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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah • 9

Salt Lake City, Utah
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io-4-4v-cWAri 4if 1 The Salt Lake Tribune Friday November 17 1947 it 9 'Already Too Late' Jr 1 COME IN AND SAVE MONEY! COME I AND SA1 MONE COMPARE OUR PRICES A COMPARE OUR 1 PRICES 111 1 Dire Famine Forecast' by '75 1) THEN 1 1 11 i )1 0 CLEARANCE SALE 161 Model Lowrey Organs 5-'-'1 Your Chance to own a Outstanding Home Instrument ot a truly gr at saying (El Ilke I Only Starlet tog 630 Noto $SSO tialat I only Hilton Nog 11395 Now 93 253 2nd so 1 only Holiday tog 1395 Nor $993 328-2004 4 Holiday Do luxe 5eg1795 MA's $1395 With Rhythm Virtuoso GRANGER 2696 3500 1 Eirkshiro esg Z195 Now $15 95 Ph 299-341 I only Theater Spinet Itn62eL9! $1693 1 mho Am hilArli a 16r-s a Na Nilo am itko--a as ate -1 161Model Lowre Organs 1 Y---' --( ---'14 Your Chance to own anfOutstancling Home -)) (E1 Instrument ot a truly gr at saying ai 11 Starlet i CLEARANCE SALE NZ: I only Hilton on 1395 Now $193 2696 3500 253 2nd so 1 only Holiday en1395 Nor $995 328-2004 4 Holiday Da luxe Reg 1795 KAI $1395 GRANGER With Rhythm ik Virtuoso I only Eirkshiro an Z195 Now $1595 Ph 299-341 I only Theater Spinet "92eL95 $1693 IHOLLADAY 4657 2300 Ph 278-2841 OPEN EVENINGS 4 By Appointment Pearce Music EASY PAYMENT TERMS First Paymont Dos in Fstrossity 19611 Sprinkles et Finges 'Pooch (PAdI 1'41' COSCO CHAIR MAW! TO (flip Hu POI PRiCi TA'A I 141119i'it Ntili VI 1411Z ti -Til ill pi '11 i (-4-!) 4657 2300 Ph 1 OP EVENINGS COSCO CHAIR 9oo $580 --A --1 SIR POI iC 1 GE SpraySteam and Dry Iron $1925 HOLLADAY I I 1 Appointment pearce pri usi 278-284c Sprinkles of lingoes Tooth (Model EASY PAYENT TERMS First mint Duo IN Fakeer19d 4o1 ADI TO roshioo Fold Mod of Strons TVIDUIIIP Steel By OUR Plt $1199 I fl 14: OW ''l sometime in the future "At the moment it is shockingly apparent that the battle to feed humanity will end in a rout" Ehrlich said lie said we have to hope that the world famines of the next 20 years ill not lead to thermonuclear war and the extinction of the human species "We must assume tnan get another chance no matter how little he deserves one" he said Ls totally hnpotisible In vae tice" he said Ehrlich spoke at a trienee symposium at the University of Texas The text of his speech was made available here Since In Ehr lichs opinion It is of no longer any use trying to avoid the coining world Lunines the best thing to do now Is to look past the time of famines" and hope to have a Se Conft chance to control odd population 1'1 want to roierve your most expetinitvo room and don't try to talk me out of It" By George Getze Los Angeles Times Writer LOS ANGELES It Is already too late for the world to avoid a long period of famine a Stanford University Nologist said Thursday Paul Ehrlich said the "time of famines" is upon us and will be at its worst and most disastrous by 1975 lie saki the i)opulation of the United States is already too big that birth control may have to be accomplished by making it involuntary and by putting sterilizing agents Into staple foods and drinking water and that the Roman Catho lie Church should be pressured into going along with routine measures of population control Ehrlich said experts keep saying the world food supply will have to be tripled to feed the six or seven billion people they expect to be living in the year 2000 "That may be possible theoretically but it 1 clear that it NOW )TEt cJov r- -7 I l'''' 1 4''' 1 6 litll imasEs Dcg 010D0001 0 i 1 Journalist Urges Probe of Lawyer Associatiow ox Our Reg 218 2 Days Only illoomemorn Shafimmill Elmwood 001 40www4 A Division of itto Kresge Company with Stows itsteughout Ni Unisod Canada end Poor itto 61SITOE DETARTMENr LADIES CORDUROY SLIP-ONS Clearance price savings on women's wonder fully comfortable slip-on casuals in wide-wale corduroy Cushioned insoles resilient soles Color choice 5-9 r'-my- 1Irr 'r mmr-r-r-r" 2 Days Only WOMEN'S NEW COTTON CORD CAPRI PANTS Our Reg 178 133 Charge if Omnge mint lilac beige and blue Pick color-bright capris in washable cotton Fly-front styling Sizes 6 to 16 "TAMES' READY TO WEAR" 11-V OPEN DAILY 107107SpECIAL WEKENRHRS 107104 u- "Ail MENS LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS Our Rog 191 2 Days Only FOR tasy-care 100 cottoa in regular or button down collar styles Sol ids and plaids Charge it at Kmart's Men and Boys' Dept I 4 1 1 1 'Lir 4011 Annolitaxmontrur -rtmexwmousolarsarlimmor MlitelPt nPPiP i'mPr hill ''t 7- "i 7 1 1 i I OPEN DAILY WEEKEND HRS 10-10 i 1L111Awn- a- 4 4 -b 1 I -11 1 -1 '''''s- -77 0 t-I 1 46-4 ri 12 A Division of tho Kresge 'Company with Stores itsteughdout the United Stain Canada end Poor Cto 71- 31 1 N) I I a 7 A rl r-- 7 44 1 l'--o- A 1LJ 11 1 1:3 4 'e---- Ez 2N i tf 11 LA --A il4'4 1J 1 LA 1rIP 1 i 1 q10 te 4 r-71---'- ri r--7-- r---- f---7 pl0 1 IL) i I ri 1 I 1 1 1 tii b1 I I A it -ro 1 1 Y4)1 1 tt''' 1 4 I I 1 L410 Ar-t id i117P 11-1-1-411 ti i 2 i I 1 If I 1 :) rI I i 1 1 74 ej 1 --4- 41 I i a 1 triottc-: 4 MEN'S 2 Days Only' 't LONG SLEEVE 111A Vt ittii 0-ItiENIS NEW V' 44 1 i ill SPORT SHIRTS 1111 COTTON CORD ''''''s''''''''s-- )- I ve i i1 111 CAPRI PANTS i 171 1 Our Rog 191 -4r- z7: 2 Days Only ill I Ill 1 Our Reg 178 l'? siss-- Is 1Y 3 I 1 1 33 A il )40 1 i I i 11 14 It 1- -4 ti 11 i FOR Orange 111 Charge Ili mint lilac LADIES' CORDUROY SLIP-ONS '4 i fl -4 4 v-- r- 1 de 1:1 1 beliogre-baringdhtbeluleprisPic Our Reg 218 11 2 Days Only 7 37 1 4 a 4 I 1 ill 9 i -1-31 17 1-4 11 fwashable cotton Fly- Clearance price savings on women's wonder- I asy-care 100 cotton ront styling Sizes 6 to in regular or button- ully 93rafortable slip-on casuals in wide-wale I --1 i I 16 and plaid Charge 1' down collar style Sol- 1 1 corduroy Cushioned insoles resilient soles 1 Color choice 5-9 a '1 et ids f- i 1 it at Kmart's Men and i 4 I S414's 1 410' Utymt lik Boys' Dept '1' 4WIADEES1 BEADY TO WEAR" SHOE DEPARTMENT ---00-0000vm- New York Times blamed the credibility gap between the American people and their government on government publicity men who try to "make it look good" Gov Harold Le Vander advised the journalists to devote more attention to the progress being made by state government even though news of government often is not setrational Racist Slums Induction Sounds Off I NEAPOLIS MINN (AP) The president of the national journalistic society Sigma Delta Chi said Thurs day Congress should investigate the American Bar Assn because of the vast powers it exerts- Robert White editor and publisher of the Mexico Mo Ledger told the SDX national convention that the lawyers' gmup exerts power in every village city and state even though it is a private organitation "No private organization should have such power" White -said Assails Report Ile attacked the report of a bar association committee proposing stringent new rules for attorneys police and courts in connection with news coverage of criminal proceedings This -report is due for consideration by the American Bar Assn at its convention in Chicago next February "The- report is a plan to force the American people to know less about what their police are doing and what their courts are doing" White said In other speeches Thursday: Chandler publisher of the Los Angeles Times said bad judgment was used by the news Inedia in coverage of last summer's racial riots Instant Mistakes re declared there were instances of mist ekes in 'instant judgments instant evaluations of what the story subsequently would beCOme Salisbury assistant managing editor of the I ERILCRIEM T17: IN GDRESSING TALIPAX 4 OZ RIG Cr UPIR LOT1011 IIDISPENSER OUR REG 94c AQUA-IIET HAIR SPRAY 3-F1-Oz OUR REG 56c MOUTHWASH OUR REG 177 VICKS- 31241Z VAPO-RUB OUR REG 117c 641c OUR REG 711 OUR REG 77c NASHVILLE TENN (Al') Fred Brooks 20 a Negro leader of the Black Power movement who says the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee "is behind the times" walked of en Army induction center Thum-day after refusing to be drafted But Senate investigators still want him in Washington next week for their probe of last summer's riots "SNCC is behind the times" said Brooks a former president of the Nashville chapter after refusing to take the step forward at the center "Black people are having to do things on their own now like in Detroit and Newark" Officials said Brooks will have plenty of time to testify before the Senate Investigations Committee before they close In on him for refusing to take the Army oath of allegi ance 116 57c el t--mt 99c -I A e''' 411100-0P 4 0-Am Ink 1 i (1 4 tt I et At i :::1 4'7' --717 1r 1 i g(''' I': ''''5' i i i -r 1 J6 Vo-ov IIN 1 1 't ilibeti M' 1414 161)Il 1 0 isocitl 4' 1 1 843 -1 A1' "APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT" 6-FT CORRUGATED PLASTIC RUNNER UTILITY MAT FOR FAaORY-FRESII HOME OR THE CAR FISK SPARK PLUGS 180-FOOT ROLL OF MASKING TAPE 17 3 7c 4114" masking tape in a 180-foot roll 57c Our mtg su 0j3 2 Days Only 10 Our Rug DU 55 011 2 Days Only le Out Rog 774 2 Days Only SUNBEAM STEAM HAMILTON BEACH 8 DRY IRON MIXETTE MODEL S-4 MODEL 87 OUR REG 897 OUR REG 814 Int 64 4 4136 Exclusive steam flow vents Portatle Land mixer sit gives an all-over cushion of large non-splash chmm rolling steam hint In 30 see: plated beaters onds Portal) le Land mixer etids large non-splash chrome plated beaters 271 width the sts shelf-liner protective rug or floor runner brand-new crudity THANKSGIVING! 7 f- THANKSGIVING! 107 1 I HATE III (4 146 1 -ei s)s 4 rubber floor mat is avail Save 20c on bran able in red blue white FISK spark plug and black "AuTomarivE DEPARDIENr" Save 20e on FISK spark plugs 'MO IMPROVEMENT DEPARTMENT Kmart DELUXE PROJECTION TABLE 1 OUR REG 7288 2 DAYS ONLY 17 1 de Ar load srlipr 4-POWER OPERA GLASSES WCASE A7 OUR REG 897 7 'CAMERA DEPARTMENT' t-717 Li oil If VIEWMASTER THEATRE PROJECTOR-VIEWER OUR REG 897 1L-77 1'77 15 yiewmaster reels 4' t7 1 Can't Warne the old bird but as for us we like Thanksgiving everything about CELEBRATING? F-----L-----) -7 7- -1-7-r- i l''' 1- -7 1' 7 -12 i l'i- 1's V-----''7--i-- (7 1 i ii: I''' 1 1 12-1--r-'' 'is 1 11 A 4 1 NN 1-t I t' -11 'tt-NAk'' 1 1 1 i I I '1 a- 4 Ti li Ili 4 zt 4 11 '4' I 44: 11 BEACOil 44 -it A 44) sy bY 44 :5 4 4 '4 I 4 ---1 1 i i I s) 'A! I 1 i jr-) I 1t 4 li "likA 1 i is 1 Ityr 1 i -2 m' 1 vt 4 Itii I It 2i 4 -4 Jli I Aigdge itg-4 1 A CZ 4'''' 1 -t I 1 Come join us for a delicious THANKSGIVING DINNER A complete turkey dinnei with all the trimmings A A srt moonow 4 2 to 1 0 pm SKY ROOM Reservations recommended ELECTRIC TRAIN SET 12-ROLL PKG CHRISTMAS WRAP CUSY-BEE KIIMER OUR REG 496 2 DAYS ONLY COTTON VELVETEEN OUR REG 227-yd 2 days only Delightful piano interludes $iloO by Ted Johnson children $300 12 by MARX OUR REG16116 2 DAYS ONLY DOOR DECORATIONS 2 days arol 48c OUR REO167 2 1444 396 "SCOTCH MIST" BLANKET OUR REG 396 333 72x90 50 riyion 50 rayon 100 acetate satin binding 1 1 on 183d 147 COFFEE SHOP $325 Dinner served from children $250 12 noon 'til 9 pm Simple to Operate Smartly styled all plastic knitting ma chine Toy Dept aFJ awpub 36" wide Comes in green blue black red pink and cranberry in I- rt nrnnflflrfl 6-ft Full color Life size Santa Wreath Christmas Tree or Holey and Bells dotv11 I re Complete set-7 nothing else ti buy Smoking locomotive Toy Dept 6 paper rolls 6 foil rolls 60-ft total Vfl I dci 4-4 As usual free parking in the Garage oPt 4 4 I 0 I I I 1J 1' i 1 6 Pi 1 I -1 t4-94 i 0) tio A 0 )1 0 i 1 0i01) il Akeloi 1 0 1 ti I 1 A As usual free parking in the Garage I I i V- 1 4 -1P-1" rg' -4' ''ft -4" 4 I -vo oes -0-01 ''''4''''' 4 OW RI 0- r''''4- 4- 7-.

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