The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 5, 1930 · Page 8
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 8

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 8
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MI BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 5, 1930. Today's Radio Programs 860K. WABC 349M. p.m. Ambassador Orch. 2 :(Ml Honoluluans. f:ao Ann Leaf at the organ S:Nt Littmanu orch. 3: so Women's Forum. 4:h National Music Weak program. :UO Tea time troubadour. fi:. Closing market prices. 6:H Hotel Barclay Orch. i T:ut Life Sketches. J(m Current vents, H. V. Kaltenborn. SilK) Evangeline Adams. strologer. : 45 Commodore Ensemble. Selection from "It Happened In Nordland." Introduction and Kendo Capriccioso. Mat mat a. Pierrette. Finland la. 8:00 Henry Oeorge. U:Mi CeCo Courier. Dixie Jamboree Orch. Oet Happv .....Orch. Weary River Orch. Henry Burblg. B:gger and Belter Orch. Charming..., Orch. Kir. Keuer. Anrll Showers. ...... .Orch. Co Something. .Sax quartet Birmingham Breakdown, Orch. Theme: Closing. :oo Physical Culture Maga- une hour. :; An Evening In Parti. 10:0 Robert Burns Panatela program. tier ii Texas Moon. That Wonderlul Something Called Lov. Duet; Blue Is the Night. Ben Allev. Helen Nugent. Careful With Those Eves. A Medley of Two Beautiful Songs: Song of Sorgs. A Perfect Song. Duet: I'm in tne Market for You.B. Allev. H. Nugent Princeton College Song, without Love. 10:.'t Gold Strnnd Crusaders. Theme: Fireside. Medley of Jerome Kern Hits Orch. Mora Than Vou Know, Audrey Marsh. Stein Song of University of Maine. Veronica Wiggins, Liebestraume. , Without a Song Fred Vettel 11 :oo Tribune observer. 11:15 The Columbians. Among My Souvenirs. Orch. and quartet. X Never Dreamt, Orch. and quartet. Selection! from '"The Rogue Song".. Orch. and quartet The Ranger's Song. nrrh. and ouartet. 11:;w Manhattan Towers Orch 1i:00 Osborne Orch. 12-tn a.m. Midnight melodies. Extase. Billatlna. Old Creole Days. Mnrdt Gras. Wedding of the Winds Moment Muslcale. Remember the Rose. 660K. WEAF 454M. t nn n m. Palais d'Or Orch, 2-(M Government Club Meet-in "The United States Mili tary Academy at West Point." Mai. Gen. William R smith "Pacificism vs. Peace." Melvin J. Maas: "The Com- nart Clause of the Constitu tion " Lewis W. Douglas; Mr. George E. Owens, nresident of the Government Club. 4:00 Mortte Hostess program. 4:15 Pacific vagaDonns. R.ftO The Lftrtv Next Door. fi:S Tea Timers. K-l.-i nirt Kin Cole. :"o. Black and Gold Room Orch. :so Whvte's Oreh. ftr.YV Baseball scores. 7:00 Rosalie Wolfe, sonrano, with instrumental quartet. The Bird of the Wilderness. A Banlo flong. A Hush Bong. Love Cnmes But Once In ft Lifetime. "Threw Little Maids." 71.1 Th World Today: "After London. What?" james u McDonald. 1 .-in Colonial Beaconlights Robert L. Riplev, "Believe It or Not," cartoonist, enter' tainef. g:(Mi Voice of Flrentone. -.-m A. & P. Gypsies. El Relicario. Whinnering Flowers. Childhood Memories, Quartet. Campbell's Are Coming. Lock Lomond. PUie BpIIs of Scotland. Yesterdav. Rose of Romany. Tenor solo. Suwanee River. Pose tn the Bud.. Quartet Twilight.' Medley of Popular Songs. First Love. Bambalina Quartet Amara. Pollchlnelll. Trirodrinr nl AndaloUKS. But General Motors Family Pnrtv. jn,oo- ovaltlne Plane of Dreams. In sign nf the Shell. Theme: Orch. Why Ws- I Born? Waldner and orch. Bacchansle Orch. Allah's Holiday. Piano duo Habanera, from "Natoma," Orch. Come Along, Miss Mandy, Orch. and baritone. TjOv Parade. . .Plano duo Arkansas Traveler Americana. Strike TJn the Bnd..Orch. 11:00 Harbor Lights. 11:M Hotel New Yorker Orch 13:0 Edgewater Beach Hotel Orch. H. of 760K. WJZ 395M. J:00 p.m. Weather reports. 1-o. Three Little Maids. 1:45 National Farm and Home hour. :30 "Child Care." Mary H. N nrri. : 45 Bund. S:I5 "The Avenue A Garden." Helen Harnett Smith. S:SO Chicago Serenade. 4-oo U. 8. Marine Band. C no Talk, Dr. Frank Viretellv. (S:15 Breen and de Rose. 5:.? Stock prices. 8:50 "Short Stnrlei Wealth." Irving Fisher. 6:00 M o r m o n Tabernacle Choir and organ. The Voice of God Hath Snoken Choir Festival Rvmn, Or?an. Tracv Y. Cannon. Oethsemane Ltehrence, Choir. Old Melodv. Adaeio. from "Sonata Ro-mantigo Pttro a Yon." Organ. Tracy Y. Cannon. Hoeannah Choir H:SO lonesome Cowboy. 6:45 Prohibition poll. Floyd Gibbons. j-.OO Amos 'n Andv. 7:15 Tastveast Jesters, 7:30 Pnseball scores. 7:35 Hoxv and his gang;. Tonight's Features 6:05 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 2:00 2:30 5:00 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 8:30 .Genetal Entertainment p.m. Black and Gold Orch., WEAF. p.m. Jesters, WJZ. p.m. Beaconlights, WEAF. p.m. Commodore Ensemble, WAEC. p.m. Voice ol Firestone, WEAF. p.m. CeCo Couriers, WABC. p.m. Maytag Orch., WJZ. p.m. General Motors Family Party, WEAF. p.m. Ovaltine Program, WEAF; Stromberg Carlson Prograjn, WJZ. p.m. Crusadecs, WABC. p.m. Harbor Lights, WEAF. p.m. Slumber Music, WJZ. Informative p.m. Government Club Meeting, many speakers, WEAF1, p.m. "Child Care," WJZ. p.m. Dr. Frank Vizetelly, WJZ. p.m. German Lessons, WNYC. p.m. Prohibition Poll, Floyd Gibbons, WJZ. p.m. Current Events, H. V. Kaltenborn, WABC. p.m. "After London . Donald, WEAF. p.m. Walter Brown, address, WJZ. What?" James Mc- Posimaster General, Dance Orchestras 10:00 p.m. Royale Orch., W,MCA. 11:30 p.m. Manhattan Towers Orch., WABC. 12:00 m. Edgewater Beach Hotel Orch., WEAF. 8:30 "Building our Air Mail on a sound Basis." Walter F. Brown. Postmaster General of me umtea mates. 8:4."i Family Goes Abroad, y no Maytag Orch. Clap Your Hands Orch. How Am I to Know? Orch. and Salerno, Crazy Rhythm, Retting and Piatt. Let's Sit and Talk About You Orch. Vtllla Orch. Where the Golden Dailodlla Grow Orch. and trio Like a Breath of Springtime .. Orch. fl:S Chesebrough Real Folks 10:00 Stromberg - Carlson pro gram. Slavonic Dance. Hejre Katl. Violin solo. A. Leventon. Rigaudon. from "Dar- danus." Japanese Dance Suite. 10:o Empire Builders. ll:oo Hotel Governor Clinton Orch. 11:00 Slumber music. Overture Lurline. Selection from "Le Villi." Fesahe Geister. Slavonic Rhapsody. Czardas. Idllio. Serenade Enfantlne Adoration. Cradle Song. 710K. WOR 422M. :Sft p.m. Mrs. Stephen Van Hoesen, "Gardens." 2:4r Gianettl's Orch. 3:lfl Corinne Sweet Starr. 3;30 Lorenzo Herrera. tenor, end Margaretta Cue to, soprano. 8:55 "Personality and the Moaes." Edna A, W. Teall. 4:00 Tea time. 4:OiV-"Spotlights of New Jer- sev History," Dr. Joseph F. Folsom. 4 : 1 n Audubon Society, bird xaii. 4:30 Lou Herts, sax, and Leonard Krueaer. n an st. 4 :4SNew Jersey Department or Agriculture. 5:00 Trinl Orch. fi:Sfl Hilda McMlllen. sonrano. iiy in waters ol Mlnne- t on It a. The Night Wind. A Baby's Hair Is Built of Sun. A Spring Fancy. A Banshee Song from Witch of Salem. It Is Night. Take Joy Home. 5:40 Aviation weather. B:.-Mike and Ole. :1M Uncle Don fl:30 Showboat Bovs. Theme: Here Comes the Show Boat. A Little House to Dream, Shay and Melton. Sing, You Sinners, Mr. Melton. Musical Imitations. Mr. Shay With You, Mr. Shay. Telling It to the Daisies, Shay and Melton. Theme : There Goes the Show Boat. 6:45 Guttag'a Financial Re view. 7:01 Sports talk. 7:15 Balladiers. 7:S0 Guncalow Boys. 8:.40 Footlight Echoes. Selections from "Hit the Deck" Orch. The Blue Room. .Tenor solo Jeanine Soprano solo Selections f"- t Orch. Moonbeams.. .Sonrano solo Dreams Tenor solo Selections from "The Arcadians" Orch. Macushla Machree. Tenor solo. The Son I Love. Soprano solo. Selections from "It Happened in Nordland." 9:Oo Fraternity Row. : Argentina. los Banderuerof (Paso Doblei. Bos Una Bandida fTangot. El Faisan Love Songi. Gaucho Noble (Tango Milonga), Habanera. Danza Negra (Cuban Negro Dance). Areentma Mia (Paso Doble). 10:00 Mid-Pacific. 10:ho Oran recital. 1:00 News; weather. 1 1 :5 Ferdinarrio Orch. 1 1 :S0 Moonbeams. Theme: Slumber Boat. In the Oloaming. String trio Driftine and Dreaming. Moonbeam Girls. Cavatina. violin solo. Theme: Slumber Boat. Drifting on a Sea of Dreams, Moonbeam Girls. Then You'll Remember Me, String trio. Fallen Leaf, Moonbeam Girls. Theme; Blanket Bay. 570K. WNYC 526M 0:01 pen. "Principles SingiiiK," Irma Swift. fl:l.- Hrrman Neiiman, piano :;iO German lessons. V. H HTlltZ. 7:00 "Cross Sections of New York," Mrs. Alary V. Fisher. rl.i "New York's RePiuiu Plan." Rebecca C. Rankin. 7:30 Police alarms; taieba)t scores; civic information. 7:5.v Outline of History "Theory of Progress." 7:5. "Repent ntojranriies of rue, rroi. jarvis Keiiey, 8:15 "Evolution of Inverte- orates." P:of. Jsmes A. Daw son. 5T0K. WMCA 52fiM. 1:S( n.m. Selbcrt-Wilson pro grBm. 3:(MHealth talk. 2: I V-Allan Pre.scoft. 2::P Allan Daly, tenor. 2:13 Stanley's Jewels. S ;0O SWhert-Wtlson program 3:30 Dorothv Ames Carter. S:45 Fed Devils. 4:110 Stock quotations. 4: Ho Ohrb:irh'p niopram. 5:0OGay Ooldburgs. ft: SO Berenpon's euiertaine t "(-.'rtvisb. hour. 9:00 Union Label program. 0:MO -Chest of Jewels. 1):4." Studio program. fl:55 Snort revue. 10:00 Fulton Royale Orch. iu::fn 10 os announced. M:0ONews summary. :(IV R:!ver Slipper Orch. 11::!5 Saratotra Club Orch. 12:03 a m.- Nut Club. 810K WPCII 370M. l:SO p.m. Mirror Reflectiocs. Allan Prescott. , 1:45 Joe Lane, Moore Sisters harmony. t:00 Catholic Chsrities, tin J McHail. sneaker 2:15 Radio auctioneers. 2:13 Ruth Rogers. James Timmons, uke. 8:15 Svlvfo Di Rlenzo. 3:RO At the movtea. 3:4" Hubert Zelgler, Rosalie Wvnn. 4:15 Talk. Lydla lane. 4:no Harry Rosoff. violin: Marrlon Marri; Elenore Walker, sonrano. 5:o Hebrew College. 5:15 Klla Nein, songw. ft::in Seibert-Wilson program. fl:m Staae period. i ::) Screen period. :43 Poland todav. 7:oo "Pinto In a Pinch," play. 7:23 EvanReline Day. 7:30 Oeoree. Riifus, comrdv. 7:45 Gordon and Rule, songs. 8:15 Ashley Cooper, poetry. 8-30 Everiss and Rilev. Claire Willis and Dick Webster songs. Mar- 1010K. WRNY2D7M. ft:Srt p.m. Strfng trio. 6:45 Lehman Byck and Harriet :in Aviation hour. 8:15 Trio. 6:301 itersry Guild hour: Alec Waugh. "Hot Countries." fl:4.T Sonia Oreenov, soprano. 7:no Mary Harding, piano. 7:15 "Journalist.." 7:so "In the Gloaming." 8:00 Delmonicn'i Orch. 8:80 Russian Bear Orch. HOOK. WIAVL 272M. 8:00 p.m. Bernard Albright, tenor. 0:10 "Chnsirv Report," Alexander I. Rorke. fl:ift Rudolph Forst. violin. fi:30 Vera Mclntyre. soprano H:40 The Rev. John B. Harney. C.SP. 7:0.- Orch. 7:o Daniel F. Cohalan. 7:40 Waltzes. I Attorney Charles H. Tut tie. 8:4-1 Song painter, i u: 1 5 piiitrim Camanders, il-.m Italian hour. U:00 Studio. 1350K. WMSG 222M. 1:00 p.m. Jean Buckhout. melodies. l:l.v-studio news. 1 : 3ft Sola Rubin, musical a. 1:4. Gwendolyn Rouse, soprano. 2: o Vincent Smith, tenor: 2:13 Eddie Martin, guitar. 2:;to Catholic Charities . of ureater rew Yonc. 2:43 Mabel Kern. 1300K. WEVD 230M. 1:00 p.m. Mrs. John AJden. 1:S0 Jessie Baker, contralto. l:4u Bonnie Windsor. 1400K. WLTH 214M. 1:38 p.m. News flaahes. Booklyn Eagle. 1 :s3 K re-Mel Girl. 1:43 Dr. Harold Davis Emerson, talk. 1:35 Tangee. a :oj H. Collier Orounds, piano. 2:13 Henry J. Miller, tenor. 2:::o News flashes, Brooklyn Eagle 2:H. Superior Market. 2:45 Helen Fredericks, bal- laas, 2:33 Rita Hall, piano. 8:10 Al and Bill, songs. ;20 Martini and Rossi. .1:30 Merchants Review. 8:45 Brooklyn Federation of Churches. 8:55 Newt flashes, Brooklyn Eagle. 4:00 Time. 0:00 Bell Hops. 9:30 George Dalsel. pongs. 9:43 Rita Hall and Edna Dli. songs. I0:(m String trio. 10:15 The Crusaders. 1350K. WCDA 222M. 8:00 p.m. Orch. 3:30 H. B. Drollinger, lecture. 8:45 Quartet. 4:00 Littmann's entertainers. 4:30 Evelyn Rubin, recltalist. 4:15 Caruso Company. 5:00 Program of Merit. 5:15 Catholio Charities, Capt. ( nernan, speaxer. 5:3 Orch. B:oo Weather. 1 4 00 K WBBC 2 1 4 M. 1:15 p.m. Louise Cirillo. soprano. 4:00 Toyer Orch. ft:oo Dr. Drollinger. talk. 5:15 Aviation talk, Lt. Joseph M. Aimee. R:;so stillwell hour. fl:0ii Children's period. 0:15 Howard Roth, banjo and songs. 0:30 Serenade. 7:15 Mosa and Schulman, songs. t0::0 Banjollers. hi pnow Boai minstrels. 12:00 Frolic Club Orch. 1400K. WSGH 214M. 7:10 p.m. Jewish hour. 7:41 Rubin's program. 8:00 Jewish period. 8:10 Gordon b Gordon pro cram. 8:45 Rabbi Aaron Kronenberg. 1300K. WMBQ 200M. 8:0ft p.m. Harmony Boys. 8:2(1 Frank Petagno. songs. 8:lo Nancy Marone, songs. R:n John Waleenwitt. 2:15 8vncopators. OTHER LOCAL STATIONS Statinns Kilocvcles Time WAAM. Newark 1230 7:00a.m. -13:00 n.m WPOE. Pntchogne 1370 10 00 a.m.-ll:00 n.m. WODA. Paterson 1250 9:00 n.m.- 8:00 n.m WHAP. Manhattan i:i00 4:30 n m.- B OO n.m WCAP. A hurvPark 12R0 9 00 a.m. 8 000 m WCOH. Yonfcers 1?10 10 00 a.m. -11:00 n.m WAAT. Jersev City 9-10 8 30 a.m.- R nfln m WOV. Manhattan 1130 9'OOfl.m.. 5 35 D m WWRL. Wnodslde 1500 8 00 a.m. -12 -30 a m WNJ, Vnwark 140 3'( 6 00 n.m WPAP, Mnnhattan 1(110 9 00 o.m. -12:00 n.m WHN, Mnnhattsn 1010 1:30 o.m.- 5:30 n.m. WGBB. Freeport 1210 9:00 n.m. -10:00 p.m. WKBO. Jersev City 1450 7:00 a.m.- 1:00 a.m. TOMORROW MORXING WABC 8:00 a.m.- Organ reveille. 8:-;o Mirnfne devotions. 8:45 The Melodv Parade. 9:00 Something for every. one. u-.-.itt u. h. armv Bnnd. 0:11 Evervdny Beauty, 0:00 THa Bailey Allen. tfl:30 Stroll on the Avenue. 10-13 Jean Carroll. 11:00 Air Way Houso Cleaning 1a ueamy ouuaers. Seeing What You Hear By JOHN SKINNER Imaginary Airahip 'Plane of Dreamt' Takes Itt First Flight Tonight Over WEAF and N. B. C. A it Wits Get a Boost M ANY broadcasts from planes have been accomplished. Tonight there will be a broadcast from a plane, but it will be from an unreal one. "Plane of Dreams" lt is called, and it will take off on Its Imaginary flight on WEAF and N. B. C, with Mary Hopple as Its contralto, Frank Luther as its tenor and Arthur Snyder as Its narrator, This imaginary plane idea. now. Auditory pictures of famous people will be sketched. What has that to do with a plane, imaginary or real? you ask. Well, it Is In this fantastic airship that the purveyors of the program will travel about from locale to locale, so that they may be right on the spot when they do their Interpreting. And this is certainly an airplane 01 the most imaginative type. Apparently it would be able to drop down in Paris and describe Napoleon ol the 19th Century or the Cellini of the Renaissance or William the Conqueror of 106S. But particularly, so N. B. C. says, will these pictures be sketched of those associated in one way or another with the arts, Vote for Nit Wits "Concerning your Nit Wit-KUKD controversy," writes Critic Marietta Gctchin, I vote lor the Nit wits absolutely. It is true that Mrs. Pen-nyfeather's 'Hmmra, yuss' is very amusing, but even I can say 'Hmmm, yuss,' while I know of no one who can squawk or giggle like Mocha de Polka, the little Russian soprano from Hoboken. Also, the names of the characters are much more humorous than those of the Cuckoos. Who could possibly beat Lizzie Twitch, Aphrodite Godiva, Lord Algernon Ashcart, Prof. Eczema Succotash, Gabriel Horn, Prof. R. U. Musclebound, Patience Bump-stead, etc.? "And, furthermore, I consider the musio of the Nit Wits ever 60 much more sour than that of the KUKUS. Yes, Indeed, all around I find the Columbia program superior to the National." Miss Getchln, having unloaded I her vote on this Insane controversy, adds a bit of gossip. "I suppose you already heard that Colin OMore, erstwhile Phllco leading man, is the narrator on a program which Is broadcast over WJZ on Fridays. Information comes from a reliable source that this star will soon be singing over the air once more. I hope you rejoice with me." Certainly, certainly, Marietta. And. what's more, you must have missed the bit about Jessica the other day. However, you are probably quite right, and something about your beloved Cities Service star will appear here soon. And So On Vee Lawnhurst, pianist ot no mean ability, star of jthe G. M. pro gram on WEAP and N. B. 0. tonight, 9:30 . . . Roxy program tonight will come in pajt, direct from his stage . . . This N. B. C.-WJZ program at 7:30 o'clock celebrates the premiere of the new Paul Whlteman talkie, 'The King of Jazz" . . . Robinson In the Trees, a novel Parisian dining place, is the imaginary locale for the "Evening In Paris program on WABO and Columbia tonight . Renee Carroll, hat check girl at Sardi's on WPCH tonight at 6 o'clock . . . Pure Oil Dusty Travelers on again with Lopez over WJZ and N. B. C. tomorrow night at 8 o'clock . . . New program of Jewish melodies on WMCA tonight at 8:30 o'clock. Real Estate News 600K . AV G B S -499 M. 1 :00 p.m. -Studio. 3:00 Fred O. Morris, minstrel 3:13 -Helen and Rose Lanier, violin and piano duos. 3:43 Mme. Lilvnn Hardinee, 4:00 Marie Gulon. contralto. 4:l.v Dr. J. L. Rnrey. 4:30 Polstnn Anbut, tenor. iS:fto Dr. Hodirdon. JS:3 Howard Martin, ballads 8:45 Tullv and Krllv. 8:00 Broadway Highlights. 8:13 Gall Truitt. travelogues 8::m Barney Comnany. 0:4.3 BHsebull results. 8:55 Snorts talk. 7:fNl Studio. g:)3 Nua O'Neill Edwards. salon nvmnhonists. 8:00 Itallnn Moments. 9:30 United States District WEAP 8:4.1 a.m. Health exercises. 8:00 Jollv Bill and Jane. 8:11 Morning devotions. 8:30 Cheerio. 9:00 Morning Melodies. 0:00 HUs and Bits. 1 :0o "Your Child," Grace Abbott. : it Radio Household Institute. 1:30 Percv Prentiss, tenor. 1:43 Cannv Cook. oo on wings of Song. "wjz 7:30 a.m. Riwe and Shine. 7:4. Morning showers. :on Quaker cracKels Man 8:13 Headuners. 8:4: Pooular Bits. 9:13 Parnassus Strlntr Trio. 10:00 "Safetruardin? Your Food and Drug Supply. W. R- M. Wharton. 10:1 Through the Looking Glass. 10:30 The Manhatters. 0:4. Josephine B. Gibson. 1 1 :0 Forecast School of Cook-erv. lj::'The Reeltalists. 13:00 Luncheon Five. WOR 8:45 a.m. Gvm classes. 8:00 Weather; news. 8:. 13 Morning tonics. 0:00 Marjorie Presnell. ' 9:30 Bohn Orch. 9:43 Philgas Service. 9:ftOMnsie. 10:0th Tea time. 10:01 Pure food hour. 1 1 :IM Mrs. John S. Rellly. 11:13 "Sane and Simple." 11:?0 Music. 11:30 Marketing and menus for warm weather. 11:43 Studio Orch. ll:f5 News. 14:00 Aviation weather. Spent 15 to 30 Years in Jail; Says He Doesn't Know Why "You're 30 years old and your police record shows you've spent 15 of your 30 years in Jail. What's the matter with you?" Magistrate Sab- Tune In Tomorrow on WLTH for these Eagle features NEWS FLASHES by Maurice McLoughlin at 1:00 P.M. and BOOK CHAT by Jo RAN'SON at 1:0 J P.M. See The Eagle's raJio programs daily for announcements of The Eagle's News Flashes batino In the Gates Avenue Court asked Albert Peck of 37 McDougall St., who was arraiimed before him yesterday as a fugitive from Justice. "I don't know," Peck replied. "Are you married?" "No, that's just the trouble. I'm in love with a girl out in Cleveland and If I get out of this Jam I'm going to marry her and settle down." Peck was arrested as he was re leased Saturday from Dannemora Prison, by detectives, to be returned SIIIH DISEASES Chronic Ailments treated. Stood. Nerve, S:in Diseases, Chronic Ulcers, General Weakness, Nose. Throat, Lunes. Asthma. Bronchial Diseases; Stomach, Intestinal. Liver. Kidney, Rectal Diseases. Thousands of men and women successfully treated. My personal attention throuKhout entire course. Reasonable charges. CONSULTATION FREE ) X-RAYS BLOOD EXAMINATIONS dr. zms SPECIALISTS EST. 28 Ye.n 110 EAST 16TH ST.,N.Y. i Bet. IrvlnR PI. and Union Sq.l D..!y. 9 8 P.M. Sundv.. 9 lo 4 Jo Boston to face a charge of burglary, alleged to have been committed on Oct 8, 1923. His police record dntes back to 1915, when he was first arraigned as a "stubborn child" and placed on probation for a year in Plymouth, Mass. COLUMBIA VOTES WET Columbia Spectator, student organ of Columbia University, announced today that 88 percent of 864 students who took part in a prohibition poll which it conducted favored modification or repeal CONSTRUCTION CONTEACTS April construction contracts awarded In the metropolitan area of New York aggregated $101,051,-700, according to F. W. Dodge Cor poration. This was 13 percent greater than the total of $89,749,700 for the preceding montfc; the corre sponding month's total for last year was $15:1,113.400. Since the year opened contracts for , building and engineering projects ' let In the metropolitan area have amounted to $336,094 300 compared with $409,-302,100 for the first four months of a year ago. BUi'S HOME IN MAXHASSET Garden Estates, Inc., acting as brokers for E. Trump & Son, Inc., sold a residence at Munsey Park, Manhasset, L I., to F. L. Williams of Flushing. SALE IN MONROE ST. Walsh Brothers, as brokers, sold 521 Monroe St. a brownstone dwelling, for Kamahar Realty Corporation, to a client for occupancy. RADIO FIRM LEASES Powell Real Estate Company leased 350 Livingston St., Just off Flatbush Ave., to Adams Radio Stores, a subsidiary of General Motors, which is the first Brooklyn store of a chain of radio stores to be opened on May 19. The lessor was Sarah Jacobs. TO OPEN HOSPITAL HERE Dr. Max Unger of Manhattan has contracted for the purchase of the building located at 255 Division Ave., this borough, which, after extensive alterations are completed, he proposes to use as a hospital. FLATBUSH BUSINESS LEASES . The Mclnerney-Kllnck Realty Company as brokers, leased 970 Flatbush Ave to the Molla Dress Shops Inc., foi a period of over 15 years at an aggregate rental of $175,000: also store in 1220 Flatbush ADVERTISEMENT. DENTISTRY Experts in Each Department Sound teeth not only safeguard your health, but add to your ap pearance and compel admiration. And. there Is no reason why you should not have them as well as your neighbor. There is a cure for all dental defects, and we can speedily demonstrate this to your satisfaction. Examinations made and lowest estimates given without any obliga tion on your part. AH Language Spckell Lady Attendants Branklyn Office Open Sanaa;!, 0 to 1 1 WaU rburv Dental Co.Inc imiuiau Mt New Yoik 29 West 34th St. Brooklyn 446 Fulton St. Jamaica 160-13 Jamaica Av. Bothered with ISackaelic? H May Warn of Disordered Kidneys. CONSTANT backache .m. irrrmilariticfl and worn-out feeling all too warn of disordered kidneys. Don't lake chances! Help your kidnc)i with Doan Villi Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed the world over. Sold by dealers every where. ie with kidney j at , : , , .tiff, achy, Jpiil ' often yl r m it U-i m 50,000 Users Endorse Doan's: J. F. SANDS. 309 WILLIAM ST., KEY WEST. FLA, aaya! "My hack rhed ao bad that I could hardly do my work or bend over. It felt like a heavy weight waa over my ktdneya and I waibad off. The kidney aecretione were too frequent end acaiding in pa.SHgc I had to Rraap thinus to keep flora falling over with diiaineit, Doon'a Pula rid mc of theae troubles." Sloan's Pills A Diuretic tor the Kidney Ave, to the Lutecia Variety Shops, Inc., for a term of years. FREEPORT MORTGAGE Thomas J. O'Reilly obtained a first mortgage loan of $50,000 for Barbara E. Jones on 5-7-9 S. Main St., Freeport, L. I., improved with a three-story hotel and stores. SALE IN GATES AVE. Harry M. Lewis, as broker, sold for Joseph S. Weiner to a client for Investment, the two and one-half story and basement, brick dwelling on lot 20x80 at 150 Gates Ave, near Downing St. DR. FREEMAN ALLEN DIES Boston, May 6 Dr. Freeman Allen, one of the foemost authorities on anesthesia In the country and it grandson of Harriet Beecher. Stowe, died Saturday night of a heart attack. He had been ill for several months, but returned to his duties less than two weegs ago. He was 59 years old. Plan $100,000 Campaign for Jewish Relief Brownsvjlle Residents Plan ' to Raise Sum Jy June 30 Name Officers v Brownsville, East New York and New Lots organized their campaign committee in the sectional Allied Jewish Campaign for s quota of (100.000 at their first conference last night In the Hebrew Ladles Day Nursery. 621 Hopklnson Ave. Sam uel A. Telsey, president of the Brownsville Savings Bank, was elected chairman of the committee which plans to raise that sum before June' 30. Sneakers stressed the need for re lief in Palestine and Eastern Europe and found the Jews of the Old World looking in distress for the charity of the New. Among those who spoke were Mr. Telsey, Gdoiya Bubllck, president of the Orthodox Zionist organization: Rabbi Nlson Telushkin of Congregation B'Nai Isaac, Joseph O. Heyman, secretary of the Joint Distribution Committee; Solomon Frankel, executive direc tor; Rabbi Jacob Levinson of Con gregation Lovers of the Torah, and Jacob H. Cohen. Rabbi Levinson, Mr. Cohen and Morris Weinberg were elected honorary presidents of the drive.. Other officers elected Included: Morris M. Diamond, vice President of the Bank of the United 8tates treaaurer. Morrla saplr, associate tieaaurer. Harry Cooper, secretary. Isldor Hasstn. chairman of iha execu tive committee, ot 100. Sheriff Aaron L. Jacoby Is among 15 vice presidents named. New Lots elected a separate president, Abraham Feit and Secretary Harry Smoliar. M. A. Zeldin, chairman announced that headquarters have been established at 1848 Pitkin Ave, Trappers' Snares Catch Cows, Dogs The county council, say advices from Belleville, Ont, Is urging the prohibition of the use of snares by trappers. There is alreaily a provincial law which prohibits their use in Lennox, Addlngton, Frontenac, Grenville and leeds. and it waa de. cided to petition the Government to have Hastings included In this pro hibited area. Many farmers through the countv have lost valuable clogs ''and even cows have been mangled by being caugnt in tne snares. Father Held as Killer Of Daughter's Fiance Elizabeth, N. J, May S John Kus, 43, ol 143 Bayway St., Elizabeth) a wldowerer of four months, was shot to death yesterday a few minutes after be emerged from 8 o'clock mass at St. Hedwlg's R. C. Church with Miss Bertha Dzlobak, 19, whom he waa to wed at 3 pjn today in the same chuich. Police arrested Bertha's father, Felix Dzlobak, 45, or 3W Myrtle St. it is said he ob-tected to the marriage. GOLD STAR MOTHERS MARCH1 Mrs. James J. Doyle, who is 87 years old, and who for the past 40 years has lived at 7720 Fort Hamilton Parkway, has written a "Gold Star Mothers March." which mav soon be published. Mrs. Doyle's eld est son lost his life in the war white on duty on the Coast Guard ship Tampa. ADVERTISEMENT Resinol Ointment does Stop Itching Even In severe or stubborn cases it often gives instant relief. Also excellent for burns, chafing, boils, piles, etc. At your druggist's. Pill' TCHOB I Drive daBI care away EVERY MONDAY NIGHT Here's a program to please everyone. Famous Adolphe Dumont and his 32-piece SHELL Orchestra ... The SHEUMJe Quartette-one of the best you'll agree... The rollicking Tom, Dick' tnd Harry Trio, to keep you keyed up to concert pitch ... Gy, lively, irresistibly catchy these Monday night programs will win you from the start. 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KINGS COUNTY Martha Lang, nee Reim, plaintiff, against Acres nicciarai, ei ai aeienaams. In pursuance of a ludament of fore closure and sale, duly made and entered in the above entitled action, and bearing date the 25th day of April, 1930, I. the undersigned, the referee In said Judgment named, will sell at public auction, at the Exchange Salesroom, No. ISO Montague Street. In the Borouah of .ftrook. lyn, City of New York, on the 26th day oi aaay, iuju, al 12 o ClOCK noon of that day, by David Isenberg. Auctioneer, the premises directed by said Judgment lo be sold and therein described as follows: All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and Improvements thereon erected, situated, lying and being In the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, City and Stat of New York, Bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a Dolnt on th southerly side of Bay Ridge Avenue distant two hundred an1 forty 12401 feet, four and one- iv4i nicnes easterly irom ine corner formed by the Intersection of the southerly side of Bay Ridge Avenue with the easterly side of Colonial Road, running thence southerly at right angles to otty mage Avenue ana part or tne ais-tnnce through a party wall one hundred 1100) feet: thence easterly narallel with Bay Ridge Avenue twenty-three (23) feet, eight and seven-eighths I8T Inches: thence northerly at right angles to Bay Ridge Avenue and part of the distance through a party wall one hundred 1 100) feet to the southerly side of Bay Ridge Avenue and thence westerly along the southerly side of Bay Ridge Avenue twenty-three (231 feet, eight and aaven- elghths iSTs) Inches to the point or place of beginning. 'logetner with and subject to the certain drlvewav easements declared at forth and defined In a certain instru ment In writing made and executed by Berfel Realty Corporation, dated August tin, lua, and recorded m the office of the Register of the Comity of Kings oo the 7lh day of August, 1925. in Liber 6139 of mortgages at page 78. Together with all the right title and Interest of the oartv of the tint nflrt. nf in and to Bay Ridge Avenue lying in front of and adjoining aaid premlsea to the centre line thereof pa ted, Brooklyn. New York. May Ut, 1910. JOHN T. BLADEN. Referee Merit. e. Mprkin At T.uhrt.a Arnrna... Plaintiff. Office and Post Office Address, U.I S Sarlr Plana mr 1 ni... . .... iuh v,uy. mB-Bt-mw The simple buckthorn bark, glycerin, saline compound (known as Adler. Ika), acta on BOTH upper and lower bowel and brings out foul matter you never would believe was in your system. 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In pursuance of a judgment of fore- tlOSUre and talS dllle mart nnH n.rrl in the abovn entitled action, and bearing date the 39th day of April, ly30, I, the undersigned, the referee in said judgment named, will sell at public auction to the HiBiipa. oiuner, oy nat Kesu, auctioneer, at tn aalesroom of the Brooklyn Real Estate Exchange, 189 Montague Street, in 'he Borough of Brooklyn, Countv of Kings, on the 27th dav of May, 1930. at 12 o'clock noon, the premises directed by said ludemen tn ha unlrl nrl sYhrrpln described as follows: All that certain lot, piece or parcel ui .aim, wun ine ouiiaings ana improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being In the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, City and State of New York, bounded and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at a point on the northeasterly side of East 92d Street, distant four hundred sixty-two (46a feet, fle and three quarters f5 Inches southeasterly from the corner formed by the Intersection of the northeasterly side of East 92d Street, with the southeasterly slda of Foster Avenue; running thence northeasterly and parallel with Poster Avenue and part of the distance through a party wall, one hundred (1001 feet; and thence southeasterly and parallel with East 02d Street, seventeen fl7 feet eight 8 Inches: thence southwesterly and again parallel with Foster Avenue, on hundred (100 feet to the northeaserly side of Fart 92d Street and thence northwesterly along East 92d Street, seventeen t!7t feet eight (8) Inches to the point or place of beginning. Together with all the right, title and Interest of the mortgagor of, In and to the street or avenue lying in front of and adjacent to the said premlsea to the center of the line thereof. Dated, May 1st, 1930. CHARTE3 W. PHTLTPBAR, Feferee. Oreenehaum &revv. Attorneys for Plain-tiff, office and Posfc omce Address, 225 Broadway, New York City, Jht (r v$ 'I took Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound when I was tired, nervous and rundown. I saw the advertisement and decided to try it because I was hardly able to do my housework.' It has helped me in every way. My nerves are better, I have a good appetite, I sleep well and I do not tire so easily. I recommend the Vegetable Compound to other women for it gives me so much strength and makes me feel like a new person." Mrs. Lena Young, R. i, Ellsworth, Maine. LEGAL NOTICES. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Eastern District of New Vork Notice is hereby given that Standard Dredging Com- ' pany, owner of gasoline motor launcli Abiworks" (now known as "Florence") filed Its petition of exemption from or imnauon 01 iiaouuy lor any loss, destruc tion, damage or injury alleged to have been caused bv the launch "Abiworks" on or about the 20th day of March. 1929. In or about Canarsle Pier. Jamaica Bay, New York. Value of the said vessel and, pending freight aa per order of this court fixed at $2, 500.00. All persons claiming damage because of any loss, destruction, damage or Injury must make due proof of their claims on or before the 14th day ot May, 1930, before Abner C. Eurpless, Esq., at hit office. No. 189 Montague Street, Borough of Brooklyn, New York Citv. or be defaulted. Dated, New York, -Anrll 6, 1930. JESSB D. MOORE. Dnited States Marshal, Eastern District of New York. WILLIAM SHEA, Proctor for Petitioner. i ail OllCl'v, DUIUUKU Ul MH11UNI bin. City of New York. ap7-fit m FORECLOSURES SUPREME COURT. KINGR COUrJTV Celia Bissleman, plaintiff, against, A una Cohen and others, defendants. in pursuance of a ludrrment of foreclos ure and sale dulv made and entered in the above-entitled action, and bearing date the 1st uay oi May, lyju. i, tne undersigned, the referee in said Judgment named, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, by Nat Ress, auctioneer, at the Exchange Salesroom, 1H9 Montague 8treet, in the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, on the 26th day of May, 1930, at 12 o'clock noon, the premises directed bv said Judgment to be sold, and therein de svriucg ma ioiiows: All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land with the buildings and improvements thereon erected. Jvinir and be inn In the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, City and State of New York, bounded and described aa follows: Beginning at a point on the westerly side of Osborn Street, distance 230 feet southerly from the corner formed by the Intersection of the westerly eide of Osborn Street with the southerly side of Newport Avenue; running thence westerly parallel with Newport Avenue 100 feet; - thence southerly parallel with Osborn Street 60 feet; thence easterly parallel with Newport Avenue 100 feet to the westerly s:de of Osborn Street; thence northerly along the westerly sida of Osborn Buret t0 feet to the point or place of beginning. Dated Uay 5th, 1030. m. fiutiBAun, neieree. Max J. Halpern, Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and Post Office Address. 66 Court Street, Borough ol Brooklyn, City ot New York. m5-6t-m tti SUPREME COURT. KINGS COUNTY Fannie Herzfeld and Nathan D. Shapiro, plaintiffs, against 336-338 Eighth Avenue Corporation and others, defendants. In pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure and sale duly made and entered in the abova entitled sctlon, and bearing data the 22d day of April, 1930, I. the undersigned, the referee tn said Judgment named, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, by X. Jerome Hiker, auctioneer, at the Brooklyn Real Estate Exchange. No. 189 Montague street, in the Borough of Brooklyn. County of Kings, on the 20m day of May, 1930, at twelve o'clock noon, the premises directed by aaid Judgment to be sold, and therein described as follows: All those certain lots. Dieces or parcel! of land with the buildings and improve ments thereon erected, situate., lying ana hfinr (n tha nnrnuirh nf Rronklvn. County of Kings, City and State of New York, and being known as lots numbers 19, 20, 31, 22 and 23 in Block 7518 on map of lots belonging to the Harding Park Homes Company, Inc., surveyed by Howard T. Lockwood, October. 1923, and filed in the orfice of the Register of the County of Kings and more particularly bounded and described as follows, to wit: , Raainnlnn a r tha onrnof f nTTTlPd DV U)9 Intersection of tha northwesterly side of Avenue T with the northeasterly sloe ot Oerrittsen avenue; running thence nh- westerlv alone eaid nortneasieiiy. v Gerrittsen avenue one hundred JW' "et. thence northeasterly parallel with Avenue t , hnnrirofi nnni feet: thence south easterly parallel with Oerrittsen v one hundred uuut ieet ju IL. rl? side of Avenue t: Jnr"L.r'uli . nv ninniT said northwesterly side of Ave nue T one hundred il00 feet to the corner, the point or place of beginning. Together with all the right, title and Interest of the party of the first part of In and to the land lying In front of and adjacent to the said premises to the center line thereof. oaten April ' " " wannr.n M. KENNEDY. Referee. Herzfeld ric Norek, Plaintiffs Attorney, 66 Court street. ta28.6tmth 5,8.13.15,19.22,2771 1 N. y. 8UPREMB COURT. KINGS COUNTY Max Rothstein. plaintiff, atralnst A. sF. Silberman. Inc., et al., defendants. In pursuance of s Judgment of foreclosure and sale, duly made and entered hi the above entltlec action and bearing data the 14th day of April. 1930. I. the undernamed, the refere in said judgment named, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, by David Diamond, auctioneer, at the Brooklyn Rra) Estate Exchange, No, 1B9 Montague Street, in the Boroueh of Brookivn. Countv of Kings, Citv and State of New York, on the 13th day of May, 1930. at 12 -clock noon of that day. the premises directed by said Judgment to ba sold and therein described as follows: All that certain lot, piece or parcel af land, with the buildmzs and Improvement thereon erected, tituate, iTlr.g and Mtn In the orough of Brooklyn. Cou-t Kings, Citv and Ptate of New York bouhuSd and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at a point on the easterly aide of Christopher Avenue, distant one hundred and thirty U30' feet northerly from the corner formed bv the intersection of the easterly side of Christopher Avenue witn tne northerly sloe of Livonia Avenue; running thence easterly and pnrallel to Livonia Avenue, one hundred I100' feet; thence northerly and parallel to Christopher Avenue, fortv 140') feet; thence westerly s in in parall-l to Livonia Avenue, one hundred tlOO't feet to the easterly side of Chrtstonher Avenue: and thence southerly along the easterlv side of Christopher Avenue, fortv (401 feet to the point or place of beginning. Dated Brooklyn N. Y.. Anril 21st. 1930 . SAMUEL 8HOREN8TEIN. Referee. Max H. Newman, Esq., attorney foC plaintiff, 215 Montague Street, Brooklyn, t &21-tint

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