Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1891
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When the Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies . in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. As sgeneral family remedy for Dyspepsia iorpid Liver, Constipation, eto..'l hardly ever use anything else, and have never beer, disappointed In the eifect proaucvd; u seems to be almost a perieut. rim- -i.r ill diseases or the Stomnch and BOWK W. .1. McKj.Koy. M-:,-.; n , 149. MEASURING LAND. Devices Which Enable Every Farmer to Bo His Own Surveyor. At odd times in the last few months I have beeo amusing myself in accurately measuring different fields and plantations on my place, previously estimated by pacing 1 . I can on nearly level ground pace quite accurately Eve paces to the rod, as for example a rhombus- shaped piece which I paced and made to contain 140 rods, measured when tested with a rod pole 137 rods, I imagine that a good many berry growers as well as farmers have only a vague idea of just exactly how large any particular field is, and therefore in stating yields either wrong themselves or the public. Not many months ago I saw a statement by a widely-known newspaper writer that a field that he had been calling twelve acres proved on accurate BENEFITS OF ROLLING. To enjoy health one i. \nld nave rec- . - alar evacnatious eve» twon<T toar hours. The evils, bot\ Cental and pbj-slcnl, resulting fronU \ HABITUAL GONSTIK^TION are many ana set-ions. For the car* of this common trouble, Tntt's Liver Pills have Sruined a popularity unparalleled . Elegantly sugar coat ed. SOLD E7EEYWHEBE. S/iBR- Httla fortunes hflrffbeon madfffti worn for in, bv Anna Pure. Austin, ifXA*, and Jno. Bonn, Toledo, Ohio, ee cot. Others nte doing M well. \vhr iM yon? Somo r«rn over f &UO.OO i uioiith. you CUR tf o ( j, e ^o^ anf j ]Jrft t horns, wherever you are. Even be- E>micrs are oatlly ««rnlnz from K 10 *!<>«<!.v. All age.. W, ,],„„ you how and stun you. Can work In iip.re time or all tlir clme. Big money for work- K °" U " » nl ">o»-n .monflhem. onderful. Particulars free. FIG. 1.—MEASUKKG LAXD measurement to have less than eleven and therefore his large yields had been still larg-er. To the unthinking- reader this doubtless reflected additionalg-lory to that writer. "Here is a man," they would' say, "who has been g-etting- nearly forty- four bushels of wheat to the acre and he has contented himself with stating that he got thirty-eight; he surely does cot overstate thing-a" To the thinking-, careful reader, however, this difference of more than an acre in the estimate of a twelve-acre field will bring- distrust and doubt A man who has .for years been teaching carefulness and accuracy, making them the corner stones of successful farming, has no.business to make sucfc an error. He should know to the very last square yard how much the area of a certain field is, and knowing-, he will have no occasion or excuse for making- erroneous statements by estimates. It is not-difficult to rapidly and accurately measure a field and know exactly how much it contains. . . The most rapid but not most accurate is illustrated in Fig. 1: a b represents a half rod in distance on the ground, a' £0000.00 I, r«r'» belnc made by John H. GoodH'in,%7ciy,X.Y.,at'worJi for W. Uvular 1 , yv» miiy p*t make as .Jiucb, but ws can i:e*ch you quickly Low town from $5 to $10 A day at tho start, and more aa YOU go n. Both Kiel, All agef. In *ny part of merica.yoci cdti cammpncont Jiomo,(jiv- ...iC nil your tlme.ar «par« moznenw only to tho work. AH Is »»w. Grcnt pay SUttK for every worker. Wo »l*M y«u, furnfuhtnar «vcTTthlnp. EASILY, SPEEDILY Icarawl. 1-AMMeULAHS WtEE. Addrewat once, STISSON * CO., FORTLASD, JLAl.Nt- HIRES' f ^^£££43^ 25e HIRES' IMPROVED 25 1 ROOT BEER! IftWC. HO BOJL'K OR STRAINING E«H.rjwsI THIS PACKMiE MAKES FIVE CAllONg. DOT BEER. The most APPETIZHfO and W TEMPERANCE MINK la the worW. .Delicious and Spnriltag-. TRY H Ask your Druggist or Grocer for li C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA A cood many different Congb Remedied in my tim«, and I find that Dr. Whilc'w Vnlmonaria is the best or all. It is pleasant to take and relieves tne conch at once, and does not constipate tbe bowel*. For Croop in Children it has no equal. oold by B. F. Keesling and D.E Pryor. "LUCK IS PLUCK" If you have run a muck against some Din- cour&ffins Disease which you don't want your family doctor to know about, remember that InilB urtu nnns/ I "P'ajna our Exclusive | OUR NEW BOOK |»na Successful Meth. I irl ods for /lomu Treat men*,- Testimonials: Book mailed (sealed tttt tor limited timc.Et.IE MEDICAL 00 Buflulo H T INFIQBTIKQ DISEASE, YOU WILL FIND TEA! "PLUCK WINS LUCK!" FIO. 2.— WOODED COMPASSES. V represents a pole just long- enough to measure this distance by touching- either end to the ground. This pole is just .as long- as from a to e added to the distances from e to b. The,: pole is first touched to the ground at a, then tilted over without moving- the position of the hand until he touches the ground, thus measuring the half rod of course. The length of the measure TV-ill vary as the person is tall or short. Used in this way, a person does not have to stop at every measure. Fig. 2 is simply a pair of wooden compasses with leg-s eight or ten feet long-, connected with a stay rod so that the points are eight feet three inches apart, measuring- half a rod at a time. The stay rod should be detachable at one end and there may be other holes so aa to set the points at six or seven feet for laying out raspberry rows. When not in use it may be folded up and set in the corner of the barn or fruit house. It is put together with light carriage bolts. Eig. 3 represents the most accurate and convenient - 3 - half-rod measure for nearly level land, there being no chance for error. It can be used among growing crops as well as bare ground. It should be strong and light, and so securely framed and braced as to make the points unyielding. When not in use it may be huag- on two pegs on the side of a building. Money and time is often saved In knowing just how large a field is, especially where the seeds are bought to sow it or plants to plant it. Nothing- is quite so annoying as to have a shortage of a trifle, especially when a little forethought and exact knovriedg-e would .have prevented it.—Popular Gardening. A. Practice That Increases the Quantity and Quality of Crops. Rolling land haa been practiced for half a hundred years at least for th» purpose of covering- the surface and for compacting the soil around tho seeds sovrn. Few have known that rolling- the land increases the temperature, also the quality and quantity of the grain, etc. We will not anticipate, but to explain what is meant by the foreffom;* we copy from the Wisconsin Experiment station, which made a series of observations which indicated that rolling- the land has a very perceptible effect upon the temperature. The results obtained are summarized as follows: 1. Rolling- land makes the temperature of the soil at 15 inches below tho surface from I to 0 degrees warmer than similar unrolled ground, and at 3 inches from I to 6 degrees warmer. 2. Rolling land by firming- the soil increases its power of drawing- water to the surface from bel/?,w, and this influence has been observed to extend to a depth of 3 or 4 ffiet. 3. The evaporation of moisture is more rapid than from unrolled groxmd, unless the surface soil is very wet, and then the reverse is the case. The drying 1 effect of the rolling- has been found to extend to a depth of 4 feet 4. In cases of broadcast seeding-, germination is more rapid and more complete. 6. In their experiment on oats the yield stood Gl.12 bushels on rolled jp-ound and 5S.83 on unrolled ground. 0. The oats^ from the rolled ground weighed two'and three-tenths pounds per bushel more than that from the unrolled ground. The kernels- also aver- ag-ed larger. But it must be remembered that this is an isolated case, and the observation should be repeated more fully to establish the conclusions that were drawn. If upon repetition, eay for five times, the same results would follow, or with but slight variations, we would have a scientific fact, viz.: Agricultural science so much derided. The observations were all taken between 1 and 4 p. m. The temperature of the soil was taken by means of cylindrical-bulb thermometers, which were pushed down into the soil at different depths, and allowed to remain there for some time before registering-. The air temperature was taken by whirling 1 the thermometer four feet above the ground. It is plainly evident that rolling- tends to raise the temperature of the soil, and there is no question but that this tends to insure a healthy g-ermina- tion of the seeds. Before dismissing- this subject I remark that there is no part of the cultivation of a cornfield more beneficial and desirable than rolling- after planting; it pulverizes the clods, evens the land and greatly facilitates germination and after cultivation, and the fact of the raising- of the temperature is g great object for the maize, which loves a warm or even a hot sun.—Charles W. Murtfeldt, in St. Louis Republic. CHEAP SHEEP SHELTER. Protection from Wind That Is Sur« Benefit Every Fleck. Sheep oug-ht not to be shut; up tig-ht. They need plenty of p\ire air and will stand severe cold, but a good roof and protection from wind will benefit every flock. The beginner in farming- may not have capital to put up barns,, an'cl in sheep husbandry they are not needed. This cross section of a shed illustrates what can be built by any man at small cost for time and lumber! It may be of any length to accommodate the size of the flock. The eaves are only 33^ feet from the ground ' and the roof crown 5 feet. The eaves must project and under them the siding- is built out to form a rack for feeding. The stacks Such a roof may be I made warmer by nailing battens over i the cracks, and more durable by soak| ing it with crude petroleum.—Hollister | Sage, in N. E. Homestead LIME FOR POU'LTRY. When It Is Not Provided Log Weakness I» Sure to Appear. Complaints of leg-weakness of fowls, especially under ordinary farm management, have been unusually frequent last winter, probably on account of close confinement due to excess of snow. Among others is ona of loss of turkeys i of late broods. I never had a case in I my flock except among laying hens, when the siipply of shell food was do- ficient and the eggs were not properly shelled. I then supposed the failure of the legs to be a secondary eifect, due to the efforts of the fowl "to eject the defective egg. In such a case I turned her on her back and injected a quantity of oil or soft g-raase to lubricate the egg-duct. I then g-ave liberal supply of afaell food. Full recovery generally occurred in a day or two. 1 have known cases of less rapid recovery but never of actual failure. I suspect (I am hardly able as yet to say I balicvc, that the failure of the legs may in some of the cases reported be the direct effect of lack of lime in the food. The growing fowl fed principally upon grain requires a supply of carbonate of lime from which to build \\p its bony structure, just as the hen requires it to make egg. shells. It is possible that the effort to properly shell the egg from insufficient material may divert the usual supply of lime to that •use, to the detriment of the bones to such an extent that the leg's are no longer able to perform " their functioa. Of one thing I am certain—that large, strong, healthy fowls cannot be produced without abundant supply of bone- producing food, and if the soil does not furnish it other provision must be made. The bones are subject to constant waste, like other parts of the body, and that waste must be ' made up or they f ail.—0. S. Bliss, in N. Y. Trib- Macbeth's "pearl top " and "pearl glass" lamp-chimneys are made of tough glass that costs four times as much? as common glass; and the work on them costs a good deal more than the work on common chimneys, just as the work on a dress is proportioned to cost of stuff. 1 he dealer is right in saying he can't afford to sell them at the prices of common glass chimneys. _ And what will become of his chimney trade if his chimneys never break ? He is apt to be wrong there. He can afford to charge a fair price and give new chimneys for all that break in use. Have a talk with him. ' Pltistiurg. IM. A-. MACBETH & Co, East, West, Nor<li. South. ennsylvania Lines. Schedule o! PassengerTralns-CentratTlme, CHICAGO DIVISION. Westward. Cnlnmbav Iv Marlon,. " Losr,n»port I f* Winamac " Crown Point " Chicago ar PM AM LAM *7 35W 00*7 20 AM 111 3IM|1204 l f820 - Eastward. Chlcngo lv Crown Point " \Vinamac " t ar. Marlon Columbus ar 2 35J 4! 310 •- 115 404 545 730 AM 518is 55( 301 PM PM 30 03 AM AM (730 914 1043 1 30| 1 47 8 ID PM PM ram 448 627 715 945 8« L026 AMI PM 12 f430 6 DO PM lOOtS 00 2161922 345 P.M. 7 30j AM | Pullman Vettttbulc Dining and Sleep. nw Cars run on Nos. 2O aad 21 between Chicago and Columbus, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, • Washington, Philadelphia and New York' PiiUman Sleeping Cant on 9Toa.it and 1O i BETWEEN LOGANSPOHT AND Read Down. 3121820374 AM (AM TM~ 13 45rfll 30 f5 00 lv'. KITnc 5 54 11 41 609115 624121 INE-APPLE YRUP 5 221 609 1656 EFFNER. Read Up. 3111375 |aoa . ..... ..... ar ... Kentland ... Goodland ." ...Remington... AM .. *HMOt95 ...... 70312491 9 14 " ...Monticello... " 7 14 1 OOf 950J " ..... Idavflle ..... " 745 1 30111 15ar.L.OKi»i»!iportlv AM PM AMI. ..-,'. 1030 1014 957 914 902 830 Alii 3II p SSOtS SWlSJtt S 20, 4 40 9 0?! 3 52 8131140 7 58) 1 OB 72S1130 PM AM RICHMOND DIVISION. FOR YOUR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA AND It Is unexcelled as a CROUP REMEDY. So pleasant that children cry for it Cures all Throat, Lung and Bronchial trouhles, and is pleasant, positive and PERFECT. , For sale by J. F Coulson & Co.. feb8d&iv3m Westward. Cincinnati 1-v Hamilton Richmond New Castle " Anderson El wood Kokomo Galvesum Ix>K»nn nor t ar Chicago. ur 90S) 60WDOO AM 1035 7351131 1114 8351222 1146 915i125£ 1211 945 128 12451030 215 (10 Eastward. Chicago lv T'Ogangport lv. Galveston " Kofcomo " Elwood " Anderson " New Castle " Richmond..;.....-" Hamilton " Cincinnati ar. 130|1120|300-.,. S10pjr 7 SO) AM PM| JAM ..... 620 ..... 150 635 20 2 24 7 12 12) ^f h nr r*, f^ y uoj——,„ ri 933 AMISS io2o;n2o|g ~ 10 34 fl 50!l = 1110 220,5-0 -— ! ° e. AM!" PMJASI AM •820 "9 45 f7 30, 105,15 50 M 2572 3d fi £ft\ f 1C. Z U/ 247 7371 302 322820 334 4 10 915 415 E4&10E2 545 7 0012 01 7 CO ) Ham 237 412 "" 304 322 445 531 £30 PM Us F ""•=• „ " o 34S& 730a TILES GRATESET C . I 224 YWU3ASH AYE " A 1C KM EDf- POS1TIV.S FOB Pullman Sleeping- Cars run on Jfos. 2 and 10, and Buffet Parlor Cars on Xos. 18 and 19. BETWEEN LOGANSPOBT AND LOUISVILLE. Read'Down. Reid'Uc. Chicago ar. " Logansport sr. ur. Ind^ianapolis " ,r. Xxjnlaville lv A3! 19 Pit .... •510*730 11301220 1105-1130 730 735 AM PM, IVos.lO and 13 carry Pullman Sleeping Car-i ; Pullman Bnu*«t Parlor Cars are run on Nos. IS and 19. JOSEPH "WOOD, E. A. FOKD, Sennral Pissen^ir igrat, 11-23-90. ' PITTSBUBGH, PENX'A. For time cards, rates of fare, through tickets aggage checks, andfurtber Information rel garding tha running of trains apply to aur Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines. .IA. McCCTLLOtiGH.ITlcketAgein. • LogUTisport, Ind, Correspondence aollcted.vuinaole .nformation free. 06u»l dlBctmnt tr. - tjiaease ».t WM, T. *S Xia.!»ulic .'sC «te CO., ailmt-.ntf ^ WEAK MEN Cured auiokijr of KIBIIT Eiis- .S^^^lont power, dork circles % ary dram.etc.,by Dr'l •JHO. I POSITIVE. tfEBBAL REMEDY. >tfae result of SO years Private j o"AB C Aij-TBEI) r C0KE. "°In' Ismail piu form. Sent in plain, ^ ^' ••! -jJfleqled paa)u£6oti receiDt of Two Dollars. (rj-Bcnled P.mShlet free. DB. JOESPEBCY.BOX IS, CLEVELAND. O. SCHIFFMANN'S ASTHMA VEGETABLE COUGHS AND COLDS. 35c. and *1. at all draggM*. r& HOEGiU & SOKS, > - PujriBtors, PROVIDENCE.'R.L nEDbr ROSS GORDON^ f.«Fayotte, Ind. Foraale by B. -F Keeping AMONG THE POULTRY. FOWLS will eat a large quantity of clover. TOBACCO stems are g-ood to scatter about the nests. HENS will eat the parings of any kind of vegetables if cooked. COPPERAS is a good medicine to keep on hand for the poultry. . BE careful to avoid draughts, especially on the sitting hens. WHES it is possible the nests should be placed in a separate place from the roosts. 'Prom one bushel of corn a hen will produce ten dozen eg-gs, worth at least one dollar. BtrsyiNO the grain is a good plan to get the fowls to scratch when they are confined. HENS will keep in better health if they are compelled to scratch for a part of a living. . ' ' COPPERAS dissolncd -iii water is a good as well as a cheap tonic for poultry of all kinds. FEEDING the ducks too much corn and getting them too fat will keep them from laying. ONE advantage in keeping a good breed of fowls is that generally they will receive better care. YOTJSG ducks should ;be kept grow- ng from the start and, sent to -market as soon as th«y are ready. / GEESE feathers bring the bset prico*. p market: duck feather* sell nexthigh- Mt and turkey fcathen MX*. may be built near the sheds, so that the work of feeding will not take much time. Rough stakes throe inches apart keep the hay.from falling into the shed, and through them the sheep feed. At I the bottom a small box runs the length of the rack. It is ten inches from the ground and made tight, so it will catch all the broken 'hay and clover leaves. Here also the grain may be fed. The most expensive part of many structures is their roof. This one has no stone underpinning and the roof has such a steep pitch that boards may take the never wants to learn, but the Y)\st reads that (P HONESTY CHEWJN8 TOBACCO ; s tile-best that is made, and it ONOE tries it, and saves •noney and secures more ;:• vtisfaction than ever before. WOID imitations. Insist on 'iving the genuine. If your 'lealer hasn't it ask him to ,ret it for. you. OTOPS f-'-i- ^-' unnatural- discharges in 24 hours. Adopted bythcGcr- manGoverntnentTor Hospital &Arrnyuse P.S.C. if-putupfoi American trade fo a patent bottle holding syringe {sec cut) At druggjsts, $1.00, r'«r/W;W.$j!rr"«r^or ——— • scnt.sealed, for? 1.10 he Von Mohl Company, Cincinnati, Ghfa. Solo Ajncricfto Ar,=nui. j y. KEESLING, Agent, Logansport, Ind, in 3 days. NoStricture No Pain SURE Ladies Reward. ^PAINLESS. »"-WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. FBI BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Such as Wind and Pain in tho Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness, and Drowsiness, Gold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations. &c. THE rlRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. BEECH AM'S PILLS TAKEN AS DIRECTED RESTORE FEMALES TO' COMPLETE HEALTH. For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., they fCTUKEHAQIC, Strengthening the muscular System, restoring long-lost Cora'-'' l ''' 111 ' T lnback'thn, and arousing with the ROSEBUD OF CJbeap Lands and Homes in tucky, Tennesee, A:LABAMA;, Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of the Queen & Crescent Rente «a be found 2,000,000 acres or splendid bottom a land, timber and stock lands. Also the ttne fruit and mineral lands on the continent for sa on favorable terms. FARMERS! with all thy getting get a home the suuny South, where blizzards and ice cla plains are unknown. The Queen & Crescent Route Is 94 Miles ttt Shortest and Quickest Line Cmcinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Day Coaches an hlpepers run through without change. 110 Miles tiie Shortest, 3 Hours the Qulcke.-'' Cincinnati to. Jacksonville, Fla Time 27 Hours. The only line, running Solid Trains and Throng Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FROM CTSCJNKJOU TO Cbattiuiog;i, Tenn., Fort Payne, 'Ala., Meridian „„ „ Miss.. Victthurg, Miss., Sbreveport, La, 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington. Kr 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxville, Tenn. 16 illles tne Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and " Augusta, fta. -A'ecne3eoappette, and arousng wt te BUD HEALTH (he whole physical energyvt the human frame. One ot tlio best guarantees / LARGHST SALE OF .' St. Helen.. T.an«»hlr«. Enelnnd. . . . .. . CO.. 365 and 367 Canal St., New York, iuepetdocB net lieopthem) "WILL MAIL ," ( ' f l""" rtiuepetdocB net lieopthem) "WILL MAIL of)telCK, 25oM. A BOX. (MKSTioK THIS PAPEB.) Cincinnati to Blrmlnghan! 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Hrect connections at New Orleans and Shrevepon For Texas, Mexico, California, •Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge of ? Kentucky and rounding tne biwe of Lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains. Orer One Million Acres of Land in' Ait>ama, thi future Great State of the Soutti sirtjwtlo pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate, For Correct County Maps, Lowest Bates aw Ml partlcnlars addres. D R. EDWAftDS, Ken Pass«Direr* Ticket Agent, iQueen ft Crescent Boute, Cincinnati. 0; Dr. Anderson's English Female ReaulaUnst Pills are tne siilYst and most reliable. Give them atrlalanrt lieeonvl ceil. At Drue .-'idle or bj mall, post-paid per box JXUO, S'boxes lor $2.50. aioka MfdlclneLCo., Toledo, O. For sale In Log;uispoi-t l .:]id,byEen i Flsher, Ko 311 Mention paper. febl9d.&w3m JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 18S9. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. ,*r«3 Allen's Parisian Face Bleach i Ooldcn Hair Wash. .Ifamma Oura, fordcve!. opmp the bust. Rusmi, for removinir suaerflu. ous Ba,r. Eanf drcsiinj-. All roods'"wlioSale and retail. Send 3 cts. for illustrated circular. Full line of fine hair joods. Mrs. R. W. Allen. =10 Wood. AT.,Detroit, Mich. . «v.- Our Malydor Perfection Syringe Jreewith »v«ry Bottle. Prevent* Stricture. Cures Gonorrhori »cd «lfrct In 1 to 4 vtayn. Ask your Drut-jisi tor It. Sent to any address for gl.oo. AddreM "AIYDOR MAfJUF'G CO., LANCASTER.0. JUDICIOUS AMD PERSISTENT Advertising hus.al-miys proven successful. Before placinjf any Jvewspnper Adrertlsing- consult LORD & THOMAS.. ^BVKUTISISO ACKSTS, • !, t» 49 Itanrtolpt,-Slm-l. CHICAGO Fatentwl in Tniled States, July 16, 1869, nil in Inn Fordcn Countrto, COMB THAT COMBINES THE STRENGTH OF METAL WITH TMe ELASTICITY OF A BRUSH. ffsient, Humane, Conuenient and Durable. W-CTKCtTLARS ON APPLICATION.- 1 ®* " sk your dealer for it, or send SOc. for eaaple by mall. iEDE PRIN6 CURRY COMB CO., South Bend, Ind.

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