The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 24, 1928 · Page 12
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 12

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1928
Page 12
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THE TmOOKLYX DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1928' US Reverting iBr RIAN PEAN OF PRAISE Every hour that weT apart Tm ft most unhappy man; Dully throbs my hungry heart, While, my ryn seek your fair pan. Never vm there such a mug, As the one above YOUR throat; Lord! No wonder I'm a bug! Nifty babe, return my goat I Two iwell lamps to make men mourn, Tongua to melt a heart of stone; Trojan Helen's classic horn Can't match yours for form or ton, Then your yap that'i redly pouting (Here I must demand share) I, with most uneasy doubting, Hope no traffic Problem's there, When upon this theme I warm. Now and then I press too boldly; Then your pan hints of ft storm I'm repulsed but not too coldly I Dear, all this Just tries to say That you're neat and sweet and how; Though you're mine you're still okay-Lovely lady, you're a WOW! STACCATO STUFF This department's favorite hate are Mammas who pick up the receiver, even when she's home ... and ask "who's calling?" ... A Park Row shoe shine costs ft nickel ... The Army-Navy game non est because the Army has too many eight-year players ... If you think hoof-ball Is commercial, you're all wet ... the Carnegie team, which lives In Pittsburg, and the Georgetown team, which throbs in D. C, played In Albany because they love travel ... the locale of Mr. Belasco'a new opus "Mima" Is Hell . . . there's a portrait of Roxy, painted by the famous palnt-sllnger Eue Crlsto-Loveanu, hanging in the Gainsborough Galleries ... the Roof Solarium of the Granada Hotel, which Hostelry has n Aviation Ground School on its main floor, is a swell place to hold parties ... the recently Wlllcbrandted Silver Slipper and Frivolity Clubs have a whole year in which to think It over ... and as Walter Wlnchell would say . . . It's a padlock over at the Beaux Arts ... you can get a -low-number license tag by getting yourn now ... the Brooklyn Auto Show erupts January the 19th . . . according to 8. L. Forst, Bus riders who take the trouble, can look right Into the dressing rooms of Avedon, on Fifth Avenue . . . (Blush, blush) . . . "The House That Shadows Built" is the title of at new tome by Will Irwin, and is the life-story of Adolph Zukor . . . Palsy OTJay has Ruby Keeler's vacated part in "Whoopee, which here's soon . . . "Paris," by Sisley Huddleston, gives you the low-down on who's outside of Fouquet's and elsewhere over there . . . Frances (Scandals) Williams, who weds a millionaire, makes her last stage appearance February 8th .. . says she . . . Don Dlckerman's "Heigh Ho" supper-club goes boiled shirt after 10:30 . . . Walt Mason, the rhymster, weighs two hundred and forty pounds and needs a haircut ... the murals of Aaron Douglas, colored, displayed at the Club Harlem (the erstwhile Ebony Club) are very, very . . . Jacqueline (Flicker) Logan, Betty (Ditto) Blythe and Jeanne (Rain) Eagels have gone Vaude ... so have a flock of Vestris Survivors, Including Lionel Llcortsh, now assigned to the sister ship Voltaire . . . "In the Best of Humor" is the title of a syndicated release of material by a flock of well-known humorists, the same being Illustrated by . . . chuckle, chuckle . . . tick Huemorl Mrs, Anne (Panorama) Stillman is doing a series of Fashion blurbs for King Features . . . and "Florian Slappey" Is being comlc-strlpped by ctavus Roy Cohen, with Art Helfant at the easel . . . "Doomed Ships," Just published by Horace LIverlght, Is the autobiography of the hapless Judd Gray ... for your preferred-opus list . . . "Tonight at Twelve" ... "A Most Immoral Lady" . . . (which opes with Alice Brady at the Cort Monday Eve) . . . "The Squealer" . . . "The High Road" . . . "Sun Up" . . . ''Night Hostess" . . . "Mr. Moneypenny" . , . "Tin Pan Alley . . . "Paris" . . , and "Redemption" . . . Snooty limb and larynx extravaganzas re . . . "Animal Crackers" . . . "The New Moon" . . . "Hold Everything" , . . "Blackbirds'" . . . "Hello Yourself" . . . "Good Boy" . . . "This Year Of Grace" ... and "White Lilacs" ... and In the foregoing we nearly forgot 'Tittle Accident," which Is a wow . . . Tomes we liked are . . . '"Headlines," by Mildred GUman . . . "Applause," by Beth Brown . . . ""Racketeers," by John O'Connor . . . "The Raffle Book," by Wren and McKay, which Is a swell evening's fun for company . . . and Samuel Hof-lenstein's "Poems In Praise of Practically Nothing," which is in Its eighth edition ... Of five Peruvian Boy Scouts who set out in 1926 to walk from Chrpin, Peru, to New York one arrived last wk. . . . two died and two tit home , . . Mrs. Julia Goodman, who died In Honolulu recently, was the sister of "Buffalo Bill" . . . Motherslll's sea-sick remedy Is now being advertised for air-sickness ... the dope on Beeway has it that Red Grange, who Mrs. Flozack claims is her child's pop, has offered to settle the thing :or S90O ... but the judge no lettee . . . there's a law compelling pet ple to wear shoes ... In Portugal ,i iiieuranm tuur mnnei) is me Joan you laughing? . . . "Just a Minute" has Ehuberfs "The Right Girl" will erupt two Mondays from here under the fabel "Angela" . , . Remislad I, who is a frequent contrib here, has been lwpltaling . . . according to a contrib who writes us illustrated letters, wimen who smoke in Drake's Restaurant are handed a card, faced down, which informs 'em that clgarettlng Is dollars and a half for seats to the '"Whoopee" ... if you can get 'em . . . genuine Russian Cossacks have slim waistlines from being all-bound-round by their Mammies, in their youth . . . you can see "Killing the Killer," which Is a wow flicker of a snake fight, at the St. George Playhouse the week of Dec. 8 . . . and you can see the new elongated Chevrolet at the Waldorf starting at nocn today. You pay your fare In the elevator in the Montague and Clinton st. station of the B. R. T. . . . In "A Most Immoral Lady" Alice Brady talks aVut the photos she snapped at the Zoo . . . It's against the rules to bring a camera into the Zoo . . . heh, heh, heh . , , Frank V. Martin, lat of the snooty Hotel Marguery, left for the Roney-Plaza at Palm Beach last Satyourday . . . Universal is making a cough-and-chuckle flicker out of "Broadway" ... A herring, according to ft balmy Beewaylte, is a fish that has soured on life ... do you c...a...d? EVEN AS TOU OR I. Is Fortune but a ceaseless flow of luck That lives to fred its favored son? Or can it be, like love, it runs amuck; Elusive; only to be won? It'i path I ever seek through thick and thin; I'll cross It, in the course of time. Support is all I lack to help me win Aw, Mister, lend a bum a dime? ALVIN TTRMAN. ADVENTURE. As you read this, comfortably ensconced in the warmth and privacy of your own charming room and bath, we shall be sitting out in the cold, cruel weMher, like ft fly in a bowl of cold soup, wondering why In aitch people pav twelve dollars for football tickets. To the left and right screaming bozos with raccoon great-coats and patient parents will be yowping diversified Instructions that no team-member will possibly be able to hear, and some Inebriated alumnus In the seat directly behind will be spilling punk liquor down cur neck In the excitement. The colorful, close-fitting hats of the football loving fair sex will glint from out the stands like sunshine on a field of poppies, and the best we'll be able to do is to wish that we had had a wealthy parent, ft raccoon coat and earmuffs, or the good sense to wear warm and woolly under-businesses. There'll be mauling and milling, and somebody will try to walk away with Yale's lovely goal posts, and while you sit comfortably listening, trying to 'rpnrate the college yells from the static, we shall once again experience the ipiuitlon that can only come from eating a hot dog that has cooled off 'rng hours ago. And If we don't see you again on Monday, it isn't because we don't want to. Practically anything can happen to a bird with YnJi complex Vrcu Ktti are on the Harvard Bidet How've yuh been? to Type JAMES; E. H. D. . . . according to Doc Straton, Mrs, oi Arc oi American women ... are flitted to the Century Theater . , verboten . . . it'll cost you sixteen premiere of Ziegfeld's forthcoming In "Mr. Moneypenny'' 7'- ' V.:f .. i ' u 3k Halt Hamilton at Hi Apptart in tht Channing Pollock Play Which Movi Into thm Cosmopolitan Thoattr Tonight. Otis Skinner Given Gold Medal Popular 'Actor Honored by Art Club of Philadelphia for Devotion to Best Interests of the Drama. Gossip of Players. OTIS SKINNER has added to his collection of souvenirs gathered during a long and very active stage career a gold medal presented to him on Thursday night by the Art Club of Philadelphia in recognition of his services as an actor and exponent of the finest traditions of the theater. The presentation of the medal was made at ft reception and dinner given at the Bellevue Strat- ford Hotel in the Quaker City. Mr. Skinner made his first big suc cess as a member of Augustin Daly's famous company, with Ada Rchan, Mrs. Gilbert, John Drew, James Lewis and other popular players as fellow-artists. For many years he has been a star and has had many successful plays to his credit, Including "Kismet," "The Honor of the Family" and "Mister Antonio." "Jarnegan's" Three Matinees. "Jarnegan," the dramatization of Jim Tully's novel, now In Its third month at the Longacre, with Richard Bennett, will have three matinees next week, on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day and Saturday. Chinese Flappers. Fourteen Chinese flappers and the pick of San Francisco's Chinatown are members of the act entitled "The Honorable Wu," to headline at Loew's State week of Dec. 3. Advices from the Pacific Coast declare it to be one of the most colorful acts given to the variety houses in recent years. The girls do a black bottom dance in American style. "Ashes" Cast Change. Jed F. Shaw and Mark Nathan will make a change in the cast of the Leonard Ide comedy. "These Few Ashes," at Lew Field's Mansfield Theater on Monday night, when Adele Ronson will act the role of the Canadian girl. Miss Ronson was seen with Grace George In Barrie's "Legend of Leonora" and in "The Road to Rome." Follow Yankee Custom. The members of the cast of "This Year of Grace," the London revue brought over by Charles B. Cochran and now plaving at the Selwyn, will observe an American custom and give a Thanksgiving party in honor of Tommv Hayes, 14-year-old British actor in the cast. This will be his first Thanksgiving observance, and Arch Selwyn is making arrangements for the festival. Movie Star Grows t'p. Gladys Hulctte. who plays an Important role in Crosby Gaigc's production of "Little Accident" at the Morosco, was the first child motion picture star in the eerly days of the motion picture Business. Preaches on "Skidding." Rabbi Louis D. G--OSS of Union Temple, Brooklyn, preached to his congregation a few nights aRO on the play, "Skidding," now at the Bayes Theater. He recommended the play very highly and advised his hearers to see ii. "Blackbirds" to Slay. Lew Leslie's "Blackbirds"' enters its 31st week in New York at the Eltinge Theater on Monday. After a poor start, this colored extravaganza reached capacity in its tenth week and has been selling out ever since. Acrordins to nresent nlans, the revue will remain here until May, when It will round out a full year. P. McNutt, T'nderstudy. Patterson McNutt has appointed himself general understudy of "This Thing Called Love," his production at the Bijou. Tnis decision came yesier- day, when the regular understudy, who has been on the Job for ten weeks without a chance to substitute for any member of the cast, walked out in dlsKust. Mr. McNutt appeared on the stage for several seasons before Joining the producing ranks. Joins "Tomorrow" Cast. Mcrvin Williams has joined the cast of "Tomorrow" to play the leading juvenile role in the futuristic comedy which opens at the Lyceum Theater next Wednesday. He is a recruit from "Women." which Sam H. Harris shelved after its Philadelphia trial. Grare Walsh, t'mlprstudy. Grace Walsh is now understudying the part of Jill O'Dare, played by Claudette Colbert in "Tin Pan Alley" at the Blltmore. Miss Walsh was recently seen in "Shannons of Broadway" and "Is Zat So." "Bachelor Father" Coming. David Belasco's presentation of "The Bachelor Father" is coming to Werba's Brooklyn Theater next week. Edward Childs Carpenter, the author, will be recalled for his previous plays, "The Cinderella Man," and "Bab." "Marriage Bed" Soon, Sam H. Harris has boucht "The Marrinee Bed" which is reported to be a hUKe success in Los AnEcles. and will present it in New York Jan. 8. It In "Rainbow" s, "3V r Louiu Brown In tht new musical romance1 at the Callo Thtater Is an adaptation by Ernest Pascal of his novel of the same name. A $25,000 Actor. Arthur Hammerstcin has sold his crack Juvenile, Paul Gregory, to Flo-renz Ziegfeld lor $25,000 in cash. Zicgfeld takes over the Hammersteln contract covering Gregory's services for the next five years. He has as-Signed the actor-singer to the Juvenile role In "Whoopee" which is that of a young college-bred Indian who loves a white girl. A Midnight' Show. One of the smartest Broadway audiences ever assembled will attend the special midnight performance' of "This Year of Grace." at the Selwyn Theater Tuesday evening, Nov. 27. Among the stage notables who will attend are Ina Claire, Daniel Froh-man, Will Rogers, Gertrude Lawrence, George White, Mary Boland, Dennis King, Florenz Ziegfeld and jane cowl. New Guild Play. Philip MoeJler, of the Theater Guild, leaves this week for Philadcl phia. where he will begin rehearsals of the Sil-Vara piece. "Playing At Love," which will open in Boston late in December and in New York two weeks later. Alfred Lunt and Lynn t onianne will be in thcxast. Odds and Ends. "Singing Jailbirds," by Upton Sinclair, the first production of the New Playrights Theater, will open at the Provlncetown Playhouse Dec. 4. The leading roles will be played by urover Burgess and Nellie Grav. A special Thanksgiving matinee of "Ups-A-Daisy" will be given at the S h u b e r t Theater. . . . The Rachel Aid Society of Boro Park has bought the house for "Little Ac cident," at the Morosco, Nov. 27. . The Chamber of Commerce of Boston will honor James McHugh, native son, who wrote the music of Lew Leslie's "Blackbirds of 1928," at a luncheon on Nov. 27. The second company of the colored revue is a hit in Boston. Norwegian Theater The Norwegian Theater announces for its third production of the season, "Tragedy of Love," by Gunnar Heiberg, at Dongan Auditorium ln Brooklyn on Dec. 1 and 2. The Hon. H. H. Barhke, Norwe gian Minister to the United States, hos accepted honorary membership m tne theater, which was founded in July, 1923, to promote a hipher cultural standard of entertalnmtnt among the Norwegian residents in New York by the presentation of the best plays from the Norwegian stage at reasonable prices. The theater Is guided by a board of directors, of which Conrad Trost is chairman. Among the sponsors are Martha Ostenso, novelist; Erik Bye, operatic singer; Christian Schiett, concert pianist; Trycve Hammer, sculptor; August Wener, concert singer; Ole Windingstad. lender of the Scandinavian Symphony Orchestra, and ethers. In the enst will be Son'a Stnck-stad, Oscar Amundsen and Sam Lind. Music of By EDWARD Mr. Koussewitsky Conducts Prokofiew at the Academy of Music, WHEN, on Feb, 3, 1927, Mr, Koussowltsky first Introduced Prok-oflew's Classical Symphony (Op. 25) to New York, it waa overshadowed by the greater Importance of another novelty appearing on the same program Aaron Copland1! critics omitted it in their scholia, which were devoted to Mr. Copland, who happened to be a native New Yorker and therefore News, Since then, the Concerto has not been revived (though many of us would like to hear It again), and the Classical Symphony was, until last evening, likewise neg lected. Mr. Koussewitsky, visiting Brooklyn for the first time, thin season, with the Boston Symphonic Orchestra, played it, between Debussy and Beethoven, to an audience at the Academy of Music. Prokofiew, who lives now in Ba varia, was born In Russia In 1891, and, so belongs, no uoubt, among the younger" Russian composers. He studied at the St. Petersburg Con servatory under such able masters as Rimsky-Korsakow, Lladow and Tche-rcpnnin and became a brilliant pian ist as well as a ta;entea composer. Perhaps as a composer he Is more than talented. His uslc Improves upon acquaintance; It wears well; and so much one cannot say for the work of many men of Prokoflew's generation. Such excerpts as we have heard from his opera. "The Love of Three Oranges." which the Chicago company produced in 1921. show charm and wit and color nara-ly inferior to that which may be found in Rlmsky's music for the stage. The ballet "Client is not un interesting, and the Classical "symphony, as one listens to it at a Boston Svmnhony concert, has undeni able freshness and originality. Parody It is. but the best sort of parody, sym pathetic, not heartless, clever, but not cruel. And Frokoflew, who is not Incapable of writing in loni and complex forms, knows the value of brevity to wit. He docs not pad an epigram, and the Classiral Symphony is quickly played, for all of Us conventional four movements. Mr Knussowltskv and the Bosto- nians play Prokofiew with verve and brilliance, with lightness of touch and clarity of balance and empnasis Mr knnssowltskv likes this music, ard though once we deplored such partiality, we are willing now to re tract, and to asx inai ne pmy muic of it and more often. The "Scythian Suite." for Instance that cata-clasmic evocation of the barbaric nations who overwhelmed the civilization of Rome in remote centuries. And he might play Debussy more frequently, for there is no conductor who achieves periormances oi "L'aprcs-midl d'un faune" or of the Nocturnes which equal those giyen by th nnctnnlans under Mr. Koussewu- sky's direction for subtle perfection of 'The Red Dance" Arrive t at Brooklyn Fox Theater. "The Red Dance" nas its Brooklyn premiere at the Fox Theater today. Dolores Del Rio and Charles rarreu nre co-featured in this powerful drama, whose colorful settings are laid in Russia before and after the toi,nii,Hnn Mis Tiel Rio is charm- irv in the role of Tasla the peasant girl, wno captures me ncari, m Grand Duke Eugene, played by rViorln. Pnrrpll A FOX Movietone score accompanies the picture. The stage program is emiucu Fantasie Russe," a lavishly arranged production whose cast Includes Ayres, Malinoff and Rasche; Wanla, accordion virtuoso; Nina Sergcyeva, the Russian Sophie Tucker"; Arna Sav-ina, Mosfow Theater songbird: the Morosco Brothers, eccentric uaiiccia, Veronica; and the Imperial Balalaika Tha IB Innlrioff Girls and the Choral Ensemble furnish a colorful background xor inese pres; entatlons. New Brooklyn Strand Bill The Terror." Warner Brothers' vifanhnr mvsterv melodrama, has Its first local presentation at the Brooklyn Strand Tr.eater voaay. picture whose exciting scenes are heightened by sound and dialogue el- It. J.... 1. Vtnoripri hv MaV MC- Avoy and Alec B. Francis. Augment ing the leature is a giuu i "-nhnno shnrt sublects and the Fox Movietone news reel. MANY "NOTABLES" ATTEND "TOM THUMB" WEDDING It Is doubtful if so many "notables" ever gathered under one roof as last nleht were "seen" at the "wedding" of "Jennie June" and "Tom Thumb." The "President," the "President elect," "Governor Smith" and "Mayor Walker," movie stars enough to fill the heavens and all the theaters of Whe country; all In the persons of children not quite In their teens, crowded into the United Presbyterian Church, Eldert Lane and Etna st. The "wedding," which was arranged by the Sunday School Teachers Association, went ofl without a hitch on the part of the 10-year-old performers, except for the fact that "Clara Bow" found It necessary to leave the stage and run down to confer with her mother at intervals, and the "best man," in the person of Paul Siefert. refused to part with the large padlock used in lieu of a ring. The downtrodden male did not even receive his Just due In the mock wedding, for the name of Lewis Hess, who portrayed Tom Thumb, the groom, was omitted from the program. Miss Ruth Kinney was chairman of the committee in charge of the arrangements. 200 AT .CHURCH SOCIAL All departments of the parish activities were represented last night, when the Christian Endeavor and Sunday School groups of Central Presbyterian Church conducted a social at the church hall, Marcy and Jefferson aves. The Rev. J. Lowrey Fcndrich Jr. is pastor. Dancing and games were arranged by the Rev. Luther M. Blcknell, director of the Young People's Works, assisted by Stanley Wood end Allen Hauser. About 200 attended. RESTAURANTS MANHATTAN. the Day CUSHING Beethoven, Debussy and famous Jazz Piano Concerto. The brought It once more to light and modeling, shade and hue. It was this part of last evening's program that came off best the Lcbussy and the Prokofiew. As a classicist, we find Mr. Koussewitsky less stimulating. His "Leonora" overture Is a string, well co-ordinated performance, but his "Eroica" Is too great and unsubstantiated a challenge to classical traditions to be good. It Is over-dramatic, weighty, tlow and in the end, tedious. I At the Opera House last evening Mmes. Easton and Matzenauer, Messrs. Klrehhoff (singing for the first time this season i. Whltchlll and Mayr sang the principal roles in "Lohengrin," conducted by Artur Bodanzky. AMI'SFMENT MANHATTAN music box ; ' vt'' : Mall. Than, Sat., 1:30 B0RD0NI ?Tr1s" A MI MKOMFDV by Martin Brown With Irvlni Atronisn'l 'Tha C.n mm anilara " 1 1 Ti in Pan Alley ClanilflO COLBERT John WRAY BILTM0REThW ilBl Ev so MaU. Wed. and Sat. BHT TAI.KINO M HIKN SHOW IN TOWN WilXIAJtt HAINES ln Ml"Gotdw7B. JSiV VALENTIN Vi'ih yti AST0B IHI.AI!. Broadway " 4MhM Tc Dally 3:45-8 4S Gang War "Tl" k PEN and Ha ' ..a ... ,mci OrehMtn maa? Acta ;,,, COLONY II,Ml", aw t CASINO St. & Broadway. K. t:3Q GEORGE CHOOS gaya: Hello Yourself! III. -I m. . . - ""Mwa riflAlSYLVANIANS miiZZ0X FOUR DEVILS wim JANET GAVNOR . ttU" Knpporllm Caat 0AWrvd aar, TWICE DAILY, J:30-S:30 HUDSON 'lkW:8t- EVB..8 30. OWEN DAVIS' New Play "TONIGHT at 12" v" ana aat. 2:30. L0NGACKE 411 8t- w " . r.v,. t S6 Mati. Wrd. and Sat. 3:30 KILHAKL) BENNETT in "JARNEGAN" .,;.... ELTINGE "'.. 43 St. EV..C45 ' Mt. Wtd. and Sat. 3:43 MIPNITE Snow EVERY TH1RHDAT BLACK BIRDS r ""applwit. FnnnlMt Colored Urn Fy TCAinncv Mn Bainter JLilLUUJll HallirJay Mat. Thur.. Sat. Thfatre MASQUE. W. 4Sth St. Evs. 8:40. Man. Sat.. Wed., Thura, "YOUNG LOVE" BIJOU Ih",' 4Sth St. Kv. 8:30 writ!, wrn. and sat. 3:30 Tl THING T i nis called Love With violet Hrmtnt; and Minor Watnon RESTAURANTS BROOKLYN. Announcement OPENED TODAY Richelieu Restaurant 129 SIXTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. REOPENED UNDER THE FORMER. MANAGEMENT Or MR. JOHN RICHELIEU Table D'Hote Dinner Daily Special Sunday Dinner RESTAURANTS MANHATTAN. jfamotij 3Rwirt HtD fit,. t. jrourti 3ft. P3 NICE PROPOSAL Sy pILLA VENICE! ri0EASTVREEt I a Eddie Davis" Orchestra fc V Saturday Thi Dansant Ir Sxsp 1 D.'VV.'J! S'JP? : "XcJ Ymtt "FORMAL S I Keaervnllnn, phnnr Mmn" 11 Hraont IIIIOO Planked Lobster Casino $1.00 TVIIHtiMU UDdtr Ultlt cahrn ft llvr-balte Main lohitrr .,.) i rar bit n din v f mrl-trd bulUr, err am, thcrrr . . , and freih-f riid farm Man thft , , , urnlihrd with a piirrnt Umfttf and pommci )- ksrdurt. Thm itntlr bH In lh half ihelT ! a lavrty f olden kat, TttnatlnrT Ah! TmI Kw Varktr-i air; i f thrri Unlihl!" Etf Broadway AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN, T I f w'm'm F" X I L4 tnutiit "i j"Vt-r ( Raoul WaljVa L J i..-" Latesc anil Most -fj Fascinating Spectacle Sine ' f i "What Price Glory" I i 2 DOLORES DEL RIO in Med Ddnce uiiih CHARLES FARRELL A Seething Drama of Romance ana Intrigue in a Nation Drunk with Power Slifing FOX-MOVIETONE Sound and Musical Scot' Hru and Src: FOX MOVIKTONEWS 2 o4nd AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN. MAYFAIR TIIKATRE At. V A ConfT BRnoKI TV !! Ar. Ka. 6010 TOIMY I.ART 5 TIMES "JIMMIE'H WOMEN ' ENTIRE WEEK, STARTING MONDAY, NOV. tfl "THE GORILLA"? Broadway'! Grralrat Myalerr Thriller Featuring; MAXINE BROWN L 1. HARRY JENKINS AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN See - NOW - Hear ON WAKNIK MHOS BOTH SHOWS TWICE DAILY 2:4S 8:45 EXTRA ( o'clock Stow arrow Today t To- VITAI'HONE AM-Talkln Picture TRIAL Warner Bros. Theatre BROADWAY anal Mai ST. EaCraMldnllfShowTonlihtll.13 AL J0LS0N Winter Cardtn-Bway 4V SO Si. ' ALVIN, 62 St, B V. Ev 8:30. Mta.Thu., Sat." Gertrude Lawrence In a Net f,. a fJFOROE Muaieai Treasure uirl SH1WIN Rrnarlhnrst Tn"1- W."44th EvaTiYSb oroaanursi MJt Thllr H 8lt 2.30 Mailral Comedy Knockout Hold Everything! . CAPITOL MetTREET Mldnlaht rlctnrei Nlihtlr 11:30 JOHN GILBERT In Metro-OoMwyn-Majrer'a Sound Picture: "THE MASKS fF DEVIL" nit Marvrlnafl Stair Show CAPITOL GRAND ORCHKSTRA ROXY 7th Av.At 50 St. D rect on of S L. ROTHAFEI IROXYi All Talkinr Prnrram William Foi Preaenta "NAPOLEON'S BARBER'' Clark MeCnllourh In "The Rath Between" "TABLEAfX NAPOLEON" With Entire Roar Enaemble and Hufe Augmented ('ait KNICKERBOCKERS I maia. sat., wea. X Tnankamvlnr. Day. 2:15 MACBETH Dealrnmrnt of Gordon Oral FLORENCE REED LYN HARDING WILLIAM FARM M BASIL GILL 100 OTHERS MATINEE TODAY ALEXANDER MOISSI in MAX REINHARDT'S FnndFu"TnIO0N AMBASSADOR Th" -w-49 ' week's . Mats. Frl.ft Sat. I ONLV CIVIC REPERTORY 14, t9t3h0AT-0e, II, II.J0. Mate. Wed. UTisat,, t:SO EVA U OALLIENNE, Cirrclw Today. "L'lnrltatlon au Vorare"j Tonlsht, "The Wonln-n. firp.i.r.,n"i vfnnl day Eve., ran KEITH-ALBEE CAMEO STARTING TODAY BRITISH "BIG PARADE" "THE S0MME" 42d B'way Authenttr Amtvitnit Tremendouii! MITE HOSTESS 1 5!rtl.n. Martin Berk Theatre, 4.1 St. ft Ay Eva. 8:40. Mats. Thura. and Sat. JOE COOK "SSS? GrO. rriTTAN Thea., B y It 43d. Era. 8:30 M. Mati. Wed. and 8at. 2:30 IllR 21 24 FEATURE FILMS BAY BIDCE SECTION TOMORROW Fortway, Ft. Ham. Plcy-68 Bt .Slnrapore Mutiny; alao The Cameraman BEDFORD SECTION Apollo. Fulton A; Throop. . . . H. B. Warner, Romanre of a Rofiie; alao To I.nw Claaalque, Marcy St FvilLon.. . Anybody Here Seen Kelly? alao Street of llluaion Fot Savoy, 1515 Bedford Av. .Belle Hennett, Mother Marhree; alao Vaudeville Rcfent, Fulton 4: Bedford. .. Cllve Brook, The Perfect Crime; alao Jealouay -RENSONnt'RST AND MAPLETON SECTION Marhoro, Bay"Pky-70lh 8t...Mra. .lark Dempaev. Slntapnre Mutiny Barbara BedfOti Slillwell, 86th 8t.-24th Av. . .All-Star Caat, Uncle Tom e Cabin ...,8am BORO HALL AND DOWNTOWN SECTION Albee, Albee Square William Boyd. The Cop; alao Vaudeville Bora Hall. Court State Sta.. Mary Aator, Heart to Heart Marlon Davt Cryatal, 327 Waahlnelon St.. Blonde for a Nliht; alao The Old Code Combrrland. 327 Cumb'd . . . . John Rarrvmore. Tempeat William Hatne) Dutfleld, 249 Duftleld St. . . . Leatrlce Joy, Man Made Woman: alao Clrl Shy Cowboy Momart, 590 Fulton St Helnrlch (ieorir, Bondaee: also Leave 'Em Latlthlni Orpheom, 578 Fulton St Phyllla Haver, Tenth Avenue: alao Vaudeville Oiford, State St. -Flat. Av...The Lnat Expedition; alao Bic Broadway Nleht Tlvoli, Myrtle 4t Fulton Belle Bennett, Mother Marhree; alao Vaudeville BORO PARK SECTION Elton, 43d St.-New Utrecht. .David Rolllna. Win That r.lrl; also Raider Emdea BUSHWICK SECTION Colonial, B'way it Chauncey. Emll Jannlnaa, The Patriot .. .Mary Astor CONEY ISLAND SECTION Tllyoo, Opp. Steeplechase... Thy Ilia Haver, Tenth Avenue; alao Vaudeville FLATBUSH SECTION Albemarle, Flat. Ac Albmle.. .Belle Bennett, Mother Marhree tFame Avalon, Kinfta Hehy-E. 18 St Boater Kealon, Steamboat Bill Jr Same Century, Nostrand A Pkslde. Cllve Brook, Foraotten Farea Same Creacenl, 2819 Church Av... Devil Dote; alao tlearlni the Trail Allern Prlnjla Farrarut, Flat, ds Roaera.. . .Doutjaa Fairbanka Jr., The Tollera Same Klniaway, Klnes Hy-C.I.Ay.. Victor MrLacirn, The River Pirate; alae Vaudeville Leader, Newklrk-O. I. Ava...Clive Bronk, The Perfect Crime Dorothy Mackaltt Linden, 815 Platbush Av....Ruater Keaton, The Cameraman Same Marine. Flat. Av.-Klnea Hy. Hu.Irr Keaton, Steamboat Illll Jr Thomaa Metaham Midwood, Av. J-E. 13th St.. .Emll Janninra, The PMrlo! Victor McLaglea Parkalde. 728 Flatbuah Av. -Mary Carr, Over the Hill Same Patio, 074 Flatbuah Av Milton Sills, The Craah Two Loveri ftlalte, 1085 Flatbuah Av....Buater Keaton, The Cameraman Same JAMAICA SECTION Fox Jamaica, 155-18 Jamaica. Belle Bennett, Mother Machree; alsa Vaudeville ' PARK SLOPE SECTION Atlantic, Flatbuah At Dean.. .DottRlaa Falrhanka Jr., The .Tollera Tliomaa Meiahaa Runny, 314 Platbu'h Av Cllve Brook, The Perfect Crime Inrnurllne Loiaa Carlton. Flatbuah-7th Av.. . .Wallace Beery. Beacnra of Life. ..Same Natlooal, Wash. Ar Prospect. .John Barrymore. Trmpest; also The Bodv Punch Prospect, 9th St -5th Av Phvilia Haver. Tenth Avenue; also Vaudeville I Sandera, Pna. Pk. W.-14 St Ralph lore, Slnxannre Mutiny Wallace Beery ' Terminal, 4th Av.-Dean St. .Richard Ilia. Warmlnr 1'p ....Bame RIDtiEWOOD SECTION Foe Rlderwood. Mvrlle-Cvp. .Belle Rennett, Molher Machree: also Vaudeville Madlaon, Mvrtle Ar Wvcl'.off Pbvllla Haver, Tenth Avenue; a'afl Vaudeville Farthenen, 339 Wyckoff He Pnttl, The Knrlet l.adv Milton Sllll nii.MAMsni nd section fe felly, Otaham-De Be volae. Belle Bconett, Mather Machrea; alio Vaudeville , AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN. soars KlallMiih A Nivlna St. CimllMllnui 11 A.M. Lo 11 ::tO P.M.--Dr LuxrPrrtormanera 1:30-3:30 - 7.30 and 9 30 ON THE STAGE La FANTASIE RUSSE Rusiia of Old in Song, Dince and Muiic AYRES, MALINOFF It RASCHE WANIA . VERONICA MOROSCO BROTHERS ' Anna Nina SAVINA SERGEYEVA Imperial Balalaika Orchestra 6-LEONIDOFF GIRLS-1 6 CHORAL IiNSFMni.K I TO. I .- : VTJL law mm )4K'fapV A "Samion Delilah XJA ' FOX GRAND ORCHESTRA Coming Week of December 1st Ah Ettnt Ytn Will Uivtr Tinit MAE MURRAY Celebrated and Alluring Motion Picture Star IN PERSON H,r Own Mlfimb Band AMUSEMENTS LONG ISLAND. FREEPORT ,1 THEATER SunrlMRIri. FREFPORT, U I. Tra. 1800 TOIIAV LAST t TIMES "THE iORII.LA" "Saturday. Children" Fealurlnr RI'TII l.rnNS and a Notable Caat AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN. Starts 1 Today SEE HEAR VVXRNErV BROS 2 lOOiriE UfTAPHOiteroduction THE On the Vllaphone "THE CR00NADERS" EDDIE NELSON in "STOP AND CO" FOX MOVIETONE NEWS THE HOUSfOF TALKIES TPllN; ktW BR.OOK.LYN , lej FULTON ST. t ROCKWELL PL. HAM "a?A SUNDAYS ffA tolPM. flC " A M' "VC MAJESTIC wHWx. New Myntcrv Melodrama "SIGN LEOPARD" With Super Caat Sunday Contimiona t to II T.M. NEXT WEEK SEATS NOW The lirrat Mualral lilt "MY MARYLAND" Philharmonic-Symphony MENGELBERG, Conductor BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MI'SIC J TOMORROW AFTERNOON at .I IS STRAI'SS: Till Enlrnaplriel; pCIH'BERTl SrmtihonT In C major. ARTHUR JUDSON. Mrr. (BleinwayV 4. BONDAGE 11 A Great I FA rlctora Momart Fulton ft Rnrkwell Pt. Phone Nevlns 6276 Paramount'a Sinfinf-Filml MANHATTAN COCKTAIL' On thm acrnn-BddteCANTOR On thm a((jo-PAUL ASH BROOKLYN . . . ARAMOUPfT at DeKalb ST. GEORGE PLAYHOUSE Clark St. Sta. I.R.T. Court St. Sta. B.M.T. Main K'-'ll ToCay and Tomorrow "i.ovrs OP PHARAOH" with' Emll Jannlni "The Freahman" Ruaalan Newa Reel No. 5 LOEW'S METROPOLITAN raltan. Smith. LirinCBlon Sta. PAR'M'T SOI'ND Plctnr "VARSITY" with BI'DDY ROGERS Lillian Morton: I Otk.Aela SHOWING TODAY mm

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