The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 17
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AUGUST 12, 1951 MY SRAvJDPAPPV OhlCe HAD A FAST FILLY, BAfTte-AX -— <L v LOAFED ioi -THE AFTER.-^ ^-| NOOW /--«, HE MADB HE-K. A \MIUUER e,V SWITCHES HER SLEEPING TIME- i „ AKJD MeAA.&r'-^HE- KEPT) HER AWAke WKO OUGHT to RUN- MIWS PRSSlDEMTJ MRS. HOOPL6/ LAUNCH THIS PROGRAM VMITH 6WTLB-A* AT Ol-JCe.' r ^r^T^ For Your A/P f I I Convenience WE FINANCE AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS Blytheville Motor Co. First & Walnut Phone 4422 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Seti That Stuff" Phone 2089 Offk« & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Read Courier New. Classified Adi. (ARK.) COUTWER HEWS s up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Artemitic Flood Gates Concrete i Mc(»l Septic Tanks Sewer Tile "«t Price, Wf Dc | iTer Highway 61 at Stale Line Phone 8414 For a mil. thi»* Hke To.r regular irreasc and oil change . . or (or a major engine overhaul, ra*'U find th.l T. I. Seay Motor C«. will irlTe yon service you'll Ukl. If yo» don't like Ihe service TMi'rt gelHnt now—ehljlfe it! T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. JOE MACHINE WORKS .num.* ,T, K n''.%:,' T ^i »£;. WILDINO • OIH KEPAIIS . UACKIMITH »«0 • HAMWAM . MACHMW (VAWI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 - PLANTERS - fxpirt Spray Painting . . . Metal Roofs . . Get a Job That Will Last! Experienced! Reasonable! Call or Write For Free Estimates Phone 215W ROYAL WEAVER Steele Mo. I Can't Cry Now -r l »-." *«"*« •> o> ' •""*• flf ATT ELMO wia hi the fcitch«ti •"• washing np tr* forgotten Breakfast things, when th« trie- -phone rang. And rang again in sislently, bcfor, s h« could get "How's," *« saM, rroM hcS*. ,T?ien, "O*l, beilo, Ted." 1 -What do jom mean -Oh he*,, fc that tone? Did th« sheriff's imuscle man work roa overt Was fit bad, K. .,?-Not too bad.- JCaty paused. She wanted to tel ,, Ted that she was glad he called |jf(lad to talk to someone that didn't V ttiir* she had murdered Agnes Jerome. Into the tiny silence, Ted Jor<lan said, "I'm glad, Katy. I was— well, worried." "You too, TedT- "Why me too?" •Well, I'm suspect No. I, Ted." Katy was conscious of her fingers tightening on the phone as sh« spoke, admitting she was frightened to Ted, without actually «y- ing so. Scared half to death— that was what the bus driver had !} said about Agnes Jerome, and •fls Agnes was dead. "Ted " .£j "Nonsense." Ted brushed Kaly's jj fears aside. "That questioning Is fj just routine stuff, Katy. Why ',j they even had me in to answer a n few." 3 "I know," Knty said wearily, '•• remembering that Dave Argus had known that she told Ted she was Koing to SpringfieW. "But why did they question you?" "Because I knew Agnes Jerome —in a vague son of way." Ted's voice sounded like a verbal Adtlie «m it*, nn. •-—. T Just knew who sh« was—th girl who solrt cigarets and stud a Marty's on Mason Avenue. • • • J^ATT wished Ted would not sa, •cigarets and stuir' like that. I* sounded a« if Agnes wer selling dope or something, and Marty'i "on Mason Avenue' wasn't quite respectable—shoddy rowdy, and frequented by louc and boisterous people—but i wasn't breaking the law by selling elope. But, the thought came suddenly, full blown, H was tile kind o< a place where Agnes hai hear* someUiiog lhat had led U mwderl Ted—" eah, KrtrT- Tod sounded Wat h. beginning to n«« Jerocne', death with the <k-aUi o( Chrii, loo? con>« out? I'll flnd for 3uppcr and -" , he Interrupted "I' come Katy—I was hoping you would ask me. Ho you know that darling?—but we'll go somewhere or supper. Meridian, or somewhere, where they've never heard of Agnes Jerome." "Or Chris Elmo. Ted?" "Stop K, Katy!" Then, "Half i hour?" "I'll b« ready," Katy said wearily. She didn't want to go out. She would much ralher fry ham an'l eggs and make codec and cat in Tront of the log Hrc Ted could JUild m the living room, but Ted was being kind ... as Dave Argus lad been kind, she couldn't help hinking, and somehow she remembered young Johnny Jerome saying, too, "I can't stand sympathy, Miss Elmo." The plaintive cry followed her s she went upstairs to dross In he navy blue suit that had a navy nd gray checked topper; she had ought them to wear to Teachers' nslitule next week . . . ( 0 which would sot b« going. With her fingernail scissors. sh« loosened the g:, y reii feather on her new haL She didn't feel gay tonight, nor even deliiint She wanted, rather, to burrow into the hole o£ anonymity and lick her wounds in private. Like Johnny Jerome, she didn't want them not even Ted Jordan — feelinK sorry for her; she told herself that as she touched rouge to her checks, color to her lips. She tucked a rebellious tawny curl in Place, studying herself in u, e mirror. Except for her eyes, she might inve been dressing for any one of her past date with Ted or with Dave Argus. But she couldn't do anything about her eyes. In their blue depths, they still look-' haunted. Ted seemed not to notice. "Kntv you're a dream! Lei's—" "Let's stay home." She said it quickly, before the admiration in his face affected her. "I'd— ralher, Ted." The forced good humor fled. Ills eyes, his whole being sobered. All right, Katy. I was just trying to help." ' •t know, Ted." She touched his arm. Some other time.—" "Sure, Kaly. Some other time." He tossed bis hat at the hall-tree with the same old airiness, but line the attempted prelense it tell T a !i " < ?, UCSS 1>m out of Practice," Ted said as he stooped to pick * watched him hang U p his topcoat, and tried no! to wonder if he was thinking Chris's coat used to hang Ihcre, too. Chris never wore a hat. "Light a fire, won't you Ted?" 't was something to say, some- hing to do. Ho caught her spirit, or pre- onclnd U). "Logs in the same old •ace?" She nodded. He and Chris had cut them at intervals during the ummer. Long ricks were corded n the barn .... in the dark. You (1 lictler take Major, Ted." 'I'll be all right." "That's what Agnes Jerome hough L" (T* Be C«dU*»e<tt TUE8IMV NIGHT, AUOUST 12 6:00 Midwestern Hayride 1:00 Boss Lady 1:30 Circle Theatre 8:00 Amateur Hour 8:45. Miss Citizens Committee 9:00 Summer Theatre 10:00,I've Got A Secret 10:30 News 10:40 Pantomine Quiz 11:10 City Hospital 11.'40 News 11:45 Pinn Off WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 7:00 Today 1:25 News 7:30 Totlav 7:55 News" a.-OO Prologue to Future 8:30 Breakfast Party 9:<IO Mrs. U.S.A. 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Storylancl 10:15 Loye of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Morning Meditation 11:00 Film Pcnturette 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Homemakers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Johnny Dut;an 2:00 Manhattan-Matinee 3:00 Hawkins Falls 3:15 Oabbv Have.; 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Berl OlswnnRer 4:30 Snacr Cadets 4:45 Harf.oons 5:00 Film Fcaturctte 5:15 Nctt's 5:25 Weather 5:30 Those Two 5:^5 Nexvs Caravan 6:00 Youth Wants lo Know 6:30 Juvenile Jury 7:00 TV Thcalre 8:00 Tile Unexpected 8:30 Dangerous Assienment 5.00 Wednesday Theatre 9:30 Boston Blnckie 10:00 The Hunter 10:30 News 10:40 Rocky King 11:10 industry on Farads 11:30 News 11:40 Sign Off OUT OUR WAY WELL, it AIM'T SEMTLEMANLV TO BULLDOZE GIRL* OFF OF EVew A B4J-L, DtAMOJC", SO WE'RE ' PLAYIM PRETTY FAST WITH FOOTBALL THIS EAt^LV AIN'T ->OU?' SgEDBQgrr ACROSS QUICK' •enefit by Reading and Using Courier Ntws Classified Adi 'TO 1/4 nil* CEEfi.^yl KHOL DrtRWEKlTOr'N V^'Eg/ teztow-^AJ KN'tntEiaecnaite ./ ^Vflf^yfcMT \'* M ''«W™E...ffiia,H 1 -O".fcaf~ri FW, .,, u i * PALEFACE<OI/AWI V a dollar being a dollar!" 60(flrt CATCH irFKCW PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kjrby Drug Stores Telcvision- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT-, Memphis. Chinne! 4 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE [VOU DON'T GROW MUCH IMOLLVHOCK ^~7, f AS LONG AS A PERSON) IS FULL I'M FULL OF LEMONADE AND FRUIT CAKE.' f\ / / • f «-» ' *_ 1— \ ^» O (/vJrSlrt/ MATTER ? • \ TV- y( IRRELEVAI °- teaia \ PRI^CTII i OVFEie ) COfTPSE ON CUR- HASJ - M3U W»NT TO f=KY Read Courier News Classified Ads FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VETCH, SEED WHEAT, BARLEY FES CUE AND CLOVERS NEW CROP SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 6856-6857 Back-To-School Qujlllj materials— fine workmanship— •allsfacllon miarantc H-fl LTCRS »tfl(. TV SHOC SHOP in w. MAIN ST PoliHcol Announcements Subject to Preferential Election A"?. 12 1952 For Slate Representative KENNETH S. SUI.CER For Post No. a riy-P'^^VI.X I'WSOEP-V YOUR FM-HEKIS TOMORROW I'LL SHOW VOU A MEW BIROS' WEST IM OUR VftKD 1 . SO OOOLA AND/ PieASE...fT5 NOT FOOZV THREV/ /A CARRTT, IT IS A YOU OFFVOURl t-tP£lC TUEBAM... OWVJ l-LVKi> V AND I MUST MW!f, E «SS w.A.l^« , V " Ul " \ "wivifc:, ML/Nci. LN feSK,*!*?.?^ 1 ^"RE HE'LL GET ...AND ONLY) ME? VVHV, i YOU CAM VDOM'T EVEN HELP /KUCW WHERE ME/ BUT! DO.., AND YOUR FRIENDS \VITH IT... ' ^'•^m^~- to r\tV, ftVL Of VOliRJpvHtw" ViV VWt '. ~n."

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