The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 22, 1970 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1970
Page 2
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Page 2 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1970 Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city.. w..................45$ per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: lyear ... .: $11.00 6 months......... 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. . Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under nthe Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. V SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 turn in J ^lie (Hock. With'the DriL tune MAIL BAG By R.D. Money A VERY VERY long card (showing the Cathedral of Notre Dame) .. .with three words on the side (the greeting side), signed FRED. It said "Merry Christmas". He's a kind of quiet fellow., .and we were happy, to receive the card. From Fred Surber, former Mayor, who will soon be a Judge and will be with us in Tipton soon, we think] Written the 16th.. .and started on its way from Paris at that time. FRED WILL BE with us soon. . .if the o-la-la, don't get to himl Ho-Ho-Hol THEY" HAVEN'T ASKED . MY. . .O'MY. . .how sorry we felt when we read the article in yesterday's paper regarding the fact the Senators were TIRED and MAD because they had to 'do their thing*.. .and then return , to their ('poorly?) paid jobs in such short order.. .TO FINISH UP what they HARDLY STARTED, seeking ways and means to stop inflation, and help the people for a change! Don't fret too much about it, they may just decide to quit and we can select a new batch, who may be 'good boys*-for at least one session, enough to get us off the rock.. .and onto firm ground. THEY CALLED IT,'the world's greatest deliberative body . . .and believe you me, they may be just that, both DE LIVER A- TIVE and DELIBERATE. Deliberate in that they seem to want to get this great country so snarled up we may need MEDICAL help. Like a group of kids, the senators, without a man on the rostrum, were like kids in a schoolroom while TEACH is at. the door,-or out of the room. .However, much to their credit, it was not reported that they were 'paper wadding*.. .from one side of the aisle to the other, just "blowing off steam' because they were to be back in session so soon after a holiday; - FOR THE KIND of money they are pulling 'down now.. .one would expect that they act as adults, instead of well groomed HIPPIES. . .but such -was the case, according to the story we read. YOU KNOW FOLKS, these Rover Boys don't even go by the ,book, whether straddling a DONKEY or riding an ELEPHANT! They were worse than kids in a candy shop, with the propriotor. out to lunch! They were talking while the SPEAKER was in action; Mike Mansfield, usually a quiet individual, even had to suggest that AIDES to some of the senators should hot be allowed to SIT on the carpet No, we'll agree to that Senator! They should be OUT. . .but then some of the Senators might .not know what to SAY unless their RIGHT HAND was along! However, it was like somebody tossing an extra blade of grass on the green when the champ was attempting a PUTT! They were ordered out, . .and probably got their revenge by sitting at the'boss's desk and putting up their feet, no doubt not realizing they were EMULATING the boss, for that is evidently where most of them have had them this session. . .or mayhap in their RESPECTIVE MOUTHS! AFTER ALL gentle reader, remember 'twas the Saturday before Christmas. . .and there were quite a few creatures 'stirring* in the House.. .not condusive to good taste at CHRISTMAS or TAXPAYER time! SEEMS THAT LYNDON had ruled this body with an iron hand . . .slightly heavy. . .but Mike has insisted that there would be no 'CHITS' in this one, that 'chits' or favors, were out, and each Senator was allowed his day in court; but he had failed to add, there was a limit to anybody's TJAY! AS WE REMEMBER, the story also added, that the great majority of senators had been at their desks all year, with only . a long* weekend or two for. vacation. For $40,000 PLUS we believe most of us would be agreeable for that type of action! But the Senators were described as TIRED and MAD! We'll agree to the tired part. . .and have no doubt as to the mad part, but may add, as a TAXPAYER, they are certainly MAD, in a different sense, the way they are BUTCHERING the sessions.. and the COUNTRY! It's high time Hie taxpayer got TIRED. .. and mad! Naturally they are looking for someone to blame... too bad the Senate Chamber isn't equipped with mirrors at each desk; this will clarify their problem! IT SEEMS to us they are more interested in POWER than in WOPLE! AND, it seems there is much more talk about the super transport to force the taxpayer to 'dig*. . .than in support of programs that are ACTUALLY needed. One more session like the current one and we aU might be willing to either SELL back to the Indians.. .or MARCH tin the Senate! TODAY'S TIDBIT PEOPLE WHO WISH to be tolerant should always keep this in mind: a donkey would rather hear another donkey's bray than the finest voice in the Metropolitan Opera. Maybe the same is , true in the Senate. . .and that just may be what is wrong. And maybe the same is true of the ELEPHANT, he'd rather hear the TRUMPET of the elephant than the bray. LORD;. .for the sake of the people, the common people of this country, let's get the BRAYS and the TRUMPETINGS toeether! WANT ADS PAY faMsiON SCHEDULE 4:00 O (B) Dick V«n i D r ke O Early Report O Big News Q Eycwirnett Ncwi CD Whet's Hew 6:30 O Daniel.Boone Boone and MaiO". Pruitt help two French nuns who are fleeing from ogents of the French Revolutionary, government. O Early Report (Cont'd' O Big News (Cont'd- © ABC News ED Misterogcrs 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) Q NBC News O CBS News © Pacer Basketball Pacers vs. Florida at Kentucky. @ (B) Origami The'orf of paper foldng. 7:30 O I.U..Basketball Butler ot Indiana. O Don Knotts Don's guests are Gmc Lollbbrigr Ida, Van Johnson and the Dil- 'ards, and Don's daughter. Karen, rrokes her television debut. O Beverly Hillbillies Granny pushes her carppoign Ho snog Sam Drucker into marriage while the Hillbillies are in Hoot- erville for the holiday. (Repeat). Q Pacer Basketball (Cont'd) O (B) Experiment Program deals with the planet Mars. 8:00 O l-U- Basketball (Con '/d) O D°" Knotts (Cont'd 1 O Grean Acres Lisa, launches a pbt to return to the city. CD Basketball (Cont'd' ' g © (B) Forsyte Saga •• Repeat of SundayU program. 8:30 O Bosketboll (Cont'd* Q Julia Corey,-about to have a party, learns that the father of one of his friends will not allow his son to attend. O CBS Special "A World of Love." Holidoy special starring Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Harry Belafonte, . Audrey Hepburn and Bill Cosby. ID Basketball (Cont'd) 60 (B) Forsyte (Cont'd) 9:00 O David Freit Loretta Lynn, .Sandy Bcron, and Frank Mahkiewicz are among David's guests. O Tuesday Movie "White Christmas" (1954), starring: Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Dcnn\ Kave Four entertainers help a Ve.-monr inn • owner. (Repeat-. O Special (Cont'd) O Movie of the Week 'The Unfinished Journey of Robert F. Kennedy." The story of the man and his time, narrated by John Houston. (Repeat*. CD The Advocates Shsuld the U.S. discourage American investment in South Afrirc? (Part I). . 9:30 O Frost (Cont'd) O Tuesday Movie (Cont 'd; O To Rome With Love Alison has a date witn a longhaired young philosophy professor. (Repeat). O Movie (Cont'd' 60 Advocates (Cont'd) 10:00 ; O Frost (Cont'd) O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd! O £0 Minutes CBS news magazine with Mike Wallace end Morley'Safer. CD Movie (Cont'd) ©San Francisco Mi* 10:30 O Local News " O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) O <0 Minutes (Cont'd) CD Marcus Welby Dr. Welby urges a young Indian steel worker to leave the smoggy . city and return to his reservation. £Q San Francisco (Cont'd) • • 11:00 O Movie Four "The Adventures of Scara- mouche" (1964), with Gerard. Bcrroy and Gianna. Maria. A nobleman, robbed; of his birthright, sets out to reclaim his heritage. O Movia (Cont'd) O Local News . . CD Marcus Welby (Cont'd) 11:30 O Movie Four (Cont'd) O Ntws/Tonight O Menr Griffin CD News /Cavatt Wed., Dec. 23 - 6:30 O Today In Indiana O Sunrise Semester CD Perspective 13 7:00 O <B> Panorama O Today' O CBS Newt CD Death Driver 7:30 O Kartoon Karnival O TOday (Cont'd) O CBS News (Cont'd) Q) Kindergarten College 8:00 Q Karnival (Cont'd) 0 Today (Cont'd) O Captain Kangaroo CD College (Cont'd) 8:30 ,0 Karnival (Cont'd) O Today (Cont'd) O Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) . CD IB) Littlest Hobo 9:00 O (B) Topper P% Virginia Graham O Coffee Cup Theater ' "Inspector General" (1949), with Danny Kaye and Walter Slezok. The town's clown is forced to impersonate d visiting inspector generol. CD Foul Dixon Show 9:30 O Jack LaLonne . C3 Graham (Cont'd) O Theater (Cont'd) CD Foul Dixon (Cont'd) . 10:00 O Lucy Show Q Dinah's Place O Theater (Cont'd) CD Foul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30 CI Movie Game O Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies CD That Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk ' O Century Sate O Family Affair CD Bewitched 11:30 O News O Hollywood Squares O Love of Life CD Eyewitness News 12:00 Chuckwagon Theater Jeopardy O Where the Heart It CD 50-50 Club 12:30 Chuckwagon (Cont'd) Jim Gerard Search for. Tomorrow CD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O Hollywood Movie "The Diamond Queen" (1953), with Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl. Two adventurers in India bargain their secret weapon, for 'a fabulous diamond, a girl and o a o a a their lives. O Jim Gerard (Cont'd) O Local Newt CD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:30 O Movie (Cont'd) Q Words and Music O As World Tumt . CD Make A Deal 2:00 Q Movia (Cont'd) O Days of Our Lives O Many Splendored Thing CD Newlywed Game 2:30 O Movia (Cont'd) O Tha Doctors O 'Tha Guiding Light SB Dating Game 3:00 O Gourmet O Another World O Secret Storm CD Generol Hospital 3:30 O (B) Dennis the Menace Q Bright Promise O Edge of Night CD On* Life to Liva 4:00 O Popeye and Jania O Another World O Gomar Pylo CD Dark Shadows 4:30 O Popeye (Cont'd) O Mika Douglas O Early Show f'The Blue Bird" (1940), with Shirley Temple and Spring Byington. A little girl searches for hoppiness. . CD Big Valley G3 Sesame Street 5:00 O Flintstonet ..Q Mika Douglas (Cont'd)"' O Early Show (Cont'd) CD Valley (Cont'd) H3 Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 O (B) Addamt Family O Mika Douglas (Cont'd). O Early Shew (Cont'd) . CD Dragnet QD Misterogcrs I.U. Drafts Ethics Code GARY, Ind. (UPI) - The Indiana University faculty's voluntarily drafted code of ethics was accepted here Saturday by the IU board of trustees. It is a companion code to one enacted a year ago for stu-. dents. The code written by the Faculty Council will apply on all seven IU campuses. It outlines By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. Mythology Vs. Medication Dr. Coleman • I DON'T like to take pills" is a phrase commonly heard by physicians who, after examining a patient, prescribe medication. Another (though unrelated) phrase is, '"No matter how sick I am I never have fever." It is surprising how comm o n such fixed ideas occur to patients without any reasonable idea of how false the statements are. Taking pills must not become a fixed philosophy. Unless you are allergic or in any way highly sensitive to a particular medication, it is unwise not to follow the doctor's order^ by refusing to take the medication he prescribes. Drugs are not given promiscuously and indiscriminately. They are carefully chosen to fit the specific needs and physical requirements, of patients. If they are prescribed and refused, tremendous limitations are imposed on the doctor in his treatment of specific conditions. There is a widespread fear, for example, of cortisone, ACTH, various hormones, and even the antibiotics. Perhaps people are fearful because they do not know the real safety and care with which these drugs are prescribed. I gather from many of my readers that they believe that pills and medicine acownulate and remain in the body even after they have stopped taking them. This is not so. Most drugs are excreted in the urine after they have served the purpose for which they were prescribed. "Because some unusual side effects can and do occur when patients take a new drug for the first time, doctors always tell their patients that if anything unusual, occurs they must stop taking the medicine immediately. Only in this way can you learn if you have any odd susceptibility to a new drug. And now, about the comment, "No matter how sick I am I never have fever." Fever is the normal defensive reaction of the body against infection. It is a good indication of the body's ability to counteract any invasion of germs and shows that the defensive forces of the body are at work, and are normal. Except under the most extreme' circumstances, it is impossible not to have fever if infection is present. Many such false facts masquerade as truths and serve only to confuse. * • • SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: Children with acne need a great deal of emotional support during this troublesome, period. . Dr.^Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and, while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of this newspaper. (C 1970. King Features Syndicate. Inc.) teachers' rights and responsibilities and defines their roles in the classroom and in relations with colleagues, the university and the community. The code preamble says that on becoming a faculty member, "an individual neither surrenders his rights nor escapes his fundamental responsibilities as a citizen, but acquires additional rights as well as respon- ' sibilities to the entire university community. They do not require him to. be passive and silent. They, do require him to recognize how easily an academic community can be violated." FALVEYS GIFT CERTIFICATES. . . . are. made out in any amount you wish. They can be for a special gift like a suit, hat, sportcoat, topcoat. . .or for any item the recipient selects when the Gift Certificate is used. AN IDEAL GIFT 1. For the person'who has everything and you can't decide what to buy. 2. For a wear apparel gift for a person . who is difficult to fit, 3. For a Boss or Foreman because a CERTIFICATE can be made out in any amount collected from a group. 4. For employees from a Boss because it's a versatile gift equal to all. YOU SET THE AMOUNT $1.00 to $100.00 Charlie's car can be winterized, but can Charlie? 4g * There are a lot of small things to help your car's driving performance this winter. Snow tires. Rain tires. Antifreeze. Things like that. There are also a lot of small things to improve your driving performance this winter. Small things like being extra alert, being extra aware of d'riving conditions, and being aware of how best to deal with those conditions. Small things like remembering to maintain • constant speed when driving across a patch of ice. Pumping the brakes evenly when you want to stop on a wet or icy road. Remembering to give yourself extra stopping distance on any slippery surface. Your new car dealer hopes you'll familiarize yourself with all the little ways you can safely cope with hazardous winter driving conditions. Winter is no time to take risks. There are no special winter additives to keep you going. Don't treat the winter lightly. We want you to enjoy the spring. '^^g? National Automobile Dealers Association Offletcl •rgsftUMon «f Am«ric«'« francht**4 mm car and tnica tfaalara • WaaMnftan, O.C On* In a series presented by N.A.D.A., this newspaper, and the new car dcalars of our community. TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE iYour Hometown Newspaper - Serving Tipton Community Three Generations -

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