The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 20, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1908i THE BAKERSFTELD OALIFOBNIAN For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Curativ and Laxative When RED SPRUCE ANDJWHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug Stores BakersfieW's Finest GENTLE HORSES. We ahvays have on hnnd safe and gentle \ orses that ladies cnn drive. You will find everything spick and span about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. EATLIFP Cor 21st and 1C Sts Tel. Main 88 TO NEW YORK THROUGH Orange Groves of Southern Califorma; Cotton Fields of Texas iaua. FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED BTEAMERS ANY AGENT ATTEMPTS SUICIDE Stella, a tenderloin woman residing in the Princeton lodging house yesterday afternoon attempted to end her life by taking corrosive sublimate in the form of antiseptic tablets. She was partly under the influence of Intoxicants and upon discovering her paramour in the room of another woman decided to end her existence. She was seen to swallow the deadly poison and Dr. W. S. Fowler was notified Immediately. Ho was goon on the scene and despite the frantic attempts of the woman to resist his treatment her stomach was washed and relieved of the poison. It took the physician and six other people to hold her. She was very abusive and upbraided the physician for Interfering In her attempt at suicide. She will recover. CLAIMS HE FOUND DIAMONDS IN DEATH VALLEY. RENO, N<ev., Oct. 19.—Al«xande» afcTavish, gaunt and grimy from many hardships endured on the desert, arrived In Reno with a tale of a diamond discovery In Death Valley. The old prospector declars he has found a great diamond-bearing field In the crater of on extinct volcano. All McTavlsh wants Is a supply ot potatoes with which to preserve the diamonds as he takes them from his mine. He says that the only known way to preserve a diamond In the rough Is to Imbed It In a raw potato. Otherwise the gem when exposed to the air, explodes and crumbles to dust. Samples of the stones brought by McTavlsh are declared by Reno experts to show a matrix similar to that typical of the South African fields. Fred Belzar, a Sa n Francisco man, has Interested himself In the prospector's find and will fit out an expedition liberally supplied with potatoes, to exploit the property. 4 » » JOHNNY MURPHY HOPES TO BEAT LOU POWELL. Johnny Murphy writes to a friend In this city that he Is confident of defeating Lou Powell when they clash at the end of this month in San Francisco. Johnny is training at Croll's Gardens In Alameda and is In fine shape for the battle. If he succeeds in disposing of Powell the Fighting Harp will be In line for some good battles. •-»> The Heiress—Oh. papa! The Earl has proposed! Papa Biggwad—H'h! What's his proposition?—Exchange. is good—but It's bettei still when made of KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR Of all flours, this is the bast. „ It's Immediately. At all jrrocers. fKERN RIVER WILLS FLOUR NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Kstnte of Maecle K. Galtes. deceased Notice U hereby clveii by the uu- dersiirned. executor or the estate ol MaCKle 12. Galtes. deceased, to the Creditors of, anil all persons havinii exhib against the said (U^ceasod. to them with tho i vouchers, within four months first publication or this no 8iil<l executor, at the office necessary Arpt"puf)llca't{on of"tli'ls"notice, 'to the 8iu<l executor, at the office ot Oeoree Flournov in tlie Stoner Block, corner of: 17th street and Cliestcj- avenuo. in the City of Hukersneld. Kern County. California, tho same beinii the place for tlie transaction of the business of the said estate in (lie said County of Kern. State of Cajitorniu P AI' 1 1 (j A1 /I Kb. Executor of the estate of Matrule K. Oalfes. deceased. Dated at. BaKorsllelU. September 'i'\ f 1908. 9-litt Bankrupt Stock OF THE United Harness Co Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. LEQAL. DELINQUENT 8AL6 NOTICE. Extension. ° V" t "i ne '»al . Kern County. en. i ne '»al D County. ii e '~72 nerp ar S ° Ilowltll: (|< '*crib ater .Comnany. of tj Fourth . . 'J.'ofTfusme'ssi lalifornia. Jellnouent unon •--a- .^..jed. stock, on ac•<•{. ot n- i l? se ? sl 'ieilt (No. one) levied -..the 2otb dav o r Aueust. 1!»08. the seveial amounts set opposite the as folio 0 B- ' n ' Ktlcct ' ve shareholders. .in 1 -' 8 . 1 oC.Bhnreliol'lers with No, of certificate. No. ot shares and amount due: ,_. No. No. „ Name Crt. Shs. Amt. California Homo Exten- BlonAasoc ation irnutoo BionAssociation, trustee for August Anderson . nme.s u. Anderson .. . ames B. Anderson ____ 39 alitornia Home Exten- Assocfati J. B. And er. John tor . areer. o eard. Thos. eckett, ion. t rustee erson .... 1 .... .......... 470 . Geo. ..... 364 Alice M. . .412 e Mrs. Sarah ..348 alifornia Home JExten- 2U.IL 10.00 - monAssocfation, trustee for Bower. Samuel ... California toime IJxten- . trustee 36 2% 2.60 71 10 18.00 aster. John A. .VT..:.528 ajiforniia Home Exten- i»onAB8OCiatJ n ii, trustee Jftfornia Home Exten- ilonASBOclauon. trustee bristten. Win. p. ... .627 oats. J. B. 87 380 qflfornla Home Exten- jlonAsspciatton. trustee x CooleV WM"®™" vi Sfo1rnlk ey ftS M | 8 ESen.- " *&B$g%^.»I irr. A- i nun ........... Jlfornia Home Exten- inAssoclati on. trustee •Evans, LumisA. .. 97 fornia Home Exten- nAssocfatlon. trustee „„ 'm Evans, LumlsA. .. 98 allfornia Home Exten- SionAssocfation.trustee „„ Jto.rjfvans. JLumlB. A. .. 99 rnla Home Er 20 20. 10 10.00 ie i Bl Jo Ca i. Li Hpi fat! 1/1.1 HO] „ H _.V WU onAssocfation. trustee, „„ ).r Evans. CumlsA. ..100 Hfornla home .Exten- r ifor sten- 5 5.00 10 10.00 20 20.00 16 16.00 16 16.00 20 20.00 slon Association, trustee for Pindon. Walter ...28 :rie,dlander. Max 44 T. John t4 &&$$. i Home .Exten- ______ . trustee . w. -. . J o: fifornia , gionAssocl J<tt. Green, California f ionAssoi _ or Green Qallforala si on Association, trustee California Home Eiten- slonAsBoclation. trubtee . . . , Exten- aon. trustee Alfred }.me Exten- ienry w. . ne Eaten 240 .73 277 310 64 20 20.00 10 10.00 20 20.00 1.0 10.00 6 5.00 — r -ome Rxlen- lAssociatlon. trustee for Hefner. Nelson ... Jailfornla Home Exten- sionAssqclatHjn. trustee for Heydeh. Edw. T. . rjerrtnan. D. M. California Home Exten- BionAssociaUon. trustee For Herrman. D. M. ... fferrman. p. M, Herrman D M California Home Exten-' slonAssociatlon. LEQAL SUMMONS. Superior Court of the State of California, County of Kern. -.Southern Pacific Railroad Company. PliUotiff. v^ •R. H. ^ounttssTToJin I. gtoufiland. Henrietta N, Hobps. Elvira \v rercv. clarence W. Hobos (a jfctfonl?™ $ ir \ D 8 e ' De *endanJU». o.f the State of Cijlifo^tiia."1n 0 and°for l "' v of Kern and the Com- t"i ;n the office of the Clerk of UEOAU. snld Court in the s.ud Countv fne People ol the State of" California send «;iei'tlnu to It. H. Countlss. jonn i. Jsjo'isliiiid. Henrietta if, Hobbs. iMUia w. l ercv. Clarence W. Hobbs (a minor l. ami John Doe. defendants. You are lierebV renuffed"lo'Titnienr {^"abtt'.lnlirSU'inm 1 ^ S? $ Bf^d^.Sotey^ * & 1 '"* to answer the Complain within ten d.,vs (eicTimfve''^ ttie daV of service! ;itter the service on vou of this summons, if served within the snfd in 0 "n t irt'v°d : ivs servf " 1 elsewhere, with- . . County of Kern, and t filed therein. the Sunerlor Court .luornia. in and for t on Aueust M. ipo tne seal State o ounty ol H . attorneys for Dlii DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Oil Dlac Comnany. location of ?•*> of business. Oakland. y. CaHffl 0n o! DroDerYy - * ern f ;fe?;^P er i e 's.d'elmauent rollgwlne described stock i. iratlon. on account of ?8ees B) levied on the 18th Name Cert, »*• l: lurks trou troui trou< itrou< . .joniDson And in ac order of the _ on the 8th day of Septem'Sen 1908. so many snares of each nnrcel of such stock as may be new-:--irv will be LOW at ouDHc auction at me office of I mpanv. 1068 Broadway. nVkland. itn. 20. .on..Monday the hour TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the axes on all personal property, ami jne-half of the taxes on all real yirop- rty, will be due and payable on the second Monday In October, and will' >e delinquent on the last Monday in November next therafter, at G o'clock >. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per rent will be added to the amount thereof, and that If said one- half be not paid before the last Monday In April next, at G o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of he taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the flret Monday In January next, and will be de- Inquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., md that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at ihe time th first Installment, as here- n provided, is duo and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector In the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12 m,, and 1 p. m and S p. a. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. l?o°r E alifornia, .room 20. on Monday t 9th day of October. 1908. at the ho of S o'clock a. m. of said day. to mtv said nellnauent assessment thereon, ' " ' together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. «.=, A - .&• s ¥iTH. Secretary. Office, room 20. 10t>8 Broadway. Oakland. California. 10-3 California nwiue eionAssocfation. for Herrman. A California Jiome slonAssoclation. for Herman. B. Ca,llfornia Home glonAssocfation, for Herman. B. _!xten- trustee K\ ten- trustee Ex ten- trustee 105 106 211 Ul 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 APPLICATION FO N C GlNG TO T K LA88. DE .In the Sunerlor Court of the State, California, in and for the County of srn. In the matter of the estate of Frank ~S (lGC€*B.SP(i A. .McGln'n. administrator of the V»l itWTCllIWUl. _ .. ^ - , afternoon of said om of said SuDt.. r - , snt No. 2. thereof, in u._ _. trsneld. Countv of Kern.. State o dav Superior of. It urt. Depart Citv of Ba sion Association, trustee for Ketmev. J. W. .151 20 20.00 \ . f "* S : *«^»» . ^> tr, .... California Home Extension Association .trustee for Keenev. J. \V 173 20 Ciillfornlii Home Kxten- 20.00 sion A ssociatiou. trustee for Keenev. J. \v". 'alifornin Home !:.„,„- slon Association, trustee for Klnssen. Kr|ck Krick Krick Krick Krick Krick Krlc'; Kro McCa'rUiey,' 'Ic-C-trtnev. ., Ci'liiernla Me,me J.xien- ion Association, trustee lor McConnoll. J, S. . .:M2 Mck nnie. .I. H -157 r 1 . .1. H. 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 . nnie. ... „, nnii>, .1. R. nnie. ,1. R. .. McLaiiKhJin. \\ in. McLaiiKrblln. Win. 10 20 20 Miller. Branev Ann ..., la.lliorui'i Honu; Ixteti- smnAsKociation. trustee for M.vrgn Ravmond ..151 10.011 20 (Ml ... 20.00 20 20.00 20 20 00 . JL'N ^0 20.00 .-12H 20 20.00 20 30 20 .•Ulfi .52.1 r.oc. 20.00 20ioo Mill Mul on. Hobt. Jr. en, " " .no cert, .no cert. 20 20 20 20 ifl Mul en, Hobt Mil en, Hobt. J. cert. Ciilllornin Home Exten- sHinAssocfation. trustee for Nelson. Geo. F. ...192 S.el."on v .James .1 4G'J Jlsen.Fi-ankA.andGraco 4flO ' Wlllard '152 Cnlilornla Home Exten- sionAssoclatlon. trustee for Pender, Ceo. M. .. 3S 5 (.allfornia Home Kxien- sion Association, trustee for.Dickerson, C. A. ..18S 20 California Home Extension A RHOclat ion. trustee 20.0(1 20.00 20. OU fj.OO .-,_ ,-, „ ^-t the_ court room of said ent No. 2. t kersfleld.. Coi _ „., .. California, to show cause why an or Jer should not be eranted, to the sail administrator,, to sell all of the mlnlni. claims Delonglne to the estate of sau deceased, at private sale, and that a ;ouy of this order be uubilsned at enst four succesBive weeks in the jakersneld Callfnrnlan. a newsnaner of ireneral clrculatlcm. printed and published in the Citv of Bakersfleld. Countv of Kern. Stale of California. Dated this 20th day of Sent.. 1908. PAUL W. BENNETT. Judee of the Superior Court. Thos. Scott, attorney Cor administrator. Bakersfleld. Cal. 9-2G NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF THE , CITY OF BAKERSFIELD. Notice is herein- tiiven that, city taxes for the your IflOS lire due and payable on the 21st day or September. IlKiS. and will neconie dcllminent on the 2(1 dav of November. I'JOX. All tiixes are payable lit the office of tho City Treasurer and ux-ottlelo 'i'ax ('ol- lector, 1822 Chester avenue. A. WEABI3R. Citv Treasurer and ex-ofllcio Tax Collector. !)-2:i NOTICE OF SALE PROPf In tht ; OF PERSONAL ,RTY» ..... ie Superior Court In ami for tho County of Kern. Stale of California. In the matter of the estate of Kinll KrlcUson. deceased. Notice. Is herein' uiven that in pursuance of an order of the Superior Colin of the County of Kern. Stale of California, made on the r.l.h day of October, 1(ms. in the matter of the es- of ltuil'1 Krickwin. deceased, the slon ARHoclat ion. trustee for Pi-fwitt. Edeur I). .23S 20 20 flu »"{*<:• Walter A| 422 20 20,ou CnlHornia .Hjinie ^Rxten- 10 20 ..... tj i » » 1 1 1 I I V r 111 f »-j A I. T;• 11 - .jton A ssoci a t ion. t rust ee for .Schlueter. Fred W. 7K .jcliroe ler, Hobt S32 Ster ini;. ,1. II. HOf, Str-rllnir. Geo. \V M California Home Extension Association, trustee for Terrell Daniel F.. .269 California .Home E.xten- gion A R'-oei-it Ion. trustee for lift, Bert . 72 Trodiren. Henben F. ...5Sr, . . Tnicdeii. Uueben F. ...fifSCi §11 Warrecl;er,0tto 4,'M to \Ve sfl. P. J 420 20 Callforrita Home Kxten- 10 on 20.00 20 20.On 10.00 20.00 20 Oil . , undersigned administrator of the es- tale of said deceased, will sell at. private sale to the hiuhest bidder for cash uolil coin of the I 'tilled Stales on Tuesday, the 20lh (lav of October. T.IIIS. al 10 o'clock In the forenoon of l.l:;i' dav at the office of the .said administrator in the court house In the Citv of liukeretlelO. County of Kern, State of California, sealed Idds will be rcoeived bv said administrator lor any or all of said property at his said or- lice up to tho hour herein named on said 20th day of October. V.mS snld bids must be accompanied with ten per cent of the amount bid. The lor- lowlnir Is a description of the property offered for sale: Twenty-five books. one 12-t;uaKe single barrel ftim; one Id- tii line numi) nun, one saddle, one bedstead. niattroHs and Hprhm: one dresser: two larue tallies, six chairs: one sofa: one ice box; one desk and chair: ishes and cooklnr ntensi)s. The fore- en.v will be lound at the . T, Curtis at Mcklmjck. Also one horse and four al the r.'vncli of Diive f MeKll LIQAV together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. C. ORAVES, Secretary of Rio Hravo Oil Company,! office 2270-A Market street, San I Francisco, California. 9-12 i APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL atter of the estate ot Georee eceaBed. cOlnn. the Administrator of herein. ,all the ---„,. -or the 8 petition red by the Judee Ine nied his petition OK for an order of sale of estate of said decedent ss set forth in hii *"' _ therefore orderei d Court that all nerspns" Interest'— jn the estate of sain deceased, ao- P?ar, before the. said/ Sunerlor Court .onday. the 2nd day of November, at 2 o'cIqcK. in the afternoon lay at the_.court room of sn HP e PR r ^""U PeDartnjent No. 2 ie Citv of Bakersneld. Countv ot ,ern. State of California, to show cause why nn order should not oe eranted to the mid adminiBtrator to se 1 Oie whole of the realestate of the said nerejsed ai nrtvate sale: >«nd that i cony of this order be published af east.four successive weeks in the Ba ersflejd palTfor^ian. a ne in. nrlntei Y of iher. n pf snfd 2 n «fi- - of th e Count\ of Kern. State of California. In the matter of the estate of J. M Patterson, deceased. Notice is hereby elyen bv the undfr siened ndmfniHtrator of the estate o J. M. Patterson, deceased to the ered imrs of. and all nersons haviiu claims aenlnst the saiil deceased, t the . claims aenln exhibit them vouchers within with , neeossa n tour months after il first Diitilieatlon ol this notic corporation; also ail other persons uakown claiming any right title, estate, Hen, or Interest In the real property described in the complaint adverse to plaintiffs ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's UtM thereto, defendants. The people of the State of Call for tilu send greetlnR to the Sotir.licrn P* rllic Railroad Company, ;• < orpornllon, The Pacific Impwemmit Company, s, eoriioratUm; tho \Wsieru Develop- nienl Company, a corjioratlon; also all oilier persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or Inter* e.«t in the real property described In lie complaint adverse to plaintiff'! wuersliip, or any cloud upon plain.* Iff'rt title thereto, defendants. You are hereby required to appea* i» an action brought against you by| he above named plaintiff, In the S«« erlor Court of the County of Kern, tate of California, and to answer th« Complaint filed therein, within tel ays (exclusive of the day of service) fter service on you of this summons, f served within said county; If serv«4 ilsewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to deter* mine a claim made by said defendants adversely to the plaintiff tn and to that certain lot, piece or parcel of land ituate, lying and being in the Town ol .lojave, County of Kern, State of Cab fornia, and designated as Lot Numb« Nine (9) In Blook One Hundred (100); f said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in the office of the Coon* y Recorder of aaid Kern County, 09 the Third day of March, 1906; 40 compel the said defendants to produo* their title, it any they have, to Bald premises, and that the same, and tiM pretended claim, right, title, interMt. and estate of said defendants, and also all other persons unknown claha- ng any right, title, estate, lien, or te* erest In the real property describe! n the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's own*ts ship, or any cloud upon plaintiff's tt* .Ie thereto, and each and aU'ot then n and to said premises, and evary part thereof, may be adjudged and d* creed to be invalid and void. That the said defendants and eat 4 * of them may be barred of and from a 1 " right, title. Interest and estate in ana to the said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiff's title may bo adjudged and decreed to be a good in<) valid one as against said defend* ants :ind each of them, and all person* claiming under said defendants and each of them, and for such other an* further relief as shall be lust and equitable as the nature of the case may require, as will more fully appear by the Complaint on file herein, antl to which reference is here made an* for costs of suit And you are nereoy notified, that If you fail to so appear and answer^ the plaintiff may take Judgment tot any money or damages demanded !• the complaint as arising upon con* tract, or will apply to the court foe any other relief demanded In the Com* plaint. Witness my hand and the seal of Um said Superior Court, County of Kern, State of California, this 10th day ol April, A. D. 11)08. (Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. By Ham Parrls, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Howen Irwln,'at> torneys for plaintiff. 8-11 eaon administrator at Thomas Scott. the law No. to offl<M> Ilu i injiiMin m -u( i , :>|l. J ;i(f;f "f J Htreel. rpoins 2 and 4. of Hale orsfield bill dlmr. corner Chester ave line Miid 2(ith street. In the Citv of «:• hers/lnlf). Countv of Kern. State o California, the name belnir (fie i.lae, lor the transaction of business of said estate in wild Kern County 1^0 * ^,,1 f~\r.l ,,1, ^ •> H Vl ft A * c. , Dated October ROB" . , , , Administrator P nr 11!, 1908. 3Eiif PAI, of tho Ksti ,,MKR. JR.. ,.,»..,,,,,>'. in i,jii j'jntate of J. ft . .Hti'rson. Deceased Thomas Scott, attorney for estate. _ .DOG LICENSE NOTICED Notice IB hercijv mvcn 10 all ijei sons ownlnir and keenlnu: docs, with! he limits of the Citv of Hal;e,rsflel< that License Tuns tor tlif year !!>(>? are now ready for delivery at tlie n: flee of Hie City Clerk. In the (Wenien of Producers Hiivlmjs Jiank biilldliiE and on alter tin- l?,tli <iav of .lanu irv. I will proceed to Imimuiid a! docs found riintiinir on Hie streets Hi.v e the " CBIIM! t!lur '° Dated iiolntr pron. residence of 1. Kern county. i-oals on tmslure al the r.' Maddox. neiu- the lown of MeKlllricU, Kern countv. where the same may be in -peeled. One dvvellinu bouse locat- he ellinu McKi tlrick. ern ,,'",. a " * ' H f'-llfonila ' trustee . P. 41 'II. l 1 LIDl ...„ Mrs. (' Home Exten .trustee . in the town ol count v. For fiirU'C't 1 Inforinatlon apply to W. A. McCinn. adiiiinlHtrutoi- of said CM! ill e. \S . A. McClNN. Adiiilnl.«tr:itor of the estato of Krnll Krlckvn. deceased. 10-9 ROAu NOTICE Oftlee of the Clerk of the noanl <i! iim-ry sors. Kern Countv. Calffonila. I" all iion-foiisfiitlDt; ownei'.s of the hereinafter described lands, take 110tice: I hat the reuort of tho vlewern nroijoKi-d eoiintv road No. ^711 de lbnd as cominenclnir at the corner o HociloiiH «7.2S,n:! ami :if of Twn A honrh of ItittiKO 2.'J East: thenee west alonir and M feet on each K|<|I> *>'£ . tn 'Li. Ilni! '"''w' 1 !,'" HectioiiH 28 and ^3 to the corner of HeelioriH ^.S a!» :i-' ami jt.5. u (llHtiiiice of 1 mile. IIMH n'emi i'i' 1 ( '!>wn for hearlnc before tho wild fioanl of HiinerviKors. nl their roouiK In the court bouKe ip the Citv of Hak- lyslit'ld. Countv of Kern. Stale of California, on Frld'iv November (!. 1(tf)K. it the hour of II: :to o clock, u. in. when; any and all nei-sonn Interested Lhi'reln ,'nav amieiir and mnl«> ol>- lectlon thereto If deemed uroiHM-. I he Kiili] nroiiosed road or public ilKhwav will IKIHS over, throtieli UIK' IIDOII the lands of Oeo. Havmonc aiu Men/o Soring. BV order of the mild Tio-ifd of fiii- icrvisorst. , 1|. A. JASTHO. Atlesf f ' ll " lrman of tno K '"l'i Hoard. <P'">n' !. T,. Miller. Clerk. KM;; ROAD NOTICE. „ Offlro of t Sll'>ervi>ot'H h. the Clerk of the Bo'ird i ..-...,,„.„. Kern Countv. California Io all non-coiiHonnnit owners of the d'eiii'ifler described laiids take no £V^.l'li lt t i 1 «.E < .'!!" rt of .tho viewers or DronoHOd"" county hcrlbod as co l »- **• .*•"»' »»»^»»v;io Oil road No. 27<l. de north en East: thence Bouth^lori^'and"': feet on each side of line bolween BO O.oo i — J V-,\*"?»-'»;* (VVH Ml, \,l 11.11 *^ IT for \Vo odarskv. Mover 202 Ciillfoniia llome Exten- alonAKsoclat' 20 W.....V. ( Hllk J IVJIIItr HAltll- aioiiAKsocfaUoii. trustee for Yoiinir. .las. B HI7 10 10.nn And In accordance with law and an order of the Board of Directors niude <m the 25th day of An trust 3!HW. .so main- shares of each parcel of such stock as nijiv be necessary will be sold nt nubile aucilon at the office »f the secretary of the company on the 2oth day of October 1'MiS. at the hour of IO a. m. of said day. to pay s.-l'l ilelliifiijent as.'-e.-'sment thereon, toufh- er with COHIS of advertlsinu and expenses ol sale. AI.FHKD B. JORDAN. Secv \\asco Kern Co has . . . ,.,, Nove/iib o'clock, a. m. By order of 111 Dated petal Wasco order of the Hoard of Dl t'd October !•». 1908. ALFKKD H. JORDAN, ico, Kern County. Cal. lOxlelislon Wai n nosliioiied until r !!i. ItniS, HI 10 of Directors. Sec. ASSESSMENT NOTICE, H'o Hravo nil Company. L-icatlon I nf ••••incliial phfe "f buslneas, San | |.v!in''iHco, Culltornia. 1/K'ntlou of! win- a. Keni County, CaliiorniH. Adllcu Is beieby KlVfll, UlUl Ut a le.'r! 01 the ITttl i'.'iv n' Sep'ejuti'T V" c , an nrr'-cir^f-rt o' tv.-o ('Ji cent? l\'•• >h'ire wa" 1 , l"" 1 ^ 1 ', u»mn a'l the pub crlbed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in (raited Stales nold coin 10 the secretary, at , Ihe office (if the company, No. i.'270-A ,' Market street near I nth street, Sun: Francisco, Calitornia. j Any stock upon which this .-ISSOSB- ment shall remain iinpalil on Monday, the L'fHh day of October, !!)08, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; and, unless payment Is made before, will be sold on Friday, the 30th day of November, 1908, to pay fee delinquent assessment t|ons"4 am{ 1 T'K~an'O.Tw"o" 1 mlfoS alonif ~ " ' '•->tw .. <>tt*- iini.- »v* opuntv ,.,..,. .-.,. ^.,, it,u- beeji set down, for hearlmr before flu thence went ajonif fllid ,'iO feet on oaei sble of line between sect Ions S inn 11 one mile to countv road No. 2fi, Ini V; « '.".. 11 iOr *, ,,.,,. Board of Supervisors at. ,••<,ln the court house, in the fit' akersfleld. County of Kern. Still. sai rooms In a ^. l r,V 101 , 1Ui »,'»HMH v fii i\ern. ntat of ( alllnrnbi. where any and all pe Rons Interested therein piav iippe Uijd make obleetlon thereto If demin n !in<(d ,'l'be said proposed road or public ilL-hwav will oass over, throia-h and inon the landH ot Ihe Ki-rn Counlv l.nnd Coiiumiiy.The lown CoiiiDiiuv. and Amaranth T.anil Coinimnv. Bv order of fhe said Bosini of Sn nervisorH. , n. A, JASTHO. . ., C'liairinan of said Board I Seal I r I.. Miller Clerk. SUMMONS. KM; In the Superior Court of tlie Count of Kern. State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. The Southern Pacific Ilallroad Company, a corporation: Western Development Company, a corporation; The Pacific Itnprovemeut Company, a NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sprliu'flold Oil of principal nlac'o Held. Ciilifornia. Co of 1 Location . Bakers- at, Notice is hereby L'lven that .._,_ IK ot the Directors hold on th« i... r << KenlenilxM-. 1HOS. an S8- ent of one and one-Quarter cent» was levied upon the ca5M*at :he,corDoratlon. nayabio in»- m United States irold coin t» — -* saTu corporation at tie i&L. f secretary of 11H* ('- ^•&£ ........ ....... . . ilncers. S.uv.l.nus .Hank bulldliiK which this nasess- lu unpaid on tne 7 til r. 1HDS, will be oe- upon iiieni Khali r dav of Novenibei. ,.,„„ lliidiient and adverllKed for sale inibtc auction ami, imlewH payment .. made before, will be sold on the 28th day of November. l!KlS. to pay the de* iliidiieiii. assi-KHiiieiit, tpuetlHT with cosi ot aihcrtlslim and expenses of sale. Kv ordi•;• of Ihe Ilo;ird of Dirootorfl. A. T I.KJHTXER. Secretary. OHlr-c. room \o. 1. Producers Sav- iiu s I; in'; biilldlm.' corner iiith and H ' ' liakerslield. Ciilifornia. 10.S NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Maseot oil Coin CHI ii v. . ,,,, iif business ('.a|n^ on S'. K. ,, Kern Comity. California. place . Notice is hereby 1,'ivri that at & the Hoard o; Directors ot ot the .Mascot on Companv. ti'sarvom- \«}<\ on the Firth niiv of Octon"*mi iissessiiKait of live cents was levfi"! iitmn the canl stock of Die corporatio .,,..,., >,. ,,i. , , -i i n,i , t , i, ,j|. ijtiviiuity IJ«~ nii-iliijtely to Ibi' Secretary of the corporation. at the branch office o? ih« K oitif);iiiy Room 4111 C\t\pnrfn National Bunk nufldlnr' comer third and Malm Htreets. l,oa AnueloM. California. Anv stock uiioit which tlilo assess- nii'iit shall renialn unmlrl on the l^th lav of November. i<io« w (fl he delta- "iiient and adyertised for sale at nu Ic aiicilon. and unless navmont c aiicon. an unless navmont iiade before, will be nold on the GU av of Deceinber. WOH. to imv tlie de- touethor wltk s of . .nquenl ar«o P Mni"nt. coals of advertising Se ^v . j\l '•, AM,Ai:ifi. ;. • "I >'•'"'•(,i f<-\ Cpnipanv. Of- ncf» rooni 41 ;j Citizen's NntionHl Bank build nc. corner Third nnl Main streets. J,OB Antreles, Callfor- nla. for- .0-6 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Nolle!- Is lieretiv eiven that Hit* Hoanl of Huperylsors of the County of Kern. Stale of California, will receive bids or proposals np to the hour of II o clock, ». in., of the 5th dnv of November. IflOS. at (heir rooms In tins Countv Court House. In the City 06 Hakersflold. Countv and State alon- Hnid. for the coiiKtrucnon of an addition to. 'md alteration of the iiii'senl Countv Hospital bnildinu' as per plaiiB and Kiieclflc-itlotiM on file iu the olflce of tin; Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors. No bid or proposal will bo received or considered bv wild Hoard un!»!.s accompanied bv u certified checl; or casb diMMisif In !n Her cent of lii« ariiouni "' The ,:•>• sorvlii'-', U. bids. liv ord. pervlsm- such bid. llo'ird of Supervisor.-: fj riMbt Io M'ject any ;)/.d all Tloiird of Si»II A. Chalniian ol .(ASTRO s;iii d _Crfej_ili I.J.. Mjller. CliTlf. NOTICE. "5 Holiness convention tor Kern enmity; will meet in the "I' Cliurch of llin Nawin-ne," cernei' .'Mid iiml I Mt reel rt. Hrtkerslield, Cal.. n« ll»- 18l.h Io 21ih of Oct. ICx|ierieii<'ed workero from Los Angeles «i)l h*> in-fwent* B "Wavi.-M of Glory" »<)IIK booka. every worker in the county be preeeut. WWvL C, TViUJAMS, 67 !• »karg«. J

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