Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 5, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 3
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^vJtf/JWua** *V jHM..'-iCNSv» x K*V. • D " E. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE 1 euros nervous prostration. Not mi..... . taculously, but scientifically, by nrst removing the germs of discuso, and than supplying healthy nerve food. Increasing the appetite, helping digestion and strengthening the entire system. Desperate ciwos require prolonged treatment' as shown .by. that of Mrs. SI. B. Reed, of Dolta, Iowa, who writes: "As the result of allshtnlngstroko.. the physician* said I had a light atrok-o of paralysis, my limbs would nil draw up. .1 TV.; MilpC* would n-ivo throbblngs Hit iullwo I Q rnychcs; that seemed unondurablo. For throe . months I could not sloop R£StOf6S nud '° r thruo weeks did TJ Irti not doso my eyes. I flCallIl<»<i« prayed for siecp. and foltthatlf relief did not come I would bo dead or Insane. I, took Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and tho second nlsht slept two hours and from that, time on ciy health Improved; slowly nt Orst, but steadily and surely. I took in all -10 bottles, and I cannot express how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly well, and have taken no medlcino for over four months." Dr. Miles' Nervine is aold by dru££i*ts on guarantee that first bottle benefits or rnonoy refunded, Boole on heart and nerves free. Dr, Mlloa Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind, THE Mm Typewriter Is a Good. Machine. Ahljb standard ot excellence. Manj "isers of the --Jlunson" oonilder It THE .BEST. You will nnd it a valuable nsslstaut In jour erne*. Address (or particulars. THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAJttJFACTUBEKS. 240-244 Went tnke St., Chicago, 111. Greatest Dlwov'erj pi'tne I9tn Century. Br.Tenjue'i NIW XOtXDT Medicated Air For the Cure ol Catarrh, Aithmn . and all Pulmonary DlAeMM, . It b» no equal lor BIcKand Nervora Hud- ache, 1,000,000 people I ale annually from the aboTe named dlMUM.- anil die, MUctttedAlrund Drug Co., Richmond, Ind., u. a. A, It to the best remedy on earth for La fp*. It wlU give Immediate relief will effect n con where all other die* fall. •old by 8. F. Keealln?. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS .TO- MaxinkQckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, a6th, and August and, pth, i6th Fare for the round trip Jl.OO. Train leaven VandaUa atatton at 0:56 a m. CHAS.L.WOLL, x UNDERTAKER " N» 417 Market Street. ' Calli attended to promptly. d*y or •Icht. Central Onion anfl Mutual telephone*.. Office,.No. 16;-Residence. No. ID. : L. G. PATTERSON Hai opened a Fir,-; and Accident Insur* •noa offlc* at 410 Broadway, up ataln. and •ollolt* a ihara ot tho public patrooac*. None but Tint Clara Companlei Bepre- HntM. - . • •.••.-. : • ' • MlssiHatUe Mclntire of the Westslde Js visiting' during.her vacation In the • country. -. , . . . •.,'.•'•• •'.'. •• Electric Locomotives That-Will Make Highi Speed i ENGINE DISHANTLED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. •Tho electric'locomotives, now licltif,' built by the Wostlughotise and Baldwin contpaules for railroad use hiiyi! llittle retjvniblancc 1o tiie ordinary, types of. stetuu locomotives. T.lie arat.bullddi'a a-l'tempwd to ruhiin some resemblance to the s>teaui locomotive but this IKIS been abandoned for t!ie car shape. The , lattist. Wcsll'ng- houtit; style is 33 feet long, 0 feet G< iuchojt.wUle nnd 13 t'eot 0 indies h!?l;; welglMug 150,000 pounds. There ure -tio lilildun parlji. Everything Is exposed-In • sudi a way thai at'tLM- a little explanation any steam i;n- piiidLH 1 ciiu undewtiind tbi; use of t:iL- dlffureiit devici'S. The rhciwtii'ls, swi'tish- es :incl wU'iiijJ tiro, abovu Tln> lloor, ivheri- fhi-y can he readily reached ami examined. InsUuil of si luiiulred \v:i''.'S I'limilns about in dilTin'ont aiiwMona. then- are only four oalilt^ uomliiiri'.is all. . : Tin' cngltn.'uf -ha,* only, three liaudli'.s —the controlli'r. the -rove'-siiiK swik-h anil t-he air-lmikp. Hfe arte.ntion net'il sca.rci'ly be-taken from tliu track aheail for :i momuiit. The aii--brakcs :ire opi-v- sik'd In rhe usual way by a pump driven by au I'lfCtrlo motor. ' . For spued mid powur it Is assent! rhe eloctriv locmnoflvo can eaolly best the stwin) oii.dno. Tl)e puwt-r dPiwnil- ]tig'nn the central station can be raised to almost iiuy dL-siruil figuiv. Spfod du- IH-iiiU on the gearing. The vulocity or vho iirnmtwre's revolutions is snttllcieiit to run the locomntive more than one hundred mid twemy'iiilles sin hour. It «ui be -oared down to any diwircd rati;. The locomotives already coixtriicted, .are to run from seventy to one hundred miles per .hour. Frdglit.uugiiii'S are geared down Cor greater power and less speed'. For some ti-mc the Pennsylvania Kail: road company 1ms been Invustigatlug the subject ot electricity mid-so satls- factory'bavc been the results'tliat the now motive power wlir.pi-ohal.ily bo utilised very soou.. Side, llniv-s are ill. ready being entilvpi.'d. ; ,' ' The Westlnghouse Conipiiny '!s build-' inn a car' especially designed for ele- viued roads, and expects to enuip the New York L : lines with thorn nt .-in- early date. . . . DISMANTLED AN ENGINE. Richmond Item: Laird Laudis, a Tomif.- man oC perhaps sixteen yeaw, was In police court this morning charged with larceny. A Pniihandle eiir glue which was standing at the we-4 ond of the 'railroad'shop*' a woeli'or so ago was literally'.stripped, of Its trimmings. Every piece or brass almost was taken.away au'd the entire lot was found at SHbersteim's juuk.shup, where the thcives had sold It. . Officer Bundy 'arrested young Liiudis in the chargo. of belris one or the tlhievfs and a warrant'was today Issued 'for a colored, boy whom, it Is alleged •wist with La<ndis. The letter, was defended IMS morning by Attorney Henderson. : A plea'of not guilty was colored and the defendant Introduced no' testimony. Mayor Ostrander bound the boy over to circuit court under.bonds of. ?200. He went to Jail. ' T h CT e !,< more''Catarrh in" .till* section of Hie countq-'than all other diseases put' together, and. until .the last tew years in was supposed to be Incurable. 'For .'it ..preat many years doctor* 'pronounced it a local disease, : 'and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with'local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. .Science lias proven catarrh to be 11 constitutional disease, and therefore requires eonstltv.iionnl treatment:. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manursicturcd by F. ,1. Cheney &, Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only--constitutional cure on the market.: It is taken Internally >n aosea from 10 drops to a teasp'po'nful. 'It acts directly on the blood and;mucous surfaces of the system: They offer one mmdred dollars for'nny"case It fails to cure. Send.for circulars and testimonials. Address F. .T. CHENEY & C0. : , Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists, ;75c.; . , $25 CASH PRIZE. will be given to any. person making .ttie nearest guess to tlie number of ColumWA cigars manufactured by Julius Wagner from August 1, 1890, to' October.1,1800.. By buying a Columbia ci'gav .from your dealer you will receive a coupon on which, yon will write your nnnio. and guess., , -.•'.. - The consolidation of the Natural and Artificial Gas 'companies,' makes the payment of hUte r for consumera ualng 'both kinds of gas mucli,more convenient. The person paying for natural gas who -Is also a user of the artificial .can ndwpay both, bills at the same,time, nt the company's office, 317.. Pearl street, All bills are duo and collectible on the first of each month with ctistomary ten days' grace.': Bills for August, ,1890. now being due. ' • ju. 6'uudrum to Mary A. Key lot I Cuudrnui's add lioyal Center, warranty •f-'OO. , . .... Mary Fisher -fo Myrtle D. Fislier luts 11 and 12 Font/. HtlU.,. Young America, warranty. . John Kunnel.-to Rudolph Funk, Jr., 10 acres SW % S10 VL Sec 10 P.oooi: Tp., warranty, ¥200. DetmlM TJlil to Win. P. MeGruw W 3 ,i lot 39 Mary A. Heth's add S\V Cot- of Wilklnsou Sr., null iJclboiu'uu ave., ijult-claliu ,.*!. Zuii-iith A..JHMtlce L't nl., to Frank L. Justice NW-i/i Sec-14 N K SW >/» See 14 niwT'other lauds all in Wnsiilnglou Tp., ulio 'JiO-lflO aeres, warranty, ]. Ch:is. EOII.SO 10 .Tohn Itobiitsfiu lot 7 Li title's, add, On.w;ird, warrimty, $iiOU. Mstntlia 'Emery to Geo. A. Liuton lot -11 Shulw 3tl Shiilt/.town, wsirrant-y. *2-", ' ' . . . Ul;i M. Darnell' to Oliver T. Suyder lot 1)2 Lincoln , .lacksou -i'p,,' warranty, i?2.r.OO.' • ' . • Bsirbani Hiinkec to' Ellz. OhOnchalu lot S and pt low 7 :incl !) S. G-. ratrbrsou add,. -X sidt!.-warranty, .fSOO. Kllx. Darnell to-Oliver T. Suyi.k-r E \'L S\V V-\ Sec. 10 .1,-ieksou Tp.. \vuvr.uity. f 1,000. Ismi'iiii A. Adsiius to Annie H./Funk S r.r, Fr. outlo't ;J7 Ailmlu., '.IVt.a'dd.,. W side 12 S of G'-ooiW! St.. slierltrs. 51-J3.no \Vm. Xewpliei- 1n EJ Shivuly lot '.) of ourlot .1 LaKi'se's ;id add., and W % lut 71 GTO. Tipfon's .1st aihl,, Esisti'iid. S4..100. Seven- niort;:sigi'S • llled • a^'WjKitlnir 'ROBY CLOSED UP. Chicago D!i«|KVtfh: Tlie jrood people of mi-rherii Indiana are 'to be-eunKrutu- Litcd upon' having wuu n complete and nuei]uiv(KMl victory .over the gamblers, Mings.' ad thieves nnd crooks of high ami. low degree who' haye been fleecing rhe'ni!*oi»hl9t:C"i;ed Hoosiers under the guise of conducting several nice trucks In .flic Hob}' district, By an injunction yesterday Govornor'Matthews'. position' wns'stfcit-alusd, and the gates oC ih^ie fake rnco associations were closed fnr tlils.season, Ml' not forever.- T.lic Dispatch claims a large share of the criHltt for closing up these notorious •rcfsorts. Xliey were suhstantlally Chi- capo eiiterprlsts.' being ensily accessllilc to Chicago .find conducted by Chicago psi'rties: biit ii» other local -pn-per raised a. -word uf protftst against them. TlK; DIspntc.li printed the truth about the •Uoby crowd and showed them up In Illicit- true llglit.. Tlie result is known, A PLUCKY WOMAN. Wdbasb Plsidiidealei" Four years ago there arrived-in-thls city frooii Mnudel, Germntiy, a -youug lady whose name is Ml'nnie 'Sclioeu'field, and who luis hea- home wl-tili Mr.-.aud -Mrs. Sam Simon. • : - ' ' : By dint 'of application she soon acquired 'the art of housekeeping and tlie wages she, received -from her domestic Jttbor were hoarded-away with the'lntentlon of helping unite her fain. ily lu -this country. tl>e- "home of the brave aud *l)e free." After Uiree'years 'of InlXM-, she -was euablM lo remove tlie oMast boy 1o this country and they togoflier wa-e enabled in another "year to' furnish •» coy.)' home on west Stitt Mtrcot, for tlie reception of the rema.lud- ct- of the. fnin'lly, w'.id arrived, lii Wa ; bash today. : Xhe meeting between tire parents and daughter, who had done so much for thorn", was vary affecting. .. . : : ; Republican Speakings. Republican speakings will be hold at the following places 'in Cass county: '"Friday a'fceiinoon, August Tth, lion. .Tnines' A. Mount, Hon.'.Geo.' W.' Steele, at Logansport, at 3 o'clock. : Fi-ilday"ni:ght, August 7th, :tt Broadway itek, Loganfiport, Hon. John. W, •O'Ha'ra of P.em wi-U organize a Republican-club. : • Saturday.nl'gbt, August 8th, Hon.'W. D. ; OSven,at,W'altoh, '. • ..'• " Hon. W. T. Wilson will speak nt Galloway school' house, Jefferson township, • Wednesday evening, August Othi . . Hon. ^y. T....WlLsoji ' will .address a meeting Thursday evening, August 0, at Onward, Tipton township. • • TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM .Effectually yet gently, when costive'or billons, or when the blood Is Impure or sluggish, to permanently overcome habitual, constipation, to awaKc the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating, or'weakening them, to i dispel headaches,. colds, or.. fevers, use Syrup ,of FJgs." 1 LONG TIME REPUBLICANS. . The Kokwno',Tribune tas published, a list ot 240 -Howard county^ people who .-are original Republicans, .voting for Fremont in : 1850, and for every-Bcpubr Itoiu candidate, since.' Tlie :.roir embraces thirty-three, .who 'voted 'for WJ1- llani HenryVHarrisori in! 1840, and one,, "John Moulder, of Honey Creek •tdw.n- 'siilp, who .-.voted for. Jonh-. QulncT Adams In'1828. -'" •'.:," ''*. l'.^'1'i ' D'lsease;attaclM',tte i :tated.' Keep yourself' ,-healtiiy. |arid igtrong^y'taklng.Hood'siSaria'parllla.'., , iki .-events 'in'-tiie liistory o'-f .liiSlam'i .racing. There -are 300 unit-it's for twenty-oue races and the list nearly every gi-osut. stitlilo and uot drlv.er In tlie country. Among the, se tratlorially fust oue^f entered are. Robert; J,, 2:01'/i; Rubinstein, 2:05%: Guin 2:07%: Miss .Teiming.s , 2:08% : Pcriri, 2:07%; 'Fantasy, 2:00; Dand ,T;lm, 2:10; Tt-evilllan, 2:OS%; T-ord Cli tou, 2:0814; Kentucky Union, 2:00 : , ; :' Ktanisiitl), 2:08y,, and others of equ note. Aiiuong.r.ho galaxy of great relu ineu. are such noted drivers ao G Splan, Dk-kersou, Curry, Stsirr. Bcg:ir McDonald. HIcock, Gus Macey,.Tho iis, Clias. Doble, Htissey, C. W. W Hams, Young, etc.. : Never before have so notable a It'Ctiwu of 'fast lioi-ses nnd great, drivers been prMciited TO an. Indiana jiudiirncc. Kxc-urs-ioii I'.-itos IKIVO bceii'art-aiiged for on all railroads, nnd uu effort will be spared to make rliis.vlif frrttitcst race meet lug ever held In ilie Sra;e. efio, Win. Jeers, DEATH OK CHAS. POLK. 'Charles C. Poll;, tlie Panhandle,, engineer, wi.-ll known hei-i 1 . died suddenly Mondsiy at UIMn. Ill,,'of heart disease. T-lie det-enscd wa.s 1'oi-ty-one ycni-s of age. He was a son of Mrs. WilH;i:m Polk of 713 liliiden sivonno'. He was born here and spent many yrars of his life in Logansport. Many of his fi-leuds In the ci^v will bo sadileiied at hi.-arlns 'of his demise. At: the time death came t-lic vU-flm was working as s-fatioiuiry engineer ou tl:e Illinois Central, near Ulll'.i. He was a-ii uiiginoor en the Pan- hiHiflli! from 1S7S until three yesU's ago. The ilwpased'h.-id n brother Henry at Still M:ircU)l,' N. M.. :i«d -Willinm !!t PiiebJn. Colo. 'I'hese brotlieis have boon re-louraphea.' The bo<ly will be broughi lioi-c fnr l)ii.rhil, and on Ms arrival tomorrow, the t'nncral annnuncemeiit will lie nitule. ' •" col- ! DEATH OF DENNIS GI.EASOX. ' -At the home of his daughtc: 1 . Mrs. .Charles Lsi'lng, "occurred the iletith of Dennis Glea'soh. tiged S3 years. The cud came at 4:21) a. in. yoswrday. :iml was due to old age. The deceased wa? 'a'well respected e;ti/,en.' He Had lived in Lbg:ui,spoi't about 23 years. He was a'liatlve of'Ireland. Mrs. Gleasou sur,rives liiim wicii nil the c-hiUlren. six sons 'anil two (Inuglitcrs. The funeral will aiid-'wto (laughters. The funeral will be held. Tlnu-sd.iy forenoon :il 9 o'cl»ek at the St. Vincent (le Pnul chui-ch.'con- (liR-teil by tlie Very Rev. M. E. Campion. Interment will be made- in Mr. St. Vincent cemetery. A SALOON CLOSED: ' ' One o-f Loganspon's saloons, is closed. Sheriff Adams stopped business at i-hc ptaee-o-f Bailey & .Morgan, formerly JBii'iley"•& Coll, on Third street, Monday night, HM-yiiig aii execution, issued on a •judgment for ''$o25. In 'favor of the Indianapolis Brewing company.. Ar- i-aiigoments may be inside by which the estaiblls'hinn'nt will reopen. ' The local agent of the brewing company has a leiue on the building lu which the saloon Is located. '' ! HE RAN AWAY. - Fourteen-year-old -Tot" 1 Sullivim whs' placed Lii the hands of Sheriff Adams yesterday by the police, 'who were not satisfied'with the several stories the boy told for purposes of identification. It' was found the'boy had been' living'with tlie .family of a man named Welch near Grass Creek,'the latter having taken .him -from a Cincinnati orphan's 'home. The youngster will', be turned over, to his guardian. He left home recently wlrli a pair of tramps. -' There was a lively light- reported recently-from Darwin, east of the city. Elmer Harness, wto hud had' trouble . >vltli a young num. named Foster, proposed to his- older brother, John Hnr- 'ness, that lie would pay his flue If he would-.whip Foster. Thc^agreement-ia tui'id-to Imve been carried out, with the exception of the. whipping. Foster're- fused to be "done up," and the big brother suffered some severe punishment. • • ' . • ' • '-. It is a bigi thing to say, but neverthe- .less true, that a great multitude of people have crowned Simmons.Liver Regu- .Intor, the "King of Liver Remedies." There Is .nothing like it tor. Malaria, RliOTmatisu), Ch'ilU and Fever, Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Headache, Indigestion and all troubles;arising from 11 sluggish or. dlsaisod liver. Simmons Liver Regulator is t-he prevention aud cure'for Miese nlinients. •How ai-e your Kidneys? Rich, red blood is conducive to -health and happiness. No Rheumatism, u'o.. Neuralgia, iib-'Kidney' Troubles, 1 ' : no Gout, no "Bnlght's' Disease, -no 'Diabetes. ' Therefore k'e'ep'-you'r kidneys strong and'well by : using Dr; Hbbbs Sparagu.? Kidney Pills. For sale in Lopansport by Ben Fisher and John; F. 'Coulson, drugglsis. - : Mother Wallace : day .wUl be observed today, at the Home 'for the .'Friendless. The W. C. T. D. will observe tlie day >at -2:30 o'clock! The public lias, been Invited. There will be a program of •i-eci't'a-ao'ns and.music. .. •i-.Get your separate skirts, s-ulU, 'wrap- ;'pers,and waltats'^t August' priees.- '.T-rade Palace. , - ; . BYRON B. GORDON. ; Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport G. A. E. AT ST. PAUL. Special RsU«s via Pennsylvania Liufts : for National' Encampment. August 30th and 31st anil September Isr are the da-te.s upon which lou- rate round trip-tickets to St. Panl will bo soli! via Pet'.iisyivania Linos, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will bo good returning until September 13th, Inclusive, and If deposited with the Joint agent at St. Paul- on or before September 15. the return limit will be extended to Include September 30th.. The rates for this occasion will be exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which trains mn from -Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and'Indiana to.Chi- cago Union Station, tie natural gato- • way from -those States to the Nortlrweat. Dally trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago with St. Paul trains. Arrangements may be made by G. A. R. Posts •or parties of. friends to travel together ori special trains or special cars that will go through' from starting point to the Encampment without change, ,1' tue number Justifies ' it.' Information on the subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. Niagara Fails Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,1896 VIA THE Lake Erie & Western K. R. "Natural Gas Route." I On Thursday, August Otb, 1S96, the LaJt» Erie & Western R. R. will run thier popular excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo ana •Niagara Falls at the following very low rates,, viz: Pcoria *>»w Eloomlngton *•** ' ' SUNDAY EXCURSION TO CI-N- : CINNATI. ' August 9th; via Pennsylvania .'linos; $2 from Logansport; excursion train leaves 5 a', m. central, riffle; returning leave's Cl'ndniinitl 7 p. m.' central time. Base ball game, Cincinnati Reds vs. Louis- .vlilc. League teams. Lots of time to see the Zoo; the Lagoon; the Parks and other attractive resorts of. the'"Queen City." CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. . On August 4.-18,. September i, 15, 29. October- .0 and 20,'ISOC, The North- Western Line (Chicago & Nortli-West- •ern R'y) will-sell-Home SeeKers' excursion tickets at very' low rates to a large number of points lirth'e west and northwest. For full Information apply tu ticket agents of connecting lines or ad-. 'dress W. B, Knlskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, .HI. : HALF 'RATES TO OMAHA. Via 'the North-western tine (Chicago &: North-Western R'y) August 15, 10 and 17, 1890,' one fare tor the round trip. On August 24 excursion tickets at veiy.low rates will also be sold from Omoha to Denver and: the. famous Hot Springs of South Dakota. For full Information apply to ticket agents o? connecting lines or address W. B.,Knlskern G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. POPULIST CONGRESSIONAL .... . MASS MEETING. For above meeting the Wabash Kail- roa,d company will sell tickets to Peru and return, good only on August-Oth, at rate-of-sixty-live (65) cents' per round trip.. ••;•'• ' • , - ' C. G: NEWELL, Agent. .. 7.M .. 7.2S .. c.a .. 6.ZS Lafayette- Sllcliiean City Indianapolis Tipton "—T Rate from all stations to Put-lc-Bay and return, W.OO, .With corresponding reductions from Intermediate points. . ' ' In addition to tr.c above, the purchawsrj of vliese tickets wlh be given privilege ol special excursion side trips to LewlBton- on-the Lake. Including a uteam boat iM« on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by Loki from Lewlston, JLOO. Tickets of admisblon to places ot upeclml interest at or near Niagara Falls, but outside tho reservation. Including toll over the International Bridge to tho Canadian side elevators to the water B'«aB«« •Whirlpool Rapids on the Canadian side, will be offered on train at a reduction . from prices chat-Red after reaching "•• F ?" 3 ' DO NOT MISS '. This opportunity of spending Sunday »t- the treatesf historical spot in the Lnltwl. States. Excursion will arrive at Niagara Falls 8:00 a. tn.. Friday, August 7, 1W^ Eeturnlnir, passeneers can leave tne r»u» any day within'the llmlt-of their «<*«». connecting with eteamcr Bt BuII»l<V whlch.leave* there every day at 8:301 p. Ija,. PassenBcrs can have stop-over prtyllef**., on return trip at Cleveland, SanauiKjy P ror n p?mp'hSf'giving full detailed Intor.. matlon, call on any agent Lake Erie * Western R. R., or address C F. DALY, General Passenger Afjt, ^ indlar-apolls. Iu4- .... D. & C. SUMMER SEHVICE TO '. MACKINAC. , .,.._., Their new steel passejicer steamera »re In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo. Detroit, Macklnac, soo, Petoskey, Dulutb. If you are contemplating a summer outing lend 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet Vddress ' ; A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P, A. '.' ' Detroit, Mich. JS.OO CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND RETURX. On account of the G: A. R. Encampment The XorlhAVcstcrn X-Iue (Chicago & North-Western Railway) wJll on Aug-. ust 31 nnd September 1,1S9G, sell excursion, tickets from ChicagQjto St. Paul and return at vale ot ?8.00 for the round trip, good for retur i passage until September 15, wltli privilege ot.further ex- teuslon to . September 30. 1S9C, For. tickets and full Information .apply, to ngeuts of councctiug lines, or adilross- A. .H.. Waggoner, T. P. A., T .Tactson PLice,' Indianapolis, Ind. SPECIAL EXCURSION TO FORT . .WAYNE.. .. On Sunday, August 0, 1S9C, the Wa : -. bash RaJIrond company will, ruu a-special train to Fort Wayne,, leaving Lo- .gausport.at ,7 o'clock a. m.; returning .leave Fort Wayne ; at 8:30 ivm. Tickets good for special train, only, will be sol'd at rate of 51-.00 for. the: round trip.; . :. . ..C. G. NEWEL/L, Agent. Subscribe for The Journal. HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. . Ou account of the Natioun.1 convention., of Republican League Clulw, August 23, 2-t and 25, 'The North-Western. (Chicago & .North-Westcrn Railway) will jiell excursion. tickets from Chicago to Milwaukee aq>t return at rate of one fare for the round trip. For tickets and mil Information apply to ticket agents, of connecting lines, or address W. B. KnJskern, G. P. & T. A., Oxicago, 111, . St. Joseph Is a most delightful resort during tills extremely torrid weather. Tare for the round trip, $2.00. Twin leaves Vandalla station at 7:00 a. m. every Sunday. . Natural gas bills for tie month of., August are.now due and payable.at the company's office on Pearl street. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a., montb.

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