The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on October 9, 1931 · Page 17
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 17

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1931
Page 17
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1931 17 Doubt Roberts Girl Will Have !j To Face Trial Attorney General : Has Not Reached Decision She Is Free on Bail Albany, Oct. 9 JJP) Marlon Rob-eras, companion of Jack (Legs) Diamond, .who surrendered at Watervliet after months of hiding, was free in $2,500 bail today. Samuel , Rothterg. alias "Stitch McCarthy." New York character, provided the bail, acting for e bond-Ins company. i The former show girl Is under Indictment on charges of complicity in the kidnaping and torture of Orovrr parks, Catskill trtfckman. The State says she was with Diamond, John Scacchio and James Dalton when Parks was dragged from his truck on a lonely road in the Catskill Mountains and carried to the Acra hideout of Diamond, where, Parks has testified, he was tortured with fire to make him tell where he was taking a load of cider. She ' spent much time at Acra after Diamond moved up-State on leaving the hospital in New York where gangster enemies had sent him with five bullet wounds, about a year. ago. She was at Acra last Hytrin1? when ' Diamond was ambushed at a nearby inn' and seriously wounded. , Dalton Still Missing It was the story of Parks which brought orders from Governor Hoosevelt for an inquiry into racketeering in the Catskills. The Attorney General's department con-ritmtod it, and Diamond, Scacchio, James Dalton, Paul Quattrochio. nt her Diamond henchmen, Harry (Skunky) Klein and Miss Roberts REGISTER AND SMASH DEAL Register today and smash the McCooey-Kracke judgeship deal on Election Day. - Registration booths in your neighborhood are open from 5 to 10:30 o'clock every evening, including Friday, and from 7 a.m. to 10:30 o'clock at night on Saturday. For your place to register please turn to Page 36 of today's Eagle. were Indicted. Her surrender accounts for all of the Diamond gang upstate except Dalton, who has not been captured. Diamond was acquitted at a trial in Troy, after he won a change of venue from Catskill, but Scacchio was convicted on the same charges and practically by the same witnesses, and sentenced to 15 years. Diamond, still facing trial on four indictments in the State, is under a four-year Federal sentence. Quattrochio is also under Federal sentence, and Klein was sentenced on a charge of receiving stolen property. , This charge resulted from the circumstances of his arrest. He was found asleep ' in the bloodstained car of Harry Western, missing Kingston, N. Y., roadhouse proprietor. He said he had been paid to run the machine into the bay. but fell asleep and was caught. Western .disappeared after falling out with the Diamond gang over the beer trade. His disappearance has not been solved. Whether Miss Roberts will be tried appeared problematical. Henry Epstein, first Deputy Attorney General, said no decision had been reached. He indicated also that decision as to whether Diamond would be brought to trial again would depend on the outcome of Diamond's appeal from his four-year sentence in Federal Court. TO TRINT RECORDS Oyster Bay, L.. I., Oct. The Town Board has adopted a resolution authorizing submission to voters at the November election of a proposition to appropriate $5,000 to print old town records. Six volumes hove been bound and preserved, including records from 1600 to the close of the Nineteenth Century. George H. Seaman Dies at Oceanside Oceanside, L. I., Oct. 9 Funeral services will be hold Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Church of the Nazarene, Bast Rockaway, for its builder, George H. Seaman, who died at the South Nassau Hospital Wednesday. He was in his 87th year. He and his wife, Camille, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in May. He had lived in Nassau County all of his life and worked as a carpenter and builder. Besides his wife he is survived by three daughters, Mrs.v George Brown, Mrs. Audrey Weed, Mrs. Jacob Bartow, and a son, William. Burial will be in Greenfield Cemetery. Short Beach Plea O. K'd at Lynbrook Lynbrook, L. I., Oct. 9 Members of the Sunrise Civic Association last night went on record as favoring the Short Beach proposition. Ben Jamtn L. Van Schalck, executive secretary of the Long Island State Park Commission, appeared before the body and explained just what the Commission intended to do with the property in the event the voters of the town approve its cession to the State. 23,000 Quit Jobs As Strikes Spread In the Bay State Wage Cut and Working Conditions Get Blame Lowell Mills Are Hit Boston. Oct 9 (fl-More than 25,000 Jobs went begging in Massa chusetts today as workers. Incensed by announced reductions in wages or by unsatisfactory wonting con ditions, walked the streets on strike The general strike movement, having its center in the textile city of Lawrence, were approximately 22,000 men and women left their looms and benches rather than ac cept a 10 percent reduction of wages, today has spread to other centers. In Boston approximately 3,000 longshoremen were refusing to handle cargo on the coastal and foreign vessels plying In and out of this port,' although the crux of their quarrel with the ship owners was not entirely a matter of wages but centered with greater - gravity on working conditions. In thetextile city of Lowell, a geographical neighbor of Lawrence, strike talk had brewed several days and was transformed Into action yesterday when more than 300 employes left one. of the mills. An announced 10 percent wage cut here, also, was the motivating element. - Several hundred workers in a hosiery manufacturing plant in Northampton, objecting to wage reductions, succeeded in forcing the closing of the plant. There was no Indication of an early settlement of the differences today. Paid Though Idle Failed to Suit Paul Cavanagh Film Actor Grew Tired of Cashing Salary Checks and Doing Simply That Strange town, this Hollywood, full of actors who are eager to work for anything and who still get nothing, and with an occasional Paul Cavanagh, equally eager to work but by circumstances paid well for Idleness Cavanagh, English actor recruited to pictures from the New ork stage, came to the screen In 1929, and with his first picture was placed under contract by Paramount. In the first six months of his agreement he was twice loaned, once to M-G-M and once to Universal, but his return to the home lot was always a disappointment, says a Hollywood correspondent of the Associated Press. They had nothing for him except his salary, which went right on. Effected a Compromise - Eventually, with 15 weeks to go on the contract, he became disgusted with the enforced Idleness and asked for a settlement. The compromise by which he was re leased gave him salary for weeks of the remaining trrm. . As a free lance actor he Immediately began snaring role. The flrsi was in "Devil to Pay," the Ronald Colman picture. Although when production actually began his part required only about ten days work, he drew checks for four and a half weeks. Was Recalled But to make Cavanagh's story complete he was recalled by Paramount for a good part as a free lance actor at a time when, had th studio sot granted his release, he would still have been under contract. - In his two years here, however, he sas not been entirely Idle. He has been seen in "Grumpy,' "The Virtuous Sin," "Born to Love." and "The Squaw Man," among other films, and his work with Elissa Land! in "Always Goodbye" brought him a contract at Fox. Post-Vacation . Period Good for Home Planning Every Spring and every Fall the average American home goes through a number of changes. Even when by some special dispensation there is no moving to be gone through, there sre usually many problems to consider. Each member of the family han new needs, new Interest, which must be met and planned for. The Fall Is as fine a time as any In which to audit the account of the home. The habits of the Winter have been broken by the Sum-mere Interval. . There is a chance to profit by the mistakes and lacks of the past in making our plans for the coming year of work and school and play This may be the psychological moment for getting the family together to co-operate on bettei standards of promptness, orderliness, and a new sharing of responsibilities In the housekeeping. Keeplnk a Perspective Perhaps some thoughtful planning wll make t possble for thr grls to have the separate rooms they have long desired. Perhaps mother can organize her housekeeping differently so as to be less hurried and tired Just before dinner, and so have more time to read to the littlest one before putting him to bed. In this sort of planning, say Alice Judson Peale of the Associated Press, it is Important to keep a perspective on values, to deckle what is worth sacrificing for, and which things are truly important for the success of family life. One should study how to help and develop one child without let- 1 ting another fwl that his nreda ' ne?tectfd. and should keep in mini ; the happiness of each Individual i while planning for a smoothly Mc. tinning home. . t Beautiful fr Beautiful i Walls Homes for rour Apammnt it decorated, too I mmmt THE NEW ARTISTIC WALL FINISH APPLIED ' '- AND REMOVED ; LIKE PAINT L SONNEIO'N SONS, INC. 114 Fifth A. Nw York, N. T. PImm lond dMCHprlvo Mtorotvro mm STIP-ll.ART ',".' Nome ....... ! Addrox City Stat WORLD'S LARGEST RADIO DEALER mm La. US TO NEW YORKERS whose radios are old . . WHOSE RADIOS DON'T PLAY WELL I r' WHOSE RADIOS ARE OBSOLETE . . FULL SIZE COM lhJM3Y NATIONALLY KNOWN ' You'll recognize it instantly, .when you hear the name or tee the radio! This it a NATIONALLY FAMOUS TEN-TUBE RADIO you'll recognize it immediately. W told thousands of thorn for $194.00. It't a splendid ttt in a tuperb full-tiiod carvod console that it contidered the masterpiece of radio cabinetry. 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CONVENIENTLY LOCATED STORES BROOKLYN-417 FULTON STREET BrooUya 1304 Kites HiiWay Brooklyo 5108 Fifth Avenue Brooklyo 1449 Broadway BrooUya 559 Fultoa Street Brooklya 14 DeKalb Aveaue Brooklyn 935 Flatbiuk Avenue Brooklya 427 Fnhon Street Beatonburtt 2085 86tb Street Brownaville 1708 Pitkin Aveaee Astoria 278 Steinway Avenue Jamaica 168-07 Jamaica Aveaue Jamaica 164-02 Jamaica Aveaue Flushing 43 Main Street ALL STOKES OPEN TONIGHT SJ Ymr f Sitting DtmmnJablm MmrchmnJitm CAN'T CALL? MAIL COUPON Hr this radio In your twn' heme free. Mall thii eeupen at one to: DAVECA. INC. 114 East 23 rd St. NAME ADDRESS '. . For Immidlat Information " Phone GRamarcy 3333. mm mm am mm mm a? wm When You Buy Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock of GANNETT CO., Inc. You are investing in a company which own or controls Seventeen Newspapers. In part, you are making A HOME INVESTMENT. Elements of Safety ..,.....: Aft Essential Industry ' e business of publishing a newspaper is an established business, 1 essential to the country's welfare. Good Management recor 0t Gannett Co., Inc., during 1930 and Hie first ' ( months of 1931 shows how the management met unusual condi tions and earned its dividend requirements on preferred stock then outstanding mot than eleven times. Steady Growth) Gannett Co., Inc., has grown steadily, increasing its gross assets more ' than fivefold. On Doc. 31, 1930, the gross assets exceeded $22,500,000. Unbroken Record of Earnings r,a.nno,t ' Inc.. has never had a losing year. Consolidated net protils have kept pace with growth of assets. In 1924 they were $200,437,75; six years later, nearly five times as great. Diversification'" added -element of safely is the fact lliat damictt Co., Inr , owns or rontrols seventeen newspapers, located in thirteen cities and in the slat' of Xew York, Connecticut and New Jersey. ' ; Dividends Amply Protected?" ''""solidated net earnings of Gannett Co., Inc., during; 1930 were more than eleven times the dividend requirements on the preferred stock then outstanding. For the first six months rtf 1931, the consolidated net eimings were more than 12 times the amount required for such dividends.' Dominant in Their Fields S',?pn t,ie seventeen C.annett Xewspafer are absolutely ''ominant in their fields. Nine evening papers, three morning papers and one Sunday paper have no competition. Employes Own Stock of This Issue AJt EX and women, employes on Gannett Newspapers, have purchased more than 15,000 shares iV of the same issue of stork which is now being; offered to the public. From October 12 t October 24, inclusive, employes of this newspaper will take subscriptions for $6 Dividend Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock of Ginnett Co., Inc., at $100 a share. Orders will he limited to not more than twenty-five shares to any one purchaser. This security may be bought for cash or on divided terms of $10 down per share and $10 per share per month. GANNETT CO., Inc. A Corporation which Owns or Controls Stvonteon Nwspaprs The Cannett Newspapers Al.aANV KVKNINO NKWS AI.HANY KNICSBMSOCkHa MFS BPSCON NBftS H(MkLYN ."AC! H MIR ADVP.KTUPa H.MISA STJfa-fiAhrT SI MIHA SUNDAY TKUM.tAM HAKTfORI) TIMRS i1haca joiimnai.-nbws mai onr tri.p;ham NfumiRCHI NS ' . . . rx ;mNBt ) REPUBLICAN-JOI " At CM.MN MKSAI.O pi.AiNRiPin roimpa xrwa IIH.HWTM TIMPS tlNtON ii it nr ps.nisr atch THIS COUPON WILL BRING COMPLETE INFORMATION Brooklyn Daily Kaglc, Brooklyn, N. Y. Please send me full information about the $6 DiViJrrtJ Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock of Gannett Co., Inc. NMR A

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