The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 24, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 24, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 * Officials Puzzled (Continued from page one) and safety of men they might hold that we don't know about,'? James said. Another Pentagon official said if the United States made public a list of all the men the Pentagon believes are prisoner of war, then North Vietnamese jailers might tell other prisoners not on the list "your * Christmas Badges (Continued from page one) They may duplicate this warehouse here in a year or two; The Chamber has answered several inquiries from several companys that were hunting a place. Two are very active prospects. " After reading it you should contact Mr. Warren Gilreatti, should you have any further interest or questions. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1970 AIR SLOWDOWN LONDON (UPI)—A rulebook slowdown and overtime ban by 60,000 airport workers seeking a pay raise delayed airline passengers for up . to seven hours Sunday at London's Heathrow Airport * Teuscher Completes (Continued from page one) During the first six weeks of the sophomore year the instructor places the student on an SOE job. Prior to being placed on a training job a complete written training agreement form is signed by the student, his parents, the business operator and a college official.. The instructor visits the student while at the training station and reports are completed by the student, employer, and instructor which become part of the student's permanent file. POLLUTION TRAINING WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Environmental Protection Agency has announced four new programs, 'costing a total of $3.7 million, to train 2,600 persons in the waste water treatment field. One program, involving water pollution control - and the operations of waste water treatment plants, will involve 1,000 persons in 27 states. A second will concentrate on 900 persons in Virginia, South Carolina, Wisconsin, the Virgin Islands and Texas, and the other two will focus on 360 persons already working in the field in nine states. on the lighter side By DICK WEST . WASHINGTON (UPI) - Perhaps you have noticed that violence by campus radicals and other militants appears to have diminished this fall. And • perhaps you have been wondering why. If so, I invite your attention to the steady proliferation of television "talk" shows. Television news coverage has occasionally -»been accused of causing violence, the theory being ' that demonstrators tend to become more frenetic when the cameras are turned their way. This may be true, but any violence attributable .to network newsmen certainly is more than offset by the talk shows, which have become America's first line of defense against revolution. BombingPlans in illustration of this point, let us say that a terrorist group called the "Meteorologists" plans, to bomb a plant that makes frozen onion rings served in military mess halls. The blasting party assembles . at the appointed hour and awaits the arrival of their leader, Sam Boombang. After they have been standing around for 30 minutes or so, a runner arrives with a message; "The operation has been . scrubbed for tonight," he reports. "What's the matter?" someone asks. "Did somebody tip off.the pigs?" v "No," the runner replies. "Boombang is appearing on the David Susskind Show." " This does not mean, of course, that a certain amount of terrorism doesn't take place. But think how much greater it would be if television didn't keep most of the radical leaders tied up^on talk shows. If you check the dates on recent bombings, I. think you will find that all of them occurred on nights when David Frost failed to interview the leader of some extremist group. Followers will Wutch The number of radical activists who are inactivated by Dick Cavett and Johnny Carson is far greater than the sum of their radical guests. If a revolutionist is booked for the Merv Griffith "show, his loyal followers naturally watch the program. As do the leaders and members of other militatnt factions. •Consequently, -a single guest shot on a network talk show can effectively neutralize the entire- terrorist apparatus in tins country. Putting this situation in historical perspective,. we can see that if David Susskind had been Cuban, Fidel Castro would never have gotten out of the Maestra Mountains." TOKYO: North Vietnamese Defense Minister Vo Nguyen Giap (shown in 1967 photo) said December 22 the U.S. has no right to carry out reconnaissance flights over North Vietnam, and planes that make them will be fired on. "Any encroachment on our airspace, waters and land will certainly be punished by our armed forces and people," Giap declared at a rally marking the 26th anniversary of the founding of North Vietnam's army. UPI TELEPHOTO WASHINGTON WINDOW • By FRANK .ELEAZER WASHINGTON (UPI) . House members have discovered that seniority is a matter neither of law, holy writ, nor even a rule of the Congress. It is a tradition, and they are fixing to amend it a little at least. This means that after January, survival alone will not guarantee a lawmaker's ascendance to the seats of the mighty. In picking the committee chairmen who run the House, such previously irrelevant matters as health, age, ability and common sense may be considered along ' with unbroken service. The key word there is "may." Mostly the old bulls who have been around longest are assured re-election to the chair. manships they have acquired merely by getting re-elected every two years and outlasting their fellows (to an average age of just under 70). . But both Democrats and Republicans have devised machinery by which it is made not. only possible but respectable for any member to challenge these crucial top committee Mem/ Cftristnws At this holy season- we earnestly hope that abiding peace and contentment will bless you and your family. 0 675 4300 ' jjuuva Management And Staff FOR THE FIRST TIME W HISTORY YOU CAN SEEmiADOLLY!' XT POPULAR PRICES! COME ANYTIME FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! IOCMSMK atsBaaaS am&mmm Jiz. IO|i= , = , + ACArxSyAWARDS* 'iTRea^r e" closecf" ¥< At 3; 30- Two Show: MATINEE SATroPAY---CONTINUOUSSUNDAY eatre Closed Tonight -6pen"tomorrow At 3;30- Two Showings At 4; OO And 7 ;OQ assignments. Opinions differ as to whether the recommended reform is enough for a system that has been blamed by some critics for most of the ills of Congress. But most members agree that it is all the House is ready to buy. The separate Democratic and Republican plans were drafted by special committees on which, naturally, senior members were well represented. That of course made sense if the idea was to come up with something the two party caucuses would approve.. Republicans, under the chairmanship of Rep. Barber B. Conable Jr., R-N.Y., devised what the new citizens lobby, common cause, views as the better of the two plans. Under it, the party's committee on committees will bring in its recommended slates of committee assignments, just as usual, except that it will be advised that in each case the member nominated as ranking minority member "need not be the member with the longest consecutive service'. on that committee." Each such nomination will be subject to an automatic and secret vote by all party members, if any nominee flunks, the committee on committees will nominate somebody else. Under the Democratic plan, as devised by a group headed by Rep. Julia Butler Hansen, D- Wash., the recommendation of the party's committee on committees (which would "hot necessarily follow seniority") could be challenged not only as to the chairman but as to any lesser assignment. However, it would be up to some gutsy member (or maybe one who has already outraged the establishment and has nothing further to lose) to rise in caucus and challenge the choice. Nine others equally courageous would be needed to second his contest. Only thereafter could a secret ballot be had. Famous For Chinese And Cantonese Dinner Served All Hours , AMERICAN FOOD Special Prices on Chinese, American Foods, home or parties. All orders freshly prepared. KOKOMO Monday to Thursday 227 N. Buckeye GL9-9066 China Clipper Restaurant government doesn't know you exist." "They could bring tremen-. dous pressure this way to get those men to talk. They might even kill them and never say anything about it," he said. 412 More'Missing* There were 368 names on the list given Tuesday in Paris to representatives of Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-amass., and J. William Fulbright, D-Ark. Of these, 339 were listed as alive and 20 as dead. The other nine have been released. The Pentagon believes North Vietnam has captured 378 Americans and that at least 20, possibly 22 of these have died in the hands of their captors. Most of those captured were pilots of U.S. fighters or fighter-bombers shot down over North Vietnam—aircraft that carry one or two men. In addition to the 378 identified as prisoners, another 412 are listed by the Pentagon as missing in action in North •Vietnam. Officials said this means the ultimate fate of these 412 men is unknown; they may have been captured, or they may have died in the crash of their aircraft. NOTICE OF FILING TO INCREASE PUBLIC UTILITY BATES Notice is hereby giwa tbat on December 21, 1970, Central Indiana Gas Company Inc., an Indiana corporation, filed revised schedules of rates to Increase its rates to recover the increased cost of natural gas purchased •from its supplier as provided by the Public Service Commission of Indiana in Cause No. 32485. CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY INC. John S. Goodwin, Vice President L-99 ' C-70 . INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION INDIANAPOLIS LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice la hereby given that the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board of Tipton County, Indiana will at 1 p.m. on the 11 day of January, 1971 . at the Commissioners Room, Court House in the City (or town) of Tipton, Indiana, In said County, begin investigation of the application ... of the' following named persons...., requesting the issue of the applicant..., at the location ' ....hereinafter set out of the Alcoholic Beverage . Permit...of the class....berelnafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive Information concerning the fitness of said applicant ..... and the propriety of issuing the permit.,., applied for to such applicant.„at the premises named: Michael Allen I Victor W. Wood (Grocery) Beer Dealer, 502 N. Main St., Tipton, Indiana Said investigation will be open to the public, ' and public participation Is requested, - INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION By MAX H. BRATTEN Executive Secretary JOHN R. SMOCK Chairman L-98 C-70-76 NOTICE TO HEIRS, LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF • Barbara C. Schmitt, Deceased No. JH2 In Tipton Circuit Court, January Term, 1970 Notice is hereby glvenUiat George M.Schmift as administrator of said estate, has filed his account and vouchers tnflnalsettlementofsaid estate, and his petition praying the Court to . allow said account and order distribution of said estate, and that the same wili come up for bearing and action In said Court on the 5th day of January 9:30 a.m., 1971 In the courthouse in Tipton, Indiana, at which time all heirs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required to appear and show cause,' if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be allowed, and distribution of the estate be made as prayed for In said petition; and aU the heirs, devisees and legatees of said decedent and said estate, and all others Interested, are hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof of tnelr helrsnlpor claim to any part of said estate. Ross M. HuSord Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana Hutto 6 Regnler, Attorney L-87 P-65-70 NOTICE TO HEIRS, LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF Gertrude L Woiford, Deceased No. 3223 In Tipton Circuit Court, January Term, 1970 Notice la hereby given that George Heston as administrator of.sald estate, has filed his account and vouchers ln r final settlement of said estate, and his petition praying the Court to allow said account and order distribution of said estate, and that the same will come up for hearing and actios In said Court on the 6th day of January 9:00 a.m„ 1971 ID the courthouse In Tipton, Indiana, at which time all heirs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required to appear and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should notbeallow- ed, and distribution of the estate be made as prayed for In said petition; and all the heirs, devisees and legatees of said decedent and said •state, .and aU others Interested, are hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. Ross M. HuSord Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana Wilson Wheatley, Attorney L-81 C-S5-10 Auction Service FARM SALES, ESTATF, REAL ESTATE AUCTION iiOUSKHOLl) MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION AUCTIONEER! Atlanta 292-2371 in Ho VeBBfiefafl By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Zsa Zsa Gabor and Pamela Mason, friends for more than 20 years, had a fight the other night in which wigs literally flew through the air along with, imprecations, accusations and slurs as to ancestry. Inasmuch as men in Hollywood have quit socking one another at parties, the girls have taken up the sport. But according to Zsa Zsa and Pamela Woman's Lib had nothing to do with their brawl. Like the Cassius ClayJerry Quarry, fight, the Gabor-Mason match was a contrast in styles. Zsa Zsa- fought a defensive battle and finally beat a retreat. Victorious Pamela, ex- wife of James Mason, landed the most blows and won on a TKO. The fight took place at a private home of mutual friends at a small dinner for ten. There was no official referee or matchmaker. "it began," said Zsa Zsa, "When I walked into the room * Pro Football (Continued from page 4) back, grabbed 57 passes this season for 1,036 yards and scored eight . Buffalo touchdowns with some miraculous catches. Floyd Little, bothered by a back injury in his last few games, won the conference rushing title with 901 yards on 209 carries. The Denver speedster's 80-yard touchdown run as the second longest from scrimmage among the top 20 ground gainers in the AFC. Daryle Lamonica of Oakland took passing honors with 179 completions in 356 attempts for a 50.3 average and 2,516 yards gained, tops in the conference. His 22 touchdown passes were tied by runnerup John Hadl of San Diego. ° In scoring, Jan Stenerud's place kicking for Kansas City accounted for a conference- leading 116 points on 26 conversions and 30 field goals. In other departments: Johnny Robinson of Kansas City topped the AFC in interceptions with 10 thefts and teammate Ed Podolak led the conference in punt returns with a 13.5-yard average. Jim Duncan of Baltimore had the best kickoff return average, 35.4, including a 99-yard runback for a touchdown, and Dave Lewis of Cincinnati had the best punting average, 46.2 yards. NEW YORK (UPI) - San Francisco fans cheered two "firsts" today and both could be traced to John Brodie's rifle arm. The Forty-Niners won their first title since gaining a franchise when San Francisco captured the National Football Conference's Western Division crown last Sunday. Enroute, Brodie gained his first passing title in 14 seasons as a pro. Brodie led in two of the four rating categories— 24 touchdowns and a 2.6 interception percentage. He was second in the other two— a 59.0 passing percentage and 7.73 average yards gained per pass. Larry Brown of Washington set a Redskin rushing record of 1,125 yards and it was enough to make him the,NFC's leading ground-gainer this season. Dick Gordon of the Chicago Bears was the NFC's top pass receiver with 71 catches for 1,026 6ards and 13 touchdowns, while Fred Cox, Minnesota's kicking specialist, captured the scoring title with 125 points. Cox booted 35 extra points and 30 field goals for his total. Dick Lebeau, veteran Detroit coraerback, intercepted nine passes to win that title and raise his career 4otal of pass steals to 56; Julian Fagan of New Orleans led the conference punters with a 42.5-yard average; Bruce Taylor of San Francisco was the top punt returner with a 12.0, average and Cecil. Turner of Chicago, who set a league record by returning four kickoffs for scores, led the department with a 32.7-yard return average. DO YOU LOVE THAT OLD DILAPIDATED Chair or Sot* Wa eta mailt Ilk* MW MlB UP%L»ERY DOOM 675-4939 MO E.IU<fl»oa Tlptca and PLAM SAID, 'Oh, look at that cow.' , "I had on the most beautiful evening gown from New York. But she is so jealous of me I disregarded it. What the hell, I like her, but I'll never talk to her again." Pamela reported: "Zsa Zsa wanted to know why I didn't praise her acting in '40 Carats.' I'd written that she made marvelous quick costume changes and memorized her lines well. I was praising her energy, not her acting." Both women agree Pamela minimized Zsa Zsa's acting. Pamela quoted Zsa Zsa as saying she and her sisters were all beautiful and that Pamela and the others here old and ugly. "I told her plastic surgery always helps," Mrs Mason said. Thereafter Zsa Zsa made another observation about Pamela. "That's when 1 slapped her in the face," Pamela said. "I shouldn't have done it because she is twice by size. I was outmatched. "I grabbed her hair and it came off in my hands." Men were Paralyzed Both combatants said men in the- room were paralyzed to immobility as the women grappled. Zsa Zsa tore Pamela's wig from her head in the struggle. In the aftermath, Zsa Zsa. BOTTOM'S UP - LAFAYETTE, IND.: Purdue Basketball coach George King (R) approaches his temporary throne which is held by Freshman Coach Dave Tony prior to the game here December 21. King recently . underwent surgery for the removal of knee cartilage. UPI TELEPHOTO said, "My arms are all bruised. I'm glad she didn't scratch my face. "I told Pamela she knew I never had a face lift. I was Miss Hungary when I was 15 - - By Alan Maver $t/iG£ *5Tjffr//)!G4rr //e POTTO*'' /f//{ V/£ Atf£ff/&!tf TMP/T/Otf, Af£ET WZ/fETSfU'? '7f ?JP/T /0 /i' tfflfljf? ///5tZW EQMt-BP 'Of<4 5££50rfOOrf- $eC(m/£M5Z f?£COKP-/£- 7yf£fM'ff&CTM/f- 0 /U F/TCH. COACH Of TtfErtEW EXfwxs/ort CXMUERZ. GOT 74E JoS &££/)£££ Of GX£f7 G0{.(£6'/}7£ RfCOfP Of T/lK/rfO OV£X£05£P!5 MP •7VWd<S 7fi£M//iTO tf/MER'? -/tfOVEP 0OtfCrtG GXEErf fftOM CQMfER£rtC£ T/TtE /// C//E YEff- M6M7 fl£CP /FOrtEOf///9 gA5£&fU- • 0AZHET&46L far/cz /)T . (7F£(GHTO/{ PEC*ME /! 2- fPOXTAl/M/IO/J/tf, feX P /K#£X 0OB&35OA/. I ysars old. My cosmetics company will pay a million dollars to anyone who can prove I've had anything done to my face." "Before Zsa Zsa left," Pamela said, "she told everyone she was only accustomed to dealing with ladies and should never mix with me. "I told her I was used to dealing only with (cneosred) and that's when we started grabbing at one another." Both ladies vowed they OULD NEVER BE FRIENDS AGAIN. But then botii are invited to the same Christmas party which may summon a rematch or a reconciliation. Either way, it wili be interesting. IHittil'iil"d tut Kiii'i business today By JOAN DEPPA CHICAGO (UPI) -By Christmas, 1971, Santa may find requests for a new type of record player showing up in his mailbag — one-that plays back the television shows you missed. . The player uses enclosed tape reels much like those now used on sound cassette recorders. It is designed to make child's play out of controlling what is shown on the home television screen. • If Johnny, or Mary prefers the Flintstones to Captain Kangaroo, or vice versa, all that is needed is a - cassette recording of his or her favorite inserted into the top of a player and the press of a button. If they want to see the program — or part of . the program —again, it will take just another push of a button. Also Records When accompanied by a separate video, recording machine, the kids can even watch their programs at the same time Mom and Dad record the programs they want to watch after the youngsters are in bed. At least one manufacturer, Sony Crop, of Japan, says it has the technological ability to put the players and recorders on the market now. But Sony's representatives said during a recent demonstration here that it is holding back pending an., agreement with other manufacturers on standardization of cassettes. The hope is that video cassettes would be as interchangeable as those used on sound recorders. Sony said it expects to have its machines on the market for education, industry, government and related fields by the fall of 1971, and to the general public shortly thereafter. Representatives said they were aiming at a price tag of about $400 for the player and $100 to $150 for the recorder, which would play or record in either coior or black and white. They said the initial price would be higher. Just One Variety Recording systems such as Sony's, which uses magnetic tape, are just one of the varieties which could become available to customers in about a year. Others, such us Admiral, are designed for use only with a television set of the same make. Some would use film- type tape- which would have to be sent off for processing. Advocates say the cassettes could bring television within the reach of many outside normal telecast areas. Their application is being considered for educational and . entertainment purposes in remote, developing countries— particularly since tapes can be equipped with a double sound .track that provides either stereophonic sound or tracks in two different languages. WED., DEC. 23, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Bette J. Shields Tipton; Virginia Pope, Tipton; Edwina Lynch, Pendleton; Harvene Snodgrass, Sheridan. DISMISSALS: Chris Berry, Noblesville; James Collins, Tipton; Marilyn Duffer & Infant, Kempton; James Ford, Atlanta; Linda Michel, Tipton; James Hubbard, Tipton; Kathy Biltz, Tipton; Dollie Gibbs, Kempton; Mary Teter & Infant, Tipton; Vernon Jackson, Elwobd; Penny Jacobs, Tipton; Walter Perry, Atlanta; Richard McNew, Noblesville; Roxie Pickard, Tipton. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shields of Tipton; Boy born at 5:50 p.m. on December 22. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams of Tipton; Girl.born at 8:11 p. m. on December 22. World's Most Accurate Wrist Timepiece 1 \ t r 1 1 (.' 111 v 111 .i I > u I<>\ ;i Colli ( : :->n e»| Inn w.\ii IKN. COMIC M C tin in. Diamond bictriicncy "••A "_A diamond en- J-i«lnctrs tfi.s e-ietfant natch 17 jewels Faceted crystal $55.00 ACCUTRON* by BULOVA ^ It goes hm mm m. Earl G. Rhodes fWt will adjust timekeeping to this tolerance, if necessary. Guarantee is (or one year. Dependable Ambulance Service 314 North Main Street Tipton DIAL 675 - 7449

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