The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 21, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, October 21, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER '-M. 1908. NO SALOON ON BALLOT Judge Church of the Superior Court of Fresno County this afernoon ruled that the county clerk cannot place the "saloon or no saloon" question on the general ballot, even though he has been directed to do so by the supervisors. , His decision was given from the bench, but in the hearing of the Blatter, Judge Church took almost .Identically the position of District Attorney Laird and Supervisor Jastro, when the same subject was under discussion here. Judge Church simply holds that there Is no law for the submission of «uch a question, and that the supervisors cannot delegate the duties Imposed upon them by law, to the people. The Colusa County -case, decided by the court of appeals, it was shown, does not touch the points at .issue. The supervisors of Fresno some time since, ordered the matter submitted to the people. M. Mattel, representing the Wine Growers Assocla^ tion, enjoined the clerk from placing the question on the ballot. The matter came up on demurrer, and Judge Church's decision was filed today. It in the Appellate Court decision. At attention decision Judge Church of Fresno so Decides-Sustains District Attorney Laird frying Hard to Save Ohio tornej* Freeman called the of Judge Church that this cannot be accepted as a ^finality because an appeal is pending. Mattel's amended petition described him as "a resident, citizen, freeholder, taxpayer and elector," and one of the points argued was that there is no showing of any kind with the referendum words off the ballot how he Is beneficially or distinctively Interest od. The argument was a desultory affair, on account of the briefness of the hour, judge and attorneys participating. Judge Church was Inclined to the opinion that there is nothing in the state law to authorize a referendum vote as herein attempted, and as to the beneficial Interest oE the petitioner It may be an effort on his part to prevent an Illegal act, for it Is not carrying out the law to add something to a ballot that is not called for by the taw. Such a vote of the people, said the court, adds no power to the board, it acquires only a moral support which has no binding legal effect. As to matters or legislation, there cannot BRYAN EXPOSES WIEMPI Af shows that both District Attorney Laird and Mr. Jastro were right In the contention that the matter could not be legally submitted, and that the supervisors must themselves pass upon the license question. The argument on the petition was had during the recess adjournment hour yesterday and Attorneys Snow and Freeman, having amended their petition to conform with the point on the demurrer by Assistant District | ApP'dlate Court would seem to lean NEW YORK, Oct. 21.—That there is great concern over the situation in Ohio is manifested in the activity at Republican headquarters. Taft him self is going to return to his own state, and the following speakers are being hurried there to try to save crease, the day: Postmaster General Meyer, "There, Secretary Garfleld, Secretary Strauss, Senator Dolllver, Senator LaFollette, Leslie M. Shaw, General O. O. Howard, Representative Foster of Vermont and Representative Longworth of Ohio. NKVYARK. O., Oct. 21.—The second Invasion ot the native stato of his opponent wa> begun by Bryan at this place todir. with a program of fifteen stops and a speech tonight at Wil- llamstown. Bry|h read from a dispatch In a ColumtJufe paper which stated that 500 working limn on the Big Four railroad were called together and notified by officials that if Bryan was elected there would be a ten per cent reduction In wages. If Taft was elected, there would be a corresponding In- SHEPHERD GAINS RAPIDLY IN THE SOUTHERN COUNTIES be any question that it cannot delegate such power to the people. There is no referendum vote provision under the state law and a vote of the people could have no binding effect. If the board would wish to pass an act of legislation contingent on a vote of the people, it is a question whether it lias the right to do so. The Sau .lose case derision of the first district TWO TRICKS Second hand stores continue to be the prey for petty thieves. Last evening the establishment of Winters & Bridges at K and Eighteenth streets was entered and a small quantity of goods stolen. Max Cohen, proprietor of a second hand store at Twenty-second and M streets, reports the burglary ol his place Monday pair of my friends," said Bryan, "is a statement in a Republican paper of a threat l>y officials of a great railroad system. They threaten to punish men for voting tho Democratic ticket by u ten per cent cut in wages and promise an increase in wages If they vote tho Republican ticket. I sity to you that the little ward heeler who goes around and bribes a man for $5 Is of good moral character beside the man who attempts to use his power to threaten those who work for him. or buy them by a promise of Increase in wages." W. K. Shepherd, Democratic nominee for Congress in the Eighth district, has just completed a tour of Sati Diego County, and word comes from that section that ho is Roint? to make a phenomenal run. in San Diego there is a strong sentiment In favor of guaranteeing Imnk deposits, and Mr. Sl.epiierd's position on that subject has been a strong support. Senator Cartwrlght and others' whu have toured the southern counties, pronounce Mr. Shepherd's prospects most hopeful despite the big majority there Is to overcome. San Diego, It la expected, will give Shepherd a majority, aud the coast counties are going to roll up a heavy vote for him. I artlciilarly Is this true In Ventura and Santa Barbara". That the opposition is becoming alarmed Is evidenced by the fact that the Republican nominee has Riven up many weeka to campaigning In Ihe south, and to supplement his own efforts, Governor Glllett, the corporation governor, is traveling through Orange and other counties In an automobile, making a close canvass. Shepherd will carry both Kern and Tulare Counties by heavy votes, for the sentiment is general that, it is useless to elect Bryan unless he has a Democratic House 9f Representatives behind him. v * * * * * * * * * MO PIGEONS GOOD SHOOTING Attorney McCormlck, tho case was iir. in the view that it has the power. Hut gued on its merits, the petitioner relying mainly on the heretofore quoted San Jose city ease in which a vote •was taken when the charter contains i " no referendum charter, and the respondents through Mr. McCormlck, i pinned their faith on the Colusa ' ril!il County ordinance case in which a referendum election was In fact held •without protest though the question of whether it was a legal or authorized proceeding was not touched upon las to the ordinance in question In ibe Colusa case the board had the mi' doubted right to enact it as a police illation of Hie liquor traffic inde- 1 pendent of any election vote. In short, considering the Fresno County as presented, .Indue Church thought that to add the referendum ro the ballots would lie an idle tiling, accomplishing nothing .unless it was S, I I night and claims that 100 shoes were carried off. Entrance to Winters and Bridges was gained through a side window. An unsuccessful attempt was made to open a back door. The culprits used a knife to get at the lock bu evidently rinding this slow work, they went to a side window and easily .not in. Several suit cases tho vest ol' a suit, the coat of which was stolen some time ago. and some small articles is the loss reported. Cohen Is positive in declaring thai bis store was robbed, but he is tillable to give Marshal McKamy any facts or even show where entrance was effected. "We have been doing our best to NEW AUTO FOR LOCAL DRIVERS C. E. Getcliell, the Cadillac agent has received word that he will securi two of the first car load of cars thai come from the factory in November They have been sold already. (Jn< will be a thirty horse power roadstei which W. W. Verner, the oil man. will secure, and the others a thirty horse power toiiriim car lias !»•<n spoken for by li. It. PeacoeK. The Cadillac is considered to be one ol' Hie best automobile buys of tlie season. \V. K. Drnrx. the iiiiloinobile 111:111, rotiirned from l.os Angeles ibis morning, lie visile,! the i;ar.ines in the .southern city and obtained ideas which will be used ill iHTlectin;; Ihe plans for the contemplated ne'.v building of the Bakors^jeld garage. Harry Dillon and Sam Sweitzer, the local sportsmen, have just returned from a hunting trip to the Glennvllle country. They enjoyed much good quail, wild pigeon and gray squirrel shooting and also had a remarkably good trout fish at Liiimro Creek. Although they secured a good bag of quail, they found the birds rather •wild. They have a tendency to run j Instead of taking to the wing and 1 !' 1 >I" How Taylor Made Escape UNION CITY, Tend.. Oct. 21.—Cot- R. Z. Taylor, the aged Trenton lawyer, who had been taken from the hotel lit Walnut Lodge at flip same time that. Captain Qimntin Rimkin wa» rid the. town of hangers on," said Marshal McKamy this morning. "For the past two weeks tho judges and Our Show of New Fall Clothes! Have you seen it ? If not, a treat awaits you, for we have a gathering of L. Adler, Bros. & Go's Rochester-made ready-to- wear suits lhat are a perfect revelation of style and quality. No matter how critical a; man may be; he cannot withhold his approval from the fall models! of this great establishment, for inj them are embodied the latest dreams of fashion as interpreted by a designer who ranks first in his profession. We invite you to call just to look at the new things. the thick underbrush along tho roads ; and on the bills does not njake the I shooting as good as could be de.sir- od. Dillon says that the pigeons ar" just beginning to come in and they will furnish some of the best spon in that section over the tall mouths. The local spoilsnieii stayed wii!i C. (!, Taylor and in company wild lynched uighl before lust, turned Up near Tli/tonville, Tenu., having escap- 1 ed from night riders an hour after j Rankln was hanged. While liisimtinK what to do with him escaped from his captors, jumped into flic bayou and swam across. lie was fired upon many time. Governor Pa'ferson lias ordered out the jroous in that district aud offered a • large reward for th«- capture of tho <r,!\<->-.- troiu T.'.yUiyV pluce enjoyed a line trout tish Monday. They had no nilli'iiHv in pulling nut the limit In ,1 11'inai K.ilily shui I time. Geo. W. Wear Would Sell His Raisins To The Morning Paper Editor Califoraian: The Echo | an agreement. calls to public attention the offer of! If the Echo people wish to specu- Annsby & Company to pay four cents 1 late they may have my raisins for per pound for raisins — did you or the, :!',;, rents per pound, aud they can ' ' police officers have been floating dozens of men daily, but as these move , ... . . per pound lor raisins—did you or the ; .Hi cents per pound, aud they cau on others come in. It Is a bad timei' ' | ... , , ,. ,„, ,, _ Echo man ever consider the offer? shove them on to the 4 cent market of the year. Lhe, police officers are , \ J * [It is merely this: If ninety per cent; that Ihey have found. of I ho raisin growers would sign an|_ AS To T HR MARKET ON DRIED iron-bound contract to let that nrm jpmjn- AT THK PRESENT EPOCH have their raisins at that price HIP OF REPUBLICAN PROSPERITY, I Armsbys would tie them up, take rais. ins in such quantities anil at such Tigtlant. but it Is a stop petty thieving." hard thing to KERN'S SON IS VERY ILL- FATHER RETURNING HOME. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. at.--John W. I time., as they wished to, paying wheu Kern, Jr., the eight year old son ol tlie Democratic candidate for Vice President, is seriously 111 in thW city. Mrs. Kern has telegraphed her husband to return to Indianapolis at |ouce. SYRACUSE, Oct.. 21.—John W. Kern in response to a telegram informing him of the Illness of his son abandoned gone home. his campaign and has THE TOGGERY lOWlUt. * IIOOM TAFT IS RESTING FOR THE FINAL STRUGGLE. CINCINNATI, Oct. -i\— A day of absolute quiet and rest was indulged in today by Taft. who arrived here at 7 o'clock this morning and will remain until the same hour tomorrow. Ho went to the residence of his brother io Fee a few people. Three days work in Indiana begin tomorrow, after which he will .start Saturday night for New York WENT NORTH TO ATTEND ANDERSON FUNERAL. liaiiny aMck, James McGulre, John Murphy, Mel Smith. Fred Ball, Joe lioyi-l and James McIIugh were am >iu; the liakorslleld people wh< went io Fresno yi^serduy to attend the !mural of Jacob Anderson. they took Ihe Hoods, and If they did not need all or olio-half of Ihe product guaranteed i'> them they would shut off when they desired, leaving the producers no recourse, aud consequently Mr. (irower would have his product left on his hands. During the life of tile agreement (which would be operative at tlie will of the Armsbys) tin.- producer could not sell his raisins to others, even if offered six. or bt ci'iilH a pound for them; though it inlghl develop, by reason of his iiiH trussed up by Armsby, that he would finally get no Bale of his fruit it any price. No one but an imbecile would nave, thought of signing such WILL SAY THAT 1 HAVE BEEN OFFERED 2'A. CENTS PER POUND FOR MY RAISINS AND 2 CENTS FOR MY PEACHES—ABOUT THE COST OF THE CURING, SAYING NOTHING OF THW COST OF CUfy T1VATION, ETC. The dried fruit business could not bo worse, and might be boiler, so let's try Bryan. GEO. Wj WEAR. FRESNO AUTO MAN HERE WITH NEW MODEL DORRIS CAR A. J. Hudson of Fresno, a.netit for the Uorris and Overland motor cars, IK here with one of the new mode! Dorrls cars. Ho drove down from Fresno yesterday afternoon wilb \V. II. Graham, making a j:oo,| fast trip. Hudson had Dr. \Ve>i oni in the classy looking car this afternoon and the medico was very much cnihiiM'd TWO ACCUSED MURDERERS ARRAIGNED IN COURT. T. Llewellyn, accused of the Kern City murder, plead not. guilty In THAW TAKES CASE TO THE HIGHEST COURT. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. :: I.--At tor neys lor Hurry Thaw today took nn appeal to the United Sta'-^ ('Iron! 1 Judge Mabon'is court this afternoon. Court of Appeals fi.-."ii 'lit df-cisiort "' James N. Witt, accused of the mur-,.ludge Young yesterday, which court dlBinissed the writ of habeas corpus proceedings to bring Thaw to Pitts- dor of Bradford Peck at Handsburg, was arraigned,"and time to plead was continued until Monday. bur;, Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. +• You would hardly believe that such beautiful ihlnu.i could be made of leather its v>>- are nmv The tolluw ii.n tiood.- call lie found here in varl<-i> NO better x'\f\ could be thouulit of than from this line. Ladies' Handbags in Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases. Bill a'id Letter Books, Wrist Bags. I'ric' - an 1 most reasonable «m i \ er> thills Coir.e iii and ''•' u, show >oil the .find-. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES Tt.e Leading Prescription Druggist. ' Phones Main 64 and 74.

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