The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 22, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 2
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1908. tl)« Bakerificid Califomiaa ggm->l Kvc i: .KveniiiK lnl1 Sundays at Hakei Mifl.l. Kern Cnnrtii, i 'fillfrirnlii. City and County Official Paper B;ikersfiel<l, JEntereil in Pnsiotllce il (.'ill.. ;is Seripii'l-olitss Mall Mutter. t(l rent -a iiiontli; %'< a Vcar in Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone ................. Main 31 For President. WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KET.N For Congressman — Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON the yellow men of the west. The editor is a member of Oon- irress and hopes 1o lie re-elected. Is lie for Roosevelt's pulley or iinniiiHt ? Is he orthodox or not? Won'I the oricim tell us what it really thinks aboiit the ! President's pro-.Jnpimese policy, 1 OFF WITH THE LID. For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO THI'USDAY, (H'TOBKH ±2, LET'S TALK TARIFF. A few dtiys since the local trust organ was declaring that Democrats were avoiding the tariff is-:,., ,, , sue, because of its wonderful life-, ' ! ^ s giving properties in connection , as '*' -'" with wool, raisins and prunes. But; ;»ibekmnvnst, of now it appears that Democrats are the only ones with an appetite, lor further discussion of j (Harper'* \VeeUlv, Uep,) .\ IVw days jil'tcr .Air. Taft was ' nominated, ('resident Koosevelt ; declared that "under no circimi- jstimees" would he take the stump. {This was ''positive," also'Nleti- nite," also "final." etc., etc. He 1 now aiithnrixcs the imperturahle i I,coli to jiiiimiuicc that he may jniiike a few speeches to "inject some trinjjei 1 " into the canvas, and : probahly lie will. We can see no ! reason why he shouldn't. This is Mhe President's n'tfht, and he is en- i titled to make it in his own way. j The fact that he said he wouldn't i talk has no ben ring upon the situation. To cljanjre one's mind , has been a royal since ,men began to rule. Mr. Bryan's 'pathetic whine to the effect that he ought not to be compelled to 'meet two antagonists deserves no consideration whatever. Nobody bus constituted him the maker of the rules of Ihe game. Nor need , the views of the so-called Republican "managers" respecting (lie advisability of the President performing be regarded seriously. They are not conducting Mr. canvass. All they were do was to raise the wind. irse, anil they have demonstrated their inefficiency so lamentablv that more than JJ3, Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street THE FIGURES SHOW LANDSLIDE FOR DRY! A read his flsiir Uryun :! but !»3. This is di the Callfornlan, imt.inK UK hereafter appears, gives electoral votes ami Tali this! 01 " 1 . hav « meaty subject. Two fruit grow- ™ m « ' ers have effectually punctured ' come in for a sound be- V'hy should they fear the effect of the. President taking the the crude argumerits'of "the"organ I st " 1 "!'-. anyway? Only the oldest by simply showing the state of the'"* to £! ( ' s >"«»'«« '» reflections to market.' A number of wool nieni tie < «{ l> « t ^ a chief magistrate with their wool in the warehouses »™"M 1)(> , tl ! ( ; ' ''''^lent or the are going to vote for Hryan, be- whol ° P ( '°P 1(l . ""'1 would beht- cause it has been demonstrated ; t '' hls ; ll1 " 1 ' ofT !'' ( ' b - v 1 ""' ll ' stonili "-' that the tariff can no more make a | A " who W() , ul(1 !' ( ' S( '" t tho P<'>'''>"»wool than can the re- of the ten command- inurket for affirmation ments. Raisins, wool and prunes are all "protected," but the grower can't sell his product. Not much argument is needed with such object lesBons as are to be found in the •warehouses today. The wind has been let out of the tariff balloon. and no amount of hot air t'n>m the protection advocates can inflate it — at least so long as the market Continues as it is tutlav. KI-I.., •(«..> 1 miuue 3.1, 39,323. lii van's plurality in 1908, 10,253. Ni v, .I'-i-ty, \'l votes; Maine ratio applied tn giilievnatorlal vote of 1907. Hern., lS(',,M(iii plus 31.6, 245,170. [{(-p., i!M,::i:i minus 3.1, 188,290. Hryan's plurality in 1908, 56,880. j North Dakota, 4 votes; Maine ra- Itlu applied to gubernatorial vote o£ I liiOtl. i Hem., .I-UIM plus 31.6, 45,301. P.ep,, 29,309 minus 3.1, 28,401. Dryan's plurality in 1908, 16,900. | orepon, 4 votes—Conceded to Taft. ! Pennsylvania, 34 votes; Maine ratio IT MIGHT BE RIGHT. It was announced wilii a mv;il flourish of trumpets the other day that some poor federal office holder from Kokoma of TcNarkana or somewhere h;n| been 1 1 isei| >| itu-i I for bciiii! In" active in (ml ii icv Now tiencral I, uke Wright. >•:•,Democrat jnh holiler under Roosevelt Iv mil .:lnisill'i l',r\all. ii lot of cabinet ol'iicei 1 -. ;ir«' l>ein<_; rushed into Ohn> io im'kc -,|,i-ee!i es, and even the I'resid'-nt of t!ie I'llifeil Stales is vai.l eci for il speech K(|iia re. A Li'ini ! many lieiiiLilili'd |n can't drau 1 a third i-la for Taft ing. and eral sliu plat I'oriii iii-.iiiictiou l>.-;v,eeu anee as undignified and unworthy have already ln>en so thoroughly disgusted by the "crushing" ti- | Hides against Hryan and Ilaskel 1 land Foraker that no further dam |age could be inflicted upon theii i tender feelings. There 'is, then 'nothing to lose, and much perhaps to gain. People \vould flock in thousands to see nnd hear the President, and everybody would read his speeches, whereas Mr. Taf'I's pass comparatively imim- tieed. Here in the east probably Hughes and Hoot and other old- fashioned speakers eiin meet (lie emergency, but out west -mine smashing slani!\vhanging would be accepted with keen relish. Why sliniildn'( the President supply il? N'oboily else can. Nobody else holds a position sufficiently exalted to make violent denunciation popular. We u-rant that a debate willi Bryan would be ill advised, ll would be most undiynilied. and. between ourselves, perhaps II little ba/.ardous. The nimble-mindetl <>M Doctor is pretly ^ood on his I'eet. Moreover, il always aiiiiovs the president lo have any one talk back. He knows what's what, and ' he likes to say what he wauls to : say when he wants lo say it. ( Ml' ; with the lid ! iu Hue with the landslide that Is expected for the Democratic nominee. The eorrospendent's article and figures follow: The elections for governor held last month in Maine, in the northeast cor- ier of the United States, and in Ar- <ansas, In the southwest, would ap- ;iear significant. In Maine the Republican candidate for governor received 75,591 votes in 1904 and 73,243 in 1908, a loss of 3.1 »"l )lk ' (l (0 Ruhernatorlal vote of 1906. per cent, while the Democratic candidate received 49,791 votes In 1904 and 65,057 votes In 1908, a gain of 31.6 per cent. The Republican plurality in 1004 was 25,800 and In 1908, 7,686, a net Republican loss of 18,114. In Arkansas the Democratic candidate received 91,991 votes in 1904 and 111,478 votes in 1908, a gain of 21 per cent. In 1904 the Republican candidate received 53,898 votes and In 1908, 45,4"S» a loss of nearly 16 per cent. The Democratic plurality was lib,0!>3 iu 19U4 and 66,,069 in 1908, a riot Democratic gain of 27,976. , What will occur on November •';<! in the states between Maine and Ar- Wisconsin, 13 votes—Conceded to l>m., 457,957 plus 31.0, 602,671. Hep., 506,392 minus 3.1, 490,693. Bryan's plurality in 1908, 111,978. Rhode Island, 4 votes. The compar-1 I ison is with the vote for governor in I 1 !)<•". J i Dem., 33,300 plus 31.6, 43,822. { 1 Rep., 31,006 minus 3.1, 30,043. J j Hryan's plurality In 1908, 13,779. j ! Sutitii l.lal:<itii, 4 votes. The com- ; i imnsoii is with the vote for governor | in 1%.;. 1 ; Hep., 48,7119 minus 3.1, 47,199. I Hem., 19,923 plus 31.6, 26,218. ; Taft'B plurality in 1908, 20.981. • Vermont, 4 votes—Conceded to Taft on the basis of its September election. Washington, 5 votes-—Conceded to . Taft., remains to lie seen; but the Mr. Jittd \oOSe Vt a ward n i postmaster ;.en- I'or him from a t perhaps (here is ii in 11st he n v h t. si n IM condemns the om the other. PREPARING FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL OANCE. following table .shows the pluralities I hut will be obtained by Dry an and Taft respectively In the various states, if the Maine ratio of gain in llie Democratic vote and loss in ihe Republican volt' he everywhere maintained. It will be .seen that a • landslide" Ki liryan i.s Indicated, and if those figures prove correct, Hryan will receive l!S!t electoral voles and Taft 111! electoral votes, a majority of -in; electoral Votes |ov KlVall. In every instaiiec the comparison is made with the vote of the most | rer-ciu election call -ulatfd to show : tile iioriniil strength ot the two par- ' lies. The (inures for compari^ou ave talica irnm Hie "Vv'orld Almanuc and Kiicyclopediii" for llnis. The Maine and Arkansas (igures were furnished by the Secretaries of Stati i «o siuti s respectively. | ('alifurain, in votes; Maine ratio I implied lo Congressional vote of 1906. : !!ep.,'l.V>.:MS minus :i.l, 153.(nil. i Dem.. liiil.7r>l plus, 13l,OSti. i I Taft. i Indiana. 13 votes. The comparison ] Is made with the vote for secretary of state in 1906. Dem., 203,520 plus 31.«, 346,792. Rep., 294,351 minus 3.1, 285,226. Bryan's plurality in 1008, 61,566. Maryland, 8 votes. The comparison is with the vote for governor in 190". Dem., 1(12.051 plus, 134,299. Flep., 94,300 minus 3.1, 91,376, Bryan's plurality In 1908, 42,92.'). Nebraska, S votes. The comparison is with the vote for governor in 1906. Dem., S4.SS3 plus, 111,708. Rep.. 97.S5S minus IM, 94,824. Bryan's plurality in I9ns, 16,884. New York, 39 votes. The comparison is with the vote for lieutenant CANNONOR NOT. I M I, us A iil' Congressmi.;i -les 1 he pi || Mid,ai'lilan inert in. • nie-lit •ef-.lscd I wheth. Hie to say, at a pulili IT he would \o|e for tion uf ( 'annul! for si its an iiiipor'inii mat i< Republican candidate ulioilld be .-Diiipelled oi'd. OMC way or the the Kcpuhlieans in ( Uiake ( 'iiniioii a fuc Take him out of the chair, and he would l» •• entity, without powi-r t • kitercsts wliusc man h every Republican IMIIU responsible f'or Cannon. voted for him, and it is RUine that they w him again, unless there is tinet ple(Jge to the contrary TIlC people should HM- what the lucid nominee'-; \ '. are an this subject. We have Mr. Shepherd's pie that if he is elected. Ill-; \V NOT VOTK I-'DJJ C.\\N(i\. WHAT'S THE ANSWER? >e si-lliur dam -, ,, ],.r : •,. (.,,;,.. Friday, has U'.-'i \n> : n.,,,.,, ,| n n ,;i The Jluili will lie Hallowe'en e<,e, and in ordi- • In m i,;c iln dam-.• 11 Hallowe'en affair It Is proposed that 1 ll' 1 dance be exl ll !•• I IH.\ ipc| nil lili'lu. into llalliiwe'eii. The seniors an- ili-li'i'mined lo 'lave a i t .;i| lini,. ail I II') e.\'|;e||.,e \v' 11 ll-' sll.,r. .-| In Ih | en 1 Tin-re \\ill be several srprise,, I and plenty if 1'uii will lie provided l>\ i Hie eomillll.lee. SllllSI all I i il I refre -,h ! I minis will be served, very probahU S , "pumpkin pic." will I),, aeeorded ihe j lorciiicisl place cm llie list. Tile hall will lii> ileciirateil lo ihe i.iccasion. wiih real jack o-lantei n,-., aiel cosy corneis ol cornstalks, by lien l.aase and Klorcncc lloi^hlon. Vsalnd Forker is st'iidliiK mi! the invitations .Miir.iiH je 'I'nide, <m die- prci^ralii CIMII- lljitlee. llUK Sl'l'lll-ecl SOI1IC pllmpMn tinted, decorated prosraniK. Pearl '.'layne will provld't the rcl'reslimeiils an,| Will Simpson lias secured tin-! and music. Tal't's plunility in liniS, 21.910. ('Diniei'tiriil, 7 votes; Miune ratio applied io miliernat'iriiil vote of 1908. Dem.. liT.TTt! p!ns ': I.H, hi), 193. Hep., SV:i,-i 1 ininas ".I, S"i,l!44. Ilryan's iduraili\ in liii'S, :!,r,49. DclawiU", ;', voles; Maine raito ap- piled to Connies; inual vote of 1900, Dem., IT, I is |:]us ;:i.ij, ^i',.-). J 7. Uep., ^n, 'Jin niiinis ;',.!. HOSTi. llryan's iilinalii.. in l!t">, _.!i42. lllinni>. 21 \otiv; .Main,, ratio ap- plii'il In ('onures.-'iniia! viiti ol liM'O. Dem., :;il.|i;iu ,, .,,, ;i ,; .|ln,57!i. 'P-. (Hi. IT. minus :l 1 , 4u:l..',i'i2. Hryan'-. pliM'aii'v ii, l!ms. T.dlT lowii, l:i votes: Miui,, ratio alied .. , I governor in I!i(i6 ot those : " { Dem., 71S,» : 4:.' plus 31.6, 945,732. Hep., 713.0HS minus 3.1, 690,962, Dryan's plurality in 19ns, 254,770. Ohin, 2:5 votes. The comparison is with the vote tin 1 secretary of state in 1!»OB. Dem, 3r,l.07rt plus r;i.U, 462,Snr,. Hep., 4118.066 minus 3.1, 395,416, Bryan's plurality In 1908, 67,389. \Vcst Virginia, 7 votes. Maine ratio applied to vote for governor In 1904. Dem., I12,4.-i7 plus 31.6, 147,993. Rep., .121.540 minus 3.1, 117,772. Bryan's plurality In 1908, 30,221. Manama, H votes—Conceded to Bryan. Arkansas, 9 votes—Conceded to liryan. Colorado, 5 votes;.Maine ratio applied to vote for governor in 1906. Dem., 74,512 plus 31.6, 98,057. Uep., 92,646 minus 3.1, 89,773. Bryan's plurality l n 1908, 8,284. Florida, 5 voles—Conceded to Bryan. Georgia, 13 votes—Conceded to Bryan. Idaho, 3 votes; Maine ratio applied to vote for governor In 1906. Dem., 29,496 plug 31.6, 38,816. Rep., 38,386 minus 3.1, 37,196. Bryan's pulrallty in 1908, 1,620. Kentucky, 13 votes; Maine ratio applied to vote for governor in 1907. Dem., 196,428 plus 31.6, 258,499. Rep., 214,481 minus 3.1, 207,832. Bryan's plurality in 1908, 50,667. Louisiana, 9 votes—Conceded to Bryan. Mississippi, 10 votes—Conceded to Bryan. Missouri, 17 votes; Maine ratio ap- | plied to vote for supreme court jus- ' tice in 1907. ! Dem., 292,421 plus 31.6, 384,826. Rep., 283,417 minus 3.1, 274,631. Bryan's plurality in 1908, 110,195. Montana, 3 votes; Maine ratio applied to vrtte for Congressmen in 1906. | Dem., 22,874 plus 31.6, 30,102. Hop. 2S,2fiS minus 3.1, 27,391. Bryan's plurality in 1908, 2,711. Xoviidn. 3 votes; Maine ratio applied to vote for governor in 1906. Dem., S6SG plus 31.6, 11,430. Rep., 5338 minus 3.1, 5,172. Bryan's plurality i n 1908, 6,258. North Carolina, 12 votes—Conceded to Bryan. Oklahoma, 7 votes—Conceded to Bryan. South Carolina, 9 votes—Conceded to Bryan. Tcnne.ssce, 12 votes; Maine ratio applied to vote for governor in 1906. Dem., 101,766 plus 31.6, 133,924. Rep., 92,804 minus 3.1, 89,927. Bryan's pulrality in 1908, 43,997. j Texas, 18 votes—Conceded to Bry-1 Utah, '•', votes; Maine ratio applied I Rep., 42,566 minus 3.1, 41,246. ! Dem.. 27,021 plus 31.6, 35,559. i Tuft's plurality in 19U8, 5,087. | Virginia, 12 votes—Conceded to j Bryan. j Wyoming, 3 votes. Hep., 16.396 minus 3.1, 15,887. I Dem., 9,483 plus 31.6, 12,479. Taft's plurality in 1908, 3,408. 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I .<. .J. .J. .». .;. .;. .;. .;. .j, .;. .;, .^ ,;. .;, ... j. uji i ' I a v. wrtlter," said il:,- lm|jalienl ne-ii. 'how lonu will my omelet In. 1 "' 1 can't nay exactly, sii." replie I 'he '.tiler, "bill Ihe averaue i rresldeiit Koo.-,c\ - -it vors I lie Mat urali, al io- flliese Tat'l says • 'Houseveil. '!'!:.• |. -... it endorses T.ii'i, been worry/u!- it. liecatise t li" iVmocr : gress voted for H whit eriuniiiit iu the south. .;,vs • ( 'IMI- mini's gov- What does ••*••'•• ------- » • * !'i .inictoi Mr Smilli, Kindly n;i:i)< •• hones ol i lie skull. ' nil-lit Smilli \\'ell, sir. I'v,' 4(ii • :: .'II in my he;t.l. Inn I can't ihinl, UM-.I .Just now. lloiieinian. FOR SUPERVISOR, Fifth District H. A. JASTRO Democratic Nominee. tit.. Dem., I!H;.|.|;J j,!n s : Hep.. I'M'i.'.illS llillius Ur.N'an's pluralit y in l''.ansas. In vcitc s , plied to H'lhcrmituhiil !>eill.. 1 "111,111:4 ('Ins :: Hep., l-'iL'.liT minus : Hryan's plurality in Maine, li votes, raU'i Hep.. 7::.2-i:!. Dem., i;.",;,,")?. Tat't 's i)!-i]':i.ii y in ; •• .\las;,, r- ., in Tat'l. Michigan. I'lied lu nn;. Hep., 2^7." Dem . IL'!I Tart'-, I.I'M .Minnesota tio applied ID (411!,,•i-iiittLTial vote Illllli. j Uuin., 37,07:! plus 31.0, 49,570. i to vote for CongroBBmen in 1906. Where the Door Opens Constantly You can quickly heat and keep cozy the drciuvly hall or cold room— S I/ no mailer V wcnlhcr conditions are— and il y:u only knew how much real comlort you -an have Irom a OU Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) you wouldn't be without c;ne anoltiei hour. Turn the wick as high or as low as you please—there's no danger—no smoke—no smell —just direct intense heat—that's because ol the smokeless device. Braivliluily finished in nickel and japan—orna- mental anywhere. The brass lont holds 4 miiirls. giv- ipq heat lor 9 hours, ll is lighl iu weight—easily (arrif i Irom room lo room. Every healer warranted. 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