The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFTBLD CAL1FORNIAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23,1908. Che Baktrifleid Caliloriilaii -ut Sundays ;it. Ci-Iifiinilil. City .ind Cc unty ED'' ('. ALFPED HARRELL, Editor Telci)' i, Official Paper ,1.. •--field, Prop. 31 For President, W I L L I A M J . B R .' A N For Vice P JOHN W. 'TS dent KE.F.N For Congressman— Eiyhth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Sunreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman. 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors — First District, Wm. HOU8ER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23. 1908. in n later message: Then- must he no hesitation In d«al- Inn \viili disorder, lint (acre must, Ilkeu'ls''. li<' no such abuse of injunr- lion power us Iniplie 1 In forbidding tailoring nn-n to strive fur tlielr own lictti'niK'tit in iie.ieeinl :iii(! lawful ways, nor niiihl the Injunction lie used merely to aid some !-U: em'porntlon in ' earrylni; mil schemes tor Us own as;-! Kialldl/.ellli'lll. j | Tlii- siiin and -.iil'stanee ol' Mr., [lii'yan't |iiisiimii HIT i-mbodii-d in j '(he r<>llinv'm<_: i-xjiiv-ssiu'i ITOIII his! let I er n|' ;ii'ce|it ail'' 1 ' : ! Tile I'Xpail.lltr.', "1'!;:! Ill/Ml Ion Of ill jdib'lry m.ike.s it i m-'iii Hint there I should lie' no iiliriilLinii'iii of the right I of wane I'.irners and pnnlueerH to or- j.uitnl/e t<n tlii- prfiieoti/m oi tviiK<'H, and ; the impi nvi'iiii'iit ol' li-hor conditions ! to the I'li'l .such lalioi 1 or.nnnixa- j lions and ilndr members* should not lie ; I'exardeJ as illegal combinations in restraint of trade. I Which is the stronger? Which I opinion is couched in the most j temperate language? The posi- jtion of Mr. Bryan was right, even measured by the position of Mr. Hoosevelt --until if was determined, after a careful investigation i by special commissioners sent out I from the White House, that labor I is against Taft. Then it was that i the President of the people re- 'canted every expression of his 'own, discovering there is danger to the employers of labor by reason of the Democratic position. J And so Mr. Hoosevelt unbosoms i himself—and to Philander C. J. B* Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phoiit: Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street NOW AND THEN. President Roosevelt couldn't keep out of the campaign for any length of time, event though he has been assured by very many well informed men that his becoming a bitter partisan and doing Republican politics while he is supposed to be acting as the President of the people and of all the people, are doing the cause of Taft incalculable Roosevelt is unhapi in the limelight, and it would be contrary to his preconceived idea for the people to be permitted to select a President without his assistance, advice and threats. Ho after being silenced for a few days by an avalanche of angry criticism from within and without his party, the President's letter writer is in action once more, and SPELLACY WRITES CLEAR CUT LETTER In a clear-cut letter addressed to Ihe Hon. Nathan Straus of New York, Mr. Timothy Spcllacy, in accepting honors voluntarily offered him, points out with telling precision, the reasons that make the election of Bryan a necessity if the American nation IH to preserve its liberties. The letter Js as fololwa: "Los Angeles, Oct. 15, 1908. "Hon Nil than Straus, Chairman of Business Men's Bryan and Kern Asso- v, n iKnox, Irnst nttornoy and trust senator, one time salaried repre- elation, Hoffman House, New York. Kontntive of the special interests. The incident is worth the serious consideration of the people. PROTECTION A FRAUD. Trust orators are busy telling the people that protection is responsible for high wages. Of course that is arrant nonsense. No • harm. But Mr. I beneficiary of the tariff ever wil- appy if he is not UiiRly pave up n part of his fat profits to his help. But lubor has higher wages because it is orgun- i/cd. .So long as the workingimm were units, they were at the mercy of the employers. Once they were fairly organized, they were in position to demand living wages, and have their demand heeded. Not the tariff, but unionism is the factor responsible for the improv- this time he is cudgeling Mr. Bry because labor is supporting him. The President choose to make his fuhnination public through 'th Philander C. Knox, and it was titting and happy choiee. Suna-! operation. lor Knnx is, of course, in in-arty-is lost to ttympathy with tin- workiii'.;- nn-n. . linn-s arc i ed condition of the wage earners. j The same is true of raisin men. j What advantage they have had in ( i... past in the way of increased a i prices has been by reason of eo- l.i in i» bringing (m a p.mie. linn; nia. \\ hieli is probably the ii pmate ridden state in the union. I letnoi-i ac> is making a gallant f'mln !'"i ilie jiiirty's success, and feels eonlideiit that when the votes are counted in November, not only the people of California, but the whole 1'niteil Static can rejoice in the liberation of a great people from the most tuatmical oppression any na tloti every survived. Sincerely yours, TIMOTHY SPELLACY." EX-BAlnLDAN IN FATAL GOLD HIT Tragedy has brought to a close the quest for gold which took four LOB AgeH'fi men to Central Honduras two months ago. One of the explorers, Guy 1,. Roocliwell, a former Stanford government to be one that Is by and sllld( , ntj is w ,. u Unown in tnis city> "My Dear Sir: Your letter of September 26th, wherein you do me the honor of appointing me a member of the Business Men's Bryan and Kern Association, at hand. For same please accept my thanks, as I deem It the duty of every man who wishes this l UO » t ii -j for the success of the Democratic foi . n | an for the people to do all injiis power [,,,„.,„„ bcen a mcmber of the Call . staff during the summer months. One of the number, J. D. "This is a campaign of principles vs. Rtter, is dead, killed by his own shot- special interest. The great English | Klln j n the Honduran forest; another, historian Macnuley, and our own re | D. K. dough, has just returned to Los SAN BANKERS VISIT A party of bankers from San Francisco arrived here this morning for H day's visit while on a trip through the state. They have just returned from the south. They are officials and directors of the German Bank of San Francisco and are N. Ohlandt, the president, and also president of the National Ice Company; George Tourny, secretary, and E. T, Krauee and J. W. Van Bergen, directors. The bank formerly had interests In this county. At the time of the big fire the institution was heavily interested and Mr. Tourny, who was here at the time, asserts he remembers the fire well. The visitors took an auto ride tbrough the adjoining country this morning and were much impress, ed by the evidence of rapid and substantial growth seen on all Bides. Kven that advantage them now that hard in the eounlrv. Hut the He was onee the trusted attorney of the steel trust. ;im $50,0(111 a year For his s .'i'\ iptif the .(oli (o fill;' $KOO(I a year ji-. a!loi'lie.\ lUlder lioosevi'lt to j.rn-,1 trusts. It is lianlh fay I lie si ee| <•! t|nlii|| hirlied. Ad.-!' Hi, cor|,o!','it ion lawver !ia with (lie ilntn Bhorl linie. tl re] in tai-itV as n wealth prod In the laborer or Ilie 'riiit, is U'li:it say I In -an eer, either grower <it verert patriot and statesman, Abraham Lincoln, warned this nation from the coming money power, and Mac- aulcy predicted the destruction of our government from that very source. President Roosevelt sounded the alarm, but found the representatives of his own party In both branches of Congress so thoroughly controlled by trust and corporate inuence that they repelled his efforts nnd justified their attitude by declaring, with Senator Fonil.'er, that his reforms wore not Republican. but were Democratic measures. Mr. Bryan at the time, showing his disregard of party linen when the Interests of the people wore at stake, requested Democrats to stand by Ihe President and render all support in Ilielr power, but, with united Democratic .support, President Roosevelt was unable to forward the mca.s ute.s curtailing the great power of the trust corporations that is threatening ry existence of our government. The only argument use,l then against lose reforms is the only argument advanced today by tin- Republican orators supporting the election () f .Mr. Taft. namely, the injury they might havf on business. ".\t the time of sending the last lif Congress, President Uoos'o- .Angeles with the story of disappointed hopes, and the other two, Laramie .\fayer and Guy I.. Rockwell, expected to leave the day following that on which dough departed. He has not seen them since he left camp. The quartet were taken to Honduras by tales of labulous wealth in the sands of Murcilago bar, on the Quay- ape River. They sailed from San Francisco Aug. 12. but encountered many hardships before reaching the reported gold fields, which were j twelve days' journey from a railroad.' ''lough says they found some gold | OIL FIELD COUPLE GIVEN A SURPRISE. t Tuesday evening at 8:30 Mr. and Mrs, Polo L. Autrand received a call from their many friends in the oil fields, and In its Initial stage the visit partook of the nature of charivari. Every noise making device imaginable was brought into requisition to apprise the newly wedded pair of the approach of friends. There were | giant firecrackers, bombs, shot guns, lie-ll il I' Ills. VV ea-ier than to liny up 1 Ilia I |in.-e ami lllen to \'i-r to m There's a !ni; i;;niioriiiir aier ol not I >eii vi I' jilal c i-aMM- o 1 lie lniieh-l Huns,-. T!ial Villll !!>;nle i \ (tame sii|i|nii-i When ,1 ' 111 the 1'uiied St , is , l'lesi.U'lll they had been led to believe, and what was there was so tine it was difficult lo save by panning. On Sept. L>2 Mayor mid Rockwell left for a little .settlement, thirty-three miles away, and the other two men went, out prospecting separately. U'hen dough returned to the camp he did not find Etter, but later found his dead body In n trail leading to a spring, with his discharged gun by his- side. The charge had penetrated Kt- ter's head. How the shooting happened no one knows. When the other two men the following day, the body burled. The tragedy and dlsap- ! ters. O. C. Pikn, G. \V. Good, W. limed a manly position and | poliitment discouraged the men so that 'Job, O. V. Fleeuor. Jesse Corn, P. they determined to start for home, j Riley. Cloiigh says be took the mules and —•*•••"• mem of the Rein complete con- »UCe to employer of It happens llijit \v! •yelt was liiikliim l for his chosen on rectu'd in Ihe mat! anil in as any ev Brynn, or even liimself. Listen in a message to < us"il !>» Mi- All 1 . I ;!>;'i|ir|-s what 11" s;;i( gress no loii"; tluin Deeeuiher. liKIT Instances of abusn in tho graining) of injunction!! iu labor disputes con- Kuue to occur, ami the resentment in I tile mimlB of thusc- who feel their j righto are being Invaded AND THKIKj LIBERTY OF ACTION AND SPK<OCII I • NWARUANTABLY RKSTR A1XFD., OONTINUKS UKKWISli TO UllOW.j This question IH becoming more and we lll'i'l I V ,1 Ill'e Is \vill ,/ive I'.ryan a I'i'oii) 7~>0 lo 101 Hi. Am n|' I hem want lo see pruspi i eniidil lolls, Ion. Tllnl'.s uhv ; are jjoing lo vole for Urs an | ' +++ . I Who pays for the .special train., in I which t')« Democratic orators »«• louring the slate? -Morning paper. i Why Hie people, sonny. 1)|[| l>oii think the Democracy was t ivs passing on the pivervcs of the I rust pai-lyt illiil injury to lii|j|ncss was iM ri-ason for leiee-ting the re- and that Ibe abuse of power by 'lie 41..-ii corporate inc'i'ests was v. a i:real wrong upon the m.i~si's of the people, and must be chi-clicil sooner or later; that it could done much easier now than later on. wln-ii the corporate Interest!) UiUht he so I'litreiicJied that it would In- impossible lo remove them. "The ma< publican parly was tiol of Ihe Chicago convention. Real- i/.ing thai the mill, and file of the Republican p'tnv was in sympathy wilb the reform, a,l\ ui ati"| by (loose-j veil, and lo pi,cii'\ ihai eleiin-nt (lull i In in in furthering I > \'•:-\ cuuhiu^ly no- j i ; '-MI 's demand for | -Mr Tall, first re-j fi,i'iu every ad- ad.01 aii-d |,y the nd then biiidhif; ihe I'lindl an 1 foot to corpiirate In- I by Messrs. Sherman nnd C.innou. "Tlicy luolut masses of Hie people 111 times gone by, dei-Ku-inn that tilt 1 foreigner.-; paid the t.ixen, an I for years Ilie) eruiunivl (his :-ill>, nonsen steal iiiilriith down the tlueais of a gro:il Jimuber ace,pic,i i],,.,,- ver . slou without gUing ihe m.iiu v reriouB with a native guide made his way to the eastern coast, sailing from there to Mobile on n banana steamer, am) coming thence by rail to l*K Angeles. He says the other two men expected to start home the following day, but he has heard nothing of them since. FOR SUPERVISOR, Fifth pistrict H. A. JASTRO Regular Democratic Nomine. The board of heallh of San Francisco, it is stated, has quarantined the ducks coming from tho Tulare Lake section. Charley Voglesang, chief iicpnly to the gamo and fish couiinisision, in a letter written to r,!ii::c Warden T. V. Biddlo of Han- lord, slates "that he believes the deaths are due to an epidemic nnd not from poison.—Ylsalla Times. •lore one of prlmi* Importance. t!ie cotirfft will th<::.'.e'»»>- tain illtimart>l) to ileiimuii xu Of K>gi8luti\e aC'tiOU. It WOUld "<- HM..-.I i a . wnfoi'tuiiate fc,r our .social welfnve if' j,. u ,| u '. we* sliould permit tunny bonebt nuU jaw-iihidliiK citi/ens tu feel that they bad jiuH cauHO for regartliug our com tw with hostility. I IOAR.NKST1/T COM-1 MKND TO THH5 ATTENTION OP TUB CONORKS3 THIS MATTER, SO THAT SOME WAY UA? UB DM VI8KU WHICH WILL LIMIT THIil ABUSIO OF* INJUNCTION'S AND PROTKCT THOSE KKiUTS WHICH| FROM TIMW TO TIMK IT KANTAULY IN'VADKS." , Ami aKiiiii Uie, \\ I All (.lasses of bun "I whips, robes, blankets, Bs, saddles, buggies and ssddle trade are on sale at the sale of the United Harness Company, corner Chester uvcnuo atul Tweulli-tli street. tf . .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .^ .;. .^ .;, ^. .;. .;. .;. . PftINT YOUR HOUSE House painting IB my specialty I use nothing but the beat mt'!c''lnlh, Kunrnnfae my work aud chnt-Rft reasonablct price* i 0 MEREDITH, Contractor "i '' »s MX Phrrr Main 1W. ' •!• *!• *{• H* •}•• ^* *•* ^* cam- plat; the meas consiiler.illiin. In ti;e;r pi paign they do Uol rei'i r tii form, but ilepeii.l m.uri f people |)\ r; liruling the ! tires advance. I by the plat t al Denver, ih.n slur..!.- f rluhl from tin- stfindpuim govevnmeiii "The I'onscienci' of the been thoroughly uroiihed not yeem |K)ss|li|,. that Die parly can hope for BUCCCSS j; iin;; Into battln, as they have, \\ithoul ,'.u argu incut, excepting that, if the people iltiro assort thoir rights as frue men, the trust and coriiurute iut«r«»ta will •> hat IK honest |il« has It does Now Is Heater Time Don't delay longer we have them to suit you in both sizes and prices. Also complete line of Ranges Cook Stoves and fittings PHILIP W. MEDERAUR The one jrl c e ! J' i; 1 1 ? > store 1408-10.19 St. Phone Main 173 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Jftl^t lntional A checking account with the First Natfonal Bank hat •o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affair*. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to hare you open one and teat it fox yourself. f ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKER8FIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. tin pans nntl horns. Varl-colored lights were used to illuminate the premises, and after the visitors had tired of noise making there was a happy gathering in the pretty home of the youns people. There was music and games and among those who contributed to the pleasure of the. evening were Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Isi- bcll, Mrs. .!. A. Autrand, Mrs. Polo Autrand and Mrs. P. W. Wiley. Following were the guests present: Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cleave, Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Kills, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Au- trnnd, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. F. Roth, Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Autrand, Mr. nnd I Mrs. G. D. Inness, Mr. and Mrs. R. U returned j Isibell, Harry Faust, Martin Lane, of Utter '.1. H. Bay-less, C. R. Blalne, R. Lcmas- Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'8 DRUG STORE, corner of 19th street, and Chester avenue, for L. GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located in Bakersfleld for the last eight years. You may be assured that he will put your instrument in first class tune and order at reasonable rates. Phone Main 39 PAYNE ! & SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night If. W. ' .t. QUARANTINED THE DUCKS | FROM TULARE COUNTY. I VWEET 'BROS? '' v v • Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES It you need anything in tho nursery Hue .-ee'them at, their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Btttmlftley canal. Write thorn Rural No. 1, Box. R. Or call thorn up, Black fill. •»' •;• •{• *f '>• •;• •!• 4> •;• -j- •> •:• •!• •> .j^ BAKEKSF1ELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable lielp of any kind at ao cost to you call OB up. We ilso suKply Chinese and Japanosu help. »• Phone 313. 1219 19th 8t yOB&8®0^^ DR. LUNd CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. OLD ftEUABLE Painters SNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1198 1527 Wall 8t •ahdrtflrid, Cat.

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