Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 15, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1964
Page 12
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No. 3 in series Rumford Fair Housing controversy explained (This is the third in a series of articles explaining the current statewide controversy over discrimination in housing, the Rumford Fair Housing Act and the initiative campaign to repeal it. This article explains the enforcement and penalty provisions of the new law.) it deems necessary for the hearing. All parties to the action may be represented by legal counsel if they so choose. If charges in the complaint Sillie Sol Esfcs must serve eight years Washington Window Technique for voter rebellion By Lyle C. Wilson brother. Atty. Gen. Robert F.; R ec // anc / s Daily Facts Wed. r Jail 15, 1964-11 Kennedy. A Newsweek poll re-j bring the Ne- again into the AUSTIN. Tex. <Vri) — A: Texas court of criminal appeals! today upheld the conviction of' The alarmingly simple strat . Governors such as George C. Billie Sol Estes on swindling'egy by which anti - administraj Wallace. Alabama, Orval Faub- charges and ruled he must lion Democrats in the South jus. Arkansas, and Ross E. Bar serve eight yea ported in October, 1963, indicat-i President Kennedy was doing a! Would delay ed that John F. Kennedy hadlgood job. jgroes storming lost since 1960 about 4.5 million President Johnson did not in-1 streets? white Southern voters. It was herit that unfavorable position.! Can President Johnson avoid estimated that he had picked He is more like a Southern fa- j forceful action in behalf of up since 1960 about 1 million voritc son. But the signs are up!civil rights which might inflame Negro voters. for a break in the Johnson ad -|s 0 uthern whites against him. Play For South ministration's romance with the) p rcs j,j en t Johnson is trapped This civil rights political ball South. It is obvious by now that. jn a bad j. pot southern hot ance sheet encouraged the Rc-jJohnson means to keep the jheads on either side —white or publicans to make their biggest! pressure on the South to in'e-lblack—are jn a pos j t j on t0 rf c . . . „„. .„.s in the statclcould arouse a voter rebellion!nett. Mississippi, well know the:play for Southern support. It|grate its way of life The new' stroy his elcction cnances . H e arc not proven, the Commission penitentian . " 'against President Johnson as it technique. Faubus forced the encouraged such governors as; President could not do other-) has no al , ernative t0 a nard . may dismiss the case or. if it The three-judge court upheldlwas aroused against the late!hand of President Dwight D.iWallace and some other South-;wise and hold the big cities; noscd enforcement of all-out in- By JACK GERMAIN Pacific Coast News Service deems necessary, order further; thc verdjct of a jurv a , T vler.!john F. Kennedy is all too ob-'Eisenhower in Little Rock.;em politicos to organize for a and big states investigation. * ! Tex .. in a 22-page unanimous!vious. 'Both Wallace and Barnctt de-mass bolt from the Kennedy. Urgent Pol.Heal Quest.on , If charges are proven to the decision . | Tnc strategy would be toified Kennedy and federal law.i 1964 presidential candidacy.| Legislative priority in this Commission's satisfaction, it Estcs . formcr agriculture (ylcompcl Johnson to use federal! A determined mayor could do|Thiswas to punish JFK and, new session of Congress goes his brother for their aggressive; automatically to the tax reduc-j tion program which already has tegration. He cannot retreat; must advance. BEST SELLER" AVAILABLE WASHINGTON (UPI) — The reported passed the House. The political; 1964 edition of that perennial may issue a "cease and desist" coon f rom p CCO s, Tex., wasibavonets or marshals to corn- 1 as much. , . . demand against the accused and charged specifically with swind-lpel integration or to maintain! White Southerners were bitterIcivil rights policies. ! order that he 1 — sell or rent J ii n g a farmer. T. J. Wilson, in j the peace in some Southern! against John Kennedy. The Re-! "he Newsweek poll . ,.„.,. SACRAMENTO - Fundamen- the subject housing to the com-l a S94.000 deal involving anhv-jcommunity. That would arouse 1 publican party mounted a C am-jthat6. per cent of white South-:questions now becoming urgent.government best-seller. '\our tal to the effectiveness andplaining party if it is still avail-drous ammonia fertilizer tanks. Southern opinion against John-paign to help the South in gct-iern voters were dissatisfied: are these: (Federal Income Tax. is now public support of anv law is triable; 2 — sell or rent a like ac-i Estcs, now living in Abilenc.ison as it was aroused against ling rid of the Kennedys. "The with Kennedy civil rights poll- Will there be further sub-available at 40 cents a copy at manner in which that law is en-leommodation or the next vacan-Tex., also is under a 15 - yearlKenncdy by riotous events in Kennedys" was a bitter phrase ;Cies. Only four of ten Southern, stantial delay m enacting civil ,U. S. tax offices across the na- forced. as well as the penalties cy in a like accommodation to sentence by a Federal Court on prescribed for its violation. jthe aggrieved party; or, 3 —[his conviction on fraud and con- Under provisions of the Rum-pay damages not to exceed S500;spiracy charges. The federal ford Fair Housing Act, specified alternate housing is not made I conviction is under appeal, enforcement procedures have (available. ! Estcs and Wilson signed a. been established which place! Injunction Is Available [contract on March 2. 1961. in-i heavy emphasis on "pre-legal"! If the order of the commis-jvolving 75 tanks of 500 gallon, action by the State to resolve.!sion is violated — or about uncapacity, along with mobile rather than prosecute, individual'be violated — the FEPC may mounting and applicating equip- charges of discrimination. ask a superior court to issue an mcnt. and for 65 similar rigs, Enforcement of the new anti-injunction against such violalion.jof 200-gallon capacity. j discrimination housing law is j The accused property owner,' Wilson agreed to pay Estes vested in the Fair Employment at any point during the "pre-jS 121 - 850 and ™ flc a (lmvn P a >' Practices Commission, a" investigations or in ap -l n,cnt ol $27,250 that left a bod Employment Act. The FEPC.f "if the FEPC obtains a court i monts of sl - 57 ?prior to the Rumford Act. had injunction against an accused! ™e state charged that Estes been involved onlv in policing property owner and violations I f » lscI y represented to Wilson ethnic discrimination in employ-,continue, the owner will be held! 1 "? 1 nc *' as buy ' ng , thc pro , p ' mcnt. in contempt of court and subject^ r, >' (1 f nd ,l , was l0 . bc sc "'7' y for thc mortgage, in much the same manner that a person Oxford, Miss. j meaning John F. and hisjers believed last October that rights legislation: actices commission, a pumic'legal investigations or in ap-i"' 1 " 1 "•<"• "-*«• » dy appointed by thc Governor:peal of FEPC findings may seck| baIancc owed b - v Wllson of S9 !;" dcr authority of thc F a i r\ court intervention on his bchalf.i 500 payable _m monthly install- FEPC Polices Housing in contempt of court and subject i !to the normal consequences. No Penal Provisions ibuys an automobile. Thc Rumford Act, in extending this "police power" into flic' There are no misdemeanor or: T| 1c state said, however, that field of housing accommoda-othcr penal provisions in t h e; Wilson was in fact not purchas- tions. expanded the FEPC from | Rumford Act. j mg t nc property and it was not five to seven members. Its ad-i The enforcement procedure as|security for the debt, ministrativc staff, headquarter-Joutlincd varies little from many; \ s t a t c court jury took 127 ed in San Francisco and L o s.other administrative agencies of; minutes to convict Estes on Angeles, was also augmented to-the state empowered to police: Nov. 7. 1962. after Prosecutor handle the volume of new "busi-state laws. One major point has: R. B. McGowen warned, "If ncss." [drawn particular criticism fromjyou acquit Billie Sol Estes you Unlike many State "policing"!real estate circles. iare doing one more thing to agencies, the FEPC is not auth-i That point involves the auth-iturn cur way of life over to thc orized to initiate complaints ; ority of the FEPC, after "pro-'crooks and hucksters." ! against persons it may belicvcjbable cause" has been deter-l The trial lasted 17 days and| lo be violating the fair housing mined, to seek a court injunc-lthe sentence was two years less law. That is. it cannot act un-ilion that could force thc ac-jthan the maximum less and until it has received a'cused property owner to keep! Estes, now ."9. was freed in formal, verified complain! the housing accommodation va- signcd by (he person against;cant until FEPC investigations whom a discriminatory act has and rulings arc concluded. Such been committed. :a restraining order may be in Detailed Complaint Required Thc law requires that thc aggrieved party must present to the FEPC a detailed accusation, naming the alleged violator and thc alleged facts believed sufficient to constitute a violation of thc Rumford Act. (No other law enforcement agency — including the Statc Attorney General — is authorized to present such a complaint on behalf of thc "victim.") If FEPC authorities believe thc formal complaint to be in good order, they must immediately send a copy of the accusations to the alleged violator and undertake a prompt investigation. A staff investigator and one member of the appointed Commission arc assigned to process each complaint. Complaint Isn't Public At no time during the preliminary investigation period is thc FEPC allowed to make public either the name of thc person against whom the complaint has been lodged, or the particulars of the alleged violation. The two-man FEPC investigating team normally will meet personally with all parties involved in the complaint. Should it find that probable cause does not exist to believe an act of discrimination has in fact been committed, investigators must promprly — and in confidence — dismiss the complaint. If case investigators, after preliminary study, feel that probable cause for complaint does exist, the assigned commissioner must make an effort to "eliminate" the alleged discriminatory practice effect for up to 20 days What Critics Say Critics of this section of thc Rumford Act contend that an accused property owner, even if subsequently cleared by the FEPC, could suffer major financial losses under such an injunction without reimbursement. FEPC officials argue that the courts will not issue such injunctions unless they agree with the "probable cause" finding and that temporary restraining orders are routine instruments in American Law. Legal counsels on both sides of thc "fair housing" dispute however, agree that a substan tial part of the Rumford Act re mains to be defined by court tests. Although the Rumford Act has faced no major tests to date, questions regarding its legal sta tus are now secondary to its ex plosive political and social impact. bond awailing appeal of thc decision. Estes still has pending against him four more federal and statc indictments containing more than 30 counts of theft swindling, mail fraud, false statements and criminal antitrust violations. (Next: The five — Why?) Repeal Initia- Plan services for noted astronomer conciliation and persuasion." This process of negotiation is also carried out in strict confidence, and cannot be used in any subsequent court action. Accusation May Follow In thc event that negotiation does not bring about a satisfactory settlement of thc problem, a full written accusation may bc issued and a public hearing called before the full FEPCj body. (The commissioner investigating the case docs not sit on the hearing panel.) The Commission has full subpoena powers and may order all witnesses, books and records SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (UPI)— Funeral services will be held Thursday for Dr. Oliver J. Lee, one of the nation's noted astronomers. Lee, who died Monday at thc age of 82, came to Santa Cruz in 1947 following his retirement after 19 years as department by conference. i head acd Professor of astronomy at Northwestern University. He also served for many years as director of Ycrkes Observatory in Wisconsin. DOGS*CA^ It must be the climate SAN FRANCISCO (UPD-Thc San Francisco Police Department is temporarily out of horsepower, with its 27 horses under treatment for sniffles, runny noses and other respiratory ailments. Members of the mounted patrol detail have been assigned to radio cars and foot patrol duty on a temporary basis. You'll Find a Ready Market Thru Fast Acting Facts Classified Ads Erhard calls for unity with Britain LONDON (UPI) — Federal Chancellor L u d w i g Erhard called today for a united Europe with British participation within the Atlantic partnership. Erhard, who arrived for a [ two-day official visit, made thc appeal in a speech at a man sion house banquet, given in his honor by thc lord mayor of London. "Europe will remain a torso unless it is joined by Great Britain." he told the gathering of British and German leaders. "In the age of technology thc British channel cannot be a line of division." It was Erhard*s first visit to Britain since he became chancellor in succession to Konrad Adenauer last October. CHP officer killed in crash LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recorded its fourth fatality in the past 19 days Tuesday when patrolman Kenneth Witke, 49, a 17-year veteran, died in a traffic accident. 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