The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 22, 1908 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 12
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10 LEGAL. thirds :>f its capital stock, or thirds of the member?, 'fVTiereliy d-c Uflc8»fli,fl f iffl iiiv.l after said date tho .own of Berkeley shall be the scat of government of this state. SBC. 'i. The question Of such Kbaiw of the seat of government pfcal I be submitted to the people of the st»to al the general state election to he hv-ld in the month of November, in lh« year nineteen hundred and eight, und in the manner, and subject to ttw regulations and provisions pro- TitNirt In title two, of part three, of «re Political Code of the Slate of California, Tor submitting any pro])osition or constitutional amendment to the •vrnte <of lh« people, and said question shail Iw designated on (lit- Imllot In the following words: "An aft to Cteage the seat of Rovernmeiit of the Stmte of California from the city of Sacramento to the town of Herkeley." ..L. county «•' f .. .. 'IVlUg i .'. corporation, to chance its "Kern County Orlvlng Afiornla, he application of Park Association. name to Association. , It satisfactorily nnnearlne to i ho "Hudnijt Drlvlne Park f Ion '" nas tiled this dav an app! n nnanrvn I * a nnm A trt '* \f nf*i me that For Caughs and Colds RJED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Curativ and Laxative When RED SPRUCE ANDJWHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug- Stores Bakersfield's Finest i*u»i. *iuo *j»u\i vjno vinT to enanjto Its name to "Kern Agricultural Association." an said application or petition Is signed by n majority of the directors of the said "Hudnut Driving Park Association," and that said petition states sufficient reasons for the change of the name of the said corporation, therefore. It Is hereby ordere-1. that the Tiear- inir of the application for change 01 name In the foreeolrla nroceedlns:! ••inn tho same Is horebv set for dav. the 9th duv or November. at 10 o clock a. in. of said dav .at _. nartment one at Its court room thereof In the Countv court house. Bakersfleld. rallfornia. and that nnv and all ner- .sons interested in said matter to be and appear before this court, at tfie time and place aforesaid, and then and thcro show cause. If any. they nave whv the aniiliratlon for the of name of the said corporation .should not lie erantr-d. and it is further or- 'li-ied that a cow of this order to show ciniso bo punllshed In "The BaKers- rtcld Cfillforni.-in. a newspaper printed "ond piilwhoil in tho Cltv of Bakersfield Cimntv of Kern. State of California. accord I r.u- to, mw. for at least succcssivelv four' weeks "successively next oreced Ine the dav of liearinc. Dated this 5t!i dav of October. 19C 10-5 Judee of the Superior'Court.' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Maeeje E. Haltes. deceased Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, executor Mancie E. Cialtos. Creditors of. and a., ,^.,u.,r, ,.,..•,.«. claims ueainst the said deceased, to of the 'estate .of deceased, to the all persons having id i tho xhlblt them w th tho necessary ouchers. within tour months after the irst publication of this notice, to the ••Id executor, at the office or Georce lournoy In the Stoner Block, corner — Stoner ot 17th street and Chester avenue, in rsfleld. K a , the Cltv of Bakersfleld. Kern Countv. California, the name belnc the place for the transaction of the business of tpe said estate in the Bald Countv of Kern. State of California PAUL CJALTES. Executor of tho estate of Maeeie E. Galtes, deceased. Dated at BaKcrstleld. September 2^ NOTICE OF SEALED BIDS. Sealed bids for eradlne D street between 1Mb and 20lh streets and eurb- Inc same to the official eradc will lie received up to the 25th instant at the office of J. B. Bor«e.s llj^';; Mlth street or at R. A. Edmond's office, postofilce. Bakersueld. Fitrures on cost of curb- ine nor running foot, either cement curbine or redw • • • Iv: the cement per cent. R. A. EDMONDS. 10-1!) T. C. METCALF. unnine loot, eitnor cement, redwood lo be nut separate- ;ment curbine to be 7 to 1 J. B. BKRCiKS. The UTTLf RACKtTT STORE Dlle, ;i mi now up •r IStli wilh I )ry (ioiiiis aiu ciallies. \vhich uli tlio .">, 10, 1.") in the old Drury III (.'hosier ave- •e iie\y line of I Notion Spe- u-ill lie Hold and 2.~>c conn- TO NEW YORK THROUGH .Orange Groves of South •rn California; Cotton Fielda of Texu ami! iaua. FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED STEAMERf AhJV Spuuiiil sule Saturtlay «!' Ladies and Men's Tlose iind l<iri;e Turkish Math Tow- ei.s. L'.)r JIDSI' for 1 ;")(!; 7f>C towels for ;")()<; jiair; ")0e Towels, ;i5c. L. V. GODLEY & CO. GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and span about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. BATLIPF Cor 21st and K 8ts Tel. Main 88 Bankrupt Stock OF THE United Harness Co Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. „ ^-illNQUENT SALE NOTICE, Fourth Extension Water Company Notice.—There are delinauent uoon the followine described stock, on account of assessment (No. one) levied on the, 26th dav of AuKUSt. iitOST the several anunmts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders. 18 follows: List of Rhareholders with No. of certificate. No. of shares and amount " _., Nam ame California Home Extension Associat ion. trustee .for August Anderson . lames p. Anderson .... James B. Anderson .... California Home Exten- BionAssocfation. trustee _for J. E, Anderson ....' Bareer. John • Beard. Thos. Ceo : Beckett, Alice M > Bennett. IVIrs. Sarah ..1 tallfornla Home Exten- slouAssocfatlon. trustee for Bower. Samuel .... California Home Kxten- ? lonABBocfatlon. trustee _ or Bower, Sam tie I ... California Homo Exten- due: No. No. Crt. Shs. Amt. 20 20 20 20 10 ffl 36 2,50 71 10 19.00 •orBrl« f8 "."^ un rr t o > ll 8 ^lt llonAsaoclat -)r Brleirs. \ _ , ster. Tlohn A. 62. _. lalirornla Home Exten- slonAssoefat'".".. trustee for Chales Hezeklah . 89 10 California Home Extension Association, trustee hristten. Wm. V 527 1Q oats. J. fc.S. 380 g lalllornin Home (Extension A ssocTat ion. t runt ee Jor Coolev. Chas. M. .. 37 B California Home Exten- !?lon Association, trustee tor Crowton. Cyrus . ,.25*! 10 California Home Exten- §lonAssp(;iatloii, v truste,e 5.0 20.0 10.00 IQ.Oj 5.01 B.OO 10.00 ponariud."Mich'ael" Dorr. Frank California Home Exten-" slonAssocfation. trustee for Evans, f ' ' California H . imit eme s A. . . Exten- 97 20 20.00 Sion AsBocfatlon. trustee for Evans. Lumls A. ..98 16 16.00 California Home Kxten- ? lon Associat Ion. trustee or Evans. Lumls. A. .. 99 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Evans. Lumls A.>. .100 Cfjllfqniia Home .Exten- IS 16 16.00 20 20.00 slonAssoclation. trustee for Flndon. Walter Lriedlander. Max .. foster. John ........; ;44o California jiome Extension Association, trustee for Gardiner. H. H. ...240 20 20.00 C'lL'l". 1 ' 1 . 1 L'JJP'ne Extension Asaocia{lqn. trustee lor Griffin. Edw. W. ... 73 California Home Exten- . . .. Home Exten iation, tr for (jreen. Alfred .. California Home Exten slon Asaocintion. trustee 10 10.00 sion Association", trustee Alrre 277 20 20.00 6.00 .00 sion Association, trustee for Harvey, J. M, 64 California Home Extension Association, trus-lee .for Harve Haves & IV Haves & A HedTlWark' i.'iMoruhi Home I'.xien- slon Associat Ion. trustee Jo."' Hefner Nelson ...144 20 20.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee or Hevdeii. Kdw. T. . .170 Herrman. D. M .374 '-.ill 1 '"'' 1 '!' H'',me,Exten- 20.00 20.00 - sion Association, trustee f"r Hi'i-rman. I). M. . 02 4C,5 " 20 20 20 i.. tor Hernnan, A. .!. . California Home Kx»nn sion. Association.! rn siv,. for Herrman. A. .1 Calilornla Home I'.-.ii-n- sioii.Assori.-illnn trii-iti'f lor HeriiKin. 1). \V. . Cahlornn Mom" Kstcn- slonAH.snri;,! jc in. trustee ,{;;.,, I lerma,, R \V. .V. iiinii; j. \\\ ;; • Caliloniia Home sl(in.\M.-<iiciutii)!i 105 20 L'll 2ii 20. 20.™ 20.01 2' I. HO SUMMONS. Superior Court Ifornla. Countv of 1 Southern Pacific : Plaintiff, vs. «.. H. he State of Cal- orn. . _ ifi-oad Companv, Jountlss. John I. dtousland. Henrietta :N. HoUbs. Elvira W. Percv. CmroDcc W. Hobbs (a minor), and John Doe. Defendants. Action brougptjn. tjie Superior Court of the State of (fin l"*ntl ti t !• n n tie the Countv olaint.filed together with the coats ot advertising and expenses of gale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. O. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo OH Company, office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 k California, in,and. for Kern, and the Com- le ofltce of the Clerk of ^e'^le^^sW^ Ha send TTr^ge U^H. v. Clarenc uri. iiuii John Doe. . You are hereby required in an action brought aealr the above-named Plaintiff, nerlor Court of the State oj • the. Cc I. Stousland, Henrietta _.vlra W. Percv. Clarence j . (a minor), and ,.lohn Doe. .de in and for ou fo appear ountv ..... to answer the Complaint file d;ivs (exclusi f itllM *> *" I IIMT VjV/ll* I/IWI I* }- tnv*U MlGl'Qlll* within ten davs (exclusive or the dav of service) after the servlc.e. t'his Huniimms if served within the sa, Countv: or. if served elsewhere, wit nit In" tmrtv "davs. , . And vou are herein' notified that If you t'nil lo HO appear and answer, the Plaintiff will aimlv to the Court for the relief demanded. In the Complaint. s " ' -id the seal ... irmanded In Given under my ham Superior Court of the ^MIV - • and for the County of .H.-ltfO tate of of the Superior California. In a Kern. <m Auinist . ,. Seali I, I... MILLER. Clerk. JU- Bedell Smith. Deputy Clerk. Wm. Sinter. Jr.. and D. V. Cowde attorneys for 'plaintiff. 9-1 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil Company, Location of principal nine" of nuslness. Oakland. California (.oration of property. Kern Countv. California. , „ Notice—-There is dellnauent upon the following described stock of the corporation, on account of Assessment (No ."o levied on the IKth day of Julv, liiiis the several aiiioiints set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows; No, No. Name Cert. . ...193 R ov .7. Burks ov J. Burks Mrs. K o. Iv o. K. O. Shs. Amt $ Burks Iliirks "lurks Mrs. Mrs Mrs. E. <>. iiurks Mrs. .1. c. Clark Mrs .r.C. Clark . . ..... . Oorn .......... 1 - 1 . ISi'O. Sniitn .......... '•'•'•'>X A. A. Smith ......... ;!62 160' , A. A. Sm th ......... ".02 29001 B. K. Siroud ........ 2!)D lOOni" B. K. Strom ........ 291 10()0( B. K. Strom ........ 2112 100QI si rou Strom ti law. and 1. . D. Thornp.son And in accordance order of on th manv shares of each unreel of s' stuck as inuv bo . necessnrv w_lll be :m with t Dl: •r of the Board of Directors made he Sth dav of September. 1908, so v shares of each parcel of such sold oiililir (motion at »UI > tne F 1 bu office of the coniiiiinv. KltiS Broadwav. Oakland, California, room 2". on Mondav. the J!*th dav ol' October. 1!>(>S. at the hour of s o'clock a. ui. of said dav. to nilv saiil di'liiidiinnt assessment thereon, together with cosw of advertising and exnensoa of sale. A. A. SM(TH. Secretarv. 2H. 1'iliS Broadwav. Oak- 10-3 Office, room L'd. 1 land. Calitornla. TO APPLLCATION FOR ORDER SELL CERTAIN MINING i" BELONGING TO THE EST. FRANK LASS. DECEASED. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of In the matter of the estate ot Frank Lass, deceased. \V. A. McGinn, administrator of the p.state ol I'Yank I,as8. deceased, hav iiii: filed his petition her" 1 ", pravina. for an order of sale of all the mlnlne fhlttis heloiieinir to said clncedent. foi the nuriioses act forth in his petition 1' is therefore ordered bv the Judec or, nr, of S| i'l Court that all persons interest 20.00 ed in the estate of said Frank l,ass deceaseij. nnpear before the said Su perior Court on Mondav. the 2nd da\ of November 11>08. at 2 o clock. In UK of sain dav at the court TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on the second Monday In October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday In November next therafter, at 6 o'clock ">. -m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that 1C said one- lalf be not paid before the last Monday in April next| at 6 o'clock p. m., an additional ftve per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the first Monday In January next, and will be de- Inquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at .he time th first Installment, as herein provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the office of the Tax Collector In the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a, m. and 12 m,, and 1 p. m, 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL ern. le Superior Court of tornla. in and for the he njlttor of the estate of George Mcfflnn. the adrnlnlstrator of r flle| 01 lf| e8 *-*>&'-' « e «» 8 »9 orde . . . is petition herein r of sale of .aTl th _«l3ce_qen.t. for th real estate of safd decedenf fo purposes set forth in h s petition It Is therefore oruVered bv the 2J ^'IxpoyEt that a^T persons Int _ , ed In th pear be on ie estate of sal fore the said [lay. the 2nd da the , he at 2 o'clqc dav at ti ripr Court. City of 6 ?J?n5 !on / I 8^'-". t ^~^"? 'day'bTNovember, safe?' --•• -°^- ckl - 1 "-1? 10 afternoon Judge sons Interest deceased, ap uperior Court of N cause anted e hv an orde to The said whole of the erante to Te said sell the whole of the should not administrator to _-..„..„ — ,,. y „. tl .e real estate of the said deceased, at private sale: .nnd that a copy of this order be published a' (past four successive weeks In the Ba Kersfleld Callforninn. n newspaper Count v of K-ern^"" • ° f - J 3 ^ 61 " 8 Dated this 2Q Judee ot tne superio ^onias,,Scott. Attorney for Cal. Estate. 9-26 TO CREDITORS CLAIMS OF J M ASED. TO •oom of said Suupripr Court. Dopart- nent Xn. 2. thereof, in the Cltv of Ba- ierstleld. Countv of Kern. State of ' . Exien- trustee C/ia.s l':,' lOxlen- C,'ill torn in Hoim .,.„. siouAssoclallon.triislee lur Keenev. ,|. \V . Calitorniii Home Extension Associat ion. tru.s tee tor Kei-nev. ./. \\'. ... Ciilltornla Home Extension A ssoriat ion. trustee for Keeiiov. .1. \\'. . . . Calitornla Home HMUI- sum Association, trustt for Klasscn. Henry liliu "n M 10 2<J to show raiiso not be irrantod . whv (in (>!• to the said ailiiiinfstrator. to soil all ot the nilnlni! flalms nolnimlti!.' to tho estate of .said dereasiMl. at private sale, and that, a coiiv of this order be pubHshcd at lenst four successive weeks in Ihe Bakorsfleld Cnltfornlan. a newspaper f general circulation, printed inirl published Countv of Dated th , n the Citv of U.ikersfield. <ern. State of Calitornla. s 2(ith dav of Sent.. 1008. \r r \r c Cric t' PAUL \V. BENNETT. „ Judee of the Superior Court. T lios, Scott, attorney for admlnistra- "old. Ci ' " "~ 1 11 1 ».-•, UI.VJI. li tl I I Wl HI tor. Bakorstleld. Cal. NOTICE _ TO TAXPAYERS O. 1TY OF BAKERSFIELD. J-26 P THE Won that city ^r c <. Ertlth M. Krc,-. Edith M. Vo . C has. B. ftjrol . Chas. .B. .Cif, .,-Jarlnev. Harrv ,,„ rtcCartnev. Ben.i. 480 California I.\ten- KlonAssociatioii.irustee J. S. ..:\n |: : »%>: M m. sad. Wm. R er. W. T . -i u i . 461 .|t;5 :420 sq Ann ---- 520 xt Mil Mu Mil Cu,i lor. Branev _ Jfornl'i llomel- xt'en-" slon Association, trustee for. Myron Ravmond ..151 en. Kobt. Jr. . .no eert. en. Bobt. J. . .no cert, .en. .Rout. J. . .no cert. ..,..fornla Home Kxton- monAssoeiatlon. trustee for Nelson. Geo. F. .. 192 Nelson, James J .jfi!) QlHen.FrankA.nndGruce 4i»o Pardee, Willard 452 California Honie Extension Association, trustee 'or lender Geo. M. .. 3S California iiome Kxten- 10 5.00 sionAssoeiation. trustee for Dlckerson. C. A. ..1SS California Homo Exten- y Ion Association, trust ei> for Prewjtt. Edsar I). .2::s . .tor Terrell Daniel California Home Kx- sion Associiil Ion. trustee ../or.Tlft. hen ...,...'. 72 'JO 20.00 go.oo 10 10.00 20 20.00 2K. 2.50 2',v, 5.50 20 20.00 'or nn, itert . 72 in m no Irodiion. Roubeii V. ...-,:;:, Ju 200 Trauden. Ituehen F. . . .VM 20 5ft! "i WarreclifM'.Otto 4;', I 10 ]il m, \Vejsel, I 1 . J .$'»u o^ ^tViHi California Home Ext'on-' glonAssoeliithin. trustee for \\illlam.s. Mrs ;('. P. 41 5 5 no California Home Kxt»>n- glon Association, trustee for \\oodiirskv. Mi>ver 202 20 2000 iillrornhi Home Exlen- Notice is heroPv elv taxes for the year 1S08 are due and payable on the 21st day of September. I'JOS, and will liecome dellnauent on the 2a day of November. 190S. All . . taxes are payable at the office of the City Treasurer and ex-offlclo Tax Collector. 1^22 Chester " v Cltv Treasurer and ex- lector. NOTICE SENT THE E SON. L c PALMER OF SAID In, the Superior Court of the Count\ of Kern. State of California. 1 ~ ouu " In the matter ol the estate of J. M Patterson, deceased. . Notice is hereby eiven by the mule sicned administrator of the estate ( J. M. Pallerson. depoased to the ere itors ot. and all nersons havin cUiinis auiiinsl the said deceased, t exJjilm. them wilh the neci'Ssni vouchers within tour months after th first piiblleatlon ol' this notice to til fjdmlnlstrator at the Jaw office i I nonius Scott, No liiiw 1J Ot street rooiiis. ^ and 1. Bank of Bui er.sfleltl biilJdinir. corner Chester avr nuo ynd,20th street, in the Cilv of Bi kersfleld Countv of Kern. State V Calilprnla. the .same belnu' the nlac lor tho iransaclion of business of sai estate n said Kern Countv. Dated October IV. 190S . , . , , ItOBEKf PALMER JR.. Administrator O f the Estate of J \ Patterson. Deceased. Thomas Scott, attorney for estate. ltii-1 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice .Is hereuv eiven tr and ke of the Tas NOTICE OF p 8AL| R OF y PERSONAL In the Superior Court in and for tho >• of Korn. State of California. '•- matter of the estate of Emll deceased. Notice is hereby eiven that In pur of an order of__"-~ " '-- County c In the Erlckson. suunce , ... an order of the Superior Court of the Countv of .Kern. State of California, rrjade pn the Slh.dAv of es- the illfornla. rnade on the 6th, day itober. 1908. jh,the matter of the t ,_te of Emll Erlckson. deceased. tl._ underslened administrator of,the estate of said deceased, will sell at private sale to the, hlehest bidder for the Ui ' th day cash eold coin •IS 1 !tl. Will i ilchest 1 .... ™jsday. the 20th t cbjiv n pf et Oct6¥eY. 19()S. at 10 o clock In the forenoon of that day at the office of the said ad- nlnlstrator in the court house In the Jitv of Bakersfleld. County of Kern, lute of gallfornla^eale^ bids .will be flee, u received by all of sa. j, un to d 20th 's must a administrator for any property at nis said or,e hour herein named on .y of October. 1908. said ie accompanied wj{h ten oer cent of the arnpiint pld. The tor- '-•scnutTon of tin .-i|e: Twenfy-n one la-guage single barrel nun; one 1 towine Is ~& description offered for sujfr- "'-- lie prppertv -five books. eauee Dump nun. one saddle, one bedstead, mattress and dresser: two lame tables, six chairs' one sofa: one ice box; one desk and chair; dishes and cookinc utensils. The fore- uo rut pronertv will be found at. the s__i_, _y . m Curtis at McKlttrick. so ono horse and four . _ at uie ranch of Dave the town of McKlttrick. "-- -.nnie may bt house local residence or I. T. Korn county. Aitiu ^iv w »ivj,o.; «MU i\/m uo'ats on pasture at the ranch of Dayo Muddox. near the town -* »,„,.,....!..,. Kern county wliere the ( . « »,IJ. V. . ..V One dwellir town of inspected, ed In the C( W' further informatjon \V. A. McGinn, adn, estatP. same may be ne house local- McKlttrick. Kern hat License Taps "for the i'« now ready for delivery at tl e of the Cltv^Clerk. in the bast Producers Savines Bank but and on after the 15th day of proceed to irnpoun flee of ^ ROAD_NOJICE Office of the dork of the Board o supervisors. Kern Countv. California . To all non-cor '-- •* •• non-consont hereinafter describe tice: That the report Inc owne d . lands. of tori or th .... take no the viewer - , No. 270 de otnmenclne .at the .corne 27.28.33 and 34 of Twp Ranee,23 East: " on proposed county road scribed as cor to sections " 25 South of Kanec w.est. alone and 30 fe'et the. line between of .... 23 to the and 33. a et on ;orner of'gecffa [Istanco of 1. thence each side 2$ an, sections L. __. s 28. 29. 32 e court house In the Cti •Id. Coiinty of Kern. Sta 1 a. pn Friday Novembe e hour of 11:30 o clo ; anv and all persons 'orTiearinsr before the sal pervlsors. at their house In the Cltv ol if Kern. State of >er G. 1 ock. a. .... Interestec av appear and make oh ....jreto If deemed proper, said proposed road or miblir "1 Pass over, throueh am unon me lands of Geo. Ravmoner ai Menzo Snnne. Bv order of the snUl Boird of <5 pervisors. H. A. JASTRO. . lt , Chairman of the said Board. Attest: (Seal) I. L. Miller. Clerk. 10-13 tfprni! at th where i therein may appear lection thereto If deemed ROAb NOTICE. annlv f*l™&$* X 'trict t o l n at %c° 0f asfe. ei)tat0 ° f ^ >U er with nouses of salt; Notice i nu'iit of tin" Fourth EMonsiYm o clock, a. m, , Bv order or the Dated October : Wasoo. Kern CouhfyT . ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco. California. Ixwatlon of .,'," im works, Kern County, California. irifof"fniVcliir.s niMi" Notice Is hereby given, that at a ol August utov so'meeting of the Board of Directors narcei o!..siij.)i j he , d Qn the nth day of September assesmont of two (2) centp was levied upon all the upital stock of the corporation", i .vable Immediately In United States i'old coin to the secretary, at the of!!' • of the company, No. 2270-A Market --reel near 16th street, San Francis .-.. California. Any f'ucU upon which this assessment sli'll remain unpaid on Monday, the 20th day of October, 1908, will be for sale at public auction; and, unless payment la made before, will be sold on Pri- si on.Associat ust for Vmiitt- Jus. B. ...'.317 10 , , „„„!,„ K- Q ,TI And i;i aoeordancp with law an'l a Wor ,k8. Ke ™ order ol the Board ot Directors m-i'l" Notice is I on the 2iith day ol' August iftos so' meetlne Of I manv shuros ot each parcel of sue i i ra ,i „„ »i,« stock as may bo necessary will h,. (held on tne sold at nubile auction at the oftUv ,ifil908, nn ass the secretary of the epmpanv on die no^ ah-i.-n w 20th dav of OctolH-r. Iflog. at the hour pe , r . ' °, of 10 a; m. or said dav. to nav ^11,1 subscn' ed ct 1 !v 1 '«.?i l h 1 "K'' l ?l e8 ^'"r!" 'IVi' 1 ' 1 "' '""•"!'• atlort, i yabl er with costs ol advertising and ex- <-,.„..„. .....,i J)* O * PI ?iil | IT, , Al.KKBD It JORDAN. i asco. Kern Countv. Cal. . tdUi'lll- and ex- Sect POSTPONK.MUNT thnt tho hereby irivi . of. the above assess- Water - 1 - 1»OS. ut 10 ,.„,.,,„ a11f , oard of Directors, gec ' Se °' SUMMONS. Tn the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation; Western Development . Company, a corporation; The Pato pay the dellKguent assessment, clflc Improvement Company, a day, the 20th day of November, 1908, „ Office of th^ Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Kern Countv. California . To all non-coiiHf.ntlnir owners of tho hereinafter described lands, take notice: That the report of the viewers on proposed county road No.. 274 described as commencing at the northwest corner of section four. Township thirty-one South of Rnnw twenty-seven East: thence south alone and 30 feet on each side of line Vtweei" section 8 4 and fi. S and n. two inllos- thence west alone and 30 feet on each side of line between sections 8 and 17 one mile to county road No 26 has been set down for hearlnit before the L ( L MB , 0 . lu : < , ! .. f >. r -Sup.ervlsorH at. thel? sa her i" i ) 'Vi t '°r l . in house. In the Cltv ersllj>ld. Countv of Kern, State , nllil ( Y"Pi™ a , nv an <l all no r- sons interested therein ruav appear a!}vlBab!e' ( '" 1octlon thereto If deemed The sii'ld . nroposed roar) or nubile hiiihwav will nass. ov.-i-. .throueh and La aiul ind. Coiniianv. The id Aniiiranth Land By order of th Dervisor.s. Attest: (Sealt . throueh Korii Cr i own Company, omnnnv. suld Board of Su_. , HA. JASTRO. Chairman of said Board. I. L. .Miller Clerk. 10-13 corporation; also ail other per* sons unkown claiming any right tle, estate, lien, or Interest In the eal property described in the complaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's titl< hereto,' defendants. The people of the State of Callfon nla send greeting to the Southern Pa Iflc Railroad Company, a corporation. The Pacl&c Improvement Company, • corporation; the Western Develop ment Company, a corporation; also all other persona unknown claiming any right, title, estate, Hen, or inter eat in the real property described la the complaint adverse to plaintiff'* ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, defendants. You are hereby required to appear n an action brought against you bj the above named plaintiff, In the So- >erior Court of the County of Kern. State ot California, and to answer th« Complaint filed therein, within tei days (exclusive ot the day of service) after service on you of this summons, f served within said county; If servtl elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action is brought to deter mine a claim made by said defendant* adversely to the plaintiff In and, to that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being In the Town ol Mojave, County of Kern, State of Cal- fornla, and designated ns Lot Number Nine (9) In Block One Hundred (100) of said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in the office of tho County Recorder of said Kern County, ojx Third day of March, 1906; to compel the said defendants to producr their title, if any they have, to sato premises, and that the same, and th« pretended claim, right, title, interest, and estate of said defendants, aa<J also all other persons unknown claim- Ing any right, title, estate, Hen, or interest in the real property described in the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, and. each and all of them In and to said premises, and ever? part thereof, may be adjudged and d* creed to be invalid and void. That the said defendants and eacb of them may be barred of and from aJ" right, title, Interest and estate in ana to the said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiff's title may be adjudged and decreed to be a good and valid one as against said defendants and each of them, and all persona claiming under said defendants and each of them, and for such other and further relief as shall be just and equitable as the nature of the case may require, as will nore fully appear by the .Complaint on file herein, and to which reference Is here made and for costs of suit. And you are nereoy notified, that If you fall to so appear and answer, the plaintiff may take judgment for any money or damages demanded In the cqmplalnt as arising upon contract, or will apply to the court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint. Witness my hand and the seal of th« <ald Superior Court, County of Kern, rUate of California, this 10th day ol \prll, A. D. li,OS. i Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. Ry Ham Farrls, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwln, attorneys for plaintiff. 8-11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Snrlni;neld Oil Company. ,,.,^,,1.1,^ of business. Bakers- Held! California'. Notice! is hereby Location at, a I? bpi'eliv eiven. that „„... ..„ of the Directors held on the '.lav of September, liios. an as- or oue nnd mcnt or oue and one-auarti K/.'fire was levied unon the ... «l;l..*; v. «*0 I^VICH U IK/11 tllG CtlPitat lock of the cornqration. payable im- 'ledlatelv in United States eoid coin to m e ecretarv of said corporation at jfilce of the company, room 1. Pro- lueers, Sj.ivines Bank bulldine. Bak- ersfleld. California.' Any stock upon which this asseas- uent shall remain unpaid on the Tth lav of November. 11J08. will bo de- Uuauent and advertised for sale at iiibllc auction and unless payment Is tnade before, will be sold on the 28th av of November. 190S. to «av the de- luquent nssessment. toeether with :pst ot advertislne and expenses of "" By Office. P iffs Bi Inc-s "Bank streets. Bakers: oom No. 1. Producer liulldfnp. corner iftth akersfield. Cal ifornia. rs Say- and H . 10.5 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot Oil Company. Principal place of Imsfneas. Camp on fc. E. Vi section 2G. Townshin 32 South. Ranee 23 East Kern County. CaUfornfa. m th . . Notice la hereby tftvem eetlnK of the Board of Di ascot Oil Conipanv. the Ma tiori. Hefdon the , -.. an assessm share stock: media loratr lo that at a rectors of Conipanv. a corpora- Fifth .day of October. ent of five cents per upon the jratlon. pa [ecretarv oration, at the branc .omDanv-Tioom 413 Cil Bank Bulldfne. corner ' streets. Los Anfreles ' fluent and advertised for lie auction, and. unless made bfifore. will be sold dav of December. 1908. to llnquent assessment, costs of advertlsli payment . on the 6t .- P»V the d< Aether ' wit NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Is hereby eiven that the ""i;d of Supervisors of the County Corp, State of California will re" '''-'s or proposals up to the hour lock. n. m....of.the 5th day of if 11 fPi bids o'clo -•--v v*» i-'i.>ill\si,*ll[l. TTlil 1^3- ),r proposals up to the hour ^k. n. m., of the 5th day of 1908. at their rooms In the House. In the City of iiintv and State afore, .--• -•." vonstructlon of an addi- \nn to. and alteration of the present bounty Hospital buildfnir HS per plans yd snedflcatlons on flle In the offlce f the Clerk of the Board of Suner- Isors. No bid or proposal will be received i- considered bv said Board unless ac- impanled by a certified check or i all Hmtrvul t in 1 (\ >«.-.» n A*. *• r .O i v. _ r Ul ._.,,,. .t,,_,,. »».I «• \>u.«*».-wv« »»uwit. %*» deposit In 10 per cent of tUe mount olt such bid. Tho said Board of Supervisors re- orvlng the right to reject any and all Ids. By order of the said Board of Su- ervisors. H, A. JASTRO. Chairman or suld Board, ttest: (Seal) I. L. Miller. Clerk. 10-15 NOTICE. Holiness convention tor Kern county ill meet in the "Pentecostal Church f the Nazarene," corner 24th and I reels, Bakersfleld, Onl., on the 18th o 25th of Oct. Experienced workers 'om Los Angeles will be present, ring "Waves of Glory" song booka. et every worker In the county ba resent, WILL C. WILLIAMS, 67 In charge.

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