The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 23, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: lyear ; $11.00 6 months 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 ttvn J^ound 3ot nJ 3lie dloclt Willi the 3rd line By R P. Money. JOYOUS NOEL! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. Perhaps a day early, since we won't publish on Friday, but we hope to have the Tribune's Christmas Edition reach all of you before Christmas, hence we are sending along the special edition today. MAY WE RECOMMEND that you read the Christmas stories to the children; we secure them especially for this purpose, instead of just 'planting* any type of reading around the GREETING ADS from Tipton and county merchants on this occasion. THE LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS CHRISTMASTIME has a meaning to all of us. It perhaps brings all men closer to their neighbor than any other day of the year. It is the fulfillment and a fact for all to meditate on. At this time homes, streets and shops are bedecked with lights, and people seem to have an awareness of what they must feel for their fellowman, more than at any time of the year. This is good, too bad the 'spirit' (of such a day) cannot prevail throughout the year. IN THE SEASON the people unite no matter how wide the social breech may be. WE BELIEVE TOO, a wise proverb expresses Christmastime quite well. It reads: "The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord." WHEN THE MASTER came into the world it was a rude crude, nasty world, filled with ill - will, hatred, malice, envy, jealousy, bigotry, tradition and yes, even then, ILL GOTTEN taxes! As we go over the iUs of this old world, if we pause long enough we find that it has not changed too much since then; there is still envy, jealousy, etc; and above all narrow mindedness! WHEN YOU STOP to give some thought to it, our problem is not so much the super bomb, etc; it is MAN himself, as certain men set themselves above others, and try to bend them to their wills. MAYBE, just maybe, if we can get him set in the right direction, many of our problems will be o.ver. PROMISE OF PEACE WE STILL HAVE the promise of PEACE. That promise of peace and good wilt came to the world in Bethlehem many, many years ago....and we must all believe that one day it will be fulfilled. There were HERODS when CHRIST was born, there have been HERODS since then, many of them, but they have always, in the long pull - disappeared. In fact, they were probably sent as a TRIAL for man...and man, realizing their destructive potential, dealt with them. IN SPITE OF THE HEROD of old, inspite of the HERODS of TODAY, the message still is being spread. There maybe those who hate everything Christmas stands for. Peace and goodwill n °t promote their lust for power. Herod and the Romans are long since dust, so are the more modern ones, like Hitler, etc. Christ and Christmas are very much alive. IT IS SURE they will continue to inspire the world long after the modern Herods fall victim to the hatred and conspiracy they brought forth. THE KIDDIES CHRISTMAS MEANS a lot to the kiddies, just as it meant to us when we were young. To them it is still the annual visit of SANTA CLAUS, a long day of surprises, a day of feasting with the family, a day of tinsel, a day to remember. CHRISTMAS IS one grand and glorious day for the children, beginning with days of expectation, the enchantment of Santa Claus, a visit to the store or headquarters of Santa, letters written to Santa, who somehow seems to receive them; parents are often on real intimate terms with Saint Nick! CAN YOU REMEMBER one of the big thrills of your childhood, when you would sheak down the stairs early Christmas morning, then the din following the finding of those toys you wanted so much? Then too - the real proud way you,went outdoors to compare your gifts with others. No thought given that within a short time Christmas would fade....and broken toys would-remind one of the glorious dayl TO THE CHILD, Christmas means presents. He gets much of what he wants with small thought of giving, although there may be a hasty prayer to Santa to remember the rest of the family. He must grow a little older to realize that Christmas is an opportunity to make otters happy by giving them a token of love, however small, just to realize the pleasure of giving! THEN HE TOQ wants to be Santa Clause...come Christmas time! . We may be RICH, they may be POOR, or THEY may be rich, WE tazf be poor; but there is a common ground of fellowship that takes possession at Christmas, changing men from selfish individuals, concerned only with their own interests, into unselfish Christmas brotherhood, eager to share. SO - MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you, from all of us and let's make this Christmas . . . . a real CHRETMASl ISSUES CHALLENGE NEW YORK (UPI) - Sir Frank Packer of Australia, who has failed twice to win the America's Cup, has Issued a challenge to the United States for a third try at yachting's most treasured prize in 1973. The Royal: Sydney Yacht Squadron issued the latest challenge Tuesday of behalf of Packer. Another challenger was received Tuesday from the Royal Thames-Yacht Club of England. Four challenges re­ ceived earlier include two from France, one from Australia and one from Canada, HARVARD WINS NEW YORK (UPI) -Harvard won the 1970 ECAC Holiday Hockey Festival Tues­ day'night by defeating Clarkson, 2-0, on goals by Bob McManamma and Bill Corkery. Harvard goalie Bruce Durno was named the tournament's most valuable player. In the consolation, bowdoin and Yale tied, 4-4. HMfier Showers and drizzle changing to snow and becoming windy and colder this afternoon. Highs in the mid to upper 30s falling into the 20s this afternoon. Windy and colder tonight with snow flurries possibly heavy near Lake Michigan. Lows 14 to 20. Flurries ending and becoming partly cloudy and colder Thursday. Highs mid to upper 20s. Variable winds becoming northwesterly and increasing to 15 to 25 m.p.h. this afternoon and early tonight. Precipitation probabilities: 70 per cent today, 40 tonivht and 20 Thursday. Outlook: Mostly cloudy with chance of rain or snow north and chance of rain south Friday. Cloudy Saturday., Sunday fair to partly cloudy. Highs in the low to mid 30s north and in the 40s south. Lows to mid to upper 20s lowering to the low to mid 20s Sunday. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Servicemen, Veterans Trained Overseas QUIRKS IN THE NEWS PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE DETROIT (UPI)-A good many of the Christmas cards sent by Dr. Thomas Clinton of OcNichols Animal Hospital come back marked: "addressee unknown." "People just don't realize that it's'a card for their dog," Clinton's secretary, Judy Prisby, said. Miss Prisby said about 3,000 cards were sent this year to dogs, cats, birds and turtles — "every animal that's been treated here in the last three years." All bear the same message "Best wishes for Christmas and every day of the new year." WILL KEEP HAMMER LONDON (UPI)—A London auctioneer is selling his own rostrum today. Jack Guy said he would invite bids for his oak rostrum after all other lots have gone under his hammer at the Hanover Square Galleries, which is being closed. He says he will save bis hammer for outside work. * Governor Appoints (Continued from page one)" today announced the appointment of Lee Miller, Chief of Police, Plainfield, to serve as a member of the Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency Advisory Board. Chief Miller succeeds Norman Williams, former Chief of Police, Madison. Lee. Miller is 35 years old, married and has three children. He has been with the Plainfield Police Department for twelve years, and has been chief for four years. Miller served in the Air Force for 4 years. He is a graduate of Plainfield High School.' Miller is the third generation of policeman in his family. Miller is a graduate of the Federal Narcotics School, has attended L.U. courses for Police Supervisory Education, and he is a graduate of the Butler University Drug Abuse courses. Inmates Released Governor Edgar D. Whitcomb has approved early holiday releases for approximately 200 inmates from the penal and correctional institutions, it was announced today. Those persons released on December 23, 1970, would ordinarily be released between December 23, 1970, and January 5, 1971. Only those with good behavior records and those who have been granted parole will be eligible. This same procedure was followed last year by the Department of Correction with Governor Whitcomb's approval; The Veterans Administration today reported more than 11,000 persons trained under the GIBill outside the borders of the 50 states during fiscal year 1970. Of these, 10,410 were veterans and 621 were servicemen. The figures for fiscal year 1969 were 8,264 and 203, respectively. The 7,653 trainees who studied in Puerto Rico last fiscal year comprised the largest single group to study beyond the state borders of the UJ3.A. VA noted 3,144 trainees studied in foreign countries — almost half (1,522) were enrolled in the Philippine Republic, 399 studied in Canada, 203 in Mexico, 175 in the British Isles, 168 in Germany, and 677 in all other foreign countries. Veterans earn GI Bill educational benefits if they are discharged under other than dishonorable conditions after at least 181 days of continuous active military duty, any part of it after January 31, 1955. They also are eligible if discharged because of a service- connected disability. The Administrator of Veterans Affairs, Donald E. Johnson, under law may deny or discontinue educational assistance for a veteran to attend a foreign school if he feels it is hot in the best interest of the veteran or the United States gov- • crnment. Except for this restriction, VA stressed that an eligible person may attend any foreign institution of higher learning that accepts him. The law does not allow study below college level in foreign countries. EXCEPTION TO RULE HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, England (UPI)-Firemen stopped their rulebook slowdown Tuesday long enough to remove a pot which had become stuck on Simon Patnall's head. Firemen said the 2-year-old's predicament was definitely an emergency and therefore exempt from the industrial action. Pope Struck In Manila VATICAN CITY (UPI)- Pope Paul's physician said today the 73-year-old pontiff was struck twice last month when a Bolivian painter tried to assassinate him during his visit to Manila. The physician. Dr. * Mario Fontana, would not elaborate but Manila newspapers said at the' time the Pope was actually hit or cut during the knife attack. One newspaper said the blade of Mendoza's weapon, a Malay dagger, . actually* struck the Pope's stiff clerical collar. "The Pope was struck twice," Fontana said, "But I am not in a position to say how or by whom." The assailant was expatriate Bolivian painter Benjamin Mendoza y Amor who lunged at him with a knife Nov. 27 as the Pope arrived at thestart of a visit to the Philippines. COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY DANA SUTTON 628-7930 GEORGE CARTER 675-2751 Tipton Windfall Closed All DAY Dec. 26.1970 Jan. 2,1971 GENE COTTINGHAM CHEV.-OLDS Ph. 675-2143 * f MERRY CHRISTMAS „, from the * v SOUTH POLE DRIVE-IN Where the "Action" is! We'll see you in the Sprlngll VA urged veterans living in foreign countries and interested in educational benefits to apply at the nearest American Embassy or Consular office—or to the VA regional office in Manila, if they live in the Philippine Islands. Veterans in the United States were advised to contact their nearest VA office if interested in training in a foreign country. Men and women on military duty should apply through their service departments to the Veterans Benefits Office, 2033 M St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20421. * Indiana Gas (Continued from page one) line supplier. The revised schedules were filed in accordance with the provisions of a Public Service Commission order of December 11, 1970, authorizing gas utilities to recover such pipe line inr creases by filing proof of such increases and revised rate schedules. If the revised rate schedules are approved by the Commission they will become effective within 30 to 60 days. The adjustment will result in an increase of one-half cent (1/2?) per thousand cubic feet of gas used by all classes of customers, and will amount to about fourteen cents (14?) per average winter month for the average residential customer using gas for space heating. Since the Commission order of December 11 provides for the recovery of increased cost of purchased gas only, the Company also filed a petition asking that a review be made of increases in all of its operating expenses, including the cost of purchased gas. The Company also asks that, after public hearings, the Commission set reasonable rates which will fairly compensate it for such increases. The petition states that, except for an increase granted by the Commission for previous increased cost of purchased gas, the Company's present rates are based on the level of operating expenses and plant investment which existed on March 31,1968. During the intervening period the Company has made increases in plant' investment, and its operating costs have increased substantially and are continuing to increase under the influence of current inflationary pressures. The petition also points out that the present rates were based on financial and economic conditions as they existed on March 31, 1968, and that due to the change in such financial and economic conditions since that date the Company needs a higher rate of return to cover increased cost of borrowed money, to assure that it will be able to secure needed additional capital at reasonable cost and to continue to provide adequate and efficient service to its customers. The proposed rate schedules filed with the petition for a full' and formal rate hearing would, if approved, increase present cost of gas to the Company's customers by approximately eleven percent (11%). * Christmas Spirit (Continued from page one) . home. The utilities company contributing the jet explained "This is a community project. We're part of this community and we wanted to be part of the project." The spokesman for United Airlines Inc., which employs six pilots, said all six volunteered for the roundtrip "flight. Dick Buzbee, editor of the Olathe Daily News and active in the campaign to bring the boys home, said the return flight to Saigon would be "sometime after New Year's." NOW YOU KNOW The history of Poland, conquered and divided many times, began in 963 with the union of five west Slavonic tribes, including the Polanians, from whom the state took its name. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1970 DAILY CROSSWORD ADMISSIONS: Otis V.Lawson, Greentown; - Patsy R. Ward, Kokomo; Jonathan G. Russell, Plainfield; Francis E. Colter, Sharpsviile; Alma Williams, Tipton; Chris A. Berry, Noblesville; James R. Collins, Tipton; Vernon L. Jackson, Elwood;Rellie Armstrong, Tipton; Ralph McNew, Tipton; Dorothy L. McClellan, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Phillip Mitchell Windfall; .Luanda Mitchell, Windfall; Howard Eldridge, Michigantown; . LuAnn Eldridge, Michigantown; Arza Belzer, Arcadia; Nita E. Elliott, Tipton; Caron Dick, Cicero; Nellie Delph, Atlanta; David Garhart, Tipton. ACROSS 1. Fret 5. Hurl 9. Hold an office 10. Enunciate 12. Profession of faith 13. Endured 14. Seaweed by-product 15. Negligent 16. Moines, Iowa 17. Ruminant's food 18. Small violin 19. On top of 21. Cross out 22. More precious 24. Propounded 25. Balanced 26. Rodolfo's beloved 27. Favorite . 28. Man's name 29. Scatter 32. Wandering 34. "Rule Britannia" composer ' 35. Coral island 36. Omit 37. Embank- - ment 38. Return 39. Notch 40. Feel compassion DOWN 1. Twilled fabric 2. Valuable discovery (2wds.) 3. Incessantly 4. Marry 5. Raised to the third power 6. Infinitesimal bit 7. Finds gold .. or oil (3wds.) 8. Ductile 9. Large •" quantity 11. Reposed 15. Manage 17. Heart 20. Sty 21. Man's nickname 22. Revoke by legislation 23. Pre. vented 24. Bowling target 26. Floor covering 28. Creek 30. Provide 31, Forest creature Yesterday's Amo.r 33: Scandinavian measure 34. Sir Guinness 36. Period 9 i 2 1 4 5 b 7 a 9 •O It 12. IS 14. IS '*> 'if 17 ia tn 19 20 21 22 21 24 ZS 2b '•'//fa/ >M Hk 21 0 28 24 10 31 32 14 35 lb VI 5» 9, 3>» 40 SI DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR 3 is LOSGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. Y RIIZ WGKLR KT WGYW KW CYOJT A Cryptogram Quotation Y U I Q W Y T L I B A Y M M, PIQS MYBL MIIOYT RIIZ YT PIQS LJKRGUIS'T. - YLILPC1QT Yfsterday 'B Cryptoquote: WE FIND DELIGHT IN THE BEAUTY AND HAPPINESS OF CHILDREN THAT MAKES THE HEART TOO BIG FOR THE BODY.—EMERSON (O 1970. King Features Syndicate. Inc.) BARBRA STREISAND * 675 4300 X/uuva STARTS T0DAYI 7 BIG DAYS! WALTER MATTHAD -—EVENINGS Open At..... 6 :45 One Show... 7: 30 Doors Matinee Saturday Open 3:30 Continuous Sunday| Christmas Day EMISSION PRICES Two Showings At Adult... .$1.25 4; OO And Troop™! Child.... .75 Tlliilil IW1H1IHW Special Matinee Thursday at 2p.m. CLOSED CHRISTMAS EYE ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE STARTS MONDAY, DECEMBER 28th We will be CLOSED SATURDAY, December 26th to give our employees (and boss) an opportunity to be with their families over the Christmas holiday. AVERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALU PARSONS FURNITURE 119 W. JEFFERSON TIPTON, INDIANA

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