The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 23, 1970 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1970
Page 8
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THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1970 SECTION TWO Page 2 Joys of toys bound to dazzle girls and boys Christmas day By PATRICIA MC CORMACK SANTA'S WORKSHOP, U.S.A. (UPI) - Boys and girls, this Christmas will be the greatest. The helpers in Santa's workshop are turning out their usual fun toys — roller skates, scooters, bikes, dolls. But the big thing is that they know you like to come close to reality in your world of play. So they've got on the assembly line lots of these, from ovens, soda fountains and housekeeping sets to. imitations of hard hats for the boys with construction on their minds. The biggest news is in the way-they'ye taken into account that there s not enough space for toy storage on the homefront. There are more dolls about a foot high than there are 20-inch . ones, big as a real baby. Electric trains come smaller-this year, too. of the toy helpers are introducing "N" gauge train sets. These are one-fourth the size of HO sets and a 36-inch long layout can fit on top of a cocktail table or chest of drawers. Layouts including mountains and lakes and "N" gauge trains can be stored under the bed~br sofa. Lightweight and easy to move they can be transported in the back seat of a car without taking them apart. Where things on wheels also are concerned, the little red wagon has gone to a round shape. Made by Big Boy, it is called a moon wagon. It has a padded roll bar with an extra rear wheel, useful for extra fun when doing wheelics; All the wagons have double wheels. In bikes, there's something for grown-ups. It's a three-wheeler, just like a tot's only made with wheels as big as those on a regular 26-inch bicycle. This. was custom-designed some years ago for oldsters in Florida who didn't want to trust themselves on a regular two-wheeler. A huge wire basket between the two rear wheels provides an ample cargo space. On the doll scene ' • ' Chatty Cathy, the first talking doll, celebrates her 10th birthday this Christmas. Mattel, the Santa's helper who owns Chatty Cathy, this year is giving Chatty a new talktrack that includes singing and whispering. Among the dolls that do things there's a huge variety. Sonic get sick and develop measles. Some gel indigestion after they're fed and need a good burping. New this year is a little sister doll who can write her name and do 11 other tilings with the assistance of her real big sister. She writes when her hand is guided across her drawing table via magnetic action. Dolls are doing educational things, too. Randi Reader, 'Mattel's, recites 1.5 phrases — eight popular children's poems and seven conversational phrases. She comes with her own little book and her eyes move back and forth while she "reads.". for hugabilily thereV a 40-ineh long doll who speaks 10 different 'phrases. To make play all the more real this doll has footstraps that fit over her owner's feet for dancing. Another doll throws its owner a kiss when it awakens from a nap. Shindaua Toy Co.. which claims it is the only black-owned, staffed and managed toy company in the nation, is bringing out its new Alro doll. Cailed Malaika. Swahili for angel, she comes complete with natural liuir anil is offered 'with four colorful costumes. Shindana entered the toy field last year with its ethnically-accurate black dolls Hahv Nancv and-Baby Dee Bee. Dolls that teach Some dolls are educational. lake l.ucv Mac and Big Buttons, produced by R. Dakin and Co..Lucy Mac. the female doll, comes complete with things aimed at helping lots (earn things every little girl should know. ^ on brush her hair, fasten her hair clip, tie her shoelace, zip her zipper, button her dress, snap her apron, put on her kerchief, read her watch, buckle her shoe button and teach her to look in .a mirror. - Big Buttons, licr brother, comes with equally challenging tasks for little boy-. In addition to the hair-brushing and buttoning and /.ippiug tasks: a playmate learns to tie a bow ties, tuck in his shirltail and count the money in his pocket. Funny thing the women's lib people don't complain alioiil ihe apparent sex discrimination. Buttons has money. Lucy Mae. doesn't. Also in the teaching toy category'is I'olty Pal from Little Learners. "This is probably the most original toy to hit the toy- business in a generation," the manufacturer says. Right now, you see, there are 12 million wee ones in the nation who aren't toilet trained. And Potty Pal, guess what, actually helps little kids toilet trairRtlj|mselvcs, the. manufacturer says. Powered toys One toy maker. Dynamic Instrument, has responded to the demands of parents rebeling against battery -powered toys. They rebel because the batteries always seem to run out at the wrong time and once, the toys power supply is gone, play value skids to zero. Dynamic this year'is introducing a plug for toys that operate on power from house current. The plug converts the house.cur­ rent into weak, low voltage battery-type current right at the wall socket so that the high voltage house current never reaches the child's toy at all. Also for the apparent relief of parent.- i.- a record player that narrates a story on record with sound and mu.-ieal effects while the child follows a colorfully illustrated hook. '"It's an ideal way to encourage pre-schoolers to read hv lhemseN .es while leavin" busy mother free to lend to other duties." the manufacturer says. Among the auto-oriented offering;, there's'a new tunnel race game. All too realistic is the 'title. Traffic jam. The moon and Peanuts There is a lunar or space race theme to many toys. But equally strong among the ottering.- of c ,new toys are those, emulating characters from "Peanuts."' the comic strip. There are Peanuts coloring hooks, games, pillows and dolls. And, of course, most faithfulK represented arc playthings letting youngsters go through the- Snoopy and Red Baron exploits. A kit by Monogram is. lor children who want to construct Snoopy's "Sop with Camel"" plane. There are tittle moon men to play with and there arc big moon men, almost lifesize, that move like robots. There are moon rock sets that glow in. the dark and' moon exploring sets. A The lunar'influence-extends to moon, rocket hanks and, of course, play rockets that imitate those in the Apollo space program —' and rockets of the same type in kit form that actually can be launched. From the play world ol yesteryear there are simple pogo slocks: the safest apparently one with a boimcv hall-like vinyl base. One size can he used by the kid.-, mom and dad, savs Tuff Toys, the maker. . Also, non battery-operated toys of an old ,-ort appear. Big hoops meant for rolling with the help of a stick. And slick- horses — a horse or other animal-type stuffed head-on whal looks like a broomstick. And lucre are jaek-in-lhe boxes. Cut 'em off at the pass Among gun offerings there are the usual typo- Industry spokesmen said that during wartime sale- ol toy guns don't move up. Water guns lake on fantasy touches. One a la.-er ray gun looks like something that belong- in the space exploration movie, "2001." Among new puzzles there is one that reproduces famous. Norman Rockwell covers from the Saturday Evening Post. Also new this year is a roekihg horse that "grows with the child." By changing screws one can raise or lower the horse who gets his rocking motion from heavy metal .-prings. Among doll houses, from Reid Indu.-lries under the label of Rinco toys, are some fancy ones, for .s'-U) you get a - JIWISS chalet doll house. For $') more you can buy a New \ork lown- house styled doll house. And for a total of S"> you can own a New Orleans "French (Quarter." style doll house. Sound 70 For things that make noi.-e on Christmas morning, these are play musical instrument.-, starling with that most famouse headache-maker of all on'Christmas - the little old drum. The assortment of other musical things ranges from tambourine to minitar. In between are trumpet-, accordions, pipe organs and, well, anything that will get your child off on the right foot to a musical education. '.'..' For the really big kids, the trip to toy land is strictly a stroll down the reality trail. Microscopes, tele-cope-, chemistry sets, weather-forecasting and geological gear abound. There appears to be greater interest in biology kits, according to a review of the scientific catalogs. They help children from 10 to 14 to discover the secrets of-animal and plant life. The emergence of more biology sets may he related to youthful interest in ecology. No one has come out with a pollution game, a draft- induction kit, a women's liberation toy, or a political campaign toy. That, would seem to prove that in the world of play, some things are untouchable.

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