Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 16, 1964 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Thursday, January 16, 1964
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fa ct$ 74th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY. JANUARY 16, 1964 $1.50 Per Month 16 Pages 10 Cents Civil rights bii! foe blasts Johnson U.S. willing to discuss all of Panama problems WASHINGTON (UPD — A leading Southern enemy of the civil rights bill backed by President Johnson charged today WASHINGTON (UPD — The'when asked about what a re-'out of the hand of his relatively!problems'' that the measure is the biggest White House today restated porter described as an adverse sma u police force. Officials em-countries. "grab for power" in U.S. his- U.S. willingness to discuss all turn in the U. S.-Panama dis-.„ u „„ ; . , - , u „ „ : , j tory. Rep. Edwin E. Willis. D-La., said the bill, designed to elimi nate discrimination in voting.: between the two I problems affecting c u r r e n t ^ cussions. i tense relations between thd The situation 'phasized, however, that the sit- which had ap-i uation did not amount to! PANAMA CITY (UPD— The agreement between Panama United States and Panama. peared to be improving, be-martial law since constitution- and the United States appeared Press Secretary Pierre Salin- came suddenly confused again al guarantees were not suspend- on the verge of collapse today. education, employment, public accommodations and use of fed gcr said issuing (he statement Wednesday night when Pana-ed. that "we do feel that in this-manian President Roberto Chi-! The rioting resulted in less than 24 the .signature. hours after its eral funds should be sent back iPart ' cu ' ar iime °* difficulty"jari addressed a student rally.jdeaths of more than 20 persons.! There were contradictory into the House Judiciarv Commit- GOODBYE — Attorney General Robert Kennedy gets a farewell hug and kiss from daughter, Kerry, 4, just before leaving from Andrews Air Force Base on a sensitive, trouble-shooting mission for President Johnson in the Far East. Kennedy, who was accompanied by his wife, arrived in Tokyo today to confer with President Sukarno of Indonesia on the Malaysia crisis. (UPI Telephoto) Kennedy arrives in Tokyo for talks with Sukarno •there is a need "for the exer- He said Panama would not re-|including four U.S. soldiers. -terpretations of its terms, tee for "calm and deliberate" c ' se °* n 'Shest responsibility".store relations with the United! Edwin M. Martin, one of! Panama felt that the pact consideration iby a " P arties - iStatcs unless it had assurances!President Johnson's s p e c i a l|bound the U.S. to negotiate a ' ! In asserting that "the United'that subsequent peace talksjtrouble shooters in Panama: revision of the 60 -year-old Willies, top - ranking Southern states government is ready and j would include negotiation of [scheduled a meeting today with i agreement under which it con- Democratic member of thc JU "iwilIing to discuss all problems'changes in the canal treaties. (Panamanian President Chairiltrols the Canal Zone. The Unit- diciary committee, was the first, affccting the relationship be-! The Defense Department an-iat Chiari's request. led States, on the other hand. opposition witness at rules com- Imittce hearings on the long- pending bill. i ers . "I do not ihink it can be de-l twecn the United States andnounced this morning that the; In his talk with reporters.:emphasized it had merely Panama," Salinger told report- U.S. military commander in the Salinger was asked whether the'agreed to discuss the issues in- Canal Zone treaty was among.volved in the crisis. , matters the United States was! Statements by Panama's willing to discuss with Panama.!President Roberto F. Chiari The press secretary said he i and Foreign Minister Galielo would stand by his statement Solis were considered in diplo- "Our position is unchanged." I had turned control over to theithat the U.S. government "ismatic circles to constitute a Salinger made the comment!military when the rioting gotiready and willing to discuss allirepudiation of the agreement. Canal Zone. Gen. Andrew P . "It was our understanding 1 0'Meara, had restored control nied by any serious minded and. that thc government of Panama of law and order in the zone to responsible member or person :was aIso wining t0 undertake U.S. civilian authorities, that the bill now before you is ithese discussions. I Gov. Robert F. Fleming Jr., the most drastic and far reach-j ing proposal and grab fori ! power ever to be reported out! |of a committee of the Congress' | in the history of our republic j ! Willis said. i j Willis, first of more than a. TOKYO (UPD — Atty. Gen Kennedv is expected to telH Sukarno, who has opposed score . of Southerners expected Robert F. Kennedy arrived to- i Sukarno that Indonesia is losing| British-backed Malaysia since; j"/??'^ day for talks with Indonesian (support in thc United States, ij,, form ,, inn hs , Srntember I • KI 1 t ,- 8 President Sukarno on the Ma-'panicularlv in Congress, which' 15 forma 10n .September, and public accommodations sec laysia crisis but stressed thatlhas threatened to cut off its ,,as vmvC(! to eliminate it, al- tions the dispute "must be decided I economic aid. j though he insists peaceful meth-l "c said if thc voting section and resolved by Asian coun-j The attorney general, in hisjods will be used, tries, not by outsiders." first diplomatic mission since! Malaysia, however, charges He will meet Friday with Su-lthe assassination of his brother.'Indonesia with terrorist raids on karno to give him President!thanked the Japanese people for,its borders and with downing Teamsters union accepts master agreement i CHICAGO (UPD—The Teamsters accepted a precedent- setting master agreement with in voting, he would not oppose. 1000 bj ^cttas com panics toil. But, he said, thc bill clearly| day in a giant slcp toward | merely provided safeguards against racial discrimination Resigns from space program Glenn to run against Taft for Senate Ohio in HOUSTON (UPD—U.S. senior Johnson's view on the Indoen-|lhe svmpathv thev expressed to, ! British and Malaysian aircraft would . violatc the constitutional! bringmg alI o£ tne nation - s: astronaut John II. Glenn Jr., sian campaign against Ma-!his family, ile visited a monu-|on frontier flights. 'provision reserving^ to statesj truclc urivers unuer 0 ne:gi v m2 "P '»s "first love," to- laysia, which is threatening thelment to the late President Kcn-| The attorney general cmpha-^ 1 ."^getting of \oting quaufica-j contract j da y res j gne( i f rom t he nation's peace in Southeast Asia. nedy built by Japanese employ-j sized that the crisis "is a mat-i'' 005 - The contract provides Indonesian Foreign Minister|ees of the U .S. Kyoto Air Base.iler that must be decided andl As . fo . r | he proposed ban onj increases of 28 cents an !,rc c„ nlf . !rnm hi( . Subandrio hinted on the eve of where thc Kennedy party]resolved by Asian countries, notj«|»cnm^ and {ringe benefUs of *»m Kennedy's arrival that the dispute over the new British Commonwealth federation bordering Indonesia might force Indonesia to seek military ties with the Communists. for space program to run for the native landed. (by outsiders." irestaurants, sports arenas and}^ T ITI^T-" Kennedv said he wanted tol "We have a bond of friend- S. a s °| 1 " c stations, Wl "iS ;vear period . About 350,000 truck discuss with Sukarno "Amer-iship with Indonesia." he said. char B| !d ,. the . section was n°t; drivers are affectcd . ica's concern for the relation-j "I hope they will be able toj?°°^^ Settlement was reached be- ship which now exists between j resolve their differences in a'" 1 effect > would be teUin S ^e Indonesia and Malaysia." I peaceful fashion." Goldwater says Johnson 'sowing confusion' NEW YORK (UPI) — Senator 1 tributed directly to the trouble Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., at-l" 1 Panama. L , . „ ., . R 1 . "That canal is ours and we tacked President Johnson s!^ , ]ave o(hcr govcrnmcnts economy drive Wednesday night taking our property away," he and the Democrats' handling of j .said. He hoped thc administra- Jan. 24, it was announced to-jo,,, p anam a crisis. ,tion "doesn't back down an day. At the same time. Goldwater 1 inch" in the flag-raising dispute Arthur Hays Sulzberger, I revived a feud with Defense;in thc Canal Zone. Times to discontinue western edition NEW YORK (UPD—The New- York Times will discontinue publication of its western edition with the issue of Friday chairman, announced thc deci- j Secretary Robert S. McNamara sion following a board of direc-l b - v accusing thc cabinet mem- tors meeting. Main reasons fori bcr of 10 ' thc American Taking McNamara on Goldwater raised new doubts about thc dependibility of the nation's Supreme Court to accept an in- 1 tween the central states confer- terpretation of the constitution | ence °? Teamsters and the it previously had rejected. trucking firms shortly after Willis said if Congress canl™""^ 111 — tne tlme President declare "these private and m-jJames^R.Hoffa had threatened dependent operators" as places of public accommodation, it might just as well start regulat ing them like public utilities "or maybe just run them by the government." the decision were listed as the .people about weapons (guided'guided missiles. high costs of remote simultaneous publication with the parent. New York edition and the lack 1 " 10 of sufficient income to defray these costs. missile) systems." Goldwater. a candidate "I have never agreed with Rockefeller rips Goldwater on aid to education KEENE. N.H. (UPD — Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New to call a selective national The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said the 42-year-old spaceman "today requested to be relieved of his assignment" with the space agency and its S20 billion program to land men on the moon before the end of the decade. Dr. Robert . Gilruth, direc strike if agreement were notjtor of NASA's manned space- reached, craft center at Houston, said: Presumably Hoffa will use ("The request has been grant- this contract as the basis forjed." negotiating settlements with 15,-1 The announcement contained 000 remaining, smaller mention of Glenn's plans for firms. All would have a com-}the immediate future, mon expiration date—March 31, | However, top Democratic 1967. j.sources said the astronaut will run for the seat now held by Republican presidential for;Secretary McNamara _that wcj- York la-s ,; cd out today at Ari Weather ftedlands Weather Today Highest 65, Lowest 35 One Year Ago Highest 66, Lowest 33 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 6:54 a.m. — 5:04 p.m. No smog, allowable burning. San Bernardino Valley: Increasing cloudiness Friday with showers likely Friday. Lows tonight 30-40. U.S. Wtafhtr Bureau Noon Forecast Sunny weather in Southern California will be followed by increasing cloudiness Friday. The north and west sections are likely to have a few light showers Friday. Clearing will occur Friday night followed by mostly sunny weather on Saturday. There will be gusty winds in most areas Friday. Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer at most places today and tonight but will be a little cooler again on Friday and remain about the same Saturday. The lowest temperature at coldest key fruit frost stations was expected to be 31 degrees. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period ended at 4 a.m.: High Low Precip. 33 26 dent Johnson of sowing "deliberate confusion" in his economic proposals. The Arizona Republican, in an address before the Economic Club of New York followed by a question and answer period, said the "foolishness of our yielding on the flag issue" con- should lie to the American pco pie about weapons systems," he said. He said McNamara has de scribed the Nike-Zeus anti-missile missile as the best weapons of its kind. Goldwater contended that McNamara's comments were made "despite the fact it (the missile) wasn't doing very well." Sorenson, Kennedy's top idea man, quits his job WASHINGTON (UPD—Thco-book about the late president dore C. Sorensen, President Kennedy's top idea man and political confidant, is leaving the White House to write the book his late chief never got to write. The scholarly Sorensen wrote President Johnson Wednesday that he would quit his job as the Chief Executive's special counsel Feb. 29. He is the first of Kennedy's inner circle to i leave the White House. He told Johnson, "I feel an obligation to devote the next several months to writing a Chicago Cincinnati Denver Fairbanks Fort Worth Helena Honolulu Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Minneapolis New York Oklahoma City Palm Springs Sacramento Salt Lake City San Francisco Seattle Washington 29 33 29 38 28 80 36 53 66 30 30 43 67 53 25 60 52 30 11 13 24 .02 30 1.40 16 70 24 26 48 14 20 20 30 39 2 47 41 12 .12 .47 Senate liberals try to up gas, oil taxes WASHINGTON (UPI)-Senate liberals began a drive behind closed doors of the finance committee today to increase taxes on the gas and oil industry by millions of dollars a year. The committee scrap centered about "reform" provisions in the $11.1 billion tax cut bill. The panel is striving to complete work on the measure, passed by the House Sept. 25, within the next week or so. Sen. Paul II. Douglas, D-Ill., said he planned to offer an amendment to impose an estimated $420 million in additional taxes on the oil-gas industry by whittling down the benefits of the 27.5 per cent depletion allowance. and my 11 years of service with him." The President accepted his resignation "reluctantly and regretfully," and with the understanding he might be available later "for future tasks." White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said he did not know whether Johnson would name a successor to Sorensen as special presidential counsel, a post created by Kennedy in January 1961 and filled by no one but Sorensen. Walter W. Jenkins, Johnson's longtime special assistant, plays the only comparable role on the President staff. Sorensen told newsmen that, originally, he had never expected to write a book about Kennedy and his administration. "I expected President Kennedy to do so. He expected to do so and sometimes talked to me about it," he said. Sorensen indicated that his book would not be a formal history of the Kennedy administration, but more of a personal and analytical work concerned with the kind of man Kennedy was, what he attempted and what he accomplished as president. Silent service by students in Cabazon CABAZON (UPD-School stu-j zona Sen. Barry Goldwater fordents in this small desert com-! his opposition to federal aid for munity are practicing a noon-i education. time ritual that could prove to j Rockefeller, campaigning for be a compromise for the na 1 votes in New Hampshire's first- ' manned orbital voyage around j earth. I COLUMBUS. Ohio (UPI) — A ! high Democratic source today jgave Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy major credit for astronaut John H. Glenn's decision to enter the Democratic race for senator in his native Ohio. Glenn's expected entry into the contest was sure to create a race of international interest as it could match the first ! American to orbit the earth against Rep. Robert Taft Jr., a member of one of the country's most prominent Republican families. The source told United Press International that Glenn, sought by both Democrats and Republicans, "has decided to run for the Senate as a Democrat His announcement is imminent." Bringing Glenn into the race to stop Taft closely paralleled vaulted into the history books!a move by Republicans in 1952 Sen. Stephen Young of Ohio. as a na tj ona i nero Feb 20 1962 when tney st 0PP ed nis father'; — . , . „ 1 - - , "'bid for the Republican presiden- when he rode a silvery Atlas tial nomination by getting a na- Glcnn is expected to fly to Co-| lumbus, Ohio, to formally an- . t . . . . . _. „ nouncc his candidacy. I rocket into the skies from Cape; t i ona i | ier o. Gen. Dwight D. Eis- Glcnn, a slender Marine licu-jCanaveral (now Cape Kennedy) enhower. thc GOP presidential tenant colonel with flashing j and made Americas first; nomination. in-the - nation presidential pri mary March 10, said "no subject is of more importance to our future as individuals and as a nation than education. "Never before in the history of man has the development and training of his mind been so essential to his life and work," he said at Keene State College. Rockefeller criticized Goldwater for his opposition to President Eisenhower's National Defense Education Act which he said had provided 490,000 students in 1,534 colleges and universities with loans totalling $330,000,000. Rockefeller said Goldwater also opposed federal education acts in 1961 and 1963. Rockefeller and Goldwater are the only announced Republican candidates for president. tional battle over school prayers. They observe a moment of silence just before eating in the school cafeteria. This allows students who wish to offer a prayer time to do so, while others need merely be silent, according to Superintendent of Schools Gordon Lane. Ethiopians tell of attack Judge refuses SACRAMENTO (UPI) - Superior Judge Irving Perluss to- ay refused to grant an injunction that could have stopped a current drive to nullify the Rumford Fair Housing Act. ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (UPI) —The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry charged today armed bandits from Somalia this week attacked an Ethiopian police station and a police convoy, resulting in at least 58 persons killed. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the police station was attacked Tuesday. He said 15 Ethiopians wre killed in the attack on the police convoy last Sunday. Ethiopian security forces pursued the bandits and killed 43, he said. He did not say if there were any casualties Tuesday. Engle visits office WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Clair Engle, recuperating from brain surgery performed last August, paid a surprise visit to his office today. Razor edged XT5 in new heat test EDWARDS AFB, Calif. (UPI) —The X15 rocketed through a "razor's edge" test today, seeking to reduce critical heating it will face in future flights to new world record altitudes. Space Agency pilot Mill Thompson flew the experimental mission in which the leading edge of the X15's vertical tail was sharpened to "razor blade" thinness, from one-half inch radius to one one-hundredths inch radius. Scientists wanted to see if friction heating from airflow at hypersonic speeds can be cut down by sharpening the ship's leading edges, which become "hot spots" in flight. As the X15 soares higher into space, possibly up to an altitude of 75 miles, the most critical obstacle will be the heating it encounters during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. Thompson, a fledgling X15 pilot making only his third flight, reached a speed of 3,170 m.p.h., almost five times the speed of sound. His craft climbed to an altitude of 70,000 feet. He also turned off the ship's roll and yaw instrument which govern side-to-side and rolling motion, to see how well he could maneuver the X15 manually in an emergency failure of the controls. It was the 99th flight of the sleek "manned missile." Arab leaders agree on plans to restrain Israel CAIRO (UPI) — Arab kingsfelt that the measures taken by and presidents, acting with rare cooperation, put final touches today on joint military and economic plans designed to constrain their enemy Israel. The plans for a joint military command and Arab use of the River Jordan were incorporated in resolutions expected to be approved this evening at a meeting ending a four-day Arab summit conference. Sources close to the conference said the Arab military command will be headed by an Egyptian officer. They said the United Arab Republic proposed an Iraqi for the job, but the other Arab states insisted that an Egyptian take it because the U.A.R. has the strongest armed 'forces in the Arab world. Diplomatic observers here Miss Gallardo freed on bail, hearing Feb. 13 NEWPORT BEACH (UPI) — Minola Gallardo was freed today on $5,000 bail and released to the custody of Charles Bartholomae, the brother of the mil lionaire yachtsman whom she is accused of stabbing to death. Miss Gallardo, 32, appeared before Municipal Judge William Christensen for a preliminary hearing. She was charged with slaying William A. Bartholomae at his plush bay-front home early this month. The defendant, represented by attorney Paul Caruso, wore a colorful cotton print dress when she appeared in court. Her arm, which Caruso said was slashed during a scuffle with the victim, was still in a sling. Caruso and Deputy Dist. Atty. Cecil Hicks both requested a continuance of the preliminary hearing to conduct further investigations. Judge Christensen grante4 the motions and set Feb. 13 for the hearing. the conference were mild, particularly in regard to the potentially explosive dispute over Israel's plan to divert the Jordan's waters for irrigation purposes. A third measure would create a "Palestine entity" — possibly patterned after Algeria's pre- independence revolutionary government — with the purpose of restoring the rights of more than a million Palestinian refu-, gees displaced 15 years ago from areas now included in Israel. The leaders of 13 Arab states agreed on the plan in principle Wednesday and turned them over to committees for polishing prior to final discussion. The conference was called by United Arab Republic Presi- Six Republican senators offer health plan WASHINGTON (UPD — In an effort to break the legislative deadlock over medicare, six Republican senators today cosponsored a measure that would combine Social Security contributions with a private insurance program. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., said in a speech prepared for Senate delivery, that the plan had "the best chance of becoming law in 1964." The two - prong proposal for helping the elderly pay medical expenses would: —Use Social Security financing to provide 45 days of hospital care, up to 180 days of nursing home treatment, for all persons 65 or older. It would be financed by a one-half per cent from the Sea of Galilee spring. this dent Gamal Abdel Nasser to j increase in thc Social Security devise ways of combatting Is -I 'ax- rael's plan to withdraw waterj —Create a national, federally chartered non-profit association of private insurance and group service companies which would authorize a standard medical- surgical policy for those over 65. It was estimated the cost would be about $2 per week. Javits was joined in sponsoring the measure by Sens. Clifford Case, N. J., John Sherman Cooper, Ky., Kenneth B. Keating, N. Y., Thomas H. Kuchel, Calif., and Margaret Chase Smith, Maine. Fair housing demonstrators sit in capitol DENVER (UPI) — A small group of drowsy demonstrators were "sitting in" at the Colorado state Capitol today, determined to keep up a 24-hour vigil in support of fair housing laws. The sit-in started at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the office of Gov, John Love. When the building closed in the evening, the demonstrators were allowed to stay but were moved out in the hall, where they lounged on chairs and slept in sleeping bags during the night. Mrs. Barbara Jenson, 33, action captain for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), said members of the Denver chapter of the group would stick it out until the legislature quits for the weekend Friday. To dedicate Murata village SAN DIEGO (UPD—Dedica­ tion ceremonies were scheduled today for the million dollar .Murata Japanese Village in Mission Bay Park. The village was built by the Murata Pearl Co. of Kobe, Japan, as part of the Sea World Project at Perez Cove. The ceremonies were conducted by a Japanese Shinto priest and attracted civic officials and the Japanese Consul General of Los Angeles.

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