Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1895
Page 2
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To You ' The Most Important ; Matter dcrnaruling attention at this I reason is the condition of your blood. | Your health depends upon it, for as , the quality and quantity of the blood ,'j vary, yon are better or worse. 'I The' Moot! conveys all the elements ; which £o to make up the organs, nerves I and tissues of the body, and carries away all dissolved, useless material. j . Every bone, muscle, ncrvo and tissue, i Jives upon what tho blood feeds to it. I The whole world knows that Hood's i Sarsaparilla ia the standard remedy [•for making puro blood. i • It possesBc* merit peculiar to itself And by which it effects marvelous i cures even when other preparations | fail. "When you buy your spring medicine- get tho best, and that is HOOD'S Sarsaparilla N. }3. Take Hood 's and only Hood's. A FATAL FEUD. Enmity Between Two Tennessee Families Settled in Blood. Father and Son on One Side, Two Brothers on the Other, Killed in a Street Duel. Hnnrt'a Pi I la easy to buy, easy to tak», • I 1UUU S flllS easy In effect. 25c. THE MAKKETS. Griihi, I'rovlnioim, Ktc. CHICAGO, May L FLOVK— In fair tlcmuntl and ilrm. Quotubla u follows: Winter — Patents, $i',£iOi£t 20; •trniKliLs, JifoSw.uj; oluars.iS35^-'.00: sucondn, 1 •BiOO.jii.i.'J: loiv grilles, jl.7»t£l.Qu. Spring— 'Patents. W.'UKjaw. slrnltfhls, .?;!.74©3.I5: .bakers' ilM'&:.2.'i: lotv xrudus, $;,75&1.00; Hud DDK.9l.li.""U.~>: ic.vo. *~~i .oH.i'5. WHEAT— Active uiul unsettled. No. 2 Cusi, K&M'/jC; .Muy. lUilKt^c: July, 63!,tfj>fyiH,c. Coit.v—K;ilrly iiutivu iind stronger. No. 3 mud _Vo. ^ Yellow, -l~uW.iti:; Muy, July, -tTKfoltiXc; .Suptwriiour, -i ...- OATS—Unsettled and higher, with ^ood trading Xc> u, ^(if-B^c: Muy. ^7}i©- l SHo: .Juuo, •MU,.i'~»J^: July. w.-yiass^e. Samples 1 firmer. No. ::, iii.y »lc.; No. 3 U'hhe, 32'^iiiSi^c. .'No.-,-U!4< ; :fJi:: N'u 8 Wliltc, SjyfiliBa KVK— Dull iin-J lower. Jv'o. U In store. 03o; •auiplo lots, (lia'ill^; May delivery, BIB. BAlcr.cv—SBiiroo unil steady. No. •!, 4E@51o: '•• 'No. 3, -I!iij51'/jc (or (air to choice, nncl No. 2, • *HS5-.'c, Scroi:nl!ix.-i ut $18.00 til 8.50 por ton. MJWS PoiiK— Trading fulrly active titid . prbos lower. Quotations rangci-l at i£Il,?Ojj • 11.87W for cash roifulur: WJ.83©11.S7!4 for May; U2.lO.(tlil7M, for July, uml $ia30@'li!,37j/, for..September. LAUD—Active and lowor. Quotations rnnecd •t Jil.(H^Ctfll.0. r > for cash; JO.iM'ffC. C5 for Muy; »<V80iiC.85 for July, nnd *6.«5it0.97J.i for Sup- tern bur. LrvK Pot'LTiiv—Per pound; Turkeys, 7Q lie; Chlckons, HH®Oc:,Duclcs, OffllO^c; Gcoso, per dozun, SiOOicD.Uti. Bi/rrKU—C'rouiiJtry, 8SJ7o; dairy, 7<itlOo; Packing Stock. 5Je7c. L,iguoiis-VVhlsky auotod steady »t $1.20 por or iilehwiuos. NEW YOJIK, May 1. FLOUR—Stato nod wostorii, Qulot, firm. '•• WIIKAT—Na S rod modonUoly active, Irroit- . mar, Mo higher. May, (J7UQ07Xo; June, 0!y,@ •if!tic: July, W^QOVXu; August,.(17Jt<S08o; Sep- .tember, 07%©(»Jio; Decomber, m%o,- • COKN—N'o. a, quiet, llrmor. May, July. SSSiQMUo: September, ••tearoer mixed, BS?<ia5a}ic; No. S, OATS—No. 2, dull, easier. May, 31Jie; July, . *So; stnto, 37^1(00; western, 3S(iHOo. „ BMif-Qulot. wtoudy. Extra moss, , ftoo: fumiiy, su.ooaiaoa FORK—Inactive, steady. Moss, tl3,60@M.OO. LJkKi>-QuloC, woalc Stoam rondorod, 18.053 ; T.oa • BCTTKU—CUolce about stondy. TVostorn .dairy, 8ri413e: wostorn creamery now, ISJJlDo; .do., old, 9iiil-lo; do,, factory, "fflllo; EJglns, 19o( Imitation creamery, DI^UC. CHEKSE—New lalrly actlTO, ubout steady. State, InrRO. old, Cailo: da, now, <i@8c; do., •mall, old,. 7Qllo; do., now, OQ8o. Eoaa—Fair demand; linn. Western, Tenn., 'May 1.—Shortly before dark Tuesday evening- the sound of a general fusiliide of pistol shots was heard on the main street of this town, but parties who ran in the direction of the eng'UK'ement were too late to see any of the trouble, as within ten seconds of tho opening shot the four participants lay dead in the street. These four are R. W. Townseud nod hi* son Beaureffard and Abb and John Fulg- hara. This tragedy is the outcome of a feud that started two years ago, growing out of a very trivial dispute between tho Townsend and the Fulg-- ham families. The troubles smouldered alonpf without breaking- out in open violence until last Friday evening, when Murray Fulgham, meeting young Avery Townsend, bepan to abuse him, concluding 1 by administering a beating to the young- man with an ax handle. Young 1 Townsend swore out a warrant chiirjfinff Fulgham with assault and battery with intent to kill. Fulg-ham at once left the town to avoid arrest, and went up into Madison county, but his father sent for him and brought him back. People in tho neighborhood uware of tho facts, and knowing the hot natures of the families, expected that there would bo serious trouble, but were not prepared for the tragedy of Tuesday evening. Fnlg-ham was arrested upon his return home by Constable Towns, and gave bonds. Tuesday evening ho was taken before a magistrate for.a hearing, and as tho evidence showed the assault to have been unprovoked, nilne of y>0 with costs attached was inflicted. There was quite ti large party in the magistrate's office at the time, and no serious words passed between the opposing parties during tho progress of the trial. At tho conclusion of the court business the crowd moved out, and near the door tho Townsend and Fulgham parties came together, 'ihere wore but few angry words when weapons were drawn and the shooting began. In almost an instant tho killing was done and the four men lay stretched on. tho pavement. Others took part in tho affray besides those killed. Who drew the revolver first is not known, or, if known, the witnesses are silent. Tho bodies were moved into nenr-by stores, where surgical find medical aid was sent them, but to no avail. No more trouble is expected. Hallway company Had a prior claim to lands in the St. Cloud land district, from which decision the Northern Pacific road appealed. A R«uiark-ablo Verdict. Souru MCALESTEK, I.' T., May 1.— AViUis Kelly, an Indian charged with killing his wife at Lee, I. T., pleaded guilty to murder in the first degree and the jury returned a verdict of ac- quittaL I\o reason is known for the remarkable verdict. Completely Paralyzed, CUKEEffT EYSNTS. Cholera is reported at Moji, southern Japan. St. Louis authorities have begun war on the "mashers." One of them was fined S100 Tuesday. Frank D'Albert, foreman of W. H: Herbert's job printing 1 office at Jfew York, was caught in a belt and crushed to death. A convention of Georgia manufacturers will be held in Atlanta on May 7 and 8 to organize a state manufacturers' association. In a raid on "moonshiners" near Huntingdon, W. Va,, Lee Ward was killed and 100, including twenty women, were arrested. . The Minnesota Iron company at Tower, Minn., has announced a 10 per cent, raise in wages for its 1,000 em- ployes, beginning to-day, Brakeman Counselman, of the Milwaukee road, was killed at Kirkland, 111., Monday evening. The wheels frightfully mangled him. Henry Stephens fell into a mining shaft 140 feet deep at Stotts City, Mo., PHYSICIANS ARE ASTOUNDED BY A PECULIAR CASE A Young Mna Stricken with Lniidry'i Panilyiii and yet Recover*. (From the Times, Philadelphia, Pa.) Stricken with LandiT's Paralysis and yet cored. That means but" little to "tho average, layman but it means a miracle to a pbvsi- cian. Such is the experience of 0. E. Dallimore now a resident of iladison, If. J., arid a rare experience it is. " Yes, its true that I had Landry's Paralysis," said Mr. Dallimore to a reporter, " or ! else the most celebrated physicians of Lon- j don were mistaken. I "It was on the 15th. of March, this year," he continued, "when I was in New York City, that I first felt the symptoms of a;I trouble. I experienced difficulty in go-lag up stairs, my legs failing to support me. I consulted a physician who informed me that I had every symptom of Locomotor I Ataxia, but as tno case developed he pronounced it a case of Landry's Paralysis and knowing the natura of the disease "advised me to start for my home and friends. 1 i gave up my work and on April 1st started i I for London, Ont. A well-known physician | I was consulted but I grew rapidly worse and I on Saturday. April 7, several eminent phy- I sicians heid a consultation on my case and informed me that I was nt death's door, having but three t« Eix days to live, still I lingered on, by this time completely paralyzed, my hands and feet being Scad, I could hardly whisper my wants and could only swallow liquids. Oh, the misery of those moments are beyond all description and death would really nave been a welcome visitor. " Now, comes the part that has astounded the physicians. Rev. Ifr. Gondy, a clerjry- man who visited me in my last hours, as Tie supposed, told mo of the marvellous cures of paralysis that had been performed by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People, i was settia" of> the porcS, and she stopped at uie giitc a minute and said she was mig-hty glad to see what a nice house 1 had. and she hoped I'd be powerful comfortable in it, and I ast her ii sue didn't think I ort to have a wife to take keer uv it, and she said she thought I ort-" Jack stopped his story to mop his brow, for the exertion or interest was making him warm. "'What did you do then?" I inquired, with a smile. "Not :i da.rn thing, colonel," he said in a tone of disapproval of himself, "and that's what 1 want to ast you about. If thar's any truth in signs, don't you believe I could come nigh. gittin' Mandy ef I was tocast her, say this very eveuin'?" Jack's whole heart and soul were in his question, and I promptly slapped him on the back and offered to bet him four dollars that he could. And I didn't lose my bet.—Detroit Free Press. And THE HOUSE LOST THE JOB. iVlmoit I,o»t II«r - - _ _ . - - . ir" ' IiiAi "- J "'' J.J,HlV.llnOtVJ«,», U'^^VVI'lV. J. and landed m 10 feet of water, lie I started to uiko the pills about April 1>S and FAIL TO AGHEE. was drowned, as not a bruise was found on his body. The annual catalogue of the University of Illinois has just been issued and gives the total attendance at S10, au increase over last year of more than 10 per cent. A writ of habeas corpus has been refused Fred Milheiser, arrested in Texaf for grand larceny of 1,500 barrels oj sugar from tho sugar trust, and ho will be returned to New York. Georgo Dricll and Frank Howard, who a week ago robbed the Hulso Hardware company at Rockford, 111., of §300 worth of goods, were sentenced to five years in tlic penitentiary. The assessors of Kane county, 111., havo raised a good-sized row among the bicycle owners by deciding to taa wheels as vehicles. It is proposed tc use the tax for tho improvement oi roads. Fifty-three emigrants from Minnesota and Dakota have arrived at Van- .couver to join the Norwegian colony at Bellacoola. Most of them are women and children, wives and families oi settlors already there. USEFUL GARDEN TOOL. Hie Stock. CHICAGO, May 1~" Hoos —Market fairly active. Prices 5®10a .'lower. Sales ranged at ,|aw©4.CO f or p | KS . - ••i-wa-l.To for llttht: M.353-I.SO for rou«h packing; H-»6<a4.SO for mixed, nnd X.W@-I.84 foi henry packing iincl shipping lot*. CATTLE—Supply fair and demand only moderate. Prices wore steady for the best grades, hn» other lots wore a sbaflo easier. Quotationi WDHod at *i70<aa!0 for choice to extra ship'.flag Stoors: |S.l5<a5,75 for good.to onoloe do; HASO&.30 for fair to good; Hioats'o for com- men to medium do; 13BO©4.60 for Batchers' <.8te«ra; K«Xa»85for Stackers;, W80®4.45 for ;F»«xler»; 11.76(8380 for Cow»; B;M«4.8U for Beltara; K.50O5.00 for Bulls; WWiatM fo» • V»aa Steers, and .jiOOaiOO for Veal Calve* WILL BE A BIG DEFICIT. Eg..- ;Tr««aqry Kncclpti for th* Y»»r IJkaJj to •""" : .. B» •43,000,000 Below Expenditure*. .. WASHINGTON, May 1.—The. treasury receipts during- the mouth ended Tues•;.day have not met tho expectations of the officials, and tho .indications now .are thut tho deficit at the end •••"of the flscJil, year will be. little, •U any, less tban 845,000,000. Ten 'days' receipts amounted to only .1191 8,201, of which 8160,703 was from ^customs, 8114,341 from Internal revenue and 837,158 from miscellaneous sources. The receipts for the month <rf;Aprll amount to 824;247,8SO and the |;.««penditures to 832,952,090, leaving a H -deficit for tho month of 83,704,854 omitted), and for the fiscal year date 845,247,006. Wlldo Cai« to lie Trlud Over— Bull Donl«d Dofondant. LONDON, May 1.—After deliberating three and a half hours, tho jury in tho Wilde case returned to the, courtroom and announced that they had failed to agree upon a verdict. They were thereupon discharged and the prisoners were remanded for a new .trial. Application was made for the admission of Wilde and Taylor to bail, but the judge refused to accept bail for either of them. Justice Cburloa, In Humming up tho enso against Wlldo and Taylor, laid taat counsel for tne prosecution acted wisely In withdrawing tho charge of conspiracy brought against Wilde, as ho (Justice Charles) would hare ordered tho jury to bring In a verdict of not guilty on that specl- .floatlon. He admitted that there was oorrobo- rutlon of tho wltaegae», but tho jury, he added, would have to welga the characters of men Uke Parker, Wood and Atkins, whom 'Sir Edward Clarke, In the justice's opinion, properly described as blackmailers. The justice also urged that the jury be not influenced by Wilde's writings, saying that niany great men bad written Indecently, The} jury must exercise Iti own judgment, as to whether Wilde's letters to Lord Alfred Douglas were Indecent. Oil on tbe Decline, PlTTSBUTtGH, Pa., May 1.—Oil was on the decline Wednesday. The Standard put its price for credit balances down .ton cents, to 190, which was the price it was offered at on the exchange at the opening. The first sale was at 81.85, and it afterward sold down to and at noon stood at 81.85. Cu-Ed* Will Wn»r Bloomers. ANir AHBOK, Mich., May 1.—Bloomers •have come in for good at the University of Michigan, for a number of the co-eds have banded themselves together into a bloomer club, pledged to wear knickerbockers both when riding a bicycle and while attending classes. Almost Indispensable When Planting Very Small Seeds, • For planters of small gardens I will describe a homemade tool which I find very serviceable in planting small seeds, such as radish, onion, etc. Take a plank six or eig-ht inches wide and ono foot ionpf. Hollow out the side that is intended to drag on the ground a -week after that 'felt au improvement in. my condition. There WAS a warm, tingliug Bcnsation in the limbs Unit had been entirely dead and I soon, began to move my feet and hands, the improvement continued uctil May 2S whan I was taken out of Led for n drive and drove the horse myself. By the beginning of Jtiiy-1 wns able to walk up Stairs alone and paid'a visit to Niagara. Slowly but surely I gained my old health and strength leaving Ontario for Now York On October 11 and beginning my work again on October 20, ISO-i. Cured 'of Landry's Paralvsis ia eiiht months." To confirm his etorr beyond all doubt, Mr. Dallimore made the following affidavit: Sworn and subscribed before me December 3,1804. AMOS C, II.VTHBTJN, fSEAl..] ' JYbtoT-y Piiih'e. Dr. Williams' Pink fills contain all tba elements necessary to give new life and rich- Bess to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are for sale by all druggists, or may be had by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Subenectady, N. 'X., for 60 cents per box, or six boxes for"$2.50. CONSULTING THE SIGNS. PLAXK MABKEH. and nail a small sharp stick to it, which is intended to open a small furrow for the seeds. Attach a handle about five feet long to the top edge of the board and pull it straight ahead over freshly-plowed ground and you will have a nice, smooth ridge, with a small furrow on top to receive the seeds. To cover the seeds remove the small stick and drag the concern over the ridge again.—L. L. Roberts, 'in Farm and Fireside. i buy dry Paid. Mn.WAtfKEE, May 1.—The jury In the ^ BM of John Archer vs. the West Side i«treet Railway company gave the tintiff 55,000 damages for beiny I from a street car. Openi with • DEXVER, CoL, .May 1.—A monster military pageant marked the opening of the sixteenth annual encampment of the department of Colorado and Wyoming, G. A. K. After the parade a public reception was given Commander in Chief Lawler. ttelxe* Two American Bout*. OTTAWA, Ont,. May 1.—John Costigan, minister of marine and fisheries, has received information from Capt. Peterson, of the cruiser Dolphin, of the seizure of two American boats and the arrest of four fishermen in Lake Erie. 2l«*ume. CHICAGO, May 1.—John McNuIta, i-e- ||;«eiver for the whisky trcut, began to ^operate the Kiverdale and Shufeldt dis- Wednesday in his own name. p-'-Collector Mize has approved McNulta's >' A "lOnd of 8100,000 for each distillery. . To Sail Around tb« World. W: . GLOUCESTER, Mass., May 1. —Capt. 'v.fflocum sailed in his 40-foot sloop Spray Sy::«n a voyage around tho world. He is ^'•jrovided with everything- necessary to 1,the success of the expedition. Uullfli-hu In ItUfitvor. ;s«: Crrr or MEXICO, May l.^Everything' „_ «*»"°» ff Soi- r «>oni ar.«t. '^points to an early decadence of CHICAGO, May 1.—Two hundred and which has been declining , ty medlcal m « n . representing the Pin the past^nine months in this capital Icad£n » railroads of the United States " " throughout the republic. and c&n&A ^ were assembled iu the auditorium of Association hajl Wednesday morning when' the eighth annual convention of the National Association of Railway Surgeons, was called to order. Dr. Samuel S. Thorn, of Toledo, presided. . , , Had m Prior Ctalm. : - WA8H1K6TOX, May 3.—The secretary of the interior has affirmed the decision of the commissioner of the t ewn after other preparationi M. ^neral land office that the St Hood 1 ! and ONLY HOOD'S. I P»ol. Minneapolis & Manitoba j.aM Boy BAflni to Spwlc. Eseusn, Ind., May L — Edward Steepleton's 15-year-old son, who has been a mute and almost deaf all his life, began to talk like his brothers and sisters Tuesday. Trial of Bankvr Bnch ROCKTOAE, Ind., May 1.—The trial of John S. Beach, the alleged wrecker of the Prairie City bank at Terre Haute, began Tuesday. Evidence Grown Agnlntt Newman. FOKT WATJTE, Ind., May L—It is now known William Newman, charged with murdering Mrs. Dugan, quarreled with the woman the nigbt .she was killed. Lizzie Dugan, the daughter, says she has some important communications to make about the affair and will divulge it to-dar. . R IAL MCRIT 1* the chanctw. btfc of Hood 1 * Sarsaparilla. It TO YOUNG We Offer a Bemedy Which Insures Safety to Life of Mother ud Child. "MOTHERS' FRIEND" ROM CONFINEMENT OF IT8 PAIN, : HORROR AND RISK. " Mr wife OMd only two bottle*.. She wai easily mnd quietly relieved; Is now. dolnf splendidly.— , ' . _, •" J. S.MOBiojl,HmrloW/N.C: _B»nt by opn» or mall, on neaipt ofpr!e% • 1 ;,*?JES r »•**>•• B«>k -TO MoraJuti 3 mailed tTM. • • , . BBADFXKLD EMULATOR CO., AXLAHTA, OA. ' ' In This Particular Instance Tbey Did Mot Fall. I was sitting on a log in the shade oi the Cumberland company's sawmill one Jane attcrnoon, when Jao Frazee, a mountain farmer, pretty well to do and a bachelor, canie by, and, observing my very evident comfort, invited himself to sit down on a part of the log not occupied. I was glad enough to have somebody help me loaf for the hour or so I had to spare, and greeted his proposition with applause. Wo talked awhile about politics and hard times, and then Jack became scattered in his ideas, and I was pretty certain wanted to talk to me on something more important to him than the general affairs of the country at large. I let him get around to the subject himself, so as not to confuse him, and it wasn't long before he was ready to present his case. "Colonel," he hesitated, "do you believe in signs?" "Well, Jack," I replied, "it depends on what kind of signs. For instance, if I see a sign over a building: 'Sawmill'—I don't go in there to t goods." "I don't mean that kind," he said, with a nervous laugh. "No?" and I looked at him just a bit curiously. "No. I mean the other kind. Those that are signs as is signs. You know what signs is, don't you?" he explained lucidly. "Superstitions, you mean?" I ventured. "Yes," he answered, with a gleam in his face. "Them's them. Do you believe in them?" "That depends, too. Hare you been seeing any?" He blushed sheepishly and changed his seat on the log. "Well, that's what I wanted to ask you about," he said. "You know Mandy Milser, don't you?" I nodded, for I had seen Mandy, and she was the best specimen of young womanhood in that neck of woods. . "Well," he went on, "I've been kinder sparkia' Mandy for better'n a year now, and she ain't very incouridgin'. In course, I hain't ever mentioned the .subject right to her, but I've been beatin' the devil around the stump mighty close for some time, and I don't know whether I've got much hopes er not. When I got my new house about done I ast her one day if she thought thar ort to be a porch in front uv it, and she said sha thought they ort. So I pnt one thar. Next time I seen her I aat if thar ort to'be a palin' fence er a post an'rail acrost the yard, and she said they ort So 1 put one thar. Then after that I ast her if the house ort to be painted white or pink, and she said she thought it ort to be white. So I painted it white. One day I was at her house talkin* and I ast her if the well ort to have a windlass er a sweep, and she said a sweep, fer the sweep was so plctursquee— what's pictursquee, .colonel?" and he stopped a moment. I explained what it was to be pictnr- esqne, and he weat on. "Well, I didn't know ," he said, "but I pnt up the sweep. .Then I ast her if I ort to set out peach trees er apple trees in tbe yard, and she said ther ort to be both, 'cause they .would, come handy for family use. So I sot out both kinds. Last week I moved into the one room I've got fixed up, and I've been kinder lonesome and thinkin' like. Yiatiddy M»ady. come by and j the Typewriter Situation for Laughing. An industrious little typewriter chatted thusly the other day: "Lots of people, you know, come and read their manuscripts and books and letters to us and we copy them in that way. "It's a good plan if they are good readers, but lots of them hesitate and stutter and stumble and lose the place, which, of course, uses up our time. "A young man came in tho other morniug with a play that ho wanted copied, and nothing would do but ho must read it. "He wouldn't even let me look at it! Afraid I'd steal it, I suppose. "Well, he started in, and it didn't take me long to discover that he didn't know any more about writing a play thau a pig docs about a holiday,' as poor Scanlau used to say. ' "Me didn't bring his. characters on; he didn't, take 'cm off; he didn't do anything that a sane playwright \yould do. "Hut when it came to a love scene, it was so wildly absurd that I grinned. I couldn't help it "lie was up in arms instantly. " 'What are you laughing at?' he demanded. "I tried to say that I wasn't laughing and then simply roared. "He ran out in a rage; we lost tho job and I almostlostmysituatioa." — N. Y. Recorder. THE CODLING MOTH. Both tbe method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to tbe taste, and acts sjcntly yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. byrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Any-reliable druggist who- may not have it on hand"will procure it promptly for any one who- wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. HEW YORK. N.Y. Secretary Morton I«Hi Fruit Grower* How to Ileitrov It The apple trade of tho United States Vith foreign countries has always been profitable. The demand for apples grown in the United States has always been in excess of tho supply. Great Britain, alone, during the nine months ending September, 1804, paid the orchards of the United States 32,500,000. The greatest enemy to '''our export apple is the codling moth. But tho entire crop can be made wor/nless if the orchardists of tho Uaited States will use tho following recipe: "Use Paris green at tho rate of 1 pound to 150 gallons of' water. Weigh, out sufficient poison for tho capacity of the tank used, and make it into a thin paint with a small quantity of water and add powdered or quick lime equal to the weight of poison used, mixing thoroughly. Tho lime takes up th« free arsenic and removes the danger of scalding. Strain the mixture into the spray tank, taking care to pulverize and wash all the poison through the strainer. During the operation of spraying see that the liquid is agitated with sufficient frequency to prevent the settling of the poison. "The prime essential IB spraying- is to break up the liquid into a fine mist, so as to coat every leaf and part of the plant as lightly as is consistent with thoroughness. This should not require more than from 3 to 7 gallons for a comparatively large fruit tree." Let the first spraying follow within a week after the falling of the blossoms of either apple or pear, and follow this with a second treatment just before the fruit turns down on the stem, or when it Is from one-fourth to one-half inch ia diameter. The flmt spraying reaches toe egflfs laid by the' moth in the flower.end of the fruit shortly after the falling of the blossoms, and the second the later eggs laid by belated moths. Do not spray trees when in bloom, and if a washing rain immediately follows treatment, repeat the application. Knapsack sprayers suitable' 'for'ap- plying the insecticide can now be obtained at reasonable prices at all agricultural implement stores.—Secretary Morton. A LADY'S TOILET Is not co-jipletc without an ideal POMPLEXIOII U POWDER. |1 I pozzois Combines every element of I beauty and purity. It is beauti-1 fying, soothing, healing, health-' ! ml, an^ Harmless, and when, rightly used is invisible. A most 1 delicate and desirable protection j t* the face in this climate. Insist apon having the gonnlns. Mfn, HKJlnl A»f1 I , BIMMIMV, MQ» MALYDOR MFC. CO., Lancaster, O., U.».A Cklldkood'i Cirtatnt Foe. Owing to rapid growth of children their stomach li impaired by enfeebled' digestion, this lead* to itomach wormi, and they induce fevers and nervous- troubles which In time will cause 111- neai and general Impaired .vitality. The beat cure is Blaebart's Worm Lozengei, they remove all kinds of worms and worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keoillng and Keystone drug store. Mw baaaoM Ida, ah* dune to Fatally Beat* HI* Wife. JEFFEBSO.VTILLE, Ind., May L—Ambrose Edwards was arrested for attempting to. kill his wife. He returned home intoxicated and knocked her down.-after which he kicked her in the face and side, inflicting wounds that will cause her death. Hill* ni« Wlf. and HlmMlf. BRAZIL, Ind., Jlay I. — Jamet Young, janitor at the courthouse, shot and killed his wife at Hoosierville Tuesday. He then drove to this city, went to the courthouse and shot himself to death. Do To* F**l Dill ud Tired! Nature signals you for help to throw- on" the accumulation of bile and If you heed not the wamiog. sickness will follow. Tbe best, and most promp relief is a few doses of BInehart's Pills, they will make you feel like a new man; act pleasantly and leave tbe bowels with natural ttooL Sold by B. F. Keesllog and Keystone drag store. ; -' ' ' '•••• A Bop, Skip ana Jmmp In athletic caper of this tort would Karcelr be coosldered indecorous lit one, eren of mature age and Mdatefaabttt, Impelled thereto bjr eicesiof Joy on KMKil'nc hlsdlfwiUon tiuougta tbe Instrumentality of Hoitelteff S'omach Httervfore- mort among remedies for djxpepila, btliobipeM and constipation, a trio* of evfl* usual! j' found In eonjanetioo with each other. A* tbe rtoinactj iteorm It* tone, and tbe futrfe joicis ue secreted In healthful plenitude ttirooft th« agent? ef tbta superb mtonUTC, nerve tnc« qullltT. appetite and ilecp return, the bodj pln» in rabttanee and tbe mmeiM in vlfor. Jortbe prevention and«tmof malubxu, rbaamstteand Hdner trouble, the Bitted to a.noft direct mnd thraatjicolnc mcdldnal igent. M, eona an f»«edUrfe2t sod ooapreheoilre. , Children Cry fof Pitcher' If you wish a pill that will leave tb« bowels with free natural stool, use BInehart's. Sold by B. Kaeslloff and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher'sCastorla. , If jour child bat swelled abdomen give BInehart's Worm Lozengss. Sold by B. F. KeMliar and Keystone draff •tore. Children Oiy for Pitoher r «Caftor">

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