdeit. 71 Upon their return from the south yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Jones found that their home at D and Truxtun avenue had been burglarized during their absence. So far as can be ascertained, a suit of clothes, a couple of pair of trousers, a hat and a suit case was all that was taken. Entrance was effected by cutting a screen door and forcing the way into the kitchen. Several unsuccessful attempts have previously been made on the Jonen residence, but each time they resulted in failure. A week or BO ago Harmer Jones caught a glimpse of a would-be burglar and chased him several blocks, but was unable to overtake the Intruder, IS SUNSET OIL IS GOOD FOR M08T ANYTHING. The heaviest Sunset crude petroleum Is successfully used for fuel In gome engines, but It flows too sluggishly to keep up a good even fire in locomotives. The New Center Company, however, Is selling it to the McCloud River Railroad, a small line In Northern California. It has to be heated for use. In winter it has arrived as hard as asphaltum, and a bucketful has been set upside dpwn without spilling. Besides its splendid qualities as a road maker, the merits of this petroleum in the making of lubricants are beginning to com mand recognition from refiners. It Is being used for this by Dewar'a establishment at Stockyards, the King Keystone refinery near West Barkeley and by the American Oil and Paint Company at San Francisco,-all manufacturing high grade lubricants. Prom Sunset oil are made, among other things, the highest class of cylinder oils. This Is from oil a few years since declared almost worthless.—California Derrick. Is the Paim; com* aiio «K under our palma and drink a cooling, re freshing soda water and eat an la cream or Ice. We solicit wholesale trade, both In oream« and candlea Special Professional Visit of Physician; and Surgeons Representing the Electro-Medical and Surgical Institute of New York and Los Angeles Our Specialist from New York CURES ALL THE DISEASES OF MEN. He makes no misleading propositions, promises no impossibilities, but performs all he promises. Fair dealing, moderate fees, faithful service and speedy cures have won for us the confidence of the afflicted everywhere. We Have Cured Thousands and Can Cure You WE HAVE NO SPECIFIC CURE ALL PREPARATIONS, BUT TREAT EACH CASE SEPARATELY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, ACCORDING TO ITS PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We Cure the Cases Others Cannot .\ hold stal<'iii'''i! , l.>;t just a> true ;is it is bulil. Not nil eases that others I'ail in einv ai 1 '- <"ir- ilile li-. mil 1 iiu-th<i<ls. Inn J'ullv >•••"> per ecu) of Ibi'in are. The'wjiy t.. I. •;,!'!! if your ease K eurable is l<> e.msult OUR SPECIALIST FOR MEN. llr has lui'l years tii' i-x|ie!-jei,i.e in ti'"atiun diseases <il men. lie knows what In- ean i|n I'ni- \u,i. 1 1' \niii 1 en!-" is eiiraliie lie will treat you. If it isn't lie. will not. Consultation and Diagnosis free. Our honest and candid advice costs you nothing. Nervous and Chronic Blood Diseases Cured to Stay Cured Lost Manhood, F,u 'r.scmria, Runture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affections, Kidney Troubles, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Hea:: Troubles, Liver and Bladder Disorders, and any affections of the Vital Organs hitherto thought inc'-rsb ,<; are successfully treated. ALL CONSULTATION BY PATIENTS STRICTLY PRIVATE. CONTRACTED DISORDERS Of all dismast s p. cu.i: 1 .: to II.--M comraded disorders are Hie most abused by eul-aiul-lry. hii-mi.: -miss luont HdnilnlHter'-d by *,'(«") friend-., dniKtfUt;-:. •!••!•!/.)!•!••. i:: Kener:-.! practlee and nioM uf the wunl.l-be specialists. It Is eertuinb uuen- -• .n.n to bear the Klory of Hie avenge patient telling bin experience with the different kinds of so-called uvaunent i he bin been "ii|> against." A large majority of onr patients come to as with the original disease auil par or nil tbe complications resulting from delay anil mistreatment. We M^II- erally have to care them after i>om • or all of tlie following symptoms have developed: Stricture. or all of the chronic bladder troubles, disea ed MroK.taie, sores, swelling. etc., besides a patient whose ronlideiici' and mind, are so diseased in rough fail in; aaJ disappointaient. Don't trllle with these disorders; j;o u> a doctor who knows how to cure you; it, is the cheapest, saresl and shortest way out. \\'e liave Ije.-u IT, \e,irs in Die .1. Heed, alias I.cM.-r V. Smith, the burglar who was arrested yesterday afternoon by Officer lioodall after an iinsurres.-ni) attempt to rob S. Tarni In the Pete Wilson lodging house, was nrraiKiied on a burglary charge this afternoon and his preliminary exarnl. nation set by Justice. Black for tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Tarul swore ID the complaint. Although the officers believe that Smith is the fellow's right name, the prisoner gave the name of J. lieed at the jail this morning. SAYLRSlAYlE WELCH'S OPPONENT Johnny Murphy, after considering, evidently came to the conclusion that Freddie Welch is n little too hard a flght tor the money there would be In sight for a battle here arly In November. In a letter to Tom O'Brien this morning, he seemed surprised that Welch was going to flght here and although the little San Franciscan is anxious to meet the Britisher, he doesn't want to come to Bakersfleld to flght him. Johnny is out for the money pure and simple. His flght with Oakes here last July was a disappointment to Johnny from the financial viewpoint. While the fights are draw- [ing better now than they did six months ago, Johnny is not willing to take the chance of fighting here when he feels certain he and Welch could command a better purse and better prices in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. - O'Brien is now after Maurice Sayers for the light with Welch. Teddy Murphy, 'he original boy manager who was Battling Nelson's manager and adviser when the Battler first jumped into tue championship circle, is handling Buyers nnd tor several weeks past Murphy has been writing to O'ltrien for a match. O'Brien hist night wrote to Murphy that he would mutch Savers and Welch and if agreeable to the boy manager, to go around 10 Jeffries and sign articles--. .N ffrie.s and O'Brien have been eliif-e friends for many yours. The loc:il ^porting man has invited the cliaiiipifin here for the Tight, whenever 11 incurs, and the possibilities are that the bin champion will be among those liit the ringside. If Savers and Welch agree to flght, word should be received here tonight or tomorrow. Distinctive Hats Styles Many handsome new models, in stiff and softeffects—All nevv shades including the Tyrolean green $3 and $3.50 READ THEIR PALMS. Mme. Inez gives some characteristic utterances. Come this way! This way! Careful of the furniture there, it seems darker than it really Is, having come directly from tho light. The electric switch Is just above your head." I made one or two false gestures with my hands In the air, and finally succeeded in turn'ng on the light. A form was f.ittlng before me. I have just finished my day's work, and am trying; to recover." Then after a moment's reflection, 'Not that the BakersuVId people arc unusually hard on me, hut It invaiiably follows that the first few days after my ar rival In sny town the ilriwiul on my time is such that/ 1 must pay sonffe attention as- legards wst common i ii'es? of h?.ihh and th< Her vole-! seemed .u if II had bee.i m'.ic'i t'f-ed of late: still I 0011' . palms told their own tales. I can say no more along this line. I began to feel there was after all something mysterious about the woman. "HoW long will you remain at the Arlington," I saked. "Oh that's hard to say. You see, I have promised the people across the way," she gestured with her thumb toward the west, "that I would remain a few days longer; there are several hundred engagements made." The more she talked the more something of the mysterious come from the palmist and as I left the room I felt certain after all there was something mysterious about the woman. • » » This aliment is usually caused by rheumatism of the muaclea of the small of the back, and is quickly cured by applying Chamberlain's Liniment two or three times a day and massaging the parts at each application. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co. Kern. Wednesday unexcelled for rheumatism and kidney trouble TooLate For Classification nothing mysu-ik.-un about Mino Ine/., tV. 1 i n-inertt c'i'i'. vojj-nt, as she Arlington Hotel every sat in i ha't-ipclii'.in^ r;.Mtion before morning. The bates are me. "\':\K !•* vision.:," 1 suggested . She 'Mia si'i>i Ing fr ir.: tl:o fashionable | by any and all skin diseases. Th« disease. i only hot mud baths In Kern County. "Vast'o- visit.!:!! 1 ai'fiiii I have had of I Hotel largest and best accomodatioui late," the noted palmist laughingly of any resort In Kern County. Flue answered, "but then 1 have most excellent cause for them; those in of- i (ice jvished to know if they would remain, and those standing for office wished to know If they would he for- i Innate." "And your answer to them?" I asked. r * * * * * * •>**•!• * * • E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant * Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, * Eggs, and all farm products. * "Oh, make no mistakes. Ttiolr WAXTKl) P.i.iird by tlie month for a six-weeks ol.l urey hound with family where there are no children. Apply to Mrs. Thompson, Grand Hotel. 74 I r OH BXCHAN'fiK—For Los Angeles home, a beautiful home near oil j fields and 5 aorcs of hmd. This is, just the place for an oil man. Ad-1 dress 0. L. Robertson, 12: n , S Broad-j way, Los Angeles. 77 FOR EXCHANGE— Beautiful home at Palms, only In mile-, from l.os An geles: want K" :icr"s south of Bak- ersfleld. Write to Koljfnson, 123 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. li FOR SALE—One lady's up to dale bicycle almost new, titte-,1 with bo>:t • V •;•... !,!•••-.- ;-iv; Christy saddle, etc. Price >16; must sell. Inquire at 1509 18th street. 7! FOR SALE—Baby grand pi;;r" '.i ft<--' clnss condition, at a bargain. Inn- qulre at 2213 F street. FOR SALE—-!£ acres, 4 rooi:. house, ^asaline pumping plant, close to town. Fine chicken ranch. Proce $1450. Easy terms. Suiter & Co., 1920 1 Btreet, main 1-1:14. 72 THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. TEINWAY! (Superior to all Other Pianos) . N. B. — We wish it distinctly und.-rstood that we do not claim to perform impossibilities, or to have miraculous power.. We claim only to be s<illed and successful Specialists, thoroughly informed in our Specialty, CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. All applying to us will receive an honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee a Positive Cure in every case we undertake and do not accept for treatment any case w .• are certain we cannot cure. Dr. Frederic Bell, Ph. The well known orator and lecturer, will deliver lectures on the cure of many of the above diseases before we leave this city, A. B. Chase. Estey. Emerson Kurtzmann Sterling 1 and others. STOP AN 1 !) THINK—Can you beat I this? Nice lot on 1 street, in splendid! locality, shade trees already set, ce- I inent sidewalk; for only $6fiM; $250 cnsh, balance $10 per month, (iet busy if you expect to get it. See R. A Moore, P)om 11, Hopkins building. "4 ROOMING HOUSE! ROOMING HOUSE!—I have client with the cash, to buy go&d rooming house; want 20 to ,'!0 worn*; -how the house; and take the i-.ioivv. See R. \ Moore, room 11 vMp-tins bldtr. • Phone Main 433. 74 WANTED—By a ,fai>..! •• • '••> . any- kind of work; small w ;•. • . » <•. day each week. Inqtiit'- •,:•• Jll'ii f, i street and ask for George, or telephone Main TM-i. 77 Also a fine variety of Player Pia nos. Lowest prices and easy terms. Orders taken for sheet music. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager Electro Medi- Jlooms 15, 16, 17,' 10 tiud^lB. stitute. _ Office Now Open 10 to 1; 2 to 5; 7 to 9. And by appointments WHY SIT STII.I.,—rud let the other fellow "^et the plums"; here is a l-'i<jt.-elfiii thfv :rot this week- One forty acre ranch, corner lot on IJlth Ktreet. corner mi (; street, corner on 2mh street, e.irtii-r nn I street — you can «et a bari;ain too if you sh'nke h ! <rl cturinlt. Sliuke $ai> cash and balance easy (and see what will happen) for thi.^ lot 10uxl22 on c. street. Shake it at R. A Moore, the real estate »:a». room 11, Hopkins bldg. 74 WANTEI'>—To rent writer. AddreuK Skating Rink. Mpr hand type- [ Dreamland 77 AS THE DAYS GROW BHORTlK Yf''i Feel the ueeil of heavier eloth- iniv. i • I hesitate to pui'diaso win- t'-r v.-elsiht. Not necessary—send la-'t spring's suit here for IVIKIVH- tioi'. eli>aiiin<{ ami pressing, and we'll put it in sha]ie to weni' nnd pleav- 1 vdur- eyes, however ci'iticnl you niuy he. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobwn, Proprietor. V N Office, 1513* mi) at., Phone Mala 175 Work*, 129-133 80th St Phone Mala 168

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