The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on July 8, 1935 · 10
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 10

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1935
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10 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE MONDAY MORNING JULY 8 1935 UTAH TENNIS TITLE WIN I I L i i ! i n steaciy Coajt Subdues Hunt Oswald Murio Capture Doubles Dr Bartosh Supreme By BOB GOODLLfc Bobby Riggs 17-year-old junior tar from Los Angeles is the men's ' 'ingles champion of Utah The con-istent youngster won that title— 'and with it the state junior crown ' as well — when he took the measure of Joe Hunt another yountKful sensation from Los Angeles 12-10 6-3 6-2 in Sunday’s final match on the Bait Lake Tennis club courts Worth Oswald of Berkeley and ' John Murio of San Francisco re-peated their 1834 victory- in men’s ' doubles when they conquered Walter Senior of San Francisco and ’ lEarle W Peirce of Salt Lake City 7-8 7-8 6-4 Dr Esther Bartosh of Los'An- feles won thl women's singles crown in clear-cut fashion by overwhelming Edith von Hadeln of Salt n4jake City 6-1 6-1 in the final She then paired with Verona Mc- Ghie a Salt Lake girl to defeat Miss von Hadeln and Mary Gibbs 8-6 6-1 in the titular match of women's doubles f Tldball Takes Exhibition Jack Tidball Los Angeles Star j who was eliminated by Hunt in a quarterfinal match flashed the best i (brand of tennis he has displayed hero when he won one 10-8 set — from Worth Oswald the 1934 cham-p'lon and led him 4-3 in the second set of an exhibition which (was called to allow the main events to get under way The largest crowd in Salt Lake “tennis history watched the final “ day’s encounters which climaxed the greatest tournament e ve r staged in this state Riggs’ triumph was a popular one and was won in the same unruffled fashion that marked his -' victories ever Oswald the defending champion and Senior his dans’ feruemtfinal opponent Hunt e hard hitter who possessed more straightaway power than Riggs simply faced an opponent who red-turned most of his favorite shots w to spots where it was difficult to "continue an attack and frequently 1 uncorked whiplash passing shots and deep drives of varied pace and speed which forced him into errors' — Best In Emergencies - i " Further Rigg had the punoh In I The emergencies Time after time all through the match Riggs came (Jrom behind td pull his service igames out of the fire advancing (to the net for well-placed volleys -or keeping the ball in play until Ti Hunt missed in back court Riggs' service like Hunt's usually relied t on spin rather than speed but when a point was vital Riggs sev °Meral times came through with a cannon-ball delivery that won the 'joint outright Hunt played his characteristics! ly souni game and scored many t sensational placements both from !backcourt and from the net with his decisive shots But he was trou-"'bled considerably by Riggs' deep rather slow shots which prevented Hunt's usual style of “outspeeding" the speed of an opponent’s strokes Hunt ripped through the first four igames of the duel two of them go-t4ng to deuce before Riggs won e game oh his own service He broke Hunt's' delivery from IS and then captured his own after a deuce : game But Hunt came back to cap-ture the longest game of the set ! tricky drop phots halting Riggs' rally and giving Hunt a 6-3 edge - Riggs won his service and then 4 -broke Hunt’s after the blond star o' had gained a 30-love lead With the set moving into deuce Riggs’ “ ’’’service was crashed twice but each IHlme he immediately captured "‘Hunt's once on a long deuce bat Prtle-when two perfect lobs found “the back line for Crucial points ‘WAfter the score reached 8-all Riggs charged the net on his serve with - ‘"‘good results but Hunt held his ser-”vice handily until the twenty-second “Tgame’ At this point Riggs forced Hunt Into three errors Battling ' ti-desperately the latter scored two siczling placements and rushed for ’" the net on the next point but Riggs L brought his pet backhand passing hot into play tor a clean place-ment and a 12-10 win t J Perfect Lob Helps f In the" second set victory went It Ywith service until the sixth game - when Hunt lapsed into a brief I streak of inisplays which gave Riggs ' a ‘4-2 margin Trailing at 16-40 Riggs stormed the net to win his delivery and after Hunt won his service with accurate drop shots Riggs served out the set taking a ' Jong deuce game a perfect lob again rproving the telling factor in the 6-3 — win - Riggs' deadly consistency told on wHunt in the final Riggs forcing “ him Into frequent errors and win- ning at 6-2 a perfect ace bringing him the final point ' In the doubles Oswald and Murio had a bit too much all-around pow- 6 t er for Senior and Peirce although 4 - Senior’s terrific drives and smashes & and Peirce’s steady drives worried I I the champions throughout They I J broke Peirce's service twice in the I I first set for a Win '! The second set was the losers’ I " best for they broke the deliveries of both their opponents to assume a 6-3 lead Here Senior dropped his service for the only time of the ‘snatch the titleholders coming from t behind a 40-16 disadvantage to get back in the running They immedi- (Cootlnued es Followln Pase) Hundreds Open Annual Municipal Net Meet UtahNetmen Will Appear In Colorado Thirteen Salt Lake City tennis players are bound for Denver and the Colorado state tournament which opened there Sunday Miss Edith von Hadeln Salt Lake City women's champion will appear there as will Fred "Buck” Dixon of Provo the Salt Lake City tl-Ueholder and semlflnallst in the Utah tournament which closed Sunday Others in the party Include Dsn Dixon of Provo and the following Salt Lakers: Mel Gallacher Grant Evans Dave Freed Ross Sutton Marvin Alter Bud Raleigh Gordon Oiles Dick Bennion Jack Hardy and Goodwin Peterson Most of the Californians who took part in the Utah meet are moving on to Denver for the Colorado competition P G A Selects Hagen Captain Of Ryder Team Laffoon Parks Revolla Picard Enter Competition for First Time NEW YORK July 7 UP)— The grand old man of professional golfs “old guard” Walter Hagen was designated today as playing captain of the American Ryder cup team which will play a British side at Ridgewood N J on September 28 and 29 Chosen along with nine other home-bred salaried shotmakers the 43-year-old Detroit veteran's selection was by no means an "honorary gesture" on the part of the Professional Golfers' association but justified recognition of the old campaigner's pulse-quickening finish in the open championship at Oakmont last month The “Old Haig” has been a member ofevefy team alnce the biennial series wert Inaugurated with an Informal match In 1926 Hagen's teammates were named in the following order: Paul Runyan of White Plains N Y 1934 professional champion Sam Parks Jr of Pittsburgh and Olin Dutra of Monterey CaL present and 1934 open champions Ky Laffoon of Chicago f Johnny Revolta of Milwaukee Henry Picard of Hershey Pa Horton Smith of Chicago Gene Sarazen of Brookfield Centre Conn and Craig Wood of Deal N J AH members were chosen on the merits of their competitive records for the past two years although Runyan and Parks qualified automatically on the strength of their laurels For Parks it is another milestone in his meteoric career Lesa than lx weeks ago just another pro truggllng for a living he skyrocketed to fame by defeating the pick of the country’s talent in the open championship Purely on his record otherwise Park would not have come in for consideration for a place on the team This year’s team includes four newcomers to International competition— Parks Laffoon Revolta and Picard They take the places of Denny Shute Leo Diegel Bill Burke and Ed Dudley who helped form the -1933 team which was beaten In England by a score of 61 to 5Vt ‘Spec Stewart Wins Western Junior Cup COLORADO SPRINGS Colo July 7 (AT— Verne "Spec" Stewart Of Albuquerque N M Stanford university undergraduate defeated Harry Todd of Dallas Texas 1 up In a 39-hole match hers today to win the western junior golf championship Todd was the defending champion Despite all efforts to wipe out cockfighting by state law many an old barn in the United States is still the scene of battles royaL New Courses Being BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS — New TO-mile and 12V4-mlle courses are being surveyed in preparation for tho run of John Cobb tho English broker and speed king who moved his entourage and his speed buggy here Sunday from Salt Lake City v A C Pillsbury George Stevenson and other American Automobile association official sare endeavoring to complete the survey as rapidly as possible that Cobb may take his machine out for tests and then decide which of the two courses he will use It is believed Cobb will bo able to reach a decision by Wednesday ' In the meantime Cobb's mechanical staff was tuning up thb Speedy pier-Railton and it was out for a trial spin Cobb again expressed delight at the condition of the salt flats Reid Railton designer of the car also voiced high praise of the flats as did C J P Dodson and Tim Rose Richards relief drivers for Cobb Delayed Punch Will Finish Joe Louis Opines Kingfish Levinsky Gets ‘Call’ as White Hope to Take Measure of Dark Destroyer By JOHN LARDNER Special Dispatch to The Salt Lake Tribune (Copyright 1935) NEW YORK— From somewhere in the wilderness a voice came to King Levinsky saying: “King you are the last white hope Go out there and stop this Louis with your good right arm That at least is the way Mr Levinsky explains his challenge to Layton Wins 2-1 Over Canners as T Brown Stars LAYTON— Layton playlni lti drat same will? Smith Cannlns took the drat same ot the aecond-half achadul 1 to 1 Sunday T Brown waa the etar maklns threo grtat eatchoa and driving in both runa Tho acora: LAYTON SMITH CANNING AB H Q A AB H O A 8 Cowley Jb 4 1 J I E Skeen ef 4 0 0 0 B Cowley lb I 1 1 0 Weaver lb 111! Bonham aa I 2 0 llBentochea lb 1 1 0 1 J Brown of 4 110 Maaon If 1010 VBrown If 4 11 01 Hartley lb 4 I I I Scoff laid e I 0 0 Oi Walker lb Chappele rf I 0 I 0'Hodion 3 1 110 4 111 ID10 3 0 7 0 3 0 0 0 110 0 McDonald lb I 0 0 1 Paaa p 4 0 19 Clark rf Weal e Norton p xCook Total a 317 31" Totali 31 0 31 10 xBatttd for Cla -k In ninth Layton 000 003 000—3 Smith Cannina 000 000 001—1 Summary: Two-base hit— Weaver Double play— Bonham to S Cowley to McDon aid Credit victory to Paae Umpires— Row end Mansell Scorer— Cook Heavies Box in Cuba HAVANA July 7 (AT— Hans Blr kio of Germany and Isidoro Gas tanaga of Spain heavyweights have been signed to fight at the Oriental race track Sunday July 14 with the patrons permitted to bet bn their choice under the pari mutual system The InternaUonal basebaU league has passed a' rule forbidding any club playing an exhibition game with a club not a member of some league in organized ' baseball the brown bomber a challenge which was accepted so fast that you’d think the bomber was anxious even eager to meet the deadly Kingfish The boys will come together in Chicago this August There seems to be no doubt of the issue for the King admits that he will batter the dark destroyer into a state of complete and abject submission in one round or less “My stren’th Is as the stren’tH of ten because my heart is pure” shouted the idol of the fish business on learning that Louis for reasons best known to himself had egreed to fight him Forceful As Baer’s Fist Levinsky doesn't know where the call came from He was sitting around just munchthg the fat when something made him rise to his feet This is an unusual position for the Kingfish He stood lost In thought with his chin in the air He did the same thing against Max Baer last winter with the same result Something struck’ him flush on the button This time it was the voice of inspiration "Lena” he said to his loyal little sister who has collected her cut of the King through thick and thin “I’ve been called" “Yeah?" eald Madame Levinsky “Did they leave a number?" "I’ve been called to fight the dark destroyer" explained the Kingfish "and bring glory back to the UfhitA M(A "Fine" said Lena 'It ought to do $200000" Lena’s lovable gift for figures and percentage makes her the ideal partner for the dreamy poetic King' fish She settled down to business right away While the King was reading a page or two of Milton’s “Paradise Regained" his little sister was arranging the details Consider them arranged There is one thing that puzzles the Levinsky family (nee Krakow) why is Mr Louis so wlUlng to sacrifice himself to the white avenger Doesn’t he know that the King has heard the call? Apparently not for he clamored for the fight as loudly as anyone Did Joe hear a call too? Is this a party wire? Delayed Punch Too Anyway the King Is not going to worry about what Louis beard or what he didn’t bear He is going to train very hard for the fight Training will begin Immediately if not later The King was saying to Hans Blrkle only a short while ago as he leaned his head on Birkle’s shoul der In the middle of tho ring that this Louis is a set-up for a fella with a roundhouse right "The trouble with these other guys that fought Louis” reasoned the Kingfish “is that they tried to hit him too soon His defense was up When I throw my delayed punch his defense will be up and then down again before I land" - 1 ‘v V ''' ' VV--''A ' Here are the Utah tennis champions of 1935 Top left to right Worth Oswald of Berkeley Cal men’s doubles John Murio San Francisco men’s doubles Verona McGhie Salt Lake City women’s doubles Dr Esther Bartosh Los Angeles women’s singles and doubles Below is an action shot of Bobby Riggs Los Angeles junior phenom who won both men's singles and junior singles titles by defeating Joe Hunt another southern California junior star in “double” final MONDAY’S SCHEDULI Men's ginalea LaMar Quiver va Owen Him Victory No 1 I p m Lyman Dalnti vi William Pauh Victory No 1 4 p m Hugh Watson vi Tono Susukl Pioneer No 1 8 p m Fred Davies vs Ernest Barlow Victory No 3 f p m Seth Youm vs Alvin Spencer Fifth Avenue No 1 1 p m Jack Leary ve Melvin Jordan Victory No 1 6 p m Bob Benton vs Ernest Bourns Fifth Avenue No 3 1 p m c Purdte Daines vs Gardner Bowler Vic tory No 3 4 p m Francis Shields va Frtnk Dunes ! Lib erty No 1 I i n Leonard Clark vs Afton Deuel Liberty No 1 7 p m Clarence Sollls vi Noboru Susukl Pioneer No 1 t p m Louis Schofield vs Chet Holmbert Liberty No 2 p m Charles Welch va Jack Thomas Pioneer No 1 -5 p m f f Lynn Slmmona vs Max McKendrtck Liberty No 1 10 a m Melvin Peterson vs Lon Sperry Pioneer No 1 S p m Earl Colbert va Clyde Outke Liberty No 2 7 p m Roy Darke vs Stewart Oallacher Victory No I S p m Melvin Johnson vi Jean Larson Pioneer No 3 I p m Ralph Backman va Alma Mauss Victory i No 3 7 p m - - Ci Dave Cox va No l I p m waiter Plnborpuih va Max Fifth Avenue No L 10 a m All Traufter va John Rote Liberty No 1 4 p m Don Qabbott vi Spfpctr Yount Community No 1 p m Blltott Alrmat va Gordon Dorlua Lindsey No L 10 a m Dtck Milner vi Bruce Gilchrist Victory No 1 7 p m Arthur Allen vs Mont Carlston Liberty No 3 10 a m Horton Jensen Va Gordon Himes Liberty No 3 0 p Gaston Chappuis vs Homer Oower Fifth avenua No L I p Kenneth Smith Victory Jakeman Dous Youm vi Jamea Telford Llndaey No 1 0 p m Ned Chamberlain "va Oeorta Mills Victory No 3 7 p m Bud Limb vs Tom Rich Suiarhousa No 1 4 p m Chet Johns vs Reed Bleak Liberty No 3 10 a m BUI Labrum vs Harry Hammond Liberty No 4 10 a m Oeone Green vs Olenoyd Hiss Victory No 3 11 a m Clyde Kirk va Wlllli Peterson Pioneer No 1 7 p m Clem Sheeran va LeGrande Olsen Filth Avenue No 3 4 p m Jack Porter vs John Swanter Victory No 1 3 p m Bill McChmtat vi vern Busby Victory No 4 4 p m Rea Btjjk vs Jack Morrla Liberty No Jack Pellmeth vs Gall Smith Victory No 4 7 p m Jesse Dsrke vs Hush Brand Victory No 0 7 p m Joe Mlya va Paul Leavitt Liberty No 4 ' K m en fisher vs Walter Oottechalk erty No I 4 p m Howard Christensen va Hani Orillen berger Liberty No 3 4 p m Walter Coearlff va Howard Anderaon Oommunlty No 1 7 p m Noel Bell va Wayne Crockett Plonaer No 1 10 a m Sol Betnun vs O T Hovey fifth Ave hue No t 3 p m Charles Parry va Murray Bleak Fifth Avenue No 1 M a m Bob Bayle vs D L Freebalrn Victory No I I a Charles Behle va Ted Heal Victory No 3 I p m Glen Fuller va Dave Todd Liberty No 3 7 p m Howard Hereof ve Hlerboeck Ludwig Liberty No 5 1 P m Lathalr Curtis and Duke Mayor Junisr Singles Dllworlh Welker Jr va Clinton Jailer Liberty No 1 11 a m Eugene Lavatan vg Fred Aste Liberty No 3 p m Clifford Ber- vt Frank Sullivan Liberty No 3 11 a m (Continued en Pae Twelve) Harmony in Hawaii Due To Baseball SEATTLE July 7 (F— Baseball has done more to bring the heterogeneous races of Hawaii together in amity than many laws pnd many intermarriages Miss Margaret Lam slender Chinese girl and research instructor of sociology at the University of Hawaii said here today “Foremost among the sports in promoting racial harmony and understanding is amateur and professional baseball It affords a method for the diverse racial groups to come Into intimate contact with the cosmopolitan social universe of the Polynesian Islands “There are about 200 baseball teams on the island of Oahu alone with about 6000 baseball players in the unorganized leagues” lanagan Cuts Medica’s Mark For 880 Yards Honda Boy Clips Nearly Eight Seconds From Former Time Detroit July (Ah— Ralph Flanagan 17-year-old Miami Fla high school boy won a second crown in the National A A U swimming championships here tonight swijnming the 880-yard free style in 10:076 an unofficial world mark for the long course It was the third defeat of the meet for Jack Medica Seattle ace who holds the listed world and American long-course record for the 880-yard event of 10:154 Medica was shorn of the mile title by Flanagan last week and lost his crown in the 440-yard free style to John Macionis Yale university Student Saturday The Miami boy was away fast in tonight's contest and led by two or three feet until the half way mark At ttiat point he put on a spurt that Increased his lead to a body length He crossed the line 25 feet ahead of Medica after a great finish Jimmy Gilhula of the Detroit Athletic club successfully defended his title in the 220-yard free style although he swam the distance in the comparatively slow time of 2:151 The listed world mark of Johnny Weismuller is 2:09 and Medica was clocked at 2:079 last spring a record which is still pending Stanford Netmen Pace Tournament DENVER July 7 (AV-Four members of Stanford university’s tennis team paced more than a score of entries into the second round of the Colorado state singles championship tournament here today Sam Lee one Stanford entrant and Sid MUsteln Denver were the only seeded players matched opening day and both pulled through Milsteln nosed out Ralph Godsey Kansas City 9-7 3-6 6-2 and Lee toppled Dick Cohen Denver 6-3 6-0 George— Tanaka Denver public parks champion reached the second round by trimming George Wt-gatow University of Colorado player 8-1 6-2 Ben Dey of Stanford downed Tom Parper Denver who represented California Institute of Technology in the recent national lntercollegl ate meet 7-8 10-8 William Seward and Jack Jynch also Stanford players whipped O K Evans and Herman Clow Denver Both won In straight sets although Lynch was carried to two deuce sets winning 7-5 8-8 Seward took his match 6-3 6-3 Another out of state player to make an impressive start in the meet was George Ball of El Paso Texas Northwestern university star Ball pounded out a 6-1 6-3 victory over Hank Swan Denver ‘i Coldwater Comes First In Gdvernor’s Handicap SEATTLE July 7 (A1— Coldwater carrying th silks ot Mrs R F Carman Jr won tho third running ot the Governor's handicap today beating Coldstream out in the finish of the mile in 1:40 Under restraint for the first half mile Coldwater moved up strongly In the stretch and won under hard urging Mr Bun made his moye at the same time as Coldwater and came in third Coldwater paid 1320 and $480 and Goldstream $310 with no show money SaniMateo pinner LOS ANGELES July 7 (UP) A goal from Charley Christln’s mallet late in the game gave San Mateo poloists an 11 to 10 victory over Riviera today Today Men’s Junior Boys’ Singles I Events Begin Throng Ready for Ac- lion in Mammoth Tennis Fray With 142 matches scheduled the ninth annual municipal tennis tournament will get under way at 8 o’clock Monday morning The city's 37 courts will be kept busy throughout the day with contests booked from 9 a m to 9 p m inclusive Tournament players are granted the use of all courts at the hours scheduled and anyone not playing tourney matches are requested to yield the courts to those engaged in scheduled matches Three Events Monday Men's junior and boys' singles are on the opening day program with men’s doubles junior doubles boys’ doubles and one women’s event probably junior girls’ singles to be scheduled for Tuesday Winners are held responsible for reporting alt scores to the tennis editor at The Salt Lake Tribune When reportini matches or seek ins any information retarding tho municipal tennis tournament eon-testants are cautioned to call Wasatch 590 and ask for the Tennis Editor not for the sports department The Tennis Editor will be on band from ft a m until 12 midnight daily beginning Monday Wasatch 590 as promptly as possible at thq conclusion of their matches otherwise defaults will result Any error or misunderstanding in scheduling should be reported to the tennis editor as soon as possible on the day the schedule appears He will be available from 8 a m to 12 midnight beginning Monday Players from Provo Nephi Bingham and Magnai as well as those of Salt Lake City are included in the entry lists Carlston Morris Play In Monday’s matches Mont Carlston men’s singles champion of 1934 is scheduled to open his title defense while Jack Morris runnerup last season also is booked for action Roy Cottingham the 1934 junior titleholder is not entered nor is Merlin Slack of Provo the boys’ champion of last season The complete schedule for Monday appears elsewhere in this issue Anyone who has submitted an entry blank and whose name does not appear in the schedule should get in touch with the tennis editor at once Joyce Hort Win Best-Ball Tilt CHICAGO July 7 (Ah — Playing before 4000 spectators the biggest gallery of her American tour to date Joyce Wethered England’s great woman golfer teamed with Horton Smith today to defeat Mildred (Babe) Didrikson and Gene Sarazen in an exhibition match at the Oak Park Country club Miss Wethered and Smith won under California foursome rules 12 and 4 but the margin was reduced to 1 up on a best ball basis The English girl aimed at Virginia Van Wie's women’s course record of 76 but fell short by two strokes going around in 39-39—78 Smith and Sarazen had 71’s one under par while the Texaa Babe not at her best needed 45-43—88 S L Softball Association A Division Team Standinr Won Loet City Perks White ii Whits Waener Bai Joller's Service Mecca Billiards A C C Western Opts"! Floral Service Pet 1000 1000 500 500 353 000 000 000 - n Swiday’e Results Ch1VarKriViMA‘Billl‘rd' Taesday'a 8chedal j B Division H?oVne0rOC'rT V‘ B‘ R- R- C PV’l D8 C‘ V‘ PUnT Bever“’ Tm" LlbeWrt7Noa3hln V‘ Yls C irfloen V'- I'rot a'rvlce P m South cores: R H E Jolley Service 4 4 1 Mecca Billiards ) “ 12 3 St'rlefr8churn n1 Xkrem: Williams and Oswald city ptrkr:::1T n I A C C ( £ 2 Dennery and Huber Giacoma ana Mayo B Division Scores n n n R H E o n n C 12 oe 2 Frost’s Service !!!!!!! 9 13 6 — vlncen hd McQueen: Reeie and Bennion U f Pinney Beverate 7' 13 t Zipway Grocery 5 $ j Batteries — Service and Hagan Dunlop and Newman H i Plnney Beveraae 13' 15 6 Frost's Service j g j — Jacobson and Hsian Brown and Maxwell Remits L D B B O 13 Yale A C I Yale A C 4 Twenty-seventh ward I Printers Win The Western prlntlm softball team gained a 12 to 5 victory over Salt Lake Stamp Friday in an Employes' league encounter The score t R H E Western Printing ij w j Salt Lake Stamp li 8 4 Batteries — Coleman and Crane Love and Johansoa r5v 4 J: 't ft' VI

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