The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 20, 1932 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1932
Page 13
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1932 Clergy to Open Campaign for $50X03 Budg. Brooklyn Federation of Churches Will Present Needs by Boro Pulpits Tomorrow will beMFederatio Bundy" In Brooklyn Protestant churches as official opening of the camnalin for $50,000 by the ledera tion. Ministers will speak of the accomplishments and alms of the federation in relation to the rap Idly changing social conditions in the boro and bring to the attention of the congregations the necessity for full support of the federation program for 1932. The $50,000 is planned to cover the deficit of 1931 and the budget for 1933 which has been cut as closely as possible without curtailing too much the various federation activities. One feature of Brooklyn life that will be stressed la the large percentage of children and young people in the population ana tne special need for social and religious educational work with these classes The federation staff has already volunteered a salary reduction and working with a minimum personnel A committee of 50 prominent ministers and laymen has been se lected to lead the campaign with the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, and James H. Post as chairmen. Other officers are the Rev. Dr. Frank E. Simmons, president of the federation; the Rev. Wilfcfcur Saunders, Peter Hamilton, J. H Carpenter, acting secretary of the federation, Dr. Roy B. uuild ana Mrs. Fenwlck W. Ritchie, president of the Protestant Big Sister Council A folder issued for the campaign shows the advance made In the work of the federation during its 11 years under the late Rev. Dr. Frederick M. Gordon,. Us founder and only general secretary, and the need that the service now rendered be not only continued, but enlarged in scope. ' i , The Rev. Dr. Ira E. David, pas tor of the Alliance Tabernacle, will preach tomorrow morning on "Job Meets God" and In the evening on -.Eternal Life or Abiding Wrath." Set of Silk Flags Gift to All Souls A set of silk flags will be pre sen ted and dedicated tomorrow eve nlng at All Souls Universalis Church. The donor Is William Umpleby. collector and trustee for the church, to honor the memory of George Washington and recog nize the Washington bicentenial The flags will be placed In the chancel of the church. Miss An gela Morgan, well known poet, will speak and patriotic music will be given. In the morning Robert Polk, re cent honor student at the En glneers School of Tufts College, will answer a sermon of the pastor, the Rev. Cornelius . Greenway, two mgrnth 1 -Sgo. Mr. Greenway preached on "What's Wrong With Our Youth," presenting a challenge to the young people of the church. Mr. Polk objected to Mr. Green-way's viewpoint, so he was Invited to present his views publicly. He will speak on "What IS Wrong With Youth?" Tomorrow will be National Young People's Sunday In universallst churches. Downtown Lenten Noonday Services The third week of the community noonday Lenten services at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity will open on Monday with the Rev. Dr. William E. Dudley, pastor of Flatbush Congregational Church, as preacher. On Wednesday an organ recital will be given at the close of the service by Prof. Louis Robert, organist of Holy Trinity Other preachers for the week will be: ' Tuesday, the Rev. Ralph E. Davis of St. Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church. Wednesday, the Rev. Dr. Frank E. Simmons of Spencer Memorial Presbyterian Church. - Thursday, the Rev. Karl Reilnnd of St. George's P. E. Church, Manhattan. Friday, the Rev. Dr. George A. Clarke of Emmanuel Baptist Church. The Rev. James H. Bigelow, pastor of South 3d Street Presbyterian Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "The Chief Corner Stone." f 13 News of the Churches The Rev. David Miller, pastor of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "Christ, the Sanctification of God" and in the evening on "The Relation of Authority to Freedom." . The Rev. Dr. William Carter, pastor of Throop Avenue Presbyterian Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "George Washington, patriot and President." In the evening a dramatic presentation of the life of Washington will be given from the pastor's new book. "A Nation's Sire." Souvenir programs, patriotic music and decorations and a parade of patriotic societies with color guard will be included in the program. The Rev. Horace E. Clute, rector of St. George's p. E. Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "The Right Use of Lent." On Thursday evening the Rev. John Lewis Zacker, rector of St. John the Baptist P. E. Church, will be guest preacher. The Rev. Fred Wllcock, pastor of Park Slope M. E. Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "Stewardship of Life." in the evening the Men's Loyalty Service will be held with the men of the church attending in a body. The Rev. Wilbour E. Saunders, pastor of the Marcy Avenue Baptist Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "True Democracy" and In the evening on "George Wash lug-ton." The Rev. Dr. Rush R. Sloant, rec tor of St. Luke's P. E. Church, will preach tomorrow morning on Qeorge Washington Faith." In the evening the Rev. .Allen Evans Jr., rector of Trinity Church, Hewlett, L. I., will preach at the choral service. The Rev. Lewis Happ, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, will preach tomorrow morning at German and English services. On Wednesday evening he will preach In German. Rowland McLean .Cross will be guest ' preacher tomorrow morning at South Congregational Church. In the evening the pastor, the Rev. Raymond A. McConnell, will preach on "When Jesus Condemns." The Rev. Dr. William H. Stutts, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Epiphany, will preach tomorrow morning on "Blessed Assurances"; -in the evening on "Pessimists," and on Wednesday evening on "Valu able Information.' The Rev. Delmer Perry Wood. pastor of the Washington Avenue S. D. A. Church, will speak at the evening service tomorrow on "God's Ancient Message to His Modern People." This will be preceded by an organ recital and Illustrated song service. Saturday morning the Rev. A. O. Tate will speak. Mr. Tate is editor of Signs of the Times, a weekly magazine published at Modern View, Cal. This magazine is printed in several languages and has subscrib ers in all parts of the world. Mr. Tate is making a tour of the churches in the East.;. .v. . The Rev. Dr. John C. Walker, pastor of the Church of the Pil grims, will preach tomorrow morning on "The Sheer Force of Characters." In the evening Channing Pollock, playwright, will speak on his own play "The House Beautiful." Wednesday evening the Rev. Frank Gavin will preach on "The Christian Art of Living." Dr. Frank T. Cartwright will be guest preacher tomorrow morning at St. Mark's Methodist Church. The pastor, the Rev. Dr. Ralph Emerson Davis, will preach In the evening on "The Voice of Jesus." The Washington Anniversary banquet will be held on Fej. 24. . The Rev. John Barlow, pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "On Being Baptized for the Dead," in a Washington Bicentennial service. ' The Rev. Dr. Francis W. O'Brien of Greenwood Baptist Church will preach tomorrow morning on "Washington's Spirit in These Days of Test" and In the evening on "A Christian Patriot." The Rev. Leon J. Brace, pastor of Lenox Road Baptist Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "George Washington" and in the evening on "Beautiful Women in the House Beautiful." The Rev. Dr. William F. Sunday, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, will preacn tomorrow morning on "Control Thy self." In the evening the . Rev. Luther E. Woodward will preach at a Scout Service on "The Social Demand of Religious Faith." HIS OWN PLAY Mrs. Ella Pomeroy will speak tomorrow afternoon at the Unity Society of Brooklyn on "Your Energy Center." On Wednesday evening David Walter Pye, a student of metaphysics for 30 years, will speak. On March 13 the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, pastor of Central Congregational Church, will present a Bible to all children baptized by him who have reached the age of seven years. He will preach tomorrow morning on "George Washing ton. The Rev. Samuel M. Dorrance, rector of St. Ann's Episcopal Church, will preach tomorrow morning. In the afternoon the Rev. H. Augustus Ouiley will speak at the Lenten Vespers on "Six Saints," with the subject, "St. Francis of Assist." The Rev. Dr. Raymond C. Knox, chaplain of Columbia University, will be guest preacher at the Wednesday evening Lenten service. The Rev Dr. George A. Clarke, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, will preach tomorrow morning on Victim of Race Prejudice" and at vespers on "Not Far From tne King dom of Ood." t v sasj.wV s , i i ' j f , j -'.I v- V .1 r ..' a? ', ' ?1 M i f I Manhattan Church News The Men's Club of the Unity Society will hold an open meeting at Unity headquarters on Monday evening in celebration of the Washington Bicentennial. Dr. Richard Lynch will speak tomorrow morning in the Engineering Auditorium and on Monday evening. Radio sermons will be delivered tomorrow afternoon by the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman over WEAF on "George Washington"; the Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick over WJZ on "A Fundamentalist Sermon by a Modernist Preacher," and the Rev. Dr. Daniel A. Poling over WJZ on txceisior." Channing Pollock, playwright, who will speak tomorrow evening at the Church of the Pilgrims on his own play, "The House Beautiful." He will speak particularly of the fact that drama may be clean and beautiful hi story and still be dramatic and entertaining. The Rev. James Lord, pastor of St. John's M. E. Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "George Washington" and in the evening on "What We Want In Religion." Musical Devotions Will eB Resumed The Church of the Neighbor will hold its fourth series of Lenten mu sical devotions at twilight on Sundays during Lent beginning tomor row. Allan H. Cornelius, organist and choirmaster, has arranged musical programs with the organ and assisting vocal and instrumental soloists. John Mlddlekoop, Miss Alexandra Carey, Josef Liccardo, violinist and N. Oliver Walters are the soloists. On Palm Sunday the closing service will have Stalner's "Crucifixion" by the .combined choirs of the Church of the Neigh bor and the City Park Branch of First Presbyterian Church. The pastor, the Rev. E. M. Law rence Gould, will preach tomorrow morning on "Freedom: Do We Really Want It?" The Rev. Emll Roth, pastor of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, will speak at the German service tomorrow morning on "Das Llcht der Welt" and at the English service on "Bicentennial of Washington's Birthday." At the Wednesday evening German service the subject will be "Die Familie im Dornenkranz" and at the Friday evening service "Provision." x Dr. Robert H. Glover, home di rector of the China Inland Mission will speak tomorrow afternoon at calvary Baptist Church on. "Mill. tary and Spiritual Conflict in China loaay under the auspices of the Interdenomlnation Foreign Missions Association of North America. The pastor of Calvary, the Rev. Will H Houghton, will preach In the morning on "Habakkuk Says. 'God Requires Faith.'" and In the evening on "Obadiah Says, 'Materialism Rons Man of the Sense of God.' " The Rev. Albert C. Orier will preach tomorrow morning at the unurcn or the Truth on "Acknowl edge God in All Thv Ways," and In the evening on "Was Jesus the cnrlst?" The Rev. Dr. W. Russell Bowie, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, wiu preacn tomorrow morning. At tne evensong the Rev. Dr. Charles E. Jefferson will preach. The Rev. Dr. J. V. Moldenhawer, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "The 200th anniversary of the Birth of George Washington." in the evening the Rev. Phillips P. Elliott will preach on "God in Human History." Dr. William C. Carl will direct program of music of Washington's time. William Sulzer will speak tomorrow afternoon at the Baha'l Center on "Abdul Ban Is Marching On." Lenten Services Lenten Service James E. Bennett, Boston radio preacher, will be guest speaker to morrow afternoon at Christ's Mission in Mecca Temple. Mrs. Gertrude Steele Chambers, psychologist, will speak tonight and Monday and Tueday evenings at the Union Auditorium under the ausipces of the New York Psychology Center. Philip C. Nash, director of the League of Nations Association, will speak tomorrow evening at the Park Lane Hotel before the New History Society. He will give his views as to how world peace may be obtained. Catholic News Forty Hours Devotion will begin tomorrow in the Church of St. Vin cent de Paul, N. 6th St., between Bedford and Driggs Ave.; Holy Name, 9th and Prospect Aves.; St. Vincent Ferrer, Glenwood Road and E. 17th St.; Immaculate Conception, Wexford Terrace and 178th St., Jamaica; Immaculate Concep tion. Singer St., Astoria; Visitation Richards and Verona Sts.; SS. Simon and Jude, Van Sicklen St. and Avenue T. Feb. 28 St. Mary Star of the Sea, Court and Luqueer Sts.; Holy Ghost, 17th Ave. and 45th St.; Immaculate Conception, Leonard and Maujer Sts.; St. Ga briel, New Lots Road and Linwood St.; St. Elizabeth, Woodhaven; Holy Cross, Church Ave. and Prospect St.; St. Matthew, Utica Ave. and Lincoln Place; St. Fortunsta (Mis lion), East New York, Brooklyn. A mass of requiem will be of fered on Monday morning at 10 o'clock in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Sth Ave. and 59th St., for the deceased members of the Alumni Association of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish School, con sisting of the priests and nuns who have taught in the school. At tne board of directors meeting held on Jan. 28, it was decided to suspend dues in the organization for the current year and to retain the present officers until January, 1933. The of ficers are: Very Rev. Charles J Crowe, C. 8. S. R.. honorary presi dent; Rev. Francis Shields, C. a S. R.. spiritual director; Mary (Sel ler) Henderson, president; Josephine Julian, vice president; Thomas Bovle. secretary; Muriel (Power) Chapman, treasurer. The feast days of the week are; Sunday, Feb. 21, Second Sunday in Lent. GosdcI. St. Matt. xvu:i-, Transfiguration of Our Lord. Monday, St. Peter's Chair; Tuesday, St. Peter Damlan: Wednesday, hi. mi thlas: Thursday, 8t. Felix; Friday, St. Victor; Saturday, St. Leander. The sermon schedule for the bal ance of the month at the Church at at Tsnatius Rogers Ave. ana rarrnil St.. follows: sunaav morn ln at 11 o'clock mass: Feb. 21, the Rev. John B. Kenener, a. j., Feb. 28, the Rv. Paul K. uonnin. S J.. Tector. Sunday evenings at o'clock Sacred Heart devotions, the Rev. John B. Kelleher, S. J. Th annual reauiem mass for the deceased members of the Holy Name Spiritualists Cosmopolitan Spiritualist Church lohaston Building. 12 Nevia. St, Room 73 Free Wdl Offering every Saturday evening At 431 State St. avery Thursday and Sunday. Wednesday efternoone at 00. Special Benefit Rally at Johneton Bldf. Sat.. Feb. J7. ?Jlum"j. lor u. vocei soioi.-, , accompanied by Mr. Belt;. Mre .J. c. MURPHY. Olelraudlent Tet Medium. Undenominational Undenominational SMITH The Rev. Dr. J. Percival Huget, pastor of Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church, will preach tomorrow on "The Kingdom Within," the second of his Lenten series. In the evening motion pictures of the Life and Deeds of George Wash ington" will be shown in recognition the Washington Bicentennial, The Rev. Ernest E. Youtz will conduct a brief opening service. The Rev. Dr. St. Clair Hester, rec- tor of the P. E. Church of the Messiah, will preach tomorrow morning on "The Character and Career of George Washington." A special musical service will be given at vespers with Brahm's "Song of Destiny." The second of the United Hill Zone Lenten services will be held on Tuesday evening at the P. E Church of the Messiah, with the Rev. Frederick A. Scott of St. Matthew's P. E. Church, Quebec, as preacher. The Rev. Dr. Wallace J. Gardiner, rector of St. Paul's P. E. Church, Flatbush, will preach tomorrow morning in a Washington anniver sary service. In the evening the Rt. Rev. John I. Blair Lamed, bishop suffragan of the diocese of Long Island, will preach and confirm. On nrTiT a t LENTEN MISSION SERVICES WEEKDAYS EXCEPT SATURDAYS CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Hancock St., near Bedford Feb. 28 to March 4. at 8 P.M. fit y I FLATBUSH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Qj Dorchester Road and Beat 18th St. -5 March 6 to 11, at 8 P.M. jjj CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH g At Noon Daily From February 28 to March 20. S Hi Also Every Evening. March 13 to 20. at 8:00 P.M. jjj ft AUSP1CKS RILIOIOUS WORK COMMITTEE FEDERATION OP CHURCHES uj S EVERYBODY WELCOME S Hanson Pltice SDowntown-NobndayflB COMMUNITY LENTEN SERVICES .. , . . AT THE flUjurrlf of tip fnly rmtfy Montague and Clinton Streets, Brooklyn Heights Boro Hall 12:05-12:30 DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY SPEAKERS Feb. 22 Rev. WM. E. DUDLEY, D.D. FLATBUSH CONORIOATIONAL CHURCH Feb. 23 Rev. RALPH E. DAVIS ST. MARK'S METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 24 Rev. FRANK E. SIMMONS SPENCER MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 26 Rev. GEORGE A. CLARKE ST. OEOROE'S P. E. CHURCH. MANHATTAN EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH AUSPICES OF COMMITTEE OF MANY CHURCHES Feb. Feb. Society win be offered on Monday at 10 a.m., at the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, Prospect Park west and Prospect Ave. : uegrees in theology and canon law were conferred on 41 candi' dates at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C, at recent convocation at the conclusion of the Winter session. Those from the Diocese of Brooklyn who received the degree of Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) were as follows: Matthew Patrick Kelly, Clement Joseph Walsh, William Francis Matters, Brooklyn; Edward Thomas KlIdutT. Osone Park Charles Everet Birmingham, Syos set, and John Francis Dowling. Woodside. Rev. John Joseph Carberry of Brooklyn received the degree of Bachelor of Canon Law (J.C.B.). A church and rectory will soon be built in St. Bonaventure s parish Alban Manor, Long Island. Bishop Molloy established the parish Sept. n, idju. ttev. Joseph A. Murphy, Ph.D., is the founder-rector. A mass of requiem for the late Rev. Robert F. ODonovan will be offered in Our Lady of Refuge Church, Ocean and Foster Aves.. on Feb. 26, at o'clock. Father O'Don- ovan will be dead one year on that date. . The Rev. Werner Jentsch, pastor of the St. John's Evangelical Luth eran Church, will speak at the Ger man service tomorrow morning on Jesus Was er verspricht." At the English evening service the topic will be "Shall I Deny Him?" On Wednesday evening at both the German and English service the topic will be "Jesus Before the Council." The Rev. Dr. E. A. Pollard Jones, pastor of Grace M. E. Church, will preach tomorrow morning on "He Wist Not" and in the evening on "An Unmeasured Prayer." Trinity P. E. Church Plans 8-Day Mission Father Anderson, O. H. C, to Be Missioner for Preaching Services The Rev. Roger B. T. Anderson, O. H. C, a member of the Episcopal Order of the Holy Cross for 25 years, will be the missioner at Trinity Episcopal Church for a period of eight days beginning Sunday, March 8. Father Anderson served in France for eight months as chaplain of Mobile Hospital 39; in London as chaplain of Base Section 3; and for eight months as senior chaplain. He Is a member of the American Legion and Ulster County Voiture. He has been for the past six years Prior of St. Andrew's School at St. Andrew's. Tennessee. He was one of those on the liner Carpathian who helped rescue the Titanic victims. Father Anderson will speak dally at two morning communions, an afternoon children's service and the regular preaching service in the evening. The rector, the Rev. George T. Gruman, will conduct the services. The Rev. Paul Y. Livingston, pas tor of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in South Ozone Park, will preach at the morning service tomorrow on Set Thy House in Order." Thers will be a screen sermon in the evening. The Rev. Dr. Henry Hugh Proc tor, pastor of Nazarene Congrega tional Church, wi;i preach tomorrow morning on "The Greatest Chapter in the Old Testament" and in the evening on "Passion Play of Oberammergau." SUNDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 21st. AT 8:00 O'CLOCK HOW CANv UpTTTM A HOW CAN J ll 1 IN A. SHE ENDURE n China 'i Hitlory. TKe Firat of Three Great Civilization!. Oner a Powerful Nation Contributing Some of the World's Greatril Gift. IS CHINA NOW DOOMED TO DESTRUCTION, OR WILL THE PRESENT CRISIS AWAKEN THE SO-CALLED "SLEEPING GIANT"? THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD RESTS IN CHINA I -; A SPECIAL MESSAGE .', By Dr. DURKEE PLYMOUTHCHURCH 2::.nK'" ?xr.- EVERYBODY W K L C O M E MMi Manhattan Churche Pentaeoatal Pentacostal . Union Services Union Services Reformed Church In America, Protestant Episcopal Protestant Episcapal St. Bartholomew's Church ' Pacific Street and Bedford Avenue WASHINGTON'S BI-CENTENNIAL PATRIOTIC SERVICE, 11:00 A.M. The following organizations will be represented: 607th Artillery Reserves, CoL Robert Starr Allyn; Brooklyn Chapter R. O. A., Col. Robert M. Rogers; Battle Pass and Fort Greene Chapters of the D. A. R.; George Washington Chapter, Daughters of the Defenders of the Republic U. S. A.; Monitor Chapter, Daughters of the Union, 1861-1865; Veteran Association of the 23d Regiment, 106th Infantry N. Y. N. G.; Sons of the Revolution; United Spanish War Veterans, William McKinley Post 62; Long Island State Society, Daughters of the Revolution. l Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Corner Flatbuih and Church Avenuaf rOONDKD 1654 Rev. Joseph Frederic Berg, Ph.D., D.D., Mitiiiter ' MORNING 8XRMON: Dr. F. M. Potter will preach IVININd SERMON: "George Washington" By Dr. J. Frederic Berg STRANGERS CORDIALLY INVITED Truth Teaching Fellowship of the Life More Abundant BROOKLYN MASONIC TEMPLE Clermooi and La fayttta Aves. MISS VILLA FAULKNER PACE Leader and Speaker 11:00 A.M. SUNDAY. FEB. 21 "STONES FOR BUILDING" St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church St. John'i Place, near 7ta Ave. Rev. GORDON D. PIERCE RECTOR 6:00 A.M. Holy Communion. 9:45 A.M. Church School. II :00 AJM. Morning Prayer. Sermon. 1:30 P.M. Choral Evensong and Sermon The Rector will officiate at aU aerrlcea. THE PVBLIO IS CORDIALLY INVITED RELIGION AND HEALTH ASSOCIATED CLTNIC FROM 1 TO 1 P.M. Short Service Ererf Friday at 1:30 CHURCH or THE HOLY TRINITY CLINTON AND MONTAOOE STREETS St. Paul's Church FLATBUSH Church Avenue and 8t Paut'i Place Rev. WALLACE J. GARDNER, D.D., Jrccfar 7:30 A.M. Holv Communion. S:30 A.M. Holv Communion Choral. 11:00 A.M. Weahlngton'e Anniveraary Service. s ee p.m. BISHOP LARNED CONFIRMATION Wednesdava. OO P M. "THE CHRISTIAN ART OF LIVING" The Rev. Frank Gavin, PhD. CHURCH OP THE NATIVITY Oc!n Avn'ie and Farraen Road Rm. CHARLES P. HOI BROOK. Rector Xiitn l 00 an 11 0 A.M, and t oo P.M. Clinton and Carroll Btreeu Rav. GREOORY MABRY. Rector t oo and 9:30 A.M. Low Masiiei. 11:00 A.M. Solemn Maaa and Sermon, Rector. S:00 P.M.-ermon and Benediction, rt. Maddux. FRIDAYS IN LeTNT :M P.M. Stations and Sermon, . Rector. 1 st. JRtfnrmpi. (Ebttrrh Seventh Ate. and Carroll Bt Rer. CORNELIUS B. MU8TB. M A. MINISTER LAWRENCE J MUNSON. F A G O. ORGANIST Mornins; Service 11:00 A.M.. Sublect: THE CRUCIFIXION IN OUR STREET Evening Service IK P.M.. Subject: "JUDAS 1SCARI0T" Wed. Evening at 8 00 Friendly Hour Mumc under the direction ot ARTHUR BILLINGS HUNT. A Cordial Welcome Awalta All. MONDAY EVENING, 8:00 O'CLOCK NO SERVICE THIS MONDAY, WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY AT THE WEBER STUDIOS, 489 WASHINGTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN. N. Y. fa to A i.i. orrwniso SO LrVINOSTON STREET. BROOKLYN . Mn. ELLA POMEROY. Leader 11:00 A.M. Snndav School 4:00 P.M. "YOUR ENERGY CENTER" Wed.. 8:00 P.M. DAVID WALTER PYE SPECIAL SERVICES 200th Anniversary Celebration George Washington Rev. Dr. WILLIAM E. DUDLEY. Special Speaker A UNION SERVICE OF Sunday., Feb. 21st STUYVESANT HEIGHTS CHURCHES at 8:00 P.M. LEWIS AVENUE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH ..JS,? Putnam Avenue or Oatea Avenue surface can to Lewis Avenue: Sumner Avenue H.'d.& r R. w. a. r- Mcpherson, Hot GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE 32 J West 33d Street Rev. R. A. BROWN, Pastor Services 10:30 A.M., 3:00 and 7:30 P.M. BAPTISMAL SERVICE, 7:30 P.M. Revival Services TF"T 7:45 P.M. Special Music and Singing by Tabernacle Quartet and Orchestra of 40 Pieces Bahal DAUA'I rrWTBC II Weat Mth St. pruini i Sixth noor Sua., 4 P.M. Hon. WILLIAM BULZER "Abdul Baha Is Marchint On" Tues.. 4 to P.M. SOCIAL TEA GRACE STANISTP.EET "Modern Poetry and Character Btudlea" Baptist CHDWRyBflPTIST 57th St.. bet. Sth and 7th Aves. WILL H. HOUGHTON. Pastor, preaches Sunday, 11 and 7:30 "The Old Prophets speaK to tne New wona--3:00 Dr. Robert H. Olover Wednesdav. 7:30 Midweek Service. Sun. 4 Wed. Broadcasts WQAO. 297m. 1010k. Divine Science Dniversalist Salvation Arm MEN'S SERVICE 0 SOCIAL CENTRE 28 Ashland Place TRUn.le 5-9330 lhe noanclcss, Lhurchless. friendless. Hopeless and Hungry are invited lo worship with us. Everv Sunday. 10 A.M. ADDRESS BY STAFF CAPTAIN NEWBY OPPICER IN CHARGE ah some UMVERSAUST CHUEQj) OCEAN AND OITMA8 AVENUES POUNDED APRIL S. 1843 POH PEOPLE WHO THINK SERMON TOPIC AT 11:00 A. M. SPECIAL SERVICE Conducted hj lhe Young People Robert Polk Will Preach Minister. CORNELIUS OREENWAT . "V" OUR FATHER XT jXeW MEETING HOUSE frlgd r A let Dniversalist, Clin- f A JasaV ton Avenue, between EaW Gates and Greene. THOMAS EDWARD POTTER TON. D.D. 1 1 :00 "CEORGE WASHINGTON" The Rev. Harold S.' Miller, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, will preach tomorrow j morning on "The Man Washington" and in the evening on "The DetT- I mlnation and Influence of a Great i Christian,'' BROOKLYN HEIGHTS CHURCHES " NEAR BOROUGH HALL AND CLARK STREET . . SUBWAY STATIONS npccDVTTDiAM FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH rlC3DI ILrUAlN V HENRY STREET. NEAR CLARK morgan phelps no yes MORGAN PHELPS N0YES. Minister 10 00 A.M. Church School. n no 11:00 A M Service of Worshlo. Mr. NOYES i oopM. service at cttv Park R. Huntington Woodman Branch. 20 Concord St. . Organist and Choirmaster ZZ ' SAINT ANN'S CHURCH K, CLINTON AND LIVINGSTON STREETS H. AUGUSTUS OUTLET 11:00 8:00 A.M.-Holy Communloa MORNING PRAYER and SERMON The Rector iiiSS 1JSLOTp. --VEf ERS-M, CUILEY and Sarmon. Wednesday! at 10:00 A.M. Holy Communloa. 4:00 P.M. Vespers. Wed.. 1:00 P.M. Rev. Raymond C. Knoi. D.D. SWEDENBORGIAN CHURCH OF THE NEIGHBOR B. M. LAWRENCE GOULD CLARK STREET AND MONROE PLACE r, . m P;,u", . . 11:00 A.M. Mr. GOULD " Z mZ"Z? ppi-. "FREEDOM : DO VE REALLY w'ANT IT" Discussion Meetinc 4:30 P.M. MUSICAL DEVOTIOVS f TMTTADt AM CHURCH 0F E SAVIOUR U1N11AKIAIN Pierreoonl Street and Monro Plaos JOHN H0WLAND LATHROP Rev. JOHN HOlANDMLATHROP. D.D. EDWARD JAY MANNING "THE LEGACY OF WASHINGTON" MINISTERS 7:30 P.M. 11:00 A.M.-Mornln Service Rrv. EDWARD JAY MANNING 7;3op.M.-m.pd seme. "THE SECRET OF A RADIANT LIFE!" wed.. 5: IS P.M. Rev. S. R. MAYER-OAKES , CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY Protestant Episcopal CLINTON AND MONTAOUE STREETS JOHN HOWARD MELISH 1 30 a m -holt communion L0RIN BRADFORD YOUNC 11 00 a m. morntno prayer and address MINISTERS BY Mr- "EL1SH :30A.M.-Hojy Communion 1:00 P.M. SVWINO MAYER AND SERMON aa K BY Mr, lO'lNO 11.00 A.M.-Moint Prayer and "PARADOXES IN THE PERSONALITY OF 00 P M.-Evnln Prayer and CHRIST. 1 HUMAN. YET DIVINE" 8rroo WEDNESDAY. PEB. ?4. JJ .10 LENTEN ORGAN RECTTAL CHURCH OP THE paling (MjriHt PIRST CHURCH OF DIVINE SCIENCE BILTMORE HOTEL n a.m. EMMET FOX oplondon "GOD'S LAW OP PROSPERITY" Divine Science Is the Religion of the Protestant Episcopal BROADWAY AND TWIST! m. Rev. W. RUSSELL BOWIE UBS 8:00 A.M. Holy Communion. 11:00 A.M. Morning Prayer and Sermon, . THE RECTOR :00p.MrChor1 and Sermon. Rev. CHARLES E. JEFFERSON, D.D . LL D. Noonday Services: Tuesday to Friday. U:30-12:S5 CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION Madison Avenue end 35th Street Re. H. P. SILVER, D.D., Rector :00 and 10 00 A.M. Holv Communion, 11:00 A.M. Morning Prayer. Sermon. Rector 4:00 P.M Special Musical Service "OUT OF DARKNESS." Oounod Noonday Services. 12:20 to 12:40. Musi and address. Feh 11 in on mi.iw. The Very Rev. PERCY T. EDROP. D D. Dean. Christ Church Cathedral. Springfield, Evening Prayer bally. 11:00 P M. FsycholoaTy (Cburrli nf tljf rutii 11 West 42d St.. Room 40S Rev. ALBERT C. GRIER. Pastor. 11 'Acknowledge Ood In All Thy Ways" S "Was Jesus lhe Chrlstt" Services Every Noon and Wed., S P.M. Interdenominational TSlrrg. Second jlaeeerer International Union Mission Monday, Feb. 22, 1932 at the Church of the Strangers 30 W. 87th St. (West of B'wayl 3:00 P.M. JOHN A. HENDERSON 7:00 P.M. PLATFORM SERVICE 8:00 PJM.-SAMUEL M. ZWEMER String Orchestra under direction ot SANDOR HARMATI AU Wclcumtl Worth Putting Everything I Elce Aside to Hear GERTRUDE STEELE CHAMBERS Mater or Successful Man and Women Presented bv the NEW YORK PSYCHOLOOY CLI'B 3 FREE LECTURES Sat.. Feb. 20th. t 30 P.M. "Your Subconscious Mind, How It Makes or Breaks You." Mon.. Feb. 22d. 8 30 P M. "External Forres That You Must Understand to Succeed.' Tues.. Feb. 23d. S30 PM "Million Dollar Mentalitiea" or "How to Make Money." Her students are msklne good PIOHT NOW in spite of the depression, and so can you. UNION AUDITORIUM JX1 W. 4th street. Msnhat'en Roman Cat hollo CHINATOWN fh fltscu Society Old ChlntM Theater 5-7 Doyert 8t.rt Wldr-Awake Gotnl S-rrrire Nit Ml 10 PM j WMCA Radio Uai Me-tinf. Sunday 3 30 NIGHT WORKERS MASS 2:10- A M. Noon Day Mass During Lent, 13:10 - HOLY CROSS CHURCH In West 42d Street. Manhattan One block and a half west of Broadway Spiritualist Mental Pclenre BENWICKE L HOLMES MENTAL SCIENCE Challf Hall. 13 W. .111 h St . 11 (10 A.M. THE SECRET OP HAPPlNBfleV New Thought "Recipe for Success Come Get It" Tlr X'fiT T V UNION CHURCH j 233 West 4lhit. Thursday. :15 P M. Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church Fifth Avenue. Ilth and 12th Streets Mlolaura ! J- v Moldenhawee, D. D. Ministers j Rtr phn,M p Emow 1100 A M Dr MOLOENHAWTR. OO P M. Yeune People'a Society. 8 00 P.M - MR. ELLIOTT Wed.. P M. Dr. MOLDENHAWER on "The Gospel la Potta Vachel Lindsay" SPIRITUAL AND ' ETHICAL SOCIETY COLLEGE HALL. HOTEL ASTOR Sunday. 2:30 P M. Mr. FRED SCHNEIDER OP NEW YORK WILL GIVE ADDRESS and MFWAOFS I'nderdenomlnatlonaJ CHRIST'S MISSION ' MECCA TEMPLE. 130 West 5lh St. Bet. th and 7Ui Avenues. Manhattan Oospel Meeting. 3 00 P M. Tomorrow TERENCE MAOOWAN. Director tfeakrr: Mr. JAMES E. BENNETT Gospel Radio Preacher Soloi't: Mrs. Brisjas Testimonies bv Converted Roman Catholic Inltv 1100 rir. RICHARD LNCh. THJ INMA 6ECRET" Auditorium, w,3ta St, t

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