The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 18, 1927 · Page 7
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 7

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1927
Page 7
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. MONDAY. JULY 18. 1927. M 1 il ft 'I 'i fl SOCIETY Dance at BHIport Coaatry Cluk Very Well Attended Br Santa Shoe fcaramor Cotoay. Touns popl froia mil over the out Shot ot Lone Ii'.nd attended the ilaac hald Ba'.urday eTenlnc t tb B.llport Country Club and In Pita of the bad weather it turned ut t be by lar the most auorasful f the Kuon. Mr. and Mr. Ira B. Bourn were amonr those who entertained at din-ar beforehand. Their gosau wer Mr. and Mrs. franklin Burk. Mr. and Mra. Jamea Connor. Mra. Helen Iro.i.. W. E. Austin. Wlloott and Gerald Meaerole. Herbert Van dots and Edward GUImore. Othera preeent at the daaee included Mr. and Mra. Huratio Gray, Mr. and Mr. Holland Peacock. Mr. nd Mra. Robert B. Lea, Mr. Lawrence Sperry, Mr. and Mr. Theodore T. Everltt. Mr. and Mr. Btuart King and Mr. and Mra. Russell Ear'.. Also the uiimi ueiiy umiih, -1 f ina Klely, Dorothy Jackson. Kath-ryn-Klcher, Eleanor Folger, Betty Austin. Kuth Bit, Helen Lefteru and. John Birch, Arthur Harrison. Cuartin Tuttle. Edward Austin. Edward p.rry, Charle Durham, Cov-rly Fisher, Charle Holbrook. Frederick and Kodney Ourney. John Lef-fert. David Tyler, David Gray, Harry Garnaus, Frederick Windisch, Noal Arrewsmlth, Kolfe Mlchelsen, Rowland Field, Clinton and George Schilling and Robert Thomas. Mrs. Frank Day Tuttla also gave small dinner party that evening tor Mr. and Mra Roy Bower, who wer visiting- her ovr the weekend. The other guest were Mrs. Edwin L. Garvin, Miss Betty Garvin, Mr. nd Mrs. Frederick Crana and Guer-tlr Tuttle.- Preston Waton was visiting Frederick Gurney over the weekend and Robert Thomas was the guest of Miss Reglna Klely at Bay Shore. Last evening many member ot Bellport Society attended a lecture by Elmer A. Sperry on "Lindbergh's Flight and the Science of Aviation." It was given la ths Methodist Church. Mrs. Frank Tuttle- eon, Frank D. Tuttle Jr., who ha been aoroaa nines Adi-11. Bailed for home on Saturday on the Mauretalna. He Is due to arrive on Thursday or naajr and la reported to be writing a book. Miss H apple Bedford, who had planned to go abroad with a group ot friends In June, was stricaen wnn an attack of appendicitis and therefore unable to go. She la now con-viilMininflr At BellDOrt. Miss Elizabeth Garvin will be hostess this week to Wyeto C. Ray of Manhattan. Miss Vera Webster was the week end guest of Mr. and Mra. Reginald N. Webster (Audrey Bilsbe). Mrs. Webster's sister, Miss Natalie SUsbe, Is unable to be at Bellport this sum mer owing to an illness which is confining; her to the Methodist Epis copal Hospital In Brooklyn for a month. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Blgelow (Stephanie Siney) were also down over the weekend visiting Mr. nige low's narents. Other spending ths summer at Bellport and heretofore unmentloned are Mr. sna r. aaommer joy?. Mr. and Mrs. Sumner ord and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Luelen R. Trni of Boutnampion. u. dbti nuivu their yacht Sablh (or ft 10 days' cruise. e mrtA Vm Vhf PflffftH Tfl.fl Jamln gave a luncheon yesterday, on ooaro. roeir ywjuiupfusu. ? - lira. 7ame Taylor of Port Chester has sailed for Europe. e turned last week from several week stay abroad and are at their place sear tJOia epnng .narDur, u. . e e Mr. and Mrs. Woodward Bah'eoek and Miss Barbara Babcock, who last season occupied Frost Mill lodge, the Irving Brokaw estate at Mill Neck. L. I, have leased the Fred- wick Johnson place on Planting Field rd. for the summer, e Miss Paula Leon Newin. young daughter ot airs, aarvey ts. biwuh ox 16. iarayett av., wno im m fatcnogue. 1 1., wr ini .milium ti itfufnl trin In a hvdro. plan on Saturday, hopping off from Blue Point. L. I., with Frank Mc- Cann ot Eoutn urange, . j. 1 a Mr, and Mrs, H. Edward Droler Entertain at Country Clnb. Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Drel.r entertained at the Smithtown Conn-try'Club dinner dance on Saturday venlng and bad aa their TU Miss Antoinette S. Dreler. Mis Eva Mar hall. J. D. Halzleman and Don Colt Mis Dorothea Dreier 1 In Glacier Park. Montana, with Mr. and Mr. Raymond Robins until the end of this month. John C. JJreler 1 aDroad for the aummer, having sailed on June 2 with two Harvard class mate. William R. Huntington and George Cushlng. Although the axact date has not been decided, Mis Ethel Marguerite Boehm. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Boehm of 111 Cambridge pl.t will be married to J. Roy Snape of Philadelphia, pa., in uctoDtr. ... Mr. William T. Moor ot Bay- till. I I., will entertain at a bridge and tea la th. gardens of her home tomorrow afternoon for the benefit t the Kayriile Oardea Club, of which Mr. Thorns A. McGoldrirk ef Brooklyn and Savvill la president. Mrs. Joan Kcor of Kavvlll. and Mr. Franklin Miles ot Bayport will aasist Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Owen Johnson gave a dance at th Stockbridge Club on Saturday tor her daughter. Miss Lorna Mac-Kav who entertained a house party at Inglealde over the week-end. Mrs-Johnson was hostess at the club tea yesterday. e Mr. and Mr. Charles H. fiabtn, who spent the weekend st their Pe-conlc Bsy estate. Bayherry Land, will sail for Europe on August f. ... Mr. and Mra William H. Woodtn hav rome In from their place at East Hampton. U I. tor a few days. and ax. at the Hotel riaza. ... Miss Louise Muneon. who I s retary of Wllloughby House, la at Heaton Hall. 8tockbridge. Mas. .so Mia Louise Herndon tntartalned forty euesta at dinner on Saturday evening, at the East Hampton home ot ner motner, Mrs. uixon soara man, and later took her gueats to th Maidstone Club for dancing. ... Children's Party al Huntington Bay Club Very Successful ETcnt of Saturday AftCTupon. (Special to The Eagle.) Huntington, L. I., July 18 With 75 children, all dressed In gay coi rs and each holding a brilliant toy alloon and prancing about the spacious lawns of the casino, the an nual children a party, given Satur day afternoon by the Huntington Bay Club to the children of Its mem bers and their guests, proved to be one of tbe most interesting and pic turesque events ot the season. The committee through which the party was given consisted of Mrs. Herbert I. Losee, chairman; Mrs. William Kennedy Jr., Mrs. Morris E. Klnman, Mrs. Frank J. Coyle, Mrs. William Stafford. Mrs. Robert C. Lee and Mrs. J. Norman Carpenter Children present, all of whom were 12 years of age or under, came not only from Huntington Bay vii lag, but from Northport, wood-bury, Syosaet, Oyster Bay, Cold Spring Harbor and other nearby communities. Entertainment for the children was furnished by a trained dbg, which amused them with all sorts of tricks, also by an excellent magi- clan. The performer held forth on the lawns, around the clubhouse casino, with the children grouped about in a large circle. Following Special Low Fare EXCURSIONS next Sunday WASHINGTON 5 BALTIMORE th Birtatament th children mr served with refreehmeat. . . Mr. and Mra. Harry Dunlaa ef Brooke a were the guests of Mr. and Mra Donald Bavlis of Bay Crest. Huntington, L. I., ever th weekend. ... Mr. Oeorso B. MertUdal and June V. Marttndale sailed for Europe oa the President Harding on Saturday.. They will pnd iheli ration In fcormanajr and owitser- iand. returning Sept IS. . . Mr. and Mr. Willi C Dean, of 1 Kth st. are visiting Mr. and Mra David C. Johnson at their cottage at VYeathampton Beach. L. i. Dr. and Mrs. William E. McColIom of 1174 Dean st. r spending the cummer in the Berkshire Hills at Monterey, Mas., with their family. 0DAY KXIGHT. Mies Ethel'Knight of SJS Eldertt lane was married to Frank O'Day of 11TJ Bedford ave. on Saturday evening at the hnm of Miss Knight's parent. Th Rev. Dr. William M. Carr, pastor of Goodsell Memorial M. E. Church officiated. Th bride was given In marriage by her father. J. W. Knight. Miss Helen Knight was maid ot honor for her sister, and Edwin Johnson was best man. A reception followed th ceremony. After a wedding trip Mr. and Mr. O'Day will realdo In Brooklyn. Alex J. Wllrken of ilT 70th st. I registered at the Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Men-nertck ot IK Cambridge pi. are at Thimble Island, Conn. . Mr. Helen Haye and her' daugh ter. Miss Nora L. Hayes of 9221 Ken- mor rd., are at Loon Lake In th Adirondack. Mr. and Mr. H. F. Roger are at their summer residence on Huntington Harbor, Haleslte, L. I. PLAH ADDS 70 ACRES TO RIVERSIDE PARK for Half-Mil of Waterfront Play Purpose . Enourh land has been reclaimed ta the Riverside Park improvement project to maa It powlbl to turn over to the City ot New Tork, before the end of the year, more than half mile of water front on th Hudson for playgroulnd purposes. Park Commissioner Wslter R. Herrlck said today. Th Improvement plan, just Bled with th Board ot Estimate, provide for building up a total ot 70 acre of new land. 12 acre of which would be for recreational purposes. The nlllng-in has been done with earth taken from subway excavations. Ta carrying out of trie entire plan. It la said, would take two year and would result Ta th. thr- miie shore tin ef Riverside Park being extended about fit feet. The land thu gained would be worth approximeteiy f :., 00. The entire coet of Improving and Lan 1-acaping the area would b 12. ISO. 0. 8om of the feature of th Improvement project r a "roof ever the track ef th New Tork Central Railroad. eliminating not nd mok which bow mar the view, and the estahliphment ot a "concert grove at in:d st. WOLF DAIOIT. A dinner and reception was held at the home ef Mr. and Mr. Ab Wolf, iOH E. Kth L recently in honor ot the angagement of their daughter. Sady Helen Wolf to Dr. Joseph H. DanotT. son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Danoff of Brooklyn. Miss Lillian Beatty of til Ft. Mark's ave. and Miss Ellen M. O'Neill of t Hampton pi. are spending the summer touring France and England. They sailed on th Arabic on Friday at midnight. THE jkm$. STORE froadVay to F orf A i.K SB Mtk St. Formerly A. T. Stricart for novrt fl Telfpkont Stay rtant i?C0 Wanted More Creditors! SEE any bank's statement The largest ttemj under 'liabilities' is Customers' Deposits. On our part we bear this in mind that every de- positor is a creditor and must be shown thai) courtesy and ccosideraUon which, as our creditor, is only nts due. Ycu may brjiK on a full measure of an vice if yoa become our creditor by opening an account one of our three convenient offices. ; I7Yis Trust CoiPAiTY ! GaprW and Sarpraw, tSfiOOJOOO MO ncorporatsd 1891 , Hw Tor IS East 41st Straw, New Tessa -lrt su. crooaaysi lr. R.T. (UfcMr fa.) L. JwnrOtr L. (WaMMh.) Lv. kuk JJl.Jv. ' Fwnh. BOUND TklT 115 TM. ll. m. n.jsr.n. IMS r.L 11.11 P.M. u r . ll.ts ,,( I.. El, li.Pli .l.r.i.,I...W,.l,' A. lap U Baltimore (Camdn Stat S. to P. M . (.Ml. Kval 5lo.) S.1S P.M. Smdai All Hmt shewn hfrtln ere . XASTSsUf 8I4NDABO JaM . . Baltimore Ci Ohio IsiUat bearsloas Aagaet 7th aad I lit Purify Yoor Body and Skin The ck-oclarsrst with the sweet lcSscrimiriBtiagpecjpksinall quantity in th barn imura a wfiolesome dcatilmess with the delightful tragrarjeeof the pine forest of the touth. Bsrriaittispjdedi for eanssnatsDat odoc of rja body and skin. Frea ing them, sno, from otdaMry L. I, . . . own remedy. joraf rear Family Dng Stem SOUTHERN PINE REMEDIES, Inc. Sparry Bonding, Brooklyn, N. Y. W raw d m on awted. h cm obtaki k MUiitMwkf,.faiiiieHSeb.Bu h wc. eads bottk ill b wi n I SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES Dancing It Yra at On Aaaraaa Mmm lorn t bin DANCING SCHOOL TBU tiT-ll?l TRAF. HI COU'WBUR AVE fAT llth STRBBTI SKMU t'OB yitCE ILLCSTRATEU BOOKLET REMEY EAGLE READERS "VACATION Your Daily Paper Is Like a Letter From Home Rate 2 Weeks . . . . 60c 3 Weeks 90c 4 Weeks $1.20 Circulation Dept. Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Washington and Johnson Sti., Brooklyn, N. Y. Please send Th E(l Daily and Sunday to Same Addrni City. Slate. 1 I J reremejA. T.tkm Annual Wanamaker Sale Mens Suits Made - to - Your- Measure With TWO Pairs of TROUSERS and The Famous Wanamaker Service you choose your woolens you choose your model your suit is made for you Suits are made by a nationally-famous organization keeping their factory busy during the dull season, keeps price far down, without changing quality. Suits are cut over block pattern, modified to your own measurements and requirements. So skilfully is this done that alter' ations are rarely needed when necessary, they are made in our own shops here on the nremises. Annual.!; Mtif Vrtrlrs nr-.c CrT i-Vii e5i anrl QnflHn-afA fViA.r attaiwutii & V I VllVVItf TOk 1V1 gOIV HliU UsIV. IVIUIV VllVil suit needs for the coming season . . . their suits are ready no fuss, nrt uraiHnnt Vine i nam I rXt BjmsBsgaMMgrMBTCaaag price for very high quality! FABRICS Worsteds Unfinished Worsteds Tweeds Cheviots Cassimeres Serges Flannels PATTERNS Mixtures ' Plain Colors Checks Tlaids COLORS Blues Browns Greens Heathers Stripes Tans NO CHARGE FOR EXTRAS Extra sire extra pockets knickers Instead of long trousers for all these extras we make no extra charge your suit costs you $34.50 or $39.50, depending upon the fabric selected. Ready now we urge you to come early for very best selection-even though there are woolens for the thousands of suits New Yorkers buy annually in this sale. Sfie WanamakerStore for Mm is Most Accessible ONE WHOLE CITY BLOCK between BROADWAY and FOURTH AVENUE On the Street Floor A'cw Z3uiUin Eighth to Ninth Streets Before - Inventory Outgoing of Fine Easte rn Rugs TAKEN from the regular Wanamaker stocks and lowered beforo inventory time. . .hundreds of rugs. a wide range of sizes. . .. S-aa---ki-- M.n eVJ-A- 1 1 11 i 1 . wcav.a. ... .jaiLerus . ...prices. . .due an oi tne wanamaker standard of integrity. . .fine at their regular prices. . .opportunities not to be missed at these new prices. $20 India Rugs, $12.50 Sizes about 3x6 ft. $29 to $39 Hamadan and Beloochistan Rugs, $23 "Sizes about 2.6xi.6 ft. $56 and $65 Royal Persian Mosoul Rugs, $39 Sizes about 3.3x6 ft. $75 and $95 Persian Hall Runners, $49 Sum about i.6x8.S up to 3.5x1 1 ft. Room-Size Oriental Rugs $225 to $300 Persian and Turkish Rugs, $169 Sizes about 8x10 ft. to 9x12 ft. $350 to $500 Turkish, Persian and India Rugs, $285 Sizes about 9xlt ft. to lOxli ft. $36 Chinese Rugs, $25 Suet about txS ft. $95 to $125 Chinese Rugs, $79 j Sitei about ix7 ft. Chinese Rugs $175 Chinese Rugs, $95 Sizei about 1x9 ft. $375 to $500 Chinese Rugs, $249 Sieei about 10x13 to 10xH ft. Name' '1 I Ghiordes Persian MaSial ... Kaputrahang Samarkand , Arflk ( Persian Mahal . . Sir 10x13 10.3x8 .9.5x13 10.3x12.7 17.8x9.4 17.5x9.10 17.7x10.8 Room-Size Eastern Rugs Grade $250 $225 $500 $750 $650 $750 $750 Price $133 $175 $283 $373 $430 $500 $625 Name Sue India 18.8x10.11 Serapi 20.5x12.7 Kermanshah ....18.2x10.1 Sarouk 19.9x12.5 Royal Kashan ...16.2x11 Kashan 18.11x10.6 Royal Kashan ...17.11x10.4 Grade $1225 $1700 $1750 $2850 $2500 $3200 $4000 Siio 1 tGrade 15x9.2 $650 15x12 $750 17x10 $750 15x10 ....). 4$1000 : ! 2 Price $450 $495 $383 $650 Room-Size Chinese Rugs Site Grade Price 17x11 $850 $673 18x12 : $1500 $1000 20x14 $1500 $1000 Size Grade 15.10x12 $1650 21x15 .' $2000 20x14 $2000 Price $1000 $1200 $1330 $1750 $1783 $2100 $2400 Price $1200 $1200 $1350 Third Gallery. New Building The Annual August Sale of Furniture Offers Over $2,000,000 of Quality Furniture AT LOWEST PRICES SINCE THE WAR Wanamaker furniture. . .the sort that has gone into every State in the Union. . .to many other countries. . .that furnishes cozy city apartment. . .or huge suburban mansion. . .because the sale is all-inclusive... it offers good furniture for every type of home! Lowest pricep since the war on this furniture. . .at no loss of quality. . .with perhaps greater, variety than -ever., .some of the groups aa follows: J $739,339 Bedroom Furniture for $544,504 $397,216 Dining Room Furniture for $297,912 $439,175 Living Room Furniture for $329,381 $500,000 Occasional Pieces for $415,000 WANAMAKER'S Foarth le S.T.nth CalUrUa, N.w Buildlnf. Annual July Clearaway MEN'S FURNISHINGS Large groups of our regular Wanamaker men's furnishings drop to truly amazing new low price levels. Some may be a bit mussed. . .none that a tubbing will not renew. . .all offer the lowest prices of our season. . .in the event that men wait for every year. . .stocking up for months to come. Sizes are not complete in all groups. . .but there is plenty of variety. . .and sizes for practically all men in some groups. $1.65 to $1.85 Shirts, $1 $1.95 to $3 Shirts, $1.55 $3 tp $4.50 Shirts, $2.15 Madraa. Tercales. Broadcloths. Oxfords. Rayons. ' Stripes. Checks. Plain colors. Collar - lattached. Neckband. Collar-to-match. $6.50 to $7.50 Shirts, $2.95 Silk andsilk-and-cotton, recently at $3.95. 85c to $1 Neckties, 45c $1.50 to $2.50 Necktics,85c $3 to $3.50 Neckties, $2.15 $2.50 to $3 Pajamas, $1.70 $3.50to$3.95Pajamas,$2.35 $5 to $6.50 Pajamas, $3.25 $8.50 Silk Pajamas, $4.50 Percale. Broadcloth. Madras. V-neck. Surplice neck. Coat models. Slipover models. $22.50 Terry Robes., $11.25 $37.50 Silk Robes, $18.50 $25 Flannel Robes, $12.50 $10 Pongee Robes, $5.00 $6 to $10 Sweaters, $3.95 $4 to $5 Dress Shirts, $1.50 Sold Recently at $1.70 Silk. Rayon. Silk-and-rayon. Silk-and-wool. Patterns and colors in amazing array. J ' Remambtr titt art incomplete) in $omi troupe . . . I jf better plan an marly vieit to ft fir$t pick of then prize t r WANAMAKER S Sir! Floor, N BulUlafl. 1 i r

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