The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 21, 1908 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 11
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNUN. LEQAU. warrants, duly drawn for that purpose. Sec. 4. When the bonds authorized to be issued under this act sball be duly executed, they shall be by the state treasurer sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, in such parcels and numbers as said treasurer shall be directed by the governor of the state, under seal thereof, after a resolution requesting such sale shall have been adopted by the board of state harbor commissioners; but said treasurer must reject any and all bids for said bonds, or for any of them, which shall be below the par value of Bald bonds so offered; and he may, by public announcement at the place and time flxed for the sale, continue such sale, as to the whole of the bonds offered, or any part thereof offered, to such time and place as he may select. Due notice of the time and place of sale of all bonds must be given by said treasurer by publication in two newspapers published in the city and county of San Francisco, and also by publication in one newspaper published In the city of Oakland, and by publication in one newspaper published in the city of Los Angeles, and by publication in one newspaper published in the city of Sacramento, once a week during four weeks prior to such sale. The cost of such publication shall be paid out of the San Francisco harbor improvement fund, on controller's warrant's duly drawn for that purpose. The proceeds of the sale of ' Buck bonds shall be forthwith paid ever by eatd treasurer unto the treasury, and must be by him kept In a separate fund to be known and deslg- •fted as the "India Basin Fund." and must be used exclusively for the acquisition area described in the act referred to in section 1 hereof. Drafts and warrants upon said fund -«ball be drawn upon and shall be paid out of said fund in the same manner as drafts and warrants are drawn upon and paid out of the San Francisco harbor Improvement fund. Sec. 5. For the payment of the principal and Interest of said bonds a sinking fund, to be known and deslg nated as the "India Basin Sinking Fund,' shall be, and the same Is here by created, as follows, to wit: The state treasurer shall, on the first day of each and every month, after the sale of said bonds, take from the San Francisco harbor improvement fum such sum as, multiplied by the time the bonds then sold and outstand ing have to run, will equal the princt pal of the bonds sold and oustandlng at the time said treasurer shall so take said sum from said San Francisco harbor improvement fund, less the amount theretofore taken therefrom for said purpose; and he shall place the sum in the India basin sinking fund created by this act. Said state treasurer shall, on controller's war rants, duly drawn for that purpose employ the moneys in said sinking fund in the purchase of bonds of the United States, or of the State of Call fornia, or of the several counties o municipalities of the State of Califor nia, which said-bonds shall be kept In a proper receptacle, appropriately la beled; but he must keep always on hand a sufficient amount of money in said sinking fund with which to pa> >f said bonds on controller's warrants, uly drawn for that purpose."— imcndment approved November 23, A, D. 1907. Sec. 6. The state controller and tate treasurer shall keep full and particular account and record of all the interest on such of the state bonds herein provided to be Issued a may have theretofore been sold. Anc to provide means for the payment o UEQAU. LEGAL. LEGAL. I LEGAL. LEGAt. 5. One member of the Assembly in and for the Sixty-sixth Assembly District of the State of California. 6. One member of the Board Clerks: Henry A. Wallace, W. 3. James. Election must be held at Ooler Wc)! 8 building. San Emigdlo Precinct. Judges: W. S. Delk, J. S. Douglas. King. Election must be held at Aztec school house. . Kern River Precinct. I Judges: D. D. Hill, J. J. Davis. I Inspectors: C. A. Daugherty, Pal of Supervisors in and for the First Inspectors: Ramon Fellz, John heir proceedings under this act, and f ^ u • • W- . • 1 T*V,«Vm n hey shall transmit to the governor! Supervisorial District of the Coun^ in abstract of all such proceedings ty of Kern. ^^s hereunder, with an annual report, to 7 One raem l,er of the BOW>1 be by the governor la Id before the leg- » 0 . . 3 <•.„ ^ 0 Blature biennially; and all books and jf Supervisors in and for the papers pertaining to the matter pro-(Fourth Supervisorial District Ot «lded for in this act shall at all times the County of Kern. 8. One member of the Board of Supervisors in and for the Fifth Supervisorial District of the County of Kern. And it is hereby further ordered that the following named persons be and the same are hereby appointed as members of the Board of Election in the respective election precincts of the County of Kern, as indicated, and that the polling places mentioned below be and the same are hereby designated as the places or houses within .each of said precincts where the said election shall be >e open to the inspection of any par- y interested or the governor, or the attorney general, or a committee of Cither branch of the legislature, or a olnt committee of both, or any citizen of the state. Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of the state treasurer to pay the interest of said bonds, when the same falls due, out of the sinking fund provided for n this act, on controller's warrants, duly drawn for that purpose. Sec. 8. This act, if adopted by the icople, shall take effect on the thirty- Irst day of December, A. D. nineteen lundred and eight as to all its provisions except those relating to and necessary for its submission to the people, and for returning, 'canvassing, and proclaiming the votes, and as to said excepted provisions this act shall take effect Immediately. Sec. 9. This act shall be submitted to the people of the state of California for their ratification at the next general election, to be holden In the month of November, A. D. nineteen hundred and eight, and all ballots-at said election shall have printed thereon and at the end thereof, the words, "For the India Basin Act," and in a separate line under the same words, "Against the India Basin Act," and opposite said lines there shall be left spaces in which the voters may make or stamp a cross to indicate whether they vote for or against the said act, and those voting for said act, shall do held, viz: Hot Springs Precinct Judges: Char. M. Heldman, Frank A. Howard. Inspectors: Edgar L. Allison, WJB. D. Murry. Ballot Clerks: Ed Vaughn, O. W. Meyers. Clerks: E. L. King, John Neil). Election must be held at Hot Springs House. Weldon Precinct. Judgea: Thos. 8. Smith, Henry B. True. Inspectors: John Nlcholla, Win. F. Powers. Ballot Clerks: Robert Scybert, C. M. Vrooman. Oco. E. Knowlea, E, Ballot Clerks: Grant. I'.Hadley. Ballot Clerks: J. E. Collins, Quad- 1 Clerks: F. F. Walley, B. F. Mas- alotipe Cordova. , ten. Clerks: Thos. Desmond, Fernando Election must be held at vacant Salcedo. held at building Democrat Springs. San i Fairfax Precinct. Election must be Emetiio ranch house. Mojave Precinct. , Judges: J. M. Dake, H. S. Klnch.' Inspectors: Inspectors: J. J. Neater, S. R. ,,?,• . „. , rjiark i Ballot Clerks: Ballot Clerks: Dave Crlchton,! Kincaid. Judges: Oscar Clendennen, A. J. Lee J. M. Burges, W. G. James, F. J. Clerks: Dave Samuel Kry.stall. Clerks; H. E. Coleman, G. H. Pippitt. B. E. Buckles, A. O. Arm- Clerks: strong. Election must be held Election must be held at Mojave , scho0 ' bouse, school house. Rosamond Precinct. Judges: J. F. Glasgow, F. M. Ham- at Fairfax llton Greenhorn Precinct. Judges: W. Welser, H. Barrett. Inspectors: Pedro Marvis, O. H. F. Hansen. F i Ballot Clerks: V. Bernard, B. F. Robinson. Inspectors: Q. W. Kinton, J. McLemoro t **"*""«""• Ballot cierks: J. C. Johnson, C. W.L C ' erk8: Walter J. Burke, E. H. ... • • uawHuau F. Rensch. Barbeau. Clerks: ' W. H. Davis, R. A. Stuck- Election must be held at Hutskamp Clerks: Arthur Fllben, Miller. Election must he held ( school house. Poeo Precinct. Judges: H. E. Phillips, Hartr tro. Inspectors: Wiley Roberts, Halsey. Ballot Clerks: G"n M. Richard Ward. Clerks: Harry Hobeson, Lou man. Election must be held at Posa house, Fanioso. Marfcopa Precinct. Judges: H. E. Mosher, C. S. Ge Inspectors: G. R. Neill, WOJL ter. Ballot Clerks, OiJbert Phelp*,. C. Harvey. Clerks: C. S. Garfleld, Edw. Election must be held at house, Maricopa. Button Willow Precinct. . Judges: M. J. Avnlu, Ed Lewis. Inspectors: J. E. Klncer, Geo«s* 3R. SUnson. Ballott Clerks: William Tracjr, fi»- ney William Smith. Clerks: C. C, Lnry, Charlas-WI BM* lee. -ft Election must, be held at Election must be held at Mrs. Kenton's store. Soledad Precinct Judges: A. C. Klopproth, Thomas Short. Inspectors: A. O. Woodward, F. 8. Wfiflt. H. Skelton. BO by placing a cross opposite, words,j Clerks: Robert Neill, LeRoy Ran M. ctu "For the India Basin Act," and all those voting against the said act,-shall do so by placing a cross opposite the words, "Against the India Basin Act." e governor of this state shall in- 'ude the submission of this act to the people, as aforesaid, in his proclamation calling for said general election. Sec. 10. The votes cast for or against this act shall be counted, returned and canvassed and declared in the same manner and subject to the same rules as votes cast for state officers; and If it appear that said act shall have received a majority of all kin. Election must be held at Weldon store. Kernvllle Precinct the votes cast for and against it at i son. Judges: James Elliott, Clarence Pascoe. Inspectors: Robt. Christian, J. W. H. Simmons. Ballot Clerks: F. S. Fugltt, O. P. Runyon. Clerks: Robt. Palmer, w. B. Tibbets. Election must be held at Petersen'B hall, Main street, Kernvllle. Havllah Precinct Judges: Gus Miller, W. H. Wil said election as aforesaid, then the same shall have effect as hereinbefore provided, and shall be irrepealable until the principal and Interest of the Inspectors: S. P. Allen, Jake Est llnbaum. .Ballot Clerks: W. W. Waters Jno. Hays. liabilities herein created shall be paid Clerks: \Vm. Woods. Chas. Rankin and discharged, and the governor shall make proclamation thereof; but if a majority of the votes cast as aforesaid are against this act then the same shall be and become void. "Sec. 10%. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to have this act published in at least one newspaer in each county, or city and county, if one be published therein, throughout this state, for three months next preceding tho general election to be holden in the month of November, A. D. nine- on The "bonds that "may be I teen hundred and eigftt, the costs of Bold and outstanding, said treasurer shall monthly take from the San Francisco harbor improvement fund, and pay into said India basin sinking fund, an amount equal to the monthly interest then due on all bonds then wold delivered and outstanding. The board of state harbor commissioners are hereby authorized and directed by the collection of dockage, tolls, rents, publication shall be paid out of the San Francisco harbor Improvement fund, on controller's warrants duly Election must be held in the Houser building, Havllah. Ballot Clerks: B. L. Wegmann, G. G. M. McBryant, at mine on section 3, township 27, ranga House, Button Willow. Bakertfield Precinct, No. 1. Long Tom Precinct. Judges: John Hilton, Chas. Hitchcook. Inspectors: August Bigot, S. D. Shirley. Ballot Clerks: J. W. Record, W. H. Henry B. Qardelt, Walter Cierka: Baker, Election must be held Hal!. Gumming* Valley Precinct Judges: mlngs. Inspectors: C. Cummings. | Clerks: John Williams. I Ejection must be held at Miners building at Granite Station. Delano Preolnct. Judges: John i>. Wassen, J. P. Brtte, Edward Cum- J. L. Baxter, Clarence Daniel Davenport, Ballot Clerks: R. G. Hill. Clerks: E. A. Stowell, Fickert. Election must be Atherton, vacant J. R, Inspectors: R. W. Ammons, C. H, Ballot Clerks: James Hamlln, W. T .Boone. E. II. Ramsey, Frank Pan- held mlngs Valley school house. Rockplle Precinct Clerks : Phillip' ero. I Election must be held at Justice at Cum-1 Tlmmons 1 office, corner H and Marl- posa streets in Delano, Sumner Precinct J. T. Basye, Fred Cham- Judges: Isaac Hart, A. N. Habecker. Judges: Inspectors: M. F. Neumarkel, J. V. berlaln. Tirado. I Inspectors: J. S. Menitt, W. B. Ballott Clerks: Myron C. Hart, P. ,Pryor. A. Curry. Ballot Clerks: W. T. White, DomClerks: John O'Nell, J. A. Gelle. itlllo Castro. Election must be held at Rockpile j Clerks: M. J. Borgwardt, W. G. school house. Keene Precinct. Tim Flannlgan, J. Judges: Fargues. Insp^tort: George Strongman, C. E. Mallachowitz. Ballot Clerks: Jno. Klrkham, Brown. Louis F. Fickert. Inspectors: Clerks: J. D. Moore, A. L. Wool-] v. Buntaln. Bartensteln. | Election must be held at adobe P- house at Fred Chamberlain's place near Offer's Resort. Precinct Judges: Ollle G. Wood, S. N. Bey. Election must be held at Martin V. Brunk, Jas. Don O. Maltby, F. Judges: R. F. Gregory, Ed O.' noil. Inspectors: G. Paehllg, Geov aker. Ballot Clerks: EH May, Dumble. Clerks: C. W. CuvUwfler- Powers, Relation must bo. held in Kern i ty Land Company's harness shop < 20th street between G and Bakerafleld Precinct No. Z. Judges: Wm. Tyler, F. S. Inspectors: J. B. Hunt, C. A. Ballot Clerks: Henry ShieTcfe, < Hay. Clerks: Geo. Brundage, R. EL num. Election must be held in Stunufte* building on Chester avenue, corn«r«*t 17th street. Bakersfield Precinct No. 38 Judges: Chas. Cohn, H. W. Inspectors: A. F. Nagte; A. R- nap. Ballot Clerks: Herbert W. A. Smartt. Clerks: E. L. Willow, Leo feld. Election must be held at house, on K street, corner of street. Bakersfletd Precinct No-. C. Judges: Jake Walters, John> Inspectors: J. H. Redstone-, f- Campbell. Ballot Clerks: Henry ¥-" Chas. N. Johnston. Clerks: W. A. Eardley, W. school house. Walkers Bas| n Precinct | Judges: Judges: Peter McGuirk, Walker Daniel. Rankin, Sr. I Inspectors: Inspectors: Jacob W. Binninger,! Spencer. Lake Precinct. Thos. Kelly, Manuel Me G. W. Pool, W. E. Wm. H. Johns. I Ballot Clerks: A. E. Weger. Ballot Clerks: N. J. Williams, Jes- Clerks: Richard Burns, Fred se Rankfn. Hill. A - | Ballot Clerks: Keene j. Werrlnger. Clerks: P. E. Bohna, A. H. Buf- flngton. Election must be held at Blake school house. Asphalto Precinct Judges: S. A. Hubbard, H. G. Ball. Clerks: J. C. Walser, Dave Cudde- Election must be held at Miller & bnck. Election nmst be held at Walkers Basin school house. Lux ranch house. drawn for that purpose."—Amendment j ^ Ballot Clerks: A. Y. Robinson, approved November 23, A. D. 1907. Sec. 11. This act may be known and cited as the India Basin Act." Sec. 12. All acts and parts of acts In conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. Tehachapl Preolnct. Judges: J. M. Jackley, G. W. Love- Caliente Precinct. ijoy. Judges: Jno. Rlpley, C. H. Dukes, j Inspectors, C. V. Barnard, P. L. Laffargue. Ballot Clerks: Leo. Clerks: W. Inspectors: J. McCarthy, Sanford Richard. Chas. F. Bennett. wharfage and cranage to collect a sum I } j hereby ofter n rowa rd of One of money sufficient for the purposes of' this act., over and above the amount limited by section two thousand, five hundroa iind twenty-six of the Political Code of ih« State of California. Between the first and tenth day of Hundred Dollars for the arrest and conviction of any and every person violating any of the provisions of Title IV, Part I, of the Penal Code of the State of California; such rewards to be paid until the total amount here- Novcir.ljer, in the year nineteen nun-1 expended for the purpose reaches aivl flghteen ami between in."' ...... dred r, . first mid teulli day • of November, of each your thereafter until the maturity of'said bonds, the said treasurer Khali, In the presence of the governor, proceed to drawby lota such an amount o! bonds as shall be requisite to exhaust as nearly as may be the amount in said sinking fund at that time, and shall thereupon and before the tenth day of December following, give notice by public advertisement to bo inserted twice a week for two weeks in two newspapers published in the city mid county of San Francisco, and also IB one newspaper published in the city of Oakland, and also in one newspaper published in the city of Los Angeles and also in one newspaper published in the city of Sacramento, stating the number of bonds so drawn and that the principal of said bonds will be mid on presentation to the treasurer on or before the second day of January following, that from and after such last named date, all Interest upon bonds thus drawn shall ccusc, and it shall be the duty of the treasurer as soon as said bonds HO drawn by lot are HuiTondered to him and paid to cancel ihe same, and the interest coupons Hioreon, and each year beginning wit; ft,? year nine-toon hundred and eight eon,'the said treasurer shall, In the manner aforesaid, proceed to draw by lot such an amount of bonds as shall bti requisite to exhaust as nearly ^ as tuiiv bo tho amount In said the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, .1. X. GILLETT, as Governor of tho State of California, have hereunto set my hand and caused the groat seal of said State to be affixed at the City of Fiu-ramento. this thirteenth day of September, A. Clerks: O'Meara. E. W. Klnney, P. J. Election must be held at Caliente school house. A ma lie Precinct. Judges: Elbert S. Jones, A. D. C. McKay. Inspectors: Wm. C. Fitch, Chas. John Kelt, Knapp, C. O. H. Knapp, R. M. Spencer. Election must be held at Chornil clo hall. Inspectors: L. D. Bell, D. W. Maddux. Ballot Clerks: H. M. Thompson, E. M. Brown. Clerks: H. B. Phelan, H. J. Hoss. Election must be held at Rodmon's hall, McKlttrick. Adobe Precinct. Judges: Wm. D. Knight, Sam Williams. Inspectors, J. F. Bennett, J. C. Plum- nier. Ballot Clerks: Ora Smith, Peter McCaffrey. Clerks: Jack Fowler, Louis E. Formway. Tejon Canyon Precinct. Election must be held at Jack FowJudges: James Winter, Asa Me-1 i er - a ranch house. Kenzle. I Rosedale Precinct. Inspectors: C. W. F. Bergmann, Judges: Peter Heimforth, W. T. Al- Ellas Johnson. ; len. Hart. Ballot Clerks: Clifford Thos. P. Borden. Ballot Clerks: John Vincent, D. C. Little,'McKenzie. I Clerks: Edwin Winter, D. J. Me I. Inspectors: Robt. Rudd, S. B. Dew- at Tejon Clerks: Ellas M. Dearborn, James Kenzle. E. Ramey. | Election must be held Election must be held at McKay's Canyon school house, store. I Old Town Precinct Plute Precinct. Judges: J, B. Brite, Wm. A. High oy. I Ballot Clerks: Jacob Mosslnger, A. i B. Ren fro. D. 1908. (Seal) J. N. GILLETT, Governor of the State of California. Attest: C. F. CURRY, Secretary of State. PROCLAMATION Judges: F. Schwartz, C. F. May. Inspectors: J. H. Rebrnan, Chas. W Lament. Ballot Clerks: Chas. J. Bowman, land. Inspectors: R. E. L. Hicks, C. R. Brite. Ballot Clerks: John B. Clifton. Clerks: Morris Burk, Ed ran. Election must be held at old Hudnut cabin. (Roger Whalen. Cough-1 Clerks: .1. J. Henderson, James C. (Wiggins. Kelso Precinct. Judges: Fred Butterbredt, John H. Scott. Inspectors: Louis Bowers, Frank-'Fees, lln P Whitney. Ballot Clerks: Wjn. Pettit, A. J. Bal'lot Clerks: Jno. Butterbredt, Tyndall. Sr.,! Judges: AV. H. Branch, E. S. Pool. 5 Inspectors: C. L. Woods, E. P. Clerks: John Waters, F. W. Northway. Election must be held at Rosodale school house. Antelope Precinct. Judges: Robt. D. Duncan, S. Tl. Sumner. Henry F. Wiggins,] inspector: A. A. Still, John Bakem. Ballot Clerks—KIngsley Kin«, Andrew Imfeld. ClerkH: Percy Catling, Robt. L. Kalk. Election must be bold at Annottfc school house. Paleto Precinct. Judges: J. H. Abbott, C. E. Black. Inspectors: C. F. Hysung, H. W. , Kllpsteln. I Ballot. Clerks: E. W. Austin, Chas. | Election must be held at Old Town i school house, j Tejon Precinct. Jerry Robinson Clerks: Clerks: —OF- The Board^of Supervisors, of Kern County, State of California held at Tunnel J. J. Lopez, Henry A. Tay-JA. Barnhart. George Albert Chanz, Bev-'ior. I Clerks: James Election must be hold at Rose Station ranch house. North Kern Precinct. Judges: T. J. O'Boyle, I.eo G. Pauly. Inspectors: A. W. Hess, J. C. Hallinger. Ballot Clerks: J. I). Crandall, M. K. c-rly P. Robinson. Election must be Springs. Randsburg Precinct No. 1. Judges: J. W. Mcl.eod, Fred I. Cutler. * Inspectors: W. D. Mnoir, C. ( -. ''- HngBWOvth. i McKonzle. Ballot Clerks: D. Gtindersou, Wm. j Clerks: R. J. Bower, C. L. Churn- Atkinson. < berlaln. Clerks: James Montgomery, Clyde i Election must be hold at Keru Li- Huffel. I brary building on Unkor street, Elee'llou must be held at Hi" office | twoo'n K and L streets. be- In accordance with the prot-la- iiiiilinii of tlie (loveriior of the Stilt of Just If? (.f the Peace. Precinct No. 2. Judges: Ed Baker,_ Pat Fancy, «l inuhovo stated. After the payment o all wild bonds, the surplus or balance j (iut remaining in said Kinking fund, i! ', 1II1V 11 |( .|,1 there be, Khali forthwith be paid lnUl i lanv , the Siiu Fi'HtwiMCo harbor improve- j i.'"^ rnent fund. At the time of tho rospec-1 the J live draw'IngH by lot, as; nforohaid, and , ^ also lit. the maturity of said siuUV... > R. P. Hou.ier, L W. tinnds, «al--l slia.U UlO Jnspoc'!)!: : lack Nosser, I " r l '" liforili "- TrU 01 !,, 1 !!!' c °ffl"t'cu-rk B -. i 1 , A. 1). DOh, Montgomery. ii ivononil election through-1 Clerks; R. F. Dickinson, he State of ('aliform to | u » (Lawrence. oil Tuesday, November ;inl, |. E . lecliIt !? n raust be hcld at pair ,. ., • ,, . .. 'In building, lor Ihe piirnoHi- ol. electing, Johannesburg Precinct, oflltiers, namely; Judges; W,>'I>T •' M-J'OD .'loelor.s of President I Chas. Adams, resident of the I'nited South Kern Precinct. Judges: F. J. Marsh. C. Inspectors: Joan Hyratid, T. B. Orr. Ballot Clerks: J. T. Stanton, O. F. ilowell. [ cit-rks: W. T. Uawllngs, J. L. Os- Election must bo held at Justice j Marion's office, oil Keru street, be- I tweon H and I Htrootfi, I l.lnns Valley Precinct. I .ludt'os: .1. F. Me.Kurny, J. F. White- F. H. .lanio.son, \V. II. Bridger, Albert WIIkeB. Election must be held at Frank P. Francis hiill. Midway Precinct. JudKon: Harry S. Hanes, Wm. P. Cunningham. Inspectors: Harry Socor, C. R".y Greene. Ballot. Clerks: Chas. C. Snyder, Martin J. "fepellacy. Clerks. Edwin D. Elliott, Jr., Fred O'Brien. , Untied Htiiroa or ntlier bonds thon in aftitl sinliiji^ fund, at, 'liites, uftei- advonl.-il (,'f in OH- in:>nr,.'T hi' ed for III" ••!•.! le "f lliorl/.'--! to he Sta i.'. uiarl.' US the s:iif t'llcp'-j •rulriht'foro provid-1 bonds hori'hy an- ; ssu-.'A, anil shall u»- the fur tVio. payment of Cue Asf>i»eiiile »ltlstioe <>(' He•me Court of the State of .irnin Tni' lhr mioxpirod term. Cn<' liepreJii'iilsttivo in Ctin- for tlie Kitflilh Einost L. Parker, Frank i i'nspccloi.- /cller. lUiHot Clot !•.!••: Wicker, Clerks: Will Luvorn. tiny Hughes, C!. C . Turn FiiKitt. Do! Election must, bo held at McKamy's bonds us may liv drawn by lot, and :it | J)j s t 1 'iet of llie Stale of California. \l\.lll*-*t> • »" «•"•"/ -..-.---, the maturity of Biiid bonds outntunU- • redeem said ma 4. ya»a redeem said ma- ; . One Judge of the Superior . tnrod outstanding bonda out of aaldj Court of the Sta Us ot Cuhlonua na iu,t Clerks: Moneys !• said fond in esWnK«UBliiB«Bt In i«d for Ae (Jouuty of Kurn, a. Johcson. Blhtiil, Oscar Itullot Clerks: .lads Harrison. Clerks: Clias, . _.. n .~, . Fon>st Maun li:l!1 , ut Glonnvlllo. Election must bo held at Joannes- ' Petroleum Precinct burg school house. Goler Precinct. Judges: N. J. Ayor, .losi-ph Short S. Election must be held at Santa Fo lu-adijuarters office. Panama Precinct. Judges: G. J. Stall), Ami McKenzie. Inspectors: Chas. L. Dennon, .1.1 Sloln. Ballot. Clerks: Maurice H. Baldwin, A. B. Robinson. ClorkH: Dave HirHhfeld, E. M. Asho. Election must be held at Panama Hchool Mouse, Csnficld Precinct. Judges: Jasper Meyers, W. W. Frn- zier. IiiHpcctors: Horace Froear, J. V,'. Summert). Ballot Clerks: Jiinioy (JarlleK, U. A* Stubblofiold. Cl'.'dis; J. n. M''<'»SvUo-'i, Allan Campbel, Klectlon. school ley. Election must be held at I72K ter avenue, White's second hand corner Chester avenue and 18th Bakersfield Precinct No. 6k Judges: J. B. Hewitt, T. A. MttesdR. Inspectors: Frank M. Reynolds, 4k. M. Belknap. Ballot Clerks: John Mintt-r, Duncan. Clerks: A. C. Tupman, T. E. stein. Election must be held aS building In rear of Tenth street liouso, corner o^ H and 10th Bakersfield Precinct No. S. Judges: W. H. Weems, Walt'ir son. Inspectors: John Oswald, C. lap. Ballot Clerks: Ralph Galloway, «£. L. Zander. Clerks: A. D. Whittemore, Janw*ME. Baker. Election must be held at ABe Bft^^ er's paint shop on 22ud street, at eww^ of K street. Bakersfield Precinct No. TJudges: W. L. Hill, Walter FfsHwsx Inspectors: Tom McCaffrey, MOTE»«» Hans. Ballott Clerks: Alox Heyman, f/. Gardner. Clerks, Jo P. Carroll, I. Hinin'feldt Election must be held at old Hall, on Wall street,.between I strattt and Chester avenue. , South Bakersfield PrecinctJudges: D. R. Miller, S. W. Miltanft. Inspectors: Chris Mattley, R_ "XL. Wilhlto. Ballot Clerks: H. F.' Ranks, Wilson. Clerks: F. G. Colton, L..A; Election must bo held at H. Hicks' barn on Chester Avenue, Oil Precinct. Judges: J. W. Heard, Geo. St. Inspectors; J. E. Roberts, IB. St Longhead. Ballot Clerks: Dun A. MacB, Jtatafe D. Jones. Clerks: W. W. Krotzer, Polo trand. Election must be held at San qutn warehouse. Stockdale Precinct. Judges: J. T. Taylor, J. M. Inspectors: B. F. Bedinger, C2e«x Burkett. Ballot Clerks: Clarence W. R. M. Dodge. Clerks: J. T. Elmore, W. H. Election must be hold at U ranch store house. Fruitvale Precinct. Judges: Florence Gleason, Dun. Dire*ham. Inspectors: C. C. Pierce, J. <.. erts. Ballot Clerks: Thos. B. HaiiUf W. Wear. Clerks: .1. W. Tiltum, A. W man. , Election must bo hcld at B*:;i>'«»'*'.ZS' School house. _ 4 By order of tho Board "f rfuy.ri.-i- 1 ?ors of Korn Couuly, Callfdi'iii.i H. A. JASTUO; 'n.Mlrnmn <.f tl»- I»"ard of SniK-rvIso«» i of Huld l^i' 1 " County } i \Ui-rl: ... >.v ! i (.Sc.-tl) T. L. MTLLKl'i- , i I''"- I-mis- JudROB: at SENATE BILL No. 850. CHAPTER 98. An act to scat of qovernment or of8acpBmwiuii Wasco Precinct. J. E. fjnrvin. T. Chas. Coobn, Geo \V. W. Colin, J. M. Dye. . _ s: H. Sanguinnotti, Jesse Judges: J. E. Gnrvin. T. H. Me- I 1 . Fox. (Govern. Ballot Clerks: C. H. Brown, W. B, | Inspectors: A. J. ^IcCombs, N. M. Ualos. Rntnour. Clerks: J H. McDonald, J. C. Ballot Olerks: H. L. Wooms, P- J. Fllcklnger. ..»,. Garwot*.

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