Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 14, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
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Tuesday, January 14, 1964
Page 7
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Long arm of Castro reaches to Panama By LEON DENNEN ilhe Americans iu the Canal Newspaper Enterprise Analyst Zone.'' UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — The Red scnora visited Mosi\\EA) — President Johnson has cow and then Havana, where ordered a full report on any evi- she discussed the canal and La- dence that Red agents whipped j tin American — "only casually,' up anti-American mob action inj she said — with Premier Panama to fatal extremes. I Khrushchev and Castro. She rc- Herc is some information. un-H"™* l ° P f a, " a fti?™"? covered by this reporter duringi'^t ^cl«a ircay which i^ant- a tour of Panama, that might i«? "j« ^«" ,cd S,a,e , n '° help the President's investigat-;"* Canal Zonc ls nuU and ' 0ld ' or *' . I "Mv goal is complete Pan- The riots were long brewing.! aman ' jan sovc rcignty in the Ca- They were predicted by rhelm3 lna , 2one ••• sa ,d Scnora King. King. Fidel Castro's top agent in j havo my wav , ncrc wi u Panama. The tall, dynamic bru-j bc onc f]ag flying ovcr thc ca . nette is also an influential mem-; na , _ Panama's flag. All authorities will be Panamanian and Ameri-j Canal ber of Panama's national assembly. As many as 10.000 young La- I there will be no North ,. . ican governor in the tin-Americans are now trained'Zone. fence. The revolutionary all his good will, cannot guaran! zone's "gilded cage" with their lee that anti-American riots will special stores, schools, hospitals jnol erupt again. and even churches. | The key to the Panamanian Chiari's diplomatic break with! tragedy is likely to be in Mos- the United States was merely ;cow, where Castro hastened for the feeble gesture of a helplessj jtalks with Khrushchev Panama, of all Latin! ithe rifle fire had died down in American countries, could not : Panama. ; exist a month without U. S. aidi or canal tolls. What next in Panama? Most Panamanians, in fact. No spot in the hemisphere is fervently hope that the U. S. more vulnerable to Red stibver-will continue to run the canal; -ion than the little republic. All — though they want an equal the economic and political ills voice in its management and a; afflicting Latin America arc mir-larger share of the tolls. ; rored in this country, where a! ! 'few ruling families have far too; But even a new treaty on! much at thc expense of far too terms favorable to Panama will 1 many. .hardly deter the Red agents But thc problems facing the; from fomenting violence and United States are further com-i cnaos - Redlands Daily Facts Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1964 — 7 WASHINGTON Here's how U.S. experts size up Panama trouble THELMA KING plicated by thc colonial-minded! Thelma King made it clear in guerilla warfare by Soviet! American officials may cher-! dcnls wno killcd and looted wcre | Americans who manage the ca-jthat her goal is a Cuban-style | v . "The next time I shall know specialists in schools opcratedjj sn their illusions if thev wish, guided by experts in terrorism, nal and arc jealous of t h e i r dictatorship "since Latin-Ameri-jbetter." government.;but it was no ordinary Pana-j Thc U. S. peace mission now smallest privileges. ican problems cannot be solved, she may now succeed. With banned | n Panama for 10 years imanian who rioted because ; n P . nn . nni:i ,„ n ^ nl ; 3t ,> w tJ Despite thc 1939 by Fidel Castro": Many trainees were recruited in: Panama. In an interview with this writ-jand stripes at Balboa er. Thelma King warned that'School. There was nothing spon- "timc is fast running out fortaneous about the orgy of vio- American pupils raised thc stars High in Panama to negotiate a set-; tlement is in the wrong place, talkin Supervisors grant 30 days and 1962:through free elections." .'Russian and Cuban specialists riots, they ignored warnings; She was jailed in 1946 for or- in terror stepping up their acti- 11 can na PP en by pro-American Panamanians ganizing a pro-Communist revolt viiics in Latin America, time is, Latin America, to thc wrong people, ;that thc situation was explosive.; in Panama. "I was inexpe- not on thc side of the Unitedi President Roberto Chiari, for They continued to live in t h c.rienced," Scnora King said sad-States. I U.S. experts had been expect ling a disturbance in By Kay Cromley WASHINGTON" — (NEA) — stories to whip up local citizens. The trouble in Panama resulted, The Reds also fjnickly worked from a weak Panamanian prcsi-'up crowds of Panama City un­ dent, a political campaign, a;employed, discontented and al- turn in thc weather, hot-blooded ways ready to riot about any- students and a disciplined Cas- thing. They went on a rampage tro-Communist organization, say in the city, where 5.0M Amer- V.S. experts privately. ;cans live, destroying U.S. It is a lesson in how e ff cc .jbuildings, offices and automo- tively a small, well-prepared D '' cs Red group can move in on a ! u s - experts say the rioting minor disturbance and build it couId 1,ave bfcn "iPped in the into a dangerous situation. It. bl,d if Panamanian President was the more remarkable since. Robcrl ° t'hiari had had the the Communists have been! c0lira Se to step in fast. By the time he acted, thc crowds had and their numbers are small. S° Ucn oul o£ hanJ elsewhere in; ' Thc time was right for trouble in Panama. The weather takes a turn for the Panama i oettcr ' n early January. This is | Bennett sees v reduced TUCajpa incorporation ! electric rates petitioning extended No. 2 in series County News Service SAN BERNARDINO — a the County Board of Supcrvis ors. But Supervisor S. Wesley Break, who represents the area, indicated that he would oppose any additional time for obtain ing signatures. A request for extension of the 120-day period for circulating petitions was asked by the Citizens Committee for Improvement and Development of Yucaipa. The date for expiration of the original "intention to circulate petitions'" was last Sunday. At thc Monday session of Supervisors, when thc request for the 30-day period of grace came up, Rudy Corona, Board clerk, read a letter from the Yucaipa Valley Taxpayers Committee opposing the extension. Matt Abramovils. committee chairman, wrote there is a "gen- rral feeling of the people in Yucaipa against incorporation." lie added: "Further, we do LOS ANGELES tUPIi- Customers of Southern California (had ample time to get the sig! Edison Co. today were awaiting! :;o-inaturcs on petitions." Dungan a reduction in annual rates' totaling about S7.3 million. William M. Bennett, Public j Utilities Commission president.) , , said talks Monday resulted inj had more than 100, the cut Jfe saj(i morc (han 16 signed by p e o p 1 ej mimon domcstic customers! Rumford Fair Housing controversy explained [housing accommodations, dwell -i ing units and properties, as well! as the individuals related to : them. which fall under the provisions of this law. the Runi- jford Act further details thc 'actions considered to he unlawful. 'They didn't know precisely normally a good season for where, or when, or what inci- dem0Dstrations and riots dent would be used as a fuse! There's an election coming day extension of thc time to'said. "It is our conclusion thej gather signers for petitions to people of Yucaipa don't want] incorporate the Yucaipa area asiincorporation." a city was granted Monday by Dungan said that he and those with him petitions against incorporation. "T h e s c,' wouiir recede"reductions'total' have not been evaluated." he ing s , 3 miIlion per year And declared. "They do not have 51: mm sma u gen era! service! per cent of the property o\vn-l customers wou ] u en j oy Clas up (This is the second in a series of articles explaining the current statewide controversy over discrimination in housing, the Rumford Fair Housing Act and the initiative campaign to repeal it. This article explains what the Rumford Act means to YOU.) By JACK GERMAIN Pacific Coast News Service The Rumford But thev knew Panama's Cas - ; "P- Though it wont be until tro-Communists had completed Ma - V ,0 - tne candidates were rc- their planning and were readvJ f « ulrcd t0 f,lc b >' end of the to ac , " second week in January. , , . . Election lever begins to run .As is known. American stu-. hj h about now No can(]i(lafe . Foremost, of course, is thc re- 'lents had set up the U.S. flag officc hok]cr ca „ affonJ )o the time of thc alleged discrim-fusal of on owner to sell, rent, at 'heir high school in the ;be p ro . Va nkee or decry anti- nation. Veterans tax exemp-ileasc or otherwise deny or with- Canal Zonr - Panamanian - s '«-j Amcr j can Demonstrations notions are excluded from the Act.'hold any available housing from dents entered the zone under,' tween nQW am , May It also includes all housing on!a person, otherwise qualified.; police escort, planted theirj u ncm pioymcnt* j" s " j,igh in which a federal or state loanlsolely because of the potential; fla S. were escorted away. Re-: Colon and > anama citics Many exists at the time of the alleged!buyers race, religion, national P° rls are that a11 tms was or 'junemployed compare their discrimination. The Act includes ! origin or ancestry. idcrly. all public housing projects and! In addition. any housing areas. in redevelopment;violated nates in ers, but we will have that many if you grant this extension." Ralph Mayer, president of thc group favoring incorporation, said that it ordinarily took from three to six months to get the required signatures. He added that professional help had been hired to determine if forma- to S3.6 million. Boy finds big shell compare islum life with the excellent liv- the Act is also! There is confusion over ;: j n g in thc Canal Zone. Politic- f a person discrimi-jwhether Communists engineered,ians and Communists assure the terms, conditions!this student demonstration.;poor Panamanians their lot is One of the most important scc -|Or privileges of a sale or rental.Though a small minority, the ; the result of the wealth the U.S. Fair Housingtions of the Rumford Act is thatisolely because of an ethnic pre-!Reds have control of the stu-jtakes from them through "high ,'Act became effective State law j which defines the individual per-! judicc. (The law actually pro-!dent organization at National Canal Zonc profits." (Actually jon September 20, 1963 after a!son covered by the law. In dc-ihibits questioning of the pur-j University and perhaps at otherjthe canal is a money loser), itortuous passage through t h ejclaring it unlawful for an "own-;chascr or renter concerning hisjschools. U.S. experts think thc 'Legislature earlier in the year. | or" to refuse fo sell an avail-iethnic background.) I flag-carriers were nationalistic j Introduced by its primarylable accommodation to a poten-j It is important to note that j hot-blooded students with no- jauthnr, Negro Assemblyman, W.ltial buyer solely on the basisjthe Rumford Act pointedly de-ithing more in mind. I Byron Rumford of Berkeley, onjof race, religion or national ori-jdares that an "owner" is not! Immediately after the flag in- boyiFebruary 14, it took about 18 gin. thc act specifically s e t s;prohibited from selecting buy.'cident. however. Castro-Com- Best guess is the Communists want weak, rabble-rousing, old ex-President Arnulfo Arias for president in the May election, even though he's reportedly not EORREGO (UPI) — A , _ t found a big military projectile j weeks and considerable rcvi-|forth a broad definition of thc|ers or renters upon factors oth-jmunists moved in. They set up| a (ted. tion of a city was feasible, but in a woodpile at the Hacienda I sjon before finally clearing the word. jcr than race, creed or ances; snipers who shot at Americans; uiots and fervent anti-Ameri- that amateurs were circulating^^ Dp l So1 - " 1C sheriff's department!legislative process. I An "owner" includes a lessee.itry. iand Panamanians—to get Pana-j C anism would tend to dis- the petitions. |said .Monday. i During that time it survived suh-lessec. assignee, managing: Within these limits then. Cali- maniaus stirred up and to candidate Marco Kobies, Supervisor Break pointed out; Resident deputy sheriff Allen'the hammering of lour separ-jagent, real estate broker or.fornians today must meet t h e Americans to return fire. former minister of government that the state law formerly gaveDe Wcese estimated the shclliatc legislative committees. un-!salcsman, or person having demands of law when adminis- 1 and justice and friend of the only 120 days for circulation of i was 20 inches long, 16 inches j (old hours of "back room" ne-!nght of ownership or posses-tering or selling their property.; In less than an hour, as if U.S.. who is backed by the petitions, but that new legisla-jin diameter and weighed about j gotiations and three floor votcs.ision. j And, as with other laws, the by signal, a pro-Castro radio; present government He said proponents than they have been able lo obtain (he date." Chester A. Dungan, vice-chairman of the same group, was in the audience to protest the extension. "We feel the proponents have ston. | And, as witn otner laws tion said thc Board "may"!40 pounds. He said no one injlt first cleared the Assembly on| Also included as subject to theRumford Act spells oul how vio-station went on the air with un-| Disorder also would work rant 30-dav extensions He saidi'he area was able to identify 1 April 25 by a 47 to 25 margin.'l aw ar e banks (or similar lend-lalions shall be determined, the';true but lurid stories of Ameri-;against candidate Juan Galindo, '' ' -'ers) making home loans for con-!machinery for enforcement and can troops "firing into unarmed an engineer. But they're calcu- struction or acquisition, as well;the penalty awaiting thc viola- students." Iated to help Arias, the rabble- as those "business establish-|tor. j This was a signal for demon- rouscr. ments" already covered by prc-| (Next: THE RUMFORD jstrations in communities vious Jaws. ! ACT—ENFORCEMENT AND ithrough Panama. Small groups SELL Having defined the types of; PENALTY) 'of Reds used the radio atrocity With low this could "go on and on." butj (l| e projectile and it was notjon June 21 it was passed bv that he felt only one extension! known if il contained explosives.)the Senate with heavy amend'- should be given. Army demolition experts from|ment by a 22 to 13 vote and re- Mayer declared he could makcJFt. Rosecrans in San Diego j turned to thc Assembly, not believe an extension will pro-no promises that the incorpora-jwerc called to examine the shell; On the Assembly's final dc duce any belter results for the tion group would not 'come inland remove it. Army troops;liberation, it took only 30 min with a request for another ex^'eld maneuvers in this desert| U fes to approve thc amended bill tension, and Charles Williams another proponent of incorporation said: "We thought we could count on two 30-day extensions. We paced ourselves along that line." Washington Window Ruml's painkiller for income tax did country no service By Lyle C. Wilson Rep. John Anderson, R • wants to restore some of pain to taxpaying and now the time for all good men lend a hand in done. The painkiller in taxpaying is the withholding system whereby the little guys who pay most of the tax bill never see the money they earn but which the Treasury takes. This painless system of paying taxes was whomped up by the late Beardsley Ruml. a business genius and tycoon, who did his country no good service when he invented the method by which the ordinary Joe scarcely feels Uncle's hand as it picks his pocket. Don't Realize Bite What the average Joe makes is not his salary or his wage rate anymore. What he makes is his lake-home pay. Take- home pay is what is left after area during Woild War II. Iby a landslide 63 to 9 count. Dc Weese said the shell was; Only the Beginning discovered by a boy in the! But the trials of the Rumford party of Dr. R. D. Dorman of!Fair Housing Act were not to Fullerton, b e h i n d the cabanajend there. For, less than two where the group stayed Sunday.,months after it became law. a surge of adamant reaction was to generate into a statewide initiative petition calling for its repeal. Why this rare degree of public opposition? What does thc Rumford Act mean to the individual Californian? Who, sped- WASHINGTON (UPI) — Rep.fically is involved in the appli J. Edward lioush , DInd.. cation of this new state law'.' called upon local law officers! Despite considerable public ex :Monday lo enforce laws against Ipg^j-p during its passage 111 \ndersnn claims for it that il'I'c sale of tobacco products to;, h ro.igh the legislature, and wide-; the I would reduce bookkeeping and! mlnol ' s - ! spread public debate since then.' • 'other paper work imposed on! Bonsh said thc report of the;Hie answers to these and other '^employers bv the withholding!surgeon general's committee on '"'system and,* therefore, reduce j »>e health da nsers of smoking Urges officers enforce law on tobacco sale IT TOMORROW cost Classified Ads Ford Wins Motor Trend's ;etting the jobithcir expense, in acting as col- was "an indictment.. .which by| of California's votin lecting agent for Uncle Sam. no means should be sloughed That, of itself, is a worthwhile, over or 'gn°red. proposition. But better than that would be the shock treatment to which the taxpayer would be exposed. For three weeks each month his salary would go into his pocket untapped by the treasury Then, on thc fourth week he would be slugged for four weeks' taxes all in one shot. Would Hear Outcry Driver pinned to wheel but uninjured VAN NUYS (UPI) — Francis Lee Moran was pinned to the steering wheel of his car Monday when a 22-foot section of The yelps of dismay and an-i .i -inch pipe toppled from a truck guish would echo over the land.!onto his auto. The chuckle-headed taxpayers | .Moran. S3. Burbank, suffered, , who have been suckered into^only a black smudge on hislf^ m ! 1Jn !!:.[ or J h /:_ lmph T enta questions continue to represent! a major mystery to a majority 1 public. Intent is Clear l As to the matter of its intent.' thc Rumford Act is reasonably; clear. In its "preamble" (he act de clares. "The practice of discri mination because of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry in housing accomodations is. . . against public policy." H adds to thc California Health and Safety Code a series of statute sections defining the scope and direction of this policy, and adds to thc California Labor Code the authority "Car of the Year" Award January S: Motor Trend magazine's "Car of the Year" Award goes to an engineering breakthrough! It honors all the '64s from Ford "For engineering advancement in thc concept of Total Performance, proven in open competition." the take-home-pay way of think- 1 suit. Damage to the ing would come alive, suddenly,!estimated at $250. to what the government and the. slap-happy big spenders are do car was tion. administration and en Uncle has gotten his. There areijng to them, citizens, otherwise smart and al-l Thc big .| imc s p en ders never! ert to their surroundings. whoi never wouW have „ ottcn awav actually have ceased to realize| with it jn fne fjrsl p | ace but for THE ALMANAC that the U. S. government takes a big chunk each week of their earnings. Anderson would remedy that, to some extent, anyway. He has introduced a bill which would permit employers, at their option, to withliold income the withholding system. If the taxpayers had to write checks on their bank accounts lo get square with Uncle each April 15 the citizens would be shooting at tax collectors on sight. That might be the only alter native for the average man I Albert Schweitzer, in 1S75. On this day in history: „,„ i - "~ 1 In 1S7S. the U.S. Supreme taxes on a monthly basis e\en ifaced , vjth the pro blem of get- Court niled thal . a state law- ting up in one bundle the an- outlawing segregation of the nual tax levied against him.j raccs m ra i] r0 ad travel was un- There might have been a tax |cons ( i(l ,tj onal . rebellion in this country if it, j n 1914^ Henry Ford inaugur- were not for the relatively pain- forcement of this policy. I It regards these new statutes !to be an "exercise of the police 1 power of the State for the pro- !lection of the welfare, health land peace of the people of this Today is Tuesday. Jan. lLlstate." the 14th day of 1961 with 352 to j n to t a i concept, the Rumford follow. i Act is not a revolutionary new The moon is new. j effort in the field of racial and The evening stars arc Venus,iethnic discrimination laws, and ;Jupiter and Saturn. jis most significant because of Those born todav include Dr.j' ts enforcement provisions. However, in extending the an ti-riiscrimination "public policy" into the sales and rentals of though pay periods were morc frequent, weekly, for example. That, friends, is a good bill Connie Stevens, Gene Auf ry to head rodeo PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (UPI) —Actress Connie Stevens will be queen of the 24th annual Palm Springs mounted police rodeo at this desert resort Jan. 25-26. She was named Monday along with cowboy star Gene Autry as grand marshal and Los Angeles disc jockey Johnny Grant as high sheriff of the event to raise funds for purchase of rescue equipment for the voluntary police organization. less withholding system. If the little guys — they pay most of the taxes — suddenly came to realize how hard they are being hit they might do something about it. They might, for instance, declare war on thc big spending politicians who spend public money to curry favor with the voters and. thus, to maintain themselves in office. A tax rebellion and election defeats for the big spenders just might restore the principles of sane economy to the operation of the U. S. government. There probably is no other way to restore it. ated the manufacture of auto mobiles by the "assembly line" method. In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill began a 10-day meeting in Morocco to plan Allied offensives aimed at "unconditional surrender" of the Axis. In 1!>59, Ihe new Cuban regime led by Fidel Castro was holding war crimes trials. An estimated 220 persons were executed by firing squads in two weeks. A thought for the day—English essayist William liazlitt said: "No young man believes he should ever die." residential accommodations, it spells out specifically the types of housing not previously defined. Included among these are: 1. All publicly-assisted hous ing which are multiple dwellings of three or more units; 2. All publicly-assisted single family dwellings which are occupied by the owner; 3. All non-publicly assisted dwellings of five or more units; 4. All housing accomodations previously covered under t h e "business establishments" pro- Ivisions of Section 51 of the California Civil Code or "Unrub Act". ; The term "publicly assisted"! as used in the Rumford Act is defined lo include housing or property which is granted full or partial tax exemption by the State or county government at Tbanderbrd. Falcon. Super Tor qua Ford, Fairlanc (reading counterciocVwrcej. winners ot Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" Award Here's what the Motor Trend Award means to you... The editors of Motor Trend, America'?! largest general automotive magazine, watched Ford 's Mnl ptrformm'cr. in open competition ... saw competition-modified Fords win every 500-mile stock car race in the last year, saw Ford-built engines end an era at Indianapolis and sweep the sports car circuit?. Then they drove the 1964 Ford-, Falcons, Kairlanes and Thunderbtrds and discovered how the lesions of open competition have helped breed into them a new kind of total ptrfontujnn for the open road, for your kind of driving. And then they made their award! The "Car of the Year" Award is an impressive testimonial, but see for yourself— take the wheel of a '64 from Ford. The=e tars speak for themselves with their ear* of handling in a supermarket parking lot or their greater stability on a rain- slick blacktop. Before you buy any new car this year, test-drive total performance in a Solid, Silent Super Torque Ford, now hundreds of pounds more car than anything in its field. Try America's only total performance compact, the P'alcon V-8, totally new, totally changed. Or, any of the '64 Cars of the Year from Ford! TUT Tom ?mmukKt FOR A CHANGE! FORD Fuai * tutu* •nil • mmum That's Total Performance! WAYNE GOSSETT FORD 113 W. Redlands Blvd. Redlands -Ford presents "Arrest and Triaf-ABC-TV Network-Check your local listings for time and channel-

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