The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 14, 1971 · 33
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 33

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1971
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S.L. Police Dispatcher Harry Pollei, 63, Dies Harry Karl Follei. 3. 4158 Marquis Way. Salt Lake City Police Department employe for 36 jears, died Tuesday . f 1 at home cf I , - I natural caus- I I es. M r. Pollei has worked in the polit department since Sept. 22, 1935, in youth, traffic d i v i si o n and the vice squad. For 25 years he has been a night dispatcher, working the midnight shift. Giief of Police Calvin C. Whitehead referred to Mr. Pollei as the voice of the Salt Lake City Police Department." LDS Church Member Mr. Pollei was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sair.ts, Police Officers Mutual Aid Assn., and the Utah Peace Officers Assn. A graduate of West High School, Mr. Pollei attended the University of Utah. He was formerly employed in construction as an iron worker. He was a member of Iron Workers Union Local No. 27. A native of Salt Lake City, Mr. PolH was born 0(t. 31, 1907. a son of Ludwig Charles and Matilda Lang Polei. He married Enid Lambert on June 6, 1927, in Salt Lake City. Zoning Protest Aired in Court A group of Holladay property owners Tuesday began presenting their challenge of a Salt Lake County zoning ordinance to Third District Judge Stewart M. Hanson. County commissioners voted 2-1 Jan. 13 to rezone about eight acres of land near 1750 E. 49th South to allow construction of a $3 million-plus apartment complex. About 200 residents opposed the move that rezoned the area from single-family units on 10,000 square-foot lots. Their reasons ranged from spot zoning" to charges that apartments would lower value of nearby property and cause traffic problems. POTATO CHIPS Lge. Pkg. at Your Neighborhood HEBER VALLEY MILK DEPOTS .30 LOCATIONS. Finances end At OOiSO!MAlNBP.H3S I1L Mr. Businessman: Quick, Positive Identification Cards At Amazingly Low Cost! Looking for an inexpensive, positive means employe identification? We have one . . . and ere willing to share it with you. These long-lasting, plastic sealed ID cards feature a full color photograph and other vital information including signature. They require only minutes to prepare and the cost is ONLY SLOG EACH! For group and commercial firms only. for further information, coll 524-2790 The marriage was solemnized in the Suit Lake LDS Temple. Survivors Listed Survivors include his widow; three sons, two daughters, Richard, Ralf L Jon R., Sgt. Salt Lake Police Department; hill's. Bonnie Rose Wilkinson, Mrs. Marianne Raymond, all Salt Lake City; 14 grandchild; en; 1 great-grandchild; brothers, sisters. William C Eric C.. Fred W.t Mrs. Marguerite Bluhtn. Mrs. Hattie Dent, Tillie, all Salt Lake Gty. Fvieral services will be held on Friday noon in the Holladay 15th LDS Ward Chapel, 3070 Nila Way. Friends may call at 2C0 E. South Tempie on Thursday from 6 to S p.m., and at the chapel on Friday 10:45 to 31:45 a.m. Burial will be in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Furk. Asian Crash Kills Utah Copter Pilot Special to The Tribune BEAVER James Bernard Low. 19, died April 3 of 'ajuries suffered in a helicopter crash March 31 in Southeast Asia. Mr. Low, a warrant officer with the U S. Army, was a helicopter pilot. Warrant Officer Low entered the U.S. service on Oct. 30, 1969, serving basic training at Ft. Polk, La. His primary flight training was received at Ft. Wolter, Tex., and he d d final flight training and graduated from Ft. Rucker, Alabama. He arrived In Southeast Asia on Jan. 6. 1971. A graduate or Beaver High School. WO Low served as president of the junior class, and was a member of the football team. He was also a member of FFA, Thespian Club, the band and the Student Council. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. VVO Low received the Duty to God Award for his Scouting activities. He was born June 13, 1951. in Cedar City, to James Allen and Yvonne Anderson Low. Survivors include his parents of Beaver; two brothers, three sisters, Ross George, U.S. Army, Ft. Ord, Calif.; Edwin Allen, Rebecca, Nina Lou, Patty, all Beaver; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Anderson, Parago-nah, Iron County. Funeral services are pending from Southern Utah Mor- tuary. Sells for Less Vital News S.L, Police Docket Comcia nts reoisfered wh fee 59 La-,e PO'c Department dvr.nq t 74-ftoor oer.oa eno-nfl -m. 1 venae y include. Burglaries Vfe B'atr St- nofema taken East. pure. Mt, k S tst We st, te.evis on. $300. )3"3 ev mew e tame-a, pr lector. tperitr, records $v8 1243 S,rinonam A , cioc. red;o atch, cash, n2 Afe-I9'n Eas taoe caver, cash, vi a ten, con collection, r.nos, &ayir.Q bonds. 22 Canson Rd , iewey bo, nones ca-xfv $22 S, w' S 5ate nomi'-a taen S. St chanoe $. 5 4 W 1 South, ce stor 150, 3'? Hampton Awe . r.tie, 12 71 l3JlSin East, chance, television, S31? ie.etn East tres, $'$ 1?3 E. Vi South, unknown J'S W. North Tenpe nees $60. 11 W. Sth Soufe, noth r- taken. Car Prowls, Strips Ti7-6rt Eat radio toe's so tcae. clothes, thermos oortit, shaving fc t, $-io 954 M fitarv Way wheel tire, 15. 9n s State, hue cac-s, $45. l97-i??h East, spare tue, wheel, fan bet 4?5 Cleveland Ave., fool bo, tools, WO S State car stereo $40 Redwood Pd North Temple, suit-cave, tishmo rods reeis Kres. dog rouar, ciommq, sroo watch, boots, $320. 1st Ave. J St., car ereo, speaker- $)05. l?4-2nd East too bo toe's. 4 1 A. 3rd South noow US. 29 W 7th South, tire. $15. Found Property 57 S State meter. Ut-I3ih East, bicvcies. 7q E. 17th -2uth, purse, paoers, waliet, change. Bobbery loo. S. State, cash, we. Recovered Stolen Vehicles Kensington and State j. 1965 Fiat 45tJrid East. 1967 Jeep, $1,500; au sect arrested S. West Templt, 1963 Mercury, 700. 99 E. sm South, 1963 Chevrolet, $: .4j-12th East, 1961 Volkswagen, 5600. Stolen Vehicles Is? E. 9th South, 1969 Volkswagen, $1 7i0 247 5. West Temple. 196 Mercury, 2233-Sth East, 1941 Chevrolet, $300. 8th Ave C $t., 1964 Mercedes-Bent. 3,000. 246 S. West Temple, 1957 Chevr let, $200. 14) W. 5th North, 1969 Honda. Shopliftings law W. Tt North, aoft drink, rt-covered. 64 E. 9th South, clothing, $.69; recovered; tuvemle arrested! 4G2-4th Ave., food, $.39; recovered; auspect arrested. Thefts 1 105-Bth East, blcvclt. $30. 1st S 2nd West, bicvcle, 70. 7"8 Simpson Ave., bicvcie, $40, 268 E. 7th South, bicycle, $oi. 919 E. 1st South, bicvcle, $47. 131 S. Main, p.ctures, 18 50. 1321 S. Main, pipe cutter, pipe ttread, oie set, $30. 1821 S. Mam. saws, $120. 328 Almond, coat, boots, shirts $20. 292 Kelsey, purse, $55 53 f. 1st North, plants, $50, 5h-13th East, bicycle, $i00. $ E St., bicycle, $38. 1 20 E. 1st South, o'cvclt, $40. 919 E 1st South, bicycle 145 Social Hall Ave., wallet, cash, er$2o or1' r extinguish- 1181 Harrison, fishing ear, $1C3 66. 385 W. 13rh Sooth, four soeed transfer case $400 1515 W. 5th South, scooter, $25. Sheriffs Docket Complaints reoistered with the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Department dunne the 24-hour period ending 9 a.m. Tuesday incluoe; Assault Battery .3000 E. Grace St., Craifl Gordon, 12, 1078 E. 5190 South, was struck; action pendlnq. Lee J. Price, was struck. action pending Burglaries 37-9th East, nothing taken. ?? lf237?-.5s,L cash B32 50. chest! ucCrk W,V' ,oos' ,ooi I71C Miltcreek Wav. r.volvcrw .'eecino baas, lantern, 705. H 3010 iou,h' r,cori lltu'hi, Wv, cash, ring, 2J01 E. 4th South, nothing taken. Car Prowls, Strips inU c00? Swth. tirt, wheel. j590-l?th East, car stereo. 2220 E. 48th South, flashlight, faker? Hlgniand Dr., nothing 3498-620 East, nothing taken. 7619 S State, television. 4820 W. 4865 South, tires, $50. Recovered Stolen Vehicle 8l47-28th East, 1967 Volkswagen. Stolen Vehicles MO! Barnev St, leal Vo'kswaaen. 323. S. Redwood Rd 1961 Chevro- motorcvcit.3J,h l0Uh' HMk Thefts It!2 ?;dor'v.xxJ, Dr- b'cvde, ti. ffL Mocrmont Dr., bicvcle, M0. fMlsJtoO MVin B'Vd" ,001 b0' hiis.E,70P'V"n r- a0r 6700 S. H.ohland Dr., watch, $200. 725 E. 2940 South, bicvcle, $30. 2882 S. 3145 West, tool chest, tools, 1300 Diana Wav bievclt. 78)2 S. th burst; rerov- ared; juvenile arrested. 3600 W. 35th South, car stereo, Stereo tapes, $115. i.i- 4th South, gasoline, $2, 390-3t?0 East, bicycle, $40. 5972-1320 East, drill, rln. camera, pocket knife, watch, shotgun, teievi. sions, rifles, toois, taoe com bank, coins, bedsoreads, vacuum cleaner, hunting knift, check, $2,448. 6765 W 51st South, battery, ?f. ,fv?i! a oaf, aungiassts, waicn, sya. Fhird District Court Divorces Granted Lawrence Jul'.n LaChaoeil. Jr. vs. Carol Louise Combs LeChaoelle, menial cruelty; -ilalntlft awarded custody of two minor children; plaintiff ordered to bay outstanding debts. Martin H Shatter v. Onete J. Shaffer, mental cruelty. Raymond Normand Pelletier, vs. Avor Laveda Krans Pelletier, mental cruelty; plaintiff t va-ded custody of minor child; plaintiff ordered to pay outstanding debts. John D. Padilla vs. Kethteoe C. Padilla, mental cruelty; defendant granted custody of minor child; plamtiff ordered to pav $60 pr month child auPDorf, outstanding cbts. Verna Lurleen Welker v. Charlet Austin Welker, mental cruelty; defendant ordered to oav attorney tees; olamtlff awarded former name: Verna Lurlaen Rolft. Linda Swensen vs. Vai P. Sve-v sn, mentei cruelty; oialntiff award-ad custody of two mmor ch'idren, dfenoant or Jared to pav $00 per month child suooort, $1 per year a'-mony, outstanding debts, attorney fees. Joseph Milan Brklacich v. Judith tlame Braklecich, mental cruelty, piamtlff awarded custody of two minor rhfidrn: defendant ordered to pav outstanding debts. Alma Peck vs. w Hiam Peck, mental cruelty piamtiff awarded custody of mi"Of Chile; defendant ordered to pay $58 oar mont.i child suooort, 1 car year alimony, outstanding oebts, c'urr cost. . Shirtey Vamer vs. Georoe W. Varner, mental erne'ty; piaint ff awarded cutody of minor child; de-feneant ordered to oav $1 cer year a'irnonv, $75 oer month child support, court costs. Jahirj Kay Buffher vs Dond Rav Butcher, mef,?al cruely; plaintiff awarded custody nf two mmor children; defendant ordered to pay $10 oer month Child sunoorf, out. tndng debts, attorney fees, court Co$ Denise Lencre Defa vs P!cherd Lvnn Oef mental cruelty-ant ordered to oa outstencmg deot ole n'ff orde ed to pa cut-$tnrino reots RavmorH Ed'" A'be v vrv Ratriria wiber, menfai cruetv? de-fevent nre'xJ to oav nf-tstenCino dents; dfr.-W eyi'aT'ey- former name, Mary Patricia Wr aht Gev 7nser v R cha'ri Pee fAMr, mental crue'ty; C'err averded cottodv of two minor chidden: O'OepM tn PV 0 r prnnth ij 'rort per var 'moey, outvandmn debs Sun Dvis v PraM O Dev s, mental crjey eftedant zrtw'9 pv cojrt ccns- ca r ft awanwd former name; iusan Sanders. of Record Third District Court Divorces Granted Wilma J. Prct vs. Ruion R, Pru.e, mental true, tv, oeenoant k-oerao to oav attorney fees cu'stano- ing ceC ' Dd 'lit dndroed tO' tr.ef pame w'lma J. Hughes flora Vare Jansen v$. Charles Jensen mental cryct pia nt tf aarced former name. Flo-a A'ariO V.heeer, Anor a A'len vs Cac1 ALt-n, mental cruelty custody ot mnor cn.ij '! tj orano'etner. cetenoant Ofoered to pa cn id sunoort $tsen fi. Kohies vs Pnyll s Mar-a Conies mental cruelty oetenoant awaraed CuSoov of two m.nor cr I-cren, D'amt-tt orcereg to oav 90 oer montn mi a -uooo-T per veer 4 -'norv ceoti. Cercvn ' Ga ira ti v. EJmc-nl Wahace Gatpra tn. mentai cruetv; p aaroed Cusooy ot t vt minor chikjren, oetenoat ordered to pav Ux1 Per montn chtd support, OutsTandina oeota. attorney fees Lafiee Aocisey vs Gerald F. Woose, mental cruelty. oa nt ff awaraed custody of two minor children; oefenaant ordered to pav S0 per month ch-ld suppvi, attorney fees, court cots Lnoa V Davis vs Donald J Da. mental cruelty; pla-rt f awarced cusoav of to miner children, oefenoant ordered to pav out-stai'Tc cert?, c 4 ' 51 r month aurveny, t50 Ddr monh child Oupport. Rene i'. Hamplm vs. McRae J. Hamonn, mental cruelty, p'ant ff aharoed custody of minor chiio; beta.- v-r c "red to cav 1 per year alimony, $59 oer week child suopori, outstanding debts, .attorney fees. Garpara S. Lee vs. Jrnmnas M. Lee mental cruelty; piamtiff ordered to oav outstanding oehs; defendant ordered to pay $100 per moiith a'lmonv. attornev fees plaintiff awarded former name. Baroara Sessions Lmca F. Horsley vs. Teodv Grant Horstev. mental cruelty; piamtiff awarded custoay of tnree minor ch l-oren; defendant ordered to pov 40 per month alimony, 1$0 per montn child suooort, outstanding debts, attorney fees. Elaabth F McElhattan vs. Daniel F. McElhattan, mental cruelty. R Gene Stearns vs. Jrck Ray Stearns Jr., mental cruelty, defendant ordered 1o pav $65 a meth alimony, outstanding debts, attorney fees; Diemtitf awarded former fvme: R. Gene Barker. r H. Ancerson vs. Doue'as W, Anderson, mental cruelty, piamt tf .Tvaroed cjstody of three minor children; defendant ordered to pay 225 per month child support, attorney tees. Judith Ann Nielsen vs Joseph N. Nieeen Jr, mental cruelty; piamt ff awarded custody of three minor ch I-di en cefenaant o'dered to pay 1 a month alimony; $195 per montn ent'd support; outstanding debts, attorney fees, court costs. Gwen Rov-iev Brown vs. Alfred Brown Ml, mental crun'tv ceff-int oroered to pay cutstandmg debs; pia ntiff awarned former name C. Huoba-d vs. Ralph Hubbard, mental cruelty; detencant ordered to pay $100 per fiionth alimony. Gavle M. GHIaspie vs. Ronald L. GiDaspie, mental cruelty Cheryl Salzman Gammon vs Paul George Gammon, annyled; piamtiff awaroed former name: Cheryl Saiz-man. Jmmie Allen Tucker vs. Wilma June Tucker, mental cruelty; defendant awarded custody of minor child; plaintiff ordered to oav 100 rr month alimony, $100 per month child ueport, outstandmo debts. Violet Ricks Wolfe vs. Stanley Paul Wolfe, mental cruelty; defendant ordered to pay attorney fees, court costs; plaintiff awarded former name, Violet Ricks. Judy G. Hamman vs. Dennis O'Nief Hamman, mental cruelty; defendant ordered to pay outstanding bf's, attorney fees, court costs. Dorothy Moran Buist vs. Harvey Buist, manta' and physical cruelty; defendant ordered to rav attorney fees, court costs, outstanding bills; plaintiff awarded former name, Dorothy Moran. Barbara Dressen vs. Donne B. Dresden, mental cruelty; piamtiff awarded custody of two minor children; defendant ordered to pav $120 per month child support $60 per month alimony, attorney fees, court cots. Susan L. Yockev vs. Robert A. Yockev, mental cruelty, olainhff awarded custody of minor child defendant oroered to pay $50 oer month child support, $t per month a '.mony, outstanding oehts; attorney feM Mvrtle B. Sleafer vs. Georoe G'nt Sleater, mental cruelty. Elo'se Jean Glavas vs. James R. Glavas, mental cruelty; plaintiff awarded custody of minor child; defendant ordered to oav $150 per month cht'ei supoort, outstand ng oebfe, $10,0C9 in lieu of alimony Carolyn A Morrow vs. Harold Julm Morrow, mental cruelty; plaintiff awarded custody of two minor children; defendant ordered to pay outstanding debts $1 ner veer alimony. $75 oer month child supoort, at tornev fee. court costs. Pamela M. Stevens vs. Michael Wilson Stevens, mental cruelty, plamtitf awarded custody of three minor children; defendant ordered to pay $135 per month child support, $ per mo"h al'mony outstanding debts. -Reed Workman vs. Leora Workman, mental cruelty; defendant awarded cutodv of five minor children; plaintiff ordered to pav $37J per month child support, $50 per month ahmony. Vonda Anoell vs. Verne Weton Anoell, mental cruelty, plaintiff awarded custody of two minor chiH dren. Mary Lee Asav vs Va! Dee Asay. mental cruelty, plaintiff awarded custody of two minor children; defendant ordered to oav $120 per month chiM supri, $1 oer year alimony outstanding debts, attorney fees, court fees. Marberet R. Cox vs. John E. Cox. mental crueitv; plaintiff awarded custody of minor child; defendant ordered to pay attorney fees, court cots Marlene Yvonne White vs. Claud Leroy White, mental cruelty, defendant ordered to pay outstanding debts. Marriage Licenses Salt Lake County Dmiif Edl Ncoti. 23. Granger, Paulin Angala Moiica, 21, Kearns. Jimmy Dean Barber, 22, Boi.e: Lorrain Kay Zantof . 23, Sal, Lake. Fred. rick Alan Hirsch, 22, Sal, Lake; Judy Lynn Scott, 20, Sonin Jordan. Geera Michael Edwards, it. Mu-rav; CMlaan J.yca Jensen, 25, Sandy. Clayna Da Wayman, 22, Salt Lake; Lucy P, Oltchewski, 21, Salt Lak. Jobnni P. Martinez, 1k, Shelley. Idaho; Dorotity M. Valdez. V, Salt Lak. rue David Jones, 25, Salt Lake; Tamgra Walker. 24, Salt Lakt. Juteon Lr Wilde, 32. Salt Lake; . Janetta Rose Fuelling, II, st Lak. Latter Rodger Jasltr, 31. Salt Lake; Ruby Fay Merrgw, 27, Malvern. Ark. William Romtl Casoer, 23, Granoer; Jan Lae Dull, 21, Grander, Tommy G. Dlvm, 2S, Bountiful; Dun La Graham, V, Salt Lak. Ezra John Buttrey, le, Hiawatha; Marie Kay Nandartan, 15, Bounti. ful. Robert Glen Sizing, 22. Sait LCvn.hl, Jtanattt Harriaan, 20, Salt Lake. Robert Roy Robert see Jr., 44, Salt Lak. Frances Medina Nipper Madsen, 34, Salt Lakt. Bren, Parkins Taipat, 20, Bountiful Stteryt Adam 15, Bountiful. Jamet Arnold Lacy, 24, Salt Lak Citv, Staphanl Lynn Mortenstn, If, Pleasant Grove. Kenneth Lae Baker, 32, Salt Lakt; Glenda Lorrain Fillmore, 21, Pocatello. Edward Mach! Luctra, 20. Salt Lake: Lor La Atwaed, 11, Salt Lake. WiHlam Carl Faaeraren .r 24, Salt Lae; Marilea Walton, 23, Salt Lak. Sttriint Robin Picpgrase, 23, Bountiful ; , Dorothy May McIntyre, 21, Bountiful. Ralph Raymond Prune Jr., 21, Sail Lok. Valari Johnson, If, Salt Lakt. . Richard le Blackwell, 22, Sad Lake- Susa Key Black. 23, Salt Lake. William Ray Hardman, 22. Salt Lire, Diana Marl Wathen, 23, Salt Lak. Wtston H. Hall, 23 New Marmgnvi Lan. Lte Pttarsen, 21, Salt Lake. . Jamet Joseph Barpcz, 24, Salt Lake City; Cheryl Ret Rlky, 24, Salt '.a Cny. Wally Wtldan Lloyd, 25, Kearns: Barbara Jane Watkins, 21, Salt Lake City. warn Dalan Rasmussen, 22, He be-: Jrtaueiyn Ann Cunningham, 2b Helper. Klaus Haett'-r, 31, Ricnmono Hill, Or a-, Canada; Louise b .. ,eaceck, 2f. Willow-da e, Ontario, Canada. Melyi, Mess Pedersen, 22, al La-e C n. Gland Elizabeth Wel-h, 27, Sal-Lak - City. Alfred P. Young A teed Philip Ycuna. 52, 6) E. Capitol 5t c-c April 17 171 n local Pursing s Home of natural ' causes. I Porn Dec. 9, I 4, Salt La Kt Ctv, to WMi.a n Jorin and z cah y Rejacca Archer Young Married Jeanett H M il-vao. Jusv 13, WCJ Sat Lafce Tempie She o-ed Feo. 19, 1945. Mar nea O vt Ca'Dih July 27, I9i6, Sait Lake Temple Sne c ed Auo tL l9ae. Farmer merrier Taoernacie Choir a-C Orpheus Ma Chorus. Survivors sons, cauorTf$, Rhera F. loahc Fans. L-onei, Slssocia, f.'ont , tvah. Sowfe Pasaoena, Caif; M's. Jooeh iGelee) Acam-pora. Lcng Beach, Cant ; M'S. Archie iDonna) Nelson M Dla (Arva Hastam bofe Sail liKf Ct, 33 g r a n o chilorer 69 great-g aodchiioren; two oreat - qrtat -grandchiioren; brorher. jut er Mark H Lilian C. Naouia. bo'h loaho Fails Fi-naral Thursday noch E. South vvhert frtencs call Mecnesoav. 6-8 pm., and Thursoav beort serv cej. Bunai Sait Lakg City Cemetery. Deualdia Durfee Deuvaidia Durfee, 87, 483 View-mont, died April 13 in a Salt Lake nursing home of natural causes, f to-n Oct Ju, ; 1863, Aurora to s J d DU Erastus and El'Zr feth Kenaall Du r tee. Married: o,- vorced. Member L S k huren u.- :s vivgrs: brother, sisters Charfte, ' CaioweM, Idaho; Cfc eha Cark Nila Dor ton. both Sait Lake City; E Stella Evans, Tucson, Ar-Z ; Mav Heath Nvssa. Ore ; lid a Jensen, Provo. Funeral Frdav 10 a m., 3 E. 7th South, where friends cal! Thursday 7-8 Din.: FrKlav prior to services Burial Aurora, Utah, Cemetery. Margaret J. Dojle OGDEN Margaret Hov.arth Jones Dovle, 54, died Aprtl U m a.T Oooen hospital of natjral causes. Born July 21. 1916, Park City, to Freaer.c and Maos Neakes How-a-th Marned John E. Jones. May 1933- he died 19 i. Marned Francs P. Dovie, June 22, 1943, Butte. Mcnt. Member LDS Church. Survivors: husband sons, Ar'en fc.t Mcme M., bch Coden, T.Sat. Har- o.d L., Beale Air Force Base. Calif j Mrs. Preston L. (LaDene, Goad, Boise; 12 grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Earl (Reoai Prescott, Francis. Funeral Thursday 2 D m., Larkm Chapel of the Dawn, where friends ca1! Yednesoav 7-9 p m Thursday prior to services. Burial Ooden City Cemetery. Dorothy C. Smith OGDEN Dorothy Chase Smith. 68, died April 12 at home of a heart ailment. Born June 6, 1902. Oonen, to Ezra and Louise Lee Chefe. Married Lester Smith, Nov. 25, 1927; he died Mrv 12, 1967. Survivors: broth-ers, c.sters, Lee M., Eucme, Mar-ouerite, Mrs. Irma Weton, Mrs. p. C. (Louise) VanErden. Mrs. Jeanette Eddv. a't Oor n; Era Jr., San Francisco; Mrs. Ezd Hatch, Mar. tinex, Calif. Funeral Friday 1 p.m. Lindauist and Sons Mortuary, wiiere friends call Thursday 7-9 Dm., Friday prior to services. Burial Ooden City Cemetery. News of Record City Criminal Court Sentencings Lucy A. Martinez, 47 , 86 B St. petty larcenv; six months m tail; stay of execution to April 23. Mrs. Robert Love 2275 Dallin St., dog at larae, $15 fine, three days in iail suspended on payment of fine. Jerry Painter, 25, 371 E. 4th South, resisting arrest, 30 days in iail, suspended on sx months probation. Lannv Emeriek Brafik, 25, 1955 N. 32nd West, trespassina, $25 fine, fie days tn iail suspended, $25 fine, five fine. Reuben W. Larson, 27, 450 Granite Av.. trespassing, $25 fine- five davs in jail suspended on payment of fine. Earl Edward Luther, 24, no address, drunk, stricken. Jan Woesley, 637-6th East, foul and abusive language, SIS fme and three davs In iail, suspended on payment of fine. Mrs. Paul F Goddard, 1863 Y'le-crest Ave., dog at large, $15 fine and three in iail, suspended on payment of fine. Mrs. Leon Lindberq, 1053 3rd Ave. dog at laroe, $15 fine and three davs in iail, suspended on payment of fine. Mrs. Jack Coombs, 2581 St. Mary's Way, dog at larae, $10 fine and two davs in iail suspended on payment of fins. Anthony Edenton, 925 W. 4th North, battery. $10 fine and two days in jaii, suspended on payment of fine. Mrs. Euaene Farlev, 1418 Federal Wav, don at iaroe, $10 fine and two davs in iaii, suspended on payment of fine. Mrs. John McMaster, 295n Sherwood Ave., doq at large, $10 fine and two days m iail, suspended on payment of fine. John F. Piercey, 2949 Devonshire Cl., doq at large, $10 fine and tw davs m Iail. suspended on payment of fine. Della Sutton, 825 Elizabeth, no dog license, $15 fme and three days in iail, susoended on payment of fine; $10 of the fme suspended If valid dog license Is produced A. Weiss, 2273 Berkley, dog at Iaroe, $10 fine and two days in jail, suspended on pavmenf of fine; no doo license, dismissed on city motion. Deil Owen Coleman, 38, Briahton 38, drunk, stricken. Jim Withe, 32, no address, drunk Stricken. Jerry Maize, 27, Tonalea, Arlz drunk, stricken. Robert F. Muanfe, 25 no address failure to oav, 10 days In iail. Henry Provo, 62 450-3rd East, drunk, 15 days in iaii, court retains iunsdiction. Dismissals R.cha-d Frank Orolll, 33, 4401 W. 4985 South, disorderly person, motion to dismiss original complaint granted. Utah Traffic Deaths 1969 total to date: 190 total to date: 1971 total to date. 58 66 70 Births Birth reported in the Salt Lake area during the 24-hour period ended at 9 p.m. Tuesday Included: South Davis Community Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Hyrum W. chapman Jr., 207 E. 500 South, Bountiful, son. Valley West Hospital XvorVed,AlM.MAami5Louirs A III ' - li.nrlh A t tj A 1 A il B.. Mr. and Mfe. Richard E. Fenger Ruth, Nev son. LDS Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lucero, 4524 W. 4495 South, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Tnomes A. Hanes, 1114 American Beauty Dr., son. Mr. and Mrs. Rav I. Larsen, 1020 W. 13th South, dougbter. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Stott, 177 N. West Temolf, uauanter. Mr. and Mrt. Ernest Guzman, 573 E 3785 South, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. SeegmiL ler, 1141 S. 7th West, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Malevich 279? E. 7350 Soth, son Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hansen, 1 70 Crmbrioot Dr, son. Mr. and Mrs. Doe C. Boggots 2111 E 7420 SoiTh, son M-. and Mrs. Marvin Allred, 133 E. 4800 South son. Mr. and Mrs. Nganstatafv MuH Kimkini 707 5h Ave., son. Holy Cross Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nelson, 1696 Atkm Ave., son. St. Marks Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Love, 3225 S. 4400 es, Grange', dajpmer. Mr, and Mrs. Lands Gillette, 1o01 Ivy Cl., son. . Mr. and Mrs. Jamet Robison, $494 Mdcnvbrook Dr., son Mr. and Mrs. Jobe Tttrcsanski. 43M2th East, son. University Hospital Mr. and Mrs. R. Jae Pmney, 2558 W. 4410 South, daughter. Cottonwood Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Randy B. Anoell, 91 Locust St, MJav, daucfer Mr. and Mrs. Darnel Wayne Foil ner, 21 oo Lee St . daudrter. Mr. and Mrs. Marten P. Webster, W. Pioneer Ave., Sandy, dauoh- t' Mr, and Mrs. Lylt R. Jockson, 84) Straio Dr., tardy, twin dauch-te-s Mr. and Mrs Frank Lynn Loeox 9a-fe S. i00 Wrst, $.-tuh Jordan, son, Mr. and Mrs Jerry T. Turner 1 3-5 W 1 enr SO'J,h P vrr 'r. Mr an -Mrs. Bryan 6. Yates, 1U E 7460 South, ,7 Ova , son. Intermountain Obituaries Tanya Eobison Tanya ncCtcr. dea AdM 1L W71. in toral hosoifal et naiv ra. causes. Sorn At n. , 1S4, Sa L.e Ctv, To laAtont S a no Zoa A Rob tin Robison & I Merriber w noer E i o h t h k,-a. II member Granfe A 'N ,rw urc - 4 Gfan C ?nc LDS niember high CcnceH f Band; prim- f VkOrker, honor sucent i Hien Sohoo,. Su-vi jrs. oar- t e r t $. orothers, S Sfer, A, ark L., Red V. Lavme M , E'en. ai Sa't i Rn.e Ctv a'anDoarentj. V". a-'d M-s. C. Lesrtr Koosn 3st Lee C-tv; Mrs. C C. lvCa) Mrt-n, Sat Lake C't . une'al Thursday. 1 em Wmoer F.tth Ward cheoal, 1361 E 4 5 Sjth. Frenas can Weor'ecav, 68 pm.. 2e0 F. Soch Tenpe. s'Kl Tnursdav at te chapel. 1145-12 45 p m. Burtai Memorial Gardens of the Va lev. Abel Abe John Evans LEHl Abel "Ace John Ey. s 68. d ed April 11 at home afer a long illness. Br-n Ab'il 1, iVOj, Lehi, to Hyrom j Jones and Luian - Church- L uuzc ru - ii.o.i Mary- ViHj T N Evans. Married I J Aone Ja- Car. I. 4 au-i. June n 1 12, , Provo ' 'H 1 1920, Provo so.emnized Sat Lake LDS Tem-pe Bo lermaker, ironwoncer. Member LDS Church. Survivors ykinnykj sons, deuQhfer, Richard G'en, P.asont Grcvt; V. 1 1 1 1 a m Hie, phiiaaetbhia. Pi.; Nno Jane, Lehi; brother, s sters, Glen, Tooeie: Mrs. J S. (Marv) Kirkland, Los Anqtes, Mrs. Geneve Mercer, Mrs. Lillian Reecfer, both Salt Lake C'ty Mrs. Walter (Zonal $tener, Plymouth, Caiif; Mrs Ernest (Devere) Gnyrr, Lehi; 5 granochildren Funeral Friday 1 d m.. Wing Mortuary, where friends call Thurdav 7-9 0 m., Fr-oay prior to services. Burial Lehi City Cemetery. Joseph M. Kadar PROVO Joseph M. Kacar, 31, did April 12 ir Pavson of nature, causes. Born Dec 2J. 1939, Provo, iC Moses and Avshe Kadar. Marnec Karen LaDear Peterson, Aori-14, !9oO, Oiem Former nmpiov f ' Union Pacific -Railroad. Medi-cne Bow, Wvo. Dsoafcher. te eq rapher. Attendee Technical College f Provo. Member L F8.AM Story! Loooe No. 4; Te f legrapner Ur'on j Survivors: v. do, sons, cauahter, Joe Dean, Ricky David, Elisa Mechelle, ail Provo; parents, Provo, brothers, alters, Kamel, Abe, Mrs. Hans (Vanonj Harris. Jeanie, all Provo; Seattle; Dean, Yakima, Wash : Omar, Salt Lake City. Funeral Thursday 2 b.m., Berg Mortuary, where friends call Wednesday 6-8 p m , Thursday prior to services Burial Provo City Cemetery. Edith IV. Pendleton Edith Woodbury Pennietn, 51. 2959 G I e nmore St., died April 13 in a Salt Lake hospital of cancer. Born June 13. 1919, Richfield, to Angus M. and Woodbury. Married Robert C. Pendle on, Dec. 26, 1941, Salt Lake City. Mem ber LDS Church; University Womens Club; Sait Lake Study Club. Survivors husband; daughters, son, Andrea Rae. Rooert Carl, Marian Carol, ail Salt Laxe City; b, Others, sister, Lowell A., Dixon M. bilh Sait Lake City; Max A., Chau- Hill, N.C.; Marian Gold, Berkeley, Calif.; J. Waller, Seattle, Wash. Funeral Thursday 1 pm.. Imperial LDS Ward Chapel, 1560 Atkin Ave. Fimity suggests contributions to the Deot. of Hfmatoloov, Cancer Research Fund, University of Utah Medical Center. Sarah O. Pett Sarah O. Pett, t, 45'9.h Fast, died April 13 in a Salt Lake nursing home of natural causes. Born Aoril 19 1882, College Ward, Cache County, to Patriarch James and Mtdna Petersen Olsen. Married Robert Knox Pett 19x4), Logan LDS Temple; he died 1923. Charter member Seoo Lily Camp, DUP. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Clarence F. (Marv) Pierce, Salt Lake City; brother, Moses P. Olsen, Logan; 1 dauahter; 5 great grande Funeral FrkJav noon, Nintn LDS Ward Chapel, Brigham City. Friends call 255-2nd East, Salt Lake City. Thursday 7-1 p m.; chaoel Friday I hour prior to services. Burial Brigham Citv Cemetery. Gladys G. Petersen POCATELLO Funeral and burial were Tuesday for Gladys Patricia Fullmer Gledhill Petersen, 67, who oied Aoril 10 at home after a short Illness. Bom Feb. 28. 1904, Green River, Utah, to Franxlin Pierce and Rosetta Dalton Fullmer. Married El wood Gledhill, June 4, 1921 Salt Lake LDS Temple; divorced. Marred Me! in P. Petersen, March 17, 195), Pocatello. Member LDS Church, survivors: husband; son, daughter. Dr. E. Paul Gledhill Scottsdale, Ari.; Mary Ella Aguirre, Boise; 7 grandchildren; 2 greatgrandchildren; brother, sifters Fiovd, Neola, Utah; Greta Smith, Newport Beach, Calif.; Genivieva Pratt, Vancouver, B.C. Ellen C. Nelson POCATELLO Funeral services for Ellen Christensen Nelsjn, 90, who died April 10 at home after a Iona itlm-ss, will be Wednesday 1 P m., Victor LDS Ward Chapel, where friends call Wednesday 2 hours prior to set vices. Burial Victor Cemetery. Born March 29, 188!, Cache Valiev, Utah, to Neis and Ellen Nelson Christensen Married b Henry Thomas Nelson, Mav 2. 1907 Driqas; he died Aug. 10, 1934. Member LDS Church. Survivors: sors, daughters, Ivan, Trhee; Stanley, Victor? Mrs. August IVio'et) Ln'te, Wstchffe, Colo ; Wanita Winn, Poca-teNo; 13 orandchdoren; 12 q-e-st-grandchildren? sister, Mrs. Katig Fenvon, Idaho. Samuel M. McCafl POCATELLO Funeral for Samuel Milton McCart, 84. who ded Aortl 11 m a Pocatello nursing home after a long illness, will be wednesdav 11 a m , Mannino Mortuary, where friends calf prior to services. Bunal Mcuntainview Cemetery. Born Feb. 7j 1887, San Francisco, to Samuel Freeman and Mary Jane Ford McCarl. Varied Lydia Seibert, 1913; divorced, 1938. Married Louise Alls-worth Aug. 8, 1940, San Francisco. Vaudeville arto-, sinqer, Fox cirri, ts. Served Bureau of Reclamation 1939. Civil engineer inspector, San Francisco, 1946. Retired 1954. Member, Catholic Church Survivors: widow; si'ter Madeline Turney Alamo, Caiif. Marian A. Oiborne FORT HAIL, IDAHO ''unera! pending for M-arian Alveraz Osborre, 38. wno died Aoril 10 of injuries suffered in an automobile accident. Brn March 24, 1933, Fort Hall, to Barnev and Margaret T'ngore Alveraz. Marned Enos Osborne, 1947. fmo'ove H'nhwv Member, EDiSCOOaf Churrh Survivors: hus- b nd; sms, daughters, Hugh, Jav. Artie, Deand, Karen, Mrs Sve (Rosalvnda), af! Fort t-ail; grandson; mother, Nevada; brohers, sisters, Stanlev, Reno, Nev ; Rjdv, Mrs Erme (Viofet' Daniels, Mrs. Eediscn (Colletn) Dixie, afl Forf Hall; Donald, Blackforf. Effie Worthington BURLEY, IDAHO - Efhe Worthington, 89, died Aoril n m Seattle of natural causes. Born In Frda. Utan. Member LDS Church. Survivors: sons, daughter, Wiinam M , Samuel R , Mrs. Wriliam E. King, all Seattle; James F , Plertywood, Mort ; 7 grandchildren; 12 ereat-crendchHdren. Fuera1 Thursday 1 pm, Oakley LD$ Sake House, rienris call Pavne Mortuary, Burley, Wednesday; stake house Thursday prior to serw,cs. Burial Oaxiey Cemetery. Eoy G. Campbell DE KALB ILL. Avmo'ial services for Rov Golden Camprel, 45, na ive ot Heper, Caroon County, were last week at Deka'b Bo-n M.av 2a, 192f Het er, on of Goloen J and Althea Reunion Camotye'l. Attended Utah State Uuverity, Loga Assistant journalism prrtes-or, adyser for school eager, Northern Illinois Un, versify, DeKalb. Former flejvsp aoer rrpo'tpr, Lnroin, Neb. Star. Varr led Jeanne KS'C. Survivors widow, sons, Keitn, Scoh, mother, Mrs. Wayne fAtnea T tie, Sa.t Lake C'tv, b,,oner, Clifford, San Jose. Cacf., s tr, Mrs. Bjd (Barbara) ReyncldS. Family reoueefe c-mtr eyf ons to Poy CaArpefi North, ern Sfer J'nc.d'rn o und, NiJ Journalism Deot , DeKa.o, HI. Sarah Jane McFarland ui ah vane McFa.fc l. Shd lord Ave , d ed Asril '3 at hoe c naiurai ? Causes Bcrn Aug I 1J, tf89 Ocanre I Neo . o fiuOtn I ' a-j Soc a Ds, a ? son Vi;Pe'er s A arrieo C-aence H Me Far.-'o AD' I w l. A c son, Ktc , Liah o Women vVcmen s Reouo can C'tb. Pas oes o t Womens Drt f uo 9f Caer ,o Ca'be- F A ts Lfi0 Memper Casc-e s.Cuniry Cab; Fort Caoe- Co ter Ac 4 C cer of Eastern Kjt ora Rebekah Loi'ee No. 13 L tva Tern-Dauaters o tre N t w'v . : ce Daignter K'r F E don R.trt I hrixk mo'tiv. iait I Re Ctv 3 gra''ocauorterv 2 C'eat q'na-cn,aren, brothers Dona 1 R, Fr. mon? Neb ; Jams a , Coevr c Aiene loano Fueral se-y'ces Fr,-dav noon v'.asa'in P'e-bvtei- en f'urch. 1 626- 7 East F-.enos rat 54 E. 1st $OUh 7'l'-$C4V 7-C pm Bur ai Memorial &araens ot tng Vauev. Aretta L. Peterson CAN CITY K il.arj L-un Aretta Lovell Pe- . cut s n.arj - A'etta Lovell Pe- te-sun, 14 Oak MJt 25?" , c tv. Oiej Act, I f -, U !! In Sal Lake Ctv of a ' heart ailment. Born Feo. 8 . Oak City, to Brigham and Harr! WiOQ'ti T a I b o t Love I. . Married Jesse R. , Peterson, Dec. 23. 1908 Sa't take Temple. Ha o.ed Sept, 21, 1942. Secretary m Relief Sooeiv and viSitiriQ teacher 50 years. Survivors . ter, Mrs Vera Poulson, Gfenca e. Caiif ; su orand.-hiigren. Chariotg Hcarth, Fairport. N Y., W. Gerald, Ihavan, Coo ; Jesse R . W. Denn-s, Jan ce Ha'td, Mary, ail Salt Laxt Ci'v 1 oreat - qrandchiktre Funeal F'-icav. llam. Oak City Ward chaoel, where tnends call rna h 'ur before services. Burial, Oak City Cemetery, Serena J. Larson Semna Jacobsen Larson. 99 . 2200 E 33rd Scutn, o cd Aoril 12 at home cf natural causes Born Vav , 25 1671 .Mt Pleasant. to S 0 r a n j and An ami Cnnstemen Jacob- j scn M a r r i e d j Nils Larson, Jan. 19, 1195, Mt Peasant; h died Feb 21. 1939. Meber DUP. Former member LDS ward Relief Sooe- tv presidency Survvor$; son oaiHjnter, Niel S , Sandy; A r s 1 James A (Mao- po''a) Monsen, Magna; 38 grandchildren; 23 Qreat-grandchildren. 2J ?e.itHjreat grandchiidien; b r o t h e t larence, Mt. Pleasant Funeral Friday noon 2128 S State, where fnends call Thursday 6-8 om, Friday prior to services. Burial Mt. Pleasant Cemeiery. Kose B. Ilottinger Rosa Balnni Hottinger, 66, 4C3 Hollywood Ave. died April 12 In a Sait Lane hospital of natural causes. Born May 1, 1904, I bingham Canyon, to Joseph and Agnete Giddeon B a I zarini. Mar-ried Leo Hottm-oer, Auq. 2$. 1924, Farming on. Mem- . ber Order of Eagles No. 67. ! Survvors: hus band; daughter, son. Mrs. Rex (Lois) Sessions, Bountiful; Keith Leo, Salt Lake Citv; 3 Grandchildren; jisfer, Mrs. Mane Tone inn, Pe.alume, Calif. Funeral Friday 10 a m., 255-2nd East, where frienus call Thursday 6-1 o m., Friday prior to services. Burial Salt Laka City Cemetery. Annie Brooksbank CENTERPlcLD, Sanpete County Annie Mary Christena Jones O sen Madsen Brocksbank, 94, ded April 12 in a Mayfield nursinq homr of natural causes. Born Dec. 24, 1876 Gunnison to Brigham and Christena Chnsttnen Jones. Marrud James Andrew Olsen, Mantl LDS Temple; he d.ed July 31, iV49. Married Samuel Madsen; divorced. Married Samuel $. Brooksbank; divorced. Member LDS Church. Survivors: son, daughters, Otho L. Brooksbank, Sunnyvale, Calif ; Mrs. Lonoo (Ruby) Childs, Rosemead, Caiif.; Mrt. Lester (Margie) Lvon, Lehi; stepson, Shirley tirooktbank. Salt Lake City; 19 grandchildren; 32 pieat - grandchildren; 5 great-great grandchildren. Graveside services Thursday 1 p.m., Centerfieid Cemetery. Friends call Warren R. Jensen Mortuary, Gunnison, Wednesday 7 9 o m., Thursday 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Merle I Smith AMERICAN FALLS. IDAHO Marie Leonard Smitn, 63, oieo April 11 in an American Fails hospital of natural causes. Bom Ocl. X 1907, Hardin, III., to Gecroe and Afanila Crossman Smith. Marned be Aka Flannery, Aug. 20, 1940, Columbus, Neu. Came to Idaho 1940. Farmer. Employe busiress firms. Survivors: widow; stepdaughters, Mrs. Fern Jennings, Powav, Calif.; Mr s. Frances McMIlhan, Chicago. Ill,, brothers, sirters, Harold, Gaiva, III.; Ohn Mrs. Trula Reeves, Decatur, HI ; S oney, Mrs. Fiona Reynolds, both Abingdon, Hi.; Mrs. Maxine Epert, Fox Lake, III.; 6 grandchildren, 9 great - grandchildren. Funeral Tnursday 2 p.m., Davis chapel. Fnenos call Davis Mortuary, Wednesdav 2-5 p.m.; Thursday 8-10 a.m.; chapel Thursday 3 hours prior to services. Burial Fallsvlew Cemetery. Hattie E. Berryman BLACKFO0T, IDAHO -- ru..cref services for Hattie t. Wiiliamien Berryman, II, who died April 11 m a Biackfuot nursing home of natural causes, will be Wednesday 1 p m.. St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Burial Grove City Cemetery. Born Oct. 7 18u9, Br.gham CHy, to Lorenzo C, and Annie Larsen WIIHamsen. Married 10 Waller Frank Berryman, July 1, 19)0, Ooden, Utah. Former member Order of Eastern biaG Member Lady Wool Growers; ABC Bridge Club Survivors: son. Waiter R , Sait Lake City; 2 grandsons; 2 great-grandchildren,- brothers, is-fers. Jack, Bountiful; Tom, Mrs. Eii-irh (Verna) Cidwtxn, bofh Saif Lake City; Mrs. Dorothy Lauritren, Long Beach, calif ; Mrs. Ann Mihson, Mission Vifio, Caiif. Delese Jim Marshall BcACKFOOT, iDAnG Funeral Services are pending for Cefese Jim Marshall, 40. who died April 11 of Injuries suffered In an aftomrbie acooent. Born Dec. 14, 1930, Fcrt Hall, to W'lhe and Jesse Teion Jim. Married Glenn AAarshail. Memoer Episcopal Church. Survivors: husband; sons, daughters Lonhc Eldon,, Wvoma, Glenda, Jessie. all Blackpool; parents. Fort HaM; brothers, sisters, Robert, LaVerne, Mrs. Ernest (Adfeene) McGill, Mr. Curtis (Thelma) Farmer, Mrs. Eicon (Audrey) Bronco. Mrs Earl (izeln) Johnson, Iota Jim, aH Fort Hall, Mrs. Kenneth (Eleanor) Dixey Black foot. Gwen C. Smith Gwen C Smifh, 32, 1W7 W Norm Temole. died April 12. causes oend-mo examination of state medical examiner. Born Oct. 17, 1938, Oooen, o Thomas Walter and Etnei Merrill Carstensen. Married Euq?ne Smith, divorced Memoer LDS Churci. Sur-vivors: son, daughter; Gary Eugene, Vickie Lynn, both Salt Lake City, sisters, brotner, M" Lvnn Ward, Gary Cars'ensen, bDth Sait Lake C'ty; Mrs. Jar re heith, Washingtm, D.C. Funeral Thursday 11 am, 6500 S Redwoo Rd Friends call 574 E. Hr South, Wdnasday 7-8 p m.; place of service Thursday 31 minutes pnor to services. Burial Redwood Memorial Estates. Ora Smith Foulsen Ora Smith Poulsen. 90, 76 W. 7th South, died April 12 in a Sait Lax nursing home of natural causes. Born May 16, 1880, American Fork. 0 Warren B and Mary Tyrrell Smth. Marred Christian Poyisen Sot. 23, 1911, Salt Lake LDS Tem-pie, he died April )4 1953. Survivors: dauohter, son, Mrs. Leone Holt, Union, Elmer, Tooele; 18 grandchildren; 74 great-great-grandchildren; brother, aister, Junius T Salt Lake City; Mr. Ida Clark, Bountiful Funeral Thursday w n, 36 F 7h South, where fr.ends call Wednesday H pm, Thursday pr rr to services. Burial Midvaif Cemetery. Rejnalda Bojbal PR CE - re,Mu.j KO'.oal 75, died April 12 n a Prire ret home ot natural causes. Born Sp. U, P5 Petera N M , to L uoano i"d Peseta A ime GuMierrez. Marred P'jsmdo Pvbal Jan 10. 19H, Poe-teca, h d Vav 3, 1968 Mmb r, LDS Cu'-rn Sjrv-vors- daworfe'-s. Nr s. Satlv Loonrs, Cortez, Coto ; Nr s Fnehne Lo-f Ferm-ncrion, MA if) g-aridc" d',en,a',ea-g-and-chiio; brhp', -ister, Aoonis, Murray; T -de, Sa't Lr- C V Fune--al Thursday t r m Fa't V'irtua'v. wnerg fr ft-d. ca'1 wegriesn 7 5 pm. T-j''; crC' to services, bur ai P'.ce Cemetery. 5slt Lake Tribune, 33 Wednesday, April 11. 1HT1 Sarah O. Austin Sa-ar Grace Ci' er pwst it "tj E-?r-h.T.c?raf'" i I C n fl I ' M ICval vpttx o) r-tTwal tevie. Born Jre 7 H? SoTive 41 to A inooo t ;ace C.ev I r i e o jciioi ' f A I Drt AyS r. f 5. I3fk Sait ( fj Lake Temce i R e i e t Six tv . JF t-Cher c-3 ur.vecf the r A- 7 St weeding an : . I P Su'tv? hus ' Kio. us. CiwCrrers Dr Na-n n. Mrs Liwie ccra Crot &on P'o-c a Ptt Me-e , Dene a 5. M W s 'Bd'xne Peu -on l Sait lae C t jeseon R Ei Sa c,r, Cent-al Arne- ka orrfe- s s-t- r Vrj EHon Fe f) TO'CSOh. S-'Mncvie uaes D, Sat ia Citv 19 prano-n .grr 4s crea grabber d'en, two (real - gieai g. a nc chuoren F.nerai Frdav noon 25L?d E'St, w'ere fr,?rv34 Cd I Thj.soa-, 7 6 r m., a xf F-aav b. or . e. B r ei Weatch Lawn Fam. FuneraU ANDERSON Funeral services C Dr rcer A i n 9 heia Wednsoa 1 noon tne Lar-km Vortu'y Chapel, East Sc..h irrrp.e Frends rra. ca' at hp me tuarv Tuaa 68 pm Inter, ft'e't. Sat Lae City Cer-terv funeral cirectprs Lark n Vcrtugry AUSTIN Funeral serv,cs toe Sarah Grace Oster Aus n wnl eg hed Fr aav 7 'ocn m ti- Russ.n b'cmers Mortuary Cnaoe, 25 So. 2nd Fa-t. Fr,ennS rnav call at fee morfuary Thurscay 7 to 8 D m a'! F'oa prior to Svic-s. 'I. Wasatch Lawn Memorial Pafe. Rus-eon jrofners, funeral director. CAYTON Funeral servicei tor Eoward K (Men Ciavon win be he d Wednesdav lorn n rn Hoiiaoav Firt Ward Chapel 2241 E 4oO South. Friends may cail Tedav a to I pm at Cg-ti Ma-kav CoHnn-wood Mortuary, 46 0 mchiand Dr c and Weonesoav one hour pr,or o services at tri chufh Funerai oi-rectors, Curtis-V.di.xay Cottonwood Mortu a ry. COOK Funeral servees tor On Theo Cook vsii be hod Atones-.y 1 p nt. id the Bountnoi Union Mc-tu-ary, 295 Nortn a.n Sfeet where fnends may cail Tuesday, 79 pm, and Wednesday 12 uO rocn to lime of e'v.ce imermeni, Bcuntitul Memorial Park Fune-1 directors, Merrill R. Holbrook, Union Mortuary DURFEE Funerat services foe Deuva'd'd Durfee will be hed Fn-cav C 00 m at the Deeret Mortuary, 3e E 7th South Street wherp fnends may rail Thursoav 7-8 d m. and Frioav prior to services Interment in the Aurora Utah cemetery. Funeral directors, Deseret Mortucv, GIDNEY Funeral services for Anme w. Gidnev wli be held Friday. U am, Montpener 4tn Ward Chanel Fnenos mav cal1 at Jenkms Soffe Mortuary, 460 S. Stafe. Wednesday, 7 to 9 P m , gnd A arthews Moiiuary, Montpelier loano. Inursoay, 7 to I cm. BriQham City Cemetery Funeral director. V. C. Sotte and Sons. GILLESPIE Funeral services for Lula V. Gillespie, will be held Wednesday 2 pm. at Memor al Estates Mortuary Chapel 580 S. 9n East, where friends mav call Tuesday 7 to 8 p m. and Wednesday one hour pr,or to serv)ces. Interment, Memorial Garden of the Val'ev Funeral director .Aemorlal Estate Mortuary. HOTTINGER Funeral service for Rose B. Hcttmqer will te he'd Friday at 10 a.m. in the Russcn Biether Mortuary Chaoel, 255 South 2nd East, where friends may call Thursday 6 to I pm and hrtoav prior to service Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery. Funeral directors, Russon Brother. JENKINS Funeral service foe Ruth Lunooultt Jenkins will be he d Wednesday 12 noon in the butler 4th Ward, 6600 Greenfield Wav. Frienos rrev call at the Lark n Mortuary 20 East South Temole, Tuesday 6 to 8 o.m., and at the Ward Wednesday one hour prior to services Interment, Mount View Memorial Estate. Funeral directors. Lark n Mo'-tuarv. JENSEN Funeral services for P. Lertue "Lee" Jensen, will be hefd Wednesdav, 12 noon, in the Riveon 2nd and 4th LDS Ward chapel. 12574 S. Redwood Road Friends mav calf at th Goff Mortuary, 8090 S State, Tuesday, i te t pm, and Wednesday at thy ward chaoel one hour prior to services Interment. Mantua Cemetery, Mantua, Utah. Gott Mortuary, funeral directors. LARSEN Funeral service for Josepn Ruben (Rube) Larsen will be held Wednesdav 12 noon in tha Grant 4th Ward, 1111 Chariton Ave. Friends may call at the Lark'n Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, Tuesday 6-1 p.m. and at the wvrd, Wednesday 10 45-1145 am. Interment, Logan City Cemetery. Funeral directorsLarkin Mortuary. LEAK Funeral services for Angus Leak wit be held Wednesday 12 noon in the West Jordan th ward Chapel, 7925 South 2700 W'est. interment, in the White's Fort Cemetery. Friends may call at the Deseret Mortuary, 36 East 7th South, on Tuesday 6-1 p.m., end at the Ward on Wednesday 1 hour prior to services. Funeral directors, Deseret Mortuary. POULSEN Funert, services for Ora Smith Poulsen will be held Thursday, 1? noon, in tna Deseret Mortuary, 36 East 7th So. where fnends may call Wednesday 6 to I p m. and Thursday prior to services. Interment, Midvale Citv Cemetery, Funeral directors, Deseret Mortuary. RASMUSSEN Funeral service for Harold W. Rasmussen will be held Thursday, 1 pm, in the Neoo Stake Center. 780 W. 5(h South, Pav ton, Utah. Friends may call at the Walker Mortuary, 587 $. 1st West, Payson, Wednesday, 7 to 9 p m., and Thursday prior to service. Inter-ment Payson City Cemetery. Funeral directors. Colonial Mortuary. SMITH Funeral services foe Gwen C. Smith will be conducted Thursday 11 a m. at the Redwood Memorial Estates Chapel 65u0 Redwood Rd ) Friends mav call at f vans and Early Mortuary, 574 East st South, Wednesday 7 to I p.m and Thursday halt hour prior at place of service. Interment In Redwood Memorial Estates. Funeral di lectors, Evans ardEerjy. STEVENS Funeral services for LeRov R. Stevens, will be he'd Wednesdav 12 noon in the Mod imet Park Slake Center, 1320 Wasatch Drive Friends mav call at the Lar-km Mortua-y 260 East South Tempie. Tuesday 6 to o m , and at t ' Ward Wednesday one hour prior to services. Interment, Sait Lake Cuy Cemetery. Funeral directors, Larkm Mortuary: WILD Funeral services for Oswald S. Wild wil be held Wednesday 12 noon at the DAeret Mortu-arv, 36 East 7th South, wherp fnends may call Tuesday 6-1 pm., nd Wednesday prior o servee. Interment, at the Sait Leke Ciy Cemetery. Funeral directors, Deseret Mortuary. YOUNG Funeral service for Alfred Phihp Youno wtn be he'd Tnursday, 12 noon In the Larkin Mortuary Chapel, 260 E South Temple. Friends may call at the Mortu-arv Wednesday, 6 to I cm,, ana Thursday onor fn services Infer-SaT Lake CHy Cemetery. Funeral dirertors. Larkm Mortuary Florists BROWN FLORAL 364-5544 -FREE DELIVERY FIPTH SOUTH tenth WEST "Always the Finest In Flower" MILLER'S AND ELLISON'S FLOWERS 484-4328 71 53 East list South MILDRED'S FLOWERS 486-7267, 1552 E. 33rd So. Legal Notices NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sea'ed feds will be rece-ved it fee UTAH STATE BUILDING BOARD for 7J KV Electrical Distribution Ssfem Expansion Utah State University, Lc-Qen, Utah Bds wi'i be m accordance with drawings and soe'if'Cenons D'-ppd'fcd t Bat Enlne,,'', Com-r f-d same mav be obtained from fee Utah State Budding Board 124 Sfete CdDitci, Salt cake City, Utah, gpo receipt of 25 00 deposit per er, made payable to the Engineer, and wnich deposit will be refunded uprg return ot such dr8wmo and specification in good c,nd,t'0fi wifem feN davs of the date set for the od Opening Preouaification of bidder required Prior to any bdder receiving drawings and soec f-ction if will be necessary that be hae on fife w.Th tne Preouaiificat'On Board of the Safe of Utah, completed and approved, the reoumed peguaMica-tun sratement oertammg to contrac-tor' experience and financial condition B-ds will be received unil fee hour Of 2 DO P V Thurs., April 29, "971 at wh'Ch time feey wl oe oper'd and read aloud in th Bunding Board Cnnfe-ence Room, 124 $a Cjn'fe Byid-ng. A bd fend m the amount pf tn percent 15 c) of me b d, mace pyah e to the Uan Stafe Bung rg fer-grd shall a rom-nv pj if cer-t'tied or cashier' check 1$ used leu of m bond a rArttf(cae from an ao'-ovd surety rnmrarv nuaran. tee 1 no execution of log prt, Fz-rfnrrrrp ' nj and a 1'jO p. Parrment Rend mu't a'rompanv bd. The cafe Bu -d pxj Board ree-.s fee r ght ro reiert ay c r a'f b d or to w ve any form-miity qt twnmtat. iv n an pid n fea interest of fee $ UTAH STA BJJ,D'NO C?AR GLEN W. jAE :?N (B-6') C rector k

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